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To serves the air transportation industry with innovative, knowledgeable and impartial advice and high quality products supported by its professional aviation consultants and analytical support staff.

1. AboutUs:
ATC is a group of young, enthusiastic and experienced Aeronautical Engineers, Aviation Managers and Aviation Experts having honed their skills at various levels in Aviation Technology and Management ATCs strategy is simple; fulfill the demand of an Aviation Consultant company in Pakistan in the highly specialized field of Aviation Management and Engineering. In this regard they are first movers on the market.ATC provides experts and consultants not only to the operators in Pakistan, but also to the Aviation Industry abroad. ATC believes it is well poised to take advantage of the current scenario on the market, by offering the premium service at an enviable cost.

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2. Affiliatio ons:
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Aviatio on Consulta ants Hollan nd

Aviatio on Consulting Group

Simat, Helliesen & Eichner, , Inc. (SH& &E)

T C Concepts ARFF Training

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3. Services:

All sectors of the aviation community benefit from ATCs consulting services. Our clients include commercial passenger airlines, air cargo shippers, commercial and general aviation airports, government transportation agencies, aircraft manufacturers, and firms with a financial interest in aviation. Our services cover all aspects of airline and airport management, air service marketing, safety and security, ground handling operations, privatization, asset management, airport concessions planning, aircraft interiors management, and corporate aviation.

Industry Forecasting and Analysis Business and Corporate Aviation Management, Safety Management Systems Aircraft Management Program Quality Management Systems Airline Profitability Analysis Strategic Planning for Airlines Low Cost Carriers Human Resource Development Airport Advisory Services Airport Concessions and Facilities Aviation Risk Analysis and Aviation Insurance Flight Operations Management Aviation Maintenance Management Technical Records Audit Aircraft Technical Inspections Airworthiness Tourism Development Strategy Travel and Tourism agency Consultancy Aviation Academics Flight Operations Management Aircraft annual audits

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4. Expertise:


With our hands-on air transportation industry knowledge, ATC is ideally positioned to support the principle functions of airline management.

Airline Marketing Passenger and cargo market research Fleet planning Traffic forecasting and revenue analysis Scheduling and network optimization studies Reservations and distribution system requirements Reorganization and turn-around management Safety and Security Evaluation Airline privatization Cargo studies and marketing Corporate Missions and objectives Business planning Restructuring strategies Mergers and acquisitions Financing and due diligence Key resources acquisitions

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As the aviation industry grows and develops, increasingly complex demands are placed upon the efficient functioning of airports. ATCs unique understanding of the airline industry complements our expertise and first hand experience in the airport sector. ATC assists airport owners, managers, developers and operators, as well as service providers, in making effective decisions. Demand forecasting Air service and cargo marketing Strategic and master planning Airport privatization Economic Impact Studies Commercial state and regional systems studies Full service airport marketing Environmental/noise analysis Airport finance, rates and charges Asset valuation Cargo facility and business planning Safety and security evaluations Bilateral and regulatory advice Air traffic control infrastructure planning

ATCs involvement in corporate aviation covers a broad range of projects:

Fleet evaluation / planning Business plan development Strategic planning Market research Aircraft acquisition and divestment strategies Contract negotiation Due diligence Operator certifications Manual preparation Expert witness testimony Asset management

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Civil aviation services and infrastructure are vital to the worlds emerging operations and economy. ATC's consulting services to international agencies include: Policy development studies Research Economic Development and Commercialization Strategies Specialized aviation issues such as air traffic control, distribution and operations Aviation and transportation system studies


Market Research Ancillary Revenues Human Resource Development Marketing Plan Business Start up plans Charter Handling Airline Handling Catering Licensing

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5. Trainings:


Air Cargo Market Airline Marketing Airline Fleet Planning Risk Management and Practical Solutions Aviation Asset Management Aviation Security and Emergency Response Corporate and Business Aviation Management Culture at work in Aviation Airline Business Development Airline Cost Management Airline Operations Airport Safety Airport Security Airline Quality Management Airport Strategic Management Aviation Security Management Aviation Security Operations Human Capital Management Operations Excellence Diploma in Professional Training Ancillary Revenue Generation Project Management Safety Management System Time Management Communication Skills

