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Darien High School Spring 2013

Darien High School Spring 2013 SPORTS PREVIEW
Darien High School Spring 2013 SPORTS PREVIEW

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Page 2D THE DARIEN TIMES, THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 2013 Defender Peter Gesualdi (right) is one of

Defender Peter Gesualdi (right) is one of five Wave captains.

Steven Buono

‘Every year is the next guys’opportunity’

This is the year coach Jeff Brameier makes it 30 seasons at the helm for the Wave

By Steven Buono Times Sports Editor

If opportunity knocks, it is hitting Blue Wave boys’ lacrosse’s door with a sledge- hammer. All-time scoring leader Case Matheis, Tony Britton and Henry West, all major All-Americans, are lost to graduation. And that’s not all. Tommy Lyons, Corey Eppley, Bobby Weaver and Tim Murphy’s absences also need to be factored in if you want to know what’s been inflicted upon Wave 2013 with this year’s particularly taxing college exodus. “And on and on and on,” said Jeff Brameier, who has seen it all before and in Technicolor, starting his 30th year as Wave coach. “But we’re used to that.” It says the most about Brameier’s three decade’s, that the loss of a crew that would crater most any other team — Rams, Warriors, Tigers included — can not be even slightly moaned about. Not by Brameier. “Every year we’re going to lose kids like that,” he con- tinued, “every year is the next guys’ opportunity.” Cue the Thor at the door. But many are expected to answer that hard knock, start-

Boys Lacrosse 2013

ing with the captains. There are five. Captain Kevin Seiler returns at starting attack. Captains Sean Foley and Brendan Hathaway are back at midfield, although Hathaway broke his leg play- ing hockey and will not likely be available before May. Two short stick D middies who handled things very well last season are new captains Peter Gesualdi and CJ Raia. “We’re not necessarily rebuilding, but giving a guy who has been waiting his time to get on the field and show what he can do,” Brameier said. “You see it every year.” A lot of kids don’t get to play until their senior year, due to the strength of the pro- gram. “Not very much,” Brameier said. “Not a starting role.” And these too are players who step into college careers, with about an entire squad full of them active on university fields this season, as usual. “We had kids last year like Corey Eppley and Tommy Lyons, Jon Magnusson, who really were just senior start- ers,” Brameier said. “And those kids got into their senior year and really stepped up to have big time years.” Matheis, now at Duke, was

a select case, having been the only player to start as a fresh- man, and keep starting, for the Wave. This year 46 freshmen came out for the team. “A lot of talent there,” Brameier said. “We’re excited about the future.” And so it goes. Phil Huffard, slated for Yale as a junior, is back in the cage. “Started as a sophomore, and a great rookie season for him,” said Brameier. “And he is going to be one of the pre- mier goalies in the state this year.” At attack, it’s Seiler, com- mitted to Colby, a likely snip- er in Peter Lindley (UMass), who came on like an old hand around the net last season, and John Reed (Bucknell). “Then we have senior James Lyons, who is very quick and darty, can see time in both attack and midfield.” And there is freshman, lefty Jack Kniffin, who has scored half a dozen goals in preseason. “He’s a quick little heady kid,” said Brameier. “Very comfortable out there.” Freshman Colin Minicus joins him as a solid rookie on attack. “They are going to be in the mix,” said Brameier. Three juniors move in at midfield: Kyle Cornell

(Bryant), who saw much time on offense and defense last year; Harry Gillespie, who Brameier calls one of Darien’s top shooters in the midfield; and Owen Koorbusch. Sophomore Ian Burgoyne will see time at third short stick and is a two-way top middie. “It gives us a lot of good size,” Brameier said. Andrew Pugliese comes in as a top face-off man as sophomore. Clay Barker (Class of ’12) took the draw last year. “Hathaway is really our No. 1 guy,” Brameier said. Which makes Pugliese and Koorbusch the go-to face-off guys in Hathaway’s stead. Freshman middie Hudson Hammill, who Brameier says is tough and with good skills will also get a look.

