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Development/Project Objectives 1. To educate the target audiences on the proper way to throw their garbage.

Specific: To creatively present the importance of properly disposing ones garbage through colorful and engaging materials and give the target audiences a more hands on knowledge on the project by making them identify what garbages should be disposed and garbages that can still be used. 2. To reduce waste generation and increase recycling rate Specific: To install eye catching trash bins that have labels on which trash should be thrown on the bin and put up recycling depositories as well. 3. To transform trash into money. Specific: To come up with livelihood programs for non-working parents that will help them generate money with the use of recyclable materials. Situation Analysis Brgy. San Vicente was created on June 1950-1962. It has a area of 4 hectares which is separated by 9 streets namely Maayusin Extension, Lourdes St., Fatima St., Maliwanag St., Makatarungan St., Alley 1 Pook 2, Alley 2 Pook 3, Riverside and UP Bliss. Based on NSO data, as of 2010, there a total population of 6, 167 residents in the area. The residents in the area belong to class ABCDE. An annual budget of P5, 376,686.43 was allocated to the barangay on the year 2010. There are 44 business establishments found in the barangay. Target Audience Analysis Primary- All residents of Brgy. San Vicente, youth, middle aged and senior citizens, employed or unemployed, single or married. Secondary- Pupils/students ages five years old and above who are enrolled in private or public learning institutions found in Brgy. San Vicente, Quezon City. Tertiary- Business owners such as sari-sari stores, trinkets and school supply stores, food cart and street food business owners.

Message Design and Channel Strategy

I. Message The project will be named Malinis na Kapaligiran Daan sa Makulay na Kinabukasan. Brgy. San Vicente is one of the many barangays here in Metro Manila which has always been greatly devastated whenever natural calamities such as flooding arise. Aside from its a low leveled area, most of the drainages are clogged with a lot of garbage. Aside from that, residents who visits the barangay clinic has immensely increased due to the filthy environment. Having a clean environment isnt just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but minimizes the spread of infectious diseases, reduces the likelihood of the soil and water contamination brought about by wrong and irresponsible throwing of garbage and it creates an environment conducive to learning. Aside from that, this wont just be of benefit to the current residents but to the future inh abitants of Brgy. San Vicente. The project also highlights the three (3) Rs. REUSE, REDUCE and RECYCLE. Aside from grasping the vision of having a clean environment, the project also envisions to reduce waste generation by applying the 3R scheme which will not just trim down garbage production but will also bring money to households by transforming trash into a work of art. With this project, partners should be working hand-in-hand and effectively reciprocate the efforts of one another. Thus, through collective efforts from the residents, local and non-government agencies the project shall have permanence or hopefully be restructured according to the needs of time. II. Channel Strategy A. PRINT MEDIA (Pamphlets, Brochures) The entire contents of the print media will be written in two specific languages: English and Filipino. It shall use simple terms for easier comprehension. The printed materials will be creatively designed with caricatures, sketches and catchy colors to grab hold of the audiences attention. Trivias will also pop out to add knowledge to the audiences mind.

It will contain the following: Introduction (Laying down the problem on hand) Effects of irresponsible throwing of garbage (Now and Future) Is what you really throw a trash? Ways to Prevent it ( Three (3) R Scheme) Trivias Tips (e.g. Reduce Paper Waste Tips) Transforming dull reusable items to work of art Common Recyclable items Why should we recycle? Steps on how to recycle Location of Trash bins and Recycling depositories in the barangay

