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REALITY REVEALED The Theory of Multidimensional Reality Douglas Vogt

and Gary Sultan


Bellevue, Washington

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Vogt, Douglas. Reality revealed. Bibliography: Includes bibliographies and index.
1. Psychical research.I. Sultan, Gary, joint author. II. Title. Q175 .V638 1978 001.9 77-88915 r94

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To Nikola Tesla for being the most creative scientist of his time; and to my wife, Susan Vogt, for having the patience to put up with my dictation and typing the manuscript.

We would like to take a few lines here to properly recognize a number of people who gave of themselves to help us in our research.
L. S. Bartell, PhD. - Department of Chemistry, University
of Michigan. Joseph Cain, PhD. - U. S. Geological Survey, Denver, Colorado. Albert Crewe, PhD. - Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago. Thelma Moss, PhD. - University of California, Los Angeles. George W. Stroke, PhD. & Maurice Halioua, PhD. - Department

of Electrical Sciences, State University of New York at Stony Brook.

INTRODUCTION vii Chapter 1 THE VIDEO TAPE ANALOGY How information becomes matter 1

Chapter 2

NIKOLA TESLA 21 His theoretical discoveries and inventions MAGNETISM AND GRAVITY 29 Electron formation; definition of the eight dimensions; magnetic fluctuations and polar reversals LIGHT Electromagnetic properties of light 89

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

THE ATOM 105 Particles or waves; subatomic particles ASTRONOMY 137 Quasars; black holes; novas and the cause of the Ice Age KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY 189 Causes of the aura; the phantom leaf effect PSYCHIC PHENOMENA 205 What psychic energy is; the attraction of time warps; the Uri Geller effects; the source of our existence

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

CRYSTALS 259 The octahedron; crystal formation; snow crystals; the Star of David PYRAMIDS 285 Pyramid energy; the Time Phase Shift MYTHOLOGIES OF THE WORLD 327 Ancient legends of a cataclysm from all over the world MAN’S DESTINY Scientific determination of the polar reversal; the solar expansion; decay of the Earth’s magnetic field; Old and New Testament prophecies 455 LIST OF THEORMS 459 INDEX 461

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12


INTRODUCTION There was once an angry, disillusioned, young man. Although he is a fictional character, the words he utters are among the most famous and recognizable in the English language. “To be or not to be, that is the question,” is a phrase which most English-speaking people have heard although relatively few people know to what Hamlet refers. Shakespeare wrote these immortal words over three centuries ago. Our interpretation of these famous words differs in meaning from that intended by the Bard. However, we contend that the statement, “To be or not to be,” is the question! It is the ultimate: question. We know not from whence we come, we know not our purpose or even if there is a purpose to our existence, and we know not where we are to go. Man has dealt with the questions of existence and being throughout his history. What is existence? What is being? What is reality? These three questions have been asked by wise men through the ages. Many philosophical discussions have taken place on the subject. Unfortunately, the men that pondered these questions were limited by their knowledge. The experiences one has throughout a lifetime are the limiting factors which allow a person to abstract, conceptualize, or analogize in this reality. They are a few of the tools which allow man to crawl through his dark cave and make sense out of the flashes of light, of dim shadows and faint sounds which strike him constantly but are rarely perceived. Like the blind man that has just been given back his sight, we have light hitting our eyes; but the brain doesn‟t know what to do with the impulses coming from the eye. The eye is receiving light impulses, but the brain has to learn how to see. The light impulses have to be organized by the brain into logical patterns before we can really “(see.” Our original intent was to explain a different way of looking at existence and then to use our model to help explain many different phenomena in science. But a funny thing happened as we were developing our theory of existence. We realized that it could also

logically explain all phenomena in all fields of science, parapsychology and archeology. It also made sense out of the ancient mythologies and the Bible. Science has made little headway in understanding the most basic phenomena in our reality, phenomena like electromagnetism, magnetism, gravity, and light. Unless you understand what these things are, you will not understand what existence is. The theories scientists use presently are only workable over a narrow range. Many scientists have found that their discipline breaks down at the limits. Then another scientist comes along to try to increase the area that that discipline can explain. However, no one has been able to explain the total picture or even to define the most basic definitions of their discipline. We will be so bold as to say that we are going to do this. As you read this book, you will come to understand that our approach to reality is far different from anything written elsewhere or taught in any institute of higher learning. It had to be different because we reasoned that if science had not been able to explain these basic phenomena by now, using their way of looking at existence, then we must conclude that their philosophy is wrong. The essence of the problem we face is going from the finite to the infinite. In order for our finite minds to approach the infinite, we have to use all of our resources. We have been taught to deal with existence in a quantitative measuring way. We have been taught that infinity cannot be understood by the finite mind. We have been taught that some concepts are beyond the minds of men. We are going to show that this is not true, that the complexity of the universe comes only from an inaccurate picture of reality. The picture of reality is wrong. To understand infinity is to understand only what the basic systems are. You can‟t understand the basic systems unless you have a definite understanding of the underlying philosophies that make up the system. Man has been taught to see reality in only one frame of reference. Academia tells us that our reality can only be defined if we can accurately measure and quantify what we have observed. Then we must demonstrate that this quantification can be duplicated repeatedly by anyone, anywhere, at any time. We believe that too heavy a burden has been placed on quantifying a reality. We believe we have been able to describe qualitatively what infinity is. And then we were able to understand why man must evolve to a very specific idea. Once you realize, for

yourself, the ramifications of our ideas, you will see life totally differently. You will begin to realize why man exists. Sometimes it is hard for us to condense many of our ideas into language that can be readily understood by everyone. It is hard to condense the subtleties of what we have gathered from over thirty years of studying electronics and the working of tens of thousands of mathematical solutions. You can‟t put those thought processes on paper. They can only be experienced. You have to evolve to truth and knowledge. It is difficult to explain them and to convey their full meaning. The average person may ask “Why read a science book?” Our answer is that this is not just a science book. It is a book written like none other you have read and it presents philosophies you have never read or heard of before. How many times have you spent money on books on subjects like psychic phenomena, Kirlian photography, pyramid energy, physics, or astronomy hunting for answers about a particular phenomenon? After you read the book, you found out they didn‟t know what it was either. They just knew what its effects were and they were able to quantify their observations, but they still didn‟t know much more than you did about the subject. Our book will not treat you like that. We will briefly describe the phenomenon and then tell you exactly what causes it. Nothing will be left to your imagination. Once you understand this theory of existence, you will easily be able to relate it to facts you have picked up in your life. Many times in the book we appear to be a little hard on the science community, but this is because we are attempting to use a form of “shock treatment” on them to force them to look at reality differently. We feel that if they do this, they will be able to make tremendous advances in science.

The first chapter describes the basis of our theory. Some of the material at the end of Chapter 1 is a little technical, but most people should be able to understand it. In Chapters 3 through 6 we apply our theory, which we call the Theory of Multidimensional Reality, to the major fields of physics. Some of these chapters are technical in nature, but anyone with a high school education should be able to understand most of the material. The reason we have to relate our theory with these fields of physics is to prove to you that our theory has a scientific basis. We want to show to you

This isn‟t easy to do. Chapters 7 through 10 are dedicated to explaining the phenomena in the non-traditional fields of science. Every fact or concept was taught as if it existed in its own address. In order to fully understand and appreciate the concepts we are putting forth. However. The complete underlying principles of existence can be found in everything. we will show that the only way to understand these principles is to destroy the categorical mind and develop a creative mind. it can be found in the total man and in his technologies. The truth can be found in nature.that the Theory of Multidimensional Reality is not just some dreamed up fairytale-there is a definite scientific basis for the theory. You will notice through all the chapters that we are able to explain more than 100 different phenomena using one theory of existence. If you doubt us. The truth is all around us. Using our theory of existence. x . free thinking. read on. autonomous to itself. it becomes simple to explain previously impossible-to-understand phenomena of nature. It is time for the few creative thinkers to overturn the “Golden Calf. the reader must free his mind of all the prejudices and pre-notions he has accumulated over the years. The finite mind is a function of the infinite universe. The infinity of the universe will be explained qualitatively in this book.” False idols have to be replaced by clear. The assumption we make is that everything is related. We have been taught in school to put facts into certain and specific sequences. and infinity can be understood if underlying principles are defined accurately. Chapters 11 and 12 relate our theory with the phenomena mentioned in ancient mythologies and to the prophecies and purpose of the Bible.

certain thought processes had to be repressed. what we should think. The apes have evolved and man has devolved. they missed the most important point.” They knew th at there was a more advanced life form on the planet in the past. Only certain kinds o f thinking or nonthinking are rewarded in our world. In the motion picture. There are financial rewards for thinking “properly. “Planet of the Apes. and in higher learning. Mankind‟s institutions have been just as kind to us as apekind‟s institutions were to them. The elders of the apes knew there was something past the “forbidden zone.” “Properly” is the way you have been taught to accept 1 . There is no financial reward in thinking creatively. To keep control of the masses. or even if we should think at all. If the viewers of that movie thought that that was the theme of the movie. in religion.CHAPTER ONE: The Tape Analogy Our Educational System The number one stumbling block for mankind is that for too long we have been told how we should think.” we see man return to a future earth. The film was showing how ignorance is institutionalized in politics.

You must follow the spokes of the wheel to the hub to perceive existence as it really is. social acceptance in doing what is expected of you. In fact. with each spoke representing a different facet of reality. This was in the face of facts which showed otherwise. and that all fields of human endeavor are related to each other. It is here that absolutes do exist. The idea being. We perceive our lives on the rim of the wheel. as we will point out. There has been no major rethinking of existence and reality since mankind‟s recorded history. tortured. They were not dealing with absolutes. Newton and Einstein were on the edge of the wheel observing what they thought was existence from a relativistic point of view. to get to the truth of existence. Today most people think that we have left the dark ages. Velocity is the greatest on that rim and there happens to be the most action and friction at that point. which is truth. nor can quantification prove a truth. The idea that the earth was the center of the universe died as hard as did the proponents of ideas to the contrary. Let‟s look at our society as if we are all on the rim of a large spoked wheel. It wasn‟t too long ago that the earth was considered to be flat and the center of the universe. At the hub you can see that all phenomena in the universe are related to one idea. where truth exists. There is. you must be able to define the most fundamental questions. the great masters of western scientific thought didn‟t question each other‟s works until it was found that their predecessors‟ work didn‟t hold the total answer. You can‟t live your life on the rim of the wheel and perceive what happens at the hub. also. and murdered in the name of religion. But existence. Many free thinkers were beaten. actually takes place at the wheel‟s hub. This is the place at which most people accept reality. There is another way we can look at our educational system that will best illustrate what we are about to describe. They accept it because to do so is the route to getting the sheepskin. The problem with these great thinkers was that they tried to patch together a theory of reality which was based on an awkward and inadequate view of reality. However. When you deal with absolutes. They 2 . the quantity of the material needn‟t take pages of dissertation. because they expounded their views in public. These questions deal with the absolutes of existence. You must be able to shed the prejudices of your learned perceptions of reality. this is an illusion.reality in your learning years. Nobody questions what they have learned.

It has been over three generations since Einstein published his Theory of Relativity and Maxwell introduced his Theory of Electromagnetism and his Field concept. Over this period of time. 3 . Our institutions have taught us not to question the “great thinkers” of our civilization. this must be progress.Figure 1. we contend that without the generals‟ great appetites for bigger and better war toys and inte rnational hostilities. these men have been considered among the few who have been the cornerstones of thinking in physics and science of today.1 The spoked wheel of existence think that this is a new age of enlightenment-with all our technological advances. we would still be hearing folk stories in front of the campfire. However. be it the fields of physics. Few people in or out of science have dared to question the merits of these men‟s works.

The idea of using farm animals or a cockroach 4 . Everyone is forced to run the same maze. medicine. Because he has learned that to succeed you have to deal with people of position. The idea of using animals to predict major earthquakes would have gotten a prospective seismologist his walking papers and a lot of laughs then. it has been found that the average student can concentrate on a single topic for no more than twenty seconds without losing interest.” or “Don‟t talk to that person”-“Don‟t ask questions. To be successful. Any thesis he develops must not be too radically different from the philosophies of the professors on the committee examining his thesis. usually a parent. his ideas have to interface with the people that will allow him to succeed. No study that we have encountered has ever correlated the poor attention span with television‟s approach to keeping people tunedin. Compound this with four to-five hours a day of the electronic media‟s highly-structured. An example of this is currently in the news. It starts when an adult. regardless of the individual student‟s thought patterns.” By the time the child starts his formal education. it‟s naughty. brainwashing techniques and you have a body that is not only afraid to think creatively but which cannot think of anything for more than twenty seconds at a time. Successful news broadcasts don‟t go into depth. psychology. just do what I say” -“Don‟t waste your time daydreaming. The predominant thought a year ago was that sophisticated electronic equipment was the route to predicting earthquakes. He worships people of position rather than ideas.astronomy. the student is subjected to a barrage of highly structured series of courses which produce regimented thinking. do something constructive. regardless of the individual‟s sense of reality. without creating excessive tension in the person. etc. economics. “Don‟t say that word. In a scientific study. This has been programmed into us from our earliest stages of learning. By the time the student reaches college his value structure is highly distorted. In grade school. The same attitude is present when he goes into graduate studies. he is well on his way to regimented thinking with very little creativity. philosophy. Madison Avenue. they give cosmetic vignettes that last no more than an average of a half a minute. everyone is fit into the same cubbyhole. religion. In essence. We have found that the most successful shows are designed to have scene-changes every twenty seconds or a change of theme for that duration. says to a child.

Yet. Many discoveries were just that-accidental discoveries. Academia has not been able to answer the most fundamental questions of our existence: What are light.” Quality of life for a few has been greatly improved by these technologies. The Bohr model of the atom does not come close to explaining what the physicists were seeing when they looked at the atom for the first time under an electron microscope that can magnify 260 million times. People “fell” into the answer. It works well in describing many of the behavioral characteristics of elements and compounds. Who would think that an animal or insect could be utilized as a sophisticated piece of sensing equipment? Comments on the Field of Science We feel that science is leading us down a dead-end path. if any. Nonetheless. gravity. Our fundamental understanding of the universe and existence isn‟t even in the conceived state. because it fits their needs. our technology isn‟t too bad. It isn‟t necessary to understand something fully in order to make it work. It is only because reality is multifaceted and can be approached from so many different positions that these men were able to prove their concepts within a very limited framework. and they can work with it. many people will say that “science has done much-it has created much. They work for a narrow range of parameters and then rapidly fail. The point we are trying to make is that there is little. A noted example is Charles Goodyear‟s wife pushing the soft rubber and sulfur compound on the stove‟s high 5 . chemists still use the Bohr model of the atom. and why does man exist? If Einstein and his predecessors were correct in their theories and in their approach to reality. which is incorrect. The principles which science uses are makeshift at best. The underlying philosophy of science is useable in a narrow frame of reference. it‟s a question of these men being totally wrong. understanding of many of the basic principles. electricity. However. then why could he not relate some of his ideas to other fields of physics and to other phenomena in life? It is not a question of Newton or Einstein being partially right. sense earth movements would never have been considered had it not been for a major earthquake in China.

and just plain guessing. analogization. He had to be forced by his friends to publish his ideas. When math is used as the 6 . Comments on Mathematics Anoted example of accidental discoveries is the discovery of calculus by Leibnitz and Newton at about the same time. The dy/dx notation is mathematically more descriptive. Many people accept ideas that have mathematical bases. the real power of math isn‟t in its descriptive use. In fact. math can prove faulty logic correct. This is where the vulnerability of the “tool” is most pronounced. the final formula is really the least important to the math process. but the idea was the same. An interesting note about discoveries is that many are made simultaneously by two or more people at the same time in different places. In other words. Newton really didn‟t fully understand the power of his discovery.burner. Their notations were different. it can be misused. When one works with numbers long enough. it has been misused by many who know the powers of mathematical description. because it seems to show an evolutionary system at work. while Leibnitz‟s notation was dy/dx. conceptualization. Newton‟s notation for the differential was y‟. Math is only one tool of many which should be used to discover reality. As a matter of fact. In fact. This is where math‟s real forte lies. If she hadn‟t gotten angry that evening and pushed the rubber compound on the burner. guessing a solution to a problem is part of the approach to solving higher mathematical problems. However. Another interesting note about the discovery of calculus is that Newton didn‟t think too highly of his discovery. On the other hand. Other tools are abstraction. but both systems do the job. The thought process is the most important. he can make anything fit his conceptual view of a problem. intuition. This is a very interesting phenomenon. many concepts that are difficult to quantify are discounted. the math won‟t show it. While the power of math is an invaluable tool to explain abstract ideas. it‟s in the ability of a person to use it to evolve to abstract concepts. vulcanization would have been postponed. If the logic is wrong.

It seems only right that our senses and emotions should be discounted in proving a theory or evaluating a phenomenon. and that one should not desist from pursuing to the end the path of the relativistic field theory (1-pl57) 1Einstein. 1961. the main question is whether a field theory of the kind here contemplated can lead to the goal at all. including four-dimentional space. or reality. This should be the attitude of a person seeking a logical answer to a logical question. by a field. The big trouble with the logical approach to a problem is that there are so many questions in this reality which defy logic. By this is meant a theory which describes exhaustively physical reality.end instead of the means to an end. Emotion is the enemy of objective analysis and is considered to be an enemy of logic. Amathematical proof is supposed to be the ultimate proof. but only in an indirect way by a statement of the statistics of the results of measurement attainable on the system. many of the phenomena of our universe. it believes that the state of a system cannot be specified directly. scientists say. To quote him: “The question of the particular field law is secondary in the preceding general considerations. Logic can only be used where underlying principles are firmly understood. At t he present time. The conviction prevails that the experimentally assured duality of nature (corpuscular and wave structure) can be realized only by such a weakening of the concept of reality. 7 . its validity should be highly suspect. In conformity with the present form of the quantum theory. This is because much of the thought process that we employ blows up at the extremes of our reality. A. No theory has ever attempted to explain the phenomena of physics and the phenomena of the non-traditional fields of science and religion under one theory of existence. Our senses are considered fallible and shouldn‟t be relied on in a scientific proof of a theoretical point of view. The present-day generation of physicists is inclined to answer this question in the negative. Reality New York: Crown Publishers. aren‟t understood. Einstein tried explaining all the phenomena of physics using his Unified Field theory but failed. Unfortunately. I think that such a far-reaching theoretical renunciation is not for the present justified by our actual knowledge.

just more questions. just think of how we came into being. Our physical and mental structures are microsystems of the universe. If this sounds too far out. links us with every other thing in the universe. we do think that a complete break with the present concept of reality is necessary. 8 . Our universe has underlying principles from which it operates. his structure must also conform to the underlying principles of the universe. Scientists have spent long enough using the old concept of reality to try to explain phenomena. in effect. The universe is also a reflection of our mind and sense organs and everything is reflected with everything else. in turn. Everything in the universe is a reflection of everything else. it‟s meant to be. This is much like modern day integrated circuits operating on the same principles as the older tube circuits. they reflect the universe. The effect of this creative force can be seen everywhere. Everything in the universe has to adhere to the same principles. they. The resulting zygote contained 46 chromosomes. Only the way these reflections hit our senses determines the individuality of entities.Unlike Einstein. Is the information that makes us up stored only in 46 chromosomes? Is this where the information that makes us up ends? Where is the information stored about how the amino acids that make up the DNA are to be made? What about the atoms that make up the amino acids or the parts of the atom? Behind the underlying principles that determine everything is a creative force. The DNA molecule had all the information on how every cell was to be formed and where it was to be in relation to everything else and how the cell was to function and when. but the underlying principles are still the same. The integrated circuit is a refinement of the old tube circuits just as man is a refinement of his universe. Man is smaller than his universe. If all this sounds redundant. Even the microscopic structures that make up man or the integrated circuit structures are a reflection of what they make up. This. Since our minds and our senses are functions of the universe. reflect everything else in the universe. Since man is a function of the universe. the proof of the pudding is that they haven‟t come up with any answers. We began as one cell and a sperm.

” 9 . All the analogies for our own existence are combined in this one invention. It seems ironic that an invention that holds the most analogies to our own existence should be the tool used to mesmerize us with fairytales. The picture information is now traveling in a two-dimensional form. We theorize that everything in the universe is made up of information and is stored in the first dimension. which we call the “diehold. a carrier wave frequency (on which the picture frequencies are superimposed).The Tape Analogy If you accept the idea that man is a reflection of the universe then his inventions are also reflections of his universe. two-dimensional reality. a separate frequency for the sound. the information on the tape is again converted to electrical impulses.” The information from the diehold is then transmitted into the second dimension. When the tape is played for broadcast. Let‟s take the example a little farther. The form in which the information is transmitted could be in the form of pulse modulation (to be explained later). There is a center beat frequency. You have a magnetic tape that contains the information for a color picture with sound. The electrical impulses can then be stored on magnetic tape. The impulses are put into a transmitter where they again change form to become electromagnetic waves transmitted from the antenna. There is every indication that “here” may be very relative to what you mean by “here. This is obviously an oversimplification of the tape analogy. There is not only the information for the picture but also other frequencies as well. even though the electrical impulses also represent the same picture of the object. You will notice that the form and dimension in which the picture is stored is different from the electrical impulses that came from the camera. The information is stored in a computer-like structure. It is stored in a form where time stands still. Our tape theory (the Theory of Multidimensional Reality) is a simple idea. Let us then take the example of a video tape recorder. Atelevision camera converts the light images from three and four-dimensional objects to electrical impulses. The final image you see is a completely synchronized. and finally a frequency that determines the sweep of your picture tube.

