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Creating Pleasure
And Intimacy
In Muslim Marriages
(A romantic sciences essay with adult content)
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Last updated: 7 cto!er "#1$
Author: %iad &assim
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Important Notice: Under age people must not read this essay. Anyone
having not reached puberty should not be reading this essay. I you
past puberty but still under the age o 1! and unmarried then you can
only read "hat is "ritten here i you have direct parental consent.
#hat is to say$ a parent or legal guardian$ over the age o 1!$ must
have read through this entire essay and approved it or you. My advice
to parents is$ i you not intending to get your son or daughter married
beore turning 1!$ not to allo" reading o this essay until they turn
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* see+ refuge in Allah (,od) from the accursed -atan and his
*n the name of Allah. the entirely merciful. the especially merciful.
/he title of this essay !egins with the words 0Creating pleasure and
intimacy and in the !ody of this essay * will !e discussing this topic
in two ways. 1ou might ha2e already guessed that this essay is a!out
re+indling romance. intimacy and passion !etween hus!and and wife in
the !edroom. *f you did you are right and this aspect will !e discussed
second. /he first aspect of the topic of creating pleasure and intimacy
in 3uslim marriages is to e4amine this topic from a fundamental point
of 2iew of what. in the sight of ,od. is pleasure.
Pleasure is an intangi!le. *t5s not a physical o!6ect. *t5s a
metaphysical attri!ute of human e4perience and in general life
e4perience. Pleasure is not only confined to humans. 72en animals can
e4perience pleasure. Pleasure is attached to the e4perience of life and
life is the creation of ,od. /he !est way to understand pleasure at the
fundamental le2el is to understand creation at the fundamental le2el.
/he fundamental le2el affects e2erything in the uni2erse. *n this
regard ,od has gi2en us +nowledge in the 8uran. ,od says in 2erse $9 of
the :1
surah of the 8uran that e2erything is created in pairs and in
this regard we must ta+e into consideration that creation is not only
material o!6ects li+e gold. sil2er. roc+s. water. etc !ut also the
intangi!le things li+e taste. smell. lo2e. mercy. en2y. 6ealousy and
pride. /hese are also the creations of ,od. ;oth tangi!le and
intangi!le creations of ,od are go2erned !y the fundamental di2ine law
of creation in pairs.
'e can5t touch mercy !ut we feel it and ,od says in a hadith (report)
ta+en from Prophet 3uhammad that he created mercy into 1## parts and
sent one part into the present world and +ept 99 parts for <udgment
=ay. (;u+hari. 2olume >. !oo+ 76. hadith $76 and -ahih 3uslim. 2olume
$. !oo+ ?:. hadith 66?"). /his hadith (report) shows for the !elie2er
that mercy is indeed created. 3ercy must also follow the law of
creation. which says that e2erything is created in pairs. /hus there
must !e something else in creation that forms a pair with mercy. At
this point you must +now that there are two di2ergent +inds of pairs: a
complimentary pair and opposing pair. *n regard to mercy its
complimentary pair can !e things li+e !ara+at (!lessings) and its
opposing pair can !e wrath or punishment. Li+ewise Pleasure is also
another intangi!le thing that is the creation of ,od.
'ith humans taste of good food is among the most tal+ed a!out
e4periences in life. /asty food is source of pleasure. @ood is physical
!ut the pleasure in food is intangi!le and li+e mercy the pleasure of
food has its own complimentary pair as well. /he complimentary pair of
food is se4. @ood and se4 are primary pleasures of man+ind and they are
!oth intimately !ound up in many ways. 'e need food to sustain our !ody
and from the !iological point of 2iew consuming food means to get 2ital
amino acids into the !ody. Aumans are li2ing tissue made up of tiny
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microscopic cells. 0Proteins ma+e up o2er :# per cent of the dry weight
of most cells5
. 'ithout proteins we would die. /o sustain our !ody B
the li2ing tissue and cells B we ha2e to constantly supply it essential
amino acids to synthesi)e the essential proteins
we need to ma+e cells
and these essential amino acids come from the proteins found in other
li2ing tissue. which is either a plant or the flesh of a halaal
(permissi!le) animal. -o to ta+e protein from the world into our !odies
we ha2e to +ill something else. /his is the nature of human life and
o2er time we ha2e learnt that meat proteins ha2e greater Cuantities of
all the essential amino acids than plants. 2egeta!les and fruits.
get meat we +ill the halaal animal and since the times when man li2ed
in ca2es thousands of years ago the way of +illing the animal is to
spear it or cut into its !ody. /hus +illing is !y penetration and so
the food and proteins that the !ody needs is o!tained through +illing
!y penetration. D
1$ % and &
Eeferenced to: Protein. 3icrosoft 7ncarta
7ncyclopaedia (2ersion "##:)F
;ut food is not the only mechanism to sustain man+ind. 'e also need to
ma+e new humans and to this end we ha2e se4 and here too the male
hunter see+s out a female. the prey. and he penetrates into her. to
create a new life B he inserts his penis into her 2agina. (Aere * am
e4plaining the natural characteristic of se4 here using these words of
hunter and female prey !ut in truth humans ha2e comple4 socials rules
such as marriages). ;y day he hunts the deer and +ills it !y
penetration with his spear and !y night he again hunts the doe of his
lust using his hardened and erect penis to penetrate her inner parts G
in her 2agina B to create new life. /here is +illing in the day time
with penetration and in the night time there is proBcreation with
'hen we read the 2erses of the 8uran concerning <annat (the 3uslim
Paradise) we see that among the most repeated descriptions of <annat is
a!out fruits and women. which really is a!out the pleasures of food and
se4. ne e4ample of this is from the end of -urah Eahman (::
of the 8uran). /here are ?" 2erses from 2erse num!er $6 to 2erse num!er
77 in surah Eahman and in this set of 2erses all the odd num!ered
2erses say the same thing. which is: Fa Bi Ay-yi ala-e-Rabi-kuma thu-
kaz-ziban. which means 'So which of the favours of your Lord will you
deny'. /he other 16 2erses are the e2en num!ered 2erses and in these
2erses. set out !elow. ,od descri!es <annat from the point of 2iew of
:::$6 ;ut for he who has feared the position of his Lord are two
gardens B
:::$> Aa2ing DspreadingF !ranches.
