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International bachelors programs

Feel at home at Tilburg University

Studying at Tilburg University means studying at a world-class university on a lively campus, in the vibrant city of Tilburg. Our university occupies a leading place in international rankings and is renowned for its research into people and society. We have also been voted best specialist university in the Netherlands in the field of education. Studying at Tilburg University also means understanding society: each day, our teachers and scholars apply their advanced knowledge to the most pressing issues facing the global community. The moment you arrive at Tilburg University, you will join this international and multicultural community of academics, students and support staff. You will soon feel at home at our university, where you will be challenged by our excellent English-taught Bachelors programs. Living and learning in one of the most internationallyoriented countries in Europe also guarantees that you will enjoy an internationally and culturally diverse student life. I wish you the best of luck in deciding which of our excellent programs best fits your interests, and I hope to welcome you to our campus in the next academic year. Prof. dr. Philip Eijlander Rector Magnificus

Tilburg University
Be part of the best international Bachelors programs in Europe! When you choose to do your Bachelors program at Tilburg University, you can be sure that you are studying at one of Europes most respected institutions. We maintain a top position in international rankings, and are consistently benchmarked for the excellence of our programs.

Were not just one of the best universities in the world. Tilburg is the best university for you.

Our professors are known world-wide for their academic research, and for their practical ability to bring out the best in you. On top of that Tilburg University is especially well-known for the international scope. Students from 85 countries take part in our prestigious and innovative degree programs, so our campus is literally a global village of diversity. What does this mean for you? Thanks to our excellent reputation your Bachelors degree from Tilburg University grows in prestige every year - a great start to your future education or international career!

Tilburg University International Bachelors Programs (3-year): Economics Econometrics and Operations Research International Business Administration Liberal Arts and Sciences

Shaping a New World, Making a Difference

At Tilburg University, we inspire you to reach your full potential, and in doing so, generate a positive impact on the society around you. Our educational programs instill a broad social awareness in our students along with critical personal and professional skills. Learning and development are offered at all career levels. Research endeavors aim to advance the frontiers of knowledge on issues and subjects of direct value to society and are actively disseminated and applied within the community with this objective in mind. We play an active part in the local community and that of the region, the Netherlands and the entire world, maintaining close contact at all levels. While our culture is rooted in the Christian and humanist traditions of our European heritage, we are open to all cultures and traditions, and actively invite students, academics and practitioners from all corners of the world to participate in our activities. We offer opportunities for academic pursuit and reflection regardless of personal philosophy. We strive to maintain a very prominent position in all our specialist areas of academic endeavor from economics and business administration to law, the social sciences, the humanities and theology. In many fields, we are already ranked among the top institutes in Europe. We intend to build upon our established reputation in every way possible.

Key figures
Tilburg University in a nutshell 2010 13,153 students 1,050 international students from 85 countries 1,804 staff members 196 full professors 3,380 Bachelors and Masters degrees 111 PhD degrees

Rankings Best specialist university in The Netherlands, in Elseviers Higher Education Review  (2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) European Top 10 in the field of Social Sciences Academic Ranking of the World  Universities (Shanghai-ranking, 2011) Top 500 Academic Ranking of the World Universities (Shanghai-ranking, 2011) # 48 in Arts and Humanities, according to the Times Higher Education World  University Rankings (2010) # 109 in Social Sciences & Management, according to the QS World University  Rankings (2010) Excellence Status for Economics and Psychology in the CHE ranking  # 1 in Europe in Economics Research by the latest rankings in the Journal of the  European Economic Association # 3 in the Tilburg University Research Ranking of all European institutions and #23 of  all institutions worldwide # 3 in Europe in Business Research according to the ranking of the School of  Management of the University of Texas, Dallas in 2009 Tilburg University programs are accredited by:

The Campus
Tilburg University is located in the heart of a peaceful green wood criss-crossed with bike and walking trails, an environment that invites quiet reflection. But the campus itself is bustling with student activity and a variety of research, business and cultural events a contrast that makes Tilburg University an especially attractive and dynamic place for learning.