That‟s because the receiver‟s picture-scan is in real time. There would be no time perspective for the objects represented as domains on the tape. This is all relative to whether the tape is going 10 . time would seem longer between two events. This is the same as increasing the velocity of the object. The transmitted information is in a shorter time. If one examines a piece of video tape closely with a magnifying glass. This transducer converts magnetic fields of a monolithic structure. No matter how highly you magnify the tape. the information reproduced at the receiver would appear physically shorter. If an object is taped with an increased tape speed. but its mass also increases. The frequencies of the colors which represent the object would be at a much lower frequency on the tape and in a totally different relationship to each other compared to their representation in this time reality. The compound is called iron oxide. into electrical fields. corrections would have to be made in the synchronization or the image would appear totally unrecognizable. iron oxide. therefore. And so it seems that our representative object not only gets shorter when its velocity increases. The Lorentz Transforms seem to spell out the same facts. If the tape speed is reduced. more mass. he would see only a brownish red compound. therefore. there is a shorter object.“Here” in one form may not mean “there” in the same form. time would seem to be shorter between two events. The opposite is also true: slowing down the tape speed makes the object longer. They would be frozen in their space. If you could identify the objects represented by the domains. This represents more information. matter is converted to energy and energy to matter. Frozen until passed over by a magnetic tape transducer (head device). Neglecting synchronization considerations. or a conventional microscope. you could never see the objects represented by the domains on the magnetic material. Of course. In this analogy of existence. If the tape speed is increased. These electrical fields are returned to two-dimensional information representing a totally different time-space reality from what was physically represented by the domains. the object would be represented by more domains on the tape. the distances between the domains which make up the object would be microcosmic compared to the distal relationships in this reality. This is reminescent of Einsteinian Relativity. if the tape is speeded up.

This is not to say that it is done this way. Even ideas are relative to each other. the object can‟t live. It is only an electromagnetic representation of an object. high voltage carrier wave and other controlling frequencies (see Chapter 3) with the much higher frequencies that make up the information on the “tape. but the example is presented in order for you to better understand how the principles of the system work. can‟t think. or existence. The information in the diehold could be converted by the head device to a pulse-modulated signal. Truth is all around us. One might ask. Objects representing large domain areas on the tape could distort the time-space relationships of other objects represented by domains near the large object. Our model at best is an understandable reflection of the real system. For another thing. How The Information Would Be Transmitted To help you understand how the information in the diehold could be converted to various frequencies. This can be represented by beams of light from a star passing by a large mass such as our sun and being displaced in time and space. It remains for us to cut through dogmatic thought processes to see the underlying similarities in all things of this reality. The information-domains passed over by the tape transducer (head device) determines reality. there will be a beat frequency. “What does this analogy have to do with our existence? An object on a tape doesn‟t have self determination. The trick would be to heterodyne a low frequency. Everything in this universe is relative to everything else. in our reflective environment. and velocity determines time-space relationships.” Well. Truth is in our reflective universe.” If the two frequencies are less than 90 degrees out of phase with each other.through the head device to receive an image or transmit an image. we never said that our model was an exact replication of the real system. This beat frequency will be stronger than the 11 . we will present our hypothesis on how it could be done. for one thing. whether the tap e is moving or is stopped. in reflective man and in all his reflective inventions. the “tape theory” of existence shows the universal reflectiveness of existence of which we spoke earlier.

One of the important principles to be understood in this section is that in the information state. Living objects photograph differently from non -living objects. Spectral lines are different light wave lengths that the element produces when it is raised to a high potential. This one phenomenon proves our entire theory without the neces12 . This is not the only observation taken from Kirlian photography that proves our point. A prism demodulates the light into its individual wavelengths. the magnetic fields predominate. The process is called dispersion. not only are these pulses amplitude-modulated. What is seen is a highly sophisticated form of pulse modulation. the individual pulses are different colors and intensities. Also no two organisms produce the exact same “auras. but they are frequency-modulated. This light is a function of what makes up the element. It is known that each element in the universe has its own distinct spectral lines which identify it. The Kirlian photography method uses a high frequency AC signal to produce an unusual “aura” around the object.original frequencies. One might ask. One is called light spectrum analysis (explained in Chapter 4).” Another phenomenon produced is called the “phantom leaf “ effect. this method of analysis has been used for over 100 years by scientists to determine the individual elements in a compound. the electrostatic fields (energy) predominate. This would constitute the amplitude modulation part of the pulse modulation. “How do we know that matter has frequencies and is made up of frequencies?” The idea is easy to prove using two separate processes. The AC signal necessary to produce a similar picture varies between the different living organisms. In the matter state. The new frequency created should be the sum and difference of the original frequencies used. The amplitude of the new frequency should be the sum of the two original frequencies. This effect clearly shows that the information for the object exists in another dimension. The spaces between the pulses make up the frequency or phase modulated part of the pulse modulation. For instance. There is a sinusoidal relationship between the matter-energy phase and also the magnetic-electrostatic phase which is found in electromagnetic waves. The second process is called Kirlian photography (see Chapter 7). There may be other information superimposed on each individual pulse.

we are not really seeing atoms producing lots of energy. when we see a thermonuclear explosion. Information has to fill that tear. A time warp developes and a tear is created in our universe. Quasars. This is especially true when you are dealing with a fiveminute-long delay or more. A radio transmitter sends out a signal. the immense amount of energy released from very small atoms can be understood. The signal is usually pretty weak. In effect. (2-p54) 13 . is highly remote. Even a few seconds delay represents hundreds of thousands of miles. fifteen. or more minutes later. Examples: The tape theory analogy can explain the immense amounts of energy found in the universe. This phenomenon is being studied at Stanford University. the information will demodulate and leave this dimension. There is a high voltage phenomenon that tends to prove our theory of information leaving this dimension. which happens in the ionosphere. A delayed signal is heard from a few seconds later to ten. allegedly by the fission and fusion process. to the atom. you are dealing with tens of millions of miles of space. but rather we are seeing information rushing in to fill a tear in an unstable part of the universe. but we will include most of the others to show how our theory is related to them. If any of these voltages should leak through to the tape. The bias voltages on the head device far exceed the voltages produced by the domains of the tape passing over the head. When atoms become so unstable that our “infinite computer” (the diehold) cannot get all the information which makes up the atom.sity of other proofs or analogies. more energy would seem to appear available from the tape system than exists on the entire tape. The theory can explain the huge amounts of energy produced. by the smallest of particles of matter. If one thinks in terms of information rushing in to stabilize an atom. In this case. can be analogized to transient or bias voltages produced on the tape head of a recording device. This phenomenon deals with delayed radio signals. Reflection. The phenomenon was first recognized in 1927 by a couple of Norwegian scientists. which give off huge amounts of energy.

Can we still accept the experts theory of high velocity impact? We think not. or even a 2 x 4 that has been penetrated by a high velocity bullet? The plate or board has deep indentations at point of entry and shattered. The straw is also intact. but then again. reported some unusual projectile effects of debris carried by the Tri-State tornado of March 18. so is a 5/8 inch steel I-beam very much more resistant than glass. 1896. Time and space for that signal are changed. Missouri. It is interesting to note that when the two scientists adjusted the antenna to make it more efficient. Have you ever noticed a steel plate. and other “solid” matter. Moore. Also. 1925.” This can only be described by using the “tape theory. The transmitter which produces this effect needn‟t be high power.” For example. two by fours.It is quite possible that the very high voltages produced on a resonant type antenna produces a time warp. The scantling protruded several feet through the hole. Louis. Now a 2 x 4 pine scantling is very much larger than a piece of straw. straw has been observed driven through windows. An14 . The Engineering News-Record of June 11. The story the experts tell us is that the straw is accelerated to a high velocity and produces such high forces that it can penetrate objects. when a strong signal exists on a tape recording. The second phenomenon of which we will speak deals with the tornado effect. disfigured remnants at point of exit. Such was the case after the great tornado of May 27. even millions of volts. the s ignal bleeds through the various layers of tape and produces a “cross talk” effect. High standing waves on the antenna system can raise the potential of the signal tens of thousands of volts. the 1 x 5 had a tongue along one edge which plowed a “clean” furrow through the 2 x 6. The standing waves had been reduced and with them the very high potentials. 1925. and the gla ss isn‟t broken. These high voltages can bleed energy from the transmitted signal to other areas of the “diehold. The straw is inbedded in the glass. They described a 1 x 5 plank being driven through a 2 x 6 pine plank. The idea seems okay except you might still wonder why the glass didn‟t crack or break. The leading end of the 1 x 5 had a beveled knot which was not battered by the penetration. the phenomenon disappeared. then chief of the Weather Bureau. reported seeing just such an event on the Eads Bridge in St. Willis L. doors. In this effect.

oscillating radio wave is created. the tornado produces electromagnetic waves which can be seen on a television receiver. We hypothesize that the tornado is a nuclear particle accelerator in reverse. high-energycharged particles are actually able to enter the earth‟s magnetic field from space. all pointing due north. The earth is one plate and the upper atmosphere is the other plate. High voltage standing waves are also created.other interesting phenomenon was pointed out in the same report: the projectiles seemed to behave like compass needles. Northern or Southern. Also. along with the earth‟s magnetic field produces cyclotronic action of the atmosphere. We t heorize that when the earth is tilted at just the right angle. The damped. a giant capacitor is created. Because of the high electrical potentials created and the high standing waves produced. a translation in time is a translation in space. Tornadoes turn in different directions depending on the hemisphere in which they occur. oscillating wave. We are going to advance a theory on the nature of tornadoes and hurricanes. In other words. What amounts to a highfrequency alternating current (AC). A translation in time of a microsecond of information at the speed of light represents a space translation of about 985 feet. a nature-made cyclotron is created. moves a nuclear particle like an atom until the mass of the atom becomes so great that the electromagnetic field can‟t control the charged particle any more. The earth‟s magnetic field probably plays a part in this. At certain times of the year when the right temperatures exist. Here the right atmospheric conditions exist to form the electrostatic plates. the particle is siphoned down to the tornado belts or hurricane areas. 15 . The high energy particle charges the plates of the capacitor and a damped. The earth‟s magnetic field envelopes these electrostatic plates. We feel free to do so because the meteorologists haven‟t come up with anything concrete in the last half century. Because of the earth‟s tilt angle in reference to the direction of the high velocity particle. information that makes up the straw is translated (moved) in time. The cyclotron uses high-frequency radio signals to propel charged particles at high velocities to a target. “What is a tornado?” Nobody really knows except that it has high -velocity cyclotronic winds. We contend that the tornado and the hurricane are examples of a cyclotron in -reverse. The first question to ask is.

comes to life again for a short period of time. the geologist noticed a movement from the beetle. When the tornado passed by. while some miners were working in the Black Diamond Coal Mine. to the amazement of the half-dozen miners present. (3p4l) The date April 22. England. he discovered a small cavity in a rock that was filled with white worms. if the straw just happens to be moved to the space occupied by a window or steel I-beam. A reddish-gray beetle was discovered embedded in a cavity from a rock of iron ore from the Longfellow Mine. while a miner was digging at the 60 foot level of the Wide West Mine. 1881-near Ruby Hill. 16 . The toad lived for a few hours. the worms were crawling around. 3. (3-p40) The date 1892-Clifton. The cavity was the exact same size as the frog because the sides of the rock had the imprint of the frog‟s body. The specimen was sent to a geologist in El Paso. (3-p42) The date 1873-On Mount Diablo. Within an hour. A week after the beetle was orginally discovered. the workmen d iscovered a live toad embedded in a large granite block used for footing the dock. it appears as if it has been blown through these objects. The frog fit into a small cavity in the rock. There have been many observations of small animals being “moved in time and space. You will notice that the difference between these discoveries and more common fossil finds of animals is that in these cases the creature after it is released from its entombment. they discovered a large frog embedded in a layer of limestone. near San Francisco. Texas. the time for the straw and the I-beam became one again. when the tornado was present. But what really happened is that the straw and the I-beam occupied the same space but at a different time. 4. California. The same thing can happen to living things.Of course. Some of these observations are listed below. The frog lived for about one da y. 1. While working on the docks at George‟s Basin. Arizona. The year 1829-Liverpool. 2.” but the problem is that man has never correlated these discoveries with moving something in time and space. Nevada.

how can part of the inanimate rock disappear to make room for the living organism? This doesn‟t seem logical if you use the conventional theories of existence. (3-p4l) The date February 2. another phenomenon occurred. the rock is harder and denser than are the toad and the beetle. The first one is that the cavity in which the animal or insect was found. such as ball lightning or a tornado. After all. what scientist wants to be reminded that his theories of existence may not be all that perfect? There are several observations that are common to all these discoveries. Why was the living object not deformed by the surrounding harder material? The answer is in the amount of potential the living organism has over the inorganic substance. After the high-voltage-induced time warp passed and the living organism was occupying the same time and space as the other object. had the form of the entombed living thing-the question is. 1958-Utah. While sawing up a large pine log at the Brown & Hall Sawmill. The toad was very much alive when it was freed. The matter with the lower potential left this dimension in order to make room for the higher potential living object. Four miners found a tree toad embedded in a fossilized tree. The tree was calculated to be 200 years old. (3-p255) 6.He saw another small beetle emerge from the body of the large beetle. The toad lived 28 hours after being freed from the cavity. the workmen discovered a toad in a four inch diameter smooth cavity that would have been located 60 feet above the ground and surrounded by 30 inches of wood. Ontario. For now we will say that the living organism was moved in time and space due to an increase in its potential caused by some source of high voltage. This idea will be further elaborated upon in Chapter 3. It seems that since science has never been able to explain these phenomena. be cause this phenomenon is telling us an important fact about the 17 . (3-p4l) 5. they are just ignored. The tree was found covered by eight feet of sandstone in the midst of a high-grade uranium deposit. The small beetle lived for several months. The date October 1893-Acton. We won‟t leave this explanation there. After all.

The effect could be like grounding the conscious energy of the animal. So the part of the tree that occupied the same volume of space as the toad disappeared from our dimension. Some of the material that these animals are found in. Matter is made up of many frequencies that represent the information for the matter. The other frequencies are synchronizing. The result would be that time would stop for the conscious energy and its body would be put in a state of suspended animation. Some of the frequencies represent the physical information of the object. Why? Let‟s recap what is happening. such as the petrified wood. water or oxygen for many thousands of years but yet it lived. In the case of the toad found in the tree. When the animal is freed from the rock. other frequencies are still being directed to that time and space? They could have a very interesting effect on the information and the frequencies that make up the conscious energy (the “soul”) of the animal. That is. After the information of the toad has been remodulated back into our dimension. Since a conscious entity always has more potential than inanimate objects. it finds itself occupying the time and space formerly occupied by the rock.workings of our own existence. you have to conclude that some of those animals have been there for many thousands of years. If you consider the amount of material that is covering these animals. the living organism will prevail. but what if the carrier wave or some of the. clocking and finally there is a carrier wave frequency on which all the frequencies are superimposed. The factor that determines which object leaves this dimension is how much potential the object has. We know the frequencies that carry the information that makes up the physical matter are no longer in this dimension. the toad has more potential because it is a higher evolved conscious entity than is the tree.000 years old. But has all the information of the rock disappeared from our dimension? Maybe not. it is not just being freed 18 . is at least 10. The second observation that makes these discoveries much different from ordinary fossil finds is the fact that the entombed animal comes alive shortly after it has been freed. that the diehold will not permit information of two different objects to occupy the same time and space in our dimension. the toad or frog was deprived of all the necessary ingredients of life. The intriguing question is: Why is life preserved in this entombed state? After all. resynchronizing. It couldn‟t get any food.

disrupt time-generating systems in computers? Our answer is an emphatic No! The people who do these tricks are walking time warps.” How do we explain the man who could “throw” pictures in to cameras (Chapter 8)? He has been studied at several universities. This gift caused him much psychological suffering. There is another related phenomenon where a person has lost a finger. There are many people (such as Uri Geller) who tap into the system regularly to transmute information. or leg.” If existence is somewhere else. The missing limb acts as a receiver and detects the potential of the weather front. start watches. displace information. How much power can the human mind create? Can the human mind create enough power to activate silver compounds in photographic film? Can the brain generate enough power to bend keys at a distance. One might say that the nerve endings are being somehow stimulated.” Some people have learned to tap into the main program better than others. time starts again for the conscious entity. This person can feel pain. how do we explain an amputee‟s ability to predict weather many hours or days before it happens be feeling pain in the missing part. This phenomenon is comparable to gifted people who can hold belongings of other people and give detailed descriptions of those people and their lives (psychometry. then removing a part of the whole doesn‟t really destroy that part (the phantom leaf effect). There are cases of people who can sense color with their fingers. Since the nerve impulses from the missing part are no longer there as confusion noise. Once the animal is removed. It is detected because the weather front is made up of a great deal of information and potential. see Chapter 8). This includes people performing ESP and healing. cold. We contend that we are all in effect subroutines of the “diehold. If this is the case. from the “diehold. it is also being removed from the coordinates of the information that make up the rock. the information that makes up a weather front is detected.from the cavity. 19 . and transmit and receive information on a regular basis. hot. arm. The “diehold” tries to recreate the super structure-carrier wave. This all relates to sensing the information in its raw form. The information for the missing limb still exists in the diehold. and other feelings where the limb once was. even though it is not being modulated into matter as part of the person. We can explain this with the “tape theory.

Many scientists were very jealous of him because of his unmatched insight and scientific ability. The time span of his work covered from the early 1880‟s to 1943. anything is possible. There are plenty of facts and phenomena to indicate that existence can be translated into information. p. “Delayed Radio Signals” (QST-American Radio Relay Leaguevol.. 5. Reality is what we believe it is. Frank. When we are young. moving ourselves and other objects in time and space without high-thrust vehicles. “Relativity-the Special and The General Theory” (N. No.” At other times. There is the possibility of moving this information around. 1938): “There is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment. but independently. we are taught by the environment and by people what is possible and what isn’t possible. in our judgment during the last one thousand years. he stated that he had smashed untold billions of atoms without having any 1The other was a German mathematician by the name of Baron Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz who also discovered calculus at about the same time as Newton. Psychokinesis is most commonly reported in young children. Crown Publishing. If the mind of man provides the proper subroutine.. the limits of reality are extended. 55. they wouldn‟t be able to produce the results. 21 . May 1971). therefore. Without this deep belief. “Atomic power is an illusion. 1959). Geller discovered his ability when he was very young. in effect. There is every indication that human life. their limits are larger until they are told what is possible and what isn’t. 2.1 The other is Nikola Tesla. including man. Edwards. 3. REFERENCES I. the Geller effect is also being discovered in many children who have seen his act. and no negative thought patterns develop. there have only been two such men. Children don‟t have any firm ide a of what reality is.” (N. 54-58. If the right circumstances prevail. 1961). he also stated. “Stranger Than Science.. to their natural conclusion and a new beginning. in fact all life and all things are just a stage of existence. He said. A. This can be seen in children.Y. These are indications that this information is stored in another time-space reality. The first was Sir Isaac Newton.” (1-p250) He felt this because during his experiments using currents of several million volts. A more detailed description of psychic phenomena will be covered in Chapter 8. The parameters of our reality are determined at a very early age. Lyle Stuart.Y. This unfound DNA of our universe has the information which is leading all things. He did not believe that Einstein‟s Theory of Relativity was in any way correct. the father of classical mechanics and one of the principal developers of calculus. 20 CHAPTER TWO: Nikola Tesla It is very rare in history that one man can affect the lives of so many of his fellow man. when he died a poor man. Mankind is evolving as preordained by a creative force in the universe. during a speech to the Institute of Immigrant Welfare (May 12.What makes Geller or any of the other human phenomena different from us? Probably the most pronounced personal trait these people possess is that they believe they can do their trick. In fact. Einstein.