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Airline Country Manager Development Program Certificate in Airline Management & Business Administration Travel Agency Executive Diploma Certificate in Commercial Airport Management & Development Diploma in Airline Management Diploma in Travel and Tourism IATA Stepping into Management Diploma IATA/UFTAA Consultant Course Diploma IATA/UFTAA Foundation Course Diploma AITA/FIATA Courses


BS (Hons) Travel and Tourism BS (Hons) Airline Management MBA Airline Management MBA Airport Management. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer 66 B1/B2 Courses

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6. AviationTechnologyConsultantsisaFullServiceAviationStaffing Agency.
Aviation Technology Consultants specializes in the recruitment for the aviation industry only and we have successfully placed many of aviation professionals nationwide. Our main goal is to develop and build long-term relationships with our clients and maintain our position as one of the global premier aviation search firms.


The aviation industrys best. Aviation Technology Consultants receives dozens of enquiries each day from around the world. We have earned the respect of aviation professionals who, when considering a career move put their trust and confidence in our ability. Specific knowledge. Our staff is comprised of aviation professionals, with both military and commercial aviation experience. We are professionals, who have worked in the aviation industry as mechanics, engineers, senior operational managers, etc. Quality delivery. We aim to provide each client with unparalleled recruitment service, offering you an innovative and competitive fee structure based on the complexity and scope of the assignment and geared to success. Rapid response times. Our extensive database and the depth of our industry knowledge allow us to resource experienced candidates globally, ensuring an efficient and timely solution to your recruitment requirements. Experience. Our track record spans over nine years recruiting all levels of aviation professionals and we have successful placed Executives, Managers, Flight Crew, Engineers, and Mechanics with leading airline, aviation, and aerospace companies worldwide. Peace of mind. Aviation Technology Consultants offers a 30-day free replacement guarantee against each candidate we place

As the recruiting partner, it is our goal to expedite our clients search without sacrificing quality. Aviation Technology Consultants takes pride in the personalized service and professionalism our consultants provide for each of our clients. We have established a uniform process that makes it easier for clients to do business with us. The result is a consistency of style that still allows for flexibility to meet each clients unique staffing needs.

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Step 1: Getting To Know You Aviation Technology Consultants encourages each client to meet with one of our specialized recruiters to obtain a mutual understanding of the opportunity being presented, assist in personalizing the clients search, and learn about the corporate culture and working environment. Not only does this ensure we are able to target the right candidate, but with initial discussions it massively increases the chance of a successful placement in a timely manner.

Step 2: The Search Leave the legwork to us! We source from a large proprietary database of qualified candidates and utilize an extensive network of aviation professionals. Through an efficient and dynamic combination of search techniques, our skilled recruitment team will identify, recruit and pre-screen only the most highly qualified candidates.

Step 3: Managing the Process Managing the candidate throughout the client interview process is where we view the work of a search consultant as only just starting. Keeping the client aware of a candidates views, dealing with misconceptions, ensuring the process keeps moving at a suitable pace and managing candidate expectations are all elements that must be taken care of. It is this attention to detail, which Aviation Recruiting believes can be the difference between success and failure in achieving a critical hire.

Step 4: Presenting the Offer A complete compensation package analysis will be presented to the candidate to reinforce the attractiveness of the companys offer. Expectations and understandings on both sides must constantly be checked, reviewed and challenged throughout the process. Again our experience of managing these situations time and again will be invaluable in maximizing the chance of getting the right candidate.

Step 5: The Follow Up We stay in close contact with both the client and new employee to ensure the success and longevity of each placement. Aviation Technology Consultants proven process ensures candidates arrive on-time, and ready to work.

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Aviation Technology Consultants 541, F-2, Wapda Town Lahore Pakistan www.aviationconsultantpk.com info@aviationconsultantpk.com

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