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Issue 2

Smart network pre-configuration cures on site headaches

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SDI Over Fibre Transport System Boundary Layer Through Table Microphones 1080p HDMI Extender 2:1 Wireless Microphone Radio System 14 14 15 15


Industry news in brief >

Madison Doubles WA Team

Our Perth office has had a recent boost in numbers with experienced connectivity professionals joining the ranks in response to growing demand throughout WA. Each of the five new team members brings knowledge, expertise and a fresh approach to improving your experience with Madison. Let us introduce you to our new WA team. Eddie Benitez heads up the Cabling & Connectivity team with Ben Martin and Darryl Garcia on the road working with electrical, data and security wholesalers and contractors to deliver better solutions for their customers. Daryl Baile and Phil Santos are your Customer Service team on the phones, ready to answer any questions and make sure your order is delivered promptly and efficiently. If its Industrial Networking you need, Grant Bultman is your local contact for all active communications in mining, transport, utilities and oil and gas. Brendan MacDiarmid is our most recent addition and is your first point of contact for Audio Visual and Digital Signage needs. Brendan and all of our new employees bring their knowledge and expertise in making whatever you need to connect today work the way it is meant to, long into the future.

Reduce Network Costs

with Wavion Beamforming Wi-Fi

Madison is pleased to announce the addition of Wavion WBSn range of products to its wireless portfolio. Ideal for campus networks, resorts and any city or suburban broadband hot-spot networks, Wavion Beamforming Wi-Fi offers extended coverage, immunity to interference, very high data throughputs and better in-building penetration. Wavion has developed an advanced wireless technology called Beamforming (where the antenna pattern is continually optimised to match the subscriber location) that for the first time provides the robust carrier-grade coverage and signal quality typically required by ISPs, Telcos and large scale networks in the familiar 802.11n Wi-Fi format. The Base Stations in the new WBSn series are fully outdoor rated (IP68) and are available in both Omnidirectional and Sectorised antenna formats. With the increased coverage, network costs are reduced as fewer base stations and less supporting infrastructure are required compared to other networks.

Become an Authorised Madison Wireless Partner Call 1800 122 223 to enquire.

Intro to Digital Signage

New training dates announced

Digital Signage answers the growing demand for affordable targeted messaging with customised information in public places. By integrating hardware and open software technologies, the SpinetiX Hyper Media Players simplify access, distribution, scheduling and manipulation of digital media into a signage system. As the exclusive SpinetiX distributor in Australia, Madison runs introductory and intermediate training in the Capital cities throughout the year, and onsite training when required. The sessions are run by Cameron Lucas, Product Manager for SpinetiX and factory trained in Switzerland. Cameron is uniquely positioned to provide your training and assist with technical support after purchase. The introductory session is tailored for AV integrators, consultants, installers, and marketers looking to gain an introduction into the SpinetiX Digital Signage Solution and the range of options and possibilities the solution provides. Register online at madisontech.com.au/ Spinetix-training. The intermediate session covers more in depth content creation, trouble shooting and technical training; enabling you to make the most of your Digital Signage applications.

Upcoming events >

SpinetiX Intro to Digital Signage Brisbane > 18th April SpinetiX Intro to Digital Signage Melbourne > 9th May National SCADA Conference 2012 Langham Hotel, Melbourne > 28 & 29th May SpinetiX Intro to Digital Signage Sydney > 13th June


Expert industry intelligence | Issue 2

Experts in the field >

Experience, advice and great service

Relevant information and timely advice are key to making smart cabling decisions, whether youre a small electrical contractor or a large industrial integrator. You can rest assured youll get both whenever you speak with WA Internal Sales Supervisor Daryl Baile. Daryl is able to provide on the spot solutions and alternatives, plus has an in-depth knowledge of the accessories and tools youll require for a complete installation. This expert knowledge comes from Daryls vast experience with large scale projects and customers needs involving everything from low and medium voltage cables right through to project managing custom cable design for specialist applications. Daryl enjoyed eleven years experience with one of Australias largest cable manufacturers, before joining Madison in 2006. Daryl has lived and breathed the progress in WA and understands how important accurate information is to making smart decisions. His expert understanding of cables and their individual properties make Daryl your go to guy for all things cabling and connectivity in Western Australia.

