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TEST cls a XII-a Subiectul I Read the text below and complete the following tasks.

Pain, especially pain that doesnt quit, changes a person. (1) The initial reaction to serious pain is usually fear (what is wrong with me and is it curable?), but pain that fails to respond to treatment leads to anxiety, depression, anger and irritability. At age 29, Walter, a computer programmer in Silicon Valley, developed a repetitive stress injury that caused severe pain in his hands when he touched the keyboard. The injury did not respond to rest. The pain became worse, spreading to his shoulders, neck and back. (2) At age 29, I was on Social Security disability, basically confined to home, and my life seemed to be over, Walter recalls in Living with Chronic Pain, by Dr. Jennifer Schneider. It is hard to tell that he, or any other person beset with chronic pain, is suffering as much as he says he is. Pain is invisible, subjective symptom. The body of a chronic sufferer- someone with back pain-usually appears intact. There are no objective tests to detect pain or measure its intensity. (3) Mark Grant, a psychologist in Australia who specializes in managing chronic pain, says the notion that physical injury equals pain is overly simplistic. (4). (Jane R. Brody, Living With Pain That Just Dont Go Away) 1. Four sentences have been removed from the text. Select the appropriate sentence for each gap in the text. (40 puncte) A. Unable to work, lift, carry or squeeze anything without enduring days of crippling pain, Walter could no longer drive, open a jar or even sign his name. B. And rarely for the better. C. You just have to take a persons word for it. D. We now know that pain is caused and maintained by a combination of physical, psychological and neurological factors, Mr. Grant writes on his Web site. 2. What do the underline words refer to? (10 puncte) it- line 2; his-line 5; he-line 9; its-line12; who-line13 3. Give the antonyms of the following words.( 10 puncte) 1. initial; 2. curable; 3. worse; 4. healthy; 5. invisible. 4. Answer the following questions: (10 puncte) A. What are the reactions to pain that fails to respond to treatment, according to the text? B. What is Walters problem? Subiectul II Write a letter applying for the job of computer programmer in Silicon Valley as advertised in the magazine Computers Today. Dont forget to mention your qualification and previous experience. (20 puncte) 10 puncte oficiu