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The Shop Wisdom of Frank McLean. Home Shop Machinist's first 14

years with Frank McLean. Practical shop tips, 215 pages, hardbound.

Two Shop Masters - Frank McLean and Philip DuClos

The last of the legacy - the final published projects of two greatly skilled machinists. 304 pages, hardbound.



The Shop Wisdom of Philip Duclos.These pleasurable projects from his

column in Home Shop Machinist are fun for the skilled machinist or beginner. 214 pages, hardbound.



Steam and Stirling - Engines You Can Build, Books 1 & 2

Book 1 offers drawings and instructions for twelve engines, 160 pages, hardbound. Book 2 features nineteen steam engines and two Stirling hot air engines plus boiler work and related topics. 196 pages, hardbound.



The Shop Wisdom of Rudy Kouhoupt Each volume contains

invaluable tools and clever hobby projects, 230 pages each, hardbound.

#ST1 Book 1 #ST2 Book 2 $42.00 $42.00 $42.00 $19.95

$42.00 $42.00

#SWRK1 Vol. 1 #SWRK2 Vol. 2 #SWRK3 Vol. 3 #SWRK4 Vol. 4 (80 pg)

Building a Single-shot, Fallingblock Rifle Action

From The Home Shop Machinist, this was a very popular gunsmithing project for firearms enthusiasts. 44 pages, softbound.



The Shop Wisdom of Jesse Livingston 15 years of knowledge from

Live Steam. Metal casting, two 1 scale steam locomotives and more! 200 pg, hardbound.

The Gunsmith Machinist

By Steve Acker. All the expert gunsmith machining articles written by Steve for The Home Shop Machinist and the Machinists Workshop magazines 205 pages, hardbound.





The Shop Wisdom of D.E. Johnson Deene Johnsons Mill-Drill

Adventures in the early years of The Home Shop Machinist magazine 200 pgs, hardbound

Build an EDM
By Robert Langlois. Remove metal by spark erosion through electrical discharge machining. 56 pages, softbound.





Machining Fundamentals
By John R. Walker. A comprehensive text that provides an introduction to the various machining operations, setups and procedures. 640 pages, hardbound.

Metalworking:The Best of Projects in Metal Dozens of designs from top

machinists and craftsmen. From 228 to 272 pages in each volume. Hardbound. #MW1 Book One $42.00 #MW2 Book Two $42.00 #MW3 Book Three $42.00 #MW4 Book Four $42.00 #MW5 Book Five $42.00 #MW6 Book Six $42.00



Model Stirling Engines

The nearly silent operation of Stirling Engines made them Rudy Kouhoupts favorites. This book starts with plans for building a Stirlingcycle hot air engine. 84 pages, spiral bound.

Projects One thru Nine

From the first 18 years of Home Shop Machinist - Over 350 shop projects in all #PR1 vol. 1 #PR2 vol. 2 #PR3 vol. 3 #PR4 vol. 4 #PR5 vol. 5 #PR6 vol. 6 #PR7 vol. 7 #PR8 vol. 8 #PR9 vol. 9 $42.00 each Or take all nine: #PR1-9 $333.00



Working Steam Engines

TThis book contains plans for six steam engines of industry. Build a walking beam engine, mill engine, and marine engine. 104 pages, spiral bound.



Fun with Engines and Other Things This book contains plans for
projects created for the sheer enjoyment. Enjoy building a three-cylinder radial engine, a V-4 engine & more. 96 pages, spiral bound.

The Home Shop Readers Tip Book and Readers Tip Book 2
Lathe tips, milling tips, shop tips of all kinds from the experts willing to share via the internet. Based on the items posted on The Home Shop Machinist online message board. 56 pages ea. Softbound.



So You Want to Build a Live Steam Locomotive The standard

reference work for builders of working steam locomotive models. 324 drawings, 84 photos, and 26 tables. 164 pages, hardbound.


$9.95 $9.95

Randolphs Shop By J. R. Bulgin

A compilation of his popular artices in Home Shop Machinist on lathe work, millwork, welding, and blacksmithing (plus gun-related) 240 pages, hardbound.





Building The Shay By Kozo Hiraoka Kozo's premiere geared locomotive construction series in 3/4" scale with instructions for scaling up to 1" or 1-1/2". 194 pages, hardbound.
#BTS $50.00