Defensive midfield long pole, last year’s back-up Brad McCarthy will be the starter. Daniel Traver, a sopho- more will back him up. Theo Frelinghuysen is third long pole. Defensively, Darien returns Sam Meyjes, senior Drew Martsolf, playing well in pre- season, juniors Kyle Gifford and Christian Cochran, senior Carter Rae, sophomore Jack Feeley and freshman long pole Mark Evanchick, a physical force. “I’m very happy with what’s going on,” Brameier said. And he’s happy with one all-time great who was both lost to graduation long ago, and now also returns, in CT Hall of Famer and former pro star, international player Jamie Hanford.

Hanford is back in blue and white as assistant coach (see feature on Hanford archived on our site). Defending Class M state champ Darien was beat- en in the FCIAC semis by Ridgefield last year, one of only two losses. Brameier thinks Greenwich is the preseason favorite for 2013, returning all starters. “The FCIAC is always going to be a challenge,” he added. And actually getting into the 30th season commanding the Blue Wave bench? “This is when you really get to coach the team and work on strategy, breakdown opponents, that kind of stuff,” Brameier said. “It’s always a challenge to see how you can put the puzzle together.”

Seniors Crane, Collins, Nelson, Sickinger lead on the sea

Darien’s sailing team is led by seniors Ian Crane, Patrick Collins, Matthew Nelson and Ben Sickinger. Juniors are Jacqueline Haranzo, Nick Cohen and Haley Okun. Sophomores are, many, including Owen Beringer, Megan Berry, Calvin Crosby, Florian Eenkema van Dijk, Taylor Hart, Emma Janson, Christian

Sailing 2013

Kanlian, Christopher Milne, Olga Papaeconomou, Vincent Puzio, Julia Russo, Connor Schiff. Freshmen: Sarah Beringer, Roisin Burke, William Crane, Christopher Graves.

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DARIEN TIMES, THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 2013 P a g e 3 D Emma Hamilton takes a

Emma Hamilton takes a senior captain roll.

Steven Buono

Two-time FCIAC Champs reload on the mound

By Steven Buono Times Sports Editor

The two-time defending FCIAC champs are led by some girls that helped get the Wave into the winner’s circle last spring. Some very significant oth- ers, though, are gone. Brittany Osborne, a first baseman, center fielder Emma

Softball 2013

Hamilton and left fielder Ali Aparicio are senior captains. “There are a lot of girls competing for positions,” said Darien coach Nick DeMaio, with final choices coming late due to the winter that would not go away. Sophomore Erica Osherow is set to take the mound,

although there are a bunch of other girls working on pitch- ing as well. Osherow came on and made a quick impact at short last season. “Right now, it looks like Erica is the leading candi- date,” DeMaio said. Sophomores Avery Maley, Rebecca DeMaio are likely to be in the starting lineup, just where is to be determined.

Senior Emily Moscotello is back from the 2011 team. The Wave is without a group that helped to propel it to two titles, with, among them, star pitcher Jessica DeMaio, catcher Olivia Gozdz and Courtney Bell, all lost to graduation. “We lost that core of seniors that were together for a long time,” said DeMaio of the trio who were primary hitters.

“And so now we have to have other girls step up.” Darien still has lots of power in reserve in sophomore Kelly Vodola, in the title lineup last season, and second baseman junior Julia Domiziano. Both can hit. “We still have a fair amount coming back,” DeMaio added. “It’s just that we have to plug those holes that were left. That’s what we are concen-

trating on.” At catcher, third and at short are the main concerns as far as filling holes goes. The main plan is a simple one. “To go out there and com- pete again,” DeMaio said. The Wave started the season hosting Kaynor Tech in a non- league game on Wednesday and plays at Masuk Saturday in another non-FCIAC tilt.




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Page 4D THE DARIEN TIMES, THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 2013 From left in blue stripes, Darien’s Alex

From left in blue stripes, Darien’s Alex Gunn, James Foster, Jack Griffith (obscured), Rob James and Jack Bennett in recent action.