International bachelors programs

MeiMei Dai, China Economics: When I arrived in Tilburg, I was impressed by the green environment in and outside the university. There is a forest as a backyard! Study facilities are impressive.

The 15 buildings that comprise Tilburg University, including our state-of-the-art University Library and excellent Sports Center, are all within easy walking distance from each other. This relaxed environment which features several cafes and cantines, and art and architectural installations - encourages informal socializing between your lectures and study periods. And the facilities are excellent.

The Tilburg University Culture

We say that our Bachelors programs are about Shaping a New World, Making a Difference. Its true. The Tilburg University culture interactive, international, and focused on sustainability - will change the way you think about the future, and help you to make a positive difference wherever you go. Interactive Tilburg University fosters a culture of interaction. This is true in the classroom, where you interact and collaborate with other students and your lecturers, and with external speakers in your field of study. Its also important that you have an opportunity to interact with the greater world of academia and art. So youll be invited to the free weekly lectures, discus sions, exhibitions, cultural workshops, concerts and theater events organised on campus by the Studium Generale. Youll listen to some of the most important academics and business leaders in the world discussing issues ranging from climate change to the economics of pensions in the EU; but youll also see cabaret, comedy, and film. Get involved! International Tilburg University offers a distinctly international culture throughout all of its programs, and that is of unique benefit to you and other Bachelors students who want to make a difference in the world. When you interact with your international friends and peers at Tilburg University, you learn something crucial: each of us is formed by attitudes and expectations from our own culture and country. No single viewpoint is right. Your Bachelors program in Tilburg is therefore the time take on a new and broader perspective to become a true world citizen. Taking this open attitude forward into your life will help you shape the future of the world in a positive and constructive and wise manner. Sustainable Tilburg has been voted the greenest city in the Netherlands, and this focus on sustainability is reflected in the research topics, program content, and overall culture of the University. Much of Tilburg University runs on green energy, and research directed to the overall concerns of sustainability is produced by our leading faculty members. Ever heard of the 3 Ps (People, Planet, Profit)? BOP (Base of the Pyramid)? Closed loop supply chains? At Tilburg University, you will and youll learn why they are important to you and the future.

The City
Tilburg is an idyllic university town Awarded the designation of the most environmentally sustainable city in the Netherlands, Tilburg is home to no less than 30,000 students. Named one of the fastest growing economic regions in the Netherlands, local employment prospects in the area are promising. Over 7,600 companies are based or headquartered in the region, including multinationals Fuji, Sony, Coca Cola, IFF and Iris Ohyama. Tilburg is conveniently-located A short train ride will get you to major European capitals including Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London and Cologne. Nearby Schiphol and Eindhoven Airports make air travel easy meaning the UK is just an hour away. A richly historic town with a young, cosmopolitan heart Tilburg has something for everyone: a thriving caf and restaurant culture, sports, art films, world-class pop music at podium 013, classical music at the Tilburg Concert Hall, and great contemporary art work at the De Pont Museum. All year long the city hosts festivals including the Festival Mundial (world music), City Sounds (Free Dance Festival), the Tilburg Wine City, the Festipet Street Theatre, Culinary Tilburg, the Tilburg Kermis (the largest fun fair in the Benelux) and the Tilburg Ten Miles Run. Just outside the city are areas of outstanding natural beauty They include National Park De Loonse en Drunense Duinen and the Oude Warande woods.

International bachelors programs

The Netherlands When it comes to making the Netherlands home, international students and staff discover a country in which its easy to get around. With English as an unofficial second language, its also easy to communicate. The Netherlands ranks 6th in the world for quality of life, and embraces no less than 160 different nationalities in its population, and offers a well-organised and easily-accessible public transport system. The Dutch economy provides limitless opportunities for those who wish to work in a multinational, multicultural environment. The Netherlands is the worlds 8th largest exporter, and home to many of the worlds most successful multinational companies including Philips, Shell, and Unilever.

