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Dimensional Standards

Sl. No.

Dimension Standard

Scope Abstract

Size Range Covered

Pressure Temp. Rating / Class Covered



ASME B 36.10M

The standard provides dimensions of Welded and Seamless Wrought Steel Pipe for High or Low Temperatures and Pressures applications.


ASME B 36.19

This Standard covers the standardization of dimensions of Welded and Seamless Wrought Stainless Steel Pipe.

Pipe Fittings


ASME B 16.9

Covers overall dimensions, tolerances, ratings, testing & markings for factory made Wrought Butt Welding Fittings.

NPS - NPS 48 (DN15mm DN1200mm)


ASME B 16.11

Covers ratings, dimensions, tolerances, marking & material requirements for Forged Fittings, both Socket Weld (SW) & Threaded (TH).

Different Class Designation. NPS - NPS 4 SW 3000,6000,9000 TH 2000,3000,6000


ASME B 16.28

The standard covers ratings, overall dimensions, testing, tolerances, and markings for Wrought Carbon and Alloy Steel Butt Welding Short Radius Elbows and Returns. The term wrought denotes fittings made of Pipe, Tubing, Plate, or Forgings.

Ultimate in Piping Solutions



Covers overall dimensions, tolerances and markings for Wrought Stainless Steel Butt Welding fittings. In this wrought is used to denote fittings made of pipe, tubing, plate, bar, sheet, strip or forgings. NPS - NPS 24 This standard covers only fittings made for use with schedule 5S or 10S pipe as given in ASME B 36.19M, except for short pattern stub ends suitable for use with schedule 40S are also shown.

Please refer to exact table for pressure ratings of fittings in the detailed standard.

Covers factory made Seamless & Electric Fusion Welded Carbon & Low Alloy Steel Butt Welding Fittings for use in high pressure gas & oil transmission. > NPS 14 NPS 60 5. MSS SP - 75 Covers dimensions, tolerances, ratings, testing, materials, chemical & tensile properties, heat treatment, notch toughness properties, manufacture & marking for high test Butt Welding Fittings NPS 60 & smaller. Dimension requirements for NPS 14 and smaller provided by reference to ASME B 16.9. Up to NPS 14 Details provided in reference to ASME B 16.9


MSS SP - 79

This Standard Practice covers ratings, dimensions, tolerances, finish, marking and material requirements for Socket Welding reducer inserts for use with ASME B16.11, Class 3000 and 6000 Socket Welding fittings.

Ultimate in Piping Solutions

Class 3000 Steel Pipe Unions Socket Welding and Threaded This Standard Practice establishes envelope and other essential dimensionals, finish, tolerances, testing, marking, material, and minimum performance requirements for Forged Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipe Unions, Socket Welding and Threaded ends.




MSS SP - 95

This Standard Practice covers dimensions, finish, tolerances, marking and material for Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel Swaged Nipples (male end reducing fittings), NPS 1/4 through NPS 12 and Bull Plugs (hollow or solid male closures) NPS 1/8 through NPS 12. These fittings are made with ends that are threaded, beveled, square cut, grooved, or any combination of these. Both concentric and eccentric Swaged Nipples are included.

Swage Nipples NPS - NPS 12 Bull Plugs NPS 1/8 NPS 12

Covers essential dimensions, finish, tolerances, testing, marking, material & minimum strength requirements for a 90 degree integrally reinforced Forged Branch Outlet Fittings of Butt Welding, Socket Welding & Threaded types. MSS SP 97 Fittings manufactured to this practice are designed to make a fully reinforced branch connection in accordance with applicable piping code requirements, when attached, at an opening in a run pipe by means of a full penetration weld. Fittings are designated by their size, type (butt welding, threaded & socket welding) & Standard, Extra Strong, Schedule160, 3000, 6000


NPS 1/8 NPS 24

Ultimate in Piping Solutions

class (standard, extra strong, schedule 160, 3000, 6000). ---Please refer to table in the standard for exact correlation or combinations of size, type & class.


