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April 2013

Diabetes and BP

How I Controlled BP

Art Imitates LifePriya Anand

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April 2013

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Grooming the Nations Health
ore than six decades after independence, nearly 600 million rural and urban poor languish in ill health because quality, affordable health care is beyond their reach. This, despite the fact that we are the fourth largest economy in the world. A nation where the huge pool of human resources, if healthy can propel us to great global heights on all fronts ranks near the bottom of the U.N. Human Development Index. Health care inequities contribute to our low standing in the HDI. Picture this- According to a WHO report, nearly 70% of Indias population spends most of their available income on healthcare. Each year, nearly 40 million Indians are thrown into throes of poverty due to out-of-pocket health spending. While the unscrupulous elements in Indian polity continue to amass enormous fortunes in global banks, countless number of people live in the stranglehold of ill health, suffering and pain. Most governments world over consider universal healthcare as a major concern. However in India public investment in health is just above 1% of GDP . With a majority of youthful population, it is time that we focused on giving a shot in the arm to healthcare in our country. We have to aggressively increase health system capacity through adequate funding. Pharmacy reform is long overdue. In this context, the Supreme Court ruling on Novartis patent which enables affordable drugs for cancer patients is a welcome move. We need to make a commitment to increase public funding for medicines. Primary healthcare delivery is woefully bad. The poor do not have access to affordable medicines. If we do not usher in a major health system reform, healthcare inequities will increase and the wide chasm that exists between the affluent, the middle class and the rural and urban poor will become wider. Access to quality healthcare is the basic need of a citizen. Economic status, caste or gender should not prevent any citizen from seeking solutions to ill health. Many poor households are tottering under the burden of the high cost of healthcare. Even for middle class families, the soaring cost of healthcare is a serious strain on the budget. The primary, secondary and tertiary health centers have not made a dent in healthcare despite their existence for decades. The huge corporate hospitals that filch free public land and other subsidies with the promise of reserving a share of beds for the poor conveniently develop amnesia or make a sham of their philanthropic intentions. Sprucing up public health care, stringent implementation of CSR initiatives by the corporate sector, universal healthcare system and health insurance are all ways to infuse new vigor to the Indians health. Sporadic efforts such as those of Dr. Devi Shettys have successfully demonstrated that economies of scale if adopted can offer high quality healthcare to the poor for very nominal amounts. In India, today many youngsters have taken up the cause of education as their social endeavour. If young firebrands also take up the cause of healthcare and conjure up such innovative mass insurance schemes as Dr. Devi Shettys Wal-Mart approach, a lot can be done to help the Indian stumble out of the quagmire of ill health. Universal healthcare system continues to remain a pipedream even as parties are squabbling with one another, with their eyes peeled on the 2014 elections. Lets leave the wolves alone to fight their battles. The constructive and progressive among us can look at healthcare as a promising social endeavour to take our countrymen forward. On the occasion of the World Health Day, let us promise to do this for ourselves and our fellow citizens.


Swati Amar


April 2013


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April 2013

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For You and Yours!



Wah Wah Women!

` 50 March 2013

Women End up Being

Ascent of the

Sharmila Tagore

Indian Woman
Equitable Society
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Creating an

Mallika Sarabhai


Change the

Sudha Raghunathan

Develop a Sense of
Dr. Kiran Bedi


Vanquished Fate

Women Who

March 2013

Letters to the editor

Radhika, Chennai

Eves Times March issue was simply fantastic. Nowhere can we read the views of several women thinkers in one platform. The views of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Dr.Kiran Bedi, Sharmila Tagore, Mallika Sarabhai, Sudha Raghunathan and all the others featured clearly highlight the need for a change in the mindset of the society toward women. While all these women stress the need for sensitization of the society towards womens issues they all seem to agree it is up to women to create the change, which by itself is very challenging. To that extent the challenges of todays Indian women seem to be heightened further. It is however, heartening to note that all of them are positive that the change will happen. Kiran Shaws views that the younger generation is far more accepting of women as their equals and that education and sensitization will bring about the change seems to be optimistic. But we must remember that the men who raped the girl in Delhi were all young!

there are no stringent and well laid out laws for both these media which thrive on populism and sensationalism at the cost of values. Hundred of films are churned out where women are projected in a very bad light and where educated or working women are shown as arrogant or languishing in vanity. This is because many of the filmmakers come from backgrounds which deem women as servile beings. In fact, with most politicians also hailing from such upbringing, little wonder that we are exposed to shocking real life incidents where politicians or the police are physically hitting women. We get to see this along with our family members in our living rooms almost every day. There are no prerequisites for filmmakers or scriptwriters who thrive on demeaning women or projecting them as sex objects. In fact, we are the only country in the world which produces a sexist song like Kolaveri D which ironically put India on the world map and took the lyricist to the home of the prime minister! Your own magazine has brought out

Media, Films and Women

India is the only country where countless people are cinema and television crazed. To a large extent, films and television play a major role in influencing the attitude of people. Being largely uneducated, exploited and living in penury and harboring innumerable social taboos, superstitions and prejudices, the masses that feed on television programmes and the cinema take the media seriously and incorporate a lot of what they are exposed to in their lives. Unfortunately, in our country

stories of abuse of women in the same issue that eminent women are looking at a bright future for women. But the sad truth is that we are centuries away before women can get an iota of respect! A young population may not make a big difference. After all it suits men to get hot food on their tables when they return home from work, even if the woman herself has just returned. It is convenient to have the house well kept, children well behaved and the bank balance increasing as long as that one mortal keeps on fulfilling her responsibilities without complaints. And all the innumerable benefits that come with the package are a big bonanza! Cheers!

Bama Vijayan, Chennai


April 2013





April 2013


he ultimate goal of World Health Day 2013 is to reduce heart attacks and strokes. Specific objectives of the campaign are:

advice of health-care professionals To encourage self-care to prevent high blood pressure To make blood pressure measurement affordable to all and To incite national and local authorities to create enabling environments for healthy behaviors. High blood pressure also known as raised blood pressure or hypertension , plays a key role in raising the risk of heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure. If left uncontrolled, high blood

To raise awareness of the causes and consequences of high blood pressure To provide information on how to prevent high blood pressure and related complications To encourage adults to check their blood pressure and to follow the

pressure can also cause blindness, irregularities of the heartbeat and heart failure. The risk of developing these complications is higher in the presence of other cardiovascular risk factors such as diabetes. One in three adults worldwide has high blood pressure. The proportion increases with age, from 1 in 10 people in their 20s and 30s to 5 in 10 people in their 50s. Prevalence of high blood pressure is highest in the underdeveloped nations. Awareness should be created to stall the high rise in blood pressure levels in these countries.


April 2013

High on life
Prativa Jena

m a hypertension warrior and I believe there is nothing one cannot achieve with a dose of discipline and dedication

Juggling household chores and social work and filial responsibilities took their toll on my health. Hypertension stealthily entered my life ten years ago. Those days, I would feel uneasy, irritated and restless whenever I went about my work. I never took these symptoms into account, thinking that more rest was all that I needed.

Dear reader, I am Prativa Jena, a housewife, mother of two grown-ups and a social worker. My husband (now retired) used to be posted out of station due to the nature of his job. Naturally, I was the one to shoulder the familys responsibilities. It was a silent pact we had. He would take care of the finance, while I would take care of the smooth functioning of our household.


April 2013

Like any mother or wife, I always wanted the best for my husband and children why just them, Ive wanted to do the best for everyone around me. I think its the same everywhere with all women. We take care of everyone around us except ourselves, isnt it?

me to be hospitalised. The asthma too disappeared after I did yoga and pranayama. However, the longterm allopathic medication for asthma led to calcium deficiency which affected my knees. Yet, theres a sense of indomitable spirit that eggs me on to do more and serve more every day, cheerfully.

It was only when the restlessness and irritation gave way to insomnia, head reeling and palpitation, accompanied by ringing in the ears that I began to take notice that something was just not right. However, it wasnt until these symptoms began affecting my social work that it was indeed time for a thorough health check-up. My allopathic doctor said my BP was high, at 150/100. The doctor advised me many things along with medication. He restricted my salt intake, asked me to drink plenty of fluids and advised me to go for morning walks. I followed his advice and was on medication for a month, after which my blood pressure returned to normal. Soon after, I was put on to the maintenance dose by my physician, and would go for monthly check-ups.

Today, thanks to modern inventions that make life easier, we are miles away from leading an energetic life. Electronic gadgets such as grinders, washing machines and vacuum cleaners are actually making us lazy. But who has the time? Hence, patients of hypertension should change their lifestyle to accommodate some light exercise every day. Since doctors attribute stress as the main cause of hypertension, heart disease, obesity and other longterm diseases, its worth investing in at least half an of hour practising yoga and pranayama every day to relax the mind and body. Its a lifetime investment youll never regret. Chances are youll stick to the regimen long after the disease has disappeared!

Although my blood pressure was normal, the irritability and stress seemed to remain. On a visit to my paternal home, I happened to discuss this with my father (May his soul rest in peace), who suggested I take homoeopathic medicine too. My father was a good homoeopath. He advised me to try yoga and pranayama to control stress.

I started the homoeopathic course of medication and began pranayama and yoga early in the morning. Just as my father had said it gave me peace of mind and strengthened my will power. Thanks to him and my yoga teacher, I go about doing my duties with great pleasure, even today.

Pay attention to your diet, is my advice for those with hypertension. My yoga masters advice was that my stomach should be two-thirds full so as to aid digestion. This helps me feel light. Usually, I have green tea with biscuits twice a day (morning and evening). Since I get bored very easily, I make it a point to have a different item for breakfast every day, be it dalia (broken wheat) upma or porridge, oats khichdi, semolina upma, idly-sambar or bean sprouts. I am a vegetarian, but I do not prefer rice during lunch. So I have roti, dal, salads and lots of vegetables. Dinner is served around 7.30-8pm. It is simple and consists of roti, dal and boiled vegetables with light seasoning. Foods rich in spices are what I always avoid. I use very little salt and sugar in my diet. I never have oily foods and fast food.

Another factor that helped me was that I have a green thumb. Daily, I would spend an hour or two in the garden, cleaning weeds, planting seeds and caring for the plants. Its a wonderful feeling when we bond with Nature and see the results every day. This act, in itself, is a great stress reliever. Any other creative activity will, undoubtedly, have the same effects.

Im in my late fifties and although my blood pressure is normal, I was also diagnosed with osteoarthritis nearly around the time when hypertension struck. Dear reader, be not disheartened. An asthma sufferer since my early schooldays, I tried each and every possible remedy under the sun. After my marriage, there would be severe attacks which would require

Being a member of various social-service groups, I participate in health camps in various places across the state (Odisha) to create awareness among the masses. Our team includes experienced doctors who guide patients and perform check-ups. Besides distributing medicines, we teach them how to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle and how yoga and pranayama can help them relieve stress. We spread awareness about the symptoms of high blood pressure, and the importance of regular check-ups and following the doctors advice since hypertension, if untreated, might even prove fatal.

Its my wish that everyone stays healthy and lives happily. Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu! Co ordinated byJayalakshmi Saroj


April 2013

what is Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure is the force of blood against your artery walls as it circulates through your body. BP normally rises and falls throughout the day but it can cause health problems if it stays high for a long time.

Why is HBP called a silent killer?


Nalini Karunguzhi

he awareness about the impact of high blood pressure on our eyes is not an oft discussed topic. However, hypertension or High BP affects our eyes. Nalini Karunguzhi brings to you an interview with Neuro Ophthalmologist, Dr. Navin Jayakumar of Vasan Eye Hospital. This is our special feature on the occasion of World Health Day, the theme of which is Blood Pressure.

Because many people do not realize they have it.

How does hypertension affect the eyes?

Hypertension affects the eye by damaging blood vessels that supply important structures associated with vision such as the retina, optic nerve, visual pathways to the brain and eye muscles that generate coordinated eye movements.

While Diabetes has received a lot of attention in the media, particularly in relation to its devastating effects on several vital organs including the eyes, the damage caused by hypertension is less well recognized. The higher the blood pressure, the more severe the damage. Coincident conditions like diabetes and elevated cholesterol and risk factors like smoking also worsen the damage.

Isnt the retina important for vision?

Dr. Navin Jayakumar Neuro Ophthalmologist, Vasan Eye Hospital

Blood pressure, throughout the range seen in developed countries, is the most important risk factor for cardio vascular diseases. By the way, Hypertension is the term used to describe high blood pressure. HBP raises your risk of heart diseases and stroke, which are leading causes of death in the world.

The retina is the light sensitive membrane at the back of the eye on which the incoming light falls. Here, the light is converted to electrical impulses that travel along the optic nerve and the visual pathway to the back of the brain called the visual cortex. The brain translates and processes these signals into what we sense as vision.

What is Retinopathy?


Doctor, in lay mans term,

High blood pressure can damage blood vessels in the retina causing blood and fluid leakage. This water logging of the retina, especially its central sensitive


April 2013


region known as the Macula, causes decrease in vision that can be sudden.

One of my friends has double vision and he has high BP . How does that happen? Double vision is called Diplopia. Hypertension can also temporarily affect the nerve supply of the muscles that control eye movements. The eye with a paralyzed muscle is suddenly unable to move as well as the normal eye, in certain directions of gaze. The consequent misalignment of the eye causes double vision.

What is the treatment for this condition?

What are the symptoms?

Generally there are no symptoms until late in the disease. Most often a routine eye examination leads to diagnosis. It is not rare for a patient to walk in for a routine eye examination and cause alarm bells to ring when the eye doctor sees severe changes in the patients retina.

Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for this condition, but some patients recover partly over several months.

What would you advice patients with hypertension?

What precautions one should take?

Consult an eye specialist for a routine yearly examination if you are a hypertensive. Sudden onset of blurred vision or double vision should prompt an emergency eye examination.

Blood pressure recordings are an indicator. Sometimes the recording might even be as high as 220/120 mm Hg. These patients have malignant hypertension and are ticking time bombs. They can at any moment drop down dead from a stroke. They require emergency admission and management of blood pressure.

What is the treatment for Diplopia?

Thankfully, this condition improves fully in 8 to 12 weeks.

What would be your general advice on tackling hypertension? Controlling high blood pressure prevents changes in the blood vessels of the eye, as well as other organs like the heart, kidneys and brain. Blood pressure can be lowered by lifestyle changes such as reducing salt intake, consuming fruits and vegetables, avoiding smoking and exercising. Take blood pressure lowering medication as per your doctors advice.

Some people complain of loss of vision on one side. How does that happen? It is called Hemianopia or loss of field of vision on the left or right side. Strokes in the brain affecting the visual pathways can cause loss of side vision. The patient generally has sharp central vision but keeps missing or bumping into objects in the blind areas of his field of vision. Although diagnosed by the eye doctor, they are managed by a neurologist.

What is Occlusion?



Blockage of the retinal veins. This can lead to focal or generalized leakage of blood in the retina. This may cause blurred vision if the macula (central sensitive region of the retina) is swollen. Injections into the eye can help in reducing the swelling and helps to improve vision.

What about Retinal Artery Occlusion? Please explain.

What is Ischemic Neuropathy?


This causes a sudden stoppage of blood flow to the entire retina. This is much more serious and can lead to permanent profound visual loss or even complete blindness as the oxygen starved retina gets permanently damaged very soon. Unless treated within minutes, the visual outcome is very poor.

Occasionally, small blood vessels supplying the optic nerve can get blocked causing a stroke of the Optic Nerve. The patient experiences sudden painless and often profound visual loss. This is sometimes noticed on waking in the morning.



April 2013

Double Trouble
Jagyaseni Chatterjee

Dr. R M Anjana
Joint Managing Director of Dr. Mohans Diabetes

ost people who are health conscious, control and monitor their blood sugar levels to prevent being diabetic. But the fact that blood pressure too can be a major cause of diabetes is often ignored and hence goes undetected. High blood pressure stands as an alarming cause for deaths across the globe. Although symptoms are apparently quiet, it leads to heart attacks, strokes, kidney failures and diabetes. Coupled with it if one is diabetic, it poses a very high risk factor. Dr. R M Anjana, Joint Managing Director of Dr. Mohans Diabetes Specialties Centre discusses the pivotal role of blood pressure especially for diabetic patients.

How is blood pressure connected to diabetes? Diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension) share several risk factors such as physical inactivity, overweight and high stress levels. Therefore it is not surprising that the same individual can have both diabetes and hypertension. Concomitant hypertension can increase the risk of diabetes complications such as kidney disease, heart attacks, stroke and eye disease. Rarely, some of the medications used to treat hypertension can increase the blood sugar level when given at high doses. Fortunately these medicines are rarely used in these doses nowadays.

What is the normal reading of blood pressure for people with diabetes? According to the latest guidelines, the blood pressure in a person with diabetes should not be higher than 140/90 mm of mercury. Younger patients should try to keep their blood pressure below 130/80 mm of mercury.

Has the incidence of diabetes due to blood pressure increased? Diabetes does not cause increased


April 2013


blood pressure. From what age group do people get affected by an increased blood pressure? Both diabetes and high blood pressure affect mainly middle aged and elderly individuals after the 40s and 50s. There is an increasing trend of younger and younger people being affected with these ailments recently. Is it gender based? Individuals of both sexes can develop diabetes as well as high blood pressure.

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lower-fat proteins (dairy, fish and nuts) is best for such people. The overall salt intake must be controlled and alcohol consumption must be kept at moderate levels. Attention must also be paid to carbohydrate consumption for effective diabetes management.

pressure. Several types of effective drugs are available to control the blood pressure levels. These, however, should be taken only on the prescription of a qualified physician and at the prescribed doses.

Most importantly one must relax and be out of stress as much as possible. Keeping oneself calm and happy with a good sleep at the end of the day is the key to a healthy and happy living.

Walky Talky
A walk can make a big difference to your living. So get into the habit as soon as you can. Getting a rigorous cardio workout 4 to 5 times a week is also useful. Start by incorporating about 15 minutes of exercise in your daily routine and slowly increase the time.

What are the causes? In most cases, the exact cause of high blood pressure is not known. Some rare cases may have defects in certain hormones or kidney disease or may be taking certain medications which raise the blood pressure. As mentioned earlier, physical inactivity, overweight and stress increase ones risk of developing high blood pressure.

Weight Control
Obesity raises the risk of both diabetes and high blood pressure. A good and moderate calorie balance is therefore necessary. That of course does not rule out all the good and fatty foods, but one can reward oneself with a scoop or two after a handsome workout on rare occasions.

How can blood pressure be diagnosed?

Blood pressure has a very quiet symptom and thereby is left undetected for years until people meet with a serious accident or attack. This calls for a regular check up of your blood pressure levels by a doctor or a health care professional.

No Smoking
Smoking is a powerful risk factor for heart disease and strokes. Both hypertension and diabetes raise heart disease risk. It is essential that anyone with diabetes must stop smoking before it is too late.

What kind of modifications in lifestyle is necessary to stabilize it? Both diabetic and people with high blood pressure require simple and balanced living and a similar mode of lifestyle.

In many cases, however medications are needed in addition to the above steps in order to control the blood



April 2013

When BP Afflicts the Young

P . Pranay
High Blood Pressure is the new evil which is silently attacking the youngsters of the society. People refer to it casually not realizing that it is a serious condition which poses great threat to ones health and may lead to death if not treated in time. Abhisheik Agarwal, a Trainee Manager, Genpact says that this condition is becoming very common among young IT workers today. He cites reasons like high pressure at work, deadlines and lack of physical exercise as the main culprits for this malady.I had this problem for almost a year but because it was detected early I was able to bring it under control fairly soon. Nupur Mor, a Customer Representative at State Bank of Hyderabad had also become a victim of this malevolent condition but had successfully tackled it. Its not only due to work pressure but even the lifestyle of the current generation is vastly different from their peers, she grudgingly admits. Of late, jobs have become more sedentary and there is almost no physical exercise. To add to the woes the food consumed is mostly fast food lacking in nutrition which batters down the immunity present in the body. Does high blood pressure affect their work performance? Abhisheik tells that it affects work to a certain degree as high blood pressure results in consumption of medication and also ones behaviour becomes erratic and irrational. Nupur has observed that being diagnosed at an early stage she did not have to suffer

so much but she too agrees that it affects performance at work and one is not able to give 100% to their job. How do these people cope? Both agree on the fact that a strict and balanced diet is very essential and also a certain portion of the day must be allocated for physical exercise as it not only helps them to stay fit but it also acts as a stress reliever lest they scream with frustration throughout the day. So besides the run-ofthe-mill cures, is there anything special that needs to be done in order to tackle this condition? Good habits coupled with a positive outlook can help you overcome not only high blood pressure but also a great number of problems reflected, Abhisheik. Meditation, says Nupur, is a good technique to deal with high blood pressure. It calms the mind and relaxes the body thus helping a person to stay more focused and positive. Do they go for a regular health check-up or do their companies have any health drive wherein regular check-ups are provided for employees? Abhisheik laments that sadly his company has no such initiative but he makes it a point to visit the doctor every few months just in case. Both feel that stress is the major factor for high blood pressure. Abhisheik remarks that it is a part of the IT field as there are a lot of goals to be met. The competition is very tough; so to be ahead one must always be willing to push himself further and further.After a rocky start, Nupur soon managed to create a minimal-stress environment at her work place. According to Dr.Prakash Agarwal, a general physician, the major reason for high blood pressure among youngsters is due to their change in lifestyle, lack of exercise, improper diet and high stress levels. Blood pressure also affects all the other organs of the body which is why this condition is so dangerous. For example, if

it affects the heart, it can lead to congestive heart failure. Minimal intake of coffee, tea and alcohol is highly recommended. A healthy diet, regular physical activity and periodical health check ups is the mantra to a high BP-free life, says Dr.Agarwal.

Dr.Prakash Agarwal

Abhisheik Agarwal

Nupur Mor


April 2013


Holistic Approach to Blood Pressure
Jayalakshmi Saroj

yurvedacharya Deepak Raj believes that Mother Nature has the power to cure all ailments. He shares his views on the holistic approach to health and sheds light on controlling high blood pressure the traditional way.

Dr Deepak Raj is the founder of Omm Sai Arogyadham, a panchakarma clinic and yoga centre, based in Cuttack, Odisha. He graduated from Gopabandhu Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya in Puri and is pursuing a postgraduate course in yoga from Utkal University of Culture. Ayurveda and nadi chikitsa are part of his family tradition and he grew up watching his grandfather and paternal uncle heal countless patients.

medicines have no harmful effects and cure diseases at the root level. Besides, the vaidya profession is a noble and honourable one, so I was inspired to learn more about it. After completing my academics in Ayurveda, I started practising under the supervision of my teachers. Later, my wife, Jashaswini Panda, who is also an Ayurveda practitioner, helped boost my confidence and inspired me. Now Im successfully serving people and practising independently.

