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From tracks to avenues Motorsports has always been made for the strong willed. The idea of giving it everything you have in the spirit of competition, but knowing that the odds of getting nothing in return can be very daunting to some. But the Lancer Evolution was created under such circumstances, for exactly that purpose. Developed with the kind of performance to take on the most demanding tracks around the world, the Lancer Evolution has always prevailed. Its proven competitive heritage did not come easily as minute details were refined relentlessly in every aspect of the car to ensure its uniqueness. With flawless curves commanding its aerodynamics, and the pursuit of perfection being the mantra, the Lancer Evolution is not only a beauty, it is a functional beauty. The dramatic leap forward in performance and technology of the new Lancer Evolution was the result of constant improvements in its evolutionary process. The new Lancer Evolution is driven by cutting-edge technology, and has been developed and honed through Mitsubishi Motors dedicated participation in the global motorsports arena. Everything we've learned, everything we've experienced and everything that we believe in is represented in our production models.

a performers attitude
To outline the core of the Lancer Evolution, one would only need to look at the attributes of the MIVEC turbocharged engine. Made with the finest technology the world has to offer, the all-new aluminium engine contributes to a free-revving character, linear power delivery and wide torque curve. It stays true to its aspiration to compete and perform, thriving to be the best and always aiming for perfection.

4B11 MIVEC Twin Scroll Turbocharged Engine Powered by a 4-cylinder, 16-valve, DOHC 2.0-litre MIVEC turbocharged engine that generates an impressive 295PS@6,500rpm, the Lancer Evolution deserves its recognition amongst the best. The bore and stroke are both measured at 86mm respectively, forming a
4B11 MIVEC turbocharged engine

square all-aluminium die cast cylinder block that is unique in its design.

Mitsubishi Innovative Valve-timing Electronic Control (MIVEC) System The intelligent MIVEC system is capable of controlling the overlap between the intake and exhaust valves, via advancing or retarding their movements, to create improved torque for quicker starts and a more pleasant journey. The uniqueness of the MIVEC system really lies in its ability to control both
Titanium turbine wheel with aluminium compressor wheel

intake and exhaust while others generally could control only one. Furthermore, the control over the intake and exhaust valves is completely independent of each other allowing the system to deliver the best results under various situations.

220 200 180 160 140 Output (kW) 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 Engine (rpm) 400 300 200


Torque (N-m)

MIVEC system

2.O-liter MIVEC I/C T/C DOHC 16-VALVE (4B11) Performance Curves Max output: 217kW(295PS)/6,500rpm Max torque: 366N-m(37.3kg-m)/3,500rpm


your intelligent partner

The Super All-Wheel Drive (S-AWC) pioneers a philosophy that was made to exploit every opportunity available to create the finest driving experience. Via complex interactions and integration of Mitsubishi Motors various proprietary technology, it delivers a traction and stability control that is an extension to the drivers intent. Simply said, it is your intelligent partner.

Active Center Differential (ACD) By varying the torque split between the front and rear, ACD provides an optimal balance between traction and steering response that is faster and greater than standard differentials. It also features 3 operating modes: TARMAC : for dry, paved surface GRAVEL : for rough, uneven surface SNOW : for slippery, low-traction driving conditions.

Active Yaw Control (AYC) AYC helps by controlling the torque split between the rear wheels to enable enhanced traction and limited vehicle yaw, allowing better cornering dynamics and accomplishing the exact brake force required.

S-AWC vehicle control system activation

Acceleration from standstill


Entering curve

Active Center Differential

Active Yaw Control

Sports Advance Braking System (Sports ABS) By using speed and angle sensors to actively monitor driving conditions, Sports ABS would regulate the brake force applied to each wheel for confident cornering while active brake pressure sensors are applied to better match the drivers action.

Pulling out of curve


Active Stability Control (ASC) ASC cleverly synchronizes engine


Spin-out prevention

Performance level of each system

power with brake force to each wheel that effectively helps to maintain optimal traction. In addition, it actively reduces wheel spin to provide better acceleration, responsive braking and efficient evasive maneuvering.

Without ASC

Conventional ABS

Sport ABS

S-AWC control switch

Without ASC

S-AWC indicator
11 12

the unique shift

Whether it is a smooth and soothing drive that you are demanding or a flamboyant twist around downtown, TC-SST lets you

move however you want. This is because Mitsubishi Motors never forgot what driving is supposed to be: fun.

Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission (TC-SST) It brings together an integration that most drivers could only dream about. The luxury of a fully automatic transmission for pleasurable drives at one end, complete with a transmission that can match the standards demanded for competitive driving, it is the perfect shift no other could offer.
Twin Clutch System


TC-SST Control Mode Demand for the finest and you might just get it. By switching between different control modes, the Lancer Evolution instantly understands the driving experience that you are looking for. NORMAL MODE For everyday town driving, it uses relatively low shifting speeds for a smoother drive and better fuel efficiency. SPORTS MODE Faster shifting points coupled with quicker shift settings, this mode is ideal for handling winding mountain roads. SUPER SPORTS MODE WARNING: This mode offers the fastest shifting point and allows the engine to



TC-SST Control Mode

Auto Shifting with TC SST

reach peak revs between changes. Thus it is not safe for practice on open roads and is highly recommended to be used on closed circuit roads only.
* To activate Super Sports Mode, the TC-SST Control Mode switch must be pressed for 3 full seconds. This can only be done when the car is stationary or driven below 10km/h.

Magnesium Paddle Shifters Conveniently located behind the steering wheel, the paddle shifters give you the feel and control of manual shifting, without ever requiring you to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.



Manual shifting with Magnesium Paddle shifters



specialized footwork
Designed to sustain a diverse mix of terrains and road conditions, the body structure was made to withstand the worst it could offer. Backed by trials and tribulations of competitive race conditions, the Lancer Evolution provides you the edge of sure-footed stability and predictable response. Advanced Suspension for Optimized Stability Featuring an inverted MacPherson strut front suspension and a multi-link rear axle, complete with front and rear stabilizer bars, this footwork is made with an intention to uphold the demands of race-level handling, with emphasis given to improve stability.
Advanced suspension framework

Wrapping it up, world-leading Eibach springs complete with BILSTEIN absorbers are fitted at each corner to deliver expert cornering and straight-line control.
BILSTEIN shock absorbers

Eibach coil springs

High Performance Brembo Brake System With massive 18-inch ventilated discs honed by 4 piston calipers at the front and 2 piston calipers at the rear, the Lancer Evolution offers an impressive combination of massive stopping power, reduced resistance and an enhanced pedal feel. Moreover, it also comes with Electronic Brake - force Distribution (EBD).
Brembo disc brakes

BBS 18-inch Aluminium Alloy Wheels The BBS 18-inch aluminium alloy wheels are made of lightweight cast aluminium that yield only 3.7kg each. But yet, it is strong enough to sustain the high demands of the Lancer Evolution in providing effective stability for peak performance.
BBS 18-inch aluminium alloy wheels

Featuring 245/40R18 wide and low-aspect ratio tyres, the asymmetrical tread pattern found on the tyres further helps to create a more compliant, quiet and stable ride.



enhanced safety
The euphoric performance of the Lancer Evolution is a proud heritage to adopt, but Mitsubishi Motors has never neglected the true importance in delivering an exceptional driving experience: to provide the utmost sense of security and ensured safety for passengers to arrive safely at their destination.

Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) The exclusive body design uses high-tensile steel and highly rigid frame beams to create a protective environment surrounding the occupants. Not only does this deflect off direct collision energy around and away from the passengers, it also acts in cooperation with front and rear crumple zones to absorb and dissipate collision energy.
High Rigitidy Body

7-Airbags System To ensure the safety of passengers, Mitsubishi implemented an all-round safety system that has complete airbag protection coming from the front, side and also curtain of the car. To push boundaries even further, an additional knee airbag is placed to stabilize the leg and lower body of the driver in the event of an accident.
All-round protection with SRS airbags

Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) with High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps With this innovative lighting system, the bi-xenon headlamps illuminate your direction of travel as you steer into corners, providing additional lighting that would yield better view angles for the driver.
Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS)



functional cockpit
Sophistication executed via simplicity. The Lancer Evolution provides you with the simplest of functions that grant access to the most advanced of technology. Each function is carefully considered and detailed through just to satisfy the sole objective of ensuring customer satisfaction.

Rockford Fosgate This premium audio system comes with a 650W 8-channel amplifier coupled with 9-speakers that includes a sub-woofer in the rear to deliver awesome high-fidelity sound. It is assisted by the use of acoustic and damping material to seal off openings
Concert hall on wheels

inside the doors and turning them into speaker boxes. Thanks to Digital Signal Processor (DPS), the system delivers crystal-clear sound and awesome deep bass notes.

High Contrast Meter For accurate measurements and best clarity, the high contrast meter features a display that truly bedazzles. The illuminations and contrast are toned to allow drivers to gauge hold of information on hindsight. Furthermore, just by looking at it is enough to send adrenaline rushing.
Cockpit instrument gauge

Multi Information Display Imagine having all the information you need at one place, minus the hassle of recalling and locating them. This multi-info function was built to eliminate such disturbance by providing instant information of your finger tips.
Multi-info control button

4 Trip odometer Maintenance schedule

5 6

Engine coolant temperature 1. Temperature indication 2. ACD mode 3. Warning sign 4. Trip odometer 5. Gear position 6. TC-SST system mode 7. Fuel level Average speed and fuel consumption

Fuel driving range

S-AWC indicator


ASC indicator

Seatbelt warning


The Lancer Evolution was designed with many ideologies in mind, but none more prominent than the belief that one should express its class not only through sheer performance but also with style. RECARO Full Bucket Seat Made with combination leather that is one of a kind, the bucket seats offer a lifetime experience of comfort and safety. To keep your body safe, the seats offer an extremely safe conscious robust construction with side airbags. Furthermore, the ergonomic designs will help to keep you feeling fresh upon
The perfect seats

arrival at your destination.

Leather Steering Wheel For the best control, you would need the best tools. The Lancer Evolution provides one in the shape of an ergonomically designed steering wheel wrapped up with leather interior and functional features that are strategically positioned. Beyond doubt, this is one of the best comfort and functional
3-spoke leather wrapped steering

combination one can offer.

Slide and Tilt Sunroof The electrical slide and tilt sunroof on the Lancer Evolution would make you want to reach out and feel the wind in your face.

Slide and tilt sunroof





Chrome front grille

Headlamp washers

Large aluminium rear spoiler

Plantom Black Pearl (U02)

Front fog lamps

High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps

Twin exhaust system

White Solid (W37)

Steering one-touch audio controller

Steering one-touch auto-cruise controller

Rain sensor

Front door scuff plates

Side airdam outlet

Fully automatic air-conditioner

Red Metallic (P26)

Rockford Fosgate Premium audio system with AM/FM radio and 6-CD player with centre display

Auto light

Keyless entry controller



Model Performance and Control 2.0-liter 16-valve intercooled turbocharged DOHC MIVEC ECI-MULTI engine (4B11) Transmissions 6-speed TC-SST (Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission) with magnesium paddle shifters Full-time 4WD High-performance independent suspension with front and rear stabilizer bars Front and rear Eibach coil spring and BILSTEIN shock absorbers Front strut tower bar Upgraded silencer S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control): Active Center Differential (ACD) / Active Yaw Control (AYC) / Active Stability Control (ASC) / Sports Anti-lock Braking System (Sports ABS) with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) Front limited-slip differential (helical type) brembo 4-wheel ventilated disc brakes 2-piece front brake rotors with alloy hats Tyres and wheels 245/40R18 tyres with 18-inch BBS forged aluminium alloy wheels Drivers and front passengers front (dual-stage), drivers knee, front seat side and curtain SRS airbags Seatbelts Front 3-point ELR seatbelt with pretensioner and force-limiter 2 Height-adjustable front seatbelt anchors Rear 3-point ELR seatbelt 3 Rear child restraint seat lower anchor 2 and tether 3 Child-protection rear door locks High-mount stop lamp Engine immobilizer / Security alarm Front grill with chrome accent Headlamps Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) with High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps Automatic headlamp leveling device Auto lighting controls Headlamp washers Front fog lamps Color-keyed front bumper with integrated airdam, intercooler air intake ducts and aluminium bumper beam Color-keyed rear bumper with under-spoiler and aluminium bumper beam Front undercover Aluminium hood with large air outlet / Aluminium blistered fenders Electrical slide and tilt sunroof Color-keyed large side airdams / Large rear spoiler Windows Laminated green windshield glass / Tempered green side and rear window glass / Rear window defogger Ultra violet ray-absorbing front door glass Auto-rain sensing wipers with variable intermittent windshield and washer with mist function Color-keyed power door mirrors / Color-keyed outer door handles / Black door sashes Chrome-plated belt-line moldings Large dual-pipe chrome exhaust finisher 3-spoke sport-type leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio and auto-cruise control Power steering / Tilt-adjustable steering column High-contrast meters with tachometer, multi-information display and rheostat Illuminated ignition key cylinder Aluminium pedals Seat materials Leather combination Front seats RECARO full bucket racing seats / Integrated headrest 2 Manual sliding and reclining adjusters Heaters x 2 Rear bench seat / Center armrest with cup holders / Adjustable headrest 3 Forged gray accent panels (instrument panel and door trims) Chrome-plated air outlet knobs / Chrome-plated inner door handles Lower center console pocket / Glove box Front cup holders on floor console Floor console box with lid Front door pockets with bottle holders / Rear door pockets Illuminated front ashtray Fuel lid opener / Trunk lid opener Vanity mirrors with lids and ticket holder for sunvisors / Day-and-night rearview mirror Front room and map lamps / Rear room lamp Retractable assist grip 4 Front door scuff plates Trunk floor box / Trunk room lamp Spare tyre-less (tyre repair kit only) Fully automatic air-conditioner Central door locking system Power windows Rockford Fosgate premium audio system with AM/FM radio, 6-CD player, center display (digital clock and audio information), 650 W amplifier and 9 speakers (2 speakers, 2 tweeters, 2 co-axial speakers and 1 subwoofer) Roof antenna

ITEM DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Drivetrain Model code Overall length Overall width Overall height Wheelbase Track Ground clearance Cabin length Cabin width Cabin height Curb weight Seating capacity PERFORMANCE ENGINE Min. turning radius Type Displacement Bore x stroke Compression ratio Max. output (EEC net) Max. torque (EEC net) FUEL SYSTEM TRANSMISSION Fuel supply equipment Fuel tank capacity Type Gear Ratio 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Reverse Final STEERING SUSPENSIONS BRAKES TYRES Type Front Rear Front Rear Tyre (front and rear) Wheels (front and rear) lit. kW (PS)/rpm N-m (kg-m)/rpm cc mm Front Rear mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg persons m 4WD CZ4ASMPFZR8 4,510 1,810 1,480 2,650 1,545 1,545 135 2,030 1,470 1,135 1,625 5 5.9 2.0-liter DOHC 16-valve MIVEC I/C TC 1,998 86.0 x 86.0 9.0 217 (295)/6,500 366 (37.3)/3,500 ECI-MULTI 55 Twin clutch SST with Sport shift 3.655 2.368 1.754 1.322 1.008 0.775 4.011 4.062 Rack and pinion with hydraulic power assist MacPherson strut with stabilizer bar Multi link with stabilizer bar BREMBO ventilated disc (4 pot) (2 piece type) BREMBO drum in ventilated disc (2 pot) 245/40R18 BBS 18 aluminium alloy wheels





Note: These specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult your local Mitsubishi dealer/distributor for detailed specifications.



135 1,545 2,650 4,510

Comfort and Convenience Audio and Media