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EMBEDDED SYSTEM(COMPREHENSIVE VIVE) 1.What will this return malloc(sizeof(-10))? a)10 b) -10 c) 5 d)20 2.

What is interrupt latency a) the time taken for using the external interrupt b)the time taken for the interrupt to active c)the time taken for the delay d)the time taken for taking output 3.How is generic list manipulation function written which accepts elements of any kind? a) By the Template Class b) by the inheritance class c)both d)

4.Which way of writing infinite loops is more efficient than others? a) while( ) {} b) while(1) {} c) main {} d)while(0) {}

5.What are the different BSD and SVR4 communication mechanisms 6.How would you find out the no of instance of a class? a)by defining the class b) by declaring a static variable in the constructor c) by declaring a static variable in the constructor of the class and incrimenting it d) by incrementing the dynamic variable 7.What is the differnce between embedded systems a)combination of s/w and h/w 8.what is meant by RTOS a)microcontroller b) microprocessor c)operating system d) all the three b) only h/w c) only s/w d) all the three

9.Order of constructor and destructor call in case of multiple inheritance? a)constructors top-down 10.What is hard real-time ? a)Missiles b) mobile c)washing machine d) clock b)destructors bottom-up c)constructors bottom up d) a&b

11.what is soft real time a)Missiles b) mobile c)washing machine d) clock

12.Who to know whether system uses big endian or little endian format and how to convert among them? a)user b) code segment c)system designer d)interrupt

13.What happens when recursion functions are declared inline? a) it repeat the function again d) all the three b) execute the segment c)creates the burden on the compiler's execution

14.How many nuclear plants are there in India a)5 b)10 c)12 d) 6

15.What is the output of printf(" abcdef"); ->ef a)abcdef b)abcd c) efd d) cdef

16.What is set up time a)time for which data should be stable negative edge of the clock period 17.What is hold time

b)time for which data should be stable after the positive edge d) all the three


a)time for which data should be stable b)time for which data should be stable after the positive edge c)negative edge of the clock period d) all the three 18.Is java a pure object oriented language? a)true b)false c)a & b

19.What is interrupt latency? a)amount of time between when an interrupt is triggered of time when an interrupt is exit d)a&b 20.what is error? a)preprocessor directive b)produces error in compile time c) temporary variable d)constant b)when the interrupt is seen by software c)amount to improve performance of processor in embedded system design

a)Don't run unnecessary programs as daemon, which will consume additional CPU cycle.
b) Use CPU optimal functions, while building the kernel.

c) Try to load balance, if multiple processors.

d) a& b& c1 22.What percentage of embedded systems are built with no or custom-built operating systems? a)0% b)1-5% c)6-15% d)16-30%

23.The rule of ten means that a)it takes ten times longer to develop code in assembler then in high level languages such as C. b)if it costs 1 to fix a bug while coding it could easily cost 100uct 0 to fix that same bug after the product has shipped. c)you should have at least one comment for every ten lines of source code. d)the power of computing system increases by a factor of ten every two years. 24.A watch-dog timer enables the implementation of real-time systems by providing a) a timer used by dog breeders to train police dogs b) a regular timed interrupt for starting real time task c) a mechanism for the safe shut-down of a system if any task takes too long to complete d) a timer triggered by an external interrupt or signal coming into the system 25.The addresses of the PIC18F452 that the following interrupt types (vectors) use are:-

a. Power-on Reset:

0000h b. High Priority Interrupt: 000008h c. Low Priority Interrupt: 000018h d. Brown-out Reset: 0000h 26.What is forward reference w.r.t. pointers in c? int a=10; int *p=&a; a)*p b) a c)&a d)10 27.Which one of the following is correct statement?

a)#define cat(1,2) b) cat(cat(1,2),3) c) #define cat(x,y) d) a&c 28.Can you have constant volatile variable? a) Yes b)_no 29. What are the different qualifiers in C? a) Volatile b) Constant c) a&b d)a 30.What are the 4 different types of inheritance relationship? a)Single,Multiple,Multilevel,Hybrid b)Single,Multiple,Multilevel, Hierarchical c) auto,Register,Static,Extern or Global d)a & d 31.What are the different storage classes in C? a)Auto b) Register, Extern c) Static

d) all the three

32.Which one of the following is false? a) b) c) d) Macros and Inline functions are efficient than calling a normal function. Macros and inline functions increased the size of executable code. Macro is expanded by complier and inline functions are expanded by preprocessor. Expressions passed as arguments to inline functions are evaluated only once while _expression passed as argument to inline functions are evaluated more than once.