‘Camaraderie plays a huge part’ in smashing sport

By Steven Buono Times Sports Editor

Darien’s rugby team is resilient and growing in its early days. “I think we lost about a dozen last year, however, it was 23 the prior year,” said coach John McCarthy. “It seems we get just about every player returning who has played before and we already have a few freshmen on board which will help with continu-

Rugby 2013

ity.” There are 35 on the roster, with 40 being the ideal aim. “We always endeavor to make sure no player is left standing on the sideline with no game time,” McCarthy said. “So 40 players means we can comfortably run both A and B sides.” Captain is Jimmy Weinstock. Alex Gunn is captain of

the forwards (football linemen equivalents). “Jeff Gebauer and Chris Brophy are our co-Presidents of the DHS Rugby varsity team,” McCarthy said. Last year Darien was 3-3 in the League and did not make the state playoffs. “The strengths which make rugby unique is the ability to play for each other and bond as a team,” said McCarthy. “Camaraderie plays a huge part in any rugby club and we promote this concept com-

pletely. “We also make sure that the ‘brotherhood’ which is rugby, is encouraged both off and on the playing field. “Seniors mix with fresh- men and help to educate them regarding the game.” Just getting on its feet as a varsity sport, Darien is keen to keep the interest up. “We are also huge expo- nents of making the whole rugby experience fun and enjoyable as there’s no real room for players who don’t

want to be out there or are being pushed to play,” said McCarthy. “However, we also maintain strict standards of discipline as it’s a tough game with no scope for hot-headed- ness.” They’re polite, even amidst the pummeling. “As an example, even swearing is outlawed,” McCarthy added. “Not because we haven’t heard it before, but it adds to the sense of disci- pline and team ethos.” Fitness levels have always

been an early season concern. And this sport demands fit- ness. “It takes a while to get the winter video-games non- sense out of their systems,” McCarthy said. “We also rely on getting the basic skills and techniques correct early-on before we move to the more complex aspects of the game. “In the past, this has led to a relatively slow start but we always seem to make excel- lent progress as the season unfolds.”

Palmer, Phillips and Lee general the FCIAC runner-up

Darien has experienced leaders in captains Sean Lee, George Phillips and Nick Palmer. The Wave went 17-6 overall, 12- 4 FCIAC last season, when it was FCIAC runner-up to Ridgefield and had its season close with a loss

Boys Volleyball 2013

to Newington at the semifinals at states. Veteran champion-maker, Laurie Larusso is coach.

The Crew The team includes: Charlie Newton, Marcus Iqbal, Tommy Kyritz, Jack Garfield, Brad Magnusson, RJ Oxer, Todd Herget, Brian Alter, Hayden Nackley, Mitchell Albarran.

The Wave loses four outstanding players to graduation. Phillips’ hitting percentage was .265, killing percentage 48.1 on 264 attempts last season. He led the team with 75 blocks, 49 solo and had a team-high 26

blocking assists. Lee’s serving percentage in 2012 was 92.9 on 281 attempted serves. He fired 34 aces. He made 117 digs. The Wave should bounce right back into contention.

Lee, Kyritz lead on the links:A‘

lot of our girls can really hit a nice ball’

By Steven Buono Times Sports Editor

Long-time standout Izzy Lee and Courtney Kyritz captain Darien girls’ golf. “We lost no seniors,” said coach Brian Zeyer. “So that’s

Girls Golf 2013

a positive.” Darien went 4-12-2 last season. Juliana Lee, Izzy’s little sister, is a sophomore expect- ed to excel as is Margot

Sweeney. The weather has not hin- dered Darien’s preparations. “We’re one of the few teams around that has actu- ally been out on the course,” Zeyer said. Darien’s greatest strength is that it returns so many, Zeyer

says. “It should help early in the season,” he adds, “just getting things going with the experi- ence they’ve had.” Darien missed states by .1 shots last season. “Just by a little bit,” said Zeyer. “And hopefully this

year we’ll get into FCIACs and states.” Players include Callan Clasby, Kate Conn, Morgan Fenton, Althea Perley, Amanda Sload, Alexis Wagoner, Megan Whittier, Amber Zia. “Things that we really

need to work on, are chipping and our putting,” Zeyer said. “That’s going to really be key for us. “Because a lot of our girls can really hit a nice ball. “It’s just that our short game needs a lot of work.”

us. “Because a lot of our girls can really hit a nice ball. “It’s just that


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DARIEN TIMES, THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 2013 P a g e 5 D Jeff Sload, slated for

Jeff Sload, slated for doubles quite possibly, is one of five returning seniors.

