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Letter from Charles Written April 09, 2013 Recently, there has been much confusion regarding who

supports me and who is against me among separate patriot factions. This has caused an insane amount of infighting and heated altercations. I have always taken a neutral stance as I feel that fighting within ourselves is ludicrous when our goals and objectives are identical. Why bicker over differences when we should be uniting over our similarities. I am deeply disappointed with numerous groups for their failure to ignore antagonistic remarks and even becoming instigators themselves. I have done my best to not take sides and hold on to the hope of bringing about some type of mutual understanding and peace. But due to recent developments, my neutrality is causing an excess of chaos, bickering, and confusion. This is wholly my fault and I shoulder all blame. To continue to remain silent and neutral is, unfortunately, no longer an option. Because of the actions of certain individuals, letters Ive received, and character attacks against innocent people, I have a responsibility to share the truth with the public and am forced to choose a side. I feel that I must first address my faults and how I contributed to the current situation. For an extended period of time, I relied heavily on the advice of Deborah Swan. I was in constant contact with her and tried to get the truth of my story out through whatever venues that she was capable of utilizing. Deborah was always launching character attacks against anyone that disagreed with her and was constantly telling me about the proof she had about numerous individuals being federal agents. Anytime I attempted to contest her claims, it turned into an hour long verbal argument. Though she was never once able to substantiate a single claim, I placated her and, in some instances, actually began to believe her. By agreeing with Deborah to avoid long drawn out arguments, I fueled her egotistical desire to destroy everyone that refused to cooperate with her. I regret that I didnt take a stand against her ridiculously paranoid ideas and am sorrowful that I stood by as she shamelessly attacked my friends and in some cases, actually believed her lies and deceit. To Nancy, Rick, Shane, and Amelia, please accept my deepest apology. I must also apologize to my mother for believing Deborah Swans contention that my mother lacks the capability of distinguishing friend from foe within the patriot community. As it turns out, it is I who was unable to tell who was who. My mother was correct from the beginning. In December of 2012, I learned that Deborah Swan had lied to me about statements she claimed that some individuals supposedly made, lied to my closest friends about my actions and requests, lied about visiting me in prison, slandered my mother, slandered my friends, continually instigated arguments within the patriot community, threatened the safety of certain patriots, threatened to declare anyone that refused to join her as an enemy, recorded our conversations without my knowledge or consent, and was attacking my friends in my name. I immediately cut off all contact with Deborah Swan both direct and indirect. To this day, I have still refused to contact her.

2 I had hoped that Deborah would simply walk away from my case and spare me the obligation of making this public statement and officially aligning myself as her enemy. However, current events have rendered that option an impossibility. When taking an adversarial role, I do so with as much tact and diplomatic means as is possible. I do not launch personal attacks or use aggressive retort. Specifically with Deborah Swan and Chris Mortenson, I have provided multiple opportunities in which they could bow out gracefully and retain some semblance of dignity. My most recent and final attempt at this was a letter that I wrote to Chris Mortenson about he and Debby. They dishonorably made this private correspondence public and selectively used it as proof that I support their actions. They did so on the premise that I had given a page from Mortensons last letter to Ron Cross for hand-writing analysis. This was done without my consent and I would never have agreed to a violation of privacy in this degree as I consider it dishonorable and underhanded for me to have done so. Since Deborah and Chris have done this, I am forced to address it. I do not support anything that either of them are doing and that letter was simply a diplomatic attempt to give them both an opportunity to walk away from my case with dignity. This was the last of a long chain of opportunities over the last 5 months including several letters to Mortenson and verbal demands that they both cease supporting me and instigating arguments among my allies. All requests, opportunities, and demands have been ignored and in addition, Deborah Swan has stated that she refuses to cease and desist, even at the demand to do so by myself. Also, they only read selected pieces of my letter out of context. I have received letters from Chris Mortenson, demanding that I denounce Nancy Genovese, Ron Cross, Sean Parrish, Shane Shuffield, Amelia Foxwell, Darren Wilburn and Rick Light and force my mother to do the same and support only the actions of Deborah Swan or be their enemy stating You-re either for us or against us. This type of mentality is repugnant and a cancer that eats away at the vital cohesion of the patriot community. Debora Swan also sent me online screen-shots of a Skype conversation between she, Chris Mortenson, and Sean Parrish where she stated that Sean wasnt my friend unless he joined her and did what she wanted. With this repulsive ideology, one is backed into a corner and forced to either submit to Deborah and Chris demands or face public ridicule and brutal character assassination where lies, deceit, and twisting of facts are utilized to convince the public that you are a fraud, disinfo, cointel-pro, or federal agent. If anyone has any doubt to the validity of this accusation simply go online and take a tally of how many individuals have been labeled as such by Deborah and Chris. And since I am now one of the people that have been backed into a corner, I have no choice but to be considered an enemy by Deborah and Chris because I refuse to submit to their lunacy. The consideration of Debby and Chris as my enemies does not extend to their camp for lack of a better term. If you love freedom, I am your ally. If you support my innocence, I am your friend. If