33.Object oriented supports the following: I)data encapsulation ii) data abstraction iii) polymorphism iv) also inheritance

a) I and iii b) I and iv c) ii and iii d) all the above 34.Object based programming language supports the following: I)data encapsulation ii) data abstraction iii) polymorphism iv) also inheritance

A) I and iii b) I and iv c) ii and iii d) I, ii and iii 35. Why cannot arrays be passed by values to functions? 36. Multiple inheritance - objects contain how many multiply inherited ancestor? a)One super class b) 2 super class c) more than one super class 37. If ip = 3, The value of ++*ip is ------a)3 b) 4 c) 5 d)10 38. The standard high and low priority interrupt vectors in the PIC 18F452 are spaced 10h bytes apart. This is because. a) the 10H byte space allows for a short routine starting at the vector address. A longer routine could be called from the vector address b) interrupt service routines are written at the vector address and cannot be more than 10h bytes long c) the interrupt vector uses 3 bytes to specify the address of the routine. The vectors are arbitrarily spaced on 10h memory boundaries. d) the address of an interrupt routine requires 10h bytes to specify 38. A major benefit of the Harvard architecture is a) single word instructions execute more quickly than multiword instructions. b) code and data share memory and increase h/w efficiency c) Interrupt latency time is very predictable because instructions execute in a single cycle. d)code and data can be loaded into the CPU simultaneously on separate bus. 39.What is difference between simulator and emulator in embedded system a)A simulator runs in target system while emulator runs in a development system. b) A emulator runs in target system while simulator runs in a development system. c) A simulator is intended for assembly language testing while an emulator is intended for c code btesting. d)There is no practical difference b/w companies name these similar too with different names.

40.What is volatile keyword is used in C programming of embedded system. a) To indicate that the memory being used is RAM rather than a permanent medium such as ROM or flash b) To indicate that the program to be modified while it is running c) To indicate that the variable designed by volatile could be changed by an input not under program control. d) To designate a interrupt routine activated by the hardware signal. 41.A simple DC motor is controlled by an embedded system using a PWM system. The motor speed will be highest when a)The off period of the pulse is at a maximum compared to on period b) The on period of the pulse is at a maximum compared to off period c) The frequency of the pulse train is highest d) The frequency of the pulse train is lowest 42. A cross-compiler is used to a) Convert high level language code to assembler code b) Convert one high level language in to the different high level language c) Compile code for a target CPU that is different from the development CPU. d) Combine both high level language and assembler into a single module. 43. What are the two most significant parameters to be aware of when evaluating Analog to digital converters? a. Resolution b. Sampling Frequency

44. The features that define a RISC system are:- (Select all correct statements. 2 points each correct, -1 each incorrect answer) a) A wide range of assembly instruction are available including floating point arithmetic 45._____________ program performs the task of reallocating the codes after finding the physical memory addresses available at a given instant. a) Linker b)Loader c)Device programmer d)Assembler

46. An assembler translates the assembly software into the _____________ using a step called assembling. a)machine codes b)binary file c)standard codes d)hexadecimal codes

47.A _____________, is software for opening, connecting or binding, reading, writing and clossing or controlling actions of the device. a)RTOS b)Editor c)Device driver d)Simulator

48.Stepper motor controllers for a robotics system is an example for_____________ a)Large scale embedded system scale embedded system b)Small scale embedded system c)Medium scale embedded system d)High

50.Embedded systems are being designed on a single silicon chip, called _____________ a)VLSI b)ASIP c)SOC d)Digital circuits

51.There is a set of gates in each FPGA cell, called _____________ a)Macro cell b)Micro cell c)Multi cel d)Inbuilt cell

52.Embedded Processor / Embedded Microcontroller used for processor that has been specially designed with capabilities such as 1. Fast context switching 2. 32-bit or 64 bit atomic addition and multiplication calculation 4. Shared data problem in OS. a) 1&2 b)1&3 c)2&3&4 d)1&2&3 53.8051 rocontroller has On-chip RAM of _____________ 3.32-bit RISC core for fast

a)128 bytes

b)256 bytes

c)16 bytes

d)64 bytes

54.Each bit of certain SFRs and an _____________ internal RAM are assigned bit addresses in 8051 hardware. a)4 bytes b)16 bytes c)8 bytes d)2 bytes

55.In 8051 the control signal is called a)ADV b)ALE c)INTA d)IO 56.IIR is abbreviated as _____________ a)Interrupt Initializing Register d)Interrupt Intimating Register b)Interrupt Immediate Register c)Interrupt Indentification Register

57.A DAC needs a _____________ circuit, which is an internal device in microcontroller. a)PWM b)PWR c)ROM d)EPROM