Why is there an increase of incidence in people with high blood pressure? Although diabetes, heart disease and renal problems are linked to high blood pressure, there has been a rise in the condition due to many factors such as leading a busy lifestyle, intake of spicy, oily and junk foods, irregular food habits, inadequate rest, stress, too much workload, family disturbances, anxiety, insomnia, anger and increased cholesterol levels.

How did you start practising Ayurveda and what made you want to learn about it? From an early age, my grandfather taught me that Ayurvedic



April 2013

Can you begin by telling us about hypertension from the perspective of Ayurveda? In Ayurveda, uchcharaktachapa or high blood pressure occurs due to mithya-ahar-vihar, or improper diet and routine. The common factors include the following: Increased intake of katu (bitter), amla (acidic) and lavan (salty) foods. Jara (old age). Excessive Rajo and tamo gunas. Raktabahasrotagata vikar (disturbances in the blood-vascular system). Hridaya marma abhigata (trauma to the vital organs such as heart, brain and kidneys). Adhyasan (consumption of food at short intervals, snacking frequently). Viruddhasana/Viruddha bhojana (daytime sleep and unwholesome combination of incompatible foods such as fish and milk, meat and milk, fish and meat, etc.). Vegadharan (suppressing the bodys natural urges of excretion and urination). Chinta, shoka and nidranash (worry, grief and sleeplessness). Panchakarma Vyapata panchakarma therapy). (faulty

involved. People with hypertension are advised to have a calm, balanced mind at all times. They are put on a low-salt, low-fat diet. They are also advised to use saindhav lavan (rock salt) instead of common salt. They are advised to avoid fast food, oily and spicy foods, too many sweets, processed foods and red meat. The cardiac activities are balanced by cleaning the arteries and veins (non-surgically). The patients are advised to have adequate sleep. Brahmi, tagar, jatamansi, sarpagandha and amalaki are some of the herbs used to treat hypertension. Give us some lifestyle tips for maintaining a normal blood pressure range. Have three to four litres of water every day. Dont wait until you are thirsty; have water at regular intervals. Stay away from junk food and control your salt intake. Lose excessive body weight. Avoid tobacco in all its forms. Soft/ hard drinks are also a strict nono. Exercise regularly, practise yoga and pranayama daily, for at least 30 minutes. Go for morning or evening walks. Practise Achara Rasayana (behaviour that promotes health, such as good conduct, reading spiritual texts, etc.).Stay positive and stop worrying. Share your feelings with friends and family, and maintain healthy social relationships. It also helps to develop a spiritual bent of mind.

Stress is one of the major factors contributing to high blood pressure. How can we eradicate it from our lives? Stress cannot be eradicated. It can only be controlled. According to Ayurveda, almost all diseases have a psychosomatic origin. The ill-effects of stress result in an imbalance that affects cardiac function as well as blood flow. It also causes restlessness and insomnia, which are the ultimate causes of high blood pressure.

What yogasanas and pranayama do you recommend for high BP patients? Pawanmuktasana (Series 1), Anulom Vilom and Bhramari pranayama.

What foods are good for those suffering from hypertension? Sattvik ahar is the best. Eat food rich in protein and fibre. Have lots of green and leafy vegetables, cereals and pulses (cooked with little or no spices). Include nuts and dry fruits to your diet. Have salads once or twice a day. Toss some green vegetables, bean sprouts, carrots and baby corn together with a pinch of rock salt.

Are there any home remedies to bring down high blood pressure? Take half a cup of fresh sahijan (drumstick leaves) juice mixed with a teaspoon of trikatu churna daily in the morning. Mix half a teaspoon each of sahijan juice, amla (gooseberry) juice and aloe vera juice. Have this mixture two to three times a day.

What is the Ayurvedic mode of diagnosing people suffering from hypertension? (With reference to vata, pitta and kapha types) With the help of nadi pariksha, the prakruti of the patient is determined. A rapid pulse rate, an increase in pitta, and to some extent, vata, indicates high blood pressure.

What kinds of oil should be used in preparing food for those with high blood pressure? Olive oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil and sesame oil.

Tell us more about the mode of treatment and the herbs


April 2013


To Care or Not to Care

Kirthi Gita Jayakumar
He gets of the auto gingerly, a walking stick in hand. The silver hairs on his head and the crisscross of wrinkles on his face show a wizened man. He is followed by his wife who grasps his hand tightly as they struggle to walk up the porch and its many stairs. They somehow manage and clamber onto the entrance of the clinic they are here to visit. Panting, they cannot sit just yet: to just be able to see their doctor, they are obligated to head to the nurse at the receptionists desk, and to give their names in a queue of sorts. The waiting room is a motley crowd. There are whining children, angry parents, sniffling youngsters and people with aches and pains. The aged couple are standing upright and waiting, for there isnt a seat in sight that they can occupy. They wait until the next patient is called in, and patiently make their way to the now vacant spot. But the seats are uncomfortably wobbly and absolutely incapable for use by senior citizens. They dont have a choice, though, so they wait. Eventually, it is their turn. They walk together, hand in hand, to meet the doctor. They sit down before him, and the doctor asks them their predicament. He begins to speak, and complains of a sore throat. The doctor examines him, a bit roughly, jostling him and pushing him without respect. He cannot stop interjecting his examination with continued repetition of You are Old to the compliant aged man who sits before him. Soon, it is time for a prescription to be written up. How old are you? The doctor asks. 87, Sir. The patient answers.

The doctor isnt bothered about the prescription anymore: he is intrigued at the longevity of human life now. Oh! You are very old. How much the human age limit has expanded! Anyway. Nothing can be done. You are very old how much longer do you have anyway? What I have just mentioned is a reality for several aged men and women across the country. Bereft of anyone to tend to them after their own children spurn them, should they need medical attention, they are at the mercy of doctors who only have unnecessary and impertinent comments on their age. An octogenarian explains her harsh experience with a leading surgeon in Chennai, All I did was to go to him for a bout of acidity and flatulence. He prescribes a medicine and tells me to keep at it life-long. I asked him if it was okay to eat a medicine life-long, and instead of assuaging my fears, he had the audacity to ask me, how long do you have left anyway? This callous demeanour is not a unique case. Another rather well known medico who is a senior citizen himself has spurned several aged patients out of his clinic by harshly admonishing them for being old and wanting treatment. The insensitivity doesnt stop with the doctors, but extends right up to the staff and nurses who assist in a medical centre. Nurses can be harsher, in fact. In some cases, they brazenly pre-empt diagnosis by offering their two pennies worth, but in still more cases, they rudely dismiss senior citizens by repetitively telling them that they are old, explains the aforementioned octogenarian who prefers remaining anonymous. Heres the fact: no one needs a doctor to state the obvious in such callousness. What they need is comfort, a right diagnosis and someone to give them moral support that things are going to be okay. To a clinically trained mind, age maybe inevitable or even a huge factor that might contribute

to ill-health, true. However, doctors should walk the extra mile in stopping short of seeing a sick patient as just a body, and instead offer them the assistance and help they most need.


April 2013

Access to Health Care

Kirthi Gita Jayakumar
ealthcare in India is a huge sector in terms of revenue, employment and usage. Expanding at breakneck speed, healthcare has also become the subject of much controversy. Starting from the question of difficulty of access, particularly of quality healthcare for all classes of society, to the indulgence in medical malpractices and medical negligence, there are plenty of issues that need addressing. This is also a growing concern, as a country with the second highest population quantum is also inching towards being among the highest base of users of healthcare. India on the other hand, has also been increasing steadily as a destination for medical tourism. People from all over the world come to Indias leading hospitals for medical treatment, including, heart surgery, organ transplants, cosmetic surgery, dental care and the like. With favourable technology that is on par with its western counterparts, India has everything that many people need to enjoy a healthy life with prolonged medical fitness. Ironically, though, despite the growth of medical tourism in India, remote villages and wider masses still lack basic healthcare facilities, as the healthcare services are expensive to meet their needs.

The Law- an overview: The Constitution has made health care services largely a responsibility of State governments but has left enough manoeuvrability for the Centre since a large number of items are listed in the concurrent


April 2013


list. In addition to the Constitution, there are some very clearly drafted laws that address healthcare at the national level. In India, Healthcare Laws include a wide variety of legislations, corresponding rules and guidelines, such as, The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act and Rules, The Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PNDT) Act and Rules, Acts in Disability, Insecticides Act and Rules, Maternity Benefit Act and Rules, Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act and Rules, The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954, Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, BioMedical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998, The Pharmacy Act, 1948, The Transplantation of Human Organs Act and Rules, Environmental Acts and Rules, Consumer Protection Act for Medical Profession, Mental Health Act, 1987, Food Safety and Standards Regulations.

cleanliness standards, there are several hurdles to be crossed.

Malpractices Medical negligence is a huge concern in India. There are plenty of instances that have occurred in the daily life of nearly every average Indian person. Doctors have, whether by sleight of hand or by inadvertence, been known to have either misdiagnosed the conditions of patients, or even perhaps deviously sought to wrest money out of the hands of unsuspecting patients. Although the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, the Medical Council Rules and general Tort Law often mandate that there are scruples and standards to be adhered to, there are still slip-ups that have often wound up costing lives. There have been plenty of

occasions where doctors have caused double the damage to the health of those that they should have been taking care of. Pregnancies have been mistaken for uterus tumours and have been treated thus. Surgical equipment has been left inside bodies and sutured up, to the extent that gangrene set in and resulted in the death of the patient. Other times, inappropriate medication has been administered, costing the loss of life at very tender ages. In many such instances, damages have been awarded and penalties including suspension of the practitioners have been advocated. Irrespective of the fact that medical negligence is outlawed and punishable with suspension from practice, it still occurs. And how is one to remedy a consequence of negligence, when a child is impaired for life, or a woman is completely bereft of a shot at conception?

What does access look like? The distribution of health care services is skewed, with a greater degree of concentration and favour for urban areas. Large cities, depending on their population have a few state- run hospitals (including teaching hospitals). At the district level on an average there is a 150 bedded Civil General Hospital in the main district town and a few smaller hospitals and dispensaries spread over the other towns in the district and sometimes in large villages. In the rural areas of the district there are rural hospitals, primary health centres (PHCs) and subcentres that provide various health services and outreach services. In the few healthcare centres that are available at the local and grass root level, there are some characteristic discrepancies and problems in the service provided. Right from weak infrastructure to frugally trained personnel, from inadequate medical resources such as medicines and logistical needs such as equipment, to an absolute lack of hygiene and


April 2013


April 2013


An Enchanting Lullaby for the World

Malini Shankar


he honour of presenting a Carnatic music concert on the world stage goes to late M.S. Subbulakshmi who performed at the United Nations years ago. Yet another Carnatic musician has drawn the attention of the world to the mystical magic of Indian classical music. Treading the red carpet during the Academy Award ceremony at the Dolby Theatre on 24 February 2013 in a resplendent red pattu saree and a dazzling red bindi was Bombay Jayashri, the first ever Carnatic musician to have been nominated for the Oscar . The enchanting saga of Bombay Jayashris musical journey reached

a crescendo when Kanne Kannmaniye, the title song, a lullaby, sung by her for Life of Pi was nominated for Oscar award. Though Adele won the award for her song in Skyfall, Jayashris nomination and participation in the event was a moment of pride for India even as she stood as an embodiment of Indian culture and a representative of the Carnatic music fraternity and shone like a star in the midst of the razzmatazz at the Oscar extravaganza. Born as Jayashri Ramnath in Kolkata in a family of music connoisseurs and musicians, Bombay Jayashri grew up in Mumbai training in Carnatic music under the tutelage of her parents Seetha and N. N.

Subramaniam. She later trained under T.R.Balamani and also learned Hindustani music from Mahavir Jaipurvale and Ajay Pohankar. When she relocated to Chennai, she obtained the guidance of Lalgudi Jayaraman. She learned veena from G.N. Dhandapani Iyer. Bombay Jayashri ranks among the most eminent Carnatic musicians of our times and her contribution to the field of Classical music is immense. Eves Times is honoured to feature an interview with Bombay Jayashri.

In your enchanting journey of music, you have come


April 2013

a long way since your status as a classical musician in the nineties till now. Can you tell us what is the one thing that has brought you to this place today? Gods Grace, my parents, vision and my gurus blessings.

How do you look at your role in classical music today - as a performer, a teacher or a composer? Do you believe there have been changes in these roles over the years? Yes. Carnatic music is traditional, yet very dynamic and over the years a lot of changes have happened in the system, in the audiences and students; so one has to adapt.

disciples are given and the opportunities provided to them to perform in concerts along with you. What do you think is an ideal guru-shishya relation in todays context? You are the right person to answer this question given that you have been an exemplary sishya and are a revered guru. Pl answer this question keeping in mind the highly commercial context today when Gurus do not encourage skilled young disciples.

approach of today? What is your suggestion for improving the quality of music? Carnatic music will always remain in all its glory. So many trends came and went, will come and go.

There are some who feel that the Carnatic style should be pure and preserved and they do not subscribe to any kind of intrusion by the Abhangs or Hindustani or fusion music . What are your views on that ? Musicians always look for some new changes and trends and I think it is alright.

When I teach I relearn. My students and I are brought together by the power of music, we are in awe of it and that becomes the basis of a strong bond, friendship.

There seems to be a visible change in the type of music you are performing in recent times. There seems to be more jugalbandis and group concerts along with your disciples as well as fusion music. Why is this so? What does good music mean to you today? I enjoy experimenting, exploring and thus learning and seeing art through another artistes mind.

Do you believe Gurus should identify the talent in their disciples and also encourage them to flourish on their own. Why is this not happening much today? Yes, it is happening today. So many bright young musicians are performing today.

We have heard and seen so much about your advocacy of a social cause , being associated with NGOS for uplifting special children etc. You have put music to good use for these activities. What kind of results have you seen or achieved due to your contributions? Most of all it makes the musician and the human being in me happy. Yes, it does bring besides funds, peace and happiness to the special kids.

Your own students are exposed to different kinds of music deriving the benefits of technology and media exposure today. Do you think that you have missed out on these advantages during your days as a beginner? Would a similar ambience have made a difference to your progress and evolution as a good musician? Every time , every period has had its beauty and so was mine. It was simpler and thus very beautiful. Among the very few at the top, it is good to see an eminent musician groom worthy disciples. It is great to see the encouragement your

You have used the advantages provided by the media in the most constructive manner , creating a niche for yourself . Is it a conscious decision to accept only that which suits you or inspires you to create Brand Jayashri ? It is truly Gods grace. I did not plan much at all.

Dont you think there are too many musicians coming up, too many realty shows and concerts happening around with the result that some feel the quality of classical as well as non classical music is suffering? Do you think Carnatic music has been diluted by mediocrity owing to too many and too soon

Your nomination for the Oscars, and losing out to Adele must have been an experience by itself. But the fact that you have taken Carnatic music to the Global level is overwhelming. Not to mention the unwanted controversies created in some quarters. What kind of experience have you learned- positive and negative from this? The nomination itself is a huge recognition that came my way and to be a part of such a great film. I am ever grateful for that.


April 2013



Rishi Wadhwa



April 2013


April 2013


damsel with the dazzling smile who has enraptured many serious filmgoers, Priya Anand made her Bollywood debut as the leading lady with the recently released Rangrezz. Not new to the rollcamera-action profession, Priya has earlier acted in Tamil and Telugu movies. Her claim to fame was the movie Leader. Priya aspired to be a filmmaker, but things turned out differently for this pretty young woman. After completing her post graduate degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from the US, Priya came to India in 2008 to try her skill at filmmaking. She did enter the film industry, but as an actor. Priya has modeled for popular commercials such as Nutrine Maha Lacto,Prince JewelleryandCadbury Dairy Milk. The vivacious young actor unravels her thoughts about life in and out of films in an exclusive tete-a-tete with Rishi Wadhwa in Mumbai. is said that cinema is in Q It an Indians blood. Indians craze for the cinema is world renowned. As if proving this right, you have moved from a different continent to make a space for yourself in Indian cinema. What is the prime motivating factor for this move? I have always been obsessed with cinema since I was a child. My family exposed me to different kinds of cinema as a kid. I think cinema is a very powerful medium and I wanted to move back to India.


films why did you decide to do Mass Communication and journalism? I wanted to work in the industry as a technician; life had other plans for me. Any education is good. I apply all of it in my life.

I think the Indian audience is very smart. They know what films to take seriously and what not to. So when a film like English Vinglish comes around the audience gets the message loud and clear. When its a typical masala film they know it is just for pure entertainment.

How were your initial days when you were looking for work? What strategies did you employ to get a break in the cinema? I have paid my dues as any new comer with a non filmy background has to I didnt have a strategy because I had no idea what I was doing. I did not know a single person in the industry nor had any idea how it works. I learnt everything along the way!

What are your views about the quality of films being made in terms of story, script, actors and filmmakers? And technical expertise? I consider myself extremely fortunate for not having a language barrier. I speak Hindi, Tamil and Telugu fluently so I have access to film makers from different regions wanting to tell different kinds of stories.

What was the first break for you?

I still dont think Ive gotten a break!

Do you find a cultural barrier in the cine field in terms of how professional or different the ways of working are? Any job that involves a lot of people with different work ethics takes a little time to get used to. I am someone who is a stickler for time and multi tasks. So when one person delays everything else shifts!

How do you think women are being treated behind the screen and on screen? Most film lovers, especially women complain about the lack of importance to the female roles, item numbers and the projection of women as sex objects/ servile beings with no independence of thought and actions. What are your views? I have always had the respect of the people I work with. It is important for me that I am respected as a human and my character also is never disrespected on screen. I am very conscious about the roles I play. Again like everything in life its a matter of choice.

Q Do you believe that this move of yours has been worth it? Why?
I dont know what my life would have been like if I decided to stay in America. I wouldnt change that decision. So I guess you can say it was worth it.

Do you consider your role in English Vinglish as a turning point in your career? Why? It was a turning point in terms of peoples perception of me.

If you had wanted to be in

What are your views of the Indian cinema? Do you believe Indian films are playing a role in impacting the large audience/fan following?

Do you believe the young brood of actors in Hindi and other regional movies can bring about a change in the quality of content? If so why is this not happening? Put it differently, why do you think umpteen movies are being churned out with the same formulae? Why are there no sensitive stories/ characterizations in cinema? All of us youngsters have grown up



April 2013

in the time of commercial masala films. There are different kinds of movies being made now and a lot of people are experimenting with their film choices. Everyone is testing waters and trying to find a balance.

Just a lil line..

What quality about the industry attracts you the most? The fact that everybody in it has always dreamt of being a part of it. What is your biggest aim as an actress? To find myself and see how much I can evolve. If you could star in a re-make of a classic film, who would you want to play? I dont think classic films should be remade. Whats your take on bold scenes shown in movies? Its an individuals choice Can you share one secret that many of us dont know about Priya? I am shy! especially at parties. How would your dream guy be like? A man with a positive attitude towards life. What clothes are you most comfortable in? Shorts & a T Shirt One fashion statement that you dont understand? That you have to make one! How do you manage to remain slim? I have a really high metabolism and I do all my cleaning and errands myself.

Do you believe sex, violence and aggression depicted too much in Indian films have led to the social predicament we are placed today? I firmly believe that art imitates Life and life imitates art.

How have you been treated by the film fraternity- as a woman, an outsider as well as someone without cine background or no mentor? I think people treat you by the way you treat them. People judge you by the way you carry yourself. I have always had a be positive outlook to life and consider every experience as a lesson.

As an actor what difference can you make to the society?

Every day of my life I live by making conscious choices. I have always been involved with childrens welfare organizations. I am the ambassador for Save the Children India and work with plenty of other smaller foundations.

What is your future vision? Other than movies, are you involved in any social cause? If so what? Do you believe the youth must take up the responsibility of a social cause? Same as above. I think people my age should be more socially aware. In our constant rush we seem to lack empathy for the people around us. But people cant be forced into being socially conscious or responsible. People will evolve over time.


April 2013


Sporting Encounters


quash plash
Bhagya Ayyavoo

played in the Olympics and I support each one of them. With just a few months left for September, when the IOC will declare the only sport getting into the 2020 Olympics, I am juggling my time between playing the sport at the highest level, and doing all that I can to get support from icons and great sports personalities as also making the sport known to every nook and corner of India through electronic and print media who have really taken Squash to the next level.

an Squash break the glass door this time around? The fastest racket sport in the world is facing its biggest test as it hopes for a breakthrough into the grandest stage The Olympics. Eves Times caught up with Indias No.1 Squash star Dipika Pallikal to ask Why Squash?

What would it mean to you to represent India when the sport makes its debut on the Olympics stage?

One open slot, eight disciplines in the race. The question doing the rounds is - Is Squash a worthy Olympic Sport for the 2020 Games?

It would be a dream if I could see Squash as the chosen sport...like World No 1 Nicole David has put it; I would trade all my World Open medals for just one Olympic Gold. This is how much it means to each one of us! For me it means the world to participate and win a medal for my country at the Olympics... At just 21, I know have a real chance and what a motivation to keep fit and train my best to get that Olympic medal!

Request you to go to www.squash2020.com...here you will find the great advantages of squash being

India currently has more than 10 players, both girls and boys playing regularly. Do you think this is probably the best time for



April 2013

Olympics inclusion with regards to the growing talent in the country? If Squash gets into the Olympics I am confident that many more kids would take to Squash and with the additional funding that comes with it, we would find more players being able to sustain and play even after their junior circuit, which unfortunately is not happening now.

player today. Was it as easy as it seems to be? It was not a bed of roses for me...I cried but I endured...I was insulted but I came out confident. I was dropped when my results were the best, but I had my family standing strong behind me and my faith in the Almighty stood the tests of time and I am happy and have no regrets for all I have gone through. Dedication, hard work, passion for the game, and let your racket do the talking, you cant be left out for long.


Youve been playing this sport for more than a decade now, how did you get drawn into

I was drawn into this game by sheer fate when a summer coaching camp at the age of 9 brought me to the India Cements Squash Academy. From then there was no looking back.

How feasible is Squash as a career option for aspiring sportspersons in the country? What is the best set-up for a youngster? How early should they start and whats the checklist? I cant say squash is a good career option as of now. But sure start Squash at 8 and its a wonderful game to play. Lots of junior tournament options are there, both domestic and international, it will take you places.

