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Dewi : hi des have been long enough do not meet with you.

Desi : hi also I also think like that way. Dewi: how your news in this time? Desi: my news is good enough, and you? Dewi : my news is good also, now you work where.? Desi: I now is working a company of banking of private sector property Dewi: heard yours him get a good and good enough work. Desi: oh of course, thank you. Kalo I may know you now work where? Dewi: I now put hand to state-owned corporation of peripatetic japan is electronic area. Desi: position/occupation what you occupy the company? Dewi: I have position/occupation as manager in one of the branch property of company. Last your own get bank what title? Desi: bank is I take hold of as teller . your company work the job/activity safety guarantee of just what? Dewi: company of my place work to give health insurance for all his employees. How by you? Desi: company of my place work also give health insurance and safety for all his employees member. How much/many salary which you accept per month? Dewi: I obtain;get salary of Rp. 20.000.000 per month and that have the including facility given by company. How by you? Desi: I obtain;get salary about/around Rp 8.000.000 per month and that the is not including bonus Dewi: how with standard system employ the company? Desi : in place I work which I know most salary of minimum is us of Rp 1.500.000. how with company of your place work? Dewi : obtained minimum wage each;every my place employees work is Rp 4.000.000 Desi: how ladder system increase of position/occupation there? Dewi: system go up the position/occupation of seen from performance result all employeeses every 3 months once if the result of fulfilling hence the employees make proper to be reckoned. How by anda? Desi: system increase of position/occupation your company is equal to applied by system company of my place work Dewi: rightful claimant whom make a[n decision?

Desi: in general making decision is bank managing director and manager. How by you? Dewi: the making decision is myself. Desi : do you often give decision to your employees of your karna have position as manager ? Dewi: depended me usually more use system acquirement of voice many from results of meeting. Do your manager often give decision ? Desi: of course my manager always give decision if all the employeeses of meeting a[n monetary problem which must be finished Dewi: usually the problem of finance like what make manager you have to immediately make decision? Desi: when all bank clients make a[n complain concerning finance to our bank party/ side, last is we have to immediately consider our client suggestion and automatically that refer at our manager. Dewi : do company of your place work to obtain;get annual bonus to all employeeses?. Desi : of course, all our employeeses get annual bonus every year him perform a vacation circle Europeanly Dewi: do each;every 3 months once you get salary bonus subsidy? Desi: my iya each;every 3 months once get salary bonus subsidy. Dewi : about how much/many salary bonus gyration which you accept? Desi: I get bonus employ Rp 5.000.000. how with advantage which on the market your company? Dewi : I am each;every 6 months once get ticket out negri to have the day off to with family. Desi: besides what else advantage which on the market? Dewi: at every year-end of company of my place of bekrja always perform a prise door to all company staff and employeeses. Desi : that is a work of beneficial which can of both parties.

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