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Rahu and wisdom

Written by Neelam Gupta Wednesday, 17 June 2009 12:36 - Last Updated Wednesday, 17 June 2009 12:36

Rahu in a chart holds the key to the inventory of our karmas, and also reserves the right to boomerang the effects of past karmas in our lives. Everyone has a Rahu posited somewhere in the chart, like a volcano, ready to erupt when it is time to reap your harvest, and as you sow so shall you reap.

Rahu has been compared to a poisonous black serpent, which is both wise and deadly. Like the serpent, changing its robe like the snakes skin which is shed for a new and glistening form. While its wisdom is self-manifest in the newer forms, it remains the same in essence. It has a bipolar or forked tongue, an aid to express his wisdom can be very acidic or saccharine. Wisdom of Rahu can be a misguided missile when it is susceptible to degradation and turns cunning and criminal when employed for wrong deeds or it can act as a divine guide for elevation into lofty intuition and excellent intellect when used for high ideals and purpose. Snake venom can destroy as well as heal depending upon its use and dosage. Degraded it poisons and corrupts and when rightly used, it is an antidote to all ills.

It is Rahus wisdom which makes a Charles Sobhraj when it afflicts an exalted Jupiter in Cancer and it also has the power to make a great educationist like Radhakrishnan even when posited with Saturn in cancer. Of course, as I said earlier Rahu is a planet on mission, but is not alone and other planets join hands and help him in accomplishing his mission.

The great churner that Rahu is, offers us the cream as well as the buttermilk of all grades and shades. An astrologers job is to understanding Rahus energy in a nativity and to guide the distressed persons on how to harness this energy. How to become the Lion and carry the mighty Rahu to our advantage is what we need to learn from our lessons in astrology.

It is significant that Leo represents a mountain and the serpent Vasuki was tied around a mountain to churn the nectar. What does it mean? Does it imply the fixity of a fixed leo lagna which can churn the ocean but remains like a fulcrum or does it imply that Leo is the point where if Rahu is present, the native is born to make a sea change in his life and surroundings? Does it imply that the native will revolt and would like to change his way from what is expected of him to what he expects of himself? Does it also mean that he is at a point in his life cycle where he has to regenerate, which is also the souls progress to Leo? Have you seen Rahu not


Rahu and wisdom

Written by Neelam Gupta Wednesday, 17 June 2009 12:36 - Last Updated Wednesday, 17 June 2009 12:36

liking the circumstances he is in and wanting to wriggle out and take on a new skin is that why we call him unconventional. Does it become more pronounced in Leo? The boomerang effect!!


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