From your first WSA title in 2010 to the sixth crown in Canada in February this year, how has the journey been for you on the pro tour? The journey from then has been enjoyable but tough. I turned Pro while still a junior and the victories of my junior career helped me in the Pro circuit. I was blessed with the worlds best coaches working alongside me. Captain Amir Wagih of Egypt nurtured my game, the grand old man of Squash from England Malcolm Willstrop disciplined my game and now I have Sarah Fitzgerald of Australia -- five times world champion adding finesse to my game. I am extremely grateful to all of them without whom I wouldnt be where I am today. Of course to the Academy coaches where I started the game -- Major Maniam, Cyrus Poncha and Hari Om Tripati, I will always be indebted to them.

How promising is the future for Squash in the country? What are our strengths and focus areas when compared to other squash-playing nations? Squash has now become a household name, thanks to many clubs and academies in Chennai, Bombay and Delhi promoting the game. I can assure you Squash has a great future and it is one of the fastest racket sports to play. Our strength lies in our technique and fitness on court. We lack the agility, prowess and mental toughness that the great Squash nations like Egypt and England have. But sure we will get there!


Quick fire
Role model: Maria Sharapova Goals: To be the best in whatever I do If not Squash, what: Have not thought about it Superstitious about: Nothing at this moment

Which was the toughest but sweetest victory?

The toughest but sweetest was winning the British Junior Open which is equivalent to the junior Wimbledon at the age of 16.

Youre the only Indian ever to have cracked the Top 10, and still only 21? Whats the next step?

Hobbies: Reading and listening to music Favourite food: Thai Favourite colour: White Favourite hangout: Home Your Fashion statement: Strong is beautiful
and comfort is style

Top 10 means a lot and to better it I need a lot of training and mental capabilities. I am working towards reaching the Top 5 in a year. I will be playing tournaments from now at regular intervals and hope to stay injury-free and focused. Following up on a successful junior career, you are easily Indias most successful squash

Inseparable companion: My Iphone


April 2013


Strumming up a Melody

Rishi Wadhwa

Looking at petite Jasleen, no one can believe she is a volcano of talent. But the moment she dons the guitar around her neck and starts strumming those strings interspersed with a mouth organ which she plays and also vocalizes a beautiful song, you are sure to be astounded. Finalist of Indias Got Talent, Jasleen is a multi-talented performer. She plays the guitar and mouth organ and the tambourine simultaneously and concurrently sings beautifully. The chemistry between the mouth organ and the guitar are her USP . With no formal training, Jasleen Royal learnt music on her own. When she first entered for the auditions of the show, nobody ever expected this girl who was dressed casually in her shorts and chappals to win the hearts of judges in her very first attempt.


earing a long loose t-shirt, 21-year-old Jasleen Royal from Ludhiana, now based in Delhi is a rock star in the making.

As April is Guitarists month, Rishi Wadhwa speaks to this petite yet powerful guitarist. Read on as she gives more insights about the instrument and the profession.


April 2013

Why did you choose to be a guitarist? Which was the first guitar you picked up and how long have you been playing? I used to hum songs and always thought that it would be nice to accompany my singing with a guitar. I have been playing for the past 15 years or so, probably more than that. For as long as I can remember.

instrument involves a lot of skill and practice while knowledge is a different thing altogether. As long as you have a good grasp on the basics and the theory of music, you sure can do anything.

What relationship do you share with your guitar?

What traits go into making a good guitarist who snare people to listen to their music?

A good guitarist should be a good listener. The more you listen to different genres of music and appreciate, the better the understanding is and in the end, this understanding helps you to communicate better with the audience.

My guitar is more like my friend so I spend most of the time playing my guitar. Most of my time is consumed by practicing for my gigs or composing for my upcoming projects. And in the end, its the practice that counts. It works wonders for improving your techniques.

Have you had any nightmarish experiences whilst gigging?

How does training in music make a difference?

Training does makes things easy as you have someone to guide you on the basics of it but no amount of training can make up for the lack of passion or the love for music.

None so far. A few technical glitches occur every once in a while but at the end of the day, all that matters is how much fun you have had playing on stage.

What guitars do you use live?

Since I endorse Yamaha, I am currently using a silent guitar which I got from Yamaha. Which guitarist inspires you the most?

I have always been inspired by Beatles, Cat Stevens and the like. There is so much they have done and have surely set the standards pretty high.

Do you stick with one particular model or do you like to chop and change throughout the performance? I stick with one model throughout the gig. Coming to think of it, it will be difficult for me to carry two- three guitars for a 90 minute performance.

What is the downside of the profession, if any?

I am too much in love with whatever I do to see the downsides of this as a profession. It is a great experience, traveling all over and singing, playing and performing for people from all corners of the country.

What is the role of a guitarist in a band?

A guitarist lends a distinctive sound to the band. You can clearly tell apart a good band from the bad just by noticing how their guitarist plays.

Does technology play a big role, today?

Yes. Technology has indeed changed a lot of things and for the better. It has certainly added to the whole experience of listening to music, be it LIVE or probably an MP3 on your iPod. As a musician, there is so much we can do using a pretty combination of processors and guitars. Technology surely is helping us explore the endless possibilities from a new perspective.

How does one select a guitar?

Go to a shop. Play all the guitars that are there. Choose the one that suits you best. You know, its a lifelong bond that people share with their guitars so it wont be wrong to say, that the guitar chooses you, you dont choose the guitar.

Can one be a composer without playing an instrument?

Your advice to upcoming guitarists

Yes. One can be a composer without playing an instrument. It is not very common though. Playing an

Practice till your fingers bleed.


April 2013


I Was Inspired by Kiran Bedi

Gayatri T Rao

For women, IAF is the place to be. Here you can give wings to your imagination and the organization supports you. There is a lot of respect and security. Bhavna Mehra

eing an Air Force pilot was, till some years ago, considered to be a male-dominated profession. Women like Bhavna Mehra have proven beyond doubt that even ladies can do well in the field. Beginning at the recruitment stage of Flying Officer, she progressed though the roles of Fleet Lieutenant and Squadron Leader to reach the height of Wing commander, post her Graduation in Humanities and Law. Bhavna does not have a military background. Her father is a Chemical Engineer and mother a home maker. She considers her parents to be her support system, saying, My parents have been my biggest strength. Whatever I am, it is because of them. My mother has been a constant motivating factor and is a rock solid support. My father gave me the freedom to choose my way and has always been right next to me, whenever I needed him. I never got No for an answer from my parents for anything. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be in uniform and they always encouraged me. While at college, I was an NCC cadet, just like my parents were. When IAF opened its doors for women in 1992, I did not have to tell my parents. They knew I would go for it. They have always encouraged me to go ahead in all my ventures-be it mountaineering, sky diving, organizing expeditions, treks or be the team administrator and commentator for Suryakiran aerobatic team and now

the Sarang helicopter display team.

Her Childhood
Speaking about her childhood, she gets nostalgic. She says that she and her two younger sisters were brought up on the stories of Kiran Bedi, the super cop. She was my mothers class mate in the SR Government College for women, Amritsar. My mother used to narrate her friends acts of courage and tell us about her life. Incidentally, I also graduated from the same college and feel very proud about it. The other person who inspired us is my grandmother. She and my grandfather have fought for our freedom from the British. We lost our grandfather when my mother was just one year old. My grandmother used to tell us stories of all the sacrifices that were made for us to be able to claim this country as ours. While other kids read comics, she got us books narrating the courageous acts of children and how they contributed their bit in fighting for their self respect and for the freedom of our country. My mother always says that we must aim to give a meaning, a purpose to our life and my quest is on. (Smiles)


April 2013

Prospects for Women

She then goes on to explain about the prospects for women in the Air force, For women, IAF is the place to be. Here you can give wings to your imagination and the organization supports you. There is a lot of respect and security. It instills a lot of confidence in you as you train on par with our male counterparts. You are entrusted with equal responsibilities. The organization gives ample opportunity to you to develop yourself not only professionally but also in the field of sports, adventure and gives you enough freedom to be creative. Regarding the eligibility criteria to join the Air Force, she suggests we refer to the IAF website, http://www. careerairforce.nic.in, since every branch requires a different qualification.

Alertness during war

Most countries do not follow war ethics. During wartime, it could be difficult for the soldiers to keep themselves alert and awake, even during nights. Bhavna explains, Thankfully there has not been any full-fledged war since I joined the Air Force. Yes, we had Kargil and Operation Safed Sagar, where I got a glimpse of war. During peace time also, we regularly train for war. Thanks to our training, we are always ready to face any emergency. Thanks to this training and practice, during times of need, the action required to counter the emergency comes swiftly and naturally. When you know you have a responsibility, you automatically know how you are going to take care of it. No extra effort is required.

to men. That way, we ourselves are agreeing that men are superior. We are different and so are men. We must realize the difference, respect their capabilities and be confident of ours. Women have to prove themselves everywhere, be it as a housewife or a career woman, not only in Indian society but in almost all patriarchal societies of the world. In every walk of life she has to prove herself and that is unfair. But at the same time, I firmly believe that God has endowed women with a lot of inner strength. We must consolidate it and have faith in ourselves. We must be proud of ourselves for we add to the charm, colour and beauty of this world. There is no limit to our creativity, our energy and our strength. Once we make up our mind, we are capable of doing anything and everything possible. The world will be so empty without us and I am proud to be a woman. We are an integral part of society and it depends on us as to what status we would like to give ourselves. Society is us. We and only we have the right to decide our status. Lets just exercise this right.

Message to women
There are a lot of women, who are not as fortunate as me and others like me. We must stand up for each other whenever we get an opportunity to do so. We must be bold and strong and help others to be the same. We must realize our inner strength. Stop comparing yourself with men and do what is right. Take a leap of faith. We may not succeed always but at least will reach somewhere ahead of where we started from. We must rise, set examples to follow and pass the baton, for its our moral duty to do so.

Work-Life Balance
Given the kind of work she is doing, it would be difficult to balance her professional and personal lives. About that she says, A woman carries a lot of responsibilities with her naturally. It is difficult to strike a balance between work and family, especially in our kind of profession since you are invariably far away from your home and parents are not always able to travel so far to be with you. But as they teach us in the Academy, it is basically a mind-set. They teach us to be mentally tough and that is our strength. That strength makes us sail through. We quickly learn to adjust and adapt. Needless to say the husbands also play a vital role in the life of a female officer. Its better if he is from services since he understands pressures of her day to day life better. Status of Women in Society: According to Bhavna, men and women are very different from each other and she admits that she can never be equal to a man. She adds, In the same way a man can never be equal to me. It is incorrect to say that women are equivalent


April 2013


Salt n Pepper korner

Photo Credit : Chammu How can we use lemon peels after the juice is pressed out?Swarnalatha, Madurai Lemon halves can be frozen to be used later as lemon rind for cakes and biscuits. They can be used to de-odorize a cutting board, get rid of the garlicky scent from your hands, or sprinkle with salt to scour copper pans.

Mallika Badrinath
The name Mallika Badrinath is familiar to most homemakers in South India. Till 1988, she too was a homemaker ; now she is an internationally acknowledged culinary expert, with an eager audience latching on to every word she has to say about food and cooking in her television shows. Her books are sold like hot cakes across the world. She is a symbol of women achievers of India. Hers is a success story that has been an inspiration to many women.

Which preferably should be consumed, fresh or dried fruits?

Sarika Binoy, Banglore

We all know that all kinds of fruits are good for our health. But include fresh fruits in your diet as far as possible instead of dried because, for example, a half cup of raisins has more than 200 calories, but a full cup of grapes has just 80 calories. No matter how expensive the garam masala we buy from the market is, its flavor is just not satisfying. Can we make garam masala at home? If so how?

Yes, it can be easily prepared at home. It is just a blend of black pepper, cumin, green and black cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, nutmeg or maceginger and coriander is optional, moreover proportions can vary. This masala has a warm and earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness. Sizzle garam masala in oil to release its aroma, then add it early in cooking for a mellow taste to samosas, etc. Or add it just before serving to brighten flavors. Swirl into chicken curry, or drizzle over pan-fried paneer.

No matter how clean we maintain our kitchen, but with time we find that the kitchen windows, jars and exhaust fan are all covered with sticky oil stains or grime. How do we remove them?

Krishna Priya, Chennai

As our normal cooking involves a lot of oil, there are lots of oily fumes in our kitchen. To remove sticky oil stains from kitchen windows, jars and exhaust fans, just dab a cloth in vinegar and wipe clean.

Make your kitchen experience exciting using Mallika Badrinaths wise counsel. Mallika has recipes for everyone; even bachelors and children can turn out a delectable meal using her guidance. So go ahead with your kitchen queries and prepare healthy, tasty meals with the help of the Cuisine Queen of South India.

Aruna Maran, Chennai



April 2013

n Smile Easy R ecipes


Cool Cuisines
Rishi Wadhwa

ummer is here and it is time to beat the heat in a tasty manner. The heat can decrease your appetite, but its important to eat normally. Try to eat small meals 5-6 times per day. Include lots of fruits and vegetables. Aside from being nutritious, fruits also tend to help with hydration. So fruits such as grapes, watermelon are a tasty way to replenish fluids and boost your energy post-workout. Rishi Wadhwa gets some cool recipes from some of the well known chefs in town. We have got you recipes from Chef Bla Reick, Executive Chef at the Sherton Hotels and Spanish Chef Merly Mantilla, Chef Chandrashekhar from Kenilworth, Goa, and Expat Chef Piyawat, Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon

Chef Merly Mantilla

Chef Bla Reick

Chef Bla Reicks Granita Surprise

n Smile Easy R ecipes


This is a very simple recipe which can be tried out at home, if six flavors are too much to make three flavors can be tried out. A very refreshing summer special and flavors such as wasabi and raw mango can be a real surprise to the taste buds.

Sugar: 360 gms Wasabi powder : 10 gms Water melon: 150 gms Kaffir lime leaves: 10 gms Basil : 10 gms


April 2013


Cantaloupe: 150 gms Raw mango: 150 gms Strawberry : 120 gms Ginger: 10 gms Monin syrup (green apple): 50ml Mint sprig: to garnish Lemon wedge: to garnish Chaat masala: 10 gms Water: 1000 ml
n Smile Easy R ecipes

strain through a fine strainer. Blend strawberry and ginger with the fifth batch and strain through a fine strainer. Add green apple monin syrup to the sixth batch.

Place all prepared flavored syrups in separate shallow bowls in the freezer. Every twenty minutes, take the pan out and scrape the frozen mixture with a fork until all the frozen pieces are broken into small shavings and mixed well with the remaining liquid. Continue to freeze. Scrape every twenty minutes until no more liquid is in the granita.


Bring water to boil with granulated sugar. Allow sugar and water to cool to room temperature. Divide the prepared syrup into six equal portions in shallow bowls.

Dishing Out

n Smile Easy R ecipes

n Smile Easy R ecipes


Dilute wasabi powder into the first batch of the syrup. Blend watermelon and kaffir lime leaves with the second batch of syrup and strain through a fine strainer. Blend basil and cantaloupe with the third batch of syrup and strain through a fine strainer. Blend raw mango with the fourth batch of syrup and

Use long white platters, with six shooter glasses in each platter. Spoon out each flavour of the granite into four shooter glasses each, one flavour at a time. Place the shooter glasses in the freezer for at least fifteen minutes before they have to be served. Garnish with small lemon wedges and a sprig of mint. Sprinkle chaat masala over the raw mango flavored granite.

Tab Tim Grob by Expat Chef Piyawat, Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon (Water chestnut served in chilled coconut syrup)

n Smile Easy R ecipes


15-20 water chestnuts 10 drops red food coloring 2 tablespoons water 1/2 cup tapioca flour 1/4 cup water 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup coconut milk shaved ice


April 2013

n Smile Easy R ecipes



water and coat with flour again to make them a little bigger and yummier. Strain the water chestnuts to get rid of excess flour. Dump the water chestnuts into a pot of boiling water and cook for a minute or so. Once they float to the surface, youll know theyre done. Remove with a strainer and plunge it into another pot of ice cold water to stop the cooking. Heat 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup sugar to make simple syrup. Add 1/4 cup syrup to 1/4 cup coconut milk. Add shaved ice and water chestnuts to the coconut syrup.

Wash and peel 15-20 water chestnuts. Cut each chestnut into ~6 tiny pieces. Dont worry if you cant find them fresh, about 1/2 a large can of the canned kind will work as well. Mix 10 drops of red food coloring with 2 tablespoons water. Coat the water chestnuts in the food coloring mixture and let sit for a few minutes until they are all evenly red. Add the water chestnuts to 1/2 cup of tapioca flour and mix until they are coated well. Spray them with

PASTA SALAD by Spanish Chef Merly Mantilla

This recipe is a total health nutrient main dish; right balance between carbohydrates and proteins, for an active type of person. Very light in fat, but rich in phenols that helps fight the skin aging process. The great taste of the natural ingredients makes this dish perfect for summer lunches and outdoors parties.

n Smile Easy R ecipes


100 gr. mushrooms champignons 5 tbsp of olive oil extra virgin

Cook the pasta,al dente, in boiling salted water. Dry it let it cool off in a large bowl salad. Add 4 tbsp of olive oil. Add all the rest of the ingredients. Stir carefully and serve. If prepared in advance dont serve chilled.

Prep. time: 15 min. Difficult: simple Yield: 12 - 15 servings

500 gm of pasta farfalle type 200 gm cherry tomatoes 250 gm of mozzarella 200 gm gouda cheese 150 gm sliced black olives 150 gm sliced green olives 60 gm of capers 200 gm mayonnaise


April 2013


n Smile Easy R ecipes


Sam Tam (Papaya Salad) by Expat Chef Piyawat, Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon

Total Time:30 Serves 4 as a side dish


n Smile Easy R ecipes


1 small green papaya or 1/2 large papaya 1/2 cup honey-roasted peanutsor plain roasted, or glazed cashews 1-2 cups bean sprouts 1 to 2 tomatoes, cut into long thin strips 1 red chili, minced 3 spring onions, sliced into long matchstick-like pieces 1/2 cup fresh chopped basil handful of fresh coriander


n Smile Easy R ecipes


n Smile Easy R ecipes


1/2 tsp. shrimp paste (if vegetarian,1/2 Tbsp. soy sauce) 2 Tbsp.olive oil 2 Tbsp. fish sauceor 2+1/2 Tbsp. soy sauce for vegetarians 3 Tbsp. lime juice 1/2 to 1 tbsp. liquid honey, to taste

Prepare the dressing by mixing together all dressing ingredients in a cup. Make sure shrimp paste and honey dissolve fully (if using glazed nuts, you may only need to add 1/2 Tbsp. honey). Set aside. Peel the green papaya, then slice it in half and remove all the seeds. Using the largest grater you have, grate the papaya (or you can use a potato peeler to create thin, ribbon-like strips). Place in a large bowl. Add the sliced tomato, spring onion, chili, bean sprouts, and most of the basil. Add the dressing, tossing to combine. Add the peanuts or cashews (you can either leave them whole, or roughly chop them). Toss again. Tastetest the salad. If not sweet enough, add a little more honey. If not salty enough, add a little moresoy sauce. If too sweet or salty, add more lime juice. If you prefer it spicier, add more fresh-cut chili or dried crushed chili. To serve, scoop the salad into individual bowls or onto a serving platter. Sprinkle with remaining basil leaves and fresh coriander. Serve immediately.



April 2013

Health and Fitness Clinic

Good Nutrition and Immunity

Valsala Menon
People lead fast lives these days and pay no heed to daily nutritional intake, says dietitian Gayatri Asokan, Heres a simple tip to boost your immunity. Go no further than your vegetable basket in the fridge. Make it a daily habit to drink a glass of fresh lime juice every day and bid good bye to colds and coughs. Also, snack on amla and jaggery to boost your immunity naturally. Gayatri Asokan outlines some must-know details on boosting immunity, naturally. Living in a fast-paced world that has thrown up numerous options for food, we seem to have lost the understanding about the inherent role food plays in energy giving, body building and its protective functions. A well balanced diet provides all the nutrients for essential for various functions of the body. Food is necessary to provide energy through the day since water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C and B-complex vitamins are lost through urine and sweat .Our country is developing day by day but micronutrient deficiencies due to false dietary pattern is very high which is one of the major causes of infections or lack of immunity. A well balanced diet having the proper proportions of macro nutrients like carbohydrates, protein and fat as well as micro nutrients like vitamins, minerals, water and fiber is important for a healthy body. The main nutrients that play a key role in improving immunity or preventing infections are:

Gayatri Asokan
Gayatri Asokan is an eminent dietitian who is on the consultant panel for both TTK and Nestle. She has also been associated with the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Kochi, as Head Dietitian. Moreover, she is the guest faculty at MOSC College of Nursing that is attached to Medical College, Kolenchery and Christ Catering College, Kochi. Gayatri now heads her own diet and nutrition clinic at Kochi called Nutrissolutions.

Vitamin A
It is a powerful antioxidant especially, carotenoids in orange- yellow vegetables and fruits. Lycopene that is present in tomatoes are found to prevent infections including cancer. Foods that contain vitamin A are green leafy vegetables, liver, cheese, milk, sweet potato, mango, papaya etc.

Vitamin C
It is considered as anti-infective vitamin, which is also an antioxidant, that helps to prevent infections and reduces stress. Main sources are citrus fruits, green mango, leafy vegetables, sprouts, amla etc.

B-vitamins like vitamin B6, B12, Folic Acid

These are essential for WBC formation and multiplication. Sources are leafy vegetables, bakers yeast, liver, beans, peas, fruits and other vegetables.


April 2013


Vitamin E
It is also a powerful antioxidant which is also called sex vitamin, as it is essential for child bearing and it can also protect the body from cancer and Alzheimers. The main sources are wheat germ, molasses, whole grain, nuts, vegetable oils etc.

Iron is very essential for growth and immunity and in India 50% of women and 70% of children fewer than 5 are suffering from iron deficiency or anemia. The deficiency may paralyze the immunity and it affects a persons overall performance. Sources include liver, meat, mussels, green leafy vegetables, dry fruits etc.

It helps to prevent cold and protect primary barriers from infections and it is also essential for various functions including brain development. Sources are fishes, shell fish, poultry, whole grain etc.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids like Omega 3, Omega 6 are also essential, which are present in fishes like sardines, flax seed, and vegetable oils.

Trace elements
Trace elements like chromium, copper, selenium, magnesium are also helpful. So plan a proper balanced diet according to your health status .Go in for a balanced diet which provides the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) which includes whole grains, legumes, fruits ,vegetables especially green and yellow colored ones, milk and milk products(low fat),lean meat, fish etc. The vegetarians must include enough milk, pulses and sprouts daily in order to get adequate protein. Our traditional meals with curd or butter milk is ideal as it is a pro-biotic which helps to prevent diseases, improve the skin texture, prevent aging and cure stomach related problems.



April 2013

Are they the best alternatives?