::::# *n !oth of them are two springs. flowing.
::::" *n !oth of them are of e2ery fruit. two +inds.
::::$ D/hey areF reclining on !eds whose linings are of sil+ !rocade.
and the fruit of the two gardens is hanging low.
::::6 *n them are women limiting DtheirF glances. untouched !efore them
!y man or 6inni B
::::> As if they were ru!ies and coral.
:::6# *s the reward for good DanythingF !ut goodH
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:::6" And !elow them !oth Din e4cellenceF are two DotherF gardens B
:::6$ =ar+ green Din colorF.
:::66 *n !oth of them are two springs. spouting.
:::6> *n !oth of them are fruit and palm trees and pomegranates.
:::7# *n them are good and !eautiful women B
:::7" @air ones reser2ed in pa2ilions B
:::7$ Intouched !efore them !y man or 6inni B
:::76 Eeclining on green cushions and !eautiful fine carpets.
(/his and all su!seCuent 8uran translations !y -aheeh *nternational)
1ou can notice that the 16 2erses are again di2ided to two sets of >
2erses !ecause in each set ,od descri!es two different sets of gardens
!ut they are similar in almost e2ery way. <annat is the final home of
the 3uslim and it is a perfected and !eautiful world.
* will discuss these descripti2e 2erses in two ways: @irstly. the
structure of Paradise and then the pleasures of Paradise. /he structure
of Paradise is two gardens. with two springs and trees that ha2e two
+inds of fruits. /he repetition of the pairs is the source of the
artistic !eauty and perfection of Paradise. A fitting word to descri!e
this !eauty is symmetry. Paradise is highly symmetrical. /he pleasures
of Paradise are the same in !oth sets of gardens and they too form a
pair of pleasures: the fruits which are pleasures of food and the women
which are the intimate pleasures of touch and sensuality.
People are also symmetrical: two eyes. two ears. two hands. two legs
and two !reasts. /he symmetry seen in human form is called !ilateral
symmetry !ecause the pairs are situated on either side of an imaginary
line of symmetry that runs from the centre of the forehead to !etween
the legs. 'e attach !eauty to human form !ecause of the symmetries we
see. 72en our actions can form e2ent symmetries. @or e4ample. parta+ing
of meals !egin at the lips and li+ewise romance and intimacy !egins
with a hus!andJs lips pressed against his wifeJs lips in a tender
in2iting +iss with !ismillah (*n the name of Allah) B a tantalising
appetiser leading to the main course G a spar+ling ri2er !eneath a
palace of erotic symmetries.
-ymmetries and pairings are in !oth the worlds. that is. in Paradise
and in the earth world !ut the symmetries in Paradise are more refined.
/he earthly symmetries are sometimes !ro+en symmetries.
-e4uality is 2ital in 3uslims marriages. *t must !e nurtured and
energised to +eep it producti2e and pleasura!le and to do these 3uslim
married spouses must engage each other with a positi2e frame of mind
and with passion pulsating through their minds and !odies. Aealthy
se4uality must !e complimented !y friendship and mutual respect !etween
married spouses. /he unhealthy is se4uality with misogyny and
su!6ugation. where men5s approach to their wi2es is solely to satisfy a
physical need in some mechanical fashion 2oid of romance and intimacy.
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3arriage is the -unnah (personal tradition) of Prophet 3uhammad and the
prophet lead a simple life in de2otion to ,od. Ae used to pray so much
that his feet !ecame swollen while !owing !efore ,od. (;u+hari. Kolume
6. ;oo+ 6#. Aadith ?6#.) Ae fasted regularly and often did not ha2e
food in his home. Ae ga2e the greater portion of his wealth in charity
throughout his tenure as a prophet. 3uhammad did get married and his
wi2es were pious women who did their utmost in the ser2ice of *slam and
in helping the growing 3uslim Imma (nation). /hese are true a!out our
prophet and his wi2es whom we respectful call our mothers in *slam.
Aowe2er. there is another side to the prophet5s life and this side is
of romance. intimacy. se4iness and !eauty that some of us seldom hear
of. Inli+e other men who satisfied their physical need with their wi2es
in some mechanical fashion and were more concerned with !usiness or
amassing armies to fight. 3uhammad5s attitude to women was of en6oyment
and fondness of their softness.
Prophet 3uhammad en6oyed lying on his wife Aisha5s lap. -ometimes he
slept on her lap. (;u+hari. 2olume 6. !oo+ 6#. hadith 1?"). n other
occasions he would lie on her lap and recite the 8uran. (;u+hari.
2olume 1. !oo+ 6. hadith "96). /he lap is the upper leg B the thighs
which are soft and cur2y and cur2e they do inward. /hey are an o!6ect
of !eauty. /hese reports of 3uhammad lying on Aisha5s lap show that he
and she !oth identified with feminine !eauty and intimacy. *n another
report of the !eauty of slender legs Aisha said that when Prophet
3uhammad prayed in their home she stretched her legs in the direction
he prayed. As he came down for a prostration he touched her legs and
she would pull it !ac+. /hen after the prostration when 3uhammad stood
up again. while in the same prayer. she again stretched her legs in the
direction he prayed. (;u+hari. 2olume ". !oo+ "". hadith ?##). Aisha
also said that 3uhammad used to +iss his wi2es while fasting and she
added that if the se4ual organ gets a !it wet the fast must still !e
completed. (;u+hari. 2olume ?. !oo+ ?1. hadith 1$9). Another wife.
