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PRESIDENT: -Tali Voron SENIOR EDITOR: -Danny Arkadyev EDITORS: -Shelly Abramovich, - Huda Majeed, -Shany Lahan, -Yonit Levin, -Tali Voron COLUMNIST: -Jackie Shiu -Manogya Tekriwal -Kopika Kuhathaas -Mika Roitenberg -Edith Barabash -Elinor Fridman -Cindy Chau -Aziza Dungersi -Danny Arkadyev -Hanna U. -Shelly Bard -Ilia Korchagin -Karin Kazakevich Jonathan Litovitz PHOTOGRAPHERS: -Gal Ziskind, -Katherine Rajschmir -Andrew Sirihongsuwan LAYOUT/DESIGNER : Genesis Rosario

Three of the Most Wonderfully Hideous Ways to Die in Space By Jonathan Litovitz Have you ever pondered death or wondered what it must be like to die in the most painful, excruciatingly terrible way possible? Of course you have, which is why youre reading this. However this is no laughing matter. If you suffer from nausea, vomiting, muscle spasms or migraines during this reading or are experiencing vaporization, depressurization, or spaghettification, feel free to stop reading this article now. Youre still here? Good. The Classic: The Vacuum of Space: Now, I know what youre saying: I already know what happensyou explode! Well, in that case, thank whomever god you worship that youre reading this. If you are an atheist, feel free to thank your lord and savior, astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson and Overlord Chuck Norris. Contrary to popular and most foolish belief, you would not explode. In fact, the human race has already experienced, first hand, what happens to endothermic Homo sapiens when they are placed in the unfavorable conditions of harsh and unforgiving space. We can survive with minor resulting injuries, if only exposed to the radioactive environment for less than one minute and thirty seconds. After that, we can say with absolute finality [based on our current level of scientific knowledge], that death would be inevitable. So what actually happens when someone is forgotten in space without a protective suit? First, because of the sudden decrease in pressure, the air in the lungs and throat will expand, sometimes rupturing blood vessels, and causing air to bubble into the circulatory system, causing much damage to tissues and organs. Thats why one may be able to avert much of the pain associated with this sudden depressurization by exhaling and quickly allowing air to escape the lungs. Next, of course, the water in the eyes, mouth, and tissues will evaporate out of the body, due to less pressure (take Grade 11 chemistry today; Mr. Kimber is waiting for you!). A cooling effect initiated by evaporation will cause the internal temperatures of the mouth and nose to drop to almost freezing. Of course, we cannot forget the nitrogen, as this would also boil out of the blood, as painfully as the oxygen and carbon dioxide, causing what is referred to as the bends.

Right about now, you would be left a puffy blueberry, ready for consumption. In this state, suffering from hypoxia (lack of oxygen), and having your decision-making abilities impaired, would be the least of your problems. At least your heart would still be beating, even though there might not be much blood left to pump. The chances of freezing to death before all this happens are unfortunately slim, as humans are endothermic, and rely on metabolism to maintain a high constant body temperature. In order for this generated internal heat to exit our bodies, there needs to be a proper medium to enable heat transfer and escapebut we have no such a thing in spaceinstead we have the heat present due to ultraviolet radiation. So you can sleep in peace tonight, knowing that if you were an astronaut, and forgot to chuck on your space suit before leaving the shuttle, not only would you die a blueberry, but you would die a hot blueberry. The Asteroid: This one is a out of this worldbut yet still in this world kind of experience. What would happen to the planet if a large enough asteroid impacted the earth, and indirectly caused our death? Well, to answer this, we need to learn of the three major factors that contribute to the destructive capacity an asteroid has to destroy. They are: density, speed, and length. Obviously, the larger the asteroid, the more surface area it will cover, and the larger the crater. Anything in the way of a large asteroids direct line of motion will become instantly crushed and vaporized. So, the larger the asteroid, the more immediate damage it can cause. However, density is a very important factor indeed, as the denser the asteroid, the more mass earths gravity has to work with in order to pull the asteroid towards the ground. This leads into speed, as fundamental physics tells us (takes Grade 11 Physics todayMrs. Grimes is waiting for you!), if we double speed, we quadruple the kinetic energy of the object whose speed was doubled. So the greater the speed of an asteroid, the more kinetic energy it has. Thats bad news. If an asteroid with enough kinetic energy hits land, it could spread enough dust and debris into the atmosphere to blot out the sun for thousands of years and cause another ice age. If the asteroid hits the ocean, the water surrounding will instantly evaporate, followed by humongous tsunamis and many deaths. the death process.