Kajal Jaiswal

ood is fundamental to health. Of late, eating habits witnessed in a majority of people mostly depend on what the society and individuals think about wellness, staying healthy and eating right. In India which is increasingly facing many lifestyle related health anomalies, the choice of food is driven not merely by taste, preference and pricing, but by what we actually need to keep our body clocks ticking. Wellbeing is all about consuming the right kind of food irrespective of illness or unhealthy lifestyle habits.Indian consumers are no longer blind ritualistic followers of a prescribed diet. Food manufacturers have seen the need to be extra careful about the nutritional information that they provide in their packaging, for consumers are increasingly becoming more than aware of the health benefits of every ingredient in the food they are consuming. The more we learn about our health, the more we come to realize that our modern diet does not provide us with all the nutrients required for our body. Our body is constantly subject to


April 2013


attacks by free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for the oxidative damage in our body which in turn may lead to chronic illness and aging. To fight these free radicals, antioxidants have to be introduced to our system. Our body needs a balance of macronutrients like proteins, fats and carbohydrates, micronutrients like vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients like antioxidants and polyphenols to maintain excellent health. During recent times, food pollution is one hazard that health and wellness food manufacturers look at quashing. No consumer could have imagined that food that is essential for survival could become toxic. Usages of chemicals are increasing so rapidly that one cannot imagine even a single product without any chemical. Most health food and drink manufacturers are eyeing Aai berry as a potential ingredient for their product to detoxify our body. According to a study, purity and detoxification is the leading wellness trend in terms of product launches. Aai berry, the fruit of philosophy, a small, deeppurple fruit is found in the floodplain swamps of the eastern Amazon River basin. It is packed with beneficial compounds and it can be called the premiere source of antioxidants. Aai boasts the highest ORAC rating of any food, providing 18,400 ORAC units per 100 grams. The key feature of Aai berry is unique, ranging from fighting oxidative damage, defending effects of aging, protecting blood vessels, promoting vitality and providing long lasting, natural energy. Food manufacturers need to give ample support to help preserve and encourage the plantation and harvesting of Acai Berry scientifically. Fighting oxidative damage, defending effects of age, promoting vitality and ensuring overall well being is what exactly a consumer looks for while opting for a wellness product. One does not easily understand that all calories are not bad for the body. Players in the health and wellness Industry rope in the calorie conscious category with supplements that provide just the right amount of healthy, nutrient rich calories. For the health food/drink Industry it is all about weight management and not loss or gain. Fruits are seasonal in nature and making them available in as natural and convenient a form anywhere in the globe is challenging enough. Preserving the freshness and richness of fruits that are exotic is possible only in the form of juices that are scientifically blended to preserve their goodness and taste etc more so over a considerably longer period of time. This is precisely where Health / Wellness Drinks fit in. Umpteen health juices are made available depending upon their raw material, manufacturing process and the preservation method. The industry of health and

wellness drinks is booming for people are benefitting visibly yet the chosen fruit juice must qualifyand shall be up to the standards. Reports suggest that juices are more wholesome than any other form of such nutrients and hence may grow even faster as the news of success spreads across the globe. Consumers are also increasing by becoming aware of the caffeine content in the health/energy drink. This creates a significant impact on beverage firms coming up with energy drinks. Industry experts and health nutritionists feel that all brands should consider declaring the caffeine content in their products so that Indian consumers can make informed choices about their beverage consumption. Typically, energy drinks are said to cause a spike in the levels of energy in our body that is attributed to the high caffeine content. Certain ingredients like palatinose, a natural carbohydrate energy source in sugarcane, honey and sugar beets that are free from any synthetic formula helps with a steady stream of energy over a longer period of time. Energy drinks should ideally come with an added advantage of containing 100% natural sources of energy and should ensure that your body clock keeps ticking all through the day. India with its growing population and increasing health concerns has caused a potential increase in new health and wellness brands emerging into the market. In 2010, India saw a large number of new health and wellness products in niche categories as well as products targeted towards lower-income groups. This expanded the market in terms of both product range as well as consumer base. Today there are a number of global companies that are competing against each other in the race to manufacture the best dietary supplements that have become popular among the crowed across various nations. Names like Amway and MonaVie top the list of dietary supplement manufacturers. The Indian consumer always looks for an attractive package. What the consumers eat could create a higher impact when the product is made available in a convenient package. Consumer patterns are also often driven by the appeal the packaging of the health food/drink due to the varied cultures, tastes and practices. All aspects put together, the health and wellness food and beverages market in India is expected to grow at a healthy rate. New launches suited to Indian tastes and easily affordable foods will further drive growth in the health and wellness industry.



April 2013

Indian Irony
A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. Max Muller


Clash of

Exploring a New City Jest 4 Laughs Graffiti Yeah Write

April 2013 43

Model: Swetha Sridhar Cover Photography: N Solomon Boaz Wardrobe Courtesy: Fashion Folks

From Kirthis Desk


Think about it. You spend a good amount of time poring over your books. You spend even more time scrutinizing the ways in which your teachers mind can meander when shes setting a question paper. You worry about your future. You wonder what you will do. Suddenly, everything that your friends do seem threatening to you you tend to think you arent doing enough. Pause. Breathe. Live. You are doing your bit, certainly. What good is going to come out of worrying about the results of what you do? Youd rather spend that time and energy doing something you like best, right? Scientifically, your mind can only hold onto a certain number of hours of work a day. Anything beyond that is not impossible, but a possibility that comes at the cost of your health both physical and mental. This summer, make a commitment to yourself. For those of you have Board Exams next year, competitive exams this summer itself, and perhaps a mix of both in the coming year, this is still relevant, so listen up! Give yourself some me-time. Be there with yourself; just listen to your thoughts. Draw a picture, paint a wall with funny graffiti that is not offensive. Lie down on your back in the early hours of a morning, or towards sunset, and look at the clouds above in the sky. Go for a walk with nature for your company. Play with water, or turn the sprinklers on and go ballistic with the spray of water about you. Just spend the moment fully and live it to the fullest. Life offers you enough and more of stressful things to handle: tuitions, friends, competitive exams, school exams, tests in between, competitions, elocutions, debates, sporting events boy, this list cant end that easily! But remember: life is also about the simple things: the simple things like making memories, the simple things that include just basking in the glory of the moment and devouring it with joy. Be grateful, be happy, and be yourself, in every moment. This summer, take a break. Do the things you never got to do till date, do the things you kept putting off because something important came your way. Do the things that you thought might make you feel less committed to your educational or professional needs. Do something that makes you happy. Try it. When you get back to work, trust me, your mind will be doubly fresh, letting you imbibe and retain more!

Simple Memories to Last a Lifetime

t is good to do nothing, sometimes. It is good to play, sometimes. And it is simply, simply amazing to let your hair down and just have fun!

Kirthi Gita Jayakumar



April 2013


Clash of the Titans

Mohamed Zeeshan
e have come a long way from a point where carrying a phone almost meant carrying a brick. The year 2012 saw the advent of phones with HD screens and quad-core CPUs. Smart phone manufacturers had managed to cram the screen on the TV in your living room and the power equivalent to an average laptop or desktop into a form factor that could fit in your pocket. And since then, the race began to see who could squeeze the most inside a smart phone. Welcome to 2013 where consumers have high expectations and the bar is set pretty high. Sony, Samsung and HTC among others have managed to stir some excitement with the unveiling of their latest flagships. How ,you may ask. Read on.

as opposed to hardware keys as found on other devices. It can be a bit tricky to handle this phone with one hand due to the screen size, but no size is too big these days. The device runs Android Jelly Bean and is powered by a 1.5 GHz. quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU. With 2GB of RAM the Xperia Z is no slouch. The phone handles most tasks with ease with little to no lag. It has an inbuilt storage of 16GB with expandable storage up to 64 GB via a micro SD card slot, so there is more than enough storage space. It is powered by a decent 2330 mAh non-removable battery that does well to get you through the day. Sony has definitely upped the ante by fitting a 13 megapixel Exmor RS sensor to its camera which takes excellent pictures. The Xperia Z is among the first in the world to do HDR video which gives great outdoor performance. The front facing camera is a 2.2 megapixel shooter capable of shooting at 1080p which does a good job of taking pictures and video.


Sony was among the first to launch its flagship phone The Xperia Z during CES 2013. At first glance this device looks absolutely stunning. A sleek 7.9mm thin with shatterproof glass both on the front and back this is one slab that is bound to turn some heads around, not to mention that it is water and dust proof which is a big plus. Turn the device on, and you will be greeted by a gorgeous 5-inch 1080p HD touch screen with a pixel density of 441 pixels per inch (ppi), which means that individual pixels cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. It also sports the companys Bravia Engine 2 technology that is found on its TVs. One can find the default android onscreen keys


April 2013


HTC recently unveiled its top of the line smart phone named the HTC One successor to last years One X. The HTC One is an amazingly well-crafted device which is made from a single block of aluminum featuring a zero gap construction. The build quality is imminent as soon as you hold the device in your hands, it just screams quality. With Android Jelly Bean this phone is extremely powerful with a 1.7 GHz. Snapdragon 600 CPU. It has 2GB of RAM 32/64 GB of internal storage and no option to expand any further. It is blazing fast and completely shatters the competition in its performance. Day-to-day tasks are a breeze and there is no lag whatsoever. It sports a 2300 mAh non-removable battery which will get you through the day. The One has the best display on a smart phone till date. It sports a 4.7-inch 1080p SLCD 3 display with a pixel density of 469 ppi. That means that it has the sharpest display on the market with extremely wide viewing angles and a high contrast ratio. The display on the HTC One doesnt disappoint at the least bit with natural colors and deep blacks. It performs really well outdoors in direct sunlight compared to the competition as it does indoors. The screen is covered by the super tough Corning Gorilla Glass 2 which is super tough and almost scratchproof. At the launch event HTC stressed on 3 major features namely Blink feed, BoomSound and Zoe. All these features are a complete re imagination of the android user experience. First let us start off with HTC Blinkfeed, it is basically a list of tiles that updates in real time with the latest news and social media updates among few other services. According to the company the consumers like to snack on bits and pieces of information from time to time. The HTC BoomSound is a re thinking of the sound experience on a smart phone. Dual front facing stereo speakers with a dedicated amplifier along with beats audio support make sure that the audio coming out of the speaker is loud and undistorted. In addition it also features a dual membrane microphone which enables you to be heard even in the loudest of environments. The camera on the One is a bit of an oddball. HTC has thrown the towel on the megapixel race focusing more on the picture quality rather than the pixel quantity. The camera on the device sports a 4 megapixel Ultrapixel camera, which means that each individual pixel is three times larger than ones found on traditional cameras. This leads to more light coming into the sensor meaning better pictures overall. This leads us to the final feature HTC Zoe. These are camera features that rival professional photo and video editing software to create something absolutely stunning right from the smart phone. One of the more novel features on the HTC One is the addition of an IR blaster which essentially turns the phone into a remote to control a TV, Set top box or a home theatre system using Sense TV.




April 2013

Get Get

Xxtra Attention Xxtrawith Attention inspiring fashion

with inspiring fashion

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After record breaking sales of last years flagship the Galaxy S 3, Samsung has announced its next iteration, the Galaxy S 4. This device is packed to the gills with features. Samsung decided not to change too much in the design department by using a plastic shell again following the success the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note II. It is interesting to note that Samsung was criticized for using plastic on its devices rather than using much more premium materials. But, Samsung stands firm by stating that plastic is easier to manufacture and much more durable even if it compromises on visual appeal. The device is powered by a 1.6 GHz. Exynos Octa processor, which is twice as powerful than most of the quad-core processors found in the rest of the competition. The latest version of Android with 2 GB RAM ensures zero lag. The S4 comes in three variants with 16/32/64 GB internal along with memory expandable up to 64 GB via micro SD. A 5-inch Super AMOLED HD screen adorns the front of the device with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It sports a 13 megapixel camera on the back with a 2 megapixel front camera. More than hardware the Galaxy S4 has a lot of software features, more than anyone would ever want or need. Air view is a feature that lets you hover a finger above content to view tidbits of information. S translator translates anything to different languages in real time and even plays it out loud. WatchON is a remote app just like Sense TV. Smart scroll is one of the clever features of this phone, it reads eye movement to scroll pages without touching the screen. S Health connects to various health monitoring devices and Group Play is a party trick that allows multiple users to play a single song at the same time. A lot of the software features of the phone apart from earning bragging rights will mostly go unused or even unnoticed. We have reached a point where spec-sheets look the same and an improvement in hardware is not going to affect usability. The software in these phones are not optimized to fully utilize the full potential of the hardware. In other words quad-core and octa-core do not matter. Another aspect that will play a major role in buyers choice will be build quality. The HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z outclass the Galaxy S4 in terms of the design and the materials used. Where the latter with its plastic body and stale design will not have the visual appeal as that of the Xperia Z and the One. We have form and we have function, let us not forget that there is something which is in between as well. The HTC One is what we can call a design masterpiece with an amazing camera and software that will not let you down. The Samsung Galaxy S4 does not wow with design but is packed with features. The Xperia Z is midway between the two devices. Which one will you buy? The Xperia Z has already been launched in the country and has a price tag of 38,000. HTC and Samsung are soon to follow suit and with an expected price of 40-45,000. The expected release date is late April.




April 2013


Jest For Laughs

est J 4 Laughs
Contributed by J. Ramkumar
Dumb Bells Feeling embarrassed about a recent faux pas? Dont worry. There are others out there in the world who can outwit you!

One day I was walking down the beach with some friends when someone shouted.... Look at that dead bird! Someone looked up at the sky and said...where?

Some guy bought a new fridge for his house. To get rid of his old fridge, he put it in his front yard and hung a sign on it saying: Free to good home. You want it, you take it. For three days the fridge sat there without anyone looking twice. He eventually decided that people were too mistrustful of this deal. So he changed the sign to read: Fridge for sale $50. The next day someone stole it!

My sister has a lifesaving tool in her car which is designed to cut through a seat belt. If she gets trapped. She keeps it in the car boot.

I was hanging out with a friend when we saw a woman with anose ringattached to an earring by a chain. My friend said, Ouch! The chain must rip out every time she turns her head! I had to explain that a persons nose and ear remain the same distance apart no matter which way the head is turned...

A noted psychiatrist was a guest speaker at an academic function where a woman professor took the opportunity to schmooze the good doctor a bit and asked him a question with which he was most at ease. Would you mind telling me, Doctor, she asked, how you detect a mental deficiency in somebody who appears completely normal? Nothing is easier, he replied You ask a simple question which anyone should answer with no trouble. If the person hesitates, that puts you on the track. What sort of question? asked the lady. Well, you might ask, Captain Cookmade three trips around the world and died during one of them. Which one? She thought for a moment, and then said with a nervous laugh, You wouldnt happen to have another example would you? I must confess I dont know much about history.


April 2013



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April 2013

She is your sentinel, She is your nurturer She loves you without even seeing you Without knowing who you are and will be She is your first ever home, warm and caring From her bosom springs ceaseless love for you She is the ONLY ONE who will give you unconditional love She will protect you, teach you to be independent She will motivate you to be the best, give your best She will fight for you , trust you, stand by you And will live her life for you She will also give her life for you Eves Times is happy to feature special articles in honour of

The Mother


India can teach the world a lesson or two about warm cosy homes filled with love and laughter. Having nurtured families for centuries, unfortunately India is emulating the western ways and is on the verge of losing the wealth that our ancestors have bestowed on us- the priceless love of growing up and thriving under the support of family Stories you have never heard or imagined about FAMILIES. Meet Indian families that are different, supportive, caring, united, and bring out the best among family members Meet achievers who have drawn support, succor, love and respect from families and have evolved into what they are today Get to know a lot about how FAMILY can enrich your life.. The power of the human mind- Human interest stories of indomitable courage, supreme sacrifice, extraordinary strength, unusual occurrences.. sterling examples of men and women with distinguishing human qualities And of course the regulars from our experts on health, fitness, beauty, star chefs, counseling and our accomplished legal professionals. And TEEN MAG . With a lot of fun, fodder for the mind and lighter stuff to keep you entertained!


April 2013



following test is pretty accurate and it only takes a

When relaxing, you sit with..

G) brown or gray

few minutes. This is a real test given by Human Relations Departments in many majorcorporations. It helps them get better insight concerning their employees and in theirprospective employees. There are 10 Simple questions, so grab a pencil and paper. Record your letter answers to each question.

A) your knees bent with your legs neatly side by side B your legs crossed C) your legs stretched out or straight D) one leg curled under you

When you are in bed at night, in those last few moments before going to sleep you are..... A) stretched out on your back B stretched out face down on your stomach C) on your side, slightly curled D) with your head on one arm E) with your head under the covers

When something really amuses you, you react with...

A) big appreciated laugh B) a laugh, but not a loud one C) a quiet chuckle D) a sheepish smile

When do you feel your best...

When you go to a party or social gathering you...


You often dream that you are.....

A) in the morning B during the afternoon and early evening C) late at night

A) make a loud entrance so everyone notices you B) make a quiet entrance, looking around for someone you know C) make the quietest entrance, trying to stay unnoticed

You usually walk...

A) fairly fast, with long steps B fairly fast, with little steps C) less fast head up, looking the world in the face D) less fast, head down E) very slowly

Youre working very hard, concentrating hard, and youre interrupted. ..

A) falling B fighting or struggling C) searching for something or somebody D) flying or floating E) you usually have dreamless sleep F) your dreams are always pleasant Answers on page 54

When talking to people you...

A) welcome the break B feel extremely irritated C) vary between these two extremes

A) stand with your arms folded B have your hands clasped C) have one or both your hands on your hips D) touch or push the person to whom you are talking E) play with your ear, touch your chin, or smooth your hair

Which of the following colors do you like most......

A) Red or orange B) black C) yellow or light blue D) green E) dark blue or purple F) white



April 2013


The Indian Irony

Mustafa Hussain
In a country, where gold found its origin, And royal rulers fed on gold, In a land where queens had a room for gold, Where gold was money and money, gold, Where do we stand now? We were robbed of our right, The right to earn and keep our wealth; We were mercilessly stripped of our pride, And made to live in ignominy and distress! Our mistake was that our culture was strong, We treated our guests as we treated God, We respected the aliens who tread our soil, We welcomed them with open arms, And so we paid our price, Blood was shed, Our women were raped, Our children were enslaved, Our men were killed, And we stood still, Cause we were Indians! Today we stand as a developing nation, A country which has the biggest slums, A country whose people still die of hunger, Where traffic signals are stalls, And children are beggars, Where pavements are bedrooms, And trees are toilets, Where leaves are umbrellas, And stale food is a meal, A rupee feels like a million, And stones are toys for play, Education seems a distant dream, Television is still a luxury, Politicians make empty promises, But go on amassing wealth in alien lands And yet we watch helpless and numb! Sacrifices by our forefathers lay desecrated, The vision of framers of our Constitution, That bestows equality to one and all Lies thwarted and squandered Poverty is the way of life for the masses, Money is the be all and end all of life, For the unscrupulous and avaricious many Today money buys happiness, So I know why the rich want it, But should we not give it to the poor? I ask in all my innocence and gullibility, Every man has his right, So why not protest, We are the glorious Indians, Our culture teaches us Humanity, Brotherhood, Sharing and Love So why not all rise together and Unite for renaissance, for a transformation? And move to the exclusive club of Developed nations? Leaving behind the seemingly eternal tag, A Developing Nation?

Shweta Sridhar
Ms. Shweta Sridhar is an advocate by profession but intensely passionate about modeling. She has been the face of many brands since 2009. In the year 2011, Shweta bagged the coveted Ms University title in Korea. This boosted her confidence , morale and career and ever since she has been the much sought after face for many brands, jewellery and saris alike, Parachute, Pothys, Jabong and the list goes on. She intends to scale up the heights in the arena of modeling and is happy about pursuing her passion.

Simple My Dear Watson!

This is the reason you find Indians in finance, business, medicines, engineering....anything to do with using your brain. Mathematician: How to write 4 in between 5 ? China: Dont Joke Japan: Impossible America: Question wrong UK: Not found on internet

India: F(IV)E



April 2013



Signs that show youve been online too long Someone at work tells you a joke and you say LOL. You no longer type with proper capitalization, punctuation, or complete sentences. You begin to say heh heh heh instead of laughing. When someone says What did you say? you reply Scroll up! You type messages to people while you are on the phone with them atthe same time. Your buddy list has over 100 people on it. You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is get onlinebefore you have your first cup of coffee. You end sentences with 3 (or more) full stops while writing letters byhand. You actually enjoy the fact that you are addicted. You dont want to leave in case you miss something. You double click your TV remote.
You stop typing whole words and use things like ppl, dunno andlemme.

1. (A) 2 (B) 4 (C) 6 2. (A) 6 (B) 4 (C) 7 (D) 2 (E) 1 3. (A) 4 (B) 2 (C) 5 (D) 7 (E) 6 4. (A) 4 (B) 6 (C) 2 (D) 1 5. (A) 6 (B) 4 (C) 3 (D) 5 (E) 2 6. (A) 6 (B) 4 (C) 2 7. (A) 6 (B) 2 (C) 4 8. (A) 6 (B) 7 (C) 5 (D) 4 (E) 3 (F) 2 (G) 1 9. (A) 7 (B) 6 (C) 4 (D) 2 (E ) 1 10 (A) 4 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 5 (E) 6 (F) 1 Now add up the total number of points. OVER 60 POINTS: Others see you as someone they should handle with care. Youre seen as vain,self-centered, and extremely dominant. Others may admire you, wishing they could be more like you, but dont always trust you, hesitating to become too deeplyinvolved with you. 51 TO 60 POINTS: Others see you as an exciting, highly volatile, rather impulsive personality, anatural leader, whos quick to make decisions, though not always the right ones.

They see you as bold and adventuresome, someone who will try anything once,someone who takes chances and enjoys an adventure. They enjoy being in yourcompany because of the excitement you radiate. 41 TO 50 POINTS: Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and alwaysinteresting, someone whos constantly in the center of attention, butsufficiently wellbalanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you askind, considerate, and understanding, someone wholl always cheer them up andhelp them out. 31 TO 40 POINTS: Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful & practical. They see you asclever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone whos extremely loyal to friends you do make andwho expects the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you, realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that ittakes you a long time to get over if that trust is ever broken.

21 TO 30 POINTS: Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy. They see you as very cautious,extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder. It would really surprise them ifyou ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment, expecting youto examine everything carefully from every angle and then, usually decideagainst it. They think this reaction is caused partly by your careful nature. UNDER 21 POINTS: People think you are shy, nervous, and indecisive, someone who needs lookingafter, who always wants someone else to make the decisions and who doesnt want to get involved with anyone or anything! They see you as a worrier who alwayssees problems that dontexist.