The Tilburg University experience

Learning at Tilburg takes place in class, in companies and even in other countries. At Tilburg University, learning is not passive its interactive, collaborative and challenging. Class sizes are deliberately kept small to maximize individual attention from teaching staff, while in-class discussions keep you actively engaged and involved. A focus on group work prepares you for the reality of a working environment where youll be expected to collaborate with diverse team-mates to produce quality results, just like you will in your future career.

Niko Bhnert, Germany Student International Business Administration: At Tilburg there are so many ways to get connected with other students from the Netherlands as well as international students and it starts from the moment you arrive on campus, with the kick-off of TIK week.

Multicultural Classroom The Bachelors programs welcome diversity in student body and staff. Students from different countries come together in a multicultural classroom where they can share their ambitions for an international career one that makes a difference. You will see the international diversity in class and work in international teams on assignments. This offers a unique preparation for a future international career.


International bachelors programs

Exchange Opportunities In our International Bachelors programs you are encouraged to spend one semester studying abroad. It might be Barcelona. It might be Beijing. It might be Sydney. Wherever it is, your international exchange will be an unforgettable experience that produces new friendships, connections, and above all, a heightened understanding of the world. You will strengthen your credentials, while developing strong intercultural skills in preparation for an international career. For a full and up-to-date view of all exchange partners, visit our website www.tilburguniversity.edu/partners Make the most of your education Students who feel ready to take on challenges above and beyond their regular course of study, there are a number of interesting possibilities such as honors programs and leadership programs. Striving for excellence is the raison dtre of our Universitys programs! Teaching Methods In the Bachelors programs you will encounter stimulating new forms of teaching, in classes that vary in size from 20 students up to 250 students. You will learn through: Working in teams Lectures Instruction lectures Tutorials Skills tutorials PC Lab sessions


ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) Tilburg University employs the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS,), the most commonly used credit system in Europe. The total workload of one academic year has been defined as 60 credits, which stands for approximately 1680 hours. Most courses have a study load of 6 credits, which you acquire after it successful completion. International Student Associations International Student Associations get you in contact with like-minded students. Specific to Tilburg University are Asset, the Student Association for the School of Economics and Management; MAK, the Mentorship System of the School of Economics and Management and Extra Muros, the study association for Liberal Arts and Sciences students; but global organizations like SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) and AWAke International also have a presence on campus. Binding Study Advice Based on the results you obtain for your courses in the first year, you will be able to determine whether you are capable of successfully completing the remaining two years of the program. It is also important to check whether the program meets your expectations with respect to content, educational approach and career perspectives. At the end of your first bachelors year you will receive a so called binding study advice. Guidance and mentoring Tilburg University has got responsibilities concerning the binding study advice. You definitely will not receive a negative binding study advice without good counseling by the university. The university offers a broad study counseling package for all first year students, so that possible threats to a good study progress will be minimized.


International bachelors programs


Gain sought-after expertise from some of Europes leading economists A great demand exists for economists who can understand, analyze and forecast changes to the global economic landscape and their implications for the performance of organizations. This program offers you this coveted area of expertise, as well as the prestige of being taught by some of Europes most respected economists. Furthermore, the program provides a solid grounding in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics, as well as specific knowledge in core fields including financial economics, international economics, public sector economics and development economics. Courses in business economics and philosophy are also part of the degree, as well as a variety of electives during the last semester of the program.

Akash Arasu, Economics: I was attracted by Tilburgs reputation for being one of the best universities in Europe for Economics. Plus I needed an undergraduate program taught in English and the Netherlands is one of the few countries in continental Europe that teaches undergraduate programs in English. Furthermore, the program was appealing and interesting.