58._____________ holds the address of the byte or word to be fetched from external memories. a)ARS b)ALU c)MDR d)MAR

58.A _____________ unit that controls the fetching of data into the I- and D-cahces in advance from the memory unit. a)PFCU b)PCFU c)PUFC d)FLPU

59.IP of 80x86 is of _____________ address. a)8 bit b)16 bit c)4 bit d)32 bit

60.In ARM9TM thumb family has single 32-bit _____________ bus interface a)AHB b)AMBA c)BIU d)BI

61._____________ instructs the system to load its OS from its hard disk or other I/O storage device. a)BIOS b)RTOS c)RAM d)Bootstrap

62.Instruction Level Parallelism has two paralledpipleines called a)P&R b)X&Y c)U&V d)A&B

63.Separation by a constant interval or phase difference is known as a)Synchronization b)Serialization c)Transformation d)Handshaking

64.Asychronous serial input is also called a)Non-synchronous serial input b)UART input c)Port input d)Iso-synchronous serial input

64._____________ means that at any point communication can only be one way on a bi-directional line. a)Parallel port b)Serial port c)Half duplex d)Full duplex

65.The communication which received or transmitted at constant time intervals with uniform phase differences, is called _____________ a)Iso-synchronous b)Asynchronous c)Serial device d)Synchronous

66._____________ communication is between DTE COM port and DCE port. a)RS485 b)RS232C c)X.25 d)HDLC

67._____________ device counts the regular interval clock pulses at its input. a)Timer b)RTC c)Timer cum counting d)Watchdog timer

68._____________ has multimaster and multicast features. a)I2C bus b)USB bus c)PCI d)CAN bus

69._____________ has 32 bit data bus extendible to 64 bits. a)I2C bus b)USD bus c)PCI d)CAN bus

70._____________ network is self-organizing and supports peer to peer and mesh networks. a)802.11 b)802.15.4 c)Bluetooth d)802.15.1 7

71._____________ is defined as a computational unit that processes on a CPU. a)Program b)Thread c)Process d)Control block

72._____________ is a memory block. a)TCB b)Context c)Task d)ISR

73.When a binary semaphore is used to at beginning and end of critical sections in two or more tasks then the semaphore is called_____________. a)Counting semaphore b)V semaphore c)P semaphore d)Mutex

74.Sharing of two semaphore creates a _____________. a)Critical section b)Deadlock problem c)Shared data problem d)Priority inversion problem

75.A _____________ is for an IPC message that can be used only by a single destined task. a)Mailbox b)Socket function c)Message-mailbox d)Pipe function

76._____________ is the basic structural unit of any OS in which the memory space of the fuctions, data and stack are protected from acess by any call other than system call. a)Application software b)Kernel c)Hardware d)System software

77.A _____________ in the system interrupts the system with each tick, which occurs a no.of times in 1 second. a)RTC b)RTOS c)Timer cum counting d)Watchdog timer

78._____________ is a hybrid model of the clock-driven model as well as event driven. a)Cyclic scheduling b)Time slicing c)Cooperative scheduling d)Round Robin

79._____________ protocol is used for linking data from point to point and between multiple points. a)HTTP b)FTP c)HDL d)HTTP

80..Flash memory is a form of _____________. a)EPROM b)EEPROM c)PROM d)ROM

81.Inbluetooth communication a packet is of about _____________. a)350 bytes b)250 bytes c)390 bytes d)290 bytes

82._____________ provides the codes for denying the device resources.


b)Device Deletion

c)Device deallocation


83._____________ is an programming approach in which the main program is first designed, then its modules , sub modules and finally functions. a)Modular programming approach b)Bottom up approach 84.whether below example is unsigned or signed void foo(void) { unsigned int a = 6; int b = -20; (a+b> 6) ? puts("> 6") : puts("<=6"); } a)unsigned b) signed c)Top down approach d)BFS

c) both

d) both are wrong

85.What are the four types of data transfer used in USB? a)Controlled transfer, Bulk transfer three .86Define In -line assembly a) Inserting an assembly code in between functiond) it defines the small collection of codes 87.What is the use of MACRO function a)constant saving and retrieving overheads d) it is used to define the library function 88. What are the conditions that must be satisfied by the re-entrant function? a) All the arguments pass the values and none of the argument is a pointer. b) When a non-atomic operation,that function should not operate on the function declared outside. c) A function does not call a function by itself when it is not reentrant. d) all the three 89. Define NULL function a) Empty stack d) all the three b) no content in the stack/queue/list c) report error conditions b) Inserting an assembly code in between c)assembles the codes b) assembles the codes c) it is used to define the library b)Interrupt driven data transfer c)Iso-synchronous transfer d) all the