April 2013


I am a career woman approaching my fifties. I have always been terribly career oriented and focused and love my work. But of late, I find myself wanting to slow down. The killer instinct in me is dying down and I feel panicky. Wherein I used to initially take on more and more projects, these days my mind refuses to even consider working on the projects, even though I had already accepted them. What do I do to get back on track? Also, I have realized of late that my real interests lie elsewhere and I no longer put my heart and soul in to my work. Please help. Ashima Bhan, Kolkata you cope with midlife transitions. During this period women feel that they are losing their charm of womanhood and feel low that their family doesnt need them anymore. By nature women want to be martyrs, sacrificing even their health for their familys sake and feel dejected that none appreciated them for it. Please dont fall into that category!

Eves Times is happy to announce that Family Therapist and Parent-Teacher educator Brinda Jayaraman will answer any query you want to ask relating to family and interpersonal interactions. Send in your questions to editoretg@gmail.com or to our office directly.

Jus Ask Brinda

A simple reason could be boredom due to drab, rigid routine that has been followed for years, in which case exploring other options of doing projects in another area could induce interest. If there is anything causing pressure in your work area, home environment or your physical health, please examine how you can reduce the pressure or how you can relax in spite of pressure!

Ideally, age or the other issues should not be the reason for your slowing down. All you need is an attitudinal change. Start thinking, This is not me; I WILL get back to my original state. Keep reinforcing this thought. Do things to pep yourself up, like changing your appearance by cutting your hair, taking special care to dress up and appreciating your image in the mirror. Pamper yourself by giving a body massage once in a way. Pick up threads with your old college friends; have a ladies day out with friends. If you watch your thoughts, you will be surprised that they are totally negative and they can give rise to negative feelings only! Try and replace them with positive thoughts consciously.

One of the following suggestions could help in relaxing you- doing Yoga, Meditation, Swimming, Drawing or Dancing for half an hour every day. Since you are approaching fifties, your issues could be related to menopause. As per medical science, declining estrogen levels associated with menopause can cause a gamut of emotional symptoms- Irritability, feelings of sadness, lack of motivation, anxiety, aggressiveness, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, mood changes and tension. Studies also reveal that women who lack coping skills experience more negative emotions. If this is the case, working with a counselor can help

A Cherokee told his grandson that there are two wolves, good and evil, battling within us. The curious grandson asked him, Who wins? and the reply was, The one you feed. Recall the rewarding moments in your job and get rejuvenated by those experiences. You have set a standard for yourself and you are not going to fall short of it.

Brinda Jayaraman


April 2013


Health and Fitness Clinic


Fitness Consultant- Certified by The American Council on Exercise (ACE), Reebok, Integral Yoga Institute (IYI), Pilates Institute of America (PIA).

asier said than done! We all love to stock up and store what ever we have. I guess it is a biological or should I say primeval reaction to secure what ever we procure. Good. But then, we need to take it out and use it at the right moment and not continue holding on to it for otherwise the whole purpose is lost! It could be money, it could be food, it could be energy, it could be knowledge, could be strength, well, could be just about anything. What happens when we stock up food? It simply rots. Energy when not used fills up your fat cells. Piled up knowledge probably earns you the name of a jabber mouth when nothing is done with it. So.. did you get my point? Just open the doors and let go what ever you have goaded. Enjoy and stay light hearted. A simple exercise to train the body to let go You can do this as you are reading this and once you get the hang of it continue so for some time (at least 5 minutes). Sit in a comfortable position on a chair with the arms relaxed beside the body and palms resting on the thighs. Make sure the legs are parallel with the soles of the feet touching the ground. If on the floor sit cross legged or in vajrasana, where the knees fold back and the hips rest on the heels. Make sure the back is lengthened and supported by the abdomen comfortably sucked in. Chin slightly tucked in to lengthen the back of the neck. Bring the eye lids over your eyes ever so gently. Now we are all set to breathe in and out smoothly without any sound or constriction any where in the body. Take your own time to inhale and as you do so be aware of the oxygen entering through your nostrils into your lungs and filling the organs, blood vessels, muscles and bones with energy. Allow all positive thoughts to enter along with your breath your childhood playmates, the parental care and guidance, a teacher that you loved so much, your achievements in work, the beauty of nature, a lovely painting, a good movie, your lover --any thing that makes you feel content and happy. Allow all the positive thoughts percolate through the brain cells and spread through out the body. Make the inhalation an open door to happiness and health.

Gently exhale and enjoy the purity and freshness



April 2013

as all the toxins leave the body from every cell. Anger, irritation, jealousy, greed every thing exhaled out of our system. Bring out all feelings of negativity incidents that disappointed you; people who hurt you; a dirty surrounding that irked you; a disturbing loud speaker; traffic; mobbing at the mall all of them squished out of the body and mind with every exhalation and leaving our thoughts squeaky-clean. Plus the tingling sensation in the surface of your skin. Feel the lightness in the body as all the unwanted stuff is breathed out. Life is breath. Continue to live the right way by simply breathing right. Try to increase the duration of the exhalation to allow enough time for the body to let go all that is unwanted. Make sure the chest does not keep rising and falling heavily, remember the lungs expand inside and the shoulders do not need to move at all. Keep the shoulder blades flat and facing down wards. Imagine a shower of water trickling down the head and over the shoulder blades cooling the entire back. Let go and relax. Letting go as I said is not that easy, it does take a bit of a toll on us in some form or the other. Notice the pains that we get while we do a few reps of exercise be it a bicep curl or a few push ups. They are nothing but the building up of lactic acid in the muscle which is a bi product of muscle exertion when glucose is broken down. DOMS which is another pain that follows a little later the next day, after an exerting work out is delayed onset of muscle soreness. This again is good pain since it is the result of the repair work that is going on in the torn tissues giving the body the message to build up more strength. Now is it good or bad to undergo these pains? As Amish Tripathi keeps reiterating in his Shiva Trilogy good and evil are two sides of the same coin. Let this pain just pass and what we have is

a nicely toned body with additional strength. Look at this fitness component called flexibility with some tenderness. Ironically we are not being flexible with our thoughts while we try to make our body flexible. The goal to touch the feet is so strong and rigid that the body stiffens even before it tries to achieve the goal. The mind pushes on saying come on, come on, I have to, I have to and Hmph! It just is not happening! So let us try it this way. Be nice to the body and give the message to every cell that what you want to do is just bend over to touch the feet or any other stretch. Think about the entire length of the stretch from the heel through the calf, back of the knees, hamstrings, hips, glutes, pelvis, lower back, middle back, upper back, shoulder blades, traps, shoulders, arms, neck and the head. All of these have got to relax first and in the same sequence to create that length which is needed to reach forward and down. Surrender to the stretch and enjoy the humility with modesty and grace. While doing so if there is a tightness felt anywhere be it the hamstrings or the shoulders, address that part with extra care and not force the stretch which might lead to injury. It might happen in a few attempts in a day, a few weeks or even months depending on how stiff the tissues are. Be patient and persistent. Enjoy the journey of effort and the goal will be achieved with minimal or may be no pain or damage at all. The muscle stretch should be felt at the muscle and not the joint. The joints are there only to facilitate the movement and hold the bones and muscles together; otherwise we end up with a pulled or snapped ligament or tendon. Even if the skin is dry or if the body is not sufficiently warmed up the stretch will not be healthy. So address them efficiently with warm up and keep the aircon down. See that the stomach is not bloated or constipated. Keep the

mind free from stress. Let go of all the pending work to be done or the childs impending exams - all of them out of your mind this moment. Live in the present fully and the focus will guide you naturally. What do we say when somebody is angry or irritated uncontrollably? We ask them to take a walk. This brings us to the other component Cardio vascular work outs. Forget the word exercise or work outs - anything that sets your heart racing a bit more than normal and turns the body temperature up , dilating the blood vessels and allowing a free flow of blood to all the organs and extremities is simply good for the body. It balances your hormones and releases happy endorphins that make you feel good. Fat burning and weight loss are free gifts. Are you fond of water? Jump into the pool. Do you love to dance? Turn on the music. How about running along, with nature following us all around? Just do it. Skip, hop and jump to your hearts content . You do not need a personal trainer for that. Action is what our body is meant for, leave lethargy to the sloth. With all the techno savvy people around and technology supplying us with all that we need we should better our lives and not bitter it with laziness and inaction. Who said there should not be any pressure? There is definitely a need, other wise we will sit back happily waiting for the food to be served under our nose. Moderation in stress acts as a fillip to progress and move on but when this same stress takes charge of us it pulls back the reins and the horse is stopped even before the race begins. Be like an alchemist that can change all negative happenings to a positive achievement. Let every pain strengthen your hold on life. Let go all rigidity and go with the flow of events that are ever changing to evolve and emerge as a better person.


April 2013


If fitness is your passion, be the master of it

Jagyaseni Chatterjee

Holistic health is my passion and business, and is fundamental to ones growth, success and achievement in life. Mickey Mehta

he man behind many international crowns to India, Mickey Mehta has been associated with Femina Miss India for over 13 years. His deeply connected philosophy coupled with the latest modern technique in training has made him Indias leading Holistic Health Guru. With a clientele of Bollywoods favourite stars like Aamir Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Preiti Zinta and Indias corporate icons like Nita and Mukesh Ambani,Shashi Ruia couple of Essar Group, Kumar Mangalam Birla couple and others, Mickey has carved a niche in the realm of fitness that goes unmatched a n d unparallel. From Indian Idol, Zoom Style Diva, Fame Gurukool, Sunslik Gang of Girls, Zoom Face of the year, Zoom Style Guru, Grasim Mr. India, Channel V Get Gorgeous, Zara Nach Ke Dikha S t a r TV, Coke Channel V Popstarts, F o r d Super Model, you name it and he is there! Jagyaseni Chatterjee, in conversation with Mickey Mehta gives you insights on not just a fitness instructor but an institution by himself.



April 2013

How have you been as a child?

What is your fitness regime?

As a child, studies never interested me. Exercises, outdoor games and physical training have always been my forte. Swimming, martial arts, yoga or anything to do with fitness attracted me. After receiving my fundamental physical training from Bhosale Military School and the Boys Town Public school, I started dwelling deep into the subject. To facilitate my learning, I decided to pursue specialized courses in yoga, karate, nutrition, dietetics, naturopathy, massage as well. My connection with yoga, meditation and natural nutrition helped me to comprehend the genre to the best of my abilities. Sometimes opportunities knock at the door and you need to open them right away. I just went with the flow that opened up new avenues and connections that eventually drew me closer to the sector. Femina Miss India happened to me 13 years back and it became the turning point in my life.

I like to eat simple food and include plenty of rest time in my daily schedule. When it comes to my own fitness regime, nothing in particular and especially no aggressive work outs . I incorporate a lot of stretching, yoga postures and meditation along with my breathing exercises to stimulate my entire body.

What do you do when not at work?

What does fitness mean to you?

Being healthy is paramount with emphasis on the well being of the entire body and mind. Any exercise program that has a mix of yoga, correct breathing techniques and meditation has a tremendous effect on ones health in totality. Holistic health is my passion and business, and is fundamental to ones growth, success and achievement in life. For most human minds, it is at work all the time. It is important to allow the mind to create innovations. I try to design new methodology for my clients. Learning swimming in 24 hours was one such endeavor which set a bench mark at the Limca Book of Records. Today, everything works on instant formulas like instant coffee etc. So, this too works well with the psyche of the people. So there is nothing wrong in designing a fitness package based on the need of the hour. Life can be made into a bed of roses. And that can happen when you believe you are destined to be what you become. What has encouraged me is the smile of satisfaction and acknowledgment on my clients face. This inspiration has helped me continue to heal the world with love, words and actions. There were many hurdles but my friends and family helped me sail through. Its been 9 years since I started my 360 degrees gym. The credit goes to Mother Nature.

Apart from work, I spend much of my time watching movies and browsing the internet on wellness education. A well knit gathering with friends and support team is also much treasured and cherished when I find time. To work towards my mission of spreading the message of body, mind and soul, my first book SHOONYAM is ready for publication. My books talk about philosophy of life and include insights on achieving and leading a successful life. I have also launched many DVDs in association with Times Wellness titled Metamorphosis, Tight in Twenty, Grow Tall, Wow Women etc with simple, do it yourself and easy to follow exercises.

What is the secret of Mickeys success?

Answers can be many but the bottom line lies in my ability to build a trustworthy, honest relationship with my clients. Be it a Bollywood star, a corporate icon, or an ordinary man, for Mickey, they are all equal. Building up relationship with the individual is extremely important. The individual has to rely and trust my methodologies. Once the relationship is established, each individual is like any regular person. The celebrity tag is not important when you are the teacher, friend, guide etc. A person becomes important and big by the body of his work, attitude, mind and contribution to the society. My mantra is to live with the right attitude towards life and people, be humble, exercise well, rest well, eat sensibly and be graceful in your actions, deeds and words. My involvement with health and wellness, passion for excellence, books and meditation helps me to grow and continue in the field.

What is your message to the young fitness freaks?

What are your future extension plans?

To make a real impact on this holistic approach towards fitness, I do have plans to put up more centers and academies across India. For my fans, I want to design our own fitness apparel, accessories and OTC Ayurvedic medicines and also come up with an exclusive wellness channel on television.

If fitness is your passion, then be a master in it. Expose your mind to new ideas and take your belief forward, make a difference to the wellbeing of the people you serve. Never let the passion for knowledge and excellence die in you.


April 2013


Time to Celebrate and Connect Family Caregivers in India

Rama Murali

There are only four kinds of people in the world - those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers.--

Rosalynn Carter


amily Caregivers are unrecognized heroes and experts in disease management and care. In India, there is a great deal of focus on the aging population and the growing number of people affected by stroke, cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses that require long term treatment and management. However, the accomplishments, needs, and health of those taking care of the aging and ill within a family the Family Caregivers are rarely highlighted. The first step in recognizing the


April 2013

important role of Family Caregivers in India is to understand who they are and what they do. Family Caregivers are members of a family who regularly take care of and support an elderly or ill person within that family. This includes everything from managing diets, administering medicines, scheduling doctors visits, coordinating home health care, to ensuring the physical and emotional needs of the ill or elderly family member are being met. This is often a full time job, not one that someone applies for or is paid to do, but one that arises and must be filled within a family. In the Indian context, this Family Caregiver role often falls upon a woman in the household and is seen as ones duty. Although being a Family Caregiver can be rewarding and build a sense of expertise in disease care and management, the role of the Caregiver is often unrecognized and taken for granted, increasing the emotional and stress related burdens on the Caregiver. It can result in the Family Caregiver: having to leave the work force or limit their employment; experiencing increased CaregiverStress ,which has been linked to increased physical and mental illness;becoming socially isolated because they are not able leave home due to constant care needs. It is clear that now is the time to start recognizing and celebrating the work and role of Family Caregivers in Indian Society by understanding and supporting the commitment and effort they put in to caring for others. Doing so will ensure they can live vibrant lives

and are healthy to take care of others. A powerful and proven way to support Family Caregivers is to provide them a platform to connect, be supported, and harness their expertise in disease management and care to help each other. Countless studies have highlighted the devastating effects of Caregiver Stress and social isolation on health, but many have shown the power of social support and building communities of peers in improving Caregiver health. Positive Psychology has shown that building and fostering relationships and strong social networks promotes happiness and well-being. Programs that connect peers with similar experiences and challenges can provide health benefits such as decreased depression and improving healthy behaviors, such as taking care of ones diet. Understanding the transformational power of connecting people and building a community, a new program called Care3: Care. Connect. Community will harness the power of peer-support, positive psychology, technology, and social networks to connect Family Caregivers. This program aims to build a strong and vibrant community that improves the health and quality of life of Family Caregivers. This unique program to celebrate Family Caregivers will launch on April 6th at the Savera Hotel in Chennai. Those who are current or former Family Caregivers in Chennai are welcome; please call +91 97908 73949 for more details. It is time to Care for the Caregivers.


April 2013


Female Sexuality and SexThe Untold Story

Ashok G.V

once before the wedding) was met with verbal abuse and a deadline of one week to engage in intercourse and the rest is unfortunate history.

to our existence.

ne of my good friends happens to be an American and a remarkable woman who has inspired me with her dedication and work in the social sector. I met her a little while back to catch up over dinner and we struck up a lengthy conversation, one part of which was about the concept of sexual freedom for women in the country and felt that some of our traditions about gender interactions could be nurturing a culture disrespectful of women, particularly from the point of view of their sexual freedom. However we concluded the conversation on a note of hope based on a government school where the teachers had taken the step to initiate meaningful sex education programs for the girls there.

I realize now that in the sphere and realm of sexuality and human sexual behaviour, we in India give scant attention to the lady. Neither is she allowed to voice her expectations from sex nor is she allowed to assert her sexual freedom and whenever she exercises either or both of those options we call her a slut or arrogant. Our social mores approach even sex from a patriarchal point of view, with its purpose being conception of a child, for a woman and achievement of orgasm for a man with no rational explanation forthcoming for this discrimination. One may wonder if this topic is important, but I do strongly believe that the existing rape epidemic reflects the need to revamp our whole understanding of human reproductive health and the psychology around sex through infusion of right perspectives.

I came back home however to receive a story of a divorce which brought me back to reality. The details are gory, but one relevant portion of the grievances of the wife is important for this discussion. Simply put, the first sexual encounter between the couple in the marriage fell within the purview of marital rape. The wifes insistence to get to know each other better (having just met

Victor Frankel, an Austrian Psychiatrist (and survivor of the holocaust) in his pioneering work on Logotherapy, a form of psychotherapy, documented a small opinion on sex in his book Mans search for meaning. While discussing a female patient whose background as a victim of child sexual abuse was coming in the way of her achieving orgasm during intercourse as an adult, he opines that sexual intercourse, to be meaningful and exhilarating, requires an act of complete surrender by the man and the woman to each other. In that act of surrender, we move away from the troubles of the world, the power struggles, the stress of work, the difficulties of repaying EMIs and the general battle for survival and become simple creatures whose sole function is to give and receive love. Sexual activity is therefore not just a bodily function, for it carries a deeper meaning and relevance

When you analyse the aforesaid case involving the husband providing a one week deadline for the wife to have sex with him, from the perspective of the science advocated by Viktor Frankel, you realize the stupidity and immaturity of our people, particularly men, on the topic of sex. For us sexual intercourse exists for the pleasure of men. However in so far as women are concerned, their role in the realm of sexual activity is to cater to the pleasures of the man and conceive a child. This patriarchal mindset is not only demeaning to women but has largely left the wife in a marriage or a girlfriend in a relationship, as the case maybe, bereft of the pleasure and experience of meaningful sexual activity. In fact our courts have frequently taken the enlightened approach and granted divorce to wives whose grievance against their husbands included, among other things, an unfulfilling sex life. Yet our men seem to be unmindful of this right of women and go about providing deadlines for the spouse to surrender to intercourse.

Where does this problem come from? In our pursuit of wealth and careers, we somewhere neglect to insist that men and women develop the right social skills to engage with each other. We justify this skewed approach by calling things like dating, love and sex as useless pursuits and instead advocate focusing on achieving useful things like good positions, money and reputation. Yet when we are dealing with something so fundamental to human existence, such as sex, to ask one to ignore it and move on, is unnatural, unfair and the genesis for deviant behaviour (such as a husband providing one week deadlines for consummating a marriage) . Let us therefore look at sex in the right perspective. The act of sex


April 2013

is neither dirty nor a mechanical function that needs to be discharged with to bring a child into the world. Sexual intercourse is much more than that. It is first and foremost a testament to our abilities to love someone so much that we are willing to reveal ourselves in the most intimate manner to them. In fact, nature has programmed us and designed us to be sexual beings. To illustrate, science tells us that semen is base in its chemical properties to compensate for the acidic nature of the fluids present in the receptive organs of the woman and one wonders what kind of cosmic designs could have allowed for such perfect co-ordination between the two genders.

wives, to surrender to intercourse, the resulting trauma to the lady in the relationship is unimaginable. While I certainly refrain from expanding this critique to men in general, the large prevalence of such attitudes among men, married and unmarried cannot be denied. The injustice meted out to women in such cases is wrong and deplorable and our courts have repeatedly condemned the same. Yet we seem to not be learning our lessons in spite of this problem not being of recent origins.

sense. And if we cant even get this basic thought into our heads, then all the god-given intelligence to achieve useful things in life would have accounted for nothing because first and foremost we have a duty to be good human beings who do not hurt others, certainly not our own wives or girlfriends.

In the act of foreplay, lies a celebration of the human anatomy, a tribute and a testament to how beautiful a man or a woman is. In the act of intercourse itself lies a deeper meaning, a statement proclaiming commitment to the concept of creation and gratitude for the sensual pleasures that comes with caring for and loving someone more than life itself. It is also the ultimate projection of mutual respect between the couple and manifestation of gratitude for being who they are and for being part of each others lives. Sexual intercourse is more than just bodily function; it is moving, breathing and living art in work!

Sexual assault no doubt undermines thevalues of trust, intimacy, faith and respect, sacrosanct to the act of sex. However what perhaps makes marital rape exceptionally cruel, given it is yet to be recognized as an offense, is that the victim is trapped in it and she is expected to comply without protesting. It reduces the wife to nothing more than a sexual slave and that treatment is wholly unacceptable. In our insensitivity to the legitimate sexual expectations of a woman, within and without the institution of marriage, we have reduced her to a pathetic form of existence and it should make our blood boil to think that we allow for these human rights violations to happen in houseolds across the country everyday.

Sex can be all that I have described and more if the man and the woman are sensitive to each other. Besides the emotional benefits of sensitivity in the sphere of sexual activity, the right atmosphere and approach by the man is critical for the womans body to prepare her physiologically for penetration through lubrication, in the absence of which intercourse can be a very painful and an unpleasant experience for her. However when the men of our country, particularly the husbands, provide deadlines to their sexual partners, particularly

In conclusion, men and women in this country have to understand sex not just from the point of view of reproductive health, but from the point of view of the psychology and emotional dynamics associated with and critical to it. If the right lessons are not imparted to our people, particularly our children, they will grow up to be either perpetrators or victims of deviant sexual behaviour, least of all being the imposition of deadlines for intercourse. Let us first understand however that concepts like trust, love and intimacy being prerequisites for a healthy sex life is not rocket science but common


April 2013


Unearthing Facts on Surrogacy

Surrogacy is one of the many options childless couples can consider for a fulfilling family life. Surrogacy is on the rise in India and entails a lot of intricacies . We continue the article by Dr. Priya Selvaraj, Asst. Director, GG Hospitals , an ART specialist from last month, which unravels the diverse facets of surrogacy in detail.