Insider intelligence > MaxBlox Solderless HD15 & DB9 Termination System.
The MaxBlox Solderless HD15 and DB9 EZ termination system features a patented design that is better, faster and stronger than anything else on the market. Manufactured with genuine Phoenix Contact terminal blocks for a truly reliable connection, these larger blocks make it easier to terminate while still keeping the connector compact. MaxBlox dramatically reduces installation time and cost by eliminating the need for soldering or crimping and the unique sledtype bottom allows these connectors to slide, snap, and lock into the patented MaxBlox CD-MX915H hood for a secure cable mount connection. When used in panel mount applications these low profile connectors take up less than 25.4 mm behind a plate.
CD-MX15F CD-MX15M with Clamshell Hood

For more information on the BTX range of MaxBlox connectors call 1800 00 77 80.


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Inside > Copper Cables


Intelligent info

Garland expands its range of Building Management Cables


Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH or LSOH) cables utilise cable jacketing that reduces the amount of toxic or corrosive gases emitted during combustion. In the event of a fire, this type of sheath will emit very low levels of smoke, and non-toxic levels of poisonous halogen gases. These cables were traditionally specified for use in poorly ventilated areas such as ship building or tunnels, but are becoming more commonly used in the construction of commercial buildings.

Madison Technologies now has a large range of Garland cables for use within the Building Management industry which services the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) areas. These cables simplify the control of building facility management and complement the Garland range of security, access control , CCTV, and telephone cables, providing a complete building management system for HVAC and security controls.

Building Management Cables

Part Number TSCW24 MC1P1CSOGBL MC73GY MC75GY TSCW24RD TSCW74LD TSCW75LD MCP7041 MCP7051 No. of Pair/Core 2 1+1 3 2+3 2 2 2 1 1 Description 24/0.20mm Twin Sheathed Cable with V75 PVC Flat Sheath. Various colours available. 7/0.20mm, 1 Pair + 1 Core Overall Screen Cable for Siemens BACnet FLN. Orange/Blue 7/0.30mm, 3 Core HVAC Cable with Grey PVC Sheath 2 Core x 7/0.40mm + 3 Core x 7/0.32mm HVAC Cable with Grey PVC Sheath Fire Cable, 24/0.20mm, 2 Core Twin Sheath Cable with Red V75 PVC Sheath Fire Cable, 7/0.40mm, 2 Core, Light Duty Cable with Red V75 Flat PVC Sheath Fire Cable, 7/0.50mm, 2 Core, Light Duty Cable with Red V75 Flat PVC Sheath Fire Cable, 7/0.40mm, 1 Pair, Twisted Pair Cable with Red V75 PVC Sheath Fire Cable, 7/0.50mm, 1 Pair, Twisted Pair Cable with Red V75 PVC Sheath Available Sizes 100m 200m 500m

Cat5e, Low Smoke Zero Halogen

Cat6, Low Smoke Zero Halogen

R&M, Cat5e, U/UTP cable. 100 Ohm impedance. 24AWG with data transmission frequencies of up to 200 MHz, Low Smoke Zero Halogen, Light Grey Sheath. Available in 305m Boxes.
Part No: R35292

R&M, Cat6, U/UTP cable. 100 Ohm impedance. 24AWG with data transmission frequencies of up to 450 MHz, Low Smoke Zero Halogen, Light Grey Sheath. Available in 500m Reels.
Part No: R35057


Expert industry intelligence | Issue 2

Inside > Copper Cables

Cabling Networking Wireless Audio Visual

Instrumentation Cables - Pairs

The Garland range of instrumentation cable is typically used for the interconnection of instrument panels and control equipment in industrial applications.


Intelligent info

Belden has just released a new iPad App which enables you to get detailed product information on new Belden products. Download the App at the Apple App Store.

Instrumentation Cables
Part Number MCP7031S MCP7032S MCP7034S MCP7041S MCP7042S No. of Pair 1 2 4 1 2 Description 7/0.30mm Conductor (0.5mm2), 1 Pair, Overall Screen with PVC V90HT Black Sheath 7/0.30mm Conductor (0.5mm2), 2 Pair, Overall Screen with PVC V90HT Black Sheath 7/0.30mm Conductor (0.5mm2), 4 Pair, Overall Screen with PVC V90HT Black Sheath 7/0.40mm Conductor (1mm2), 1 Pair, Overall Screen with PVC V90HT Black Sheath 7/0.40mm Conductor (1mm2), 2 Pair, Overall Screen with PVC V90HT Black Sheath Available Sizes 100m 500m 1000m Cut

