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ENGL 101Whiteley Spring 2013

Assignment 4: A Researched Cause-Effect Paper

Your assignment Write a four- to eight-page double-spaced cause-and-effect essay supported by research and documented MLA-style (with in-text citations and a Works Cited list). Your thesis statement should mention both cause and effect, but your essay should focus much more on one than the other, depending on whether the causes or the effects are more debatable. Organize the essay around three to five major causes or major effects. If your essay stresses causes, your introduction might glance at effects; if your essay stresses effects, your introduction might glance at causes.

Three due dates Fri. 5 April: 4A. A preliminary bibliography formatted MLA style. A hard-copy submission is required; no Dropbox submission. Find and list a minimum of ten possible sources that you might use in your cause-effect essay. Do not include reference works or reference sites (electronic encyclopedias or sites designed to refer you to works on the topic). The bibliography must be formatted just as a Works Cited list would be (WHH, 12b). Bonus-point opportunity: Students who submit bibliographies that are very carefully formatted and that also include substantially more than ten entries will be awarded 50 bonus course points before their final course grades are calculated. I will return these bibliographies with comments and suggestions (no grade, though bonus points are possible). Warning:

there will be a 30-point penalty against Assignment 4C if 4A is not submitted on time, and if it is not submitted by 12 April, there will be a 90- point penalty against 4C instead. Wed. 17 April: 4B. A complete word-processed draft with a cover page, in-text citations, and a Works Cited list (as electronic files). To avoid a 30-point penalty, submit these files to the designated D2L dropbox before class today. If you show up for class late or without 4B, you will be counted as absent and will not participate in the peer critique session. No hard copy submission of 4B is required. This version of the essay will not be graded, but if you feel unsure of the quality of your work thus far, show your work to me in a one-on-one conference either during office hours, by special appointment, or during one of the designated conferencing days during our regular class periods (see the syllabus schedule) Fri. 26 April: 4C. The final version, word-processed with a cover page, in-text citations, and a Works Cited list. Dropbox submissions before class are required. Hard-copy submissions are also required. Submit hard copies in a file folder along with printouts (or photocopies) of all sources you cite in your paper. Printouts of souces, in-text citations, and a Works Cited list are strict requirements for earning a passing grade on the assignment (D- minus or above). Note that once 4C is graded, there is no resubmission

opportunity; therefore, to avoid an unpleasant surprise, confer with me before this final deadline. Late submissions of 4C will incur a 90-point penalty against the 4C points, in addition to any incurred for not submitting 4A on time. Students who do not submit 4C by the time of the scheduled final examination period will fail this course, no matter how many other points they may have earned.

Additional requirements

Format: MLA style: double-spaced, with a heading and page-number headers, with in-text citations and a Works Cited list. A sample MLA- formatted, documented paper begins on pp. 20607 in WHH.

Cover pages for Assigns. 4B and 4C. Include your name, your paper’s title, a thesis statement, a sketchy outline, and a conclusion statement. Since this part of the assignment is not MLA-formatted, just format your cover page like the one for the student essay in WT (pp. 199200). Don’t count this cover page as page one of your essay; in fact, prepare it as a separate electronic file.

Research: Your preliminary bibliography (Assign. 4A) must list a minimum of ten possible sources, not including reference works or reference sites. Your essay itself (Assigns. 4B and 4C) must cite at least three different sources (which may or may not have been listed on your preliminary bibliography). Reference works or reference sites may be cited in your paper, but they must be above and beyond the three required sources just mentioned and must not exceed half the total number of sources you cite. Remember that citing a source means summarizing it (all in your own words), paraphrase from it (all in your own words), or directly quoting it (using correct punctuation to indicate copied words) wherever the source is relevant to your argumentand then documenting your citations, using the MLA system for in-text citations and Works Cited lists. Submit printouts or photocopies of all sources you cite, and highlight or underline the passages you cite. Speak with me in advance if compliance with this requirement is difficult. Failure to submit printouts or photocopies will result in the grade of F for Assignment 4C.

Responsible use of sources. All sources must be properly documented, using the MLA system for in-text citations (WHH, 12a), all of which must be easily traceable to particular entries on an MLA-formatted Works Cited list (WHH, 12b). Essays which use sources irresponsibly (for example, inadequate paraphrasing [WHH, 10d(3)(a)] or inaccurate quotations [WHH, 10d(2)] or inaccurate paraphrases [WHH, 10d(3)(b)]) or are incompletely documented (for example, with missing in-text citations, with an incomplete Works Cited list, or without any Works Cited list) are subject to failure (the grade of F). In cases of cheating or dishonesty, students will fail the whole course, according to the policy spelled out on our syllabus.