Indias favorable climate offering relaxed laws and the cost factor play an important role in the success of surrogacy programmes. If Indian law prohibited surrogacy or was stringent, it would not have gained prominence as a successful surrogacy capital.

eason why India is prominent in surrogacy programs

programmes. Legal centres offer such counseling.

Contract between the aspiring parents and the surrogate

Specialized contracts for surrogacy that regulate everything between the intended parents and the surrogate mothers are necessary. Customized forms given by hospitals cannot be deemed as surrogacy agreements.

To what extent are fertility centres responsible as far as the legal process In surrogacy programmes do surrogate mothers end up being exploited? of surrogacy is concerned?
Some hospital offer packages that extend their role beyond the confines of their medical responsibilities such as sourcing surrogate mothers, providing accommodation, food and taking care of them during the period of pregnancy. While the final decision to go ahead with the surrogacy programmes rests with the clinicians, intended parents should attend counseling programmes that explain to them about social, marital, familial and legal aspects of the surrogacy

Surrogacy programmes are symbiotic associations between intended parents and surrogate mothers where both are benefited. Since there is a high possibility of exploitation of surrogate mothers, there should be stringent regulations for selection of surrogate mothers.



April 2013

From the point of view of the intended Dr. Priya Selvarajs Response parents, is surrogacy just a commercial to Related Queries transaction? Can a woman undergo surrogacy more than
Infertile couples for whom age is running out seek for an alternative option when medicine cannot offer solutions for their infertility. In such situations surrogacy is an option and can be viewed as a solution for the emotional craving for procreation. The fact that the child biologically belongs to both or one parent is what gives a sense of satisfaction. Where nature has failed, if surrogacy can be an option to beget a biological offspring, it might be the best option, but not the only option. three times? Normally the same surrogate cannot be used for the same couple more than twice. When the woman is not donating eggs along with being used as a surrogate, then there are clinical manipulations like Hormone injections, Egg retrieval under anesthesia etc which raise the risk bar. Just the surrogacy programme alone entails no more risks other than those related to any normal pregnancy. Extra care is given because the rates of threatened miscarriages are higher in assisted reproduction.

Legal intricacies about who the parent is

Our country recognizes the couples who undertake the surrogacy programme as the legal parents while the hospital documentation is in the name of the woman who is the surrogate. Laws are different for different countries. Therefore it is important for all parties involved to understand the legal intricacies. In some countries, surrogacy is considered as a civil wrong and in some extreme cases, it is a criminal offence! It is imperative that intended parents, especially if they are from foreign countries, take up legal audit and risk assessment programme where the legal risks in taking up surrogacy in our country are outlined. Sometimes parents end up staying in India even after a year of the birth of the child! In conclusion pregnancy is always a risk whether it is natural or assisted. Surrogate mothers should be safeguarded in some manner so that in case of any untoward incident during childbirth at least the family should benefit. Looking at how surrogacy is happening in our country, it seems to be a desperate attempt by poor and illiterate women to attain monetary benefits. Altruistic surrogacy happens only when persons are related or indebted to intended parents. In India, renting a womb is basically a commercial transaction and has created a network of unscrupulous middlemen who exploit hapless women to service their greed. As usual the authorities are maintaining staunch silence about this.

Is surrogacy a just a psychological benefit to the intended mother/couple? Well, first is the psychological benefit that it is the biological child but its a boon for women who may never be able to carry a pregnancy themselves. So once motivated they look forward to the birth like any other anticipating parents. Obvious scientific benefits have been highlighted in the indications. Is adoption a better choice? Adoption according to me is a personal choice and is open to anyone who would want to love and cherish a child or more during their lifetime. We advocate adoption when couples have failed repeatedly or when there is no clear benefit from surrogacy or an egg donation programme. The surrogate mothers bond with the child Surrogates in our country come with an idea that they are doing it for a monetary benefit. Their entire thought process is centered on their spouse and children. Rarely does a surrogate get attached. Another reason is that she does not actively take part in the antenatal care where everything is handed down to the biological parents or grandparents.

Surrogacy Surrogacy
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Mira Balachander
hew! After a nail-biting wait, he and she have finally found and hugged each other, wept copious tears and they will live happily everMy mind already ties up the numerous dangling loose ends of the story and bids the cast adieu. Two years is good shelf life, not for a packet of California almonds but only a silly old Hindi serial on tele.

from 7pm to 9 pm, in between preparing dinner, serving and cleaning up the kitchen.

The oft-flashed smiling new faces of the coming soon serial beckon the minds fickle attention.

So many serials have come and gone, I have forgotten the names of even the ones I watched last year, courtesy their mediocrity. Most begin with big joint families in huge mansions but as their TRPs wobble like ships in a storm, the serials jettison their disposable members! In a certain serial, even the baby of the family was nowhere to be seen towards the end. Each story has multiple knots to undo thanks to the villain and his/her cohorts, but often the hapless serial maker just solves one issue by way of mercy killing at the longlonged end! The villains have their own particular make-up, female eyes designed to gobble up the gullible and fuel viewer antipathy while the ideal bahus wardrobe is equally carefully furnished but in the opposite way.

Serials, mediocre or worse, serve my ulterior motives. When the mind tends to chew on imagined or real grievances (she has not called me in spite of the care I show, she must be), when a hot retort threatens to set off a domestic fire (didnt I say so, you never listen to ME!), when no one appreciates my need for appreciation (no one cares to give a feedback about my article), I simply flick the remote in my mind and get busy plotting a sub-plot with the most villainous villain! When a broken sleep at 2 am fills the mind with fears of broken bones (I should be more regular in taking my calcium tablets), I let it latch on to the happenings of the serials earlier in the evening. When the mind monkeys around inaccessible domains, including my life ten years from now, or the labour pangs of Aishwarya Rai, I promptly lasso it back with where could Anandi have escaped? I find my serials good exercises for the speculative mind, ego free and not intruding in others real life domains.

But no, the loose ends refuse to tie; they get only naughtier and knottier. The hero suspects his wifes fidelity, drowns himself in bottles and ruins his peace with suspicion and the familys huge house with glass pieces. The recently hugged wife leaves home, finds out she is pregnant and so on and so forth. Good Lord! Not again! This is the third separation of the couple and they have already gone through and recovered from a bout of amnesia, paralysis and blindness.

I have learnt not to let the baddies get on my nerves with their mannerisms and their diabolical schemes. After all they are the master masons of the story. What can the all honey and sugar hero and heroine do to build up a story which will have to stay (good) for at least two years from the date of manufacture? The honey- coated heroine is as much a pain as the villainess, with her ideal overview of things, her sense of family unity and her eternally burning flame of a loyal heart.

Spiritual guides goad us to recognize the transience of life through thick theses and erudite verses. Watch serials, I say, just any, and you will learn that sorrows dont last forever. 2 years at the most and this too will pass- or fail. You can look forward to some more miseries and some more fun, some more hope and some more guessing, some more repetition and some more scope for your own escapades!

Isnt it tedious? For the actors and the viewers?

And yet, I look forward to 7 pm on Mondays, after the void of the weekend. Four serials back to back is my week day staple. I do not jump or surf channels like my friends do stay loyal to one channel and all that it has to offer

When I am traveling or otherwise unable to watch my serials for a week or so, they wait for me right where I left them, giving my imagination a wee little kick to fill in the wee little gaps.

If this is what serials are about, why view at all?


April 2013

in the
Model: Swetha Sridhar Cover Photography: N Solomon Boaz Wardrobe Courtesy: Fashion Folks Stylist: Menaka Bapuji

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The Land of the Thunder Dragon (Druk Yul)



ames Hilton, the author of Lost Horizon describes Shangri La as a mysticalharmonious valley. It has become synonymous with any earthly paradise, a happy land.Bhutan could very well be James Hiltons Shangri La, serene, secluded and far, far away from the madding crowd. Nestling in the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is an independent, landlocked kingdom. It is bordered by China in the north and the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Assam and West Bengal in the east, west and south. India and Bhutan enjoy friendly and close ties. In fact, the Royal Bhutan Army is trained by a team from the Indian Army called IMTRAT-Indian Military Training Team. Our trip to Bhutan was on the invitation of one of the officers of IMTRAT.


April 2013

We left for Bhutan on a rainy September morning from Kolkata. En route to the airport at five oclock in the morning,our taxi broke down on one of those water-logged roads. With water lapping at our feet inside the car, we wondered whether we would make it to the airport or miss the flight! Fortunately, wemanaged to reach the airport on time. Being Indian citizens, we did not need a visa to visit Bhutan and that saved us from the annoying visa formalities required for most countries.Finally we boarded The Royal Bhutan Airlines (Druk Air) which is Bhutans national carrier and the only airline that flies to Bhutan! Charming in-flight attendants dressed in their traditional costume (knee length dress known as kira) greeted us. Theflight from Kolkata to Paro, the only entry point to Bhutan by air, takes about an hour and we were right on schedule. Bhutan time is 30 minutes ahead of Indian Standard Time. The runway at Paro, we were told, is the longest stretch of straight road in Bhutan! As I sat reading the in-flight magazine Tashi Delek (which means Good Luck in Dzongkha, Bhutans official language), I suddenly got a glimpse of mountain peakupon peak as far as I could see in my first glimpse of the Inner Himalayas!. Soon we were swooping down to Paro, which looked like toyland with little houses dotting the valley and a sparkling river flowing right by the airport. I got off the plane and breathed ina lungful of crisp and clean mountain air. The airport building was built in typical Bhutanese style, elegant with painted windows and gilded roofs. An officer from IMTRAT was waiting at the airport to take us to the guest house. All around us were mountains covered in a blanket of green. Since it was September, the rains were over and the weather was perfect. The IMTRAT guesthouse was a quaint little cottage with apple trees in the front yard and the biggest rosesI have ever seen. The only sound was the buzzing of a million insects, not a single blaring horn to beheard! After breakfast, we decided to drive around Paro and get a feel of Bhutan. We were not disappointed. One of the arresting sights in Bhutan is the dzong (pronounced zong). The castle-like dzongs are seats of administrative and religious authority. With multilayeredgilded roofs, white sloping walls, often constructed on different levels following the contours of natural rock, the dzongs are amongst the finest examples of Bhutanese architecture. Dzongs, inancient days, were built on strategic positions as military fortresses either on hilltops or at the confluence of rivers. Paro Dzong is visible from all vantage points of the valley and it looked very impressive to me.

Next, we decided to leave for the capital of Bhutan, Thimphu a one-and-a-half hour drive from Paro. The Paro-Thimphu highway was open. Landslides are common in Bhutan. One should always carry water bottles and plenty of snacks! The roads were repaired and redone for the centenary celebrations of the Wangchuk dynasty in 2008. The drive has steep ascents and descents and the driver had to negotiate innumerable hairpin bends! It was an absolute relief to reach Thimphu. The IMTRAT premises were beautifully landscaped with flowers in vibrant hues. We settled in and met our host, Major Deshpande, who had invited us to Bhutan. In the evening I took a quiet walk and saw the National Memorial Chirten (shrine) dedicated to the memory of Bhutans third king, Jigme Dorji Wangchuk. The weather can be quite erratic in Bhutan. One has to be ready to brace the weather when one steps outdoor. We were lucky. The next morningwe took in all the sights and sounds of Thimphu. We first went to the Textile Museum where we watched a live demonstration of fabric weaving for kira, the brightly coloured traditional patterns which were very intricate. The Folk Heritage Museum gave us an insight into the traditional Bhutanese way of life. It was not just a replica of a house from days gone by, but every room in the house was recreated down to the last detail be it kitchen, guest room or prayer room. The National Institute for Zorig Chusum, is a training institute that teaches students the thirteen traditional arts known as the Zorig Chusum, including painting, wood carving, stone carving, weaving etc. We watched the students at work and as in any other school there was a lot of talking going on as well! We also visited a nature reserve to see the National animal of Bhutan, the Takin. The Takin looks like a curious mixture of a goat and an antelope. As we wanted to taste typical Bhutanese cuisine we were recommended a restaurant called Bhutan Kitchen. Bhutanese red rice with ema datshi (chillicheese) was hot and spicy. Chillies are used here like a vegetable! There was also phaksha (pork) and nohsha (beef) which were good. Ara, a locally made wine from rice, wheat or barley made me a little tipsy! The Bhutanese are not big on desserts and I was craving for something sweet. Our friend, Major Deshpande, valiantly brought some chocolate ice cream from the Officers Mess. The next day we went to Punakha, the old capital of Bhutan. It was a two-and-a half hour drive from


April 2013


Thimphu. We went through Dochu La pass which is situated at analtitude of 3050m. We decided to stop on our way back as it was cloudy in the morning and we could not see the peaks of the Inner Himalayas. The Punakha dzong is located at the confluence of the Pho chu and Mo chu (Chu in Dzongkha means river) in the Punakha Wangdue valley. Inside the dzong there were exquisite murals. Walking through the central courtyard, we could hear young voices chanting. It was the time for afternoon prayers. We joined the young monks and their teachers in prayer and were given holy water to drink. The boys, around ten or eleven years old, with their shaven heads and red robes looked at us and giggled amongst themselves even as their teachers solemnly intoned the prayers. Enlightenment was some distance away for these young monks! We had lunch by the riverside. The water was crystal clear and refreshingly cool. We then headed back to Dochu La pass. It was still cloudy but as the clouds parted now and then we could seemountain peaks sweeping across like ripples. It was an awe inspiring sight. Dochu La pass had 108 chortens and each chorten has a different Buddha image on the four sides. As we stood there we could hear the hundreds of colourful prayer flags fluttering in the breeze. The Bhutanese believe that these flags transmit prayers to the Gods and keep up in constant communication with the heavens. It was back to Paro the next morning. As Major Deshpande insisted that our trip to Bhutan would be incomplete without climbing up to Taktsang (Tigers Nest) Monastery, we decided to brave it. The young army officer who was our guide told us that the climb would take about 45 minutes. Given the fact that we were not exactly fit, physically I mean, we took twoand-a-half hours to reach the monastery! Huffing and puffing and hearts pounding weclimbed the narrow path, slushy in parts because of the rain and the steep inclines nearly did us in, but in a triumph of human endurance we did it! The monastery was incredibly peaceful with only the wind and the waterfall nearby. The monastery is perched on the face of a sheer cliff 900 m above the floor of Paro valley. According to legend, in AD 747 Guru Rampoche who spread Buddhism in Bhutan came to Taktsang riding on the back of a flying tiger and meditated in a cave. There is an imprint of a hand thought to be Guru Rampochesona rock. The monastery has been painstakingly restored. Then it was time for the trek down which was much easier. When we finally got to the guesthouse, a hot bath and a couple of painkillers restored us somewhat

physically, but mentally we did not need a thing because we were on a high that no drug could ever give us! Taktsang was literally and figuratively the high point of our trip to Bhutan!

Fact File: Bhutan

Location: In Eastern Himalayas. Airlines: Druk Air Nearest Airport for Departure: Kolkata Email: drukcal@vsnl.net Paro International airport: Only entry point-7300 ft above sea level. High Season: March to May and September to November. Currency: Ngultrum(Nu)It is at par with Indian Rupee. Indian currency is legal tender in Bhutan. Avoid carrying 500 and 1000 rupee notes. Visa and American Visa cards are widely accepted. Mode of transport: Motor vehicles. Accommodation: A wide range of quality hotels available.5 star hotels are located only in Paro and Thimpu. Visa: For persons from India, Visas issues on ENTRY. Take a photograph, passport or Voter ID card. Bhutan Offers: Festival tours, Buddhist Pilgrimage tours, trekking tours, Cultural tours, Textile tours etc. Contact:www.kingdomofbhutan.com Bhutan Tourism Corporation Ltd.( BTCL) (975) 1711 3623



April 2013

Sailaja Jeevan

trip to the city of Munich is an experience to remember forever. If you love history, like to roam about inside the museums and learn about the past with wonder and pride, if you love to walk around being one with nature and enjoy the beauty of mother earth, if you love the feel of ice in the Bavarian Alps and love to have good beer at the worlds most celebrated breweries where they have annual celebration of beer, then do not hesitate to fly to Germany. It is the most welcoming place to unwind and relax. Munich is the capital and the largest city of Bavaria. There are umpteen museums and castles, but within a short time span of six days, we had to choose some among them. We opted for the Neuschwanstein castle. It literally means new swan castle. It is a Romanesque survival palace built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and is the most visited palace in Germany. Built in admiration of the famous composer Richard Wagner, it is full of characters from Wagners operas. You need to check with the authorities of the palace beforehand so that you are on time, because the palace has strict timings for visitors. Do not be in a rush, for you need time to walk around, see the beauty of architecture and hear the story behind, apart from roaming outside, for the surroundings are superb. The palace is on top of a hill.

learn German so that you can smile and say good morning to some of the locals. Its fun to shop around the street markets which are neat and inviting. We had a lovely time going up in a cogwheel train to the Bavarian Alps. The trip upwards itself is a novel experience and the feel of snow is something great. Be sure to have proper clothing. Check with the tour guides. Check the weather report and have proper winter clothes and shoes. Always have fewer luggages to carry around other than your camera. Freising is another town in Bavaria and there are train services available from Munich. The famous Freising catherdral, also called St Mary and Corbenian Cathedral is a place of great interest here. It is the first brick structure built to the north of Alps. Freising is the home of the University of Weibenstephan, a technical university and there you find a mix of rural and urban lifestyle. While on a holiday, it is a fact to keep in mind that you are there to enjoy and relax and not to take up a reporters job. Wherever you go, mingle with the locals, listen to the stories, eat local food and if possible, wear the local attire if it suits you and enquire about their lifestyle. Be sure to take good care of your valuables, passport, etc and always have a very safe place for them. Shopping is fun but remember you are there to enjoy and not to carry back loads. The memory of a tension free holiday is more relaxing and thats all we need.

Accommodation near the palace

Villa Ludwig suite -just beneath the palace was newly opened in 2013 Romantic Pension Albrecht is just a 20 minutes walk from the palace If time permits, be sure to visit the nearby town, Fussen for a quick dinner. If you are staying in Munich, as we did, there are train services. Marienplatz is the city centre of Munich. Earlier, markets and tournaments were held here. Deutsches museum is another place, not to be missed if you are traveling with children. It is the worlds largest museum of science and technology. The BMW museum is another place of interest. Now, while in Germany, be adventurous enough to go in for some typical German food. There are lots of eateries. For vegetarians there are many types of authentic dishes. Dont stick to one place and dont look out for Indian food alone. German food is delicious and healthy. Walk around, buy a book to


April 2013




escapade into the lap of Mother Nature from the grueling pace of city life is an experience worth savoring during ones lifetime. Discovering an idyllic place such as Andaman and Nicobar islands fills us with a yearning to linger amidst natures bounty, where time stands still and beauty overwhelms. One is reminded of Charles Lambs words, I am in love with the green earth.

Andaman Andaman and and Nicobar Nicobar islands islands



April 2013

Kissed by the azure waters of Bay of Bengal as well as the Indian Ocean, Indias remotest state is accessible from Kolkata, Chennai and Vishakapatnam. The islands are a veritable treat for nature lovers, adventure lovers and art lovers, not to mention those who have a passion for exotic sports, collection of exquisite artifacts and animal lovers and those involved in the study of tribes.

the boat ride you can revel in the enthralling experience of passing through broad creeks lined with dense mangrove swamps and pristine forest leading to Red Skin Island or Jolly Buoy. Nature lovers can visit the Botanical Gardens, Burma Nullah and the Wimberlygunj Lumbering Centres. The zoo on Haddo Promontoly houses saltwater crocodiles, hornbills and crabeating monkeys. To watch wildlife, you can visit the Interview Island, a nature sanctuary, which you can reach by chartering a private fishing dinghy from Mayabunder jetty. Only a day-trip is allowed and you must also obtain permission form the Chief Wild Life Warden in Port Blair to visit this place.

taking view of the city of Port Blair can be had from Mount Harriet, the highest hill around South Andaman which is about 1200 feet. For beach lovers, Andaman Islands provide immense pleasure and fun. The closest beach is Corbyns Cove, 6 km from town. There are beaches in Wandoor and Shirya Tapu too. Madhuban is 15kms from Port Blair. It provides a sea beach in front, hills behind and is being used as a training ground for elephants by foresters. Neil Island has a long shallow beach and is used for timbering operations. There is also a lake. Those researching in tribes can garner a lot of information about the natives of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The main aboriginal groups are the Onges who live on Little Andaman. They are of the Negrito stock. They practice food gathering, hunting, honey-collecting and fishing and are the only tribe on the islands who accept contact with the outside world. The Shompens live in Nicobar and abhor contact with the external world. Villages in Andaman throw light on the tribal lifestyle and worth the visit. If you are a shopaholic or a collector of exquisite sea products, you can lay your hands on items made out of shells such as trendy beaded jewelry and show pieces from the emporiums and shops. An extended stay in Andaman and Nicobar islands is what will give you the experience of a true holiday amidst the bounty of nature. There are innumerable resorts for you to organize your stay. The best time to visit these islands is between January and May. When the sun rises at 4.30 am and darkness envelops the quaint islands at 5 pm the sense of awe and appreciation of the earth we live in that arise in our bosoms stir the yearning to live in harmony with nature.

Even as you land in the smart, newly extended Veer Savarkar airport terminal in Port Blair on South Andaman you realize that you are visiting a unique place where the beauty and wonder of the sky, the green earth and the mighty oceans meet and where exotic flora and fauna enhance the singular experience of being one with nature.

Adventure lovers can revel in the out-of-the-world experience of indulging in water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling in the beaches of Port Blair. Before you go underwater however, you can garner a lot of information about the aquatic life from the marine parks there. A famous marine park is located at Wandoor where you see the famous coral reefs. Havelock Island has some of the first coral reefs of all shapes and colours. Filled with colourful fish and kaleidoscopic corals, the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea are home to some of the worlds richest marine reserves and a good venue for snorkeling and scuba diving. Sea cruises are popular too. The most popular excursion from Port Blair is the boat ride from Wandoor to any of the fifteen islets comprising the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park. The trip provides access to one of the richest coral reefs in the region and is worth considering seriously. The long white beach at Wandoor is fringed by dense forest that houses varied birdlife. During

Art lovers can plan visits to the several museums and emporiums that Andaman is renowned for. The Cellular Jail which was home to four hundred freedom fighters is today a museum. You must not leave out the Anthropological Museum where you can see minireproductions of villages of local tribes. You must also visit the Burmese temple at Phoenix Bay, the Ghol Ghar spice stores and the Cottage Industries Emporium from where you can pick up exotic knick-knacks.