Since Tesla believed in the “ether” theory. When Einstein published his general theory of relativity. Combined with the fact that Tesla had made most of the major discoveries of the early part of the 20th century. without the impeccable logic of Nikola Tesla. principally something very similar to what we theorize. not giving him credit for many of his inventions and theoretical discoveries. The harsh consequence of Tesla‟s rejection of the theory of relativity was that he was “written out” of most of the textbooks and scientific journals of the day. against him. or rediscovery. this also instilled jealousy. including all the well-known physicists and scientists.” (1 -pl07) Another accolade was given by Mr. It is not only our opinion that Tesla was a great scientific genius. 22 . (Tesla had his own theory of gravitation but never published it for reasons unknown. A.” (The “ether” theory is discussed in the chapter on magnetism. He was relegated to a life of obscurity so that the major physicists of academia could develop Einstein‟s theory of relativity. Behrend. he had experimented and worked long enough with high voltage and high frequency devices to intuitively know that there was something interrelated with matter that gave it its energy. we just wish to point out that many great minds in science intuitively felt there was something interrelated with matter that could not be seen or readily detected. after 1905. years before other scientists.) Although he never visualized existence the way we theorize it. Baron William Kelvin stated: “Tesla has contributed more to electrical science than any man up to his time. He said. These scientists did not want it well known that their work was merely a continuation. especially his general theory. He envisioned this energy to be similar to the old theory of the existence of the “ether. The famous English scientist. B. Tesla had most of academia.thermal nuclear reaction or any emission of energy coming from these experiments. So. We are not saying that we believe in any way in the “ether” theory. Few people were interested in giving Tesla the credit he so richly deserved.) At this time. when Einstein‟s special theory of relativity was published. the scientific community began to ignore him. Tesla still insisted that Einstein was totally wrong and that Einstein‟s gravitational field theory was also completely wrong. Tesla was unknown except to a very few. by the 1930s. of Tesla‟s done many years earlier. constantly criticizing and blatantly informing them that their great idea wasn‟t worth the paper on which it was printed.

electric power. our electric cars and trains would stop. which included the principles of tuned circuits. . that it has become the warp and woof of industry.Chairman of the Edison Medal Committee. Yes.” (1 -p236) The best way to understand why Tesla was so great is to know what he invented and what his theoretical discoveries were. and antenna. Many scientists received credit for these discoveries without giving Tesla any credit at all. He said: “The due appreciation or even enumeration of the results of Mr. a ground connection. His name marks an epoch in the advance of electrical science. voice. From that work has sprung a revolution in the electrical art. and eventually. Tesla‟s invention is neither practicable nor desirable at thi s moment. Year Theoretical Discoveries 1890 The concept of tuned coils and tuned circuits on which all present-day electronics is based. our mills would be dead and idle. 23 . one of which is our present-day microwave oven. our towns would be dar k. were we to seize and eliminate from our industrial world the results of Mr. All of these discoveries and concepts were first discovered by him from 3 to 80 years before anyone else. Suffice it to say that. during that Institute‟s presentation of the Edison Medal to Tesla in 1917. he said. This system. . Tesla‟s work. would enable the transmitting of Morse code. the wheels of industry would cease to turn. There is a time for all things. . so far reaching is this work. 1880s Everything in the universe operated on the principle of vibrations similar to alternating current. 1890 That high frequency currents produce heat in the human body and other objects. 1899 That the earth is a good conductor of electricity. pictures all over the world. 1892 The concept of a worldwide broadcasting system using his wireless communications system. along with the upper atmosphere. American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Listed below are just some of the more important of his discoveries. There is a wide range of applications from this principle.

covered in depth in the section on gravity.” 1898 He was the first to envision electronic computers. that the earth is constantly bombarded by these particles. He also said that when these particles hit other atoms. since the upper atmosphere is a good conductor of electricity. He also theorized correctly that outer space is filled with these particles from our sun and from other stars in our galaxy. high-frequency incandescent lamp.) 1892 That the sun worked on the same principle as his one-wire. if they were permitted to bombard the element. (This idea is covered in greater depth in our chapter on astronomy. Tesla gave his own theory of what caused this radioactivity. He stated that the sun is like an incandescent body that carried a high voltage charge. the earth could be considered like a large capacitor. (This idea is a very important one. Also. He theorized that the aurora borealis is caused by these particles from the sun. more dense atmosphere acted as an insulator. 1896 After Henri Becquerel (a French physicist) discovered that “ mysterious rays” were emitted from uranium. He said that cosmic rays would cause this radioactivity in other elements. which would in turn emit large showers of small particles into space at high velocities carrying a large charge. and the lower.) 1892 The conclusion from the previous discovery. He correctly theorized that they travel at tremendous velocities carrying great amounts of potential. The scientific community did not believe him until 30 years later.1899 That the earth is filled with a tremendous amount of electrical potential that could be tapped for energy. when Doctor Robert Millikan rediscovered these rays. Tesla received no credit for his work. the atoms would shatter into pieces. 1892 He was the first to discover the existence of electrons. He referred to them as “electrically charged atoms. brought him to the original discovery of cosmic rays. with all the results Tesla predicted. He called 24 .

Fluorescent lighting. 1896.” He felt they would “ultimately be capable of acting as if possessed of their own intelligence and their advent will create a revolution. A description of the devices for his wireless communications system. 1888 The rotating magnetic field. high frequency currents. dynamos. 1890 Various tuned circuits. 1891. A one-wire incandescent button lamp.An atom smasher.Very efficient gas and steam turbines. more efficient and light-weight than any 1892 in present use today. 1890 1891 1891 1891 1891 1893 The electric transformer or induction coil (the Tesla coil).them “telautomates.” 1892 An electron microscope with one million x plus magnification. The forerunner of the radio. alternating current dynamo. He called it his “molecular bombardment lamp. which produced 20 times more light than the regular incandescent light bulb.” Year Inventions 1880s Various types of improved direct current. 1888 The polyphase. and motors. 1890 The first glass electronic vacuum tube for detecting electromagnetic waves. Neon bulbs. 1888 Various alternating current motors. 1897 25 . Various types of voltage regulators for high voltage.

1934. 1899 An apparatus for transmitting electrical energy without wires anywhere in the world. the same principle we use today in our radios. he was very close-mouthed about what he had discovered. Not so the agent I employ. O‟Neill was a personal friend of Tesla‟s from about the 30‟s until Tesla‟s death. This last invention requires a special explanation. which will enable us to transmit to a distant point more energy than is possible by any other kind or ray. Tesla merely gave everyone clues of what he could do with it.1897 First radio transmission of intelligent information using tuned circuits. Mr. We are all fallible. for I speak from long experience. 1934. 1934 The invention of the laser. but as I examine the subject in the light of my present theoretical and experimental knowledge I am filled with deep convictions that I am giving to the world something far beyond the wildest dreams of inventors of all time. He referred to this invention as a “death ray” (1934). he was not told what this last invention was. An excellent book on the life of Tesla is Prodigal Genius by John J. Tesla said that the following are some of the things that this system could do: “Still another item which has interested me is a report from Washington in the World Telegram of July 13. This method transmitted the energy through the earth. 1899 The first man ever to produce 135 million volts of power. I am quite in agreement with these doubters and probably more pessimistic in this respect than anybody else. He intended that this system be used to transmit tremendous amounts of power over long distances. On July 24. to the effect that scientists doubt the death ray effects. New York City. 1898 A remote-controlled wireless guidance system for boats and land vehicles. then again. Although Mr. In Tesla‟s later life. Rays of the requisite energy cannot be produced. O‟Neill.” (1-p241) 26 . causing great distrust of everyone. their intensity diminishes with the square of the distance. and. O‟Neill was an ardent fan of Tesla‟s. because so many people had stolen his ideas.

As the oscillations increased. the shaking became so great that windows shattered.On another occasion he said that energy could be transmitted by a ray or beam of infinitesimally small cross section. the ramifications go far beyond anything that even Tesla had suspected. On his birthday in 1938. It is obvious that the oscillator could not have done it in this dimension. He was doing a simple vibration experiment in his Houston Street laboratory in New York City. The building had shaken so badly that if Tesla had not stopped his machine. buildings shook. The phenomenon here. is how a piston that doesn‟t even weigh a pound can be able to develop enough force to generate an earthquake of at least four on the Richter scale. He also stated later that this beam had a straight-line trajectory. it transmitted these oscillations through the building to the foundation. in the dark region of the thin crescent new moon. Over a period of a few minutes. an incandescent spot that would glow like a brilliant star so that it could be seen without the aid of a telescope. the oscillations reached the resonnant frequency of his building. an earthquake was formed in a one-mile radius from his laboratory. The air moved a reciprocating piston through an electric coil. According to our theory of multidimensional reality. He said he was able to produce. the building would have collapsed. decades before anyone else. Eventually. invented the laser. plaster fell from ceilings. This mechan ical oscillator was driven by an air compressor. indeed. he destroyed the oscillator and the earthquake stopped immediately. one hundred thousandth of a centimeter in diameter. he attached this oscillator firmly to one of the center beams in his laboratory. plumbing pipes broke. It was a small oscillator that was big enough to be slipped into one‟s pocket. His laboratory was on one of the upper floors. which no one realized at the time. In this particular experiment. the reason the oscillator was able to do so much damage was because it was not just oscillating itself in this dimension but it was also oscillating the information that made it 27 . he said that he could also use this death ray for interplanetary communication. which began shaking violently. There is no doubt from the previous descriptions that Tesla had. As the oscillator started up and increased its vibrations. There was a funny result from one of the vibration experiments he was doing in 1896. Once Tesla realized that his oscillator was causing the building to shake.

it raised the potential of that information. The one lesson to be learned from Tesla‟s work and theories is that. Inc. When the oscillator produced the frequency (a lower harmonic) that correlated with the frequency of the information that made up that piston. In reality. The result. Bibliography Martin. 1944). Beograd. et. in this dimension. if you correctly know how even a small part of existence functions. The Inventions.Y. al. Lectures. O‟Neill. Nikola Tesla Museum. “Prodigal Genius. T. Ives Washburn. John J. 1894... The Life of Nikola Tesla.. Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla. Articles. 1966. Popovic. N. C. these objects were being made to oscillate in the diehold.: Nikola Tesla.up in the diehold. V. thereby causing the earthquake. 28 .” (N.Y. where all their information was in the same locality..: The Electrical Engineer. REFERENCES 1. was that the piston caused the earth and the other buildings to oscillate. Patents. you will be able to make tremendous advancements in all fields of physics.. The domains of information started to overlap affecting the information that made up other objects in its vicinity.

Man has come to this stage in his development. he must have marveled at the great magic and mystery that made that piece of magnitite point in only one direction. If the foundation of our science is incomplete. and he is seeing things in the fields of astronomy and nuclear physics that just can‟t be explained by using Einstein‟s theory of relativity and field theory. The subject of gravity was first quantified by Sir Isaac Newton. man has wondered about magnetism and gravity. 29 . This condition will not last forever because eventually science comes to a dead-end. and laws that follow will also be incomplete.CHAPTER THREE: Magnetism and Gravity For thousands of years. assumptions. When the first man discovered the first piece of magnetite (lodestone). This happens when the powers of observation catch up to and surpass the ability to explain the observations in the framework of the old philosophy. but not quite far enough to reason out the most basic ingredient of his existence. then the theories. yet magnetism and gravity have still defied man‟s understanding. Newton looked at gravity as one of many possible forces of nature. Many thousands of years have passed since that first discovery. Man has advanced scientifically.

The reason we must cover this material is because Einstein.” (1-p49) Therefore. thus it was far more important to classical mechanics than gravity or magnetism. Yet. but they could not see what 30 . in 1905. He said. referred in his special theory of relativity to Maxwell and Lorentz‟s theory of electromagnetic phenomena. This is similar to what is envisioned today. if Maxwell was wrong in his conclusions. then Einstein‟s theory of relativity is in big trouble. Karl Gauss. This magnetic field encircled a conductor and was propagated perpendicular to the flow of current. and classical mechanics started to fall apart. Engineers were able to design machines and buildings using classical mechanics and found it worked well. They could see the effects of magnetism. Then came electricity.” Through the works of Weber and Poisson. but they were randomly arranged. When the early scientists were investigating magnetism and gravity. these magnetic molecules lined up. We will then give our explanation using the theory of multidimensional reality. thereby creating a magnet. Astronomers were able to approximate the speeds and distances of planets using Newton‟s theories.He considered inertia as the fundamental part of nature. James Maxwell. (4-p79) Next we will go into the examples Maxwell used to develop his elementary theory of magnetism and electromagnetism. Before Maxwell. by using another magnetic or electric coil. We will first describe the observation or the traditional explanation. Wilhelm Weber. scientists envisioned magnetism as a fluid in the ether. “Thus all facts of experience which support the electromagnetic theory also support the theory of relativity. It was also observed that a conductor passing perpendicular to a magnetic field would develop a current to be induced through the wire. none of the scientists could explain why a magnetic field could induce such a current. This fluid collected at the ends of an iron bar when it was “magnetized. Denis Poisson. Classical mechanics worked well as long as the relative speeds between two objects were not too great. it was then visualized as “magnetic matter” that was strictly confined to the molecules. they were faced with a basic problem. When the bar was magnetized. and later Nikola Tesla experimented with electricity and dynamos observing that there was an interrelationship between current and magnetism. which moved at the speed of light (depending on the medium). Men like Michael Faraday. These mole cules were always magnetized inside the iron bar.

1 Drawing of a magnetized bar and a nonmagnetized bar It was also concluded later that there were two different kinds of magnetism: one caused by the freely moving particles in electricity.1) UNMAGNETIZED IRON BAR MAGNETIZED IRON BAR Figure 3. This is not the order that Maxwell used because scientists could not understand where this field came from. but that in ordinary iron the magnetic axes of the molecules are turned indifferently in every direction. The logic was that if you could duplicate the magnetic field and vary its intensity.” (4 -p275) So as we can see. maybe. We will first cover bar magnets and what forms the magnetic field. we must adopt the other alternative. thereby making his conclusions destined to be wrong. even before the application of the magnetizing force. he started out with the wrong assumption. the effect is called electromagnetism.” (4-p79) (Figure 3. while the other type was non-freely moving magnetized particles 31 . you could then get some insight as to what regular magnetism is and. and explain magnets by means of molecular electric currents.caused those effects. and since we cannot explain electric currents by means of magnets. finally. They were able to do so by using electric current through a conductor. So what developed was that they had to try to recreate magnetic fields. gravity. We therefore endeavour to trace both to the same cause. Maxwell said: “The action of magnets at a distance is perfectly identical with that of electric currents. Bar Magnets Traditional explanation-(Weber‟s theory) “Weber‟s theory differs from this in assuming that the molecules of the iron are always magnets. so that the iron as a whole exhibits no magnetic properties.

there are only three other elements that will even be attracted by a magnetic field: oxygen (the second strongest element).1) are not repelled away from each other. If these molecules were forced to line up. The Relationship of North and South Poles Traditional explanation-Since each molecule has its own north and south poles which form chains of molecules within the magnet. What it is. the element iron. the reason that molecules A and B (Figure 3. Multidimensional Reality Explanation The first question to be asked is how many elements can be magnetized? The answer is: only one. within the magnet. What happens when you force the atoms of iron to line up? We are forcing the information that makes it up to modulate in predominantly two directions (180‟ out of phase). the signal would modulate 360‟ around the object. (2-p354) So we must conclude that there is something very special about iron for it to become a magnet. is because these connected chains of magnetic dipole molecules compensate each other in the interior but end up as opposite poles at the ends.which were separated by a small distance. but when we “magnetize” it. (3-pl69) Multidimensional Reality Explanation The reason opposite poles attract is because those two parts of the information frequency are 180‟ out of phase. they can occupy the same time and space. In fact. sodium and aluminum-to a much lesser degree. then it must be assumed that all materials can be made into magnets. When these two frequencies combine they form the information that makes up that 32 . Normally. we have rearranged the information in the diehold to be directed toward the poles. Therefore. If Weber‟s theory was completely correct. is that the frequency of the information that makes up iron is a close harmonic to the carrier wave frequency. they would form a bar magnet.

When the bar magnet is compressed. (4-p92) There is no traditional explanation for this phenomenon. The reason like poles repel each other is that these two frequencies are the same information. they are attracted together because the coordinates for their modulation are in the same time and space. Alterations of a Magnetic Bar The permanent magnetism of an iron bar increases when it is extended and diminishes when it is compressed. The result is that the field intensity becomes greater. This. so the same amount of information is directed through a larger opening thereby decreasing the intensity. The effect of this is that the information that makes up the bar is even more restricted to only two paths. but the area of the ends becomes smaller. there is a fixed amount of information directed at the two ends. Therefore. The same effect is found when an iron bar is placed in the center of an electrical coil. the reverse happens. Multidimensional Reality Explanation When the magnetic bar is at rest. combined with the mag33 . If the ends become smaller. The information that might have been directed toward the middle of the bar can now enter only through the ends. The iron bar becomes lengthened when the current passes through the coil setting up a magnetic field as illustrated (Figure 3. Therefore. As the bar is mechanically extended. This increases the intensity of the field at the ends.iron molecule or magnet. the mass of the bar remains constant. rendering that segment unstable. or else a “tear” might develop in that part of the universe. The area of the ends becomes greater. The field strength of its information is proportional to the amount of area of the two ends. they are in phase with each other and cannot occupy the same time and space. thus formulating another rule of the diehold: the diehold must keep like domains of information from occupying the same time and space.2). the same amount of information must be directed through a smaller area. This amount of information remains constant as long as the mass of the bar remains the same.

ELECTRIC COIL MAGNETIC FIELD IRON BAR Figure 3. This magnetic field is thought by scientists to be a state of stress in the conductor. that the lines of magnetic force tend to shorten themselves. and the pressure at right angles to them. We have asserted nothing as yet with respect to the mode in which this state of stress is originated and maintained in the medium. focuses the information of the bar to a smaller area thereby forcing the bar to elongate. The magnetic field strength is proportional to the amount of current passing through the wire. We have 34 . in mathematical language. and that they repel each other when placed side by side.2 Iron bar in a coil netic field of the coil concentrated along the center. All that we have done is to express the value of the tension along the lines. we are only following out the conception of Faraday. Electromagnetism One of the first observations made by scientists was that if a current is passed through a wire. and to prove that the state of stress thus assumed to exist in the medium will actually produce the observed forces on the conductors which carry electric currents. To quote Maxwell: “In explaining the electromagnetic force by means of a state of stress in a medium. a magnetic field appears perpendicular to the flow of current.

in order for the electrons to exist. Since we have come to the realization that the back electromotive force is due to the information that makes up the electrons.merely shown that it is possible to conceive the mutual action of electric currents to depend on a particular kind of stress in the surrounding medium instead of being a direct and immediate action at a distance. produces a magnetic field. In fact. This theory is proved by the phenomenon of a back electromotive force-also known as self-inductance-that is present in a coil when the current is switched on (Figure 3. since copper cannot itself become a magnet. Maxwell continued the mistake by concluding that a displacement current. These currents must circulate within molecules of a magnet similar to the current passing through a wire. Therefore. Andre Ampere theorized that magnetism was to be explained by the means of electric currents. it is repelled by a strong magnetic field. The delay in the current from reaching maximum is due to the fact that the information that makes up the electrons must first be modulated into existence. just like the charging and discharging of capacitors. then we would expect that the increase and decay of current density would be an exponential function of time.3). The French physicist.” (4 -p282) Faraday also discovered that the current traveled along the surface of the wire. and the interior remained relatively free. the information must first be present to form their existence. the magnetic field or the current? The answer is the magnetic field because per our theory. It was also discovered that the speed of the current was the speed of light. just like a conduction current. The next observation to be covered is why does the magnetic field appear perpendicular to the flow of current? This is because   33 . Multidimensional Reality Explanation We must ask ourselves the first most important question. This self-inductance or magnetic field of the copper wire does not come from the copper. What comes first. This led scientists to the idea that magnetism is an effect of moving electrons. the magnetic field is the information that makes up that object. It is a well-proven fact that these are exponential functions.

thereby causing the greatest amounts of surface potential. Figure 3. This idea will be further proved in the chapter on light. ER and I is the resistance in ohms and the current density. The next point to be explained is why the electric current flows only along the surface of the conductor. the magnetic field cannot exist at the same time and space as the electrical charge. This means that at one small moment of time. The reason is because the surface of the wire is where the actual edge of the domains of information exist for the wire. 36 . In other words. in the opposite direction to the flow of current.EL is the magnetic field formed in the coil. On the surface is where the greatest magnetic intensity or information modulation of the signal exists. We theorize this frequency is to be found between 1. just the magnetic field exists by itself.3 Graph depicting the charging of a capacitor the magnetic field is 90‟ out of phase from the electric charge. In the next moment of time.500 and 3.000 GHz (billions of cycles per second) or just under the infrared frequency. This graph also describes a capacitor charging up. only the electrical charge exists. even without any external current added.

They never explained why this stress could cause this effect. passing perpendicular to a magnetic field (Figure 3. and think. They could not give a logical explanation for this phenomenon. logically. As the tape head passes the information that makes us up.The reason why electric current travels at the speed of light (depending on the medium) is because the information that makes up that electron is passing us at the speed of light (2. What they should have done was reflect. it passes these domains of potential at the speed of light.4). Another way of saying this is that the electron is really stationary domains of potential on the tape.997925 x 10^10 cm/sec.4 Drawing of a wire passing a magnetic field Traditional explanation-The magnetic field produces stress within the conductor. The conclusion of all this is that they don‟t know why a voltage is formed in a dynamo. which forces the electrons in the outer ring of the atoms to move in a certain direction. The Electric Generator (The Dynamo) Avoltage is induced in a conductor. MAGNET s MAGNETIC FIELD FLOW OF CURRENT N Figure 3. so they just went ahead and built bigger and better generators. what is so special about a magnetic field that it 37 .).

so no lines of information are being crossed.5). The generator works in the following manner (Figure 3. they will form what we call static electricity.can do this? If they did spend time and think about it. C. not crossing any of the magnetic lines of information of the magnet. the conductor is passing less lines of information perpendicular to itself. Multidimensional Reality Explanation Per our theory. thereby creating no electrons. the question we must ask ourselves: Is 38 . and D except the electrons flow in the opposite direction. Position D-At this point. where the maximum quantity of electrons are being formed. How the electrons are formed in the first dimension will be discussed a little later. Getting back to Position C. A voltage is beginning to be formed in the conductor. It is passing the greatest number of lines of information on the magnet. the electric charge will conduct along the wire. The result is that no electrons are being formed. they might have come up with one of the most important secrets of the universe. Position E-The conductor is now passing parallel to the information of the magnetic. the conductor is passing perpendicular to the information that makes up the magnet. This explanation is very important to the chapter on Kirlian photography. whenever the information of any two objects pass themselves at great enough velocity. & H-are similar to B. So the greatest amount of electrons are being formed on or near the surface of the conductor. These electrons pass onto the conductor and travel to areas of less concentration of potential. Position A-As we observe it in this dimension. Position C-At this point. Positions F. electrons will be created. G. If the two objects are conductors. Position B-The information that makes up the conductor is starting to cross the information that makes up the magnet. If the electrons are formed by two non-conductors. first the conductor is moving parallel to the magnetic field. so less electrons are being formed.

we can say that both the magnet and the conductor are parallel and closest to each other. At this position.6). The conductor is usually copper wire because of its low resistance qualities.Top figure describes the action of a wire conductor as it revolves in a magnetic field inside a generator. we must observe what is happening when the conductor is exactly perpendicular to the magnetic field (Figure 3.5 what happens in the diehold to form an electron in this dimension? To do this. Figure 3. 39 . As mentioned earlier. The voltage produced by such action is represented in the graph of the lower figure.