Dr. Henk van Gemert, Associate Professor Academic Director BSc Economics: Economics is exciting. If you follow the news and its coverage of employment, competition, trade and capital flows, climate change, government regulation, emerging markets and so on you realize that economic events touch almost every aspect of peoples lives.

The Essentials Three-year Bachelor of Science program Two-year foundation and one-year specialization with choice from a wide range of  electives English-taught curriculum Ideal combination of theory, practice and institutions International classmates, content, and teaching staff Interactive and innovative teaching methods Opportunity to study abroad at one of Tilburgs partner universities

Please visit www.tilburguniversity.edu/bachelors/economics for more detailed information about the BSc Economics.


Econometrics and Operations Research

SpecialiZe in solving the most complex business and economics issues With globalization and other market forces adding ever more complexity to decision-making within business and economics, the need for mathematical models and statistics to solve everyday problems is rapidly increasing. You will be the one to provide them with a Bachelor of Science Econometrics and Operations Research (EOR). The three-year BSc EOR is a fundamentally quantitative program for ambitious students with an aptitude for mathematics, logic and analytical thinking. Learning focuses on understanding how to formulate mathematical and statistical models in relation to problems in economics and business, and using and applying these models to real business issues to actualize effective solutions.

Prof. dr. Henk Norde, Full Professor Mathematics & Game Theory ,Academic Director BSc Econometrics and Operations Research, Chosen the Best Teacher Econometrics Program (student-elected): My research interest lies in the field of game theory. I recently participated in a European Community project focused on the reorganization of the railway sector in Europe. Our task was to develop a tool for the division of the railway infrastructure costs among the different international railway companies using this infrastructure. This is a nice example of an application of cooperative game theory in practice.


Econometrics and Operations Research

Your ability to apply these models to problems related to issues around, for example, production planning, inventory management, investment, insurance and retirement will be invaluable in organizations worldwide. Economics, statistics and mathematics are the key ingredients of this program and should be your primary academic interests.

Pieter Platteel, Student Econometrics and Operations Research: I chose the Econometrics and Operations Research program because I liked mathematics and economics when I was in secondary school. And I chose Tilburg University because I liked the smaller, more hospitable student life that Tilburg has to offer.

The Essentials Three-year Bachelor of Science program English-taught curriculum Challenging and intensive program Strong quantitative background in mathematics and statistics required Lectures by internationally-recognized professors Extensive and individual study guidance by lecturers and academic advisors

Please visit www.tilburguniversity.edu/bachelors/eor for more detailed information about the BSc Econometrics and Operations Research.


International Business Administration

The Bachelors in International Business Administration (IBA) prepares you to understand the concepts of todays business, conducted in an international environment with customers and suppliers from all over the world with social, environmental and financial challenges, and companies that need and are continuously seeking employees with an integrated, ethical and transparent approach, who are able to make innovative contributions in such a competitive environment. IBA is the ultimate preparation for an international management career, accumulating a wealth of knowledge across all the main business fields and management. In addition, attention is paid to innovative and sustainable approaches of companies aiming to make a difference in shaping a new world economy. A three-year undergraduate program, the IBA offers a unique international learning experience: classmates from all over the world, international teaching staff, international study trips, and content that takes a global perspective. The four core areas within business administration are covered: accounting, finance, marketing, and organization and management.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Bart Vos Professor NEVI Chair Purchasing Management, Academic Director BSc International Business Administration: Business nowadays is demanding. The IBA program stimulates students to acquire critical knowledge and skills needed to work at a professional level in international business settings.
The Essentials

Three-year Bachelor of Science program English-taught curriculum Unique combination of theory and practice Business and scientific research development International faculty, staff and students Interactive and innovative teaching methodology International experiences via study trips and exchanges