If you want a glimpse into the historical past of Andamans, you can follow up your visit to the Cellular Jail with a visit to the Vyper Island where executions used to take place. You may also decide to visit the Ross islands which was the seat of British administration and had the Chief Commissioners residence. Chatham Island has the biggest Saw Mill of its kind in Asia. In Burma Nallah you can witness logs being extracted with the help of elephants. The forest here is beautiful with the most colourful and rare varieties of orchards and rich flora and fauna. A breath


April 2013



Geeta Canpadee



April 2013

he last time I attended the Republic Day flag hoisting was back in my highschool days.That was more out of compulsion than of freewill. However a couple of decades later I never expected I would be doing the same again and this time more out of freewill than compulsion.

the government seemed to have finally woken up to enforcing strict punishment laws towards crime against women. Suddenly from the blue I recollected this statement made by the Father of our Nation. Mahatma Gandhi was once asked, When would his country achieve freedom? and he had instantly replied The day a woman of this land can walk fearlessly along a deserted street , all alone in the middle of the night, that day my country would have achieved absolute freedom. How true were his words and how sad that to this day women are so insecure and helpless in our country! But then will such a day come when Indian women can experience absolute freedom? Will leaders of our country take responsibility of the promises they make? Will citizens continue to raise their voice against injustice? Will they ever get justice? Will my country ever change? Filled with these dejected emotions and a hundred and one questions left unanswered, I drove back home. Enroute I saw women from all walks of life some moving freely, some restrained, some subjected to male domination, some others to domestic violence. Its the same story here as well and many incidents go unreported and get hushed up. Women are still struggling to find a voice. Right then, something suddenly struck my train of thoughts. Hadnt I just celebrated the Republic Day of my country on a foreign land and a communist one at that! Gosh, that is huge- Celebrating Republic Day in a Non-Republic Country! If change can happen to this extent, then anything is possible in this world. I saw a ray of hope for the people of my country, the women of my country, and the children of my country. I was instantly on cloud nine. And that to me became the best feeling of the Republic Day.

It was a freezing Saturday morning (26 Jan 2013) but I was determined to pull myself out from under the comfort of my cozy blanket and get ready to go witness my National flag soar over foreign soil. Ever since I got the invitation from the Indian association I had been excited about this day. My patriotism rose to new heights as I searched for everything tri-coloured to be worn on that day. I recollected the songs Id sung back in school including the popular Sare Jahan se Acha and sang loudly infront of the mirror Hindustan Hamara.Hum Bulbule Hai Iske, Ye Gulsithan Humara...Humara and my chest swelled like never before. Upon reaching the SITC grounds where the Indian embassy in Shanghai is situated, I spotted my fellow country men turn out in large numbers and was delighted. Not only had they come from all corners of Shanghai, many students had travelled two to three hours from neighbouring cities like Suzhou, Hangzhou and Nanjing to make it to this event. Im not sure if they would have done the same back home but as the saying goes, The heart grows fonder with distance held true on that day. I could see the pride in their young eyes as they scooped at the gathering and kept lifting their heads to gape at the flag which was still unfurled, awaiting the arrival of the Consul General of India. The flag was finally hoisted and as the tri-colour soared freely without any inhibitions, we all burst into our National Anthem-Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka Jayahe, Bharatha Bhagya Vidhatha..and by the time we reached the last verses, Jaya He! Jaya He! Jaya, Jaya, Jaya, Jaya, He, many of us had tears in our eyes. Such was the passion, such was the emotion executed at that patriotic rendition. This was tagged along by the multi linguist song, Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, tho Sur Bane Hamara by a group of enthusiastic singers and the entire crowd joined them as well. The flag hoisting was then followed by the interpretation of the Indian President (Pranab Mukerjees) speech by the Consul General, Mr.Naveen Shrivatsav.We were all given a copy of the speech and as we stood there in our long coats, contemplating the contents we wondered if all that was promised would be finally delivered. One important point mentioned in the speech was securing the safety of women. Following the Delhi rape case which shook the Nation by the teeth,


April 2013



Kanchana. Rao

ummer is here, and so are vacations. The initial excitement of holidays runs out before you can say the first letter H and the mantra that all parents dread hearing is chanted, I am bored! We run out of ideas no sooner than we come up with new things to keep the brats occupied and out of our hair. So the only way out, is to keep ourselves equipped with umpteen ideas. Summer camps are a blessing but again our creative heads need variety in them too. So we can suggest a few of our own ideas to camping coordinators or even set our children to do them on our own. Get a few parents together and take turns in trying out each idea. Here are a few themes which can be organized. It helps to keep both mind and body occupied and also helps bring out any hidden qualities in our bundles of joy. Why not have our cake and eat it too?


Let the children decorate their rooms. When it is time to check the rooms for cleanliness add points for decor. Give points for the best dressed camper. This can differ depending on a theme meal, disco themed dance or whatever else is planned. Color Wars, Olympics, ropes course and team initiatives, capture the flag, treasure hunts, archery and any activity where cabins can go head to head will work. Create groups of varying ages so that its not older campers vs. younger campers. Keep track of points on a large display that campers can see throughout the day. At the end of the week a winner will be announced but all campers will participate in the winning festivities. How about the arts? Hold shows for crafts, photography, music and drama. Each entry earns points for their teams. You dont have to announce a winner you can just say for example, that the red team got 354 points based on their 15 entries and the blue team got 287 points based on their 13 entries. Nobody will know whose craft, photo or skit was the best or not. Its all about the team, not the individual.


First and foremost you must do some teambuilding. Whether it is with initiatives or low ropes elements, teambuilding programs with a good facilitator can really highlight the attributes of a good leader. Hold discussions either in small groups or large ones. Questions like, What makes a good leader? or How can someone who is not popular be a leader at school? are good starters. Take a long hike with a group and have the campers all take turns leading the hike. Allow them to take the paths they want. Have groups create skits that highlight leadership qualities. Role play different scenarios. Then discuss what everyone thinks a leader should do in that situation.


Using the story of Cinderella campers can go on a glass slipper hunt, learn to ballroom dance and make small pumpkins into carriages. Jack in the Beanstalk campers can go for a variety of hunts to look for magic beans, gold coins, golden eggs and a harp. Campers can follow the footsteps of Hansel and Gretel by following breadcrumbs to a shack. They must then take some candy and



April 2013

run away before they get caught by the witch. Making gingerbread houses would be fun as well. With a Snow White day you could have campers dress their counselor up as one of the seven dwarfs, eat apple treats and make apple crafts.

costumes; some props could do just as well. Stories from the Jataka Tales could also be an interesting act. Have Merlin do a magic show as though he is performing for King Arthur. Hire a magician if you dont have a person on staff that can do some magic. Have cabins choose a Greek god as their mascot. They can dress their counselor up as that god. Have them make signs like, This is the cabin of Apollo. Have the gods compete in a celestial Olympic Games. During crafts campers can use modeling clay to create their own mythical creature. They can paint it as well. Personally, I would like to see a Garuda or Ganeshas escort, Mouse! Hold a game of flash light tag or capture the flag and the teams can be vampires vs. angels. Have scripts for campers or staff to act out that are based on Greek mythology, Indian folklore or even fables like Jack and the Beanstalk or The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs.

family within the big camp family. STORY TELLERS

For those children who enjoy writing, give them a location, two character names and an animal and have them create a story no longer than 3-5 pages. For children who enjoy films, break them into teams and give them a phrase and object that they all must use in their short film. Give them 48 hours to complete it and then show them to the rest of the camp at the camp film festival. For the actors, have them either tell a story or act one out inan original skit during campfire. For those that enjoy photography, have them tell a story using pictures. Then hang their stories in the dining hall. The artists can draw their story or illustrate the writers stories. They might enjoy creating posters for the short films.


Have the campers do their version ofStompusing trash can lids, sticks and other things. Have cabins come up with their own routines. Have adrum circle. Have campers dance blindfolded. Many kids are self-conscious when it comes to dancing. Why? Because they are afraid that other kids will laugh at them. Yet they will dance at home when nobody is watching. Taking campers out to an open area during the day and blindfolding them takes that fear away. Make sure they have plenty of room. Tell them to try and stay where they are. Then play some music, and with the sun on their face and wind caressing their hair they will eventually let go and dance. Let them know that dancing is all about moving and feeling the music, not trying to impress others. Give children the opportunity to play instruments they would not normally have the chance to try out. From a complete drum set, a flute, Casio, banjo, keyboard, a whistle and whatever the kids can lay their hands on and let them go! But be sure to stuff some cotton into your ears first!


Armed with so many suggestions and a few of your own too, go for that kill parents. You will be amazed at the creativity that will flow and the enjoyment that will come forth.

Lots of teambuilding activities you can look at. Have children take pictures and create picture books that can be signed by other campers. Have groups of children create their own flag with their favorite emblem for their own family Groups can create a great bond by taking long hikes and having meaningful conversations while hiking. At the end of the week have a family reunion picnic. Imagine all the children groups are all related. Each one of them is a


Depict episodes from the Ramayana or Mahabharatha and have them play act the characters. We dont need to fuss over the


April 2013


ummer is here and school will soon be out. Young students are already antsy with the end of exam fever. Months of freedom will stretch out before them and no parent wants their child to while away the summer in idle lounging. Summer camps are obvious solutions to such situations. Folks do not want their children to become couch potatoes or gaming addicts therefore the tots to the teenagers are enrolled into summer hobby camps. A lot of these camps have multiple activities to keep kids busy for a better part of the day. However an emerging trend shows kids taking part in specialized activities such as learning a dance form or even Scrabble. V. R. Damaraj who runs a Scrabble club called Zygo Scrabble holds a camp for children every summer in Hyderabad. Scrabble is a board game where two to four players get lettered tiles and make words to earn points. The kids at this camp do more than that. Scrabble is not a onetime affair. People have to keep at it for over a period of time. Also it is a little boring, so we have designed exercises to make the game interesting for children, he says. Public speaking, jumbled-up word exercises and spelling bees are held and points are given for these activities. How is this related to Scrabble? This game is about a persons vocabulary and unless he or she knows how to use it they cant play Scrabble. Over the summer, we can see the children developing their word-power and their game improves, he replies. Damarajs aim here is to get the kids comfortable with words. It is not enough if you know many words. One needs to crack anagrams, deal with spatial relationships on the board and how to make big plays with the words you know. The way these children develop their game at the end of the camp skills is simply remarkable, he emphasizes. The gentlemans aim was to see India represented at the Scrabble World Championships.

Youngsters are more Scrabble literate than adults. They can beat older people anytime, so an early start will ensure them a spot at the Championships, says Damaraj with fervor. While kids are busy ruminating over words, theres another bunch shaking a leg at summer dance classes. K. Ram Murthy, artistic director for RSUDC (Rams Step Up Dance Company) holds a special batch every summer. Also the Salsa dance instructor at his dance school, Ram says that summer is the main season for most dance schools. The kids are free and parents want their children away from the TV sets. More and more kids are joining these days because of many dance-based TV shows, he adds. According to Ram, his young patrons are aware of what they want to learn in the summer. The children dont want to learn steps to any random songs. They come here to learn a specific dance form like jazz, salsa, free style or hip hop. At the end of 45 days, they are ready for our end of summer stage performance, Ram says enthusiastically. What makes the summer here at RSUDC more interesting is that its not just the school kids making good use of their vacation. Apparently the youngest is 4 and college students also spend their summers here learning dance. Simply put, such summer hobby camps are an ideal way to break the monotony of holidays. Since children are so busy rest of the year with studies and other activities, they want to use their summer to pursue their interests, sums up Ram.

A Summer to Master a Hobby

Priyanka Sakhamuru


April 2013

Interesting Childrens Activities to Unwind

Gayatri T Rao
acation time is something children look forward to. These are the days when kids can unwind after a hectic schedule of studies followed by exams. School kids in India today have the privilege of usually 3 vacations in a given academic year. These are the Diwali vacation, winter or Christmas vacation and summer vacation. The summer vacation is the longest and except for senior secondary students who attend coaching classes or tuitions, all of them are in a holiday mood. The question arises, with so much time on hand, what can be done to pass it. The best suggestion from parents and teachers is cultivating summer hobbies. Most children have games on their mind, but there are certain summer specific games, too. The two boys spoken to in Mumbai, listed cricket, foot ball and other games they played during the holidays as their favourite pastime. Prateik Shetty, 11, also mentioned carom, which can be played during the afternoons, when it is truly hot to venture outside. Since kids are not bogged down by the burden of studies, they can join hobby classes, in the right earnest. These hobby courses teach many crafts like origami, aluminum foil work, nib work, doll-making, dance and drama classes. Many children often find computer and games as interesting ways of celebrating summer.

Prateik considers singing and listening to music an interesting mode of unwinding. He also adds, We often go to our home town in Mangalore for summer holidays. Being a coastal city, we can play volley ball on the beaches. The cool air from the sea adds to the fun. Durgesh Jha, 13, insists, My all time favourite game is cricket and only cricket. These children do not consider watching the idiot box as a part of summer holidays. Well, isnt that good for them, since being cooped up at home, could be a strain on the young minds? Talking about older people, with all the responsibilities, this reality, just remains like A Mid-summer Nights Dream. Wouldnt we all like to go back to those carefree days again? Prateik Shetty

Durgesh Jha


April 2013


id you know that you can light up the lives of so many people by just taking an initiative to work with them, or fighting for their cause? Volunteering is a very useful factor that helps several nonprofits organisations and causes to flourish and inch towards the successful culmination of their cause and endeavours. Besides that, volunteering is also a great way to build your own community leadership skills and philanthropic abilities. When youre off from the rubric of school work and exams, you can spend some time working with organizations that could do with the services of a volunteer. You can do this either in conjunction with an organization, or on your own. Here are some tips that can help you make your vacations more fulfilling by volunteering during the summer! Decide a cause. Choose a cause that you are passionate about, and not one that you will wind up regretting. It can be anything from cooking for the homeless to reading out stories to orphans. Be sure that you are doing what you will enjoy, because if you dont, it is a waste of time for you and the organization itself. Start Early. Instead of rushing headlong into the world of volunteering, be sure to start early. Decide where you want to volunteer during you vacations, and decide how much time you want to spend on it. Just as you would want to be informed earlier if your friends had a plan that they wanted you to be a part of, you should also be able to inform an NGO in

advance of your intention to volunteer. Let them then take you through the process. Be open about your commitment. It is important that you inform the NGO concerned that you can spare only so much time per day, or that you would prefer to work with them on certain days as opposed to all days. This way, you make your experience all the more fulfilling not just for yourself, but for the organization, too! Be Flexible. While it is good that you know what you want to do, it is also important to be flexible about volunteering. Sometimes, you may be asked to do something different to help out, or sometimes, you might not be given anything at all to do! But keep an open mind because this is your opportunity to try something that youve never done before! It just might just wind up becoming your new favourite thing. Be unconditional. True, you are not being paid to volunteer. But, that does not mean you should put in any less work. Be sure to do your best no matter what, and use your holiday volunteering as a springboard for a relationship with the people you work with! Have Fun. This is not a place you go to with any need to grumble, so put that smile on and volunteer with joy. If you think you might need to find some support while youre volunteering, get a group of friends to go with you!

Travel for a purpose

Volunteering Vacations
Kirthi Gita Jayakumar


April 2013

Summer Trends 2013

Rishi Wadhwa


April 2013


Courtesy: KBSH, Jaya Misra


his summer will be all about bright colors and bold prints. Summer 2013 fashion trends for women include bright neons, vivid lip colors, statement making necklaces, dip dye hair looks, sheer pieces and much more. Neon colors like zesty yellows, poppy pinks and electric orange color blocked with monochromatic hues are a must this season. Geometric prints and asymmetrical silhouettes is something I am focusing on this summer, says Fashion Designer Archana Kochhar. These fashion trends are chic, bold and extremely wearable. Fun and playful dresses in striking combinations are in. Pastels will be a re-occurring feature in summer. However this year will see even paler tones with peppermint green, powder pink, sunflower yellow, crisp coral and frosty blue covering the catwalks. Feminine and pristine, these trends are probably the most suited to summer as they look beautiful combined with subtle ditsy floral prints. Thus

teamed up with the metallic palette of sleek shimmer you can make a killer outfit which is bang on trend. Now to add a twist to your wardrobe, try out some lovely pairs of floral jeans. Fashion Designer Jaya Misra tells us what would be in vogue this Summer. These jeans are available in soft pastels as well loud hues with spring floral images. Wear this style of denim with jackets, cardigans and tops. But to be the center of attention, pose with a feminine and elegant maxi dress. A summery maxi dress is an essential piece in every womans wardrobe. These long flowing dresses are flattering, comfy and very smart, said Jaya. Talking about the trends for sarees this season, Sanya Dhir, Brand Director, KBSH, a heritage sari house based in Delhi shares, Trends in sarees this summer include light breezy, omber effect hand dyes in flowy georgettes. Other trends that we predict include lots of mix and match. It will be a combination of different


April 2013

fabrics & techniques such as hand dyes/ digital prints/ embellishments/ embroideries. Hand paints with embellished blouses and light embroideries with sequin, beads, cut pipes and thread will also be in vogue. French laces with highlights, stitched gown draped sarees will also be seen. Talking about the colors that will be the trend this season, Pastels like yellow, blue, mint, peach, pistachio green, pink and hint of neons like lime green, Orange, fuchsia pink, champagne golds and nude will all do wonders, said Sanya Dhir. Chic and chunky statement necklace is the best way to add some punch to the look. From huge gold necklaces to multi-colored gemstone necklaces, edgy metallic chokers to giant pearl pieces;neck pieces will give you the perfect summery look. Jinali Sutariya, a young and effervescent accessory designer speaks about some accessories that will be trendy and funky for evening wears this summer. Ear cuffs are the way to go, adding on to the drama and glamour this summer. Whether its Rodartes ear embellishments worn with a simple hair do or our ever stylish Sonam Kapoor flaunting Valliyan by Nityas ear cuffs proves to be super edgy and uber stylish, says Jinali.

fashion this season. Its time to embrace the colors all around. But this time, the hues are taken up a notch. Acid or neon colors are a great way to take the dramatic element in your outfit to a new level with a casual look seeing some funky shades. For the little less dramatic it seems that this seasons most popular upcoming trend color, is the good old-fashioned blue. Talking about Formals Paresh added, Would see from bright cobalt/aqua shades and mauve to more subtle, calm tones of like navy, midnight, petrol blue and grays. The look this summer will be slim, fitted silhouettes which will be unstructured and deconstructed. So get set go with these fashion tips in your mini pockets and hit the fashion street to get them on. Something that will really catch everyones attention this season is dip dye hair fashion. Dip dye is a way of highlighting the bottom tips of hair with bright hair color. This gives a bold, daring and amazing look but always choose a shade that balances your current shade and suits your skin tone too. When it comes to makeup and beauty this season, the word is simplicity. Even though the seasons fashion trends include plenty of glamour, beauty trends are simple. Makeup expert Nidhi Khurana shares with us trends that are in and out this season. Hair is soft, flowing and natural rather than ultrastyled. Makeup is less fussy. Here are the trends that are in this season. Eyebrows: Naturally shaped brows. They are the in thing this season. Out: Outrageously arched brows. Eye Lashes: Lighter lashes. This season go a bit easy on the lashes. One good sheer coat of black or brown mascara is all youll need. Its just not about excess this season. Eyes: Go for UV colors like pink blue for your eyes!! They are very in colors for this summer. Out: Tons of mascara. Itll be back, but for now, keep it simple. Lips: Cherry red lips. A sheer, cherry red lip color looks terrific on everyone. Out: Bold pink lips: Hot pink seems too young to pull off falls more adult style. Make-up: Letting freckles show. This season put away your foundation and use only the sheerest lightly tinted moisturizer to even your skin tone. Out: Covering up. Hiding your pretty skin goes against everything Nails: Deep chocolate nail polish. Nails make a strong statement this fall, so go for deep-toned polish, such as chocolate browns,deep burgundies and neon colors.

See-through clutches are a clear trend this season. Gucci, Stella McCartney have created quite a stir on the ramp. However I personally root for BCBG square clear clutches. With the earthy deep colors and removable straps, this clutch is definitely a winner for a night out. The accessory Im gorging over is not the ubiquitous crowded arm of unmatched and charm bracelets. This summer extra attention has been drawn to the wrist, as metal cuffs are getting bigger and bolder. A simple classic LBD can transform into a chic looking dress with just the power of a cuff on the wrist, added Jinali. This summer one will see a lot of different cuts and styles for men. Some of them will be- straight cuts, darts, over lappings, side and back slits, folded collars, etc. The colors that tend to best suit these styles areblue, khaki, granite, two toned, off white. Jaya Misra suggests the following five themes will be dominant in Menswear Spring/Summer 2013. Vintage is still a factor in mens clothing. Fabrics like prints, linen, summer wools and sun washed casual cloth as well as bold colors with both check and stripes are in for summer. Another famous mens Fashion Designer Paresh Lamba also speaks to us about the trends in Mens


April 2013


Fight the UV rays with a new parasol this summer

Jinal Patel

benefits of UV blue lights while on the go. Additionally, the healthy sun-like rays parasol can be used in the conventional manner to shield an individual from rain or excess sun. The umbrella can be used in various forms like walking, playing golf, relaxing at the beach, or sitting on the back patio. The sun friendly umbrellas also help increase vitamin D levels which will benefit from absorbing healthy sun rays by your skin. The silver shiny coat is the key to identifying a sun umbrella but with fashion trends not all fancy umbrellas have a shiny coat on the inner side of the parasol. A parasol is defined as a light, usually small umbrella carried as protection from the sun. The word parasol literally means for sun in Spanish. But in India, the term parasol is hardly used. An umbrella prevents you from getting soaking wet in the rain and acts as a protector from the harmful effects of the sun. The umbrella could be considered the very first sun block, invented solely to prevent sunburn wrinkles and skin aging. It is portable, lightweight and easily transportable from place to place. Umbrellas are affordable and a good investment.

your day. The red is luscious but does not cause discomfort to the eye, and makes you look cute and girly.

