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Valiyaveettil House Cheranelloore Post Cochin 34, Kerala ,India 682034 Phone:00919995629459 Email: arahmanv@yahoo.com

Objective Three year Diploma holder in Electronics and Instrumentation with 8 plus years of professional experience in Instrumentation field which includes Oil and Gas Maintenance and construction projects. During the total service, have good exposure in projects erection and commissioning of equipments, loop checking and plant maintenance, trouble shooting experience. Good working experience in predictive, preventive, breakdown and corrective maintenance procedures. Profound proficiency in handling, testing & commissioning of Distributed Control System. Quality and safety for timely completion and lead by example in working for a project. Fully conversant with PDO HSE PTW system and its procedures. Professional Summary
Instrument Maintenance Technician date Special technical services LLC, Sultanate of Oman. Engineering and Maintenance Contract Client Key Roles

Feb 2011 to till

: Petroleum Development Oman.

Experience of Maintenance and commissioning jobs in various plants including LNG, Oil & Gas and Water treatment plants. Calibration, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of various field instruments such as smart and non smart transmitters, different types of switches, level trolls and UV fire detectors. Calibration, installation, commissioning and servicing of Control valves, Valve positioners and Accessories (solenoid valves, Lock up relays, volume boosters, quick exhausts, NRVs and pressure regulators). Loop & Function checking and fault finding of open and closed control loops (single & multi loop). Work experience on Gas turbines (generators & compressors) and their dedicated instruments like bearing temperature sensors with pads, proximity type speed pick up sensors, vibration sensors, Key phasors, and accelerometers during the shutdown related and break down events. Well versed with ILDs, P&IDs, PEFS, Cause and Effect, Hook up diagrams and Functional logic diagrams. Perform commissioning, start-up & maintenance instrumentation jobs individually as well as a part of team for gas compressor and shipping pumps in the oil and plant. Actively participate for the major plant shut down jobs according to the schedule to

CV: Mr. V.K.Abdul Rahman

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achieve deadline. Independent Corrective & Preventive Maintenance jobs for Systems & Field Instruments including turnaround jobs/shutdown jobs.

work independently and with other plant personnel to perform preventative, predictive and routine maintenance task. Familiar with grab sampler system (jiskoot). Assisted with scoop tube (pump speed controller) vendor. Good knowledge about Permit to Work system and Company HSE policy and guidelines.

Instrument Maintenance technician 2010 Larsen & Toubro Electromech LLC, Sultanate of Oman. Engineering and Maintenance Contract Client Key Roles : Petroleum Development Oman.




As a team member I was involved in Loop Checking, Troubleshooting, Commissioning, startup and Maintenance (Preventive & Shutdown) of various Field Instruments like Pressure/Flow/Level and Temperature. Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Control valves.

Hands on Experience with machine monitoring Temperature and Vibration (Bentley Nevada 3300, 3500 system) like Radial, Axial, Key Phasor. Worked with Analytical Instruments like pH meters. Assisting client in Commissioning, Startup and Maintenance of all Instrumentation related activities. Loop checking, Troubleshooting and maintenance of Flame Detectors. Energization of control Panels, junction boxes and Segment checking of Foundation Field bus JBs. Having ability to follow functional block diagram. OCT 2006 to AUG

Instrument technician 2008 Oil and Gas Unit, Galfar Engineering and Contracting LLC, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Project name: Sewage treatment plant and Kauther Gas Plant Key Roles

Responsible for Instruments Installation and Loop checking in Waste Water Treatment Unit.

Cold and hot Loop checking, functional checking commissioning of plants and projects, maintenance of all type of instrument, fault finding, trouble shooting Periodic and predictive maintenance in oil and gas production stations. Good knowledge in P&ID, Logic diagrams and all Drawing related instrumentation.

CV: Mr. V.K.Abdul Rahman

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Responsible for Primary Cabling as per Main Cable Lay out and also for Secondary Cabling as per connection list. Coordinate the mechanical contractors for the installation of control valves, safety valves, orifice plates, vessels mounted instruments etc. Control room panel and DCS/ PLC panel installation, alignment, inter panel wiring, cables in the Marshalling racks and its function checks. Trench layouts as per standards allowing proper distances between electrical, control and signal communication cables. Carry out the final check for all instruments against P&IDs prior to the start up of commissioning activities. Toolbox meeting on daily basis for work safety, material control, efficiency and quality

Instrument Technician (Maintenance) OCT 2005 to MAR 2006 ONGC (Gas gathering stations) Ankleswar asset, Gujarat, under the contract of 3D Microsystems Pvt Ltd, Navi Mumbai, India. Key Roles
Involved in corrective and preventive maintenance of Instruments in Gas compressors and associated areas. Reliable operation of Rockwell Station (PLC based computer station) for controlling the process in gas compressors and associated areas according to the process situation. Technical interfaces with the other disciplines, vendors and clients. Calibration of Pressure and Temperature transmitters.

Instrument Technician (Maintenance) January 2005 to July 2005 Travancore Cochin Chemicals Ltd,Kerala,India HCL,Chlorine Production plant. Key Roles Calibration experience on various types of instruments in Lab and site. Control valve calibration and stroke checking. Calibration of PH transmitters. Preparation of calibration reports.

Educational Qualifications
Diploma in Electronics & Instrumentation Koratty (2000 2003) Pre- Degree (1995-1997) S.S.L.C Edappally (1995) : : : Govt. Polytechnic, Al_Ameen College,Aluva. Govt.High School, North

Technical Training
Safety Attended a training program in Fire Prevention and fighting. Permit Applicant for PDO HSE Training Course- Attended training program on Health Safety Environment


Personal Details

CV: Mr. V.K.Abdul Rahman

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Date of Birth Marital status Sex Languages known

: 03.03.1980 : Married : Male : English, Hindi, Malayalam &Tamil Valiyaveettil house Cheranelloore, Cochin-34 Kerala, India. Ph:00919995629459

Permanent address:

Passport No Place of Issue Date of Issue Date of Expiry

: E-8254618 : Cochin : 16/04/2004 : 15/04/2014

CV: Mr. V.K.Abdul Rahman

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