Steven Buono

New coach Neuner:‘Win from the bottom up’

By Steven Buono Times Sports Editor

Wave boys’ tennis takes up a whole new racket with first- year coach Rob Neuner. “My philosophy is to win from the bottom up,” said Neuner, 46 and from Darien. “Each point, from second dou- bles to first singles, is worth the same amount. I hope I can coach my doubles teams cer- tain tactics to gain advantages over equal and even better teams they face.” The team’s general court IQ should double under Neuner’s plan too. “The rest of the singles lineup I hope to also teach them some strategies and techniques to neutralize oppo- nents,” he said. “It’s a very

Boys Tennis 2013

short season, but the goal is to make everyone a smarter tennis player, and give them the best chance for success in each match.” The new coach grew up in New Jersey, went to Bergen Catholic High School in Oradell (Class of 1985) and Williams College in Massachusetts (Class of ’89). Neuner received his MBA from Fordham in 1992. He played football and ten- nis in High School and College, moved to Darien in 1997 with wife Lynn and has 12-year-old boy and girl twins who go to Middlesex, and a seven-year- old girl at Ox Ridge. “I founded and operated a Beer Import Company (Czech Beer Importers, Inc.) for 13

years, sold it in 2009,” said Neuner. “Imported beers (included) Rebel, Budvar, Burgerbrau and Lobko and others (that were) sold across the country.” These days, it’s purely the pure stuff. “I started up a new ven- ture, Boost Oxygen LLC, in 2010 selling Oxygen canisters for high altitude, pilots, sports and general wellness,” said Neuner. “Essentially making just-less-than medical grade oxygen available to those who want to benefit from it. “Pro Football players use Oxygen on the sidelines — we give the average athlete the same access.” Neuner breathes tennis. “I’m a little bit of a tennis fanatic, (I) played extensively as a junior, was a doubles

specialist, was First Team All- State my senior and junior years in high school going undefeated both years,” he recounted. “Didn’t have too much time to play in my 30’s, but took the game up again about seven years ago and play in various local leagues.” Neuner’s twins play exten- sively with USTA and he has coached them along the way. “I’ve also coached Little League Baseball and softball in town, and enjoyed that experience,” Neuner added. Tennis, on the sidelines, though, will be something new. “I’ve never coached a high school tennis team,” he said. “But when I learned from my friend (Wave girls’ coach) Davin (Gebauer) that the boys’ team was looking suddenly, I

offered my services.” Team 2013 Which brings us to the team at hand for 2013. Last season Darien went


“We lost a few seniors, but have our returning No. 1 singles player and senior captain Ryo Usami and first doubles tandem of also senior captains Dom Hansford and Nick Howe,” Neuner said. Alex Swords is returning at No. 2 singles and senior Jeff Sload is the fifth return- ing senior and should play doubles. Thorne Gregory is a fresh- man on board who right away will be challenging for a top singles spot as well, and is an accomplished USTA player. “We have three juniors, James Teschner, Brad

D’Alelio and Tyler Hatfield, one sophomore, Sam Alptekin and two other freshmen, Uday Avula and Harrison Walter rounding out the squad, and all will be competing for the remaining singles and doubles positions,” Neuner added. “All are very solid players which gives me optimism that our fifth, fourth and third singles positions will be the heart of the team.” And Neuner’s got his heart in the task. “This is a new experience for me, so a great deal of on- the-job training is expected. “But I have many posi- tive memories from my high school tennis team back in the day, and hope that I can impart something similar upon these kids.”