The Black Hole: My all time favoriteand the T-Rex of a five year olds fantasy world. The black hole is truly the Barack of spacethe ultimatum, the great, the amazing, and hands down, the most spectacular way to die. A black hole is created when an object can no longer withhold the force of its own gravity, collapsing on itself, and generating the most awesome thing youll ever read about. A black hole can range from the size of a mighty quasar, right down to the length of a pin, or even a micro black hole. But I guess the real question is what would happen if you fell into one? Spaghettification; which is much cooler than depressurization or vaporization if you ask me. Black holes are known to distort light in odd fashions, as only the light around the black hole can truly reach our eyes, as the rest is sucked in by it! If you were to fall into a small black hole, no one would actually see it happen the way you would see and feel it, and spaghettification would be nearly instantaneous. But first, lets slow everything down in order so we can actually examine the death process. Quasars are very large variants of black holes, and are usually only found in the centers of galaxies. They sustain some of the gravity needed in order to keep all the stars in proper orbit (the rest of this gravity is produced by dark matter). Much like all other black holes, quasars have an event horizon or point of no returnthe point in which after any matter passesescape will be impossible. The event horizons of smaller black holes are, well, smallerthat

is a reason as to why spaghettification is much faster. If you passed the event horizon of a quasar, your friends would simply see you freeze (no, not freeze-freeze, freeze as in freeze tag), turn red, and then disappearthe story on the other end, however, would be much more dramatic. As you fall into the depths of the quasar, you would experience a pulling force on your body, tugging it towards the holes centrethis force is called the tidal force. The side of your body facing the centre would accelerate faster towards the centre. Eventually, the pulling force would exceed the force of the chemical bonds keeping your bodily parts together, and you would be gently stretched, and then forcefully ripped apart. All that would be left of you would be the very atoms that once made you up. They would continue their journey into the hole, to meet, as of now, an unknown and only theorized fate. And dont forget the vacuum of space would also play its part in killing you here. Scientists are now discovering that death is not as final a thing as we once thought it was, but being ripped apart, and into your very atoms at that, is the most final you can getgood luck walking out of that one, hot blueberry.

Favorite Broadway Musicals By Edith Barabash

With tragic storylines that capture hearts and larger-than-life characters that make everyone smile, Broadway musicals have had a lasting impact on many lives. The number of shows available for audiences to enjoy is constantly growing. What can possibly be better than watching a beautiful piece of live theatre? As both drama and music are incorporated into these works, our own drama and music departments were asked about their favorite musical and song from a Broadway production. Here are their responses.

Mr. Chotalia:

Top 3 musicals: 1) Les Misrables Reason: The drama! 2) Wicked Reason: Very interesting and a back story to Wizard of Oz 3) West Side Story Reason: He was in it! Favorite song from a musical: This is the Moment- Jekyll and Hyde

Mr. Del Bianco:

Favorite musical: Grease Reason: He likes the 50s. Favorite song from a musical: Greased Lightning- Grease

Mr. Serapiglia

Favorite musical: Les Misrables Reason: The music and the story are very interesting. Favorite song from a musical: Bring Him Home- Les Misrables