40 . (4-p49) then it was further experimented with by Michael Faraday (1848). a tear develops in the diehold. The lines of information will always be perpendicular to the plain of motion.copper cannot become a magnet. which in our dimension we call an electron having a certain fixed charge. MAGNET N DIRECTION OF MOTION WIRE CROSS SECTION Figure 3. Magnecrystallic Phenomena This phenomenon was first described by Julius Plucker. It would be like having two north poles opposing themselves. As mentioned earlier in the section on bar magnets. one of the conditions necessary to form electrons is to have two objects passing parallel to themselves. when like information occupies the same time and space. This means that both signals (we could think of them as north and south) (Figure 3. This tear of unstable information forms small domains of potential. thereby causing the information of both to be parallel to each other. this means that half of the wire‟s information would be in phase with the information of the north pole of the magnet. Since these signals would be modulating perpendicular to the surface of the wire.6 Close-up drawing of a wire passing a north pole in a generator We can now summarize by saying that observed from this dimension. This collective charge we call voltage.7) are modulating to the same space and time to form the wire.

there was a line of magne crystallic force perpendicular to the planes of the plates.Figure 3. does not cause approach or recession. probably tellurium and titanium. that. or as a tangent. and certainly the sulphates of iron and nickel. consisting not in attraction or repulsion. or. in that it causes neither approach nor recession. present magnecrystallic effects. (8-pl02) “Thus it seems that other bodies besides bismuth. antimony. but gives position only. is that certain crystals will turn on their axes and align themselves perpendicular to a magnetic field. He found the following: “The direction of the force is in relation to the magnetic field.” What this effect is. but in its giving a certain determinate position to the mass under its influence. (8-pll0) “The magnecrystallic force appears to be very clearly distinguished from either the magnetic or diamagnetic forces. the line or axis of MAGNECRYSTALLIC force (being the resultant of the action of all the molecules). and arsenic. He worked with crystals of bismuth. tends to place itself parallel. Amongst these are th e allow of iridium and osmium.” (8p87) “I have already stated that the magnecrystallic force does not manifest itself by attraction or repulsion. passing through the place where the crystal is situated. The law of action appears to be. antimony and arsenic. to the magnetic curve or line of magnetic force. 41 . axial and not equatorial. in all these cases. at least. and perfectly consistent in its position and action with the force before found in the solid crystals of antimony. (8-p90) “Thus it is evident that.7 Close-up of the copper wire showing the information being directed toward it Faraday was the one to coin the expression “magnecrystallic force.

in the direction of the magnecrystallic axis than in other directions. it should surely show polar attractions in the case of the magnetic bodies. or makes it affect a magnet? It is not like a turning helix of wire acted on by the lines of magnetic force for there. it must be like. “Or we might suppose that the crystal is a little more apt for magnetic induction. it doesn‟t appear to have been mentioned by anyone. (8-pl2l) “If we suppose for a moment that the axial position is that in which the crystal is unaffected. a difference in the degree of repulsion when presented with the magnecrystallic axis parallel and perpendicular to the lines of magnetic force. as bismuth. After Maxwell. without at traction or repulsion. not even by Einstein. But. (8pll00) “This force appears to me to be very strange and striking in its char acter. which it does not do. and in the case of diamagnetic that a given line in relation to the mass is brought by it into a given relation with the direction of the external magnetic power. How hopeful we may be. “If the power be induced. if so. as sulphate of iron. for there is no attraction or repulsion. or the nearest of two poles. therefore. but no action of this kind appears. If induced. or a little less apt for diamagnetic induc tion. It is not polar. subject to the crystalline force it must show an intimate relation between it and them. to its inducing predominants: and these are. and exert their influence in producing the wonderful phenomena which they present!” (8-pl22) Maxwell and other scientists after him never gave a reason why this phenomenon occurs. where a body is brought into position only. This is because his theory of relativity 42 . Then what is the nature of the mechanical force which turns the crystal round. It is obvious that Faraday knew he was dealing with something he could not explain by using his theories. generally. and the ring has polarity all the time and is powerfully attracted or repelled. that the results will help to throw open the doors which may lead us to a full knowledge of these powers and the combined manner in which they dwell in the particles of matter. giving two tensions pulling the crystal round. at present. the magnetic and electric forces. then there ought to be attractions at these times. and an obliquely presented crystal ought to be attracted by a single pole. “I do not remember heretofore such a case of force as the present one. there is a current of electricity required. and that it is in the obli que position that the magnecrystallic axial direction is affected and rendered polar.

has no explanation for the aligning of objects to a magnetic field with no attraction or repulsion. Multidimensional Reality Explanation Why do only a few elements like arsenic, bismuth, and antimony exhibit this magnecrystallic effect? The answer is that since each element has its own frequency that makes it up, of all the elements, some will have a frequency which will not be a higher or lower harmonic of the frequency of the magnetic field. But its frequency or information will modulate in such a way as to let the information of the magnet pass parallel to the element‟s information, thereby turning in the direction of the magnetic field. It seems that when the scientists of Einstein‟s day came across this phenomenon and realized they could not explain it by using the ether or the special or general theories of relativity, they stayed away from it like the plague. Scientists are paid by benefactors to come up with answers, not more questions. Einstein and the other scientists who worked with him to develop and push the theory of relativity, truly thought they had the truth and the secret of the universe. The problem is that when you have a theory for the secret of the universe, your theory must explain all phenomena, not just the ones with which you feel confident. The results from scientists like Maxwell, prior to 1905, was that they knew what the effects of magnetism were on other objectsthat magnetism was interrelated with electricity, that it was similar to gravity and the magnetic field of the earth. They had, also, developed a system of measuring and quantifying the magnetic field. Field strength could then be expressed in usable terms, like a gauss,” a “weber,” a “tesla,” or a “dyne.” In summary, Maxwell‟s field theory concluded that the magnetic field is something real, that an electrical field is produced by a changing magnetic field, and that a magnetic field is produced by a changing electric field. His equations describe the structure of the electromagnetic field and its speed. As mentioned earlier, he did not try to explain how the electromagnetic or magnetic field originated, or from where and how it was maintained in our dimension.

Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity In 1905 Einstein published his Special Theory of Relativity. Its purpose was to point out the deficiencies in classical mechanics when dealing with objects that were traveling at great speeds relative to each other. Another purpose of the theory was to lay the groundwork for his explanation of gravity and its effect on moving objects (general theory of relativity). We have little disagreement with the effects of great velocity, relative to objects in time, as stated in the Special Theory of Relativity. We do disagree with the causes of these effects. This seems to prove an interesting point; that you can have a wrong philosophy but still come up with correct results. It is similar to the astronomical theories of the medieval period, insisted on by the Catholic church; that the earth was the center of the universe. Astronomers of that day constructed star charts showing the planets and the stars going in strange directions, including radical turns and curves, around the earth. The interesting thing is that they were able to calculate the locations and directions of these heavenly bodies, even though their basic philosophy was wrong. The same situation exists with the theory of relativity. Geometrical Representation Relativity-The first thing Einstein had to do was define the method of coordinates to be used in his theory. He rejected the traditional 3-dimensional method used in classical mechanics (length, width, and depth), because it was too rigid and did not account for time. So he used Hermann Minkowski‟s geometrical method of representation in a 4 -dimensional “world” (Figure 3.8). All objects that have length, width, depth, and travel in time (velocity) are considered 4-dimensional objects. This system of coordinates did not take into account the effects near a gravitational field. In the general theory of relativity, Einstein developed another system of coordinates to express objects near a gravitational field. This system of coordinates was merely meant to describe objects moving relative to each other in space.

Figure 3.8 Drawing of Minkowski’s four-dimensional reality

Multidimensional Reality Explanation Our first criticism of this method of describing dimensions is that it is too narrow and does not take into account many of the observations we see in the universe. It is too simplistic and incomplete, thereby rendering it wrong. We theorize the most important factor dividing the various dimensions is the amount of potential each object has and how great an area an object occupies as a domain of information in the diehold. To give an example, let‟s compare a man and a rock. Both have length, width, depth, and are both in the same time reference, since they are both going at the same velocity in space. Using Minkowski‟s geometry, we would say the man and the rock are in the same dimension; but no one would say that the man and the rock are the same kind of existence. The difference between the rock and the man is the greater amount of potential the man has over the rock. To prove this point, we can easily register a voltage and a high frequency off the man but we cannot read anything off the rock. This greater potential is manifested in the fact that the man can perceive his environment and interact with it, whereas the rock cannot per45

ceive or interact with its environment. In fact, it can‟t even perceive its own existence. The First Dimension: This dimension is the storage dimension where all information that makes up the universe exists. All information that makes up the beginning of time to the end of time. The first dimension has no length, no width, no depth, and time is truly irrelevant. This dimension is represented by one of the sides of the octahedron (Chapter 9). The first dimension is also the dimension reserved for the structure of the diehold. This means that dimensions 2 through 8 can never reach nor see the diehold, because we cannot go faster than the speed of light, which is the speed of the tapehead across the information making up reality. This is why we can never go faster than the speed of light, because we can never go as fast or faster than the device transmitting our existence. The Second Dimension: This is the transmission dimension. Like radio waves, which are electromagnetic waves, magnetic lines of force are 90‟ out of phase from the electrical lines of force. The difference with the diehold transmission frequencies is that the phase angles are the same as the sides of the diehold, and there are no electric lines of force, just pure information (magnetic lines of force). The Third Dimension: The lowest form of a modulated signal is this dimension. Each element has its own frequency which forms unique angles associated with that element‟s unique crystal shape (see crystal chapter). The crystal is th e basic building block of all the following dimensions. This dimension, as personified by a crystal, has length, width, and depth but no potential associated with it. The Fourth Dimension: The lowest level where life and intelligence can be modulated into existence. All living things, from the amoeba to man, can perceive their own environment. This level of potential is much greater than the objects of the third dimension. Within this dimension there is a wide range of potential, the smaller forms of life possessing less potential than the larger, more complex forms of life. This is an important observation, since we can now state another theorem about the diehold: Intelligence may be a result of a given level of potential in the diehold. As the potential of a life-form increases, it is able to perceive more of the 46

domains of information around itself, thereby recalling, comparing and analyzing greater amounts of information. This is called intelligence. Average man falls into this dimension. His limitations are: he can only gather information from this dimension with the five senses he has been given (smell, sight, taste, hearing, and touch). This is not to say that occasionally some individuals will not exhibit some of the abilities of the next dimension. The Fifth Dimension: In this dimension, an intelligence possesses much more potential than in the previous dimension. He is able to perceive much more information of his surroundings in the diehold without using the senses of a fourthdimensional individual. This subject will be covered later in the chapter on psychic phenomena. A fifth-dimensional being would also be able to bend the information that makes up three-dimensional objects. This would include the ability to change the rate of signal modulation of an object, thereby altering its time reference. This individual would start to perceive the information of objects around him without actually detecting them from his lower senses. The Sixth Dimension: This individual would be able to move objects in time and space. Time for him would not mean as much as for the other two previous dimensions, and his potential would be much greater than that of the previous dimension. This intelligence could be in the form of a fourth-dimensional being, or may be able to alter its form to something else. This intelligence would also be able to recreate three- and some four-dimensional objects. If a sixthdimensional being has a fish in his possession, he does not just have that fish in the fourth dimension; he also has the information that makes up that fish contained in the diehold. This intelligence could then reproduce that fish as many times as he wished. This does not mean he is creating; because in fact, he is only duplicating what already exists. This sixthdimensional being probably perceives most of his surroundings from the diehold and not from his lower senses. This does not mean that this being does not need third, fourth, and fifth-dimensional objects to survive. He probably uses them as reference points in those dimensions in order for him to know what his information is doing in the diehold. The Seventh Dimension: A planet. This may seem very strange, but if we are going to think logically, we must account for every47

thing we see in the universe as having a function. To continue this line of thought, a planet has much more potential than any of the previous four dimensions. Even from observing a planet from the fourth dimension, we know that the earth has many frequencies associated with it. A planet can be considered like a coil and a condenser containing billions of volts of electricity, some of which is discharged as lightening. The planet also has two types of fields. One is a gravitational field and the other is a magnetic field. It does seem logical to state that this entity perceives a great deal of its existence from the diehold. The Eighth Dimension: A star. This dimension was one of the easiest to figure out, because in existence there must be a stage of evolution where an existence can finally go back to where its information started. A star is the only thing in the universe that collapses upon itself when it becomes a black hole. When it becomes a black hole, what is happening is that its information is going to the first dimension, or back to the diehold. This process probably occurs when it has evolved so far and collected so much potential that it can pull in unlimited amounts of information from its surroundings in the diehold. This information we would perceive as a tremendous gravitational field. When the gravitational field (concentrated information) gets too great, the star can no longer exist in any other dimension but the first dimension. Afourth-dimensional existence may be the lowest level of intelligent information, and it is very short-lived; but it may be able to know the secret of existence faster than the higher dimensions. There are many trade-offs to be made in order to obtain certain goals. The reason a fourth-dimensional being could come to the truth faster is because he knows that when he performs an experiment, his mind does not have an effect on the outcome of the experiment. His conclusion would be that the results of his experiments were due entirely to the natural laws of science, not manipulated by him. Because of his helplessness in nature, he is rendered not much more than a spectator of existence. As you go higher up in the dimensions, an intelligence has a harder time delineating whether he is causing the effects or is merely observing them! Therefore, a trade-off is revealed. The greater your potential, the higher your dimension, and the longer it takes to come to the truth. This may be why certain objects exist longer in time than others, because they have to.

Propagation of Light Einstein called his theory “The Special Theory of Relativity,” because he recognized the fact that the speed of light, 2.9979 x 108 meters per second, is the constant of the universe and that nothing could go faster than light. There were other relativity theories at the time, so the word “special” identified Einstein‟s. He theorized that no matter how fast an object was going, if a beam of light was sent out from that object, the velocity of that light would be the same as for an object at rest. This idea was a departure from classical mechanics, which believed in the cumulative effect of velocities. Einstein had no explanation as to what light was at the time he formulated his theory. Multidimensional Reality Explanation We have no disagreement with Einstein‟s conclusion that light is the constant of the universe, but we do wish to state that the reason the speed of light is the fastest speed obtainable is because light is going at the speed of the tapehead across the information. This tapehead is transmitting all of existence (information) throughout the universe. Light will be explained in Chapter 5. Time In Physics Time to relativity is interrelated to the distance and velocity an object is going from Point “A” to Point “B.” The time vari es with the velocity of the object. Einstein envisioned time as a much more elastic unit of measure than was defined in classical mechanics. Multidimensional Reality Explanation We envision time much like Einstein did, when observed from the fourth dimension; but there is a much more important point to be made about time. We have all heard that it would take many years for intelligence from another solar system to travel to our planet. This does not even take into consideration the trip back. We have 49

all heard theories that these UFO‟s must use suspended animation for their space travelers. This system may work for solar systems that are 5 to 10 light years away, but what about solar systems that are 30,000 to 50,000 light years away? This seems like a tremendous distance, but it is still within our own galaxy. It is unlikely that a highly advanced civilization would engage in space travel that would mean that their astronauts wouldn‟t return within a relatively short period of time. This is because by the time these space travelers returned from a long journey, the purpose of their trip would have been long since forgotten or the information would no longer be needed. And this does not even take into consideration the separation of loved ones and the family problems that would arise. The question that must be asked is what is so special about time that you can make time and distance irrelevant? If we look at time the way Einstein envisioned it, man will never get out of his own backyard. These tremendous distances may be how God keeps unevolved beings from contaminating other planets and other solar systems. It is as though if we don‟t evolve to the truth of what existence is, we will never travel in time and space. This is what time is and how it‟s related to the diehold. Let‟s take two planets, A and B, (Figure 3.9) which are one light year away from each other. Now let‟s consider a spacecraft (S) traveling at 50 percent the speed of light (1.5 x 108 m/secs) from planet A to planet B. It will take that spacecraft two years of planet A‟s time to reach planet B. If we were in the spacecraft, it would take one year and 267 days. This is the accepted way of looking at time in relation to distance and speed. Using the Theory of Multidimensional Reality, this is how we would look at the same condition.

Figure 3.9 Description of space travel between planet “A” and planet “B”


Let‟s say we are looking at a small portion of recording tape which has the information of planet A, planet B, and also the information of the spacecraft, “S.” The line stretched perpendicular across the tape represents the head device transmitting all existence of the universe at the exact same moment in time. Step 0 represents the beginning of the journey. The straight line along the tape represents the position of “S” on the tape in its journey from A to B. Our observation now shows that time, in the first dimension, is the distance the tapehead has traveled across the information. To avoid the problem of time and distance, we would have to raise the potential of spacecraft “S” to a level where it could no longer exist in this dimension. When it reached this potential, it would be possible to move its information perpendicularly across the tape instead of along it. The result would be that no time would pass fo r spacecraft “S” traveling from A to B. There may be some proof of this idea of high potential. Many UFO sightings have been made all over the world and many have described various glowing lights around the surface of these UFOs. The color most mentioned is a blue hue. This blue hue around the UFO is definitely high voltage. Another proof of this idea is the many descriptions of radical turns performed at tremendous speeds. If these UFO‟s were entirely in this dimension, the laws of centrifugal force woul d be entirely valid for them. Since it is obvious that the effects of centrifugal force have no bearing on their space, we must come to the conclusion that they are moving in time and space. Measuring Rods and Clocks The effects of velocity on three-dimensional objects and clocks is probably the best known effect resulting from the Special Theory of Relativity. As an object increases its velocity toward the speed of light, its dimensions become smaller. The equation used to calculate the size difference is quite simple

Lengths of objects
Duration of time = t/

1- V2/C2


as measured by another clock at zero velocity. or. let us use the same velocities as the previous example. as measured by a clock with 0 velocity. in other words. If this rod was not moving at all in the fourth dimension. Let‟s use the example of a rod one meter long. Now let‟s say the velocity is increased to 200 million meters per second. At this velocity. Einstein only explained how this 52 . If the speed is increased to 298 million meters per second. the duration of one second is now 9.165 seconds long. If the velocity was further increased to 298 million meters per second. the one-meter rod would be 74.This is called the Lorentz transformations. it would be reduced in size to 74.9 centimeters long.5 centimeters long. The inverse happens with time. the time it measures slows down. it would be one meter long.5 percent of its original length. the rod is getting smaller as we approach the speed of light.342 seconds long. As the velocity of a clock increases. The outcome is that each second measured by that clock is actually 1. Wehave a clock moving through space at 200 million meters per second. To give an example of this. the one-meter rod would now be 10. As we can see.

it 53 . it is impossible to do it in the diehold. because it cannot go past the head device. let‟s say the speed of the object A‟ has been increased to 100 million meters per second. He never explained why velocity caused the phenomenon. The consequence of this is that one second measured on Object A‟ would actually be 1. Our conclusion is that velocity or speed is only an observational fact for the other dimensions. So that means that an object at absolute zero velocity in space is actually going (in the diehold) at the speed of light. Another way of saying it is that the ob ject‟s information is being modulated into existence at the speed of light. Remember that the head device is going at the speed of light transmitting the information of all existence. let‟s go to the illustration. then the result of our increased speed must be the stretching out of the information. Our reason for this is as the information of A‟is stretched out.10). and if Object A measured one meter long at rest. At Step 2.061 seconds long. To clarify this idea. we must go back to the tape analogy.075 percent greater as the size of the object became smaller. Object A has zero velocity in this dimension at Point 1.1 percent of its original modulation behind the head device.27 centimeters long. the mass of the object would also become 6. In Einstein‟s theory. Notice that Object A‟s information has been stretched to 106. it would now measure 94.phenomenon could be calculated and that velocity caused this effect. Multidimensional Reality Explanation To explain how this phenomenon occurs. In the diehold its information is being modulated even with the head devic e. The next conclusion we must come to is that if we increase our velocity in the fourth dimension and if we accept the idea that we cannot go faster in the diehold (the first dimension). This means that to increase its speed. (Figure 3.