Big turnover:‘Competition for playing time is wide open’

By Steven Buono Times Sports Editor

Captains Mackenzie Glavin and Andrew Maley have a lot on their shoulders as Darien’s main returning players. Glavin — senior RHP and going to pitch at Franklin & Marshall College next season — is Darien’s only returning starter on the mound,

Baseball 2013

while senior Maley is the only returning everyday positional player. “With losing such a big senior class from 2012, the competition for playing time is wide open,” coach Mike Scott said. “Guys are getting a chance to prove themselves and earn chances in the preseason, but the competition will be ongoing as the

season progresses.” And it really is as wide open as a barn without any door. “As of right now, besides our two captains, there is nobody who we could put in pen in our lineup or in our rotation,” Scott added. “We are still building our identity.” Darien still has a good mix of young hungry players who want var- sity time and older players who are anxious to make an impact at the

varsity level, Scott says. “This will create an ongoing com- petition during the season which hopefully will translate to players stepping up and contributing during the games.” Basics will be Darien’s bread and butter. “We need to be a sound funda- mental team, and be able to make the routine plays if we’re going to have a chance,” Scott said. “There is going

to be an adjustment period for some of these guys to get used to the speed of the game at the varsity level. “So the quicker we can make those adjustments, the more success we will have.” Darien went 10-13 last season and won two games at states, including knocking off the top seed in Cheney Tech. Darien opens up at home against New Fairfield on Friday.

All Wave schedules updated all season online at darienps.org/darienathletics/cms/

at home against New Fairfield on Friday. All Wave schedules updated all season online at darienps.org/darienathletics/cms/

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Page 6D THE DARIEN TIMES, THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 2013 Emily Stein (left) and Dillon Schoen (right)

Emily Stein (left) and Dillon Schoen (right) are part of a powerful junior group.

Steven Buono

Gilbert, Fritts, Hardison captain league champs

By Steven Buono Times Sports Editor

Wave coach Lisa Lindley thinks this team is equipped for quick improvement over last year. “Losing (Emily) Tropsa (Class of 2012), an All- American on defense, hurt,” said Lindley. “But, I think the people that we have are com- ing along nicely. So I’m opti- mistic.” No one has taken a step backwards. “They have another year

Girls Lacrosse 2013

of experience behind them,” Lindley said. The junior class, a particu- larly powerful one since it first played a role two years ago, is benefiting exponentially from another year of growth. “Dillon Schoen, Emily Stein and Hollis Perticone have all been playing since freshman year,” Lindley said. “My seniors, Kristy Gilbert, Taylor Hardison, Jenna Fritts, they are really strong.” Fritts and Hardison are All-

Americans. “And Kristy has the poten- tial to be an All-American this year,” her coach added. In goal, senior Caylee Waters blossoms into what should be the best stopper in the county, having made starts since her freshman year, and holding tight to seal the cage under great pressure late in last year’s FCIAC title game win. “And I have a bunch of sophomores who are coming along,” Lindley said. They include Caroline Benitez, Mariah Matheis,

Anna Moorehead, Elizabeth Fucigna, Dani Dunn. Darien has two spots open on attack, and an able one in senior Lexi Perticone is vying for one of them. “And whomever takes up the last two positions at attack has to put points up on the board,” Lindley added. There are two spots open on defense. Fritts and Hardison will be the go-to people as far as going to net and getting goals goes. “They’re going to have to be really huge,” said Lindley.

“I expect big production out of Stein and Schoen, and Gilbert.” And there you have the starting midfield. From start to finish, this season Darien’s main foe should be its natural foe, New Canaan, a team that knows how to score plenty of goals. “So we need to produce, and we need to be able to play strong defense,” Lindley said. Defense sees one coming back. But the one plays like a half-a-dozen at her best: Ellie Bennett, a junior. Bennett and senior Vanessa

Budd make up the experience on the backline. Lauren Pryor, Parker Hamill, Kelly Karczewski, Jackie Brokaw among others are in the mix. Will Darien keeps its FCIAC title and gain the state crown? “They have the capabil- ity of achieving great things if they can concentrate on lacrosse,” said Lindley. Captains are Gilbert, Fritts and Hardison. Last season closed with a coaching controversy that crashed Darien’s run at states.