%aina!. mentioned that she and the prophet used to ta+e !aths together.
na+ed * presume. and they drew water from a single pot. (;u+hari.
2olume 1. !oo+ 6. hadith ?19). ne of his male companions informs that
when Prophet 3uhammad had 9 wi2es he used to go to all of them in a
single night and ha2e se4ual relations. (;u+hari. 2olume 7. !oo+ 6".
hadith 1$"). Aisha sheds more light on this se4iness with these words:
I scented Allah's Apostle and he went round (had sexual intercourse
with all his wives! (;u+hari. 2olume 1. !oo+ :. hadith "7#. translated
!y 3. 3uhsin Lhan). *n regard to the approach to intercourse there is
an interesting report that references an in2iting 2erse from the 8uran.
*n 7
century Ara!ia a group of people were under the !elief that if a
man has intercourse with his wife from the !ac+ then the child from
that union will !e sCuint eyed. Eesponding to this ,od re2ealed 2erse
""? of the "
surah ("
chapter) in the 8uran to the effect that your
wi2es are your plantation or place of culti2ation to approach whiche2er
way is pleasing. (;u+hari. 2olume 6. !oo+ 6#. hadith :1). /he
e4planation in the 2erse is not 6ust a refutation of the erroneous
!elief concerning the +neeling se4ual position of 2aginal intercourse
!ut it is also in2iting married spouses to e4plore other approaches and
we can interpret this purely physically or !oth physically and
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;esides the pleasure of tasting good food the other physical 2alue of
food is its health and nutritional !enefit to satisfy hunger to gi2e
energy to the !ody. Prophet 3uhammad is reported ha2e said that food
for " people is sufficient for three and the food for three persons is
sufficient for four persons. (;u+hari. 2olume 7. !oo+ 6:. hadith ?#$
and -ahih 3uslim. !oo+ "?. hadith :1#>). *n yet another report Prophet
3uhammad is reported to ha2e said that food for one person suffices for
two persons and food for two persons suffices for four persons and food
for four persons suffices for eight persons. (-ahih 3uslim. !oo+ "?.
hadith :1#9 and :11"). 'hen food for two and three people !enefits more
than two and three people it is a sign that the food has !ara+at
(!lessing) from ,od. -e4 also has !enefit for humans as food does. !oth
in pleasure and for sustaining humans. -e4ual procreation in humans is
a shared e4perience. * imagine that se4ual union !etween hus!and and
wife is also a source of !ara+at. /he meal of a 3uslim !egins with the
prayer: "ismillah wa#"ar$atillah which means 0*n the name of Allah. and
the !lessings of Allah.5 Li+ewise 3uslim spouses should say the same
prayer when approaching each other romantically.
*n surah al ;aCarah ("
chapter of the 8uran) ,od gi2es an important
in6unction concerning the fasting month. Kerse 1>7 opens with these
%&'( 'It has )een made lawful for you to have sexual relations with
your wives on the night of As#Saum (*he fast+('
-o you can clearly understand the mercy and comfort of ,od in this
2erse. After a long day5s fast hus!ands and wi2es are permitted to
approach each other. *n Eamadan we fast and the fast means to a!stain
in the daytime from !oth food and se4. which are a connected pair of
pleasures created !y ,od. /he fast of Eamadan !rings the necessity for
food sharply into focus. At sunset we !rea+ the fast with food. /his is
the iftaar meal and for the iftaar great care is ta+en to prepare meals
of distinguished Cuality. *n a sense we rein2ent our lo2e for food. *n
thousands of 3uslim homes around the world 3uslims prepare the *ftaar
meal for families at sunset. -a2ouries and other delights are specially
prepared and the ta!le is set neatly. /he people ma+e wudhu and read
from the 8uran. *n some homes the smell of incense spreads throughout
the house. A prayer is read and then after the sun has set the fast is
traditionally !ro+en with dates or water. -weetened mil+ is ser2ed in
different 2arieties. After 7sha and optional tarawee salah. if we are
married. ,od gi2es permission for hus!ands to approach wi2es. * li+en
this intimate approach to the wife as a pri2ate second iftaar. As we
ta+e great care and in preparing the first iftaar * !elie2e the same
attention and care must !e ta+en in pri2ate life !etween married 3uslim
spouses. * am as+ing 3uslim married couples to recei2e this permission
of intimacy during the nights of Eamadan with romance and tenderness as
our !elo2ed prophet was romantic and tender.
'hen you ma+e the first iftaar the food passes through the lips. Lips
are the folding of tissue and s+in around the mouth opening. /he food
passes through this opening and then the pleasure of the food is felt
on a sensiti2e organ called the tongue. 'hen a hus!and ma+es second
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pri2ate iftaar. ma+ing lo2e to his wife. the hus!and5s hardened and
pointed manhood passes through the la!ia of the 2agina and la!ia are
similar as lips. /hey are folded tissue and s+in co2ering the 2agina
opening and when the o!6ect of pleasure passes through it. it ru!s
against a sensiti2e organ called the clitoris from which the wife
en6oys se4ual pleasure. Now compare the pairs !etween the two iftaars
that the wife en6oys: two lips for mouth and two lips for 2agina.
Pleasure of food en6oyed on the sensiti2e tongue and pleasure in se4
en6oyed on the sensiti2e clitoris and a!o2e this is a pair of humans. a
hus!and and wife. in se4ual union who each feel pleasure. Pairs upon
pairs. ,od creates e2erything in a system of pairs. 1ou cannot escape
from this system. Life is created and sustained !y this system and
humans ta+e pleasure in !oth creating new life and in sustaining life.
