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M-Activation Technology for Personal Use

Find out the Shocking Truth about Minerals, Oxygen and Ionization!
Life Time Guarantee! Make Great Tasting, Healthy Water in one minute! Introduction
Free M-Water Activation Technology extended through February 29 2012! You can purchase at a discount or receive for a water activation unit to make ready to drink water at the same strength as adding M-Water to clean drinking water (two capfuls per gallon). This unit is small and compact enough to put in a suit case when traveling. In February 2012 only the price is reduced from $2000.00 to $395.00 (for the most compact unit). Only in February 2012 can you receive a free water activation unit if you purchase $2000.00 or more in product as long as $500.00 includes Core Water, Core Nectar or H2ORMUS products. Higher M-Power Activation Unit: This month only the cost of this unit is $595.00, which is compact but may not be small enough for travel. The water created with this technology is slightly more empowered as compared to creating activated water with the M-Water product (adding two capfuls to a gallon or half a capful to a liter of clean drinking water). People generally feel more of an effect when the empowerment effect is increased from using the M-Power Aqua Technology invented by Health Breakthroughs International LLC. Travel M-Power Activation Unit: This month only the cost of this unit is $395.00, which is compact enough for travel. This unit is small enough to put in a bag to carry on aircraft or to store in a personal vehicle. The water created with this technology is the same as adding two capfuls to a gallon or half a capful to a liter of clean drinking water. Be Prepared for the Future with a Life Time Guarantee! Be prepared for life to make sure you are taking care of the most important issue for great physical, mental and emotional health. Without optimum hydration, the cells will age faster and the body will succumb easier to disease. Make the most important investment for the rest of your life that will cost just pennies to produce a glass of healing water. The M-Activation Technology is guaranteed to work effectively for life and if any defects are noticed your unit will be fixed or replaced free of charge.

Health Breakthroughs has developed a compact unit as an inexpensive M-Activation Technology that can be packed in a suit case for travel. This technology produces ready to drink activated water one bottle at a time for any of the following: half liter, twenty ounce or one liter. It only takes one minute to activate a bottle of water. No electric hook up is required and nothing can wear out (comes with a life time guarantee). No minerals or oxygen are added to water and no ionization or magnets are involved, which will damage the delicate structure of water. A subtle vibrational field is applied to water in the M-Activation unit that restructures the H20 molecules. M -Activated Water has been proven with clinical studies to hydrate the cells much better and in vitro tests prove its unique micro structured properties. You can now make activated water that is the same as adding our patented M-Water to clean drinking water in small amounts. You will save a tremendous amount of money in the long run, which is because you will not need to purchase MWater that is added to other water. You can now drink the elixir of life every day that has an incredibly smooth taste and has more scientific studies behind it than any other water product or technology. To order the M-Activation Technology, scroll to the end of the page for pricing and contact info. Have you tried M-Water already? If not, you may want to order a bottle and try it out before ordering the M-Activation Technology. Click Here to read more about M-Water and other associated water products. Click Here to order MWater online at the shopping cart. Do your own tests at home or office to prove the unique structure of M-Water, the water it is added to and water activated with the M-Activation Technology. Click Here to read about simple tests that can be done at home to verify the unique structure and properties of Health Breakthroughs water products.

A Small and Compact Unit The M-Activation Technology is six inches by four inches and weighs approximately three pounds. The shape is rectangular, with a central cavity to place a bottle of water into for activation, taking only one minute to do so. Photos of the M-Activation Technology will be added soon. You simply put a bottle of water in the central cavity opening of the unit and leave there for one minute and the water becomes "activated". You can make plenty activated water with this technology to have have dramatic impact on the health of every member your house hold and pets. You can even make your house plants much healthier and the water in your aquarium much better for fish. Enhance the Taste of Water Most water has a bitter, flat taste, or is not living up to its complete potential to taste like refreshing water scooped from a stream in a pure and pristine environment. You will be be amazed at how great water tastes that is made with the M-Activation Technology and how great it feels internally. Many people who have not liked to drink water because of its taste and staying in the gut too long as "heavy " will begin to appreciate water and drink it throughout the day when using this technology. Patented Technology

