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SUBJECT: ENGLISH CLASS: X1 SMESTER: II TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE Instruction: Read the passages and the questions carefully

and give the correct answer to each questions! 1. Love is composed of a single soul inhabitting two bodies. This opinion about love is said by.. a. Sean Bowden c. Aristotle e. Unanonymous b. FlaviaWeedn d. Anonymous 2. Mother : Vita, why dont you eat now? Ive cooked your favorite food, chicken fried.a Vita : Oh, have you? ., mom, thank you. I havent eaten it for a long time. What is the appropriate expression to fill the blank space? a. Im happy c. fantastic e. ok b. great d. Im pleased Ive cooked your favorite food, chicken fried.This sentence is a . tense. a. present perfect c. past perfect e. future perfect b. past perfect continuous d. present perfect continuous



Two days ago, Mrs. Rigit Ngis lost her jewel, she was very confused because it lost suddenly. She would like to sell it to cash her credits at the bank. It so happened on that day, she was caught on her car by the police for her had no driving license card. Base on the situation above, the appropriate expression to express your attention is . a, its amazing c. was she? e. well, go on b. what a poor woman she is! d. how unlucky he is Dialogue For Number 5-7 Beatrix : Hi, why do you look so sad? Pice : My heart is so burdened. My girlfriend left me for her new one. I dont know why. Beatric : oh really? Pice : yes, it brought me a lot of misery. Beatric : . There is nothing i can do to help you. I just suggest you to be patient. 5. What is the best expression used to fill the blank space? a. Im feeling bad at this time c. I cant tell my pain and sorrow in words b. I regret having to do this d. I am so sad to hear it e. what a poor girl you are 6. What kind of expression used in number 5? a. expressing love c. expressing sorrow e. expressing emphatic b. expressing happiness d. expressing attention 7. Why does Pice get a lot of misery? a. He split with his girlfriend b. he was overwhelmed by his sorrow c. Pice was left by his girlfriend d. Beatric asked Pice e. Pice wanted to leave her girlfriend 8. Story teller : Years passed by. then, a great ship came to batangarau river. it was malins ship. he had become a rich merchant and had a ship. he also had a beautiful rich wife. You: . What do you respond to the story teller? a. How lucky he is c. How lucky she is e. Its amazing b. Is he? d. Was she? 9. Story teller : this flower has no leaves or stem. it is white. it grows on a stone hill in the same direction of the sunset. Responder: .. What your appropriate respond? a. Oh really c. its amazing e. Oh, really? thats amazing b. Its tastes good! d. wow, it sounds great 10. Story teller: he saw a beautiful treathing his wound gently. Then, she fed him with some hot soup. Responder: ........ a. Oh really c. Its amazing e. Wow, it sounds great b. Its tastes good! d. how lucky he is. 11. The following time signals are usually used to indicate that the sentence shows past action or situation, except...