Suri,Van de Graaf ‘provide excellent leadership for emerging players’

By Steven Buono Times Sports Editor

Darien returns its best players from last season in captains, senior Kieran Suri and junior Cameron Van de Graaf. “Kieran Suri made the FCIAC All-East Division team in 2012,” said Wave veteran boys’ golf coach Tom O’Donnell. “Both are multi- year varsity players who will be chal- lenging to be among the best players in the league and who will provide excellent leadership for emerging

Boys Golf 2013

younger players.” Suri was co-captain last year and finished the season with the lowest scoring average on the team, 40.75. Van de Graaf had the second low- est average of 41.25. And beyond to top two, there is more power than usual. “Tryouts have been the most com- petitive in recent years with several promising newcomers playing well enough to challenge returning play- ers for varsity spots,” O’Donnell

said. Darien went 11-7 last regular sea-

son and qualified for FCIACs finish- ing in sixth. At the Division II StateTournament the Wave came in 18th. From that team, the Wave loses to graduation captain James Burgoyne plus Jim Anderson, Max Rothston and Kevin Steinthal. Other returning varsity players are Andrew Morgan, a senior with a 2012 average of 44.33, and junior Mac Koorbusch whose average was


Developing more depth at the var-

sity level is what the Wave needs to solve. “Though Suri and Van de Graaf are solid players our success this year lies in being able to develop enough solid depth to support them playing in the toughest golf league in the state,” O’Donnell added. The toughest competition stacks up to be vs. Greenwich, the 2012 Division I state Champs, New Canaan, last year’s DII runner-up, and with Ridgefield and Staples. But Darien’s top two just might give the above all they can handle. “We are really fortunate to be

led this season by two veteran lead- ers in Suri and Van de Graaf,” said O’Donnell, now in his 24th season as coach. “Both are veteran players that I feel are capable of challenging to be among the best players in the league this year. “If we wish to compete with the best teams in the league we will need to provide those two with quality depth in all five starting positions.” O’Donnell adds that the good news is that Darien has an interest- ing mix of players who return with some varsity experience.

adds that the good news is that Darien has an interest- ing mix of players who


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DARIEN TIMES, THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 2013 P a g e 7 D Senior captain Jenna Murray

Senior captain Jenna Murray returns at No. 1 singles.

Steven Buono

Gebauer:‘Everyone on our team has improved’

By Steven Buono Times Sports Editor

Jenna Murray returns to her ace post at No. 1 singles, this season as senior captain. Adding to the continu- ity, sophomore Pia Teschner again lines up at No. 2. “They’ve both improved,” said Darien coach Davin Gebauer. “Everyone on our team’s improved. So, I’m excited about that.”

Girls Tennis 2013

Everyone includes, Sarah Alptekin, the only other senior on the team, who with Murray is captain, and leads at doubles. Andmakinguptherestofthe roster: juniors Sandhya Avula, Madison Bolotin, Haley Close, Elizabeth Feingold, Kaitlyn Lashendock, Molly Riegel, sophomores Christina Conley, Erika Gill,

Catherine Hatfield, Allegra Molkenthin and sole fresh- man Anna Barsanti. Darien is without last year’s MVP Claire Kelly who played No. 4. Caroline McGuire also went to private school. “But I think kids this year are going to step right in and contribute,” said Gebauer. Murray and Teschner will be counted upon, a lot. “She’s played a lot of ten- nis, she knows how to win, she hustles out on the court, she

works hard,” Gebauer said of Murray. “And Pia: just another year of maturity. And she too has been playing a lot over the winter. “She’s powerful.” Both finished about even in their records last season. “And I think they can do a little better than that this year,” said Gebauer. “And that will help us.” Murray has an added will to prepare for her coming col- lege career at Kenyon.

