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Chapter Chapter 1

Plot outline Introduces Fliss who is having a nightmare about going on her school trip to Whitby. She feels she has no control over her feet and they have taken her where she does not want to go. Her mum comes in and reassures her it will all be OK as it was just a dream. Fliss is not sure. Introduces other main characters Lisa, Ellie-May, Gary and teachers. Students gather to get on bus for trip. Ellie-May predicts friends will be split up at hotel. Reader learns why Ellie-May is disliked by Fliss. Gary makes first mention of Dracula and gives basic information about him. Fliss recalls fears from nightmare. Journey on bus to Whitby. Fliss and Ellie May argue. Fliss explains about the nightmare to Lisa. She upsets boy behind her by reclining her seat to sleep. He kicks her chair. He is reprimanded by Mrs Evans who pulls his hair. Fliss goes to sleep. Bus stops off in Pickering. Mr Hepworth warns students not to wander off and only to visit the toilet. Lisa arrives back to bus late. She has been shopping and bought a torch shaped like a dragon. She cannot explain why she went to the shop after being told not to. He confiscates the torch. She will have to write an apology for delaying the bus. She tells Fliss her feet seemed to move on their own. This reminds Fliss of her nightmare. Bus journey continues. Students discuss how they would use last three minutes of life. Whitby Abbey is seen from a distance. Mr Hepworth gives more information about Dracula. Arrival at hotel for lunch. Fliss feels she recognizes the building and gate but doesnt recall where from. Rooms are allocated by teachers. Fliss is not sharing with Lisa. From the window Fliss sees an old woman in a shelter. On the landing Fliss sees a room with no number on the door and is told it is a linen cupboard. She is puzzled about how she seems to know things about the hotel and the views. Students walk round Whitby. Fliss sees the old woman again. Visit to the whalebone arch and the beach. Students play on beach and return through Whitby town. Gary spots The Dracula Experience tourist attraction but cannot go in. Students walk up to the Abbey and go through the graveyard. Return to hotel for tea. Fliss is still puzzling about how familiar the place feels. Gary shows Fliss a huge stick of rock he has bought. Lisa has to write apologies for delaying the coach and is then given her torch back. Students go to bed. Fliss cannot sleep and gets up to use the bathroom. The hotel is quiet and creepy. Fliss hears crying and realizes it comes from the linen cupboard. She sees the number thirteen on the door though it had not been there before. Fliss is scared. In the morning she wonders if it was a dream. Coach journey to Staithes. Fliss tells Lisa about the previous night and the room number appearing. Lisa wants to dismiss it as a dream. Fliss gives her evidence it was not. Cliff top walk from Staithes. Further discussion of dream. Mrs Evans disappears from walk. When she catches up, she is with Ellie-May who looks very ill and says she feels dizzy and sick. David (Trot) claims to have seen Ellie-May at 2.30am after she had been upstairs. She denies it but he accurately describes her pyjamas. Fliss puzzles over events and Ellie-Mays involvement. At lunch-time, Fliss shares her worries about Ellie-May and the previous night with Lisa who dismisses them. Fliss speaks to Trot, who is more receptive. She dares him to keep her and Lisa company that night as they watch to see what happens outside the cupboard.

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Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Trot invites Gary to join them that night. The four meet up in the bathroom at the hotel to plan what they will do and what time to meet. They agree to watch the landing and cupboard at midnight. Fliss is left worrying about what will happen if Ellie-May appears. Fliss nearly falls asleep before meeting the others. They meet in the bathroom. They hear the clock chiming. At midnight they see the number 13 on the cupboard door. Ellie-May comes upstairs apparently sleepwalking. She goes into the cupboard. They can see nothing in there. They hear noises. Ellie-May comes out after an hour. They agree to speak to Ellie-May before telling a teacher. Fliss wakes late and is late to breakfast. Mrs Evans tells her Ellie-May is ill. Fliss finds out who the old woman in the shelter is. The four children discuss what to do. They agree Fliss should tell Mr Hepworth. She does so but he makes a joke about Dracula and how Gary was teasing her. He agrees to look in the cupboard. Fliss speaks to Ellie-May who complains about bad dreams. Fliss sees two spots of blood on Ellie-Mays neck. Mr Hepworth opens the cupboard. There is only linen in there. Fliss is unconvinced.