International Business Administration

The program Studying International Business Administration (IBA) at Tilburg University means you will develop knowledge and skills for a career in business organizations. More specifically, you will develop the ability to think and act effectively when working with people in business organizations. In order to build this activity, the IBA program involves the development of skills in the area of communication, networking, teamwork, systematic research, planning, writing, reporting and entrepreneurship. IBA prepares you for the international labor market in the field of business. Therefore, international aspects of business will be distinctive characteristics of the program. Not only with regard to the contents of the program, but also with respect to the design of the program and the students learning opportunities. The program creates an international community in which you learn to deal with cultural differences: Our recruitment and selection process is aimed at students with international  ambitions. Classes consist of students with different nationalities. Team work activities will be  done in teams with students of different backgrounds.  Most courses stress the international aspects of doing business. Cases deal with problems of international companies and organizations. In the third year of the program, students will have the opportunity to study one  semester abroad.

Eric von Wickern, Germany International Business Administration: The BSc International Business Administration is a perfect option to develop myself. At the same time Tilburg University is a place where I can potentially use my ideas and actually try to change something.

Please visit www.tilburguniversity.edu/bachelors/iba for more detailed information about the BSc International Business Administration.

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Designed for ambitious, globally-minded students from all around the world, the BA Liberal Arts and Sciences offers the unique opportunity to attain a specialized qualification in one of four Majors, combined with a broad and interdisciplinary liberal arts education.

Pia Gutierrez Zarate, Peru Liberal Arts and Sciences: I decided to study Liberal Arts and Sciences because of its interdisciplinary character. You are able to study and discuss various views on different matters. This widens your perspective and prepares you for a broad outlook on a multifaceted world.

The Essentials International three-year bachelors degree program taught in English. Internationally-renowned Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree Broad & interdisciplinary liberal arts education, which means: - Opportunities to follow courses on a wide variety of subjects. - Examining issues using insights from multiple academic disciplines. - Building specialist knowledge in the subject areas that interest you most. Freedom to design your own study program. Small & interactive classes. Strong emphasis on the training of academic skills.


Liberal Arts and Sciences

Distinguishing Characteristics Tilburg Universitys BA Liberal Arts and Sciences program differs from Liberal Arts programs offered elsewhere: It does not take place in a residential setting in which Liberal Arts students live and  tudy together 24/7, 365 days per year. It is the joint initiative of its four leading Schools, meaning you will be taught by  highly experienced, well-known professors with a variety of academic backgrounds and different research traditions. European history and culture are the profiling elements in the curriculum. It offers you a set of clearly-defined career or Masters options upon graduation, and  extensive guidance and mentoring from your academic advisor. It uses innovative teaching methods unique to Tilburg Universitys approach to  Liberal Arts, such as team teaching or distance courses.


Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Program The first year has been designed to provide you with an overview of the different academic disciplines offered within the BA Liberal Arts and Sciences program. Specialization within one discipline - your future Major - begins in the second year. We offer the following Majors: Humanities: European History and Culture Business and Management Social Sciences Law in Europe

Dama Sathianathan, Germany, Student Liberal Arts and Sciences: Choosing to study Liberal Arts & Sciences in Tilburg was a very good decision. Since we have small classes, it always is a very lively classroom, with a lot of scope for discussions and intriguing debates. It is fascinating how people from different backgrounds and cultures see a certain issue from a completely different perspective.

Please visit www.tilburguniversity.edu/bachelors/las for more detailed information about the BA Liberal Arts and Sciences


After your Bachelors degree

With a Bachelors degree from Tilburg University, you can expect doors to open - whether its to a top Masters program at Tilburg University or another renowned institution, or a dreamed-of first job at a multinational company. A Masters at Tilburg University A Masters degree enables you to expand your expertise in a specialized area, preparing you to pursue specific careers in that area. For an overview of our Masters programs, visit www.tilburguniversity.edu/masters

International bachelors programs

Ning Ma, China, PhD Student Econometrics and Operations Research: My choice of Tilburg University was based on its worldwide reputation for research. And, after three years studying here, I am even more convinced I made the right decision, having seen the strength of the research team and their ambition to constantly improve the quality of the research conducted.