Aow great and intelligent ,od is to create life thusH
&ellular life. as us humans are. is replicati2e. &reated lifeJs primary
function is life itself !y com!ined alternating processes of
reproduction and regeneration and each process releases pleasure. As
life replicates so does pleasure. /o !e true. pleasure also has its
opposing pair. which is pain !ut with the right +ind of mathematics.
most li+ely to !e a formulation !ased on group theory. life can !e
en6oyed without pain. ,od has already planned this in the <annat he has
prepared for his !elie2ing ser2ants. <annat is a cele!ration of life
and the pleasure of life and a life of pleasure !ut you can only enter
there if you correctly !elie2e in ,od without contradicting the !elief
!efore you die. * as+ my readers to !elie2e in ,od without
contradiction. ;e a sincere 3uslim and stri2e for <annat.
Lo2e ,od in the pleasure the he has created for !elie2ing in him. 'hen
hus!and +isses his wife. lo2e Allah. 'hen wife +isses her hus!and. lo2e
Allah. /he second pri2ate iftaar as descri!ed here is a romantic
re2i2al. Ee+indling Eomance !etween hus!and and wife is li+e clapping
your hands. 1ou canJt clap with only one hand. *t ta+es two. Li+ewise
hus!and and wife !egin !y ma+ing sweet in2iting ad2ances toward one
another. -tart with a smile or with romantic words. ;efore intercourse
Prophet 3uhammad and his saha!ah (companions) en6oyed foreplay with
their respecti2e wi2es and foreplay is play. 1ou can !e funny or
comedic or ma+e a se4ual surprise that is welcoming for the senses.
*ts 6 oJ cloc+ in the morning and 3asoodah is in the +itchen preparing
for her dayJs wor+ in the +itchen. -he !a+es and sells !iscuits and
sa2ouries for a li2ing. Aer hus!and. %aa+ir wal+s into the +itchen.
pic+s up his mug and drin+s the hot tea. Ae chec+s his watch and loo+s
at his wife and as+s her. ,verything o$ today- .ou need anything-/
3asoodah smiles !ac+ and says. /0ere ta$e this list and )ring the
things today )ecause I need it for this evening(!
%aa+ir ta+es the folded note and puts it in his poc+et. Ais wife
notices his actions and as+s. .ou not going to read the list now-! and
he responds to her. Ill chec$ it at wor$(! Ae puts down the mug wal+s
o2er to his 3asoodah. /hey em!race and they +iss. Aer face is !eaming
and she is e4cited and he notices the cheerfulness !ut does not say
anything. /hen 3asoodah reminds him again. 1ont forget the list! and
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he reply5s Insha Allah("y permission of 2od( Ae +isses her again on
her lips ma+es salaam (traditional 3uslim salutation) and then lea2es
for wor+. =uring his lunch !rea+ he remem!ers the shopping list and
ta+es it out of his poc+et. opens it and reads:
1. honey
". dates
?. sweets
And !elow the ? listed items is a pri2ate message which reads:
1ou are my honey.
* am your date tonight.
Let5s !e sweet to each other !etween the sheets in a pri2ate tryst * am
preparing for later tonight.
Ais face lights up. Ae smiles.
Later that day. in the afternoon. 3asoodah5s phone !eeps and she loo+s
at the screen: M1 new messageM. -he recei2ed an sms from her hus!and
%aa+ir which reads as follow:
3ery nice shopping list( Al humdu lillah (praise )e to 2od( I found
and )ought everything at good prices )ut )y far the )est )argain I ever
made in my whole life was to marry you(!
And with these two short messages !etween hus!and and wife the romantic
date was set.
n another occasion %aa+ir ta+es the initiati2e. *t5s the first day of
Eamadan and %aa+ir is at wor+. Ae pulls out his cell phone and types a
message and sends it to his wife. 3asoodah 2ia sms. /he following te4ts
are 9 messages e4changed !etween them:
%aa+ir: Im feeling the fast already(
3asoodah: 0oney its the first fast in 4amadan and its only %5 o cloc$
in the morning( 6hat are u hungry 7 so early in the morning- 8 ate
nicely at sehri (traditional preBdawn meal)(
%aa+ir: I swear I never touched anything at sehri
3asoodah: u tal$ing nonsense honey
%aa+ir: * ne2er saw the morning dew spar+ling and dripping off ripe
grapes dangling from the !ranch. * didn5t sCuee)e the rounded peaches
in my palms. * ne2er opened the 6uicy red water melon.
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3asoodah: *hats )ecause everything is stashed away till after ,sha and
tarawee( Special treat 7u tonight(
%aa+ir: Are u gonna sculpt the watermelon-
3asoodah: 9ee honey: )ut not only the watermelon: the whole fruit
platter will )e decorated ;ust for you Insha Allah( Are u gonna )ring
me my favourite white )arrfee-
%aa+ir: Al humdu lillah( Its already )ought: tightly pac$aged and
waiting for your lips(
And with these short messages !etween hus!and and wife the romantic
Eamadan date was set.
Aere is another e4ample of how to initiate a romantic date !etween
3uslim hus!and and wife: 3oulana @aisal is the resident moulana
attached to the mus6id (mosCue) in a small town at the foothills of the
=ra+en)!urg 3ountain Eange. Ais main duty is to lead the congregation
in far) salah (compulsory formal prayer). Ae also teaches the young
3uslim children in the mosCueJs madressa. Ae is not alone and his wife
Layla also teaches in the same madressa !eside him.
n the first fast of Eamadan a fi2e year old girl is attending her
madressa class. Appa Layla called her and said to her. /2o )y the
<oulana and tell him to give the fi=h $ita) (!oo+)(/
/he little girl wal+ed across the room and greeted the moulana. MAs
Salaalm mu alai$um <oulana! and moulana responded. 6a alai$um salaam(!