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Chapter 17


Plot outline Mr Hepworth becomes cross and tells her to stop being silly. She tells him about the blood on Ellie-Mays neck. He warns her to stop saying such silly things or she will b e punished.

Chapter 18

Fliss tells Gary about Ellie-May and the cupboard. He has overheard the hotel owner saying that in all school parties there is a child who becomes ill in the same way. The adults have put it down to homesickness. Lisa and Trot are told. They decide to try and sort it out themselves as the adults do not believe what is happening. Fliss worries about the dream again. Walk to Saltwick Bay. Students play on the beach and look at fossils. Fliss and Lisa walk a long way on the tide line and look at the shells and flotsam. Fliss is reminded of the hotel gate by a black bird on a rock. Fliss finds a large flat rock she likes and decides to take it with her. Mrs Evans tries to dissuade her but Fliss wants it anyway. At the hotel the friends agree arrangements for the night. Fliss goes out of the hotel to talk to the old woman Sal Haggerlythe. The old woman speaks in riddles about an eye that sleeps in the day and Fliss doesnt know what to say to her. Friends all sleepy but make meeting again in bathroom. Gary has been sucking his stick of rock to stay awake. Lisa has brought her torch. They watch the number 13 appear on the door from nowhere. Ellie-May comes up again. Fliss tries to stop her going in the cupboard by calling and then getting hold of her arm. Ellie-May does not respond. She is aggressive. All four have to get hold of her. Room 13 door opens and they see a different room inside. They force the door shut and Ellie-May collapses. Teachers arrive on landing after all the noise. Friends try to explain the truth but are not believed. Ellie-May is crying. Marks on her neck are dismissed as caused by struggle. They are told off for waking Ellie-May abruptly whilst sleepwalking. Friends do not get into trouble although have to make up an explanation for previous nights events. All eat fish and chips before going into Whitby. Fliss and Gary visit The Dracula Experience. Fliss finds it very scary especially when an exhibit sp eaks to her. It is Sal Haggerlythe who tells her the history of the hotel and warns she has a task to do to save EllieMay and many others from what is hiding in the cupboard that is Room 13. She will be told what to do. Outside, Fliss tells Gary what she has been told. He agrees to help her with the others. They buy presents to take home. Trot has bought a cheap kite that has already broken. Mrs Evans tells him off and mentions the other things that have been bought against advice. Fliss recalls she was told not to take the pebble from the beach. She wonders what the significance of the objects might be. Everyone packs up at the hotel. Fliss realizes the objects could all be used to kill a vampire. A disco has been organized for the last night. Ellie-May seems to be almost back to normal and has no memory of the other nights. Fliss wishes she was able to forget them too. Disco in the hotel dining room. Fliss tells the others about her plan. Gary is not keen. The others agree their week has been ruined, but feel they have no choice in it. Mrs Evans tells Fliss that Ellie-May will sleep in her room so she can keep an eye on her. Fliss worries none of the others will come now they know that. Friends meet on landing, each with their objects. They agree their tactics. At midnight the door changes and the four go into Room 13. Vampire is in its coffin. As they start to try to kill it, it wakes and Fliss has to use her stone to force the point of the rock through its chest. It fights but dies horribly in the end. Teachers arrive suddenly and just find the four of them outside the cupboard on the landing. Going home. Friends wake to perfect morning and telling off from Mr Hepworth. They dont care as vampire now dead. Everything seems settled and sorted out. Fliss realizes on way home she has forgotten gift for parents. As they look back at the Abbey Ellie-May suddenly appears quietly and gives Fliss replacement picture she had bought for herself. She admits she knows what friends had done to save her and is grateful.

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