a. yesterday c. Today e. Long ago b. last night d. Once upon a time read the text below to answer number 12-15 A long time ago, the people of Wanakerta kingdom were very worried because queen dewi kalasekti had suffered from a strange illness for a long time. Then, the doctors and shamans were ordered to cure the queen. .......... Meanwhile, the high priest was praying to god, when he heard a voice achoing, the queen can be cured by the stone flower. ......... The next day, the queen ordered tumenggung arungbinang to search for the flower. ........ After while, arungbinang got the stone flower and cured the queen. ........ finally, arungbinang married with dewi trisnawaty. .......... so in the end of the story arung binang and dewi trisnawaty lived happily ever after at karang bolong hill. 12. From the text above, what is the special expression used to begin telling the story? a. Once upon a time c. A long time ago e. After that b. meanwhile d. In the end 13. Below are the following special expressions used in the story to tell the events, except..... a. one day c. the next day e. Meanwhile b. after while `d. when 14. Which of the following special expressions used in the text to end the story? a. finally c. Eventually e. All in all b. in the end d. A and B answers are correct 15. A: How many special expressions do you find on the text above? B: I find . a. five special expressions c. Six special expressions e. Seven special expressions b. eight special expressions d. Nine special expressions 16. Look at the following sentences! 1. The people of Wanakerta kingdom were very worried 2. Queen dewi kalasekti had suffered from a strange illness for a long time 3. The doctors and shamans were ordered to cure the queen 4. The high priest was praying to god, when he heard a voice achoing Which of the sentences forms in correct past continuous tense? a. 1 c. 1, 4 e. 2 b. 4 d. 3 17. The verb suffered in the text above refers to.......... a. Dewi Kalasekti c. a strange illness e. a long time b.shamans d. high priest 18. How could the strange illness of Dewi Kalasakti be cured? a. it can be cure by the highest priests praying b. it can be cure by tumenggung arung binang c. it can be cured by the stone flower d. it can be cure by the bird e. it can be cured by dewi kalasekti JOKO TOLE In the Kingdom of Majapahit, there was a young strong man. He was from Madura. His name was Joko Tole. He was famous for his strength so that the king admired him and often gave him a lot of gifts. And this made several officials feel jealous of him. So, they slandered Joko Tole. They told that Joko Tole planned to rebel against the king. Fortunately, the king was a wise man. He made a test for Joko Tole. He asked Joko Tole to marry his blind daughter. And Joko Tole agreed to marry her. The King nodded and smiled happily. In fact he was. Then, a few days later there was a great wedding celebration in the kingdom. Joko Tole married Dewi Ratnadi, the Kings daughter. After the wedding was over, the new married couple asked the Kings permission to go to Sumenep in Madura. The king permitted them. So Joko Tole and his wife left Majapahit for Madura. During the journey, Joko Tole cared for his wife very much. He always guided her gently. In short, they arrived in Madura safely. Madura was a dry land. Dewi Ratnadi wanted to take a bath after a long journey, but here was no water. Joko Tole took his wifes cane and stabbed it into the ground. After a while, he pulled the cane out and suddenly, water gushed out from the hole. The water splashed out onto Dewi Ratnadis face. You know what happened then? Suddenly, Dewi Ratnadi can see again. Its true. You know, until now people call the place of the spring. Soca. It means eyes. Well, they lived in Sumenep. The people of Sumenep were very happy. 19. A: what kind of tense is used by the author to tell this story? B: the author used .

a. present tense

c. Present progressive tense

e. Past perfect continuous tense

b. past tense d. Past perfect tense 20. After listening that Joko Tole wanted to rebel againts the king, the king tested him. what did the king used to test Joko Tole? a. The king asked Joko Tole to lift up the gate b. The king asked Joko Tole to recover his daughter c. The king ordered Joko Tole to marry his daughter d. Joko Tole was asked to marry his blind daughter e. Joko Tole was ordered to leave the Kingdom for Madura 21. What expression that is commonly used to begin telling a story? a. It so happened that one day b. one day . c. Once upon a time . d. at the end . e. eventually . 22. It (happens) . that one day Ki Ajar (have) .a baby son. What is the correct past form to change the verbs in brackets? a. Happened, has b. Happen, had c. Happen, have d. Happened, had e. Happened, haved 23. am/is, turn, find, not know, mock. What are these verbs correct past forms? a. were, turned, found, didnt know, mocked b. was, turnd, found, did not know, mocked c. was, turned, found, didnt know, mocked d. was, turned, found, did not knew, mocked e. was, turned, fond, didnt know, mocked 24. From the story The Lion And The Mouse what moral message do youu recognize? a. litle friend can prove great friend b. Do not underestimate the litle mouse c. a king cannot solve any problems alone d. Keep your frriends promise 25. Who is AESOP? a. A famous artist b. A slave of Ancient Greeck c. A philosophy d. An author of fables 26. ....... is used to teach moral lesson. a. Fable b. Story c. Novel d. Play e. Film 27.

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