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Rene Salvador R. San Andres, Associate Dean for Student Affairs April 4, 2013 Guidelines on Student IDs for Summer Semester SY 2013-2014

The Loyola Schools Undergraduate Student Handbook (Sec III. ID Wearing Rule) states: The Student Identification Card (ID) is non-transferable and is an important component in the Loyola Schools security system. Every student must help in the effort to keep the campus safe for everyone by displaying his/her Ateneo ID visibly and clearly on his/her person at all times while inside the Loyola Schools premises. A. The following practices are not allowed in the use of the ID: a. Wearing the ID underneath ones clothing (shirt, jacket, etc.) b. Carrying the ID attached to a personal article, for example, a bag c. Tampering with the ID card (major discipline case) d. Using another persons ID or allowing another person to use ones ID (major discipline case) B. For ones protection, the loss of the ID should immediately be reported to the ADSA Office. Procedures and Penalties for Damaged and Lost IDs Students are advised to take good care of their Ateneo ID and ensure that it is not used by others, damaged or lost. In the event that the ID is damaged or lost, the following penalties apply: 1. Lost ID a. First instance: P 300.00 fine b. Second instance: P500.00 fine c. Third and succeeding losses: P 1,000.00 fine * Aside from the fine, the student must also present a formal letter stating the reason/sfor the loss of the ID 2. Damaged ID a. A fine of P 100.00 will be charged for IDs that are damaged through the negligence of the student. b. IDs with damage brought about by normal wear and tear, e.g. fading ink, will be replaced without cost. Students applying for a new ID (due to loss or damage) who have complied with all the requirements of the application process will be issued temporary IDs, without charge, until the new ID is available.


A Temporary ID, valid for one (1) school day, may be obtained from the ADSA Office after paying a fine of Php30.00. Students who lose or misplace their IDs are required to get a temporary ID for the meantime to comply with the ID-wearing rule of the Loyola Schools. Sanctions for ID Related Violations The following are the sanctions for each violation related to the student ID: 1. Late ID Application/Validation: 2 hours of mandatory work a. The deadline for ID application/validation is the last day of late registration (April 17, 2013) 2. ID Wearing Violation Sanctions: b. For the first commission within one school year: A violation will be recorded in the students name c. For the second commission within the same school year: The student is required to submit a written apology to the ADSA within one week of the violation date d. For the third commission within the same school year: The student is required to render four (4) hours of mandatory work, which may take the form of community service. e. For the fourth commission within the same school year: The student shall be charged with a major offense where the case shall be forwarded to the Committee on Discipline for hearing

Strict implementation of the LS ID-Wearing Rule for the SummerSemester 2013-2014begins on

April 22, 2013.