Instrumentation Cables - Triads

Triad cables consist of groups of insulated conductors that are first twisted into triads before being cabled together in the same form as multi conductor cables. There is a wide variety of triad cable constructions available including overall shielded and individually shielded options. When considering a triad cable, it is important to consider the possibility of crosstalk. Triads are used in applications where it is necessary to connect 3 wire transmitters.
Instrumentation Cables
Part Number MCT7031S MCT7032S MCT7034S MCT7036S MCT70312S No. of Triples 1 2 4 6 12 Description 7/0.30mm Conductor (0.5mm2), 1 Triple, Overall Screen with PVC V90HT Black Sheath 7/0.30mm Conductor (0.5mm2), 2 Triple, Overall Screen with PVC V90HT Black Sheath 7/0.30mm Conductor (0.5mm2), 4 Triple, Overall Screen with PVC V90HT Black Sheath 7/0.30mm Conductor (0.5mm2), 6 Triple, Overall Screen with PVC V90HT Black Sheath 7/0.30mm Conductor (0.5mm2), 12 Triple, Overall Screen with PVC V90HT Black Sheath Available Sizes 100m 500m Cut


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Inside > Optical Fibre

Preventing costly damage to Fibre Networks

As optical fibre becomes more widely used in networks across Australia; maintenance and upkeep of fibre cables, connectors and equipment will become a significant factor in the ongoing efficiency and cost effectiveness of networks. So, should you spend a little more now on preventative measures to increase the longevity and decrease maintenance costs down the track? Maintenance crews who manage Australias fibre networks, found damage by wildlife caused the vast majority of outages and cable failures, not manufacturing or installation issues. The main culprits of fibre cable damage throughout Australias vast array of different environments are rodents Exposed Cable Tray / Ladders While not having the same exposure to termites, cables installed in trays or ladders are often very vulnerable to rats and mice, particular in areas such as wharfs and industrial plants where rats and mice are commonly found.

> Solution
Rodent Resistant Cables In rodent resistant cables, the optical fibres are contained in an axial jelly filled loose tube under an inner polyethylene sheath. Single or mono tube cables are further strengthened with flexible non-metallic armouring bonded to the inner polyethylene sheath. A termite resistant nylon jacket then goes over this inner polyethylene sheath. The rodent resistant glass composite armour is then applied and a further polyethylene outer sheath is applied over the non-metallic armour. The glass composite armour also significantly increases the tensile strength and general robustness of the cable which also reduces damage in what can often be very difficult installations. It is best to apply the nylon under the armour not as a jacket, to protect the nylon (which is there to protect the cable from termites) from rat bites, because once the nylon is damaged it will enable termites to enter the cable and possibly damage the fibres. In the past, CST or corrugated steel tape was used as common protection against rodents, however this has several downsides: It makes it difficult for installation contractors to terminate the cable, resulting in higher installation costs. Metal armoured cables must be separated from power cables. In many instances CSTA needs to be earthed with other equipment. This can create further issues through earth potential differences in the form of corrosion at the joints and between different metals this is another potential failure point. CSTA is not as flexible and bend radii may therefore be an issue. CSTA presents an increased lightning hazard. The typical length of CSTA cables is shorter which results in more joins and higher installation costs. Termite Resistant Cables If it is determined that rodents are not a risk and only protection against termites is required, then ensuring the cable has a quality Nylon jacket will be sufficient. However, if the cable is being installed in ducts or conduits where it will be dragged in, then it is highly recommended to request a sacrificial sheath to protect the nylon during installation.

(rats & mice) and termites. Detailed below are the two typical network locations where rodents and/or termites can cause faults, and the appropriate cables recommended for reducing the risk of network failures and costly repairs. Direct Buried Cables In these installations the majority of network failures after cables have been commissioned are caused by rodents and termites. As a result of the continuous attacks on optical cable, manufacturers and network designers have determined that the most effective way of preventing network failures due to rodents and termites is to ensure the fibre cable has armouring and a nylon jacket. Burying cables deeper does reduce the risk of rats and mice however the risk is not completely removed. If cables are buried but have been installed in pvc conduits, whilst the conduit will offer limited protection, it is still susceptible to attack, and it is recommended to take appropriate precautions.


