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SAEL SIMS Security Information Management System

Short Installation Manual Version 4

2003 by Sauter Communication AG, Vaduz Version 4.0


Supported operating systems: Windows 2000 Professional >=SP3 Windows XP Home or Professional Minimum Hardware requirements: PC with minimum Pentium 3, 256 MB Ram, 100 MB free Disk Space Screen resolution: 1024x768 or 1280x1024 The following parts have to be installed in the correct order: 1. dotnetfx.exe 2. MDAC_TYP.EXE V2.7 3. MSDE_EN\Setup.exe 2000 4. Setup.exe 5. 6. 7. 8. Microsoft .NET Runtime V1.1 Microsoft Database Access Components Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine SIMS Installer

Setup ODBC Connection Restore empty NOX Database with SQLUpdate.exe Configure your Setup with V4.SIMSConfig.exe Starting the System for the first time

1. Installing the Microsoft .NET Runtime

The file "dotnetfx.exe" is the setup program for the .NET Framework. When you double-click this file the installation will begin. You should just follow the instructions that appear on the screen, and when you are offered any choices you should accept the default, unless you know of a reason to do otherwise


2. MDAC_TYP Database Access Components

Then you need to install the Microsoft Database Access Components:

Select the I accept Checkbox and click next

Click Next


Click Finish

To complete the installation select Close. Its possible that you have to restart your computer now.


3. SQL Server Database Engine

Now its time to install the Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine. Please note: This is only the Database Engine. There will be no Management Tools for the Engine. Open the Folder MSDE_EN on your CD.

And start the Installation by starting Setup.exe

When the Installation is finished, please restart your computer When you have restarted you computer, you will notice a new Symbol in your Taskbar:

Now start the Database Server by right-clicking on the icon with the red point:


if the point turns green after some seconds, the Database Server is up and running.


4. Installation SAEL SIMS

Now its time to install the main Application. Start Setup.exe on your CD:

Press Next


now the Application is beeing installed to: c:\SIMS

Press Finish


5. Setup ODBC Connection

To have access to the SQL Database there has to be setup an ODBC Connection. Go to your Controlpanel:

Goto to Administraative Tools:


Select Data Sources (ODBC):

Select System DSN:

- 10 -

Select Add:

There select SQL Server:

- 11 -

Enter as name: SQLServer Select in Server: the name of your PC Then press Next

Press Next

- 12 -

Press Next

Press Finish

- 13 -

Press Test Data Source

If test completes successfully, your ODBC Setup is fine.

- 14 -

6. Restore empty Database

Next step is to restore an empty Database to the SQL Server. To do that, start the SQL Update Program on your Desktop

Select Restore:

Select the File nox.sqlbak

- 15 -

Press Ok

Press Ok Now your Database is ready for use.

- 16 -

7. Configure your Settings

Start Configuration:

Start the V4E.SIMSConfig. You will be prompted for a password.

Default Password is 1212

- 17 -

Then you see the main configuration screen:

Please enter at least the following information: On the right side, you can select the main language (for Config and Server) Client-name: Name of your Client Server IP Address: The IP-Address is this Computer Comm. IP Address: The IP-Address is this Computer (normally the same as the Server IP) Everything else need not to be changed. Configuring the first central system: Select Centrals

- 18 -

Enter the Name of the system. Enter the Central-key you received from Sauter Communication. IP address: enter the address of the central Logout-code: Enter a valid user code to connect to the central When all information is entered, save them. Now you are ready for a first system startup.

- 19 -

8. Starting the System up

The following Programs have to run: SQL Server (normally started automatically by Windows) SIMS Server (can be started in the Startup Group) NOXComm (with the appropriate settings can also be started in Startup Group) SIMS (can be started when needed) SIMS Server:

- 20 -

Now start the Workstation:

For a first logon: Username: demo Password: demo

Congratulation. Installation is complete!

You can go on configuring your system to your needs.

- 21 -