“She’ll play tennis there,” Gebauer added. Gill, last year’s No. 3, won’t be available for several weeks due to a China trip early on. “I think we’ve got the per- sonnel to fill these spots,” said Gebauer. “Three and four are kind of open with Erika being gone.” Alptekin and Hatfield will go at No. 1 doubles. “Again, they’ve been play- ing a lot over the winter, I think they will do very well,”

Gebauer said. Feingold and Barsanti will team up at two. “I think they will be a very good No. 2 doubles team,” said Gebauer. Riegel hurt her knee, had surgery and is expected back later this season. “We’ve got work to do,” Gebauer said. “When I look at the team, just about every position, we are stronger, some way, some how, than we were last year.”

Kaczmarek:‘I’m confident we will have a very good season’

By Steven Buono Times Sports Editor

Darien’s stamina stompers are out in front. “One key strength of the team is the distance runners,” said Wave coach Tyson Kaczmarek. “This group is led by Alex Ostberg who recorded personal bests in the 1600 and 3200 indoors after being injured at the end of the cross country sea- son.” And right behind Ostberg are Marshall Huffman, Peter Kreuch and Brian Davey. All three recorded personal bests in the 1000, 1600 and 3200 indoors. Freshman Armstrong Noonan, who placed fifth at Nationals in the Freshman 1-mile run and non-indoor runners Colten Appleby, Jack Sparkman and Arthur Cassidy are coming up too. Also returning are Andrew Xiong, James Farrington, Ben Olsen and Alex Rayhill. “These numbers give (us) tremen- dous depth outdoors,” Kaczmarek said. “We have a ton of talent in

Boys Track 2013

many areas, but still are not as deep as we were indoor. We certainly have the ability to improve in many places.” Things could look as strong as they did for the winter team by the time the weather warms up. “There is no doubt this team can be quite good by the end of the season,” Kaczmarek said. “We have to wait and see how certain guys develop in many areas. “I’m confident we will have a very good season.” Kaczmarek is in his 10th season with DHS which went 8-3 last sping. He is 108-32-3 overall. Darien was first in the FCIAC Eastern Division, third at the FCIAC Championships, fourth in Class L last year. Top returning athletes include Will Lochtefeld. “Excellent discus and shot put- ter,” Kaczmarek said. “He is finally healthy after being injured the entire indoor season.” Senior captain Judson Bergman

will contribute to 400 and 4x400 and is a captain for a second year. Junior captain Nick Lombardo is All-State and All-New England indoors and one of the best high jump and long jump athletes in the state. He will also run the 100 and 200 and triple jump. Senior captain Spencer McMullin came on very strong at the end of the indoor season to emerge as the team’s top sprinter, and will be a big factor in the 100, 200 and 400. Junior captain Davey is All-State indoors, and has excellent leg speed. “He will be a force in the 1600, 3200 and 800,” Kaczmarek said. Junior captain Kreuch made major improvements during the indoor sea- son and is a top distance runner in the FCIAC. Junior Huffman ran 4:33 and 9:49 for 1600 and 3200 indoors making him a major contributor. “Sophomore Ostberg made a fan- tastic comeback during indoors that saw him run equal to 9:36 for 3200 meters,” said Kaczmarek. “He will have a monster outdoor season.” Junior Spencer McKeough

was seventh in the state in shot put indoors and will be a top performer in shot and discus it is expected. Key additions and returners Sr. Will Ardery, sprints, relays Sr. Eric Christensen, hurdles Sr. Jimmy Documet, sprints, jumps Sr. Murtuza Jafri, javelin Sr. Stratton Powers, throws Sr. Patrick Reilly, high jump Sr. Brian Wiegand, sprints, relays Sr. Andrew Xiong, mid-distance Jr. Colten Appleby, distance Jr. James Farrington, mid-dis- tance Jr. Jackson Lovegrove, sprints, relays Jr. Jack Neary, throws Jr. Ben Olsen, distance Jr. Alex Rayhill, distance Jr. Myles Ridder, sprints, relays Jr. Jack Sparkman, distance Jr. Ryan Yuen, sprints, jumps So. Carter Ashcraft, javelin, pole vault, sprints So. Arthur Cassidy, distance Fr. Armstrong Noonan, distance “Coming off Class L (titles) in both cross country and indoor track, (we) look to make another run at

a title outdoors,” said the coach.