Expert industry intelligence | Issue 2

Inside > Optical Fibre

Cabling Networking Wireless Audio Visual

> Continued Optical Fibre Closures With over 300 species of termites within Australia and with the volume of fibre cable being laid for the National Broadband Network, termite resistance for Fibre Enclosures and accessories should also be considered. Insects can destroy the outer polyethylene sheath of a standard closure and then continue their attack on the fibre connections. 3M fibre closures recently underwent independent testing in Australia for termite resistance. The fibre closure ranges assessed include the 3M BPEO, 3M 2178 and the 3M FDC-HS families. The tested enclosures showed no damage at the conclusion of the testing. 3M closures are robust and provide protection from outside elements and help to maintain integrity of the fibre connections housed within.
3M BPEO range is designed for all types of networks from 12 to 432 optical fibres.

Beldens New Modular Industrial Patch Panel brings flexibility and versatility to cable termination.
The MIPP is a completely new solution that provides the ideal connection between copper cables and active industrial networking equipment. Available in a choice of modules suitable for both fibre and copper cables, up to 6 modules can be connected together to create a single panel that can accommodate both types of cable at the same time for maximum system flexibility. Using patchcords to connect to active equipment, cables can be terminated outside the cabinet in an organised and structured manner to ensure the highest level of reliability. Applications The MIPP is ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications requiring maximum system reliability and flexibility. The industrial design makes it highly suited for use in Machine Building, Transportation, Alternative Power Generation, Power Transportation & Distribution, and Oil & Gas markets, as well as more general use in enterprise, buildings and other applications. Benefits Thanks to its modular design, installation is quick and easy, saving time and significantly reducing initial set-up costs, whilst at the same time contributing to greater reliability and easier and more efficient system management, requiring less maintenance. The MIPP has a lightweight aluminium structure which increases its overall versatility. It can easily be mounted on a DIN Rail, or it can even be fixed at the sides of the cabinets simply using a wall mount plate. The small housing, high port density and modularity, mean cabinet space is kept to a minimum. Features Accommodating various media and connectors including; LC, SC fibre duplex adapters and RJ45 copper keystone jacks (Shielded and Unshielded, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A). High port density for maximum use of available space. Easy to use, allows space for handling cable and module is removable from unit to facilitate connection/splicing Splice tray and multiple fingers for easy fibre management. Cable entry in two places (top or bottom) for ease of use and choice of placement in cabinet. Resilient for protection against the harsher industrial environments. Wide temperature range from -20C to +70C.

Belden introduces the MIPP, a modular industrial patch panel which makes it possible to terminate fibre and copper in one solution.


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Inside > Structured Cabling Solutions

End to End Cabling Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Madisons connectivity experts will work with you to achieve an efficient, practical networking solution for your business. Smart network design is all about making sure everything is catered for, now and into the future. Madison is a total solution provider when it comes to structured cabling systems. Enterprise, Industrial & Residential Madison provides Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat6a cabling and connectivity systems for indoor and outdoor applications in Enterprise, Industrial, and Residential environments. Our products are suitable for aerial and underground fibre networks, through to multi-media systems for the Industrial, Enterprise, Campus and Data Centres. Our solutions include a wide variety of standard and custom cables for different environments, housings, connectors and termination systems. 20 Year Cable Warranty The Madison 20 Year Cabling System Warranty is designed to allow you to mix and match the very best features and benefits of Madison, Garland, Belden, Optimal and R&M branded voice, data, and optical product solutions. The warranty combines the performance and ease-ofinstallation strengths and benefits of a range of high quality products. The system supports the operation of the standards based applications and protocols you specify, over the appropriate category of end-to-end cabling performance giving the customer peace of mind that the whole solution is covered by a single 20 year warranty. Wall Mount Racks

Flexible range of wall suited to smaller inst range of accessories swing frames. Cable Management 4 & 5 ring cable managers, ideally suited for Category applications where it is important to maintain an optimum bend radius between two end points.

Patch Cords A complete range of copper and fibre patch cords are available and can be customised and assembled for specific projects.

For more information on our range of Cabling Solutions, contact Madison on 1800 66 99 99.
> Reference Sites End User
QLD Health Centrelink Harvey Norman UBS Bank Brisbane Supreme Court Tony Ireland Holden Hamer Hall - ACM Melbourne Convention Centre

Fibre Enclosures Wall, rack or DIN mount enclosures provide an economical solution for installations where direct termination, pigtail splicing or patching is required.

