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Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to announce that a new issue of the Annual Report of the International Research Institute

for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University for the academic year 2012 [= ARIRIAB], Volume XVI (2013), is now published. A PDF version of this issue will become available on our Web site later: The contents are listed below: ****************** Annual Report of the International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University for the Academic Year 2012, volume XVI, 2013, 400 pages + 77 plates, ISSN 1343-8980. Published by the IRIAB (Director: Seishi Karashima; edited by Noriyuki Kudo) RESEARCH ARTICLES: Oskar von HINBER: Again on the Donation made by the Vinayadhara Dhammasena and on Other Inscriptions from Phanigiri [8 figures], pp. 3-12. Oskar von HINBER and Peter SKILLING: Two Buddhist Inscriptions from Deorkothar (Dist. Rewa, Madhya Pradesh) [16 figures], pp. 13-26. Seishi KARASHIMA: Two Inscriptions in Brhm and Kharo h [10 figures], pp. 27-28. Petra KIEFFER-PLZ: Buddhist Nuns in South India as Reflected in the Andhakahakath and in Vajrabuddhis Anugahipada, pp, 29-46. Seishi KARASHIMA: Manuscript Fragments of the Prtimok astra of the Mahsghika(-Lokottaravdin)s (2) [75 figures], pp. 47-90. Noriyuki KUDO: The Karmavibhagopadea: A Transliteration of the Nepalese Manuscript A (5), pp. 91-96. Harry FALK and Seishi KARASHIMA: A first-century Prajpramit manuscript from Gandhra parivarta 5 (Texts from the Split Collection 2) [2 figures], pp. 97-169. Seishi KARASHIMA: Was the Aashasrik Prajpramit compiled in Gandhra in Gndhr?, pp. 171-188. Seishi KARASHIMA: On the "Missing" Portion in the A ashasrik Prajpramit, pp. 189-192. Peter SKILLING and SAERJI: The Circulation of the Buddhvata saka in India, pp. 193-216. LI Xuezhu and Jundo NAGASHIMA: Maitreyavykara a, pp. 217-231. YE Shaoyong: A Sanskrit folio of the Yukti aikvtti from Tibet [16 figures], pp. 233-240. LI Xuezhu: Diplomatic Transcription of Newly Available Leaves from Asagas Abhidharmasamuccaya Folios 1, 15, 18, 20, 23, 24, pp. 241-253. Noriyuki KUDO: A Newly Identified Manuscript of the Pramitsamsa in the Gilgit Buddhist Manuscripts, pp. 255-266. Peter SKILLING and SAERJI: Candrakrti and the Prvaailas: A Note on Triaraasaptati v. 51, pp. 267-272. Seishi KARASHIMA: A Study of the Language of Early Chinese Buddhist Translations: A Comparison between the Translations by Lokak ema and Zhi Qian, pp. 273-288. Seishi KARASHIMA: The Meaning of Yulanpen Rice Bowl on the Pravra Day, pp. 289-305. Haiyan Hu-von HINBER: The Case of the Missing Author: Who wrote the anonymous Epilogue to Faxians Foguoji?, pp.307-314. Tatsushi TAMAI: Tocharian Udnlakra, pp. 315-336. Isao KURITA: Gandhran Art [57 figures], pp. 337-341.

Akira YUYAMA: A List of Writings With Brief Bibliographical Notes. Appendix: Curriculum Vitae A Succinct Autobiographical Record, pp. 343-390. ************************* Previous issues of ARIRIAB, BPPB and BLSF can be found here: For further information, please contact: KUDO Noriyuki The International Reseach Institute for Advanced Buddhology Soka University ( 1-263, Tangi-cho, Hachioji Tokyo, JAPAN 192-8577