DIN 2605 / DIN 2606

Covers the Design & Dimension of Seamless & Welded Steel Elbows & Bends rated for the same internal pressure as the pipes to which they are to be connected.

NPS - NPS 64


BS 3799

Covers Steel Pipe Fittings, screwed (NPT) and socketwelding for the petroleum industry.

NPS 1/8 NPS 3

3000, 6000 & 9000



ASME B 16.5

Covers Pressure Temperature ratings, materials, dimensions, tolerances, marking, testing & methods of designating openings for Pipe Flanges & Flanged Fittings.

Flanges NPS - NPS 24 Flanged Fittings NPS - NPS 24

Flange Class 150,300,400,600,900,1500,2500 Flanged Fittings Class 150,300,400,600,900,1500,2500


ASME B 16.47

This Standard covers PressureTemperature ratings, materials, dimensions, tolerances, marking, and testing for Large Diameter Pipe Flanges, in sizes NPS 26 through NPS 60 and in ratings classes 75, 150, 300, 400, 600, and 900. Flanges may be cast, forged, or plate (for blind flanges only) materials. Requirements and recommendations regarding bolting and gaskets are also included. NPS 26 NPS 60 75,150,300,400,600,900


ASME B 16.48

Covers Pressure Temperature ratings, materials, dimensions, tolerances, marking & testing

NPS - NPS 24


Ultimate in Piping Solutions

for Operating Line Blanks for installation between ASME B16.5 flanges in various pressure classes. Included are Spectacle Blank (Figure 8 Blank), Paddle Blank & Paddle Spacer etc.



Covers Pressure - Temperature ratings, materials, dimensions, tolerances (by reference to ASME B 16.5), marking & testing for Steel Pipeline Flanges. Dimensional requirements for sizes NPS 10 & smaller are provided by reference to ASME B 16.5.

NPS 12 NPS 60 (DN 300 DN 1500)



DIN 2633

Covers the Design & Dimension of Weld neck Flanges which are capable of withstanding high temperature & pressure, highly durable and cost efficient.

NPS 3/8 NPS 40

14 mm to 42mm

BS 10 6.

Specifies requirements for a series of Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Cast Iron and Copper Alloy Flanges, and also appropriate bolts and nuts, for use with pipes, valves and fittings containing steam, oil, compressed air or water. The applicability relationship between temperature and pressure for the above materials is specified for flanges.

Table D: NPS - NPS 24 Table E: NPS - NPS 24 Table F: NPS - NPS 24 Table H: NPS - NPS 24 Table J: NPS - NPS 24 Table K: NPS - NPS 20

Table D: 50 lbs per sq. inch Table E: 50 lbs & up to 100 lbs per sq. inch Table F: 100 lbs & up to 150 lbs per sq. inch Table H: 150 lbs & up to 250 lbs per sq. inch Table J: 250 lbs & up to 350 lbs per sq. inch Table K: 350 lbs & up to 450 lbs per sq. inch

7. API 590

Covers Spectacle Blind, Female type, Male type, Reversible Spades for RTJ Flanges, Line Spades and Spacers, Female type, Male

NPS - NPS 36

150#, 300#, 400#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#

Ultimate in Piping Solutions

type Line Blinds with RTJ groove which are Installed between two Flanges for temporary interruption of flow.


API 605

API 605 has been withdrawn and replaced with ASME 16.47 B

NPS 26 NPS 60

75#, 150#, 300#, 400#, 600#, 900#

EN 1092-1 9.

Specifies the Flange types and their facings, dimensions, tolerances, threading, bolt sizes, Flange face, surface finish, marking, materials, pressure/ temperature ratings and flange masses.

NPS 3/8 NPS 64

AWWA C-207 10.

Describes two types of Slip-On Flanges, Ring-type and Hubtype. AWWA Flanges have commonly been used in Waterworks, Waste Water, Slurry, Plant Piping, and other Light Duty applications.

NPS 4 NPS 120

Pressure ratings for AWWA Flanges range from the Class B Flange rated at 86 psi to the Class F Flange rated at 300 psi