Cat 6 Cat 5e / Cat 6 Cat 6 Cat 6 Cat 6a Cat 6a Cat 6a (with new ISO Jack) Cat 6

Network Security

Add another layer of security to your data network with plug-in & p copper and fibre connect


Expert industry intelligence | Issue 2

Inside > Structured Cabling Solutions

Cabling Networking Wireless Audio Visual

l mount cabinets, specially tallations or patch panels. Full s available including wall mount

Optical Fibre Cables Loose tube or tight buffer constructions for indoor or outdoor applications. Connectors & Adaptors Full range of copper and fibre connectors and adaptors.

Telephone Patch Panels Specifically designed for use with NEC Univerge PABX Systems.

Copper Cables Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Coax, Instrumentation, Security, or speciality cables.

Patch Panel Available in Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a. Patch panels are essential for connecting a range of devices and systems to the central network. 19 Racks & Frames Fully customisable with additional features that offer more protection, security and easy management of the network.

plug-out protection for both tions.


Cabling Networking Wireless Audio Visual

Inside > Article - Intelligent Transport Systems

Pre-Configuration and Network Simulation of Roadside Communications Cabinets helps cure on site headaches.
ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) technology plays a major role in modern transportation construction by enhancing the reliability and safety of highway and city transportation infrastructure. Troubleshooting network issues after deployment of ITS infrastructure causes project managers and contractors many headaches. Origin Alliance and CV Services went against the grain and performed a full simulation of the network for the Dinmore to Goodna ITS upgrade in a purpose built facility prior to deployment, thereby eliminating costly and time consuming troubleshooting in the field. Origin Alliance hired project management firm, CV Services to manage and install the infrastructure, including the pre-configuration and network simulation, ensuring the project was completed to deadline and within budget parameters. CV Services enlisted Madison Technologies to source, supply and configure a rugged Ethernet solution that would have the capacity to run the ITS communications systems. Technical Solution There were 35 roadside communications boxes to be deployed along the length of the 8km section of road. This system would include variable speed signs, warning signs, traffic signs and CCTV cameras along the 8km stretch. Origin Alliance specified that all 35 boxes were to be preconfigured and tested prior to deployment in a purpose built facility. This Intelligent Transport System would be connected to the control centre via a reliable and redundant high-bandwidth Ethernet network transferring large volumes of traffic data and video, to allow for real-time continuous monitoring and response. CV Services needed a reliable industrial Ethernet solution that had the capacity to run all of the communications. The industrial Ethernet solution also needed to be compact and support redundant power to ensure uninterrupted system performance and withstand the extreme temperature conditions of outdoor environments. Solution Madison recommended the Moxa PT-7728 and PT-7828 Gigabit modular rack mount switches as the most practical industrial Ethernet backbone solution for the project. The Moxa switches, each with -40 to 75C wide temperature range, were suitable to run all of the IT and Communications for the ITS. Tomas Blaha, Madisons Moxa MTSC Certified Engineer, provided two full days of factory acceptance testing and troubleshooting on site during the preconfiguration stage to ensure the optimum use of the solution, prior to deployment in the field. The PT-7728s Gigabit redundant ring backbone, and 24/48 VDC or 110/220 VDC/VAC dual isolated redundant power supplies increase the reliability of communications and save on cabling/wiring costs. The Layer 3 routing functionality of the Moxa PT-7828 provides the ability to divide the large network into hierarchical subnets and allow data and information to communicate across networks.

Karl Wrath of CV Services configuring the network.

The Project Origin Alliance is responsible for the federally funded $1.95 billion dollar 8 kilometre motorway upgrade between Dinmore and Goodna. The upgrade will include a minimum of 6 lanes, a network of new service roads and the latest technology to help manage capacity and promote safety. The project commenced in mid-2009. The objective of the project was to upgrade the motorway and modernise it by using the latest technology so that Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads could actively manage the motorways, capacity and promote safety via an Intelligent Transport System. This is a key infrastructure initiative expected to provide a safer, more reliable and sustainable transport solution for the western suburbs of Brisbane and South East Queenslands wider transport network. (Origin Alliance)


