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April 12, 2013


Bitcoin crash illegally engineered by major banking interests and media spreads fear of bitcoins calling for their regulation.

Seeing Bitcoin Red And what you can do about it!

By William Mook

So, if youre like most people, you bought bitcoin at $100 to $200 and now its trading in the $50 to $80 range and will likely go lower! NOT GOOD! Its important to remember that this bubble was engineered! We saw it coming about sixteen days ago. Someone pumped in an extra $100 million per day for about two weeks, regardless of price, and then dumped them all at a huge loss in about six hours to bring about this panic. The news media jumped on board, and helped spread that panic, in an effort to make everyone a seller of bitcoin.

So, what do those who are serious about bitcoins do? As Douglas Adams says, DONT PANIC! If you followed my advice you got out above $200 and are now sitting on cash at Mt. Gox. If not no worries, I will show you a way to break the manipulation of bitcoin, stop the banksters in their tracks, and earn a lot of bitcoins for your trouble. Let me share with you what I did and what Im doing now. It will give you the idea. I bought 200 btc in January at $10 each. I sold 200 btc last Thursday for $250 each. I used

this cash to buy 400 btc at $125 each. So far so good. Now, when btc fell below $100 - I sold half and got $20,000. So I had my original btc purchase plus $20,000. This came from the manipulators of the market. Now it looks like it might go to zero in light trading. What do do? BUILD A STRUCTURED BUY LIST. Whats that? I have $20,000 - so, heres what I do; buy 200 btc at $50.00 buy 200 btc at $25.00 buy 200 btc at $12.50


Criminal Manipulation of Bitcoin Price

And what you can do about it!

By William Mook

200 btc at $6.25 200 btc at $3.125 200 btc at $1.5625 200 btc at ... You can see whats going on here! As the price of bitcoin goes to zero the number of bitcoins you acquire goes to innity. This is just the inverse of bitcoins going to innity! That is, when bitcoins are going to innity, you can get an innite amount of cash with a nite number of bitcoins. When bitcoins are going to zero, you can get an innite number of bitcoins with a nite amount of cash. Who does this benet? Those with the ability to print cash! But it costs those who try to manipulate the market each time they do it. By putting in a structured BUY list like the one described, no matter if its 2,000 btc per 2 btc per tranche, you build a wall against bitcoin going to zero, and you transfer huge money into your pocket from the pockets of the manipulators! We already saw that by watching the market and catching it at $250 - a lot of money was transferred into your pocket. Lets see what might happen this weekend. Say bitcoins drop to $5 each this week end. That means my holdings will be 1,000 btc. Now, when bitcoin rises again to $200 level, our line in the sand, we become SELLERS of bitcoins.

No bank among the top tier can be allowed to fail. Systemic risk costs are not priced into their capital or collateral. A super spreader tax of 40% has been designed to reduce these losses.
Sheri M. Markose, Professor Economics University of Essex, UK, IMF White Paper 282, June 2012.

That is, at $200 I sell half of my 1,000 btc - or 500. This earns me $100,000 each time I do it. As bitcoin rises to innity (the inverse of it going to zero) I throw off $100,000 each time they double forever. Of course nothing lasts forever. So, what do we do with the money? We keep it in our trading account to weather the next attack, drawing our line in the sand at the next high. Transferring more money each time we do it! This way we inch forward against banskter manipulatiuon until we reach $500,000 level which is the appropriate level for bitcoin, and the price at which bitcoins match at currency, and true competition returns to the markets. So, now you have the formula! USE IT! Good luck and good buying! And remember... What doesnt break bitcoin makes it stronger!

Engineered Crash An extra $100 million per day entered into the market for 14 days. That $1.4 billion worth of bitcoins was dumped on the market at a huge loss over a six hour period which precipitated a crash! Bitcoin is subjet to this sort of manipulation until it reaches critical mass. Knowledgeable buyers can transfer this money to their pockets and make bitcoin stronger by not panicing and structure bitcoin buying when these move downward.