10 Demonstrating the effects of velocity in the diehold takes up a greater domain of information on the tape. The result would be that the information for Object B would be stretched to 917 percent of its original modulation behind the tapehead. The mass of Object B would be 917 percent greater than at rest because Object B is occupying a much larger domain of information on the tape.9 percent of its original volume. This would be indicated by the fact that a clock placed on Object B would measure time 9. This greater amount of information increases the gravitational field around the object because a larger domain of information must be moculated in the same size area in this dimension.17 times slower than at rest. the velocity of B is 298 million meters per second. At position 2.HEAD DEVICE AT TWO CONSECU IVE MOMENTS IN TIME Figure 3. As 54 . This greater domain of information is represented by the shaded area in the diagram. This increased field will compress the size of the original object. The increased field (information) would in turn reduce the size of B to only 10. The end result is that the mass goes up and the volume goes down in the same proportion.

the field becomes greater because more information must be modulated in a smaller area. but we are doing it the hard way-this is because we are using mechanical energy from this dimension instead of using energy that is already in the diehold. this method of transportation is highly inefficient and wasteful. This in turn manifests itself by slowing down time for the object. Einstein said that matter is nothing more than concentrated areas of energy. To get Object B to this fantastic velocity. we are really adding potential to an object when we use mechanical methods of propulsion in this dimension. The implication is that we can obtain energy from matter. The formula for this law is probably the best known formula in science. Inertia of Energy Relativity-the most important principle developed from the Special Theory of Relativity is the proportionality of inertia and inertial mass. Therefore. We could more easily raise the potential of the object high enough and move the object in time and space using the diehold instead of going against it. 55 . squared. and the observation is wrong. the formula. as the velocity of A is increased A to A‟. This p rocess would continue until the object reaches just under the speed of light. the philosophy is wrong. In fact. The result of this fantastic speed is that the object is becoming a first-dimensional object. The meaning of this equation is: energy is equal to the inertial mass of an object times the speed of light. it would take an equally fantastic amount of energy. This principle is called the Law of Inertia of Energy.we can see. is wrong. E=mc2 . the area of domains of information for A‟ becomes greater because the signal is getting stretched out increasingly behind the head device. The increased gravitational field in turn reduces the volume of A‟ proportionally. In reality. The proof of his equation is generally accepted to be the atomic and hydrogen bombs. where time is irrelevant. that is. E=mc2. Multidimensional Reality Explanation To get right to the point. per our theory. It is returning to the information that made it up. Since the domains of information for A‟ are greater.

of course. produce a large answer. first of all. which would. billions of light years away. enabling the uranium to split into two more stable elements. In summary. The idea is to get a highly excited proton with a kinetic energy of 13 x 106 volts in order to penetrate the U235 nucleus. In this example. Current scientific theory continues by saying that the energy released is the result of the 56 . Another fact is the phantom-leaf effect of Kirlian photography. One is by using high voltage. The energy released is more than can be explained by this formula (astronomy chapter). it merely recognizes that it is. The other method is by using mechanical methods. high frequency. The only difficult part is its implementation. These elements usually form within the middle part of the periodic chart. which is less efficient. all this formula (E=mc2) produces is a very large number that can‟t be tested for its accuracy. It does not take into account the fact that matter has unique frequencies associated with it. Scientists have estimated that the binding energy inside U235 is equivalent to 5 x 106 electron volts. and that these frequencies result from its information. How come the atomic bomb works? The answer is. such as uranium isotope (U235) and raise its potential above what scientists call the fission barrier. an energy field is being produced from no matter (Kirlian photography chapter). So c2 was put in the formula. The basic principle is that we must take an unstable element. It does not explain why the speed of light is the constant of the universe. The atomic and hydrogen bombs use this latter method. One such result is the amount of energy being emitted by quasars. There is enough evidence today to show this formula is wrong in results and theory. that we must recognize that there are two ways of raising the potential of matter (three-dimensional objects).The first problem is that it assumes that everything from that reaction is happening in this dimension. Fission Reaction Relativity explanation-This type of reaction is used in the atomic bomb. This is the easiest way because we are using electrical potential that exists only in the diehold. It is theorized by physicists that the additional potential added by this proton is the energy that splits the U235 molecule into two more stable elements. The principle is rather simple.

We observe it as a tremendous amount of heat and light. This small area is the ultimate in vacuums. It has been correctly observed that the fission barrier of an element is greater (more difficult to obtain) from the lighter weight elements. but in reality. resulting from fission. it is then moved in time and space. is 2 x 108 electron volts. the energy we see is the result of information rushing in to fill up a void in our dimension. The argument for this point is that the atomic weight of U235 is greater than the combined atomic weights of the end products. In short. the diehold senses it and begins to fill up that area with great quantities of information. When the U235‟S potential has been sufficiently raised. It has been calculated that the equivalent voltage from one ounce of U235. They theorize that the difference in atomic weights is due to energy conversion. Multidimensional Reality Explanation What the scientists have described as causing a fission reaction is similar to our theory. the raising of the potential does not split the U235 What this extra voltage or potential does is raise the potential of U235 to a point where it can no longer exist in this time and space. the scientists are describing that they must take an unstable element and raise its potential mechanically by bombarding it with a proton possessing 13 million volts in order to cause this reaction. What is left in that space is an area in our dimension that has absolutely no information in it. Since the diehold cannot permit unstable areas to exist. In this case. We observe the explosion because the diehold cannot permit a tear or unstable part of the universe to exist. it is the information that is making up the elements that will be occupying that time and space. Once this tear develops in our dimension. Another interesting fact discovered by the physicists was that all elements with atomic weights greater than iron could be fission57 . it replaces the element U235 with the next most stable element or elements.splitting apart of the U235. In fact. it has been found that all elements heavier than iron are potentially able to undergo fission. First. but why the energy is observed in this dimension is totally different. But. it was two elements with medium atomic weights.

other isotopes of hydrogen are produced. 58 . we can take a highly accelerated proton possessing about 13 x 106 electron volts of potential and have it strike these deuterium atoms. The temperature that must be produced is 108 degrees C (21) forming what is called a plasma. A deuterium atom already has more potential than the average hydrogen atom. The scientists say that all the energy “released” by the hydrogen bomb is attributable to the atomic weight difference between two deuterium atoms and the final helium atom. The fusion reaction can be caused in a similar way as the fission reaction. Once the reaction starts. Fusion Relativity Explanation-Fusion is the result of two heavy hydrogen atoms being combined to form one helium atom. The fuel they would use is heavy So a spontaneous reaction is unlikely. and two atoms are able to combine to become one helium atom. That is. one neutron. thereby increasing the rate of collisions amongst themselves. What is theorized is that the potential of the deuterium is increased. The idea is to contain this plasma in a magnetic bottle for an extended period of time. The problem with bombarding heavy hydrogen with protons is that the protons lose too much energy in the distance traveled. thereby raising the temperature to as high as 300 million degrees. The problem they‟re having is producing a magnetic bottle to contain this fusion reaction. a heavy unstable hydrogen isotope possessing one proton. Because of this problem they had to apply kinetic energy (heat) amounting to at least 10 million degrees to start the fusion reaction. The initial tremendous heat is provided by a fission reaction within the hydrogen bomb. What is used is deuterium. Remember iron is the only element in the universe that can become a magnet. and an atomic weight of 2. and the probability of hitting a deuterium atom is very small because of its small size. (21) The higher the temperature. the greater the kinetic energy each hydrogen atom possesses. The deuterium atoms weigh more than the final helium atom. scientists hope to control this reaction and hope to build a fusion reactor. Since a fusion reaction releases so much energy. This tends to prove our point that the frequency for iron is very close to the carrier wave frequency.

As mentioned in the previous section. One of the first premises he made was “electrostatic. mag nostatic. since it gave all falling objects uniform acceleration. so it must fill up that empty space with other information.which is abundant and inexpensive. a fusion reaction is just like a fission reaction. and gravitational fields are all of different character. The potential of the hydrogen atom is increased so high that it can no longer exist in our time and space. he felt he had to incorporate the phenomena of inertia and attraction in one theory. the diehold will have to fill up that void with the next most stable element. The tremendous heat. light. that element being helium. Scientists cannot seem to make the magnetic field strong enough to contain the reaction. Since hydrogen is the lightest element. we could turn this entire planet into energy for that magnetic field and it still wouldn‟t be enough energy to prevent the diehold from filling up that space in time. The problem they are having is that they cannot sustain the fusion reaction for more than a few microseconds before the energy leaks out of the magnetic bottle. Multidimensional Reality Explanation Per our theory. In order for Einstein to come up with an acceptable theory for gravity. the method of raising the potential of hydrogen is a little different. The conclusion from our theory is that man will not be able to harness fusion power because he can never produce a magnetic bottle strong enough to prevent the diehold from rushing in information to fill up that space. Science knew that there was something very special about gravity. The General Theory of Relativity Einstein‟s General Theory of Relativity was the first serious attempt to explain gravity since Newton. regardless of mass. In fact. The kinetic energy should really be looked on as vast amounts of potential that are imparted to the hydrogen atoms. They 59 . the diehold cannot permit a tear or lack of information in our universe. and energy released from a fusion reaction is caused by this information rushing in to fill up that void in the universe.

is similar to a person standing 60 . he thought he was able to explain why all masses are equally attracted and accelerated to the center of a planet. If Einstein hadn‟t made the assumption that electromagnetism and gravity were separate phenomena. His equations attempted only to describe the effects of a magnetic field on the other objects. Using this matrix system. In order to proceed with his theory. which cannot be distinguished from one produced by gravitation. “Gravitational problems thus resolved into the general science of motion of a relativity theory of all motions. then he couldn‟t proceed in attempting to explain gravity as a function of intertial mass. As shown in the beginning of this chapter.” (6p48) By treating gravitation and acceleration as equivalent events. Einstein said. He had to develop another system of coordinates to express the effects on objects by a gravitational field. If a person is in this elevator traveling at a constant acceleration.11).do not mix. accelerated motion.” (3-p3l5) The system used Gaussian coordinates with geodetic lines to represent the curved space around the planet (Figure 3. This system of coordinates would have to “transform rectilinear uniform motion of inertia into a curved. the person cannot tell the difference between this downward force or a downward gravitational field. This acceleration. Each preserves its own individuality.” He came to this erroneous conclusion because he thought that Maxwell had explained what electromagnetism was and what caused a magnetic field.” (6 p55) A popular example used to prove Einstein‟s point that a gravitational field is really the e ffect of acceleration. Maxwell did nothing of the sort. regardless of the others. With this system of coordinates. “straight” and “curved” have less meaning than in classical mechanics. gravity was explained as being cuased by the forward velocity of objects circling a fixed center of a planet (Figure 3. This system of coordinates is very difficult to work with involves a highly complicated system of differential equations. He knew it was impossible to describe bar magnetism using his method and he should have realized that magnetism and gravity are the same phenomenon. produced by the revolution of all masses in the universe about the nonrotating body in question. “The centrifugal field around a rotating body can be interpreted as a gravitational field.12). both in bar magnetism and in electric current. is the example of an elevator not influenced by a gravitational field. he had to alter several assumptions made in his Special Theory of Relativity.

This is a very general explanation of his theory of gravitation. 1924) 61 . To quote their line of reasoning: “Common sense often has the tendency to lead us astray.11 Drawing of Gaussian coordinates on the earth. but further description and discussion of this improbable theory will not make it any more correct.V and U represents coordinates on a curved surface. The acceleration factor is curved downward toward the center of the earth.” (3-p346) (Max Born. you aren‟t alone. Figure 3. There are an infinite number of coordinates between V=l and V=2. The physicists who believed in relativity also knew it. but without this analogy. He has a forward velocity due to the rotation of the earth. There are much more detailed explanations in other physics books. If it does not seem to make any sense to you that acceleration is really what causes gravity. they knew that relativity would never explain the phenomenon of gravity.

Multidimensional Reality Explanation There are so many things wrong with the General Theory of Relativity caused by erroneous assumptions and explanations that go 62 . They also do not want you to evolve to the truth. their purpose for existing is no longer needed. be immediately on your guard.DIRECTION OF GRAVITATION FORCE Earth Figure 3. They don‟t want you to think because they do not want to take the chance that someone will prove them wrong.12 Gravity described as curvalinear acceleration If any man or group tells you not to use your own common sense or not to think. but to leave the thinking up to them. If you start to come to the truth by yourself.

The first table of measurements is from the voyage of Hr. we had to see if gravity was affected by the velocity of the object around the exis of the earth. we compared the gravity values for three different observational points on the earth (Figure 3. that it‟s better to start from scratch and explain what gravity really is. The other table is from the voyage of the Hr. Notice from both tables that the gravity changes quite a bit for such a slow velocity. Scientists measure the gravitational field of the earth in units called dynes. Ms. The force of attraction will observe the inverse square law developed by Newton. The system is called the Potsdam System. The same effect will also happen to light. via the Panama Canal. The first one was at Cape Perry. 63 . Ms. The tremendous amount of information that is being directed to make up the planet pushes or bends the information that makes up any object that comes close. One is the magnetic field (North and South Poles). To test this theory against Einstein‟s. from Holland to Sabang. This information modulates into mass 360‟ around a specific point in time and space. Canada (A) (approximately 70‟ 10‟north by 124‟ west) with a gravity value of 982. and the other is the earth‟s gravitational field. The gravity is caused by the information of the physical planet being modulated and directed 360‟ around a point in time and space. It seemed that the location on the earth had more to do with the gravity measurement than did the velocity of the ships. we compared the gravity values obtained by two submarine expeditions from Holland. The first thing that made Einstein‟s theory wrong was that he did not recognize that there are two fields associated with our planet. They use devices called gravity meters to measure the gravity strength in different and varied parts of the world. The actual gravitational field or force does not really happen in this dimension. Next.13). The planet occupies a great amount of domains of information in the diehold. K II. via the Suez Canal. KX III from Holland to Java. 1926. For this test. Any object that is within the vicinity of this planet will be “pushed” toward the center of this modulation point.633 dynes. (Dutch designation for their submarines) 1923. The first test used was to see if gravity changed for short distances at about the same elevation. or was the gravity due to our theory.back to Maxwell.

105 978.742 979.287 978.186 978.911 979.113 978.334 979.029 978.928 979.997 979.549 980.117 978.377 978.073 978.137 978.879 979.323 978.105 978.163 .442 979.428 979.545 979.Date 9/26 10/4 10/6 10/7 10/15 10/17 10/18 10/25 10/30 11/1 11/3 11/5 11/7 11/16 11/17 11/19 11/20 11/21 11/22 11/24 11/28 12/5 12/8 12/10 12/12 Location Holland Depth 25M 20M 25M Dynes 979.074 978.146 978.182 Tunis 2M 9m 15M Alexandria 2M 12M Suez 2M 15M 15M 15M Aden 2M 15M 15M 20M 20M 20M 20M 20M Colombo 2M 20M 15M 20M Sabang 2M Location of Observation Holland Horta Dynes 980.170 978.680 978.

000 978.435 978.Las Palmas Curacao Panama Mazatlan San Francisco Honolulu Guam Yap Manilla Amboina Banda Bima Surabaya 979.943 978.362 978.279 978.275 978.866 980.542 978.138 64 .183 978.390 978.247 978.479 978.

© 77‟ 53‟ south by 165‟ east with a gravity value of 982. (B) 56‟ south by approximately 81‟ west with a gravity value of 978.397 kilometers in circumference (velocity 65 .).1017 d ynes.Figure 3. The observation point at McMurdo Bay was 8.13 Comparison of the gravity values at the poles and the equator The next location was Manta. Ecuador. Antarctica. The circumference covered by the observation point at Cape Perry was 13.9890 dynes.739 kilometers (velocity equalling 159M/sec. if Einstein‟s theory was correct. The third observational point was McMurdo Bay. The difference in gravity values between the North Pole and the equator or the South Pole and the equator should then be due to their velocity around the axis or their velocity around its neighboring space.

Geomagnetism This section is one of the most important in this book because it gives us our first major clue as to what happened on the earth many thousands of years ago and what will happen again. Even velocity at a higher altitude. The resultc would. Description of the Earth’s Magnetic Field Traditional Theory-It may appear that the earth‟s magnetic field is caused in the same manner as a bar magnet. thereby causing a greater gravity.000 kilometers (velocity equalling 463M/sec. This section also gives us the first major evidence that there is a plan and order in the universe. as at Ipeales. The gravitational effect is due entirely to the information that makes up this planet. at 977. In fact.equalling 97M/sec. are due to the changes in the modulation intensity of the information. But scientists know 66 . Nirine.). This additional information results in a greater “pushing” of any other information that is in its path. as much as . still be negligible.035 dynes. if we considered the combined velocities of the object around the earth and its velocity around the sun (29. elevation 9. and finally.680‟. we found that these velocities caused a negligible difference in their weights. The reason gravity is stronger at the magnetic poles is because the carrier wave frequency along with the information that makes up other controlling frequencies of the earth is also being directed to those areas. The biggest deciding factors were the amount of mass under the gravity meter and the distance from the magnetic poles of the earth. Chile (52‟ north.2532 dynes) did not have an appreciable effect on the gravitational weight. The question is: is the gravitational difference between the pole area and the equator due to their velocity differences and centrifugal force? Using Einstein‟s formula. T he daily fluctuations in gravity.). the observational point on the equator was approximately 40.).785M/sec. The gravity differences between the equator and the pole areas is about five dynes. This large difference is not due to the object‟s velocity in this dimension.

This point we theorize is near the center of the earth. 67‟ south. The conclusion from this. It is not necessary that this modulation point be exactly in the center of the earth. Multidimensional Reality Explanation The first question that must be answered is what causes the heat in the core of the earth. South Pole.6 billion years ago.900 Km thick mantle. they came up with the dynamo theory. This mantle insulates the outer and inner core from heat loss. Since the planet is certainly made up of all the elements that are in the periodic table (92 natural elements). (16) What is assumed is that the earth gradually cooled down forming a 2. (9-p207) One of the problems with this theory is that they can‟t explain the source of the heat necessary and the process operating th e geodynamo. As discussed earlier. 143‟ east. each element in the universe has its own specific frequency. This information modulates to a specific point in time and space. Per our theory. the earth is formed by the modulation of a tremendous amount of information that makes up the planet. It is more probable that the earth would have cooled down several billion years ago and would not possess nearly the amount of heat potential that it now has. 101‟ west. is that the earth must have some sort of heat generating system in the center that is also related to its magnetic field. The magnetic fields produced from this dynamo would have to be directly opposite each other. One reason is because all velocity fields that form toroidal fields cannot act as a dynamo. (16-plll) Instead.14). approximately). The problem with this theory is that we don‟t believe the mantle of the earth could have acted as such a good in sulator for so many billions of years.that the core of the earth is too hot to permit the existence of magnetized rock. 75‟ north. But the magnetic poles of the earth are about a thousand miles closer together (North Pole. (9-p207) We would also add that it could not be this type of dynamo because we must assume that the core and the liquid outer core are perfectly centered in the earth‟s interior (Figure 3. The traditional idea is that the earth was a molten mass some 4. which theorizes that the magnetic field is generated by convective motions in the liquid outer core of the earth. the vector modulation points of all these elements would be directed toward 67 .

information can only progress one stage at a time. If we say the information that makes up these elements exists in a structure functioning like a computer. In computers. In addition to clock frequencies there would also have to be synchronizer frequencies.Figure 3. timing sequence mix-ups. and transient voltages. The second advantage is that everything in the computer happens at about the same time. Along with the frequencies of the elements would be other clocking and synchronizing frequencies.14 Diagram of the interior of the earth one finite area in the core. synchronizers are used to 68 . Instead. this computer would have to have clocked and synchronous logic systems in it. thereby eliminating race conditions. This idea is a very important one in terms of existence. The advantages of a clocked logic is that unchecked bits of information cannot run wildly through the circuit.

As discussed earlier in the section on generators. Charged particles are repelled at high velocity to the surrounding glass globe where the particles lose their charge. (15-p2l0) These different types of signals would be a much lower frequency than the information that makes up the elements. They are then repelled back at an equally high velocity striking the button in the center. 69 . thereby vaporizing the carbon into gas more quickly. high frequency current which charges the carbon button. thereby causing the carbon button to become heated to incandescence. The heat comes about because this modulation point acts like a filament in an incandescent bulb.15). clocking. In such a bulb. All these collective frequencies are being directed toward the center modulation point. The magnetic field. This process occurs millions of times per second. the temperature is in turn increased.align random outside wired commands and to get them to fit an exact time slot in a timing system. Along with synchronizer pulses there would also be resynchronizer pulses. Then 90‟ out of phase is the potential produced by the changing field. It is unknown how many different clock and synchronizing frequencies there are in our existence. therefore. tremendous temperatures are created. Resynchronizer pulses would eliminate propagation delays of the information along with random voltage swings. (20) Relating this invention to the core is not too difficult. The process is exactly like Nikola Tesla‟s incandescent-button lamp (Figure 3. If the current is increased. is not related to any of the elements but acts as a resynchronizing frequency. The potential produced by all this information produces the tremendous heat and a tremendous amount of voltage in the center. as the information of an object is modulating into our existence. In this bulb. (15-p207) This timing system could be related to the number of electrons formed in one second. The modulation point is like the carbon button. and other synchronizing frequencies are what we see as the magnetic field of the earth. but unlike the lamp. for one small moment of time just magnetic information is present. The carrier wave. but there is a great deal of proof that they do indeed exist. rising and falling in amplitude and changing polarity. also resynchronizing all bits of information to fit into the timing system of the computer. The energy comes about from the modulation of all these frequencies. the modulation point is not physically connected to any outside energy source. a carbon button is supplied with high voltage.

which is 2.080 kilometers thick. Therefore.780 kilometers. massive core but a super-heated.Figure 3. which in turn heat the surface of the outer core. dense 70 . starts emitting highly electrically charged particles. These particles then reverse their charge and direction heading back to the modulation point at tremendous velocities.15 Diagram of Nikola Tesla’s button lamp This modulation point. which in turn heats up the area called the outer core. our conclusion is that the center of the earth is not a solid. just like the carbon button. The diameter of the inner core is 2.