3 you stand at my side to preserve our republic, I am your brother. I do not abide by the deplorable policy of with me or against me. Even if you choose to walk away from me due to my denouncement of Debby and Chris, I am not your enemy. I would only ask that you do not assist Debby and Chris with furthering their agenda of causing hate and discontent within the patriot community. It serves no purpose but no increase division. Deborah is forever vehemently exposing the truth. So, lets expose some truth. Deborah claims that Rick Light is a federal informant for attempting to find me when federal agent caught up to me in Texas. She says that Sean Parris is a federal informant because authorities contacted him when I fled Oklahoma for my life. She claims that Amelia Foxwell and Darren Wilburn are federal informants for working with authorities in an attempt to find me. The truth is that it is not unusual to make contact with authorities in an attempt to resolve situations peacefully. I myself stayed in constant contact with FBI agents over a 3 day period in 2010 in which a terrorism task force was chasing me around the state. The FBI were able to have the task force halted and ordered to cease all legal and hostile actions against me. This conflict resolution does not automatically make me a federal informant any more than Rick, Sean, Amelia, or Darren. The truth? Deborah Swan is solely responsible for my capture in Texas. Deborah Swan dropped me off near San Antonio, Texas with a British citizen named Martin Atterton. He acknowledged who I was, agreed to see to my safety and Debby left the state. Days later, Atterton drove me to a state park near Houston, Texas, abandoned me, and called the F.B.I. to inform them where he stranded me. A 200 man task force converged on the state park with the intention, according to a witness, of killing me. By a stroke of fate, I was in a highly populated area when a small SWAT team inadvertently came across me in a parking lot. I was able to elude federal authorities for 5 days until I could surrender to state authorities. The FBI confirmed to me that Atterton had revealed my location and claimed that he had no knowledge of who I was when I was In his home. I can only assume that all re2ard money went to him. That is the truth of how I was tracked and captured. It had nothing to do with anyone except Debby and Martin. For anyone that chooses to continue to associate with Debby and Mortenson, please heed my warning. I was warned 3 years ago about Debby and chose to judge her by actions, not rumors. I now regret my decision. Deborah is highly paranoid, extremely volatile, has a my way or the highway mentality, is verbally abusive to people that disagree with her, has an egotistical self worth and desires to be the center of attention, feeds on confrontation, constantly instigates and antagonizes arguments with patriots, has no respect for privacy and records everyone she speaks to, has no respect for others opinions, and is spiteful toward anyone that refuses to bow to her whims or stands up to her about her irrational behavior.

4 I suggest to anyone that doubts me to observe Deborah and Chris behavior after the release of this statement. It would not surprise me if I myself becomes an FBI agent overnight. Further events and situations cause me great concern. I have found out that Debby has been in close contact with my ex-wife that had me falsely convicted; Debby has released information about my appeal to several individuals after swearing she would not do so; the FBI has attempted to pursue Debby for criminal charges and were reportedly denied by higher authorities for undisclosed reasons; And Debby refuses to separate herself from my case, no matter how much I ask her. Every one of these is worrisome to me and should pose questions to everyone about actions, motives, and agenda. To address questions I have been asked lately; I have had absolutely NO contact with Debby since December 2012; Deborah has not visited me even one single time while in Stephens Co. jail or in prison; Debby has not, to my knowledge, given 1 cent to my defense fund, if anyone donated through her or an site she has run; I no longer trust or support Debbys action and motives. I pray that his statement, as heavily on my heart as it is to make, can serve to quell the fighting among patriots. Not even my freedom is worth division within the ranks. If someone cant support and assist me without attacking other patriots, I would rather not have their support. Anyone associated with Debby and Chris that wishes to continue to support me; points of contact are Ron Cross of the OKDF, Rich Light of WRAM, or my mother at missquilt42@yahoo.com. For those of you that feel the compulsion to continue bickering over issues laid out in this statement, I ask you to take a step back and ask yourself if there isnt something more constructive that you can do with your time. Strength through unity, J4Patriot Semper Fi