“While the team is not as deep as

it was indoor, it is certainly as tal-

ented. “Losses and additions have evened out between the two seasons and leave (us) in contention come championship time.” The sprinting and jumping ele- ments remain a force, as Lombardo leads the way in jumps having gone All-New England in high jump at 6- 5 and making a personal best in the long jump at 22-00.25. Jumpers Ryan Yuen and Jimmy Documet will help to cover points. McMullin heads the list of sprint- ers as he will run the 100, 200 and 400 as well as the relays. WillArderyandJudsonBergman will add depth to the team along with newcomer Brian Wiegand. Lombardo will also sprint. Although not deep, the throw- ing department is very strong as the Wave boasts three 40-foot shot put- ters in Lochtefeld, McKeough and Jack Neary. Stratton Powers is improving in all areas and the foursome will also perform well in discus.

McKeough and Jack Neary . Stratton Powers is improving in all areas and the foursome will

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Page 8D THE DARIEN TIMES, THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 2013 Jessica Thornbury sails over the top for

Jessica Thornbury sails over the top for Darien’s always dominant pole vaulters.

Steven Buono

Wave a 120-strong stampede on the track

By Steven Buono Times Sports Editor

It’s strength in numbers for Wave girls track. “The experienced girls will be helping new athletes with their events,” said Darien coach Steve Norris. “Their help will be needed in that the team size is 120.” Wave captains are Liz Heaney, a sprinter, distance runner Grace Loh, indoor Class L 1000-meter champion, Sophie Long, middle distance runner, Taylor McDonald a

Girls Track 2013

thrower and FCIAC indoor shot champion, Ali McGarey, jumper and hurdler. Assisting Norris, Ella Long as sprint coach, Dave Ott distance coach, Ben Bartol and Jim Ryun throw coaches and Glenn Crafford is vault coach. Darien went 11-0 last sea- son, won FCIACs and was second in Class L. The Wave has 10 girls who have achieved First Team All- FCIAC status in prior sea-

sons. “These same girls went through the indoor champion- ship season with no flaws,” Norris said. “We have the lux- ury of setting our dual meet lineup to fit individual needs without having to worry about team points.” Graduation losses: three season distance runners McKinley Stauffer, Meredith Ott, Sherry Gilronan, Katie Gilronan; sprinters Katy Close, Claire Gaffney; pole vaulter Katie Southworth; throwers Victoria Kominek, Natalie Metz, Lexi

Ashburne. Making an impact this sea- son will be many. Seniors include Caroline Weihs. a middle distance run- ner, Claire Walker distance runner, Caity Lowden dis- tance runner, Katie Farren distance runner, Sarah Colon All-FCIAC cross county run- ner, Ellen Bauer All-FCIAC cross country runner, Eleanor Smith a state meet placer in high hump. Juniors: Catherine Lacy, state and New England long jump champion, Leah Hotchkiss, state high jump

champion, Brittany Henry sprinter, Alex Ford distance runner, Grace Evanich dis- tance runner. Sophomores: Anna Sulger, indoor state open 300m and 600m champion, Maddie Schneider, state pole vault champion, FCIAC triple jump champion, Anne Johnston a first team all-state cross coun- try runner, Elisabeth Lowe distance runner, Lindey Holek middle distance runner and tri- ple jumper. Freshmen: Kristen Mayhew, a hurdler, Ella Moore high jumper.

“We won the league meet last spring and were dominant this winter,” Norris said. “The other schools are focusing on us.” Darien could catch Windsor at states. “Based upon our indoor results, we should have the edge on them,” said Norris. As many girls as there are on deck, Darien will still need to find some throwers to take the pressure off of McDonald. Darien opened up at home vs. New Canaan on Wednesday.

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