-he then said. /Appa says you must give the fi=h $ita)(/
3oulana got out his pen and wrote a short note on a piece of paper. Ae
then folded the paper. pulled the fiCh +ita! from the shelf. and placed
the folded note in the +ita! !ut left the !ottom end of the note
stic+ing out of the +ita! to draw attention to it. Ae then said to the
girl. /*a$e this to appa and as$ her to give the hadith $ita)(/
/he little girl wal+ed across the room and ga2e the +ita! to appa
Layla. /hen she said. /<oulana said you must give him the hadith
$ita)/. Appa Layla then too+ the fiCh +ita! in her hand. opened the
folded note and read it. /he note read: /the flower grows )ut the
petals are closed to the sunlight(/ After reading the note appa Layla
called the little girl again and placed a reply note in the hadith
+ita! and said to her. /2ive this to moulana(/
3oulana @aisal recei2ed the hadith +ita!. opened the reply note and
read his wife5s reply. *t said: /the flower )looms nocturnally(/ Ae
smiled after reading the reply. and with these two short messages
!etween hus!and and wife the date was set.
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3uslim married couples can use Eamadan to rein2ent and re+indle romance
and se4uality drawing their se4iness from the 8uran and the unBsinful
e4amples of intimacy from our *slamic heritage. 'i2es can !e acti2e in
this !y preparing themsel2es and their homes. 1ou start !y remo2ing
unwanted se4ual intrusions out of the home with wudhu and then
purifying the home in a state of wudhu. /hen the inner apartment of the
home is scented. -lip into in2iting lingerie. Prepare the !edroom and
perfume yourself. /here would !e honey in the room and flowers. =im the
Aus!ands can !e acti2e in this with easy and simple gestures such as
!ringing flowers to the home and !uying appropriate gifts to accentuate
!eauty and to show de2otion and gi2e warmth. Aa2e wudhu and stand
outside the !edroom door. 1ou as+ permission to enter and then enter if
permission if gi2en and as you enter ma+e a full salaam. Eecei2e your
wife warmly in your arms. As+ her. <ay I $iss you-! and only after she
says yes you +iss her. /hen as+ her permission to ta+e her onto the
!ed: <ay I ta$e you on our )ed-! ;e patient. 'ait for her to answer in
her softness and when she says yes you ta+e her on your !ed.
@or the hus!and and wife to do:
-it on the !ed and ma+e your hus!and lie down with his head on your
lap. 1ou already ha2e grapes and other sumptuous fruits at hands
length. -ay ;ismillah (*n the name of Allah) and place them on his
lips. 'hile resting on your wife5s lap read from the ::
2erse of surah
1aseen (?6
chapter in the 8uran). &ontinue reading the ne4t 2erse.
Lower your head and +iss your hus!and on his lips and read the "
remaining 2erses (2erses :7 and :>). /hen place some fruit on your lips
and lower your lips to his and then share the fruit together...and the
other pri2ate delights from the !ounty of Eahman (/he intimately
merciful Allah).
'hat happens ne4tH 72en here ,od5s mercy and proffering is filled with
pleasure. /he same 2erse continues after permission is gi2en for se4 to
further set out other laws and limitations regarding eating at sehri
time and the limits of *ti+aaf (seclusion in the mosCue during the last
1# days of Eamadan). during the last 1# days of Eamadan. *ti+af is
optional and if a married man chooses to stay in the 3osCue for iti+af
then during those nights this 2erse from the 8uran prohi!its him from
approaching his wife for se4ual relations. All this is good and well
and functional to communicate the laws and limits of ,od to his
!elie2ing ser2ants !ut ,od does not stop at these ordinances. /here is
more in the 2erse. Ae writes another descripti2e statement. !efore the
ordinances concerning sehri !ut after the permission to ha2e se4ual
relations that if it were to !e left out and omitted it would not
diminish the laws and limits of ,od. /his is so !ecause this middle
portion of this 2erse has nothing to do with laws and limits. 'hat is
stated in this middle portion of the 2erse is nothing short of erotic
imagery from the di2ine re2elation. ,od says to the !elie2ing world:
'ila nisa-i-kum hunn-na libasun lakum', which is translated as '.our
wives are your garments'. Li!as. which is an Ara!ic word. ta+en from
this same 2erse. (see li!asun a!o2e) means co2erings. clothing or
garments. /here is no law or AalaalBAaraam (permissi!leBfor!idden)
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in6unction here. /hese words after the permission are a metaphor. *n
other words the language is figurati2e and not literal. @igurati2e
language means to con6ure a mental picture of something B in other
words to imagine something. *magination focused on se4ual pleasure is
!y nature erotic.
After this erotic imagery the 2erse continues with: 'wa#antum li)asun
la#hunn#na'. which means Jand you are garments for themJ. -o ,od is now
saying that the hus!ands too are garments for their wi2es. which again
is erotic imagery.
&lothing is the creation of ,od for:
1. Protection from the elements
". 'armth
/hese first " functions of clothing are utilitarian for the !enefit of
the !ody !ut we also wear clothing for social reasons:
?. /o co2er our shame
$. ;eautification
&lothes ru! and touch against the s+in. 'hen ,od says you are garments
to your spouse he arouses the thought of hus!and and wife ru!!ing
themsel2es against each other. 3a+ing lo2e is done with the se4 organs
e4posed. A wife lies on her !ac+ and is co2ered !y the !ody of her
hus!and. Ae is the garment which !eautifies her and co2ers her shame
yet at the same time his manhood is e4posed and she is his garment
co2ering his shame !eautifying him. @or the pri2ate eyes of 3uslim
hus!and and wife se4ual union is as natural as wearing cotton or
woollen clothes. *n pri2ate we need not !e ashamed of physically
e4pressing se4ual intimacy. Eather hus!and and wife can smile upon each
other and delight in each other5s !eautiful fitting of each other.
