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Introducing Pastor Doug Welbourn!

MISSION: Passionate church leader with over 25 years of experience following Gods calling to transform lives through the message of abiding in Christ. Renewed desire to serve a congregation focusing on spiritual formation and mission. PERSONAL WEBSITE: http://www.dougiegerald.wordpress.com MINISTRY EXPERIENCE
Pastor (2002-2013) Mendham Hills Community Church, Mendham, NJ Director of Church Development (2000-2002) Christian & Missionary Alliance (CMA), Canby, OR Senior Pastor (1996-1999) Garland Church (CMA), Spokane, WA Senior Pastor (1987-1996) Mendham Hills Chapel (CMA), Mendham, NJ International Senior Pastor (1986-1987) International Church of Abidjan Ivory Coast, West Africa Senior Pastor (1984-1986) Westside Chapel (CMA), Greensboro, NC


Masters in Christian Ministry (1983) The Alliance Theological Seminary: Nyack, NY Graduate Coursework in Counseling (1995) Philadelphia Biblical University: Philadelphia, PA

Bachelor of Theological Studies (1978) Nyack College: Nyack, NY

Leadership Experience:

International Speaking/Serving Opportunities: Thailand, France, Russia, Africa, Hong Kong, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Russia, Ukraine, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, France, Guatemala International Advisory Board, Potters House Spiritual Care Team, Samaritans Purse Senior Pastor, International Church of Abidjan Ivory Coast

Brief Personal Portrait:

I have been doing the pastor thing for a long time, but still love it. I have led churches of all sizes and in many places around the world. I am crazy about my kids and grandkid and bonkers over my wife, my dog Brady is always by my side. I enjoy all things Boston sports, and try to keep the fact that I dabble in interior design on the down low. I enjoy running, reading good books, shooting clay pigeons and traveling. I have a fascination with the bigness, character, beauty, and love of God and every day want to grab onto a big piece of it and make it my own. I grew up in a pastors home with 2 sisters. I lost my Mom early and so began my journey to abide in Jesus. I've lived a rich life up until now, with significant highs and lows. I've found that Christ can be found in gardens and deserts. I need him in all things.

Biographical Quotes:
I was born and raised in New England. I came to Christ as a child my mother leading me to Jesus and His gospel. Of course the ups and downs have been fierce since then, but I believe it was the real deal. My Dad was a pastor, I grew up around the church so one might think I was simply following in his steps, and to some degree Im sure there is some truth to that. But even as a child there has been a sense of God-ness with me. I cant explain it really; the mystery of His presence was very often with me strongly. This spiritual something did not keep me from periods of rebellion and confusionI was a red blooded teenage boy. It did, however, keep me in a state of hunger deep inside. When 12, a visiting missionary spoke at our church, and at the end she challenged those open to missions to stand and say Here I am send meI was up like a rocket speaking the words with passion. This was the beginning of my calling, and it has been confirmed on many occasions in my life and through others in the church testifying to my gifts. My marriage is very strong. I am amazed by the woman gave me as a partner and lover. Priscilla is an amazing woman. She is a highly rated teacher; she could, in my opinion, run a fortune five hundred company. She is very gregarious full of love that is the real deal. I am not overstating things when I say she has been an equal partner in building the churches we have served in. I have 3 children. They are the great joy in my life. We have, at this juncture, become best friends and love being together as much as possible. My oldest son serves as a missionary with his

family in Germany. My daughter, recently married, lives in Charlotte NC with her husband. My youngest son works in NYC as a marketing analyst. ON SPECIFIC POINTS: Speaking about his philosophy of ministry: All things in the universe and in the unseen realms are held together in and sustained by Jesus Christ. What theme or purpose could be larger or more significant than Him. I believe all things begin and end in Christ. Part of this is mystical. We are told we can know him and hear his voice even now on earth. So the church needs take its great resource and call people to know Him. To grow up and be willing to spend the time and quiet needed to believe and hear from the invisible, but very real world of our inner existence in Christ. It means learning that obedience is not something a harsh God uses to keep his thumb on us, but the way to the greatest health and wholeness and significance a human can experience. Encountering Christ is also very tangible. The scripture we study is right before us and we do best to give ourselves to its studythere again we encounter Christ as he is THE WORD (logos). The community of saints is the place where we find Jesus as we meet and get serious about spurring each other on to good works. We are his (serving) body and the poor and disenfranchised are right before us, Jesus says we meet him personally as we serve them. Worship is to bring joy to Him as he alone is worthy. What we do, we should do with excellence and intentionality. There is no greater opportunity than to make Jesus famous on the earth. When leading others in the church, we need to do it well, as the world demands, but with a different spirit that reflects Christ and produces leaders that stand out

among all men in faith and character. He is everywhere, and we get to know Him serve Him and spread Him around inside and outside the church. Speaking about how to help the church grow and help new people get involved in the ministry: Do what you do very well. Simplify and only do well what you are able, given your size and resources. Use hospitality very, very well. Have community centers (small groups) so that people can meet others as quickly as possible. Have clearly marked pathways to service opportunities so new folks can find ownership as soon as possible. Speaking of the gospel: We are all sinners. We are separated from a God who aches to be with us as father and sons. He actually gave his son to open the door to the family table. We must acknowledge our dire need and humbly receive His salvation. In so doing we dont just pray a prayer but agree that we are enlisting in the process of discipleship.

Books He Recommends:
Simple Church By: Rainer and Geiger This book talks about the structuring of a church. I have found it to be extremely helpful. ISBN: 0805447997 Amazon.com: http://amzn.com/0805447997 Surrender To Love by David Benner This book talks about the centrality of experiencing God's love, a major theme for me. I'm not talking here about a warm and fuzzy surface feeling, but the singular force that, if we surrender to it, can actually free us from sin and shame and bring us to places of deep transformation. ISBN: 0830823026 Amazon.com: http://amzn.com/0830823026

The Emotionally Healthy Church by Pete Scazzero The church can be the most wonderful place on earth or the most dysfunctional place on earth. Church pain is especially destructive. My experience is that most communities are not intentional about dealing with the pathology within and therefore never come close to experiencing all God has for them. I believe we must make spiritual health a huge priority. ISBN: 0849946425 Amazon.com: http://amzn.com/0849946425 The Tangible Kingdom Primer by Hugh Halter I believe that the church must follow hard after the missional Jesus. He cared for the lost, the poor, the sick and the enslaved. If we don't get out of our Christian culture bubble and seek out the broken, we will remain unbroken and without power. This is a simple but effective tool in helping people get out there. ISBN: 0982323301 Amazon.com: http://amzn.com/B002PJARWU