The obvious problem with this theory is: how do we explain the heat necessary to produce a liquid outer core. (16-p92) The way seismologists interpret these seismic velocities is that the reason why the P waves slow down when they reach the outer core is because the outer core is a fluid and does not transmit wave motion as fast as solids. more consistent material than the outer core. The reason the P waves start traveling faster in the inner core is because a gas plasma.16) During an earthquake. The reason why the P waves increase as they go toward the center is because the center again becomes a solid core.5 kilometers per second. which is of a harder. the seismic waves travel at different velocities and at different angles depending on the medium the waves pass through. There are two kinds of waves produced by an earthquake. synchronizing. The P wave travels faster than the S wave. the seismic waves that pass through each distinct layer of the earth are deflected in unique waves. but there is enough seismic evidence that the core is indeed not solid. The P wave. ranging from the information that makes up the different elements to various clocking. thereby indicating the difference in composition between the mantle. As illustrated. travels increasingly faster to a velocity of about 14 kilometers a second when it gets to the lower region of the mantle. The proof is the following: (Figure 3. it slows down to about 7. if the center is as cool as the mantle? It is much more logical to assume that the heat continues to get greater until it reaches its maximum in the center. The magnetic field is present without the necessity of any physical matter to be present. and that is why the P waves increase in velocity toward the center. under tremendous pressure. It may seem rather absurd that the center of the earth is not a solid core. the velocity of the S waves abruptly stop at the edge of the outer core. When it reaches the outer core. on the other hand. perhaps. which is generally accepted to be quite liquid. beyond our understanding. Our conclusion is that the earth‟s magnetic field is caused by a variety of frequencies which control the potential at the center. frequencies. and resynchronizing frequencies too numerous to comprehend and. As shown by the diagram. transmits wave motions as well as solids. the primary wave (P wave) and the secondary wave (S wave). 71 . The heat is produced by the modulation of many frequencies.gas plasma. then increases again in velocity to about 11 kilometers per second. This plasma possesses a tremendous amount of untapped potential.

16 Diagram of seismic waves passing through the earth 72 .E is the location of an earthquake in the crust of the earth. Figure 3. A-D is the paths of the seismic waves through the earth.

17) The D. which raises the ionization of these layers. except at the polar regions. (Figure 3.17 Diagram of the ionosphere The only other factor that affects the ionosphere is the sun spots. 73 . E. you can observe lightwaves in the tube of the bulb changing distance between peaks as the frequency of the cathode is changed. The reason there are multiple layers is similar to group waves produced by certain types of flourescent bulbs. (Figure 3. Fl. and F2 layers are ionized layers in the atmosphere. It is unknown what causes these layers. They are at the same altitude throughout the entire world.18) Under certain conditions. Figure 3. We theorize that the cause of these layers is the modulation of the frequencies that make up the planet. Each layer is capable of reflecting various radio signals back to the earth.Evidence of Synchronizing and Resynchronizing Frequencies Ionosphere-The ionosphere is divided into four general layers. The reflection properties depend on the level of ionization of each layer. Their best known function is radio transmission.

E. Scientists do not know what causes these low-electromagnetic frequencies. and the strongest part of this magnetosphere is exactly perpendicular to the magnetic field.18. and 3 could be considered like the D. These fluctuations are represented by Lines A and B of Figure 3.18 Drawing of group waves These sinusoidal light waves are called wave groups. and at other intervals they cancel each other out. They are caused when two or more slightly different frequencies are moving in the same direction. Sometimes their frequencies are in phase and sometimes they are not. We theorize these ionospheric layers are caused in a similar manner.3 to 7. They are so strong in some areas that any space vehicle passing through them can receive only those frequencies.18. The earth can be considered like the cathode. (17) What causes these low electromagnetic 74 . ranging from 2‟ north to 2‟ south. To us these wave groups would not form exactly as in the tube.19). and F layers in our ionosphere. As you can see by the illustration. These layers modulate at specific distances from the surface. The layer above the ionosphere is called the plasmasphere (Figure 3. as illustrated in Figure 3. the magnetosphere is also formed perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field. It has a frequency equal to the difference of the other frequencies present. In this layer many low-frequency electromagnetic waves have been detected. Another observation of wave groups is that even in a disruptive medium. These frequencies range from . 2. the electric field is formed perpendicular to the magnetic field.5 Mhz.Figure 3. but instead wave groups 1. Each large bulge is called the beat wave. The maximum strength of these frequencies is found along the magnetic equator of the earth. the wave groups are formed uniformly all over earth except in the polar regions. (16 -p1O3) If you remember the discussion on current flowing through a wire. the wave groups are propagated over a considerable distance as a recognizable unit. The result is that at certain intervals the individual frequencies amplify themselves. (11-p937) Since the earth is not exactly like the flat plate of a cathode.

synchronizing. In some regions of the magnetosphere. these frequencies reach almost 100 percent of any of the signals heard in their vicinity. The ELF and VLF noises have variable band widths and center frequencies and have not been extensively measured.frequencies are the clocking.19 Diagram of the Van Allen belts 75 . The ELF noise or hiss is usually several hundred hertz wide and occurs below a 1000 hertz. Again we see the same similarity of an electric current passing through a wire Figure 3. the LHR hiss are waves linearly polarized along the magnetic field. (17. there are other even more interesting frequencies detected. No scientist knows what causes them nor how they are propagated. and resynchronizing frequencies that control the information that makes up the planet. and LHR (Lower Hybrid Resonance) noise. In addition to the previous frequencies mentioned. or discrete emissions. VLF (Very Low Frequency) hiss. which means that they are propagated perpendicular to the magnetic field. 18) These are ELF (Extra Low Frequency) hiss and chorus.

at 4:00 a. (17) This hiss or noise from these three different types of frequencies is the function of the information directed toward the modulation point in the center of the earth.) there is now more information being directed toward the North Pole.20). This would include the information for all the elements that are on the earth. 76 . One of the most interesting listed below is the daily fluctuations (Figure 3. (19) This fluctuation of the magnetic field is due to the field being influenced by a synchronizing frequency. It plainly shows that the North Pole is 180‟ out of phase with the South Pole. The reason it sounds like a hiss or noise is because there are literally hundreds of different frequencies bundled together in a relatively narrow bandwidth.m. The graphs included below show some of these magnetic fluctuations. All these frequencies heard in the upper atmosphere are a function of the information that makes up this planet..3 to 100 Khz. At 12. At 17:00 (i. 5 p. 5-year cycles. yearly.m. the information is of equal intensity. The lengths of some of these fluctuations have been daily. No scientist has yet explained why this wave form exists. This sine wave turns out to be a very important observation. The Y‟ represents an east-west direction.where the magnetic field appears perpendicular to the flow of current. and 11-year cycles (Figure 3. and the Z‟ represents the vertical direction. The Z‟ column proves our theory. Magnetic Flucturations Scientists have been monitoring the daily and seasonal magnetic fluctuations on the earth. These magnetic fluctuations have been found at various wave lengths. The wave lengths detected have usually been longer than the electromagnetic waves recorded in the ionosphere. You will notice that they all take on the form of a sine wave. and the bottom represents the South Pole. A variety of frequencies can be found from . This is why: The top of the graph represents the North Pole.e. the X‟ represents the magnetic field taken in a northerly direction.21). noon. The reason we hear them grouped at different frequencies is because we are hearing various harmonics of the original frequencies. As you can see. there is more information being directed toward the South Pole. On the chart.

sun -spot minimum (1912-14. yearly and five year cycles of the magnetic fields of the earth Polar Reversals A polar reversal is when the magnetic field of the earth reverses itself so the north magnetic pole is where the south magnetic pole 77 .Monthly mean departures from annual means. 1927-29) years (geomagnetic latitudes indicated in parentheses) Successive overlapping five-year averages of monthly mean departures from annual means Figure 3.20 Monthly. 1922-24) and maximum (1916-18. geomagnetic compomponent AX‟.

their geodynamo theory is incorrect. Geophysicists have been completely stymied in understanding why the poles of the earth have reversed themselves at certain times in the past. 1922-33 *Note particularly that scales for graphs in auroral regions are different than for others Figure 3. Many scientists believe this reversal phenomenon is related to their theory of a geodynamo. 78 .Disturbance daily variation on disturbed days (SD). As shown in the previous section. in various geomagnetic latitudes. August. geomagnetic components.21 Daily variations in the magnetic intensity was and vice-versa.

This moment in time is lit erally the most important time in man‟s evolution. and this resynchronizing frequency is produced by the diehold to eliminate all random noise. whose half cycle is about 12. This is because the information for all existence is in the diehold. When this frequency reaches the X axis (Figure 3. Figure 3. The remainder of this chapter will be devoted to some of the effects that have happened and will happen on the planet when this “flip-flop” occurs. The following is the proof for this assumption.22 Graph of the 12. At this point. resynchronizing frequency. The effect at this special time to other parts of the universe will be discussed in the chapter on astronomy. We theorize it is about 12. rippled delays. something very important happens to this planet and in turn to man on it.22). This moment in time happens all over the universe at exactly the same time.000 year cycles The first assumption that must be proved is how many years are between these cycles. Scientists determine the direction of the magnetic polarity by examining the magnetic residue left in magnetized rocks and sediments. 79 . and other imperfections in the signal propagation.The polar reversals are caused by a very long period.000 years. there is no magnetic field on the earth.000 years.

They rely heavily on the data obtained from the amount of sediment obtained between reversals. (10-p242) Variations in the rate of sedimentation.000-year reversals is to see if there is any evidence of a reversal 12. There is plenty! Core samples from the Gulf of Mexico.000 years is very difficult because the magnetic artifact is below the level of experimental noise. It has been found that this linear relationship exists all over the world on the ocean floors. 19-p378) In summary. The results from these lava-flows clearly indicate the polar reversals have occured in equal time intervals. and New Zealand have been found to have large-scale magnetic fluctuations dating from about 12.000 years ago. this assumption is inaccurate. noise due to stratigraphic gaps.500 kilometers perpendicular with the ocean ridge. Dating sediments for periods shorter than 30. let‟s look at the method of dating. Evidence The next step in proving the possibility of 12. The lava-flows from the South Atlantic Ocean ridge have been studied for a distance of 1. They assume that certain sediments and volcanic spreading are deposited evenly over the time between reversals. but this is due to the problems they have obtaining short interval estimates . Northern and Central Europe. It merely says that it is very difficult to detect them. (10) These estimates are considerably longer than ours. (16-pl48-9) Another study using potassium argon techniques for dating volcanic sediments also indicates that all polar reversals were of nearly equal lengths.000 years to one million. authigenic chemical changes in the ferromagnetic minerals. none of the above evidence rules out the occurrence of short-term reversals.First. First. What does happen is that there is more sediment and volcanic activity during the reversal time than during the period between reversals. As we will show later. and the effects by organisms have also made dating short events very difficult. so shorter periods have not been conclusively resolved using magnetic profiles. (10-p243. Eastern Canada. (10) The estimate as to the length of time between reversals vary from 100.500 80 . we must see if there is a linear relationship between these reversal periods.

The 24.000 years and 38. Lake Michigan Sediments It has been determined by carbon-14 dating that the sediment deposited by the last ice age is 11.000 year-dates were the only ones that could be correlated as a world-wide fluctuation. (13-p48) Besides this date.years ago. which is the time of the last ice age.900C14 years old. It was also found that this till was deposited 81 .000 years old. England A magnetic fluctuation has been found at the base of the lake sediments.40.000 . known as the Port Stanley Till. (11-p538) Wisconsin The Valderan Till by Lake Michigan also indicates the same magnetic fluctuation as the above example.25.400 years ±2. (11p533) Lake Windermere. is about 11.000 years.500 years old.000 .25. The core samples indicate a polar reversal and a westward polar movement to its present location.140 and 12.000 years have also been indicated. The Valderan Till has been dated to be between 11. (13-p49) We can plainly see that the above dates are multiples of 12. (11-p531) At the bottom of this sediment is the base of a Lake Michigan formation. The generally accepted date is 11. (11-p531) Lake Erie The glacial deposits on the north shore of Lake Erie have been examined along a distance of 100 kilometers.500C14 years old.800 years. The magnetic evidence at the base indicates a polar reversal and a westward shift in the magnetic pole.000 . The magnetic data also indicates a westwardly shift in the magnetic pole. (12-pl4l-3) The age of this glacial till. The date of these sediments is believed to be 15. intervals of 24.

This is because they don‟t know what magnetism or gravity is. (12-pl43) Northwestern Shore of Lake Ontario Near Toronto.2 E.7). (±8. It also found. with a 99 percent confidence. 233) Many of the test holes from the Lake Windermere location indicate the previous polar location to be in about the same area. (11-p538) The Reversal Period Geophysicists cannot seem to understand why the magnetic poles would reverse themselves. The reason the magnetic pole shifts to the west is because the rotation of the earth is dependent on the magnetic field of the earth. longitude 78.7 N. The last unanswered phenomenon is: why do the magnetic poles of the earth wander or wobble? It has been theorized that it takes a decade for this process to happen.8 E. so they would have no idea that the field reverses itself because of something that happens in another dimension. As the reversal period approaches. Canada. (14 pg l. (12-pl41) The till near Ontario. The remnant magnetization indicated a polar reversal just before the last ice age. We will explain in the chapter on astronomy what causes the ice age and why it occurs after a polar reversal. more than 300 test cores were taken in the glacial sediments. (9) The Port Stanley Till in Ontario indicates that the magnetic North Pole was previously located at a latitude of 74. with a 99 percent confidence.. (±13. longitude 83. ±200). There is a 95 percent confidence rate that the pole was located within a radius of 800 kilometers of this point. indicates a location of latitude 71.8 N.700 years ago and preceded the sediments left from the last ice age. (14-pl233-6) The previous examples are excellent evidence that a polar reversal occurred about 11. Canada. that there was a westwardly polar movement to its present position. the magnetic field begins to collapse quite rapidly and the rotation begins to slow 82 .over a much shorter period of time than previously assumed (300 years.6).

It has been estimated that the magnetic field amounts to only about two percent of the force holding the continental plates in place. When this condition happens. E. the jet stream will be repelled from the ionosphere down toward the earth. As the magnetic field is collapsing. which would be considered negatively charged. the earth‟s ionosphere. This condition would be caused when the upper atmospheric layers (D. As the mantle heats up. the jet stream could be lowered to sea level. A. it will cause many more earthquakes and volcanoes. the potential at the inner core will start to increase. but even if it is only two percent. (16-pl03) Personally. After the X axes has been crossed. A similar process would be occuring in the center of the earth. the capacitor releases its potential. The jet stream moving at great velocities would also acquire the same sign charge (the same positive charge). it may be enough to 83 . During this period of time. If we take into consideration the location of the last magnetic North pole we would conclude the period of time of continued rotation is about half a day before the earths rotation completely stops. during this period the rotation rate lags the magnetic decay by some time. it can also move vertically. the jet streams in the upper atmosphere would change direction by many thousands of miles. As the magnetic field collapses. This means that the jet stream could come down to a few thousand feet above the surface of the earth. B. we feel it is greater than this. It is possible that as the ionosphere becomes charged to its maximum. The increased earthquake activity is additionally caused by the decreasing magnetic field of the earth. and F layers) become overcharged with an excess of electrons. and Van Allen belts will become super -charged with potential. (22) When the X axes is crossed and zero field is obtained the earth continues to rotate for a short period of time. Years before the reversal occurs. As the potential increases. This is because these upper layers are like a capacitor that has been charged up due to the magnetic field. However. In addition to the jet stream moving horizontally in its plane. plasmasphere.down.23) it will be converted into additional heat that will be transferred through the mantle of the earth. the earth would slowly begin to rotate in the opposite direction. (Figure 3. It is important to the subject that we describe what happens when a polar reversal occurs.

M = Magnetic field strength E = Electrical potential in the center of the earth Figure 3. D. If the mantle pressure changes under a large land mass. We can view At this charge as being infinite for all practical purposes. the plates are under greater influences of the increasing convection currents of lava in the mantle. As the magnetic field diminishes. This release would be in the form of a tremendous lightning storm lasting the duration of the reversal. that continent could rise or fall.prevent a plate from moving.000 year cycles with the potential created by the collapsing field C. When the actual zero magnetism point is reached (the reversal). there will be a release of all the tremendous potential stored up in the ionosphere and the layers above. This lightning storm would be like nothing we have seen before.23 Graph of the 12. The inner core would also release a tremendous spike of potential that would probably also turn the outer core into a gas plasma carrying an electric charge many millions of times greater than the atmosphere. This could have been the process that caused the continent of Atlantis to sink. On the surface of the earth there 84 .

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Light is the demodulated information of an element passing us at the speed of approximately 3 x 108 meters/sec. Less energy is necessary to overcome the binding force on the surface of the metal than in its interior. In summary. The electrons were held in place by magnetic forces. with sufficient energy levels. The quantum theory is not considered perfect because it cannot explain the phenomenon of interference lines and defraction spectrum formed by a prism. The momentum of each photon is equal to Planck‟s constant times the frequency. It was found that the electrons “freed” had a constant velocity. they have the greatest amount of kinetic energy. each photon having a certain amount of energy depending on its frequency (color). this theory is the only one that can logically explain all the observable phenomena of light. The information is in turn trans90 . This is when electrons are produced from a metal when light strikes it. The first and most important question to be asked is what is light? The answer is simple when analyzed using our theory. Einstein-Planck‟s theory considers light as particles called photons. The quantity of energy needed to release an electron varies from element to element. It was found through experimentation that the intensity of light has little to do with the velocity of the electrons “produced. it is imparted to the electron as kinetic energy. Einstein theorized that each element had a given number of electrons. Planck‟s conclusion was that solid matter can only radiate quantums of energy in the form of light. When light.” rather it was in direct proportion to the frequency of the light. Multidimensional Reality Explanation As far as we can see. Einstein added to Planck‟s conclusion by trying to explain the photoelectric effect. If there is any excess energy left over.quency of radiation. The surface electrons receive the greatest amount of energy. divided by the speed of light (h f/c). Maxwell‟s electromagnetic theory of light was able to explain those phenomena but could not explain the photoelectric effect. therefore. the energy overcomes the attractive forces holding the electrons to the atom. The reason it travels at this “speed” is because the head device is passing over the information that makes up the elements at that particular speed. strikes the element.

it gives off no light. First let‟s consider a stable element like sodium. In other words.1 The light spectral line series’s of sodium 91 . The device used to separate the incoherent light is called a prism. We use this example merely to simplify the explanation. The sodium atom has its own group of frequencies that make it up.). When enough potential is added and these higher harmonic frequencies are produced in the visible light spectrum.000 cycles per sec. We are able to separate this incoherent light into its unique spectral lines (frequencies). Figure 4. we see the sodium as incoherent light (white light).000. and the phenomenon is called dispersion. This is not to say that the potential follows a linear relationship. Each series of frequencies is produced by additional potential. This could amount to ten or more frequencies bundled together.mitted and modulated into our dimensional existence at the rate of approximately 3 x 108 meters/sec. as potential is added. the sodium frequencies start to produce higher harmonics of its information (Figures 4.500 GHz (1. The power function might very well follow an exponential function. several frequencies that make up the physical information of sodium. When no potential is added to sodium. This is how light is produced. These frequencies include a carrier wave frequency.1 and 4.2). and some clocking and synchronizing frequencies. Let‟s say these frequencies normally modulate at 1.500. series six needs six times more potential than series one.000.

This means that the violet colors are bent more than the red colors.Figure 4. The problem is that scientists never explain what is so unique about the wave lengths. We now refer you back to the tape analogy. the potential of the frequency increases. When light is passed through the prism at an angle to the surface. The speed of light slows down when it enters the prism. Each element in the universe has its own unique spectral frequency lines. This velocity-decrease is directly related to the refractive index of the materials of which the prism is made. and the decrease in velocity are directly related.3) the incoherent light is immediately divided into separate color (frequency) lines.2 Higher harmonic frequencies of a element The Phenomena of a Prism Aprism can be made of any clear hard material. In fact. The traditional explanation for dispersion is that short wave lengths are bent more than longer wave lengths of light. First you must realize that the white incoherent light you direct toward the prism represents the information of one or more elements. dispersion. The phenomena of defraction. Denser elements have higher refractive indexes than do less dense elements (Figure 4. light slows down when it passes through anything denser than a vacuum. but our‟s is the only theory that can explain it logically. Another phenomenon happens at this time. When you raise the potential of an element high enough (in the light spectrum 92 . The reason why the light bends and dispersion appears is the most difficult concept to be explained in this book. (Figure 4. This is called dispersion. The next important point to remember is that as the wave length becomes smaller.4).

That bit of information is no longer in this dimension. To us it appears that the light is traveling faster. whereas the velocity of our information being modulated is 3 x 108 meters/sec.Figure 4. but in reality it is stopped. It is back in the first dimension as a small domain of information on the tape. The gravitational field is really 93 . you have actually caused some of the information of that element not to exist (demodulate) in this time and space. We see it as light. The reason why the light bends (refraction) in a prism is exactly the same reason why it bends and appears to slow down while passing through a strong gravitational field.3 Two examples of dispersion and above). Its velocity on the tape is zero. we are the ones that are moving faster on the tape.

The reason why the velocity changes is because the modulation velocity of the prism is at 3 x 108 meters/sec. the light resumes its zero velocity. and the modulation velocity of the light is 0. 94 .Example of refraction. Angle B is different for each element used. B is the angle of refraction. the light appears to speed up. The result is that the information of the light increases its velocity slightly by being “pushed” or affected by the much denser information of the prism. A is the angle of incidence. a gravitational field does not have an immediate effect on the light beam but rather its force follows the inverse square law. This is much different from the effect in a strong gravitational field because the light is not just passing through concentrations of information but is literally passing through the domains of information of the prism in the diehold.5).4 Diagram showing refraction and reflection strong concentrations of information going to a planet or a star. The immediate dispersion of the light when it enters the prism is due to the different energy levels of the frequencies of the light. as exemplified by its shape in this dimension. The result is that the light beam gradually curves in. Figure 4. When the light beam enters the prism. Once the light beam passes through the domains of information of the prism. Usually this gravitational field is not as strong as the modulated information of a prism. To us in this dimension. Also. toward the modulation point of the gravitational field (see Figure 4.. it‟s immediately bent and changes velocity.

which is the result of a greater amount of information than the infrared end of the spectrum. The E and H waves are said to oscillate in phase.6) As mentioned in that chapter. If it possesses a greater mass and gravitational field. This analogy holds equally true for much lower levels of wave form energies. then it will be more attracted to the domains of the prism. Maxwell. like microwave. That means that E and H both reach maximum value at the same time.5 Diagram of a light beam passing a gravitational source Electromagnetic Properties of Light Traditional Theory-The electromagnetic theory of light was first introduced by James C. 95 . This is why the violet light is bent in more toward the prism than the red light.7). so you can look at it as possessing a greater mass. possessing much more potential than the infrared or red colors. It possesses a great deal more potential than the infrared. Figure 4. (Figure 4. The analogy for the bending and the potential is exactly like the example of the effects on measuring rods and clocks as described in Chapter 3.3.the violet and ultraviolet colors. similar to the lower frequency. An equivalent statement can be made for an ultraviolet domain of information (color). the microwave information would pass straight through the prism more or less undeflected by the information of the prism. Using Figure 4. the energy necessary to accelerate an object is equivalent to saying that the object has that much more potential. electromagnetic waves (Figure 4. The electrostatic field vector (E) and the magnetic field vector (H) that make up the wave are perpendicular to each other and to the direction of the wave. He theorized that light was like transverse waves.

Figure 4.6 A visualization of dispersion in the diehold E = electrostatic field vector H = magnetic field vector The diagrams show that E and H are pulsing in phase with each other.7 “Traditional” diagram of the electromagnetic waves of light Multidimensional Reality Explanation We agree with Maxwell‟s concept of light being an electromagnetic wave except for one point.Figure 4. The idea that the E and H wave pulsate 96 .

The crystal is said to be vertically polarized if the magnetic information is lined up horizontally.8 MDR diagram of the electromagnetic waves of light Polarization of Light Incoherent light can be polarized if it is passed through perpendicular to the surface of a phase is incorrect because it goes against all observations in electronics. Figure 4. As the randomly polarized light strikes the surface of the crystal. from the back electromotive force in a coil. The light will pass along only the same plane of direction as the electrical field.8) the magnetic information must be present before the information of the electrostatic field. to the fact that a current lags the magnetic field by 90‟ out of phase. 97 . any light waves that are not vertically polarized will be absorbed by the magnetic information of the crystal. To look at it logically.9). The two parts of the information for the crystal are lined up perpendicular to themselves (Figure 4. The electrical field is 90‟ out of phase from the magnetic information. We perceive these oscillations as happening simultaneously only because the frequency at which it is oscillating is too rapid for our detection. (Figure 4.

The interference lines appear as light and dark fringes of light near the edges. Ultraviolet Light The human eye can only detect light waves between 7. Interference Lines This phenomenon occurs when an incoherent light is passed through a very narrow slit. The traditional theory explains this phenomenon by saying that half of the light wave is being distorted. the light is bent in the same manner as the effects previously mentioned in prisms. The visible light rays cover only a small 98 . therefore. As light passes through this plane. or modulation zone.600 angstrom units (A) on the red end of the spectrum to about 3.130 A at the ultraviolet end. at the edge of any surface is where the maximum modulation area is to be found. Multidimensional Reality Explanation The reason the interference lines appear when they pass near the edge of any object is because. as mentioned in Chapter 3. the greatest amounts of surface potential will be located along this plane. the other directional wave lengths are cancelled out because their signals are being grounded out. The most fascinating part of the light spectrum is the ultraviolet end.Figure 4.9 Polarization of light In conclusion.

Each element will give off its own distinct color frequency. more energetic frequencies of ultraviolet light. In addition to ultraviolet light causing this effect. rubies. kunzite. The reason for this effect is that the ultraviolet has so much potential along a broad band of frequencies that some of those frequencies are bound to be higher energy level harmonic frequencies of the element. x-ray radiation can also produce it. Multidimensional Reality Explanation Fluorescence can be produced in three different ways. it instantly glows. phosphorus. Some of the elements that phosphoresce are some diamonds (carbon). Some of the elements and minerals that will exhibit fluorescence are fluorite. some diamonds. willemite. and calcite. The glowing stops when the exposure to the higher frequency light stops. The first and second methods will produce the effect but will take much longer compared to the ultraviolet light. When ultraviolet light strikes a fluorescent material. 99 . One is by low-frequency electric discharge. the second by heat from the infrared spectrum or from the higher. This illumination could continue for a considerable time after. Fluorescence Fluorescence is the phenomenon of a substance giving off a particular color (frequency) when it is exposed to a higher frequency color. Phosphorescence Phosphorescence is like fluorescence except that the illumination of light continues after the higher wave length light is turned off. but the ultraviolet spectrum covers 100-fold in wave lengths.portion of the light spectrum (2-fold of wave lengths). There is no traditional explanation for this phenomenon. (1-p4) This part of the light spectrum represents a greater amount of energy than any other part of the spectrum below it. and radium. The result is that the information of the element is immediately raised to the visible light spectrum.

Iron has a total of 275 strong spectral lines. These are lines whose light intensity (measured on a scale from one to 1. which is usually invisible. The effect is similar to a capacitor. it will gradually release its energy. especially ones whose crystal shapes are also octahedron. Since the ultraviolet light possesses a tremendous amount of potential. Iron has the second greatest number of light spectral lines (4. We theorize that many of the spectral lines we associate with iron are really the spectral lines of the carrier wave. but there is a big difference between these two elements. The light emitted by the element is always of lower frequency (color) than the ultraviolet light. Cerium has only five such strong light spectral lines. The light we see represents the strong light spectral lines of that element. The result is that the information for the element at lower frequencies is also having its potential raised simultaneously. The Light Spectrum and Iron As mentioned in the chapter on magnetism. If we examine the strong spectral lines of the next most numerous elements. we find that many of those element‟s spectral lines are found no more than 1 A away from a spectral line of iron.000) measures over 200. The same observation holds true for many other elements. such as cobalt and nickel. much of this potential is transferred to the frequencies of the element. We do not believe it is mere coincedence that iron has more than twice the 100 . None of its ultraviolet spectral lines are being missed.The reason these and other elements phosphor is that the higher frequency harmonics of the element are being raised across its spectral frequencies. This hypothesis holds if one examines the light spectral lines of iron. it seems possible that the increased potential of the element is actually happening in the first dimension and not in this dimension at all. After the capacitor has been charged up.739. iron is the only element in the universe that can be magnetized. Since the element gives off no heat due to being exposed to ultraviolet light. Our theory is that the iron element must be very close or a first harmonic of the carrier wave frequency of all information.612). We merely see the results of the increase in potential by observing light in this dimension. (2) The only element that has more spectral lines is cerium with 5.

radios. there is a strong possibility that many of man‟s inventions (such as television. The object observed appears to have three-dimensional qualities. In fact. threedimensional television system. If some of these spectral lines are in fact frequency representations of various carrier waves.) may be mirror images of the technology which makes up his own existence. some advanced laser holograms produce images that make it impossible to tell the difference between the image and the actual object. a frame at a time.566. as theorized by us. This would mean that many of man‟s inventions are excellent clues and analogies to his own existence. and the image created by a hologram television. At the received end. The light reflected from the object scene impinges on a photodetector while a narrow reference beam of coherent light raster scans the photodetector to thereby generate a signal which is modulated in phase and amplitude in accordance with the interference pattern formed on the photodetector. Figure 4. The coherent light from a laser is first modulated at a frequency in the microwave range and one sideband of the coherent light is filtered out and used to illuminate an object scene. The signal carrying the modulated phase and amplitude information is then transmitted to a remote receiver. with the image changing in perspective as the object and/or observer moves. Jakes. in respective storage devices. we merely use this one as an example to show the parallel similarities between our own existence. then we could say that this is why iron seems to have enough spectral lines to represent two elements. tape recorders. 3. etc. the phase and amplitude modulated information is recovered and stored. As an example. The patent is for a real time. Laser Holograms As mentioned in the introduction to this book.10 is a patent by William C. (Patent No. Jr. One of the best clues to dramatically prove our theory of existence is man‟s invention of the hologram. At the end of a complete frame the stored infor- 101 . A hologram is a three-dimensional image produced by coherent light.number of strong spectral lines than most of the other elements. Other laser television systems have been patented. “This disclosure relates to a television system that utilizes wave front reconstruction techniques to provide a real ti me threedimensional image at the receiving end of the system.021).

10 Diagram of a laser holographic TV mation is read out and respectively applied to an array of phase and amplitude optical modulators. The microwave oscillator (Item 18) and the optical modulator (Item 16) can be considered the carrier wave and synchronizing frequencies which we have been talking about. This information is directed to Items 25 and 26. at the end of a complete frame received information. an image of the original object is obtained at the receiver. which converts the light information to electromag- 102 .Figure 4. In Figure 4.10 Object 15 could be analogized as being the information in the diehold. Also. In this invention it is actually the two parts of the laser beam directed at the object that pick up the information that makes up the image of the object. The described operation is continued a frame at a time. Items 13 and 23 can be considered the tapehead.” (3 -pl68) There are direct analogies between this type of invention and our own existence. In this manner. a second laser at the receiver is pulsed with the light therefrom directed toward said array.

. “Tables of Spectrum Lines” (London... John Wiley & Sons. A. 1961). This is similar to what we define as being the second dimension or the transmission dimension.. T. It is within man‟s grasp to have a computer produce the images that we see without the necessity of photographing any object.. 3. “Ultraviolet Radiation” (London. Optosonic Press. In our existence there are no physical phase or amplitude detectors in this dimension... Items 31 and 33 are the amplitude detector and frequency modulator of the horizontal information. S. O. L. Rinehart & Winston. vol.Y. Kallard. Raiskii.. REFERENCES 1. Zaidel. Wavelength Tables of Sensitive Lines (Mass. Sometimes an analogy is so obvious and so simple that it is difficult to comprehend its application to man‟s own existence. 1974). AddisonWesley Press. T. Items 32 and 34 are the phase detector and frequency modulator for the vertical lines of information of the image. 1904). 1971 -72” (N. Item 30 can be considered a continuation of the carrier wave frequencies. Prokof‟ev. W... Optical Information Processing & Holography (N. M. 103 . State of the Art Review. Bibliography Abell. 1951). G. (ed. N. Koller. L. Bauer. 2. 1972). John Wiley & Sons. This would be even closer to the way of our own existence. Maybe this is a result of man‟s fear of knowing the truth of his own existence. R. Holt. 1975).). Carhey... Ahrens. The diehold somehow uses the phase angles and potentials from its eight different transmitting sides in such a manner that the signal modulates itself into existence. Charles Griffin & Co. Precious Stones.Y. 1 (London.netic waves. “Holography. 1952). H.Y. Exploration of the Universe (N. M. Pergamon Press.

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There are a few exceptions. as in the fields of astronomy 105 . Even though we have all types of measuring devices and other sophisticated equipment today. Almost all the important basic theories of physics were written before 1 91 5. They believe they have discovered that the atom is made up of many stable and unstable particles. What is important is that they were thought out and developed before this date. There has been very little in the way of revolutionary breakthroughs of thought in physics since this date. They taught that the atom was indivisible. the most perfect particle of matter.000 years ago the Greek philosophers used the word atom to describe the smallest bit of matter. It is unimportant whether we feel these theories were right or wrong. some of which have internal structure. and who knows for sure how and from whom the Egyptians received it. scientists believe they have proved the atom has an internal structure and is not indivisible. In the 20th century. We will attempt to show that the Greeks may have been more correct than our present-day scientists give them credit for. all the ancient Greeks had was a scientific philosophy they had received from the Egyptians.CHAPTER FIVE: The Atom Over 2.

They have become too specialized. electron microscope. However. He must rely on new theories to try to explain the movements of the continents. They were more and more relying on the artificial senses of their sophisticated equipment and less and less on their minds. and gamma ray 106 . People have forgotten that everything in the universe is related to one idea. and the purpose of science was to discover this single idea. the earth‟s magnetic field. They usually can‟t relate and apply an observation from their field of physics to another field of physics. He must rely more on his inductive reasoning power than on any of his equipment. When these elements decay. not to be buried in a pile of useless. Their whole existence is centered around a cyclotron. they gave off alpha. electronics was in its infancy. Before 1915. and the heat source at the center of the earth. What seems to have happened after about 1915 is that scientists began to rely more and more on the results of their equipment. They can see the tree in front of them. black holes. etc. The same can be said for the geophysicist. but they don‟t see the forest. beta. Many PhD‟s in physics today have become nothing more than highly skilled technicians of the few pieces of equipment they use. he must instead theorize the conditions on those celectial bodies. Testing and measuring equipment was gross compared to what was to be developed from the 1920‟s through to the present day. and planets. They didn‟t do very much reasoning about what they were observing from their equipment. Many scientists have forgotten that their intelligence is the best tool they have. since he has not been able to explore the interior of the earth.and geophysics. Since he is not actually able to travel to the far distant stars. unrelated information produced by all types of sophisticated electronic instrumentation. The only correlation with 1915 is the development of sophisticated testing equipment. there have been advances. Particles or Waves? The first insights as to how the atom worked were glimpsed by using radioactive elements such as radium and uranium. in the fields of astronomy and geophysics. The astronomer has only two main tools: the telescope and the radio telescope.

When an ionized cosmic ray particle passes through the chamber. Some solar eruptions cause potentials in excess of 1020 MeV. The alpha rays were found to be a helium nucleus (protons). He felt that since light waves appeared to 107 . (1-p2l5-16) It was also discovered that cosmic rays were very energetic protons usually possessing a potential greater than 500 MeV.000 miles per second (1.6 x 107 meters/second). A scientist by the name of Louis de Broglie was working on a theory in 1924 to explain the wave-like properties of matter. A bubble chamber is a partially evacuated chamber containing ionized particles. This was because its mass was 8. and the gamma rays were associated with X-rays. The answer was finally found by using the radio-active element. the beta rays were electrons. This was the fastest speed available before the invention of the cyclotron. Scientists were able to show that cosmic rays originated in deep space-many seemed to come from our own sun. It was found that the alpha particles could be used very effectively to probe the structure of the atom. polonium. Scientists use a device called a “bubble chamber” to detect the cosmic ray trails striking other atoms. He wanted to try to explain the wave-like and quantum (particle) characteristics of light. the ionized particle forms small vapor bubbles through the emulsion. They found that these rays consisted of “hard” and “soft” components.000 times greater than an electron. (1-p2l6) These discoveries all confirmed what Nikola Tesla theorized in the early 1890s but for which he received no credit. They hoped to prove their theory by striking the nucleus of an atom with an alpha particle to see if the atom would break up. (2-p402) The problem was finding a way to accelerate them fast enough to produce enough potential to split” the atom.” These particles were later found to be the fundamental parts of the atom. Scientists had theorized that the atom had an internal structure. whereas the hard particles needed 80 inches. but of a shorter wave length. thereby leaving a “track” of the path where the cosmic ray passed. The soft particles could be stopped by four inches of lead. The gamma rays were electromagnetic forms of radiation which were undeflected by magnetic or electrostatic fields. The alpha particles emitted from this element had a velocity of 10. “ In 1910 cosmic rays were found to be highly penetrating particles that could also be used to bombard atoms.particles.

and cosmic rays. He deduced that the short wave lengths (high frequency) do not bend or defract as easily as the long wave lengths (lower frequency). it is logical to say that the primary part of the atom. He concluded that since their wave length was so much shorter than light. they would not exhibit the phenomena of diffraction. the proton. it might be possible that electrons (assumed to be particles) also had wave-like characteristics. He felt that these wave properties were undetectable because the wave length of their frequencies was so short that our instruments could not detect them. each is a particle. and interference lines.have particle-like characteristics. Since great numbers of atoms collectively have mass and can be seen in this dimension. Let us now consider the beta rays or electrons. so we can conclude that they are in this dimension and have a given mass. gamma rays. has a mass and exists in this dimension. they would be reflected from other particles as a bullet is refl ected when it strikes a hard surface. Are they particles. or are they wave forms. De Broglie was further encouraged that his theory was correct by the diffraction pattern formed by X-rays passing through a crystal. Multidimensional Reality Explanation What is the real nature of these alpha. The diffraction patterns did not look like the patterns formed by light. He concluded that electrons would exhibit these properties as well as X-rays. As mentioned earlier. the alpha particle and the cosmic rays are mostly made up of protons. Short wave-length particles which travel in straight lines wouldn‟t spread out after hitting other particles. gamma. From the work done by de Broglie. This means that their wave lengths were even shorter than ultraviolet light. dispersion. and cosmic rays above the ultraviolet light waves and in that order. and cosmic rays. It was also naturally assumed that an electron had a certain given mass.1) to include Xrays. scientists extended the electromagnetic spectrum (Figure 5. but scientists used this as adequate evidence that the X-rays had a higher frequency than light. gamma rays. beta. Scientists do know that the beta particles do not exist in the nucleus of the atom but 108 . and what is their real frequency? This is to determine their actual placement on the electromagnetic spectrum. In other words.

1 The traditional electromagnetic spectrum 109 .COSMIC RAYS GAMMA RAYS X-RAYS ULTRAVIOLET VISIBLE LIGHT Figure 5.

If an electron does possess a great deal of potential for its size. We will explain how an electron is created later in the chapter. and would act as an insulator.2.rather are created at the surface at the instant of emission. There is one very big problem with this idea: the diffraction pattern formed by X-rays is totally different from dispersion or refraction of light through a crystal. or third harmonic-this will determine the extent to which the electron will be absorbed by the atom. X-ray particles are at least partially in this dimension. Scientists use diffracted beams of X-rays passing through a crystal as evidence that X-rays are just like light and that they possess more energy and are therefore of a higher frequency than light. this photograph of a diffraction pattern of a copper crystal shows that the X-rays are being deflected 360‟ around their point of impact. it could behave like a particle bouncing around between the atoms or be accelerated to great velocities. Atoms which “absorb” electrons can be considered conductors. This tends to prove only one thing: that the Xrays seem to leave particle-like tracks on the photographic plate. The X-rays seem to have particle-like characteristics. we theorize that the electron is actually a small domain of potential in the first dimension. as envisioned by the Bohr model of the atom. They seem to indicate that they have geometrical shapes and are not really round spheres. Atoms whose frequencies are dissimilar from the frequencies of the electrons will not absorb the electrons as well. The main factor which seems to determine whether an electron will be grounded by an atom or reflected from it is the frequencies of each atom. These X-ray diffractions also indicate something very interesting about the atoms. This seems to indicate that unlike light. Eventually the electron will be grounded by an atom. As illustrated in Figure 5. these particles will deflect from each other. only potential. X-rays are formed when streams of electrons strike atoms. but for now we will say that the electron is not really in this dimension and. You will also notice in Figure 5. therefore. second. has no mass. As mentioned in Chapter 3. If the frequency of the atom is similar to the frequency of the electron-be it a first. This is totally unlike light which will have virtually no affect on another beam of light. It can affect mass in this dimension by adding potential to an atom. they are not like light nor do they have the velocity of light.3 that the 110 . When two streams of X-rays are directed at each other at a certain angle.

they are not truly light. Since these gamma rays do not travel at the speed of light nor do they behave like light. they possess a higher potential. This description is also used to describe light. and cosmic rays were of shorter wave 111 . They are defined as being the same as X-rays. you will notice that by using de Broglie‟s wave theory.Kossel lines from copper crystal stimulated by X-rays. in other words. It is further theorized that these gamma rays are emitted in quantums of energy called photons. light is not a particle nor should it be considered like quantums of energy. gamma rays. Plate parallel to [1001 (Bormann) Figure 5. These rays are also given off by decaying radioactive elements. except they have a shorter wave length. The last is gamma rays.2 Photo of X-ray detraction of a cube crystal diffraction pattern is exactly like a stereographic projection of a cubic crystal used by crystalographers to describe the shapes and angles of crystals. scientists concluded that the X-rays. as envisioned in quantum mechanics. Going back to the electromagnetic spectrum. but as discussed in the previous chapter.