The Lilliput umbrella is just what you need for the summer sun. With a small surface and a short handle, this serves as an umbrella cap. Small and sweet, this traditional looking one is easy to carry. The trees and the bird on the umbrella make it even more interesting, just suited to the seasons greens. Monochrome umbrella can suit any look. It could give you a petite girl look, or could seem extremely daring and strong depending on how you carry it off. You could rotate to a shade on the umbrella at an angle you think suits your outfit best. This typical summer hue makes the umbrella almost look like your orange candy, and very appealing to the eye. Cream-white Wagasa with floral designs around the edges gives you a soft geisha girl look. Made of bamboo sticks and Washi paper, this one is definitely a ladys summer shade. Orange umbrella with supple and frilly edges is elegant and cute. No matter what you wear, this light shade and translucent umbrella will add beauty and appear delicate. Walking along the lane, the spangles of sunlight hitting your umbrella will only make it glow, adding a glow to your face. Hello kitty umbrella is cute and childlike for the April showers and the May summers. This light pink keeps you safe and the red bow definitely gives you an adorable look. With whiskers and eyes, this emoting umbrella will definitely elicit smiles.

eat rash, burnt noses and tans are becoming a common problem for all the girls in the city. So what does one do? Add a pretty umbrella on your shopping list this season. So far Ive been walking around with a rain umbrella to protect me from the sun. It might sound stupid, but not many people are aware of Sun umbrellas specially designed for the summers in the market. Now look for a parasol and stay protected. A healthy sun-like rays umbrella is a new and improved umbrella that has an integrated UV blue therapy light. The present invention affords a user the ability to receive the

Rain umbrellas are made with water proof material and are now available in fancy designs and styles but sun umbrellas are more unique. They have the advantage of being more glamorous and there is no fear of any damage. An embroidered umbrella is a common sight these days with a lot of foreign tourists carrying the handmade craft around while traveling and exploring. Here are some fun umbrellas you could use this summer to be cool and stay safe from the blazing sun. Polka dotted sunshade is bright and playful, helping to give you a mischievous look. The white dots definitely add a sort of revelry to


April 2013

Smell check!
Jinal Patel

Wipe yourself thoroughly

Once youve showered, be sure you dry yourself completely. Towel off and make sure you dry any areas where you sweat a lot. If your skin is dry, its harder for bacteria that cause body odor to breed on it.

ummer is the time when your sweat glands seem to be most active and there is a need for constant check to see if you are smelling okay. Body odor can vanish if you live a healthy life style. Here are some tips on how you can balance your lifestyle and also smell good all day.

Apply deodorants or antiperspirants

Once you are clean and dry, use a strong deodorant or antiperspirant on your underarms. While deodorants do not prevent sweating, they mask the smell of bacteria on your skin. Antiperspirants contain aluminum chloride, a chemical that reduces sweating, and often also contain a deodorant.

Keep yourself clean

Shower at least more than once a day. It will wash away sweat as well as reduce the number of bacteria on your skin especially those areas prone to sweating, thereby reducing body odor. Sweat by itself is virtually odorless. But when microscopic bacteria that live naturally on your skin mix with sweat, they multiply quickly and raise quite a stink.

Keep your wardrobe clean

Change clothes often when youre sweating heavily. Fresh clothes help keep body odor down. Be sure to change your socks as well, especially if you tend to have foot odor. Use deodorant powders in your shoes, replace insoles frequently, and go barefoot if possible. Cut down on unhealthy foods What you eat affects your body odor. Foods that tend to make you sweat more, such as hot peppers or other spicy foods, might also contribute to body odor. The aroma of foods such as onions or garlic can be carried in the sweat, making you smell bad.

Use antibacterial soap

Choose antibacterial bath soap. Washing thoroughly with an antibacterial soap bar will reduce the bacteria count, in turn reducing the odor. Look for the words antibacterial on the soaps packaging. And use a soap bar to have a wash.


April 2013



Pearl H. Mohankumar


ummer is here! Sunscreens are disappearing from the shop racks, ice creams are much sought after and everyone has a plan for summer. This summer is sure to be one of the hottest but not many are aware of it. Some have decided to keep themselves locked up indoors and some are up for some fun in the sun. Not many are bothered about getting tanned but plan on being cool this summer. Whatever you do make sure you are loaded up with lots of juice and dont forget your umbrella and sun block. Take a weekend or two off and chill out in the mountains and the beach. Have some summer fun! Heres what some of the young people are planning on to beat the heat.


April 2013

I would suggest eating a rainbow, drink as much of coconut water as you can, always carry a water bottle and avoid drinking cold water. Always cover your skin to avoid tanning. Wash your face twice or thrice a day. Taking bath twice a day is also advisable. Lack of enough energy can give a sun stroke which might even kill you. So dont plan on reducing your food intake. Enjoy as many juices as you can and try to reduce eating chicken. It would raise the body temperature.

Pavan Teja, Actor/Model

I eat yogurt everyday to keep me cool and Ive done special service for my AC to keep my room extra cool.

Sudhan Raj, student

You cant beat the heat. I make sure Im keeping up to it by drinking a lot of water. I spend my money on tender coconut water melons and things that make the body cool.

Sangeeth, BPO Executive

Start working. Youll stay in AC all day, get some drinks you like and you can sleep during the training. Plus, you get paid.

Glen, Financial analyst

To beat the heat and to enjoy Holi festivities, organize a rain dance by the poolside! Invite your friends over and have fun.

Husena, Chennai

I would work in night shifts, stay in an AC room and sleep during the day. Eat fruits and drink plenty of water. Ill may be take a break and go on vacation to some hill station or waterfall.

Soorej Tuyyath, Software professional

Why cant we just enjoy the heat like any other season? So, rather than trying to beat the heat, feast the heat with tender coconut, mangoes and cool juices.

Sakina, Chennai

I dont do anything particularly to beat the heat. I avoid going out in the afternoons and try to stay in an air conditioned room.

Swarna Varsha, Dancer


April 2013


Here Comes the Sun!

Jayalakshmi Saroj

The vibrant colours and fresh flavours of summer are worth the winters wait. The season, for some reason, brings with it the longing to spend time indoors, and to gorge on soothing foods. Try these crunchy, slurpy delights to beat the heat the easy way.

ont run, dont hide. And no, you dont need sunblock to enjoy these treats right at home. Welcome, Summer!

Note: Serve with a dollop of love!

Ingredients Tomato Pineapple Orange Apple Cream Lemon juice 2 25g 1 1 50ml 1 tbsp


Wash all the fruits and peel the pineapple and orange. Dice all the fruits in a medium-sized bowl and set aside. In a separate bowl, pour the cream and combine it with the lemon juice. Pour the acidulated cream dressing on the fruits and stir lightly. Serve immediately.



April 2013

Ingredients Onion 1 Carrot 1 Cucumber Tomato Lemon juice 1 1 tsp

Salt To taste Pepper A pinch

Coriander leaves (for garnish)

Method Cut the onion, cucumber, carrot and tomato into dices and put in a large bowl. Add lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper and mix well. Top the salad with chopped coriander leaves. Serve immediately.


Ingredients Apple Walnut Cream Salt Pepper 3 6 50ml To taste A pinch

Method In a large bowl, dice the apples and finely chop the walnut kernels. Pour in the cream. Add salt and pepper. Mix well and check for seasoning. Serve immediately.


April 2013



Ingredients Cucumber 5 Onion Milk Potato Salt Pepper To taste Chilli flakes To taste 3 500ml 2 To taste

A few mint leaves (for garnish)

Method Cut cucumber and onions into dices and blend well. Boil the potatoes. Peel and mash them. Pour the milk in a medium-sized pot. Bring to a boil and set aside. Pure the cucumber and onions. Add the mashed potatoes to the pured mixture. Grind to make a smooth paste. Pour in the milk. Add salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Check for seasoning and refrigerate. Garnish with mint leaves and serve chilled.


Ingredients Pineapple 3 Honey 50ml Sugar 100g Lemon juice Vanilla ice-cream Pineapple ice-cream 1 cup 2 tbsp 1 cup

Dry coconut powder (for garnish) 1 tbsp

Method Peel and cut the pineapples into cubes and extract the juice. Add honey, sugar and lime juice. Mix well. Add vanilla and pineapple ice-creams to the liquid mixture and blend well. Dry-roast the coconut powder for 30-60 seconds. Garnish and serve chilled.


April 2013


Ingredients Almond 500g Flour Cream 100ml Milk Butter Salt Pepper To taste 200ml 150g To taste 100g

Method Soak the almonds for two to three hours and remove the skin. Pulse the almonds in a food processor or blender and make a pure and set aside. Boil the milk and allow it to cool. Melt butter over medium heat and whisk in the flour. Cook the flour until it blends well and starts to lose its raw smell. Combine the flour mixture, little by little, with the milk and add the cream slowly, attain the desired texture. Pour in the almond pure and mix well. Add salt and pepper. Check for seasoning and refrigerate. Serve chilled.


Ingredient Banana 7 Milk or cream 1litre

Sugar 250g Vanilla ice-cream Cinnamon powder Bread 250g 25g 6 slices

Butter 2 tbsp Method Peel the bananas. Blend with sugar, milk, vanilla ice-cream and cinnamon powder and refrigerate. Cut the bread slices into one-inch cubes. In a pan, melt butter over medium heat and toast both sides of the bread cubes. The bread croutons are ready. Top each serving with a few bread croutons. Serve chilled.


April 2013


read whatever they are interested in. Its aim was to give children what they want to read without money being a constraint for their reading and learning. Slowly they also opened an activity centre where children can get together, learn and share their talent, enhance their skills and outgrow themselves. Story origami, puppet shows, cha-chachas to dance numbers, yoga, map pointing, theme parties, festival celebrations, arts and crafts, vocabulary building, talks on life and nature are some of the activities that happen on regular basis. We have a lot of activities for different age groups during school days where in the evenings activities are conducted regularly. Special summer camps are conducted every year to help engage childrens minds into innovative and effective development. It is always good to learn new things and keep the brain thinking. We have had different themes and it is a challenge every year to come up with themes of childrens interest. It is open to all. This year we have introduced theatre on parents demand. At Glow worm club no parent can leave his child alone. We focus on socio-emotional bonding time and space, which we provide and the child can pick a book of his interest and either the mother or father would sit along and study the book together. We also have sessions for parents on understanding their children and how to help them develop better, says Swetha Nanavati, the creative thinker of Glow Worm Club. Dont stop your kids from learning something new this year. Log on to www.olivethedesignplace.com/ glowworm and register your kids soon!

Jinal Patel

yourkidsintosummerspirit with glow worm clubs summerfunactivities. Glow worm club is a house with a huge range of interactive and invigorating activities that help in the overall development of the skills and senses of your child. It is also home to a variety of books from educational to fiction, short stories to picture pop-ups and Encyclopedia. The library also stocks lots of interesting and interactive CDs, games and toys for the enjoyment of the children. Usually parents are hesitant to buy encyclopedia or other books because they are expensive and range not less than Rs 350- 500 per book. A child reads the books for about 3 years and outgrows that stage of reading the same books and demands for something new. This is a serious problem. Started four years ago this house of wisdom lets your child learn and nurture the dreams of every child. Today there are very few childrens s libraries in the city and Glow Worm Club identified this problem and opened a library that lets the children spread their wings and

ummertime! Time for maximum fun! Get


April 2013

Dealers in
Woods n Plywoods Burma Teakwood African Teakwood Kongwood Padakwood Hardwood Decorative wood Silver Oak runner Film Face Shuttering Plywood and types of branded Plywoods and Laminates

Abhishek Lohia @ 9940614072

Dealers in all types of Woods n Plywoods

#83,Sydenhams Road,Periamet,Chennai-600 003 Phone: 044 25354400, 42174500 E-mail: aptimber@gmail.com

April 2013 93

Tatha Vastram Jattin Kochhar

herbal clothing for life by The Vedic Collection

Rishi Wadhwa ATHA , the incredible range of personal care wellness products which is specially created to make every experience unique and enjoyable by healing in a holistic manner has unveiled Tatha Vastram Jattin Kochhar, a range of organic herbal clothing designed exclusively by renowned designer, Jattin Kochhar.

For the first time in India, people can wear organic cotton clothing with selected herbs permanently infused, using age old methods and techniques, which delivers a host of benefits for overall well being. The healing value of Herbal Clothing and its usage is based on the principle of touch and by coming in contact, the body loses toxins and its metabolism is enhanced. Herbal Clothing helps in fighting many common and prevalent diseases such as hypertension, heart ailments, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism and skin infections. Tatha Vastram Jattin Kochhar is completely free of synthetic chemicals and toxic irritants and is totally organic, sustainable and biodegradable. It emphasizes the importance of an environmentally friendly way of living and sustaining the world in a virtuous way for future generations. The most effective time to wear Herbal Clothing is when the body is at rest because this is when the body is naturally healing and reestablishing balance. The skin is the bodys largest organ and wearing herbal clothing improves the skins natural ability to resist and block harmful chemicals and toxins from entering the body. The concept of Herbal Clothing is derived from the ancient 5000 year old Indian system of Vedic Healthcare. Herbal Clothing is made from 100% organic cotton fabric that has been permeated with special herbs and oils that promote health and treats various ailments depending upon the blends of embedded herbs and oils. Herbal Clothing helps restore balance within the bodys system and strengthens the immune system. The process of producing Herbal Clothing is carefully and precisely controlled and monitored and no chemical process is adopted in dyeing and processing the fabric and no machine processing is involved in its making. Nearly all of the herbs used in the fabric are sourced from local tribal communities who gather these from the countrys rich forest areas and this sustains them economically. Price: Rs.2500/- to Rs.8000/Availability: www.vedic-collection.com


April 2013



April 2013



Feel good with

Rishi Wadhwa




April 2013


is the leading fashion brand o f f e r i n g customers a one stop shop for clothing, accessories and footwear needs for the entire family. A division of Lifestyle International (P) Ltd., Max has pioneered the concept of value fashion in the country, thereby offering the discerning shopper a vast choice with international fashion and quality. Merging classical looks with a fun demeanor, the Max Summer 2013 collection presents a range that takes on the latest global trends Classic Nautical while reviving soft colors and vibrant hoopla prints - a forever popular summer look. The colour palette sees a dominance of an eclectic mix of pastels, shades reminiscent of spring, peacocks, magentas and a surprise kiwi accent to add spice. Earthy tones of tan and Khaki in the menswear range.

range is interpreted in graphic tees, polos complimented by light weight denim shirts in YD stripes and checks. Another style that is a prominent part of the collection is tees from Marvel and Fashion polos with chino shorts. The varsity look is back this season for the classic urban male. Inspired by the American college lifestyle in the 70s and 80s bring out the sporty attitude in you. Classic university logos and mascot caricature form the base of graphics tees. Also a part of the collection is hooded shirts in checks and stripes.

Kids collection
The collection is filled with playful themes for free spirited children, for the little boys varsity range and breezy dresses featuring floral prints and stripes for little girls. The collection captures the essence of a childs imagination with its youthful curiosity and play. The kids wear range predominantly focuses on the tropical prints of summer with neon colour that is sure to appeal to the little fashionistas. Children have the opportunity to create a fun and coordinated look with lively prints and bright colours.

Womens collection
For womens wear this season, pattern mixing has taken to a whole new level in this range with warm hues. A range of printed georgette and knit dresses in summery floral prints, breezy dresses and stylish tops giving it that perfect fusion of comfortable yet glamorous. A typical summer visual treat, colours are bright and vivacious with juicy brights, palm leaves and exotic bird graphics. Geometry and Aztec influences are also seen in this collection. Up the glamour quotient with embellished stylish tops in lace. Encrusted collar detailed tops, dresses are juxtaposed with lace rendered prints and fabrics. Lots of shape play and fabric combinations in newer hi- low silhouettes and resort shorts add freshness. Laser Cuts and patterned leggings bring the joy and mood for a beautiful summer!

Mens collection
In menswear, the Global traveler


April 2013


Whats New in the Market?

This Spring, get soaked in LONDON look !

Rishi Wadhwa WOODS, a premium fashion brand recently launched its all new Spring Summer Collection 2013. The brand new Spring Summer 2013 collection is specially customized to get your own perfect look. This new collection comprises of variety of flats , peep toes, high heels and formal shoes for women in sync with British heritage. The collection has pretty party heels in chick styles, lively colors as well as classic printed heels and sorbet hues of wedges. The heels are printed with stylish floral designs and mosaic looks. The highlights of the collection are polka dots heel and high heels with elegant straps in classic red and beige colour. The Spring Summer 2013 collection will also include fancy ballerinas and party wear pumps.



April 2013

Smart Chefs
Fatema Vadnagarwala
Emulating the internationally acclaimed cooking competition Master chef, the Smart chef 2 organized by a woman duo, Alifia and Jumana Vithorawala was a rave among the Dawoodi Bohra Community women of Chennai city. In its second edition, the Smart chef was targeted at nurturing the cooking skills of amateurs infused with a lot of fun and creativity. The judges, Chef Roy and Chef Nimrit of ITC Park Sheraton held the reigns of these budding chefs, judging and guiding them

he afternoon was abuzz. Anticipation and competition clung in the air. Excited chatter and an array of colors were on display. The room held the humdrum of women and activity. The Smart chef 2 in all pomp and glory had finally arrived.


April 2013


through various rounds. Like Master chef, the judges and the organizers had a single goal in mind- to make the competition challenging! Says Alifia, This time around, we had given the participants all they wanted or required and not compromised on the presence, quality and quantity of any single ingredient. And true to that, the Smart chef had its own pantry with extensive shelves of meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and oils. The first competition round was a non-fire cooking round in which the participants had to make a cold soup and a mocktail. The twist in this was that the cold soup had to have a fruit in any form and the mocktail had to have the tinge of chilli. The second was making a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian continental starter and the final round was the mystery box which had the hand out of an exotic pasta recipe and a baked cake that had to be iced. Since the Bohra Community was celebrating the 102nd Birth Anniversary of their Spiritual leader Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS), the icing on the cake had to bear its mark. At the stroke of the clock marking the first minute, all the thirteen groups with three participants in each mechanically got into work. An extraordinary combination of teamwork and a common thinking ground of using and blending of the right ingredients were hugely evident. Alifia, good-natured and wholeheartedly professed to cheating and stealing among the groups, but once when the dish was laid, she turned into a strict taskmaster and proclaimed that it reflected the participants creativity and capability. She held on to this mantra and because of this, a lot of cheer was doled out among the seriouslyconcentrating participants. There was however, elimination at the end of every round and the three groups that were consistently innovative donned the Smart chef apron and hat, and sizzled to the final. The event was a treat in a sense that it was engaging for the audience as well as for the participants with sessions on vegetable carving, yoga and mental wellbeing . The judging was done fairly on the basis of presentation, health significance, combination of ingredients, taste, wastage and cleanliness of the counter. Chef Nimrit, Head Chef at Park Sheraton and co-judge, rather excitedly pointed out , I am amazed by the acute awareness of the participants about a variety of dishes, whereas I had known them only after my graduation in hotel management. The participants also had much to say about the event. With a heaving sigh, Arwa a participant who had got eliminated after the first round, says, At the orientation that took place a week before, Alifia had told us what the competition was all about; since then I had spent long hours researching. Yet, after so much of it I had a tough competition. The audience, which had trickled into a handful after

the completion of all the rounds, seemed totally satisfied. Zainab, who had sat through the entire six-hour event, was all starry eyed at the end of it. She says, I am amazed at the sheer dedication and organizing skills of the organizers.

Alifia, the organizer of this event, has a rather glossy background in cooking and hotel management. After a difficult entry into a course in hotel management because of its un-conventionalism at the time, she got placed and trained at the much coveted Taj hotels in Chennai. Soon after its completion she became a management trainee at Pizza Corner for one and a half years after which she was offered a job training in Sydney by the CEO of Cookie Man. When the hotel chain opened its first shop in Chennai at Spencers, she was made the Store Manager. After an unsuccessful marriage and loss of 5years of her career, Alifia as a single mother embarked into yet another journey along the same route. She was made the consultant chef at Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah in Surat, a renowned residential school of Arabic scriptural learning housing 3500 inmates. During her stay at the Jamea, she brought in a lot of changes in the menu , infused proper nutrition into meals, trained kitchen staff to avoid wastage and maintain cleanliness, introduced international cuisines and various techniques of cooking and eating. After her tenure at the Jamea, she came back to Chennai and was on the board of a team of designers to design the kitchen at West Inn. She started her first entrepreneurial venture along with her sister Jumana, also a single mother, with a restaurant she named Cilantro in the heart of the city in Parrys, Chennai, which unfortunately was a failure. Unfazed by the outcome Alifia is now on her way to opening up a new vegetarian chain of restaurants called Veg Pattinam with its head office at Mandaveli. After Smart chef and the interest evinced by the women of the community, Alifia feels bound to open up a training center targeted mainly at homemakers providing a proper course work for extensive training in cooking and baking techniques and the use and blending of ingredients. With an overwhelming response to Smart-chef from the community, Alifia and Jumana proudly announce that its third edition will be open to all in the city and hope to see a lot more creativity and fun in cooking.


April 2013

When Flying is a necessity

A combination of factors like economic boom, increased foreign tourist arrival, increased purchasing power of people, and poor air connectivity of smaller cities has motivated the establishment of Aviation division. The motivation for INDRA AIR PRIVATE LIMITED proposed air service has been outlined here. INDRA AIR PRIVATE LIMITED is designed to meet your special needs without being encumbered by air carrier schedules. We arrange charter services to meet different contingencies like corporate meetings, health emergencies, holiday trips ,geophysical resource survey, law enforcement , aerial advertisement, film shooting ,flower and leaflet dropping ,package tours and overnight getaways. Today, INDRA AIR PRIVATE LIMITEDS primary corporate objective is to achieve the proper balance of performance, safety, functionality, reliability, and affordability in a family of light helicopters.

Head Office No.5, Alsa Regency,165, Eldams Road,Alwarpet, Chennai 600 018. Ph.No. : 044 4232 8808 Fax No. : 044 4232 8807 Mobile : +9187544 98181 Email: finance@indraair.com Airport Office Old Airport (Near Madras Flying Club),Meenambakkam, Chennai 600 027. Telefax : 044 2256 0860 Mobile : +91 90030 20061 Email: airportoffice@indraair.com


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a Wide Range of products for your Pet. to Maintain and Groom your Pet. our Panel of Experts,Veterinarians and Consultants HELP you.

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Choose from our complete range of branded , high quality food products, special treats, food supplements, accessories, cosmetics, confiners, equipments and specialized products. We deal with: Royal canin, Eukanuba, Pedigree, Whiskas, Canobits from Pfizer,Science diet, Droals,Me-o,Taiyo fish & turtle food ,Sun seed for hamsters, guinea pigs, Prestige premium for birds. We also distribute a range of products such as Pookie Snacks, Buxaway Mosquito Repellent, Gel insect Repellent, Starpett Silver Nano Dry Shampoo.

#64/1, W Block,3rd Street, Anna Nagar,Chennai-600040 Ph: +91 98407 66880 petmartchennai@gmail.com www. petmartchennai.com



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April 2013


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Agada Lifestyle

Comprehensive Preventive Healthcare Program

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Boston, USA

Agada Diabetes Care No.8, Dr. Nair Road, T. Nagar,Chennai -600017, India Email: agada@agadahealthcare.net , contact@agadahealthcare.in Ph: 91-44-3013 3721


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