Expert industry intelligence | Issue 2

Inside > Article - Intelligent Transport Systems

Cabling Networking Wireless Audio Visual

The configuration of the cyber security features of these 19 rack mount units mean that the communications would be secure from unauthorised configuration and provide localised access security. Each of the 35 roadside communications boxes contain a Moxa Switch, which is linked to the control centre via the Ethernet backbone. All Moxa switches come with a solid, 5-year warranty, and are designed to provide reliable, long-term operation in industrial applications. Madison worked with CV Services to vet the network design and used a Fluke Metroscope, provided by Madison, to perform RFC2544 automated tests at full line rate with recommend frame sizes to ensure full support for throughput, latencies, losses and back to back modes. This guaranteed the network topology for deployment out in the field and its ability to support the variety of services required in the ITS specifications. Benefits Preconfiguring and troubleshooting the ITS meant that Origin Alliance could expect a fully operational system in the field from the moment of deployment. CV Services chose Madison because of our in depth product knowledge and technical support capabilities. The provision of a Moxa MTSC Certified Engineer for two days assisted CV services in completing the project both on time and on budget. By assisting with the pre-commissioning and optimisation of the network prior to deployment, Madison and CV Services were able to ensure that the network would work reliably, effectively and efficiently out in the field.
Pretesting of field cabinets containing the Moxa PT-7728 rackmount.

For more information on our range of Industrial Networking Solutions, contact a Madison Networking specialist on 1800 72 79 79.

Moxa 24 Port Managed Ethernet Switch

The PowerTrans PT-7728 is designed to meet the demands of intelligent transport systems, power substation automation (IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613), and railway applications (EN50155/EN50121-4). The PT-7728s Gigabit and fast Ethernet backbone, redundant ring, and 24/48 VDC or 110/220 VDC/VAC dual isolated redundant power supplies increase the reliability of your communications and save on cabling/wiring costs. The modular switches design of the PT-7728 also makes network planning easy, and allows greater flexibility by letting you install up to 4 Gigabit ports and 24 fast Ethernet ports. Along with the optional front or rear wiring, these features together make the PT-7728 suitable for a variety of industrial applications. EtherNet/IP* and Modbus/TCP industrial Ethernet protocols supported DHCP Option 82 for IP address assignment with different policies Bandwidth management prevents unpredictable network status RMON for efficient network monitoring and proactive capability Turbo Ring, Turbo Chain, and IEEE 802.1D-2004 RSTP/STP IGMP snooping and GMRP for filtering multicast traffic Automatic recovery of connected devices IP addresses Multi-port mirroring for online debugging Line-swap fast recovery

Moxa PT-7728 Series 24 Port Ethernet Switch


Cabling Networking Wireless Audio Visual

Inside > Wireless Point to Point

Making Ends Meet with Point to Point Wireless Connections

When faced with the task of creating a network between two points, traditionally companies rely on cabling infrastructure or leased broadband lines to connect the two. Cabling is cost effective where the route between the two points is direct however, in circumstances where digging up a car park or road, or cabling through challenging infrastructure becomes costly, a simple point to point wireless link can provide a cost effective answer. A Point to Point Wireless link provides a secure and reliable method of data transfer. A 5GHz solution means there are no radio licenses required and with the ability to work even where there is no line of sight (NLOS); setting up and installing a wireless link is as simple as a few bolts, a cable at each end and power on problem solved. Were making it sound easy, but under the covers, the technology and engineering within most wireless units is complex. The systems inside provide features such as continuous operation and Quality of Service (QoS) while the security attributes keep the data stream secured. The physical construction of some Wireless units allows them to comfortably operate at the extremes of environmental conditions. An important factor when deciding which wireless product to use for a Point to Point link is the data throughput. The amount of data available across a
Useable Data Throughput for the BreezeNet Range Usable Throughput Alvarion Model 7Mbps B10 12 Mbps B14 21 Mbps B28 72 Mbps B100 Up to 250 Mbps ULTRA

Wireless link can be depicted in several different ways. Usable throughput is the amount of data available from end to end over the link after taking into account management overheads and other handshaking requirements which use a small portion of the throughput. The table below details the usable throughputs of the Alvarion BreezeNet family of Point to Point wireless solutions recommended by Madison. As you can see in the table, the Alvarion BreezeULTRA offers a much higher throughput, which is ideal for surveillance, mining, oil and gas, education, utilities and transport applications. The BreezeULTRA ensures future availability of network by having a high usable throughput from its MIMO technology. MIMO is smart antenna technology that offers increased data throughput and range without the need for more bandwidth or transmit power. If you are technically inclined, you may be familiar with the following particulars for the ULTRA such as MIMO (2x2), OFDM, TDD or OFDM, BPSK, QAM 16 & 64. WPA2 AES 128 bit Security or DSCP, fast packet processing, MIR per direction (UL/DL), concatenation, burst mode, small packet optimisation to support voice, QoS, Ethernet type, TCP/UDP port and VLAN-ID. This is the type of technology speak that sends most of us running to our nearest technically savvy person. In the case of the Alvarion range of wireless solutions, Glenn Zerafa, Madisons Wireless expert, is available to assist you in determining the most efficient and effective wireless solution for whatever your application. Contact our Wireless Experts on 1800 12 22 23 to talk with someone who speaks your language.

