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SRSLY Dexter wants

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VOL. 143, NO. 15

Spring? Hudson Mills

opens golf course.
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Residents, council talk cityhood

Citizens group
forms to rally
against city plans

By Sean Dalton

A group of village residents,

who wish to keep the word village
in that descriptor, are beginning

to organize and are looking for

includes forming a charter comlike-minded people within Dexter
mission to write a city charter.
village to band together with them
Both the commissioners will be
and fight
to stop the transition to a
elected and their charter will be
Protesters rally outside the capital building, picketing against Michigans Right-to-Work law.
is now
24th Right-to-Work state
city once
voted on by members of the public,
The village council has been
so the ballot question this May isnt
engaged in an ongoing process of
the last time that voters will have
becoming a city for the past couple
a say.
of years,
with the village having spent
Supporters say:
have gotten as far as having a balsome $62,869 on the process, the
Worker freedomput
lot measure
in place to move Unions become
against cityhood, which
Workers are nofurther
longer obligatedalong.
to pay fees to unions
may earn
less and have
fewer benefits
the process
This Union members
Committee to

Right-to-Work pros and cons

Keep Dexter a Village, include community activist Mary Fialkowski

and former Village Council Trustee
Jim Smith. They believe that cityhood is the wrong path for the
village and that the process and
expense that it carries should cease
after May 7.
We like the village just the way
it is, Ive been in the village close to

Council members respond during Monday meeting

By Sean Dalton
Heritage Media

Sensing resistance to Dexter

cityhood, which will either go
forward or stop after voters
have their say May 7, the village
vouncil agreed to mail out information on the vote.
Village officials have to be
careful what is said in the document and the tab for the cityhood process is nearly $63,000.
The move to try to reach village
residents about cityhood
Junior Jeff Wicks hits a jump at one of the many slopes in Colorado.
came about after the announcement of the creation of the

Unions give monetary support to Democrats which creates a

problem if an employee does not support Democrats
RTW states generally have higher per capita income growth
than non RTW states
Attracts large businesses

Wages are generally lower in RTW states

Injury rates in RTW states are higher

Non-RTW states have a higher percentage of employees

with health insurance

Committee to Keep Dexter a

Village. The group had its first
rally last week at Foggy Bottom
and is holding another one at
10 a.m. Saturday to bring opponents to cityhood together to
defeat the ballot measure that
would form a commission which
to write a city charter.
There is going to be some
opposition I think, Village
President Shawn Keough said,
noting he and village council
members Ray Tell, Jim Carson
and Paul Cousins attended
Sophomore Sam Ketzner
skids to a halt at the
rally of about 10 individuals.
bottom of a Mt. Brighton
Keough indicated he felt the

anti-city committees efforts

could use some counter-balance.
The mailer, which will be
reviewed and voted on at the
April 22 council meeting, cannot
legally be that counter-balance.
The village council must remain
neutral in the process to avoid
breaking Michigan law.
Cousins said the council could
act as individuals to promote
cityhood or remaining a village.
He said that there were cityhood
supporters who may form their
own committee.
I guess my main fear is that
(the committees) main thrust of
Photo Credits: Jack Donevan

Kenzie Mader
Staff Writer


Dexter graduate opens

Ann Arbor restaurant

Kevin Vlazny likes numbers hes liked

them since his studies at Dexter High School
in the early 2000s, liked them while studying
business at Eastern Michigan University, and
loves them now that he gets to see them in
action as one of Washetnaws newest entrepreneurs.
Vlazny is the fifth franchisee in Michigan to
open a The Big Salad loocation and the first
to open one in Washtenaw County. The other
four locations are in Royal Oak, Troy, Grosse
Pointe and Novi.
The franchise was started by New York
businessman John Bornoty when the first The
Big Salad opened its doors in Grosse Pointe in
2008, the concept for which was built around
the idea of healthier food and the salad bar
concept. From that springboard, The Big Salad
was created to serve fresh salad, soups and
sandwiches to people who wanted healthier,
quality food at close to fast food speeds.
While the business is heavily focused on the
customers, Vlazny says that hes even more
impressed with how well Bornoty treats his
franchisees as the franchise owner.
If youre looking at doing a franchise,
instead of focusing entirely on what the business is doing for the customers, analyze what
the business is going to do for you, Vlazny
Franchise businesses vary in a number of
ways, including their control over individual
franchisee-operated locations which can carry
stipulations that the franchisees make mandatory changes to the menu, branding, product
and training which can be costly and time-consuming for a franchise-operator, and requirements must be met no matter how a particular
franchisee is doing.
But the pros far outweigh the cons, if there

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Salad, anyone?


By Sean Dalton

people who want no will not be

balanced, Cousins said. They
will say your taxes are going up
and thats going to scare people
to a point where they will have a
tendency to vote no.
There was some debate among
the council Monday night
about some of the statements
made even within that meeting
and discussion on the mailer.
Keough made statements that
Village Council member Donna
Fisher called out for clarification. Keough initially said that

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Dexter High School graduate Kevin Vlazny (center) has opened The Big Salad in Ann Arbor.


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are even any, in Vlaznys approximation and

he says that The Big Salad is the best franchise
opportunity in Michigan right now, not only
because its a Michigan-grown company, but
also due to the popularity of the product and
service in the areas that The Big Salad has
expanded to since 2008.
Vlazny also became interested in The Big
Salad due to its upscale environment and
menu of healthy and fresh food choices.
I was attracted to The Big Salad because it

News Tip Hotline: 475-1371

was a new concept with healthy and fresh food

served in an upscale and fast casual environment thats perfectly suited for the lifestyle of
Ann Arbor residents, he said. I also liked
knowing that as a Michigan-based company
it was going to provide me with the personal
corporate support I wanted.
And business has been good.
Ive been open for three days now and Ive

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