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Utilize QSK60G4 series diesel engine, dual-chamber structure design separates the radiator from the engine, therefore,

the radiator can cool the machine by using the air, ensuring proper functioning of the machine under even 50 ambient temperature.

The alternator matches well with all kinds of power systems, and it is characterized by drip-proof performance, self-ventilation protection, self-regulation, brushless PMG excitation system.

Access doors at two sides of the engine make maintenance work easier to carry out.


generator set can be additionally installed on a trailer for mobile power supply; operator can stand on the ladder to operate the machine.

PLC-7420 controller as a standard configuration, while PLC8610 is also available,By using inbuilt device with synchronization, power matching and paralleling functions, and it can parallel up to 32 generator sets.


The generator sets are characterized by strong power and environmental-friendly features, which can be used in a wide range of industries under severe environments, such as mines, oil exploitation, construction, railways and aviation etc.



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