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The Interview Plan

This is a very important part of the interview process. During this time the whole interview plan is prepared. Mainly the plan would consist of : 1. The Questions which needs to be asked to get information on the different Functional & Behavioral indicators that has been identified earlier. 2. In case if it is a panel interview then the division of question between the panel members needs to be identified to ensure that the flow of the interview is maintained. Each and every panel members should be assigned an area on which they would be interviewing the candidate.

During Interview Opening Phase

This is the phase during which the candidate is given time to settle down. A mixture of Open & Close ended Questions, are generally asked during this time of the interview. This is the time when the candidate should be given time to introduce themselves. The interviewer or the panel members in either case should also introduce themselves. Remember this is the time rapport building with the candidate happens.

Verification Phase
This is the phase during which the Functional and the Behavioral competencies of the candidate are assessed. Maximum probing is used during this time of the interview. In case if you want to take any tests this is the right time to do so.

Closing Phase
This is the phase when the candidate is given time to clarify their doubts. Ensure that the interview ends in a positive note and the interviewee or the panel thanks the candidate while they departs.

Interview Assessment Form - Guidelines

This form has been designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of a Courier company.

Section A
Consists of the Functional Requirements. During the time of the interview the interviewee checks the candidate on these parameters. This section has a rating scale please fill in the rating scale while assessing the candidate.

Section B
Consists of the Behavioral Competencies, which the candidate requires to have for the particular job profile. A set of indicators accompanies each such competencies and the interviewee needs to access the candidate on the same.

Note the rating scale is in the range of 1 to 5, each points indicates the following: 5 Excellent 4 Very Good 3 Good 2 Average 1 Poor .

Interview Assessment Form Sales Executive

This section is to be completed by the members of the interviewing panel

Name of the Candidate: ______________________ Location considered for: ______________________ Source: Advt. /University / Reference / Others ______________________ Date: _________________

Section A - Functional Competencies

Meets Targets Sets high targets for self Indicates consistency in completing the assignments (during academics) / targets ( in his previous job) within a given time frame. Focussed approach & implementation Displays perseverance in overcoming obstacles. Looks at problems from a positive perspective and displays a positive approach to situations. Emotionally stable- does not get carried away by people's reaction towards him and can easily bounce back from adversity. Selling and Negotiating Listens Attentively Responds with empathy Good knowledge of the product and industry he/she had been working for. If fresher - can sell his decision to take up a particular career with conviction. Generates and combines alternative solutions to meet customer needs. Puts forward his view points with clarity and conviction. Creation of Prospect Base Displays comfort and confidence in dealing with people of different working styles /approaching strangers Has friends with wide spectrum of people. Portrays warmth and pleasant style. Likes to socialize and talk to different people. Looks for opportunities in all situations.
HR 1

Sales Manager 1 2 Regional Head 1 2

HR 1

Sales Manager 1 2 Regional Head 1 2

Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2

Section C - Behavioral Competencies

Rapport Building Skills Portrays warm and pleasing style in Interview Attentive to and understands the views of others Takes initiative to build relationship and understand people. Interacts with clients and colleagues beyond work hours. Builds informal rapport at work and with clients Gives importance to his relationship with people and links it to his success on the personal or professional front Resolves conflict in positive ways Negotiation & Persuasion Skills Portrays warmth with professionalism in his style during interview Always ready with objective facts. Strong conviction of ideas and puts them across firmly. Arrives at solutions that are mutually acceptable. Never gives up in a discussion or disagreement, readiness to discuss further. Energy Level Shows enthusiasm while talking Has a positive approach to situations and looks at them optimistically Readiness to take up extra responsibilities in job/academics Appearance of active life style Displays a quick pace in responding to questions throughout the interview Shows signs of working smartly, not just hard. Planning Has a systematic approach to work and life Has clarity in thought while expressing his views. Does not take life /things casually Displays responsibility for all his actions and decisions. Reaches on time for interview
Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2 3 4 5

Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2

Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2

Interviewer 1 2 3 4 5

Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2

Adaptability Displays ability to react, respond and adjust effectively to change Demonstrates ability to get along with people of different personality styles Views change in a positive perspective Consistent performance even under adverse conditions Self controlled and emotionally stable Open to learn new things. Assertiveness Puts forward his views with facts and strong conviction. Does not change his views easily, attempts to reach others to explain his view point. Ability to convey disagreement with out offending Challenges norms and expresses his views openly without getting vindictive Comes across as a professional personality Belief in self Killer Instinct to achieve targets Sets stretched targets Indicates achievement orientation Emotionally stable Takes initiative and approaches goals in a planned manner Communication Expresses thoughts clearly both verbally and in writing. Shares information with others to help them perform their jobs & seeks information from others. Is sensitive to the communication levels required by different audience. Listens actively and speaks clearly and directly. Maintains eye contact Ability to express complex issues in simple terms
Interviewer : Name: __________________ Signature: _______________ Interviewer : Name: __________________ Signature: _______________

Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2

3 3

4 4

5 5

Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2

Interviewer 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 Interviewer Interviewer

Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2 Interviewer 1 2

Individual Rating On The Interviewee by the Interviewers:

Interviewer : Name: __________________ Signature: _______________

Decision: ________________

Decision: ________________

Decision: ________________

Section D : Probable Question

Probable Questions which can be asked to get information on the above mentioned indicators for the identified Behavioral Competencies.
1. Rapport Building Skills How much additional business/ new clients could you generate from your references Based on your relations with your existing clients, how much additional business could you get? If I was to ask your colleague/ client/ classmate (if fresher) to describe your personality style what would they say? When was the last you made friends with somebody and how did you go about doing it? How did you feel at the end of it? What is your level of interaction with your clients /colleagues in other departments? What do you like the most when dealing with people 2. Negotiation & Persuasion Skills

Has there been an instance/s where you have overachieved your targets- In business /academics. Please share it with us. What do you think really helped you do it. Please share some of the difficult selling situations you have faced? Share atleast two recent cases where you finally got the sales deal Have you had situations when your boss did not agree to your viewpoint (in case of fresher-father)? What did you do than? what was the result and how did you feel about it During your childhood what did you do when you wanted more money from your Father? Every sales person is given a range of prices that can be offered to the clients.The upper end and the lower end. How have you been closing your sales deals/ what is the kind of prices you have been offering to your clients? How profitable have been your business deals to the organization? Share an instance of best negotiation you have experienced ? What makes you feel it was the best?

3. Energy Level

Could you share with us your ideal working pattern in a day, starting right from morning to evening how do you spend your time. What kind of extra curricular activities did you get involved during your academics Do you get involved in any activity besides your job responsibilities in office? Have you ever been faced with some challenging situation ? what did you do than? What was the outcome and how did you feel about it What are your views on work-life balance ? To what extent are you able to maintain it and how do you feel about it?

4. Planning

How do you plan your day? How do you ensure you adhere to deadlines in projects? For freshers- Can you share how you used to go about preparing for your exams? What are your immediate personal goals and what steps are you taking to achieve them. How do you plan your client visits? For fresher - Do you go on family outings / picnics with friends ? What all do you do when you organize the picnic ? Can you share some instance when you were faced with an unexpected situation. What did you do ? How did you feel about it?

5. Adaptability

How did things change for you when you moved from school to college and how did you feel about them What is the kind of friend circle you have- their background in terms of profession, religion, caste, nature and interests Have you ever been asked to change your work place? What did you do than ? What happened finally and how did you feel about it? Could you share some instance in your previous jobs or in your academics or personal life when you encountered some sudden drastic change ? What did you do than and how did you feel about it? What kind of bosses have you had in your previous jobs (for a fresherteacher)? How did you get along with them?

6. Assertiveness

Share an instance of disagreement with your team members / family members? How did you go about communicating your view point and what was the outcome Have you ever challenged some existing norms / processes in your college or organization , something which you felt was unproductive and could be changed? What all problems you faced ? How did you go about it and what was the outcome Who is the most difficult person you have come across in your life? What kind of relationship do you share with this person? Why do you think he is most difficult ? How would you go about convincing him your view point If I was to ask your team members to describe your working style, what do you think they would say? Narrate a difficult selling situation you have faced ? what did you do and what was the outcome? How did you feel about it ?

7. Killer Instinct to achieve targets

What kind of competitions have you taken part in your school / college life? Where did you stand vis a vis other participants and how did you feel about it? In your current job - in terms of ranking of your sales person on the amount of sales generated where do you stand in your team vis -a-vis other sales persons What have been your major accomplishments in life? What do you think helped you achieve it? Have you ever faced a failure or loss of achieving your goal? What steps did you take to gain success the next time? (Could be in sports, any activity, assignment or personal goal) What thrills you the most in life? (Money/Power/ Success/ Appreciation ..) What do you do to ensure you get it ?

8. Communication Describe a time when your ability to listen has helped you communicate better. How would your friends/boss rate your communication skills? Why? What kinds of communication situations cause you difficulty? Give example. Narrate an incident when you had to explain a complex issue to a person who was unable to understand. How did you make him understand.