Dating Tips from Teachers By: Shelly Bard Honestly, I do not understand why most teenagers want to be in a kissy-kissy relationship when they can do all the same things which involve going to movies and eating out with their friends (of course minus the kissy stuff). However, to those people still in need of the comfort they receive from their intimate partner I hereby reveal the top five dating tips from teachers. Teachers have already gotten their share of high school drama; now it is our turn. This particular teacher shared his best, and what I consider best, tip for dating. 1-Hygiene. This cannot be stressed enough. Nobody wants to smell your stinky gym clothes, so please for the sake of you, your date, and everyone around you clean yourself up! Brush your teeth, wash your clothes, and if you know your dates favorite smell wear it. Showing up late is one thing, but coming in with last nights spaghetti all over your front is completely unacceptable. This brings me to the next tip. 2-Be on time! If you know you are one of those people who need an extra thirty minutes to get ready then plan for an extra thirty minutes of spare time. If you know you live far from where you two decide to meet up then leave extra time to get there. No one likes to wait. I do not think you would either. Especially if it is your first date together, come ahead of time! 3-Be yourself. There is nothing worse than hiding who you are. Even if you pretend to be someone you are not, your real personality will eventually reveal it-

self. You should also be aware that it is you who is at the date and not some other person. I would like my date to act like themselves so I can really get to know them. However, on the first date, show only your good side. I would not want to hear about your past break-ups and that some of them were your fault. Remember, there is no shame to who you are, only who you pretend to be. 4-Keep the conversation going. There is nothing less attractive than a dead end conversation. It moves from boring to awkward to I need to go home and study. Try to bring up new topics and stories about yourself. Questions I usually ask are what is your favorite color, where are you from, and what do you like to do during your free time? These questions usually give me an understanding of who a person is and if we are compatible. The last tip is the most important and can be used not only for a good night at a restaurant but anywhere. 5-Watch your drink. You all know what this means. Not everyone is honest about what they are into and what they want. If you left your drink unattended, there is a chance that is has been chemically altered. Do not drink it; just order yourself a new one. These tips are the general ideas of how to prepare for your date and how to look out for the right date. Wash yourself, be on time, be yourself, dont be boring, and watch your drink.

Teachers Playlist By Manogya Tekriwa How many times while sitting in class, or roaming the halls do we see Stephen Lewiss teachers and staff with an iPod singing along to their favourite songs? Although they may not talk much about their music preferences in school, we assure you that they definitely have some. Knocking on all of the department offices and stopping teachers in the halls, we managed to get them thinking about their favourite genres, artists and radio stations. Not only did we get the opinions of our very own teachers, we also made sure to ask our guidance counselors and librarians. It does not come as a surprise to see all the different preferences coming from everyone who shared. So have a look and see if you share the same taste in music as some of SLSSs staff! Artists -Pearl Jam -Red Hot Chilli Peppers -AC/DC -Leonard Cohen -Mumford & Sons -The Lumineers -Beyonc -Adele -Anyone Canadian -Four Tops -Otis Redding -Fun.

Perfect Songs for Rainy Days By: Jackie Shiu Spring is the season the birds are chirping, flowers are in bloom, and its time for rain. Its not just a light drizzle, but heavy showers are here to greet us. Although the rain can make us feel down, music is a great way to put us all in a better mood. Here are five great songs to help you enjoy your rainy days and make you feel better. Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson Cant you see that its just raining? Aint no need to go outside. Next time its pouring hard outside, make yourself some pancakes, and crank up Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson. It will instantly lighten up the mood and get you relaxing and swaying to the sounds of his guitar. Warning Sign- Coldplay Yeah the truth is I miss you so And Im tired I should not have let you go. If youre feeling conflicted after a bad break-up, this is a great song and a great eye opener. Chris Martin from Coldplay has mastered the art of getting people in a better mood with his amazing lyrics and his soothing voice. Warning Sign is also perfect for rainy days. I