A Masters at another top university You may also decide to join a Masters program elsewhere. Because of the international character and reputation of our Bachelors programs, you are in a strong position to apply for Masters programs at the worlds top universities. Your Career Prospects A certain reputation goes with being a Tilburg University graduate. Your degree is an indicator of the best European education a guarantee of everything from in-depth knowledge to well-developed intercultural and communication skills. You can be sure of excellent career prospects and a competitive edge in the labor market.

Financial Matters
Our international Bachelors programs represent superb value for money. The emphasis on quality, the multicultural confidence you gain, the opportunity to interact and do something big and meaningful in the world these are invaluable and add up to much more than an education. What does it cost to transform your life and begin to shape the future of the world? Cost of living Living in Tilburg is relatively cheap compared to other Dutch university cities, such as Amsterdam and Utrecht. Living in the Netherlands will cost you between e 795 and e 895 per month. Below is a general overview of your estimated monthly living costs in Tilburg:

Accommodation Food expenses Books and readers Health, liability and travel insurance fees* Total

e 375 - e 475 e 300 e 75 e 45 e 795 - e 895

* Insurance premiums vary according to a students personal situation.


Financial Matters
Tuition fees Tilburg University receives state funding for students with an European Economic Area (EEA) citizenship. Different tuition fees therefore apply to EEA and non-EEA citizens. EEA and Swiss students paid e 1,713 for a full academic year, and non-EEA students paid e 6,546. Final tuition fees for our international Bachelors programs commencing 2012-2013 will be available on our website at www.tilburguniversity.edu/tuitionfees in Fall 2011.

International bachelors programs

Working while studying If you wish to work in the Netherlands, there are a number of things you need to know. Students with a study visa need a work permit, and are restricted in the number of hours they can work. EEA students (with the exception of Bulgarian and Romanian students) do not need a work permit for a part-time job. Please visit www.nuffic.nl/international-students/living-in-holland/ living-in-holland/working-while-studying for more information. Additionally, if you are an EEA student, work at least eight hours a week, and have a certain type of contract, you can apply for a grant and a free public transport card from the Dutch government. Please visit www.ib-groep.nl/International_visitors/student_grant/student_grant.asp for more information.

Student services
At Tilburg University, its part of our job to help you adjust to life at Tilburg University as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Heres an idea of what you can expect.

Usama Tariq, Pakistan, Student International Business Administration: The University offers every possible facility to aid your study. The teachers are helpful and provide all the possible resources required. For guidance, classmates have always been very helpful.
Introduction week Life at Tilburg University always gets off to a flying start. You wont feel alone during your first weeks in Tilburg. With various student-organized events and introduction weeks, you will quickly make new friends and discover that life in Tilburg is about much more than studying. Furthermore, the introduction week ensures that you quickly become integrated into life at the university and in Tilburg. Visit www.tilburguniversity.edu/welcomeweek for more information. Accommodation We will help you get started with finding your own guaranteed accommodation in Tilburg. Two housing companies in Tilburg specialize in offering fully furnished accommodation for international students. Student accommodation can be found just around campus and in between the university and the city center of Tilburg. Please visit www.tilburguniversity.edu/accommodation for more information. Immigration requirements From the moment your application is accepted, the staff at the International Office will help you to meet the immigration requirements. Visit www.tilburguniversity.edu/visa for more information. Language Centre Our Language Center offers courses for students who want to improve their skills in Dutch or another foreign language. You will receive two language vouchers for free. Visit www.tilburguniversity.edu/language-centre for more information.