Glenn Zerafa Key Account Manager Wireless Solutions

Interference Mitigation and NLOS


MIMO Technology
Double capacity with MIMO B (Spatial Multiplexing) Double range and link resilience with unique Spatial Diversity

NLOS Technology

Interference Mitigation
Fading multipath avoidance techniques DFS Coverage

Ref: SISO 1x1

Spatial Diversity (MIMO A like)


Expert industry intelligence | Issue 2

Inside > Wireless Point to Point

Cabling Networking Wireless Audio Visual

Introducing BreezeULTRA Alvarions Latest Powerhouse Point-to-Point Link

Alvarion has just unveiled its latest generation of long distance, high capacity, licence free microwave links which raises the performance, features and functionality of this class of equipment to new levels. BreezeULTRA is a family of wireless broadband products that operate in the 4.9 to 5.9 GHz band which includes the licence exempt 5.4 and 5.8 GHz bands available in Australia. The ULTRA is available today in high capacity point-to-point (P2P) format. This will soon be followed by the point-tomultipoint (P2MP) version and then a hybrid backhaulto-multipoint (HB2MP) configuration. This is the flexible growth platform for the future. The BreezeULTRA wireless products are based on a high-power, multi-radio architecture and advanced MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) radio techniques to support extended capacity and coverage. Very high net data throughput of 250 Mbps is achieved with the BreezeULTRA P6000 P2P series. With the dual radio version the capacity is increased even further to a market leading 500Mbps. The dual radio version will also act as a single-box link extender or repeater for applications where a direct link path is not available. Applications & Benefits
Markets Oil & Gas Applications
Support ship-to-rig and rig-to-shore connections Monitor pumps, power and more Enable voice, video and data communications Monitor structural integrity of pits Stream Doppler radar to onsite office Monitor pump houses, power and more Provide voice, video and data to site Video surveillance to protect assets Backhaul SCADA data for substations Support AMR for water, gas and electricity Deliver voice, video and data to mobile personnel Support intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) Offer Internet access in stations Support Passenger Information Systems (PIS) Provide voice, video and data for back office Voice, video and data for all offices Access to remote applications Video conferencing and remote training

BreezeULTRA optimises the performance for applications such as data, voice, or video using quality of service (QoS) to guarantee high-quality voice and to support time-critical applications in parallel for broadband applications such as high-definition video streaming. Technical Features Capacity: Transmit voice, video and data at 250 Mbps net per radio Distance: High power RF TX +24dBm with 23dB integrated antennas provides a range in excess of 40km Difficult Paths: World leading non-line-of-sight (NLOS) coverage and interference mitigation with OFDM, MIMO and diversity technologies. Ultra-fast on board packet processing at 80,000 PPS Optimized performance for voice, video and data using QoS High power PoE output for powering IP cameras Capacity upgradable over-the-air via software keys Latest generation IP radio platform for the future

Business Benefits
Provide secure, all-weather communications Better manage resources and reduce downtime Reduce costly satellite communication fees Improve safety and security Stay apprised of changing conditions Better manage resources and reduce downtime Eliminate costly leased E1/T1 lines Improve security and detect leaks faster Better operation of substations Empower consumers and increase satisfaction Increase productivity of mobile workers Reduce fuel consumption Keep commuters connected and satisfied Streamline sales and business processes Eliminate costly leased E1/T1 lines Increase intra-office communication Reduce OPEX with VoIP Eliminate costly leased E1/T1 lines


Smart Utilities


Corporate & Enterprise

To become an Authorised Madison Wireless Partner or to receive further information on the Alvarion BreezeULTRA, contact a Madison Wireless specialist on 1800 12 22 23 .


