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Activity Professional Authorizations

Authorization Documents To Be Submitted

Authorization For • Request addressed to the MCC Director General.

Film Shooting • Copy of the company statutes
(field :film production).
Professional Identity • Minutes of the General Assembly.
Card • Copy of activity licence.
• certificate attesting that the company capitals are
fully paid up.
• Photocopy of the ID of the company’s manager.
• 2 pictures of the manager.
Presentation The Help Fund
Members of the Among the incentives set for the promotion of national
Commission of the film-making, the most important is the setting up in
Help Fund 1980, of a supporting fund to film-making.
This Fund enabled to see a huge increase in national
Secretariat of the film making between 1980 and 1987, since 35 long
Help Fund
films and 30 short films have been produced in this laps
of time. However, this first support showed limitations
Grant Conditions with regard to the objectives assigned when the Fund
was set up; this has raised the necessity of
Forms reconsidering the rules and regulations of the Fund to
stimulate a higher national production.
Therefore, in order to enable it to better play its part in
developing national production, the MCC, jointly with
the professional bodies, proposed in 1987 reference
results so that the Fund may collect supplementary
resources. The Fund, with this perspective, enabled the
Film-Library to shelf 58 long films and 38 short films
from 1987 to 1999.
In 2004, new regulations were drafted with the purpose
of supporting more national production; the new
regulations put particularly emphasis on :
• the granting of advance on earnings following
• the financial assistance to scenario writing and re-
• The bonus granting to film quality.
• the holding of three annual boards of the help
commission instead of two boards.
• the granting with no reservation, of a fourth subsides
fraction to long films.
Introduction Morocco, Land For Film-Making

Some Shooting Sites

Morocco is becoming these last years one of the
privileged sites where international directors and
producers like to shoot films. About 20 to 30 films are
Authorization made every year. Americans but also French, Italians,
British or Dutch find this land the stimulating place for
Provision Of Services
imagination realms.

Morocco sunny and light side of life, its privileged

geography, both hot and tempered climatically, is one
of the few countries that is endowed with nature.
Located at the gate of Africa and Europe, bordered by
the Mediterranean in the north, and by the Atlantic in
the west, being largely open on the Sahara desert, the
country has always been the hub of history making and
place for ideal shooting.

Since a few decades, Morocco, due to its natural assets,

the variety of its sites, its ethnical diversity, witnessed a
wave of film-makers coming from all horizons searching
a natural setting made of the desert, palm-trees,
caravans, folkdance, and ancient monuments.

For memory, some famous films are related to the

Moroccan land :
• "Othello" (1949) by Orson Welles
• "The Man Who Knew a Lot" (1956) by Alfred Hitchkok
• "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962) by David Lean
• "100.000 Dollars In The Sun" (1963) by Henry Verneuil
• "The Man Who would be King" (1975) by John Huston
• "The Last Temptation of Christ" (1988) by Martin
• "A Tea in the Sahara" (1991) by Bernardo Bertolluchi
• "Gladiators" (2002 by Ridley Scott
• "Alexander" (2004) by Oliver Stone

Being aware of the geographical and human assets of

the country and of the positive impact of film shooting
on national economy, job opportunities, vocational
training of Moroccan artists and technicians, the
government has taken, at the MCC instigation,
incentives in favour of foreign producers, among them :

• Assistance, in the best conditions, of State

institutions : Royal Armed Force, Royal Air Force, Royal
Marine, Royal Gendarmerie and the police.
• Provisional import procedure simplified for temporary
import of arms and munitions necessary to film
• Royal Air Maroc discount on air transport of persons
and goods .
• Symbolic tariffs for shooting in historic monuments
and sites .
• VAT exemption on goods and services purchased in
• Import and export customs procedure simplified for
shooting material.
• The setting up of services within the MCC to ease
administrative measures and contacts with officials
concerned by film shooting.

Such elements have been determining for international

film-making companies to select Morocco as a
destination to make film production, which has
obviously side effects on Morocco cinema development
and national economy.

In order to assist expansion of this nowadays vital

sector, several investors, national and foreign, have
built studios, with fully equipped structure in
Casablanca, Ouarzazate, (Atlas studios, Kan Zamane
studios, Cinedina studios). The last studio to be
established is studio CLA, officially open by HM King
MOHAMMED VI at Ouarzazate in January 2005.

The judicious interest of the highest authority of the

nation for the cinema industry is an encouragement for
the government, the professionals, and the artists to
work hard for continuing and amplifying this dear and
common wish, the witness of a real expansion of film-
making in Morocco.
Marrakech Festival Marrakech International Film Festival
National Film
Festival Organisation : Foundation of Marrakech International
Film Festival under the Presidency of His Royal
Mediterranean Short Highness Prince Moulay Rachid
Film Festival
Vice-Presidents : Nour-Eddine Sail & Faiçal Laraichi
Manager of the Festival : Mélita Toscan Du Plantier
Others Address : Foudation of Marrakech International Film
Angle Bd Mohammed VI and Rue Ibn El Kadi -
Date of creation : 2001
Last event :14-22 November 2008
Next event : 2009

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