Admission and application

Tilburg University welcomes applicants with: A strong drive and motivation to learn and work in an international environment Ambition and the desire for intellectual challenge and personal development A high level of self-discipline and self-motivation An interest in participating in small-scale, interactive classes as well as lectures based  on world-changing research An interest in honing their ability to think critically and analytically

International bachelors programs

Admission requirements In general, you are eligible for our Bachelors program if you hold: A Dutch VWO diploma A non-Dutch diploma equivalent to the Dutch VWO, such as IB, EB, A+O levels,  4 AP courses, Abitur or another European diploma And for non-European candidates, a high school diploma plus one or two years of  university. In addition, you may have to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of Mathematics and English. For a complete overview of the diploma requirements per country, please go to: www.tilburguniversity.edu/bachelors/admissionrequirements Language Proficiency in English can be demonstrated by submitting the results from either a TOEFL test or from an IELTS test. The required minimum score for TOEFL is 550 (paper based) or 213 (computer based) or 80 (internet based); for IELTS 6.0 overall and 5.5. minimum on all parts. The institutional code for TOEFL is 9860.


Deadlines for application

Please note that the deadlines for application vary per program.

BSc Economics BSc International Business Administration BSc Econometrics and Operations Research BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences

15 May (both EEA and non-EEA students) 15 May (both EEA and non-EEA applicants) 15 May non-EEA applicants / 1 July EEA applicants 1 April non-EEA applicants / 1 July EEA applicants

Ready to Take the Next Step? See our Website or Contact Us Complete information about applying to an International Bachelors Program at Tilburg University is available here: www.tilburguniversity.edu/bachelors/admissionprocedure We want to be sure you have all the help you need in applying to these programs, so if you have any additional questions please dont hesitate to contact us: Bachelors Programs in Economics and Business Phone: +31 13 466 8972 E-mail: infoTiSEM@tilburguniversity.edu Bachelors Program in Liberal Arts and Sciences Phone: +31 13 466 2140 E-mail: liberalarts@tilburguniversity.edu


Come and meet us

You can get a more concrete sense of Tilburg University and our programs by meeting us either in your home country, by visiting us on-campus, or even via social media! Meet Us Close to Home: See our International Recruitment Calendar Tilburg University regularly appears at recruitment fairs and events around the world. To find out when well be close to you, see www.tilburguniversity.edu/meetus Student-for-a-Day: Get a feel for life at Tilburg See what it means to be a Tilburg University student: spend a day at the University, attending lectures relevant to your choice of international program, talking with other international students, and getting a feel for life on campus, and in the city of Tilburg. Find out more about our Student-for-a-Day programs in Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 by checking our website at: www.tilburguniversity.edu/studentforaday Your Opinion Has Impact: Talk of Tomorrow Social media specific to Tilburg University: Talk of Tomorrow, an online discussion platform where you can meet other students who are involved in the world, and share your opinion on matters that are important in society today. Talk with us on www.talkoftomorrow.com

International bachelors programs


More information
Bachelors Economics Bachelors Econometrics and Operations Research Bachelors International Business Administration Bachelors Liberal Arts and Sciences Masters programs Dutch-taught Bachelors programs About studying in the Netherlands City of Tilburg The Netherlands www.tilburguniversity.edu/bachelors/economics www.tilburguniversity.edu/bachelors/eor www.tilburguniversity.edu/bachelors/iba www.tilburguniversity.edu/bachelors/las www.tilburguniversity.edu/masters www.tilburguniversity.edu/bacheloropleidingen www.studyin.nl www.tilburg.nl/english www.holland.nl



International bachelors programs

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Contact us
Useful Addresses: Tilburg University Postal address: PO Box 90153 5000 LE Tilburg The Netherlands Tilburg University @Tilburg_Uni TilburgUniversity Visiting address: Warandelaan 2 5037 AB Tilburg The Netherlands

Contact Bachelors Programs in Economics and Business Phone: +31 13 466 2512 E-mail: infoTiSEM@tilburguniversity.edu Bachelors Program in Liberal Arts and Sciences Phone: +31 13 466 2140 E-mail: liberalarts@tilburguniversity.edu