;oth hus!and and wife are gi2en se4ually in2iting words to pro2ide a
spar+ of se4ual imagination B to create intimacy in the marriage. 72en
when the reader is not married he(she is implored to imagine the
!eautiful delights of marriage and to turn to ,od in appreciation. and
not to pursue unB*slamic se4ual !eha2iour. ,od is teaching us the
!readth of *slamic se4uality. 'ith some people the 2ery !est and heated
se4 is unthin+ingly called dirty se4 as opposed to dull and indifferent
se4 which is wrongfully portrayed as morally superior. /here is nothing
dirty a!out hus!and and wife !eautifying each other in se4ual union and
the really heated and passionate se4 is as moral as dull. indifferent
se4. * want to help 3uslims to chase away unB*slamic se4ual intrusions
and to fully em!race the wide !readth of *slamic se4uality. /he 3uslim
paradise is se4ually in2iting and ,od is not ashamed to e4press this
se4uality to us in the 8uran. ur morality comes from co2ering our
!odies in pu!lic life !ut in pri2ate our se4ual e4pressions ha2e wide
hea2enly sanction.
/he hus!and approaches his wife. -he is a decorated ro!e of sil+. 2ery
smooth and 2ery light. -he passes o2er him. wrapping her thigh around
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him. Ae is a ro!e of cotton 2el2et. also smooth !ut thic+er and firmer.
Ae weighs down on her sil+iness. em!racing her. -il+ ru!s against
2el2et. /hey crease on one another and fold o2er one another. /he
hea2ier garment. the 2el2et. forms a +not in the middle B his manhood
hard and erect. Ae +isses her on her lips. arousing her sensuality.
pressing against her softness. his 2el2ety +not pushes inside her.
penetrating her sil+y purse. Ae wants to gi2e her something. Ae wants
to !e6ewel her. Ae wants to put something in her sil+y purse.
M&ome my lo2eM. the one says to the other. Let us undress again and
wear another set of garmentsN. Ae lies on the !ed and pull her on top.
/hen he lifts her upper !ody and ma+es her sit upright !efore him.
&aresses her nipples and then pulls her up further until her thighs
clea2e o2er his chest. -he !ows her head and hair falls to his face.
-he caresses him and he sCuee)es her !uttoc+ in2iting a delightful
se4ual e4pression. Ais fingers slides down the middle clea2e and she
rises from the !ac+ to allow a more intimate e4ploration and in the
moment of e4citement he turns her o2er until her !ac+ is facing him.
Ais hands stretches o2er her !ac+ nudging her forward and lower until
her hair flairs out in an um!rella co2ering his manhood. Aer lips part
and her tongue unfurls down tantalising his manhood. *n his e4citement
he clea2es her thighs o2er his countenance. ;efore his ga)e are the
gates of her 2irtue and !eyond the gates is her lower garden. lush and
dar+ in colour. /he lips part li+e the gates of <annat and he leisures
into her lower garden. pussyfooting and gentle. No rushing. a leisurely
stroll. /he fountain is 6ust a little further ahead. to !end o2er and
wet his tongue and to Cuench his se4ual thirst. /hese are tight fitting
garments. accentuating their cur2es. /ogether. their com!ined !odies
forming the num!er J69J. -he lo2es to wear him this way. as he lo2es to
wear her this way.
M&ome my lo2eM. the one says to the other. /he night is hotter now. Let
us undress from these tight winter garments and wear another set of
garments for this hot summer nightN. &hanging garments B changing
positions B different styles to suit their growing se4ual taste. -he
approaches from a!o2e. *n the middle are her ornamental delights.
hardened at the nipples and it da))les his eyes as it sha+es. -he leans
a !it forward gripping on his chest for support and 6oc+eys her
hus!and. /he sha+ing comes from !eneath B her parted thighs en2eloping
and igniting the fire!rand of warmth that sto+es their passions. -he
thin+s that her hus!and is li+e an e4clusi2e !outiCue. -he wants to
stay all night in the !outiCue G in his arms B and +eep trying him on.
/hey slip inside and around one another B ru!!ing. feeling the
smoothness and smiling at each other5s shifting postures and the wa2y
cur2es that emerge and disappear.
,Come my love,$ the one says to the other. Let us undress again and
wear another set of garmentsN. Ae raises his wife and ma+es her +neel.
/hen he too also +neels and approaches from the !ac+. until his thighs
are touching on her thighs. ,ently he stro+es her !ac+ with his left
hand and his right hand passes o2er her !reasts B a new garment is
!eing fitted on. Ais face draws closer to hers. she turns her chee+ and
they +iss G their tongues entangle and wet. A little lower are her
!reasts protruding out of her slender torso li+e ripe nectarines. @irst
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he presses and sCuee)es and then he caresses them letting her nipples
pass through his fingers. All the while !elow his manhood presses hard
on her thigh. /he +issing and ru!!ing intensifies their desires and
then their lips unloc+ and he passes his left hand o2er her lower !ac+
urging her forward. Aer !ac+ e4tends forward hori)ontally. and her head
lowers until her long hair forms a waterfall e4tending to the satin !ed
sheets !elow. her perfectly manicured fingers flair out on the !ed
sheets. Ae approaches from !ehind. his erection aimed at the clea2e
formed a!o2e her parted thighs. @eeling its firmness she proffers her
right hand from underneath. holds his erection and pulls it to her
2agina. Aer protruding fleshy lips part !y his erect manhood. /he
garments are now fitted on B Neither dowdy nor o2er!earing. these
garments are sporty and swan+y in outward appearance.