The printed materials will be disseminated through learning institutions found in the barangay and service desks, accredited health center and establishments, health facilities of Local Government and Barangay Hall. It will also be available during events and outreach services. B. Complimentary Items Items such as fans, pins and eco bag will be distributed during the projects events and outreach services which will function as a reward for taking a step in creating a clean environment and encouraging more residents to adopt, take the project seriously and live by it. The eco bags shall be used when purchasing items from the small scale businesses found in the barangay or can be used by the pupils to stow their garbages whenever a trash bin isnt found nearby. The materials will carry the Brgy. San Vicente logo. C. Colorful Trash Bins and Recycling Depositories
The recycling depositories will serve as an alternative bin for households who wish to donate their recyclable items. The recyclable items will be utilized for livelihood purposes or can be sold to generate funds for future use. The recycling bins will be labeled and colored accordingly so that the residents will just have to drop off the items inside the bin. The recycling depositories, as much as possible, will not be placed together with the trash bins to avoid placing items on the wrong bin. Strategically, it will be located near the barangay hall, learning institutions, corners of every street, near the playground and covered court.

The colorful trash bins will be classified into two, biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Biodegradable waste (nabubulok) is type of waste which can be broken down, in a reasonable amount of time, into its base compounds by micro-organisms and other living things, regardless of what those compounds may be. Meanwhile non -biodegradable waste (hindi nabubulok) refers to materials that do not break down naturally or take an inordinate amount of time to do so. The recycling bins will be labeled and colored accordingly so that the residents will just have to drop off the items inside the bin. An abundance of trash bins will be placed in every alley, corner and street of the barangay so that there will be no excuse to litter.

D. OPEN FORUM The projects success depends on the participation of the community members. It is said that development can only be attained if people are able to participate in the planning, decision making and implementation of projects which concerns their welfare. Thus, to gauge their feeling about the project, an open forum shall be held. An open forum is intended to be a venue in which people can gather to find out about a specific issue, reach a resolution on a controversial subject, or interact with members of their community. Often, officials and representatives are present to answer questions from the public, facilitate the discussion, and provide information which people may find valuable or useful. E. ENGAGING SEMINARS We will try to shy away from the traditional seminars wherein the speakers impart knowledge to the target audiences in an obsolete manner. We will utilize all the available modern materials that will engage people in listening to the lecture. Well be showing documentaries, clips or films showing the effects of unhealthy environment and what will happen to our world if we wont start to act on the problem. Aside from that, we will be involving the youth in the seminar by presenting to people a comedic skit on the different ways to help in preserving our environment through proper waste disposal and following the 3R Scheme. Aside from creating social awareness to people, we will also conduct livelihood seminars on how they can transform trash into cash. An invitation to artists who makes use of garbage in creating works of art will be given out or non-government agencies who utilize these trash in generating money.

F. EVENTS Annual celebration of the project titled Malinis na Kapaligiran Daan sa Makulay na Kinabukasan to look back to how the project started and how much has been achieved throughout the years of implementation and what were the revisions that occurred. Trade Fair- an event which showcases products made out of garbage which they residents have learned from the livelihood programs. It can also be avenue to generate more income since local governments from different cities will be invited and hopefully attract foreign investors. Landmark contest- Among the anticipated events of the year of the barangay is the Patronal Fiesta, Anniversary of the barangay and Holliday Season. Instead of making use of banderitas why not make these festivities even more colorful and fun by making use of recyclable items as raw materials in creating a landmark for every street of the barangay. The most colorful, innovative and unique landmark wins. Summative/Impact Evaluation Evaluation of the whole campaign shall be conducted before, during and after the project has been intensively conducted. Measurement shall include the following: Evaluation forms to be distributed to the specified target publics through acquiring a sample size of the barangay. The content evaluation forms may vary depending on which stage of project has been conducted. The evaluation form will be given out after the open forum has been conducted to gauge the personal sentiments of the people on how they feel about the project (affective). Another evaluation form will be given out to residents during the implementation of the project to know the impact of the project to people whether it has changed their daily practices or it has never changed at all (psychomotor). A mid evaluation shall be conducted wherein evaluation form will be given out to discern the level of knowledge the residents have on proper waste disposal and management (cognitive). By the end of the year, an evaluation will be conducted wherein the three domains will be present in the evaluation form to be given to them.