Feel It All- Feist Ooh, Ill be the one to break my heart. The rain can make us feel tired and lazy, but this song can turn that all around. If youve been lying in bed all day, listen to I Feel It All. This song is cheerful, and it will surely get you out and about. Holy Ground- Taylor Swift Tonight Im gonna dance for all that weve been through, But I dont wanna dance if Im not dancing with you. As much as I hate to admit it, Taylor Swift instantly brightens up my mood anytime Im feeling down. Holy Ground is definitely one of my favorite songs off her new album, Red. I always find myself dancing around the house to this song, and it makes me feel much better when its dreary outside. Lego House- Ed Sheeran Im gonna pick up the pieces And build a Lego house. If things go wrong, we can knock it down. Ed Sheeran has a way with words, and can cheer anyone up. Lego House gives listeners hope, and puts them in a better mood immediately. No matter how rainy and depressing it may be outside, Lego House will help you get over it.

Hopefully these songs will help you enjoy your rainy days. Next time its pouring outside, head to your iTunes and play these songs at full blast to fight the rain.

This One Time, When I Was 17 By Hannah You Teacher Edition

Open Mic. Night By Elinor Fridman On Thursday, March 21, 2013, Stephen Lewis held its very first Open Mic. Night! Held in the cafeteria, many people showed up to watch their peers perform their hearts out. While the event took off on a rocky start with days, locations, and times changing, in the end, the event was a huge success and lots of fun for everyone involved. Performances by the many of the schools beloved bands such as Harmony Road, Diamonds Dye, Strapd, and Not Forever, all did an amazing job performing, whether it was an original song, or a cover. Other performances included people playing instruments, singing, rapping, or even performing some spoken word poetry. The mood of the event was very relaxed. Student council did a great job in organizing the event, along with the help of teachers such as Mr. Chotalia, and Mrs. Herce, and the admin! The cafeteria was transformed with beautiful banners, and tables were set up with bright red tablecloths, and cute centerpieces. Overall, this was one of the most fun events brought by student council, and I am looking forward to seeing what the next event will be in the school!


I was on a soccer team and we were at the finals in TDSB. Although we lost the finals, it was the best game we have ever played. We had a really good team we only lost because of a penalty shot. Thats one of my best memories.


I really fell in love when I was 17. It was the first time.

Mr. Chotalia:

Doing a school play. It was a performance called Hedges, which we actually did at SLSS as wellI remember it was a lot of fun. Thats also when I realized I wanted to go into acting, and I did.

Ms. Esco:

I was a camp counselor, and I got an award for being the best counselor at camp Robinhood.

Ms. Tarver:

Knowing that I was going to finish high school soon, and get on with my real life now.

Ms. Valin:

I got my drivers license, and I convinced my dad to give me a curfew.

Stylish Spring Styles

by Aziza Laila Dungersi

When the snow starts to melt and you can finally see the grass again, you want to strip off those big bulky jackets and get into some cool styles that fit the season of Spring! Colours When its rainy and gloomy outside, instead of dressing like the boring grey weather, why not add a splash of colour to your wardrobe? Guys and girls dont be shy to come to school wearing neon green and metallic blue. Springs is all about blossoming colours and being fresh. A trend that is hot right now for both guys and girls is coloured denim. Pick out a new colour and shine through the hallways while wearing what is in style. Try wearing colours that are more vibrant and see how it will light up your day! Rain We all know how annoying rain can be especially when you have to walk to school with an umbrella that isnt keeping you dry at all. Rather than wearing a giant garbage bag around you, how about some stylish ways to keep dry in style! You could come to school in running shoes and have your socks soaked the whole day or, you could invest in a pair of crazy coloured and printed rubber rain boots that will keep you nice and dry. This will keep you out of the line of people waiting to dry their socks with the hand dryers in the bathroom! While we talk about rubber, go buy a rubber raincoat as well. Other raincoats keep you dry for a short time before they start to leak through. Dont be afraid to be funky and show off your confidence! Change Spring is all about the weather, and you, changing. When it comes to the temperature, it is always fluctuating. There are some hot days, cold days, rainy days and sunny days. You never know what to expect in this season, which is why I suggest layering. This way, you can wear a variety or colours and textures while being ready to take off or put on a new layer. Mix and match while having fun with fashion. You will always be prepared! While talking about change, spring is a time where you can do some spring-cleaning. Rather than cleaning off dust and vacuuming, try clearing out your closet and donate things that you wont be wearing anymore. There are many different charities that would happily take old clothes and put them to good use! Someone else can use them to their advantage and you could make their day! Let this spring be a positive time for you; go for a style update, boost your confidence level, and help those who need it! Good luck and have a wonderful spring


He Said, She Said...