The M-Activation Technology works through a unique, patented process that depends on "memory transfer" from special components that restructures any clean water very quickly. And the restructured water produced in just one minute with the M-Activation Technology has incredible stability. Activate a bottle of water with this technology and it is still a high energy, structured water months later. Unlike most other approaches that produced altered water that are contradictory to the way in which mother nature transforms water in the environment, the M-Activation Technology provides optimum, great tasting water in a way that restores water naturally to its full majesty as the source of life. The potency of the water activated with the portable M-Activation Technology is the same as if you had added half a capful of M-Water to a liter of clean drinking water (or a fraction there to smaller or larger volumes). MWater is a Health Breakthroughs foundational product that is added to clean drinking water in small amounts to insure optimum hydration, cellular detoxification and the promotion of balanced body pH. Restoring the Natural Structure of Water It has been proven that the water activated with this technology has a smaller H20 cluster size, with higher stored energy and more available oxygen. No energy in the form of extra electrons with ionization or added oxygen is necessary, with the restructuring effect of this technology increasing energy and oxygen availability that already exists in water but has been suppress by the effect of modern conditions on the waters of the world. It may be hard for people to understand in this age of technology that is great for cars, computers and other conveniences. But modern technology used to shock water into submission with added electrons or oxygen will only destroy the innate healing properties of water. Oxygen is the most energetically dynamic atom in the universe; and once H20 molecules have been transformed into smaller micro clusters with the M-Activation Technology the oxygen atoms become more available to the cells of the body. Because oxygen also contains all the energy in water, this restructuring also ramps up the electrons in their orbits to immediately transfer unbound energy to the body right after drinking water created with the M-Activation Technology. The pH of water should never be above eight and it is more ideal when it is just above seven in pH. Adding minerals and ionization can increase the pH of water to nine and beyond. High pH is just as bad as low pH and corrosive to the cells. Adding oxygen does just the opposite and causes the pH of water to become very acidic. All of these approaches increase the size of H20 clusters and therefore will take longer to pass through the tiny gateway for water in the cell membrane to hydrate the cells, slowing down the flow of water and nutrients into the cell and impeding the flushing out of toxins out of the cel (based on the ground breaking 2003 Nobel Prize for Chemistry awarded for the discovery the aquaporin, the small water channel in the cell membrane that only allows one single H20 molecule to traverse to the interior of the cell). The M-Activation Technology duplicates the way in which water is transformed under ideal circumstances by the forces of nature to become Perfect Living Water. Just imagine that you could scoop up refreshing water from a stream in a pristine mountain forest that is pure and the vibration from the land refines the quality of the water to support healing of the body, mind and emotions.

Scientific Studies This website has at least a hundred pages on the scientific studies concerning M-Water and the water it is added to. NMRO17 (a special type of nuclear magnetic resonance test for H20 cluster size) proves that the water produced with the M-Activation Technology has a much smaller H20 cluster than other types of drinking water, with all of its special energy and oxygen properties. Altered waters produced with added minerals, added oxygen, magnets and ionization increase the size of H20 clusters and therefore slow down hydration. Slower hydration in turn causes a build up of toxins and depletes the cells of energy and oxygen. People who use altered water products and technologies that alter water unnaturally get the opposite of what they were seeking, with water that creates more disease rather than better health. The Ten Water Products that cause Dehydration There are 10 types of altered water that cause dehydration, rather than increasing hydration This includes: heavily mineralized water, colloidal minerals already added to water or taken as supplements, added oxygen, ionization and the use of magnets. You absolutely do not need to use any of these technologies. In particular, ionization has become very popular, which is based on the false premise that hitting water with a hammer (electrocution of water with a heavy load of electrons) is good, which is akin to the medical model of altering natural substances in the making of drugs. Ionized water and many other types of water work in the same way as a drug, forcing your body to change on a superficial level instead of accessing the body's innate capacity to heal itself. The goal of many altered water products is to force body pH to increase way beyond healthy levels. The pH of the body is normalized naturally with water created with the M-Activation Technology, which cleanses the cells of excess toxins and is the cause of pH imbalance. Any clean water will work to put in the central cavity of the M-Activation Technology (inside a closed bottle). Transform any Clean Drinking Water Clean, pure water can be purchased at the store or made at home: distilled, reverse osmosis, filtered, spring water and artesian water. You even use a free water purifier to get the chlorine out that is used in restaurants: simply let water stand in the open for twenty four hours in or out your refrigerator and most of the chlorine will evaporate. Put a bottle of any type of clean water into the central cavity of the M-Activation Unit and in one minute you will be drinking the elixir of life: great tasting, energizing and hydrating. Do your own Personal Water Tests:Click Here to read a very informative section on this website that tells you how to prove that M-Water, assocatiated products and activated water have fundamentally different properties that are conducive to improving health and well being. Ordering the M-Activation Technology: The retail cost of the M-Activation Technology is $395.00. Wholesale inquiries are welcome as well as the opportunity to establish exclusive territories for the sale of the M-Activation Technology. Right now, orders have to be made directly to the office with a credit card (fax or telephone) or by PayPal. This technology will be listed on the shopping cart very shortly.