Cabling Networking Wireless Audio Visual

Inside > Audio Visual

SDI Over Fibre Transport System Short and medium distance digital video distribution.
Model 400 The Model 400 SDI-Over-Fibre Transport System is a high performance, cost effective, rack mount solution for distributing digital video signals over short and medium distances. The system is compatible with all common broadcast serial digital video formats and is suitable for remote trucks, live-event video distribution, and fixed links between production centres and remote sites. Eight Model 400 versions are available, providing a range of input and output configurations. Technical Features: Multi-channel electrical-to-optical (E2O) and optical-toelectrical (O2E) SDI transport 12 format-independent SDI data paths over four singlemode optical fibres (6 SDI over 2 fibre) Supports 3G (SMPTE 424M), HD (SMPTE 292), and SD (SMPTE 259M) SDI, as well as DVB-ASI Fibre transport based on SMPTE 297 standard Dual power capability: AC mains or DC; when both sources are present system is AC mains powered and DC supply acts as a backup Ethernet port provides system configuration and performance monitoring using web pages or SNMP Front-panel features include status display, navigation buttons, power switch, and LED indicators 1U enclosure weighs less than 3 kg For more information on the Studio Technologies Fibre Transport System, contact a Madison Broadast & Audio Visual specialist on 1800 00 77 80.

Studio Technologies Model 400 & 410 SDI Over Fibre Transport System.

Boundary Layer Through Table Microphones Ideal for boardrooms.

Clockaudios CRM series boundary layer through table condenser microphones feature a built-in mechanism that will allow the user to make the microphone disappear without having to physically remove it from the table. This is achieved by simply pressing the top of the microphone downwards until it locks; then by pressing the microphone again it will raise itself back to its original position above the surface of the table. Engineered in high quality brass with built-in shock mount and RF filter. Product Features Easy to install Low profile at surface level Designed for remote switching Robust brass construction Omnidirectional polar pattern Built-in RF filter Balanced output Satin Nickel or Black Nextel finish

Part Number CRM-100 Series Microphone. Nickel Finish.

CRM 100-RF

Retractable, through-table Omni-Directional Condenser microphone with remote on/off switch facility. Finished in Black Nextel or Satin Nickel. Retractable, through-table Cardioid Condenser microphone with remote on/off switch facility. Finished in Black Nextel or Satin Nickel.

CRM 102-RF


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1080p HDMI Extender 2:1 Long distance HD video over category cable.
Aavara 2:1 HDMI CAT5 Extender PE221 is a HDMI switch hub that supports 1080i/p HD video long distance transmission over category cable, and output to HDMI HDTV digital display/projector/amplifier from two HDMI video sources such as a PS3, Xbox 360 or BluRay player. It is a flexible solution which can integrate up to a 70 metre solution when installing for retail/exhibition/digital signage projects and applications. Product Features HDMI specification 1.3b compliant Equalise the signals to optimise the long distance transmission Optimal for HDMI signal transmitted up to 70m for 1080i & 45m for 1080p by STP CAT-5e cables Support DDWG standards for HDMI compliant monitors Supports 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p resolution CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) pass-thru support for HDMI home theater integration DVI specification 1.0 compliant HDCP Rev1.2 specification compliant Plug-and-play. Installs in seconds Product Specification HDCP Spec: 1.3b & 1.2 compliant DVI Spec: 1.0 compliant CEC: Allows 1 TV remote to sync interoperability between display/projector and HDMI AV devices Operating temp: +5C to +35C Storage temp: -20C to +60C Humidity range: 5% to 90% RH Power consumption: 3W Single link range: 480i,480p,720p,1080i,1080p HDMI signal transmission: 70m for 1080i & 45m for 1080p by STP Cat5e cables Dimension: 83mmW x 71mmD x 27mmH

PE221 Long Distance 2 in 1 out Installation

UHF PLL Multi-Channel Wireless Radio Microphone System

Clockaudios CW9000 series wireless microphone is designed as a versatile, flexible and easy to use multi channel system for use in a wide range of professional applications. Operating in the UHF Band for resistance to interference and using PLL synthesised Channels for easy selection at the diversity receiver and transmitter. The CW9000 is available with a choice of beltpack transmitter with lavalier microphone, handheld transmitter microphone or innovative new wireless desktop base mounts for use with Clockaudios full range of gooseneck microphones. Each transmitter option features LCD display for frequency and battery status, easy-to-use controls for on/off, frequency selection and AF levels. A full range of optional accessories are also available to complement the CW 9000 Series.
CW9000 Wireless Microphone System


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