Dear He Said and She Said,
I was just wondering, what do you suggest to do if your boyfriend or girlfriends parents dont like you? Sincerely, Anonymous Dear Anon, This is never an easy situation, but more likely Dear Anonymous, than not, its not true. You see, it is normal for parents Winning the approval of your significant others to be protective of their children. So, when meeting parents is never an easy feat. You can say that you the person their child is involved with romantically, are good with parents, but all of them are cautious for they will instinctually be defensive. With that said, you their child. It is just human instinct; parents are always probably have nothing to worry about; all you need protective of their kids. So if the adults responsible for is time for your boy/girlfriends parents to warm up to your boyfriend/ girlfriend are not giving you the most you. Within no time, Im sure they will let their guards positive vibes initially, dont stress yourself out; they down and welcome you into the family with open are just protecting their kid. However, the best way to arms! win over their affection is to get them accustomed to To ensure you make a positive impression on you being around. If they get used to you and start fayour significant others parents, there are a few things miliarizing themselves with you, then they will start to you can do. For starters, smile! With a genuine smile warm up to you. So while you are getting to know his/ on your face, youll come off as sweet, friendly, and her parents, make sure to keep all discussions PG. approachable. Also remember to be polite and make Nothing turns the warning signals of a parent on betsure you conduct yourself properly. So that means no ter than the mention of inappropriate subject matter. inappropriate jokes, say please and thank you, dont In the end, just stick it through. Be friendly and nice interrupt others and so on. Most important of all, dont and no matter what vibe they give you, just remember be afraid to be yourself! Answer the questions youre that you are dating their child. They will be cautious asked, you can even ask a few of your own to keep naturally. the conversation going as long as they are not intrusive or rude. Show your significant others parents exHope that helps, actly the type of person you are and I am sure theyll He Said. appreciate you for exactly who you are! She Said Dear He Said She said,

My friend recently started hanging out with a group of people I am not particularly fond of. There isnt much I can do about that because I spend time with a different group of people too. The problem is that the new group she hangs out with is the reason she started doing drugs. Im really worried. What do I do? Sincerely, So-Lost Dear So-Lost,
When your friends begin to involve themselves in situations filled with drugs, as a friend you really do have to take a stand. I will be blunt here; it is better to have your friend mad at you then seeing them get hurt because of the drugs they involve themselves in. So if your friend tells you that they started doing drugs, make sure you are very clear about how AGAINST this you are. A great resource to use as well is going to guidance. They can provide more professional advice and possibly some sort of mediation. I know my answer is a bit vague but with a situation where there are so many different contexts, it is hard to give a distinct answer. Just make sure that you show that you are there for your friend on their journey to stop doing drugs. I hope things get better for your friend, He Said.

Its great that youre concerned about your friend; it means you really care. S/he is really lucky to have a friend like you! Personally, I suggest you talk to your friend. Tell them how you feel and your opinions on the situation. Tell him/her that you arent fond of the people s/he is hanging out with because they are clearly a negative influence. Of course dont forget to mention how terrible drugs are and how dangerous it is to go down that path. Hopefully your friend sees your point and stops using illegal substances even if s/he continues hanging out with that group of people. However, if they dont agree with what youre saying and refuse to listen, there is unfortunately not much else you can do. As a good friend you fulfilled your duty by expressing your concern, if s/he chooses not to listen it may be best for you to distance yourself. As hard as it is, it is best for you to not get too involved as you dont want to get yourself into a messy situation. All the best to you and your friend, She Said 11