Health Breakthroughs International LLC 8196 Hall Blvd, Suite 108 Beaverton, Oregon 97008 Email: info@healthbreakthroughs.net Toll Free in the USA: 888-342-6772 International: 001 503-526-9130


A Global Community, One Person at a Time
Veritas in Latin means Truth Vista in Latin means Future Veritas Vista in Latin means Future Truth Official Patent Announcement! U.S. Pat. No. 7,862,780 Veritas Vista Labs announces as of January 4, 2011 that the M-Power Aqua Technology used to create M-Water, Core Water, H2ORMUS and Wisdom Water is now patent protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Veritas Vista Labs (VVL) is the umbrella organization under which all of Health Breakthroughs' inventions, technologies, formulas and methods are managed. Veritas Vista Labs does not involve corporate organization but rather a philosophical focal point from which Health Breakthroughs International can continue to research, develop and patent his own inventions and also assist other inventors in their desire to actualize their own intellectual property in the marketplace that is consistent with the Veritas Vista philosophy about health and healing. VVL is first and foremost dedicated to dramatically improving the quality of life for every single person on the planet. Therefore, the VVL theme is about changing the conditions on the planet based on the following theme: A Global Community, One Person at a Time. Based on the Veritas Vista philosophy, each person is absolutely important as a point of light in the scheme of things and not even one single person should suffer in order to improve some sort of group need to make society better. Society can only improve if each individual is honored and respected. As more and more people become healthier and happier in their own right as points of light in society, then they can help illuminate other people to find their own fulfillment in life. As the preamble to US Constitution states as an ultimate foundation for a democratic society, it is necessary to enshrine for everyone: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. This philosophical point of view is also referred to as HoloVita which in Latin translates as "Whole Life". Veritas Vista Labs (VVL) is dedicated to bringing new inventions to the world in order to continually contribute to the health of all living beings and not just those of the human variety. The VVL goals go beyond people, animals and plants, extending to the health of the environment as a whole. On a grander scale, the

commonly used saying about the whole being greater than the sum of the parts rings true at VVL to transform the planet we live on into a place that provides everyone the opportunity to discover health, happiness and a prosperous future. VVL is owned and run by Health Breakthroughs International LLC, with their first patentable invention coming forth several years ago in the form of a breakthrough technology that micro structures water in order to optimize cellular hydration, with many applications for humans, animals and plants in various industries. Health Breakthroughs International LLC has also developed mental skill programs to increase whole brain integration. By doing so, people will not only increase their memory, IQ, analytical abilities, positive mood but will also improve physical health by enhancing brain to body connection. The following is a list of all current patent pending technologies and methods under the umbrella of VVL: M-Power Aqua Technology: invented by Health Breakthroughs International LLC, is now patent protected in the United States: US Pat. No. 7,862,780. The M-Power Aqua Technology micro structures H2O molecules and establishes high stored energy, more available oxygen and a biocompatible frequency signature. Drinking water products created with the M-Power Aqua Technology provides a broad range of health benefits based on optimizing cellular hydration. NMR O17 spectroscopic analysis reveals that the water products created with the M-Power Aqua Technology substantially decreases H2O cluster size. Clinical studies have proven that drinking all the water products created with the M-Power Aqua Technology and drinking water with small amounts of M-Water added will bring about optimum cellular hydration, balance body pH and discharge cellular toxins when used according to the standard directions developed by Health Breakthroughs International LLC. Unique Fuel Technology: a patent pending technology, invented by Health Breakthroughs International LLC, increases fuel economy and reduces harmful emissions with all fuel burning engines and for all types of fuels of a liquid, compressed gas and gaseous nature. On the road third party studies have been completed by qualified engineers at CARB (California Air Resource Board) and EPA recognized facilities, verifying the fuel burning benefits from utilizing the Unique Fuel Technology. Cold Brew Tea and Coffee Method: a patent pending, natural method invented by Health Breakthroughs International LLC for changing the chemical structure of tea, coffee and herbs so that they can be brewed cold and at the same time increase the level healthy active ingredients that go into solution. Currently, other than instant products, there are no cold brew tea, coffee and herbal products available in the worldwide marketplace. Health Breakthroughs International LLC is currently looking for partners in the food and beverage industry. Essential Oil Refinement Method: a patent pending, natural method invented by Health Breakthroughs International LLC for changing the chemical structure of essential oils so that aroma and taste is much sweeter and less harsh. In addition, the chemical changes will make it more likely there is a lessening of allergies or chemical sensitivity to essential oils for those people who are inclined to this kind of immune reactivity. Finally, this refinement method makes essential oils easier to absorb topically and internally for medicinal purposes.