Ae has mounted her from the rear and his hea2y and hard thrust pushes
her featherweight !ody forward. Aer handhold tightens on the satin !ed
sheets for support. -he feels his warmth deep inside her and he gra!s
her hips with !oth hands. Aer silence in recei2ing him runs deep
thoughts in her mind. Ais forcefulness increases against her stiffened
posture and it ma+es her scream in erotic pleasure. Aer 2agina wets.
!athing and lu!ricating his manhood B droplets !egin to tric+le
straight down her inner thigh. Again she stiffens her !ody her lips
part. sighing. Ais pace Cuic+ens. Ais thrust is forceful and 2igorous.
Now the playful sporti2eness in her is released.
/he tigress in her is uncaged and her erotic groans grow louder. -he is
racing forward from inside a huge fortress !eing chased !y a deluge.
Ahead of her are the fortress doors. loc+ed and sealed. Ae is a hea2ily
armoured ca2alryman on the other side of the fortress pounding at the
loc+ed doors and walls of the fortress. OAarder. harderN she screams
out. And again he thrusts forward. urged !y her erotic moans. O&ome
fasterN. says the tigress. O&ome harder and Cuic+er. the deluge is on
my heels.N And again he races forward with his manhood to pierce her
fortress. to pound her walls. to sha+e her towers and charge on her
ramparts and parapets. /hen her waters o2erta+e her and in the rush of
her wetness she loses control G fearful of drowning and of losing her
senses. she lets out a final erotic scream and 6ust then his hardened
erection thrusts forward in a final climactic charge. /he fortress is
!reached and he !ursts inside her. clashing with her deluge. /he
release is welcomed. the waters !urst out through the opening. Ais
thrust slows in the thic+ened mi4ture of her wetness. Aer !reathe slows
and she gi2es out a soft groan. /he rider is 2ictorious. the tigress
rescued and o2erwhelmed. A moment of admiration and gratitude. Aer lips
smile up at his deli2ery.
Ae pushes her down on to the !ed sheets and hardened nipples ru!
against satin sheets. Ais face lowers on her soft hair and she can feel
the length of his !ody o2er her legs and !ac+. *n an instant she turns
and they +iss with in2iting touches. /ranCuillity descends from ,od
upon them.
-e4ual intercourse is li+ened to a ship sailing in the clear seas. /he
hus!and is the ship !uilt strong. /he !ow of the ship G his manhood G
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pieces through the water G his wife5s 2agina B and in the coursing they
ma+e wa2es of pleasure. Ais muscles are li+e the winds that push the
ship through the water. /he clima4 of the 6ourney is when the ship
reaches port. Ae drops his anchor and har!ours in a !ay of
tranCuillity. /he ship is at rest and the waters are still B hus!and
and wife repose and sleep in each other5s em!race. *n repose 3uslim
hus!and and wife are garments of warmth and softness. /hey ta+e comfort
and sleep than+ful to each and to ,od. ,od e4plains this in a tender
2erse from the ?#
surah of the 8uran:
>5?@% And of 0is signs is that 0e created for you from yourselves mates
that you may find tran=uillity in themA and 0e placed )etween you
affection and mercy( Indeed in that are signs for a people who give

*n the foregoing erotic descriptions * am as+ing my 3uslim married
readers to !e imaginati2e. 2i!rant and romantic in relation with their
spouses B to !e the sil+ and 2el2et. to !e6ewel each other. to !e the
fountain in the garden and the stroller and to !e the mounted rider and
the tigress and so much more se4ual pleasure that is limited !y nothing
!ut sheer imagination. willing souls and the permission of ,od.
/he a!o2e mentioned complimentary erotic metaphors from the 8uran
e4press eCuality !etween hus!and and wife in their most closest and
pri2ate time spent together. 7ach is !eautification to the other.
Eemem!er it 2ery well and act on it !ecause it will !ring greater lo2e
!etween spouses and this lo2e will o2erflow !eyond the !edroom to the
other acti2ities of their marriage. to treat each other respectfully as
eCuals. &all your wife Omy se4y sil+ ro!eN and say ,od5s name with it.
-ay: N;y Allah whom * lo2e. you are my se4y sil+ ro!e.N *f you alone in
the house surprise her with se4y in2iting words and don5t 6ust confine
it to the !edroom. *f you see her pic+ing up something from the +itchen
floor snea+ up from !ehind and say: OAllah is da))ling my sil+ ro!e
!efore me.N -lide down her panties in the +itchen. 7m!race and +iss
her. caressing and sCuee)ing her !uttoc+ in the em!race and pressing
your manhood !etween her thighs. ;end her o2er a +itchen stool or the
+itchen ta!le or ma+e her lie on the +itchen ta!le and raise her legs
o2er your shoulders. /hen enter her passionately. while +issing her
&ellular acti2ity of the !ody releases unwanted fluids and to4ins that
e4it the !ody through the s+in and it will remain on the surface of the
s+in until washed away. 'ashing the !ody with soap ma+es the s+in
spar+le li+e shiny sil+. /a+e your hus!and to the !athroom and ta+e a
light shower together. -ay ;ismillah and ru! soap on his !ody. /hen he
says !ismillah and ru!s soap on your !ody. /hen wash off the soap and
ma+e wudhu !eside one another. /hen switch off the taps. As the water
drips off your !odies em!race and +iss. =on5t dry yoursel2es with the
towel. Push your manhood inside your wife and ma+e lo2e to her. ,i2e
her an orgasm B ma+e her wet inside B !efore the water wetness dries
off her s+in.
