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BEST PRACTICES FOR ANTI FRICTION BEARING 1 Never Open Bearing package, unless its time to use.

Avoid opening Housing/Bearing in contaminated environment like atmosphere with catalyst dust or Cooling tower 2 mist. If unavoidable provide proper protection for assemblies. 3 Avoid storing bearings near Heat radiation or magnetising environment. 4 Never check rotation of bearings unless otherwise it is lubricated properly. 5 Never handle bearings with Bare hands. 6 Ensure Oil returning Holes are clean before bearing Assembly. 7 Ensure correct Bearing and Direction of Bearing before assembly on Shaft. 8 Ensure cleanliness of Bearing Housing. 9 Ensure Runout of shaft is within recommended value. 10 Ensure shaft doesnot have any Burrs on Bearing seating area. 11 Ensure that Shaft Shoulder doesnot rub against bearing seals. 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 If bearing adapters are used, ensure that the adapters are not overtightened as it may change internal clearances. Ensure Bearing internal clearances are not disturbed due to oversize shaft or under size Bore. Ensure Shaft, housing Shoulder and Face of Locknut is Out-of-Square with Bearing Seat. Ensure Flatness of Bearing Pedestals. knurling or Center punch of Bearing Seat on shaft is not allowed. Never Heat the Bearing with gas torch as it may lead to Distortion. Use Induction heaters or Oil bath. Never Hammer on Bearings. Use mounting adapters for assembly of bearings. Never damage or Open bearing seals. Never grease shielded bearings. Never Over grease or Under grease the Bearings. Ensure the quantum of grease displaced during Greasing is equal to the amount of grease displaced. Ensure/Confirm the Oil level in Oil Sight glass with respect to Oil inside housing. Ensure correct type of Grease or Lubricant is applied into the Bearings

26 Ensure Oil level is within limit, Never Under fill or over fill the Housing as it may lead to High Bearing temperature. 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 "Poundinf Off" of housing bore due to soft metal may cause enlarged bore and result in Spinning of bearing. Ensure that Constant level Oiler is mounted against the shaft Direction of Rotation. Ensure Oil level at Stand still doesnot exceed the center of the lower most Ball or Roller. Ensure lock washer Prong doesnot rub against bearing. Ensure right cage material is selected for service. Ensure Oil breather is clean or it may lead to high Bearing temperature & Decrease Oil level. Ensure axial float after bearing assembly as per Vendor requirement to accommodate thermal growth of shaft. Check the vibration of Bearing Housing during Stand-Still condition. Vibration due to adjacent equipments will shorten Bearing life. Ensure DBSE is Maintained while alignment or it may lead to excessive loading on bearings & couplings. Ensure Misalignment is within Limit. Ensure housing Bore Roundness & Trueness to the Center line. Ensure correct Interference or Clearance is available on Shaft & housing. Ensure parting plane sealent is used to avoid Oil leak.