Tweek Cell Phone Technology: a patent pending invention from Stuart Trusty now assigned to Tweek Technologies, LLC, with Health Breakthroughs International LLC leading this company as President and with Kevin C. Brague as General Counsel. The Tweek approach to cell phone technology will revolutionize cell phone use, bring telephone communication to many more people worldwide and totally change the business map for telephone use, allowing companies to set up their own virtual telephone operations. Tweek Technology, LLC is making Oregon its home base and currently the Tweek technology is being proposed to the Business Builder Program at Portland State University for resident inclusion as one of their ongoing projects. Tweek Solar Power Technology: an invention currently in the organizational phase for patent consideration that is being led by Health Breakthroughs International LLC, with Stuart Trusty as the chief technologist and lead scientist. This project is targeted as a new start up company in Oregon. Dr. David Wheeler's Biography (Dr. Wheeler is a Chiropractic Physician) Dr. David Wheeler was born in the very small town of Glasgow, Montana. After Dr. Wheelers family moved to the Seattle area for a few years they eventually made their permanent home in Oregon, where his mother still resides in the same house to this day in the Portland area. Dr. Wheeler served in Vietnam and is a decorated veteran. After discharge from the Army he completed his undergraduate education at both Portland State University and Southern Oregon University. After completing undergraduate studies he then attended Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon which is the second oldest Chiropractic College in the United States. He graduated in 1982 and received his Oregon licensing in early 1983. After a few years of practice Dr. Wheeler applied for and received licensing in New York and Colorado. In the middle 1990s Dr. Wheeler lived and practiced full time in New York City (Manhattan), with the focus of his practice being to work with patients with serious chronic disease from an alternative healthcare perspective. Prior to moving to Manhattan in order to establish a practice Dr. Wheeler developed health issues and could not work for several months. After successfully taking care of these health issues that interfered with his being able to work Dr Wheeler started a company to research and develop highly effective natural products and methods. Dr. Wheeler moved his new company to Oregon in 1996 to be near his family. At that time Dr. Wheeler time discontinued practicing full time in order to dedicate his life to research and development. Veritas Vista Labs 8196 SW Hall Blvd, Suite 108 Beaverton, Oregon 97008 email: veritas.vista@yahoo.com US Toll Free: 888-342-6772 International: 001 503-526-9130

Magnetic water treatment

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General Arrangement of MWT Apparatus Magnetic water treatment (also known as anti-scale magnetic treatment or AMT) is a proposed method of reducing the effects of hard water, as an alternative to water softening.[1][2][3] Vendors of magnetic water treatment devices have claimed that powerful magnetic fields can affect the structure of water molecules or the properties of solutes passing through the magnetic field, thus eliminating the need for chemical softening agents.[4][5] Only the effective hardness is claimed to be altered; no solutes (such as calcium or magnesium) are removed from the water by the process.[1][4] Most scientific studies[6] do not support these claims and suggest that magnetic water treatment may be ineffective. Certainly many, perhaps most claims for small domestic apparatus may be pseudoscientific because the magnetic field, if it works at all, would have to be very powerful, and this high flux is not easily achieved in a small space.


