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Dear Friends, I wanted to write a brief letter introducing myself, Kevin Robertson, and address some concerns forwarded

to me by Lake Grove neighbors and friends in response to letters they have received about our school district and the upcoming school board race. Who I Am I am passionate about Lake Oswego schools and I have served the district where I can make the biggest impact. I have worked on the Foundation Board for 8 years. Last year, I served as President and was a Vice President the prior three years and chair of the Endowment Committee. Our children currently attend Lake Oswego schools - I have experience at all levels elementary, junior high, and high school. My professional career has been focused on managing money. I am currently employed as a Senior Vice President at Merrill Lynch. Why Vote For Me I offer proven financial expertise and business experience combined with integrity and pragmatism. My years of executive decision-making will be a significant asset as the school board selects a new superintendent. I believe that high levels of performance are built through hard work, focusing on what matters, assessing results, and committing to serve the best interests of all students and families. Running for the Lake Oswego School Board is based on my strong commitment to public service, not to further any pre-conceived special interest agenda or political alliances. Certain community members have implied that our schools are in trouble and there is a risk that families will leave Lake Oswego schools, attracted away by districts offering IB (International Baccalaureate) programs or Immersion programs. It is also implied that adding these programs is necessary to LOSDs survival and continued success. Lake Oswego High Schools offer a robust, diverse and flexible AP program with 17 subject offerings allowing students to individually tailor college preparation plans. Our kids took 944 AP exams last year with a 90% pass rate (US average 56%) and over 50% of our students take AP classes Parent evaluation committees have rejected the IB program for Lake Oswego after study due to the high costs including annual fees, lack of flexibility, and lower participation and completion rates There is little demand for transfer to IB High Schools (Beaverton, Portland, North Clackamas, Hillsboro) School performance, on all measures, in surrounding IB High Schools is much lower than Lake Oswego Immersion programs in surrounding districts are all Dual-Language Dual-Language programs are most often initiated by districts to serve the ELL/ESL (English Language Learner / English as a Second Language) students and close the achievement gaps in their schools Lake Oswego currently offers one of the only straight immersion offerings in the state All our elementary, junior high, and high schools are rated outstanding

Lake Oswego is not under attack. We are the highest achieving school district in the state and we need to use our dollars wisely to ensure an outstanding education for all of our students. Constructive innovation is what we need along with the input from our whole parent community on priorities. We must make sure that any implementation of new programs does not lessen our offerings and that they serve as many kids as possible.