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'hen 3uslim parents !ath their !a!ies and small children the face is
washed with the words of +alimaBeBtayya!ah. which means word of purity
(and the 3uslim declaration of faith): La Ila#ha Ill#Allah <uhammad#
dur#4asul Allah (No ,od e4cept Allah and 3uhammad is his messenger). =o
the same with your hus!and. 3a+e your hus!and rest on your na+ed !ody
in the !athtu! with his !ac+ resting against your !reasts and with your
legs wrapped around his !ody. /hen collect water in the cup of your
hand and wash his face. purifying with the words of +alimaBeBtayya!ah.
Ae will cherish the moment and the lo2e you gi2e in this way. Ae will
remem!er you when he is at wor+ and the same face is e4posed to the
elements or other unpleasantness such as fumes or dust. Ae will
e4ercise patience in the thought that his lo2ing wife washing this same
face with +alimaBeBtayya!ah.
Admire your wife5s !eauty B her !reasts and nipples. !uttoc+s. her
clea2ages e4tending from the top of the !reasts and from the edge of
the lower !ac+. her pair of symmetrical thighs. her nec+ and earlo!es.
her fingers. Loo+ at her fingers and imagine all the pri2ate places on
your !ody that you want those fingers to touch and play with. Eeach
forward and sample your wife5s !reasts. 3o2e your fingers o2er the
nipples and ru! the tip of the nipple !ac+ and forth with 6ust the
fingers. /hen sCuee)e the !reasts and press them in the palm of your
hand. /he ner2e ending on your fingers are not the only parts of your
!ody for en6oying the sensation of touch. 1our lips are also eCuipped
with the sensation of touch. *n fact new !orn !a!ies are touch
sensiti2e on their lips !efore their fingers !ecome touch sensiti2e.
which is why they always put things on their lips or in their mouth.
/hey want to sample o!6ects they see. Now with your wife. sample her
!reasts with your lips and tongue. Liss the nipple and then e4tend your
tongue on it and then fuller until your pressed lips stretch o2er her
soft !reasts. /he sensations !etween caressing. +issing and tongueing
are different each time. /urn her !ody gently as you would gently turn
o2er fa!rics in your hand and caress. +iss and tongue her other places
of softness.
'hen you inside your wife +iss her and play with her !reasts. Press
them and sCuee)e them. Ise your hands to their full ad2antage.
Alternate !etween left and right hand. 'ith one hand caress her nipples
and with the other sCuee)e her !uttoc+ chee+. *t5s not 6ust the
sensation of it that matters it5s also a statement of !eauty. *n e2ery
other life setting the !ody is co2ered. 'hen with family. in salah. at
wor+. or while shopping or dri2ing the !ody is co2ered. Now in the
se4ual setting the romantic hus!and caresses his wife5s nipples and
!uttoc+ in admiration of her !eauty. /he more he shows this de2otion to
her !eauty the more those parts of the !ody !ecome se4ually aroused.
&hange positions to ma+e a show of !eauty. 3ount her from the rear
!ecause you want accentuate feminine !eauty. 1ou want to see her
!reasts droop and sha+e as you thud on her !uttoc+ and course inside
her 2agina. &hange positions again to tongue her nipples while coursing
inside her.
=uring intercourse +iss her on her lips in rhythm with how you course
inside her 2agina. -ynchronise the wetness. As you feel her 2agina get
wetter +iss intensely with your and her tongues ru!!ing in their own
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heated and wet intercourse. After successi2e orgasms the nipples and
the rest of the !reasts !ecome highly sensiti2e to se4ual stimulation.
Aus!ands may +iss on them until the wife has loud nipple orgasms.
Nipple orgasms are e4tremely pleasura!le for wi2es. Nipple orgasms are
erotically stirring. /he gratification is the pleasure of gi2ing her
successi2e orgasms. Eomantic hus!ands lo2e to gi2e successi2e orgasms
to their wi2es !ecause it enhances his se4ual prowess. -o gi2e
li!erally and !etween these loud erotic stirrings part her thighs and
pass in through her 2aginal la!ia. for !oth !eauty and to wet her all
o2er again. Aer thighs lo2ingly wrap around you and you sha+e her !ody
from coursing deep inside her. Pull her up 2ertically. sitting on your
hardened manhood. *t is a happy play hour and you lifting her with your
erection supported !y powerful wor+ing thighs. Aer !ouncy !reasts
pressed on your chest as you !oth tie tongues in wet +isses. 1ou
momentarily pull !ac+ and her !ody arches !ac+ slightly. Liss her
!reasts again. tongueing her nipples in your mouth. stirring up more
erotic pleasure.
*5ll close this essay with a 3uslim prayer:
h Allah. guide. help and teach 3uslims to remo2e all unwanted se4ual
intrusions from our homes.
h Allah. guide us and teach to shun godless. fornicati2e and
adulterous se4uality !oth !efore we get married and while are married
and not e2en to imagine fornicati2e or adulterous se4uality.
h Allah. in piety and in lo2ing you. guide us and teach us to imagine
and hold in our hearts and minds the !est of respectful. *slamic
h Allah. +eep 3uslim hus!ands and wi2es ma+ing erotic symmetries with
each other. in this world and in <annat and ma+e it a source of
!lessings in our homes.
h Allah. teach and guide 3uslim hus!ands and wi2es to model the
intimacy and compassion of Prophet 3uhammad.
h Allah. create !ara+at (!lessing) in the se4ual union of 3uslim
hus!and and wife and ma+e that !ara+at o2erflow to their families and
the greater community.
*nsha Allah Ameen.
A!out the Author:
* am an independent researcher and writer. /his essay and my other wor+s are a2aila!le
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