1 Mechanism 2 Studies of effectiveness 3 Other claimed effects of magnetically treated water 4 See also 5 References

[edit] Mechanism
Duration of exposure and field strength, gradient, rate of change, and orientation along or perpendicular to flow are variously cited as important to the results.[7] Magnetic water treatment proponent Klaus Kronenberg proposed that the shapes of solute lime molecules are modified by strong magnetic fields, leading them to precipitate as spherical or round crystals rather than deposit as sheets or platelets of hard crystals.[8] John Donaldson, professor of chemistry at Brunel University, proposed that the crucial step is the interruption of agglomeration of particles carrying a surface charge after dissolved contaminants have nucleated as a colloidal suspension.[9] Simon Parsons of the School of Water Sciences at Cranfield University proposed that the magnetic field reduces the surface charge on small particles, increasing the tendency to coagulate as large particles that stay with the flow rather than depositing as scale.[9] Some[who?] proponents propose that formation of the softer polymorph aragonite over the

more common calcite is favored in the presence of a magnetic field; an internal study in 1996 at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory found no difference in preferred crystal structure of scale deposited in magnetic water treatment systems.[10] Liu et al. and Coey and Cass published research in 2010 and 2000 demonstrating that magnetic treatment causes water containing minerals to favor formation of more soluble calcium aragonite over calcium carbonate, and the resulting removal of calcium carbonate deposits from a steel substrate.[11] and.[12] Furthermore, in their 2010 publication, Liu et all conclude that "The magnetic treatment of scaling waters was proved to be efficient. The efficiency obtained with this very simple magnetic device can be very much improved if the geometry is better devised.".[13] Kozic and Lipus concluded in their 2003 paper that the effects of magnetic treatment on water indeed results in reduced formation of limescale and that this effect lasts approximately 200 hours.[14]

[edit] Studies of effectiveness

Scientific and engineering studies generally refute the effectiveness of the method, finding no differences not attributable to other causes between systems with and without a magnetic water treatment device, and no theoretical basis to expect that there might be.[citation needed] Vendors frequently use pictures and testimonials to support their claims, but omit quantitative detail and well-controlled studies. Advertisements and promotions generally omit such system variables as corrosion coupon results or system mass balance analyticals, as well as measurements of post-treatment water such as concentration of hardness ions or the distribution, structure, and morphology of suspended particles.[4][5][15][16][17] Nevertheless, some studies do suggest that it may be effective under some conditions to reduce buildup of calcium carbonate deposits.[18]

[edit] Other claimed effects of magnetically treated water

One study has claimed statistically significant reduction in calculus formation on the teeth when exposed to magnetically treated water.[19][20] The same study reported that reduction in plaque and gingival index was not statistically significant.

[edit] See also

Klaus Kronenberg Magnet therapy Fouling Laundry ball

[edit] References
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Electric and Magnetic Water Filters Information

Show all Manufacturers Electric and magnetic water filters use electrical charging and magnetic energy to treat water and wastewater. The electric treatment of water forces oppositely-charged ions to move in opposite directions. This produces collisions which result in the formation of microscopic nuclei. In turn, these nuclei cause calcium carbonate to precipitate within the water. Electromagnetic treatment passes water through a magnetic field. This changes the electrical properties of water and dissociates agglomerations or clusters of water molecules. In this way, both electric and electromagnetic wastewater and water treatment equipment can be used to improve the dissolution capacity of water. Electric and magnetic water filters can use the electromagnetic signal and interaction of the induced electric field with colloidal particles. Some wastewater treatment systems apply an electric treatment to purify water or wastewater. Typically, a wastewater treatment system uses a multi-stage process to renovate waste water before it is reused. A wastewater treatment system also removes organic matter, solids, nutrients, disease-causing organisms, and other pollutants from wastewater. State, local, and national regulations are important considerations. Electric and magnetic water filters that use electromagnetic technology imparts pulsed, high-frequency electromagnetic energy into flowing water by inducing varying electromagnetic fields 60 times per second. Generally, electromagnetic water treatment employs an external solenoid coil through which alternating or pulsed currents are passed. This process creates an electromagnetic pulsed poly-frequency field in the water system, which forces scaling calcium ions to form inert non-scaling crystals of calcium carbonate to safely wash through the system. The pulsed electromagnetic frequency field uses the conductivity of the water to extend protection throughout the entire circulation system. Electric treatments and electromagnetic treatments should adhere to specifications established by the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE).