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Aladdin and the Adventure Story

Once upon a time ... there was a widow. He lived with his only daughter named Aladin. They are very poor and unhappy. Aladin: "Mom why our lives are always difficult, for makn too hard." Sighed aladin Aladdin's mother: "Be patient, my son, mom sure someday our lives will be better off not as right now. " Aladin: "until when we continue to wait bu, hopefully mothers prayer will be heard by the almighty." Aladin work hard to earn a living by picking bananas in faraway places. One day, Aladdin was looking for a wild date palm away from the city. He met a man named Jafar. Those that offer something unusual to Aladin. Jafar: "Will you get a silver coin reward?" Aladin: "Money of silver?" Said Aladdin. "Sir, I will do anything to get paid for it." Jafar: "Come down this kelubang. This door is too narrow for me! If you want to do it, I'll give you reward that! " Because small and nimble, Aladdin into a narrow hole with no trouble. Her feet touched the stone, then he climbed down a series of stairs ... and came in a very large cave. There is a flickering flame whose light shows incredible views. He saw hanging gems, gold vessels and boxes full of priceless gems. The space treasury! Aladin dumbfounded. Aladin: "This hah Extraordinary." Jafar: "The lights! Extinguish the fire and the lights give it to me! ' Aladin: "Weird. Why are requested only lights that have been worn? "Surely he is witch! " Jafar: Give it light! "If you do not want to think, I'll leave you alone there forever!" Aladin: "Let me out first ..." Jafar: "You know what you think!" The man snapped, slamming the lid on top of the head Aladin. But, as he slammed the lid, the ring fell off. Aladin fear. He left in a dark cave. Then his foot ring. Installation of the ring on his finger as he spun it around. Suddenly the whole cave into the light and comes the giant genie. Jin: "Ready to perform the command, my lord!" Aladin: "I want to go home!" Jinn: "Well servant will obey all the orders." In the blink of an eye he was already in his house. Mother: "where do you come from?." (Then, Aladdin oil lamp showed it to her mother.) Mother: "This light is very outdated, hopefully this oil lamp can still be used. Ouch dust ... " Jin: "This maid servant master. Servant ready to carry out orders sir! "(Jin said as he bowed to salute. Aladdin and his mother was surprised).

Jin: "Servant ready to do what the master wants. Tell me what would you want? "Jinn said it again." Aladin: "Bring us ... brought ... a lot of good food!" (Aladin talked to in a hurry). Since then, Aladdin and his mother get what they want: food, clothes, and a nice home! all they asked for was granted by a genie's lamp. Aladin grew into a tall and handsome youth. Aladdin's mother felt it was time to get a wife. One day, the streets ran with Jasmine Aladdin, Princess sultan who was sitting in the front seat of the palace. jasmine: "Beautiful Day." says Jasmine to Aladdin. Aladin only saw her briefly, but it has made her fall in love. Aladin: "I was I met a girl so beautiful, I felt I fell in love at first sight, he was the son of the Sultan." Mother: "I'm going to the Sultan to ask for her hand." When the mother went to the palace of Aladin brings a box full of big gems for the Sultan's. Sultan: "If your son wants to marry my daughter jasmine, tomorrow you have to bring me a case of jewels." Mother Aladinpun home. Upon hearing the news, taking Aladdin lamp and rubbed it harder than usual, and deliver permintaanya the genie. Jin: "Servant ready to carry out the task master commanded. Tell me what would you want? " Aladin: "I want a jewel box." Jin was just clapped three times. Miraculously munculah a chest containing gems like Aladin. The following day Aladin and his mother to the Sultan, when the Sultan saw all of that, he received Aladin as her partner.

Sultan: "Well I'll give up my son to be your wife." The sultan said, embracing jasmine. Then the Sultan asked the Aladin .... Sultan: "I have one request Aladin again! You have to build a luxurious palace for Jasmine. " Aladin: "Well Sultan I shall carry out all your orders." Aladin come home, and asked the genie rub-rub with oil lamps. Jin: "Servant ready to carry out the task master commanded. Tell me what would you want? " Aladin: "Bangunkalah a palace for me and my future wife." Jin: "Well tomorrow you see in front of your house will be a palace." The next day turned out to be right in front of the house Aladin suddenly there was a sumptuous palace. Aladin immediately to the sultan. The next day a wedding took place lively.

Aladin: yuhuuuuuu, Today is the happiest day of my wedding party with you so festive and running smoothly .. Jasmine: yes dear, I was very happy once everything could run smoothly, I'm very happy to have you Aladdin: Jasmine, I am very happy, because I can not marry you, I know you girls like-baik.jangan leave me!! Jasmine: aladin yes, I am also very happy to be your wife, yes I promise I will not leave you. Jasmine: Aladdin, I was advised not to kecewakkan me! I love you!! Aladin: yes I promise!! I love you. Jasmine: thanks then, I love you .. A few days later, luck and wealth Aladin news quickly spread, and was heard by Jafar, and Jafar was disguised as a merchant. Jafar: "Come on, who want to exchange outdated lights with new lights!" He said to the princess.

Until then, do not tell secrets kemujuranya Aladdin to Jasmine. Jasmine wanted to make a surprise. Aladdin's lamp looking worn and diberikanya to the seller in exchange for light new light. Jasmine: "I want to exchange this light to you." Asked Jasmine while providing Aladdin's old lamp. Sellers quickly turns witch rubbed the lamp .... and now a servant genie Jafar after he gets back lights. Jafar: "Jin lenyapkanlah wealth Aladin and take the castle with the princess to the lands of the unknown." Jin: "All right."

Aladin and the sultan despair. No one knew what had happened. Later, Aladdin genie cincinya remembered. Wearing the ring on the finger and rotated rotation. Jin: (Suddenly there came jin) "Ready to perform the command, my lord," said the Aladdin's genie. Aladin: "Take me to where the magician hid my wife!" Jin: "Well I will soon fulfill the master!" In an instant, he was in his own palace. He was hiding behind the curtains, and saw the magician with his wife. His wife is now used as maid Aladin: "Shhh ....! Shhh .....!" Aladin whispered. Jasmine: "Aladin! Are you here? "I'm afraid ... Aladin: "Ssh, do not be loud. Sprinkle flour into her tea. " It soon appeared efficacy flour itu.Si witch asleep with pulas.Aladin searched every where to find a lamp that lights ajaibnya.Akhirnya he found under the pillow of the magician. Quickly, he rubbed it.

Jin: "Welcome again, my lord! Thank goodness I can be reunited with his master. What should I do? "Jinn said with a smile. Aladin: "First - tie all this evil witch and cast him away - far away so as not to be found again!" jin smiled happily and nodded, and gone are the magician. Aladdin Jasmine holding a strong hand with fear. Jasmine: "Who is he?? I'm afraid to see him " Aladin: "Calm down! Now everything is fine! "(Aladdin tells everything to his wife.'s All back to normal.) Jasmine: "Can we go back to our country?'' Jinn: "Do not worry because I've led Aladdin into this place, so my friend has brought you together with Jasmine palace. So we will return you to the same spot. The magic that has brought you here will take you home, but you're still with us, forever. " Meanwhile, the sultan was very anxious. All had lost hope to see Jasmine and her husband returned. At the time, far away there, Aladdin rubbed - rub the lamp and ring and said to the genie. Aladin: "Take me, my wife and the palace back to our country." Jinn: "In a moment, sir," Genie snaps his fingers, then the castle was lifted into the sky and hovered over the country quickly Sultan. The palace was landed smoothly in the first place. Aladdin and Jasmine Sultan and immediately ran to hug him. Jasmine: mother ............ I miss you all the same I am happy to be back here Sultan: I'm also very glad you could come back here safely .. Aladin: calm mom, I'll keep the jasmine as possible Sultan with jasmine: thanks a lot aladin .. Until now, in a distant land, the people can still admires the former - the former an ancient palace called 'castle fell from the sky'.