Spherical Projection (after Penfield) Figure 5. Dodecahedron (1 1 0). Stereographic Projection of Isometric Forms (Cube (100). Octahedron (1 1 1).A. Trapezohedron (21 1). Tetrahexahedron (21 0).3 Stereographic projection of a cube crystal 112 . Trisoctahedron (221). Hexoctahedron (321)) B.

if M is 0. Also since it is basic to his theory that only matter could emit quantums of energy.6 x 10-34 joules/sec. This formula comes from classical mechanics. logically they belong below the infrared light spectrum. According to our theory of existence. Planck‟s constant.C. these formulas just do not work. Planck‟s hypothesis of quantums of energy seems highly doubtful. as you can see. Relation between Spherical and Stereographic Projections Figure 5. One of the first formulas used by de Broglie is momentum = mass x velocity (P=mv). our theory is that the electron has no mass. This is why: according to de Broglie‟s theory. The next formula in de Broglie‟s theory is the calculation for wave length = h/mv : h = 6. an electron has a mass. it seems possible that the value of Planck‟s constant may be wrong. It works well for things that are in this dimension. the equation means nothing. We believe this is quite wrong. but when things are on the hairy edge of our dimension. From mv this formula.3 (continued) lengths than light. De Broglie‟s final formula is wave length n/ 2Vem e = the charge of an electron m = mass of an electron in klgms 113 .

which is so incredibly small that it cannot be accurately measured. which will produce a large value no matter what number is plugged in. They are just below the stage where an atom has so much potential that it is able to leave this dimension and go to the first dimension (appear as light). The lower frequencies up through the microwave range can be produced by oscillating matter in this dimension at various frequencies. But considering the fact that m (mass) in the formula is 0. From the above discussion. and cosmic rays are either only wave forms or only particles. you can see that they have not really calculated the frequency of these particles. and cosmic ray particles. and this will be explained later. In other words. it is still going to be a wave length smaller than visible light. a mathematical formula was created on several premises which we believe to be wrong. Scientists are going to have to decide that the X-ray. 114 . As you can see by his formula. At some higher point in these frequencies. as the voltage increases. it appears to us as light. We get very suspicious when we see formulas or constants such as E = mc2. How do they explain how a object can first be here at a lower frequency. it then comes back again as a piece of matter called X-ray. no matter what voltage is in the denominator. disappear to become light. Whether the results fit reality and observations seems to be irrelevant to what has been taught. these rays really belong just below the infrared spectrum. gamma. or a number like Planck‟s constant. The other fact that seems to make their theory about the frequencies of those particles wrong is the logic of their electromagnetic spectrum. They do. the matter no longer appears in this dimension.6 x 10-34 joules/sec) is such a small number in the numerator. then come back in this dimension at an even higher frequency as a particle? Even to the laymen this sounds illogical.Vis equal to the potential difference measured in voltage. Since Planck‟s constant (6. they were designed to produce the desired results. gamma ray. What de Broglie is trying to convince us is that after this piece of matter has left this dimension and is strictly a wave form. According to our Theory of Multidimensional Reality. the equation comes out to 0. This is not to say that these particles do not have a frequency. the wave length of the particle becomes extremely small.

so they can understand what they are doing. Bohr‟s theory had to be able to describe t he light spectrums of different elements. This does not mean that it is correct. it would appear in the other orbit. The center of the atom. The following is a brief description of the theory including some of the changes made to it. With our theory we were able to explain all phenomena of nuclear physics. which possesses all the mass. The Bohr model of the atom starts as a solar-system type conceptualization of the atom. The original Bohr model was later revised because it had three failings: 1) it could not account for the intensity of the spectral lines or the occurrence of some spectral lines that were actually two lines very close together. it is made up of protons (positive charge) and neutrons (no charge). 2) it could not be used to deal quantitatively with elements with more electrons than lithium. and 115 . but it also meant that the electron would jump instantaneously from one orbit to another and would never occupy any position in between. Several changes have been made by scientists since its introduction. It is simple and works well for chemists. It just means that it works in a small frame of reference. This implies another dimension. Bohr theorized that the elec trons were confined to orbits a given distance from the nucleus. is called the nucleus. which is completely different.The Bohr Model of The Atom Most of us have been taught this theory in school at one time or another. In other words. The electrons (negative charge) circle the nucleus balancing the charge of the protons. His theory was considered a success because it was able to explain the spectral lines of hydrogen. the instant it disappeared from one orbit. simply by using the one basic theory. It could also be used to predict the spectral lines of other elements up to element lithium (atom number 3). but the theory remains fundamentally the same. This description is to familiarize you with current theory before we explain our theory. they will emit or absorb energy only in single quantum units (h x f). This he felt would explain the discrete spectral lines of each element. The atomic number of the element is equal to the value of the charge. He did this by borrowing from Planck‟s theory that energy is emitted in quantums. As the electrons “jump” from orbit to orbit.

or what is varying its attraction to the nucleus? What is increasing or decreasing its potential? When you try to analyze these questions. Figure 5. This idea was supposed to explain the different quantum states of the electron.4 Standing wave conception of an electron ring There is one very big problem with this theory. Erwin Schroedinger. at Point A. He applied the idea that the electron traveled around the nucleus in a wave-like path.3) other scientists considered his theory awkward and “ad hoc” because it could not be related to other basic theories of physics. our current theories of physics fall apart because there is no way of explaining what external force could be making the electron oscillate. The next improvement of the Bohr model was done by de Broglie. “ The mathematician-physicist. This was because a standing wave cannot collapse into a smaller orbit. what then is acting on the electron to increase or decrease its velocity around the atom. So now we have the problem of explaining why the nucleus is oscillating. You must ask yourself the question: what is causing the electron “particle” to form this wave form? Since acceptable scientific theory holds that the electron is a particle. you come to the realization that the nucleus is the only thing that could be affecting this orbit. because a fraction of a standing wave is impossible. similar to the concept of a standing wave (Figure 5. As you will notice in Figure 5. thereby increasing and decreasing its attraction on the electron particle. the electron has a greater attraction to the nucleus than at Point B.4).5. since the circumference of the orbit would automatically correlate with the energy level of the electron.” At this point. elaborated on de Broglie‟s standing wave idea by coming up with his psifunction 116 .

the information for an atom exists in the first dimension.Figure 5. But in Schroedinger‟s equation. (5-p64) Mathematicians later squared the imaginary quantity. Usually in math equations with such imaginary numbers. the imaginaries disappear toward the end of the calculations.” as called for in de Broglie‟s theory.5 Vector analysis of the standing wave concept  = 2/L x e -(2/h) En it sin n ·x/L i = the imaginary quantity -l The one problem with the equation was that it had no counterpart in physical reality. You will see next that Schroedinger‟s original equation best describes what is really going on. thereby giving the resultant as being the probability of finding the electron at any position X. He did succeed in describing a “matter wave. but in order to accomplish this his equation had to have the imaginary value of the -1. The conclusion of his equation is that the electron must be in the first dimension. The information is made up of a variety of 117 . the -1 enters as an intregal part of the expression and cannot be eliminated. Multidimensional Reality Explanation Per our theory of existence.

they will form a modulation point similar to the point described in the third chapter. Each series. It is also unimportant to think of it as any type of orbiting particle. as mentioned in the last chapter. if we are to call it an electron.frequencies varying in number from approximately 10 (for hydrogen) to possibly as many as 100 different frequencies making up the heavier elements.000 GeHz. It is exactly like the D. What we theorize this “electron cloud” to be. This subject will be covered in the chapter on crystals. E. When the initial series of frequencies modulate into this dimension. Whether the atom has a surface is almost unimportant. We do know from electron photographs of the atom. (6) These shapes represent their crystal forms. We do not know at what frequency the elements are originally being modulated into our existence.500 GeHz. The spectral series we see are higher frequency harmonics of the initial modulated frequency. The electron cloud. In our theory. and F. Fl . but since it is a 118 . the problem of deciding whether and how the electrons around the atom take certain specific orbits. This wave group forms 360‟ around the surface of the atom. that when even a small number of atoms collect together they start forming geometrical shapes. This idea of multiple frequencies is born out by the series of spectral lines produced by all the elements. or what their energy levels are. This means that the wave group will automatically adjust itself for the energy level at which the atom is to be found. taken by the University of Chicago. This topic was mentioned in the previous chapter on light. This is not to say that the frequencies we observe in the light spectrums are the frequencies at which these elements are being modulated into our existence. is wave groups formed by the different frequencies that make up the proton. The analogy is exactly the same. It exists because it is a function of the frequencies making up that element. but for now we will say that the electron clouds observed do not resemble anything close to the Bohr model of the atom. to 2. Each element has its own distinct set of frequencies that can be easily observed in light spectrum analysis. This subject will be covered later. ionospheric layers above the earth. has been observed in the most recent electron photographs of the atom. but we feel it would be found above 1. represents a higher potential state of that element. It would have the equivalent of a negative charge. becomes irrelevant.

the uranium atom can no longer exist in this dimension. This means that it takes more energy to break up these elements than any of the other elements with greater atomic weight. This in turn.14. This binding force goes down to 7. The neutrons that are produced will be discussed a little later. When this happens a standing wave is produced. that means that this wave group really never changes.wave group that is produced by the atom. iron. The atomic weight difference between the U235 and the barium and krypton is 13. and nickel have the greatest binding forces of their nuclei (8. The 119 . As most people know U235 will eventually degrade to a more stable element. it becomes more and more unstable.8 MeV). This is a more traditional explanation to what is happening during the decay of U235 Our explanation is that when the potential of U235 is increased sufficiently over the binding forces of the nucleus (7. The result is that the diehold replaces the information of the uranium with the information of the barium and krypton. Their combined atomic weights are 221. A brief description of the binding forces is necessary now. we theorize.5 MeV). As mentioned earlier. always of much less combined atomic weight. This principle seems to hold true for the atoms as well as for large celestial bodies. the difference being made up by 1 to 3 neutrons and various photons. These elements are barium and krypton. This instability can be further enhanced if some of the frequencies that make up that element are dissonant to each other.5 MeV for uranium and other very large unstable elements. when we cover sub-atomic particles. The electron “particle” is produced when the wave groups of two atoms cross each other. thereby causing a voltage difference between the two wave group frequencies. It seems that as the information for an object increases. It doesn‟t give up what scientists call electrons. will form a small domain of potential which in turn we call an electron. cobalt. Radioactivity One of the laws which we believe is present in our reality is that the diehold will not permit too much information entering a certain given space and time. We will go on to explain some other conditions of the atoms using our theory.86.

Regarding the neutron. we theorize. The key to the amount of potential these “particles” possess is in their velocity. They found that the resonant frequency of the electrons was 1. (1-pl47) Another resonant frequency was 120 . One type is called an elastictype collision. The idea that an electron has a frequency may not seem logical because electrons can be produced by any number of different elements passing each other. This is not to exclude the possibility of the electron having other frequencies. This means that the nucleus absorbs the other frequency and amplifies its own. In the same line of thought. The other method used is by accelerating an alpha particle at the atom. thereby increasing the atom‟s potential. Retherford. But a considerable number of collisions are inelastic. which are protons. is not really in this dimension. since the neutron. The result is that the atom starts giving off a higher series of frequencies. you are actually increasing the potential of that object. if everything in the universe exists in a computer-like structure. this could account for unstable radioactive isotopes of various elements.potential could be added in two ways: the easiest way is by using a great number of electrons. we see it merely as a light spectrum. This will be true for the alpha particles. Their experiment was to see if there was a resonant frequency to a flow of electrons being created by a stream of atoms. the electrons (domains of potential) would have the same frequency as the carrier wave of the diehold. If its potential is raised high enough. As discussed in the chapter on light. it seems possible that if the atom only takes in a small amount of energy and produces a first or second harmonic above its original frequency. this is not completely accurate. This idea was proved by Willis Lamb and E.05777 GeHZ. if the velocity increases. which means the energy represented in that particle or wave form is absorbed by the nucleus. These domains of potential would be absorbed by the atom. The atom will increase its potential by absorbing the frequencies of the particle or wave form that strikes it. This is proven by two types of collision phenomena that have been observed. (2-p505) These inelastic-type “collisions” are the type that increase the potential of the atom. They come about because the frequency of the wave form or “particle” is either the same frequency or a close harmonic of it. How then can an electron have a unique frequency related to it? Per our theory. where the particle does not lose any of its potential energy when it comes in close proximity with a nucleus.

Actually what they have discovered is one of the lower harmonics of the frequency of the electron.” (1-p269) Our opinion is that with their present theories of existence.detected at 3. We will now attempt to make some sense out of all these subatomic “particles. To quote Professor Sir Harrie Massey from the University of London: “The underlying significance of the four types of interaction still es capes us but a great deal of thought is being devoted to these basic questions.” We will cover only the major particles. there were about 35 of these “particles” discovered. Today there are over 300. strangeness and lepton number as well. and confusing of all the fields of physics. momentum and angular momentum can be related to the properties of the space-time of special relativity but it is difficult to see how to include baryon number. (4-p56) Scientists attribute this to what they call “vacuum polarization” (whatever that is). Conservation of energy. particularly in relation to the new conservation laws which seem to be valid. They should have realized. The scientists even have great difficulty in trying to incorporate the Theory of Relativity with their observations of these subatomic particles. complicated. The reason scientists pursued the field of subatomic particles is because they felt they would be getting some insight into the material that made up each individual atom. after they started discovering so many of these little 121 . The confusion stems from the fact that they are pursuing an incorrect philosophy. The existence of these further laws indicates a deeper underlying symmetry in Nature which we have not yet appreciated.095 GeV. his “deeper understanding” will never come. It is even confusing to the physicists who are attempting to make some sense of the over 300 subatomic particles they have discovered. but it would not be difficult to apply our theory further to understand what are the rest of these subatomic particles. We are at a most interesting state-major clariflcation with deeper understanding may come at any time. At the time Professor Massey wrote his book in 1966. Subatomic Particles The field of subatomic particles is one of the most complex.

The electrostatic part is what we perceive. As you know from the previous chapter. The reason the mean life-time is so long for a neutron is because it is just the magnetic information of the atom. But its potential has been raised so high that it has caused its frequencies to produce higher harmonics. but in reality we are looking at the information making up only one proton. The reason it appears to us that the proton and the neutron are separate entities is that the frequency that makes up the atom is oscillating so fast we see the E and H vectors simultaneously. which is supposed to balance the proton and neutron. In other words. The first one is the proton (the atom).” that they were being lead down a dead-end. you can observe a sinusoidal representation of this frequency. This has always been a phenomenon in physics.53 units is greater than the corresponding weight difference of the electron. at certain times it is possible to observe a negative proton or a positive neutron. is due either to the carrier wave frequency or to one of the clocking frequencies. E represents the electrostatic information of this dimension. In Figure 5. 122 . H represents the neutron. we theorize. The proton weighs 2. The 2. This difference. This means that E would really be the image of the atom existing in this dimension. it isn‟t i n this dimension. The neutrino is defined in physics as having no mass and no charge. which naturally has no charge. H represents the magnetic information of the proton entering this dimension. until it has lost this excess potential. As you can see by the sinusoidal wave. The information for its existence could be visualized as being transmitted in the form of a sine wave or it could be in the form of pulse modulation.7. you are seeing the information of an object leaving this dimension. as an atom or proton. it would appear that they are two separate entities. We will now go through some of the particles that are listed in Figure 5. The other fact that proves this point is that the life-time of a neutron is 1010 seconds before it decays to another proton with its corresponding electron and one neutrino. This idea is further proved by the mass differences between the proton and the neutron. One of the first observations we have to make is that all subatomic particles decay to more stable elements. It will not modulate back into our existence.6. If we perceive just the peaks of these sinusoidal curves.53 units less than the neutron.“particles. It is probably the only one that does exist in this dimension. such as proton. when you see light. primrose path. or to light.

8 l x 10-16 1. 7T+ + 7TO (21%).55 1010 p + e.(5%) K- Kaons 493.66 2.22 x 10 e.y or y + e+ ell + + v (63%). 27r+ + 7r.6 2.0 493.22 x 10-6 e+ + V + -V * 6 Muon 105.+ v + v 7r+ Pions 139.551 Stable - Mass in electron mass = 1 e + Positron .+ 7r+ .8 1.2 x 10-8 ii.26 Stable Mass in electron mass = 1836. 27r.2 x 10-8 2.65 eElectron .Mean Mass Symbol Particle (MeV) Lifetime (Secs) Most Probable Decay Products p Proton 938.12 n Neutron 939.66 2.+ v (63%).+ V Mass in electron mass = 1838.54 x 10-8 il.551 Stable - v Neutrino -0- Stable - ‘Y Photon -0- Stable - p + Muon 105.6 2.+ 7r’ (21%). 7r.54 x 10-8 p + + V 7T- Pions 139.+ V 7ro K+ Pions Kaons 135.

6 x 10-10 <10-14 AO + y n + 7r- * Xi-particle Xi-particle 0 1314. 2:+ Sigma-particle1189.6 x 10-10 p + 7r.(69%). 3iTo or 7r’ + 2. IT+ + 7r. ---‘ + iT-.5 1.5 n + 7r+ (49%) 2.9 1321.6 List of atomic “particles” 123 .8 5.Omega-particle 1672 i. n + 7r’ (3 2’/o) 8.6 x 10-8 7r± + e± + v (33%). 27ro (31%) K20 Kaons 497.K lo Kaons 497.+ 7TO.7 x 10-10 A’ + iT- E2.8 very short? 2.(68/@).+ 7r’ (27%) AO Lambdaparticle 1115.i x lo-10 @-. 7r± + il± + v (27%).1 x 10 AO + ao 1. + KFigure 5. 3iTo (27%) 17 Eta-meson 548.8 10-10 1T+ + 7r.y (3 5%).4 Sigma-particle1192.0 Sigma-particle1197.1 x lo-“ p + 7ro (51%).y (327o).5 2.2.3 -10 3.

The only reason they are as long as they are is because they are produced from highly accelerated particles. are not particles at all. all the frequencies are being modulated to one specific point in time and space. its time slows down. In other words. they would decay and disappear instantaneously from this dimension. these vectors change and begin to spread out. They are in reality the separate frequencies that make up the element. all the subatomic particles. but as potential is applied to this modulation point. Per our theory. If the particles had no velocity. You will notice from the rest of the subatomic particles that their mean life span is extremely short. When an object is accelerated toward the speed of light. They have no mass in this dimension. all their vectors are directed to one point.7 Sinusoidal representation of the information that makes up the elements which again proves our theory.Figure 5. including neutrinos. where let‟s say a nitrogen atom is being modulated. which in turn gives them a great acceleration. What they are doing in these cyclotrons is taking an alpha particle or other “particle” and imparting to them a tremendous equivalent 124 . At the modulation frequency.

Since an element like nitrogen might have as many as 15 or 20 different frequencies making it up. sometimes well into the billions of volts. To quote: “In this new theoretical approach.6. the strongly interacting particles classified as hadrons are viewed mathematically as massless strings whose 125 . especially when you use the old theories of existence. they will come up with literally thousands upon thousands of different subatomic particles” because there are literally thousands of different frequencies that make up the elements in our universe. are even further beyond the experiences and ideas of everyday life. Generally. electrons. and neutral charges. these vectors will be in the direction of the original force of impact. You will notice in Figure 5. This is easily proved by picking up a book of spectral-line tables of the different elements. each frequency will start demodulating in different directions. negative. or photons. This voltage is imparted to the atom.7. But using our theories of existence. you will also notice that particles have been observed having positive. that all the subatomic “particles” listed eventually decay to either protons. and neutral characteristics depending where the sine wave is.” (1-p250) Professor Massey is correct in saying that common sense has no place in understanding these subatomic particles. negative. and particularly for interpretation.8. We theorize that if scientists continue on the track they are taking.voltage. the last three being states of existence not in this dimension. If you will refer to the sinusoidal wave diagram. you will notice that one wave form will have positive. The electron voltage difference between the different particles listed in Figure 5.” The latest theory by scientists to explain the elementary particles is called Dual-Resonance Models. In reality it is only one wave form. Figure 5. neutrinos. but the phenomena which we are now going to discuss. From the figure. these “particles” and “antiparticles” can be understood since they finally have a place of reference and don‟t fit in a philosophy “off in left field. “ Professor Massey also said: “Common sense is a wholly inadequate and misleading guide to the world of antiparticles and the strange particles. would be represented in the light spectrum as strong and weak line spectrums. thereby causing its information vectors to start demodulating and spreading out. We are actually observing the various frequencies that make up the atom leaving this dimension.

Figure 5.8 Table of life tracks of subatomic “particles” 126 .

the diehold at this particular level of existence functions in very specific ways. They annihilate each other forming electromagnetic energy. attaching these subatomic particles. Radioactive Isotopes After considering our theory of the atom. means that nature has no preference between right-handedness or left-handedness. There are five laws of conservation at the level of nuclear reactions that have been considered fundamental. 3) conservation of charges. The only way you can logically understand why a subatomic “particle” prefers one direction over another is by coming to the realization that there is a consciousness behind its actions. The last point we wish to cover in subatomic particles is the topic of annihilation. Scientists describe this as being when matter and “antimatter” come together (such as an electron and positron).ends move with the speed of light in multidimensional space. This principle was found to be invalid with the behavior of subatomic “particles” which prefer spinning in certain directions. We will not comment on the first three in the scope of this book. 4) conservation of particles. This means that the laws of physics are the same in a right-handed system of coordinates as they are in a left-handed system. Number four. What they are describing here is easily visualized in Figure 5. The positive and negative charged fields ground each other out and leave this dimension as the original wave form that made up the stable element.” since they are not particles. (5) Another phenomenon in subatomic “particles” has also proved our theory. 2) the law of conservation of momentum (linear and angular). the only way they were able to explain resonance and the behavior of these subatomic particles was by building a mathematical model using one-dimensional strings.” (5-p61) This gets much closer to our Theory of Multidimensional Reality. and it‟s only in the macrocosmic domains that the laws of conservation will be valid.7. In other words. In other words. the conservation of parity (mirror symmetry). we consider doesn‟t hold for the level of subatomic “particles. 5) conservation of parity. They are: 1) the law of conservation of mass-energy. you might come to the conclusion that the only elements that would appear in our dimen127 . Number five .

it should be copper. The point to be made here is that without the error. Why should we find a small percentage of nickel having atomic weights of 59 and 63 and still be nickel? With an atomic weight of 63. No one has ever figured out why isotopes should even exist. It is obvious that many elements in our dimension have radioactive isotopes. Assuming we have the diehold transmitting the information for the element. The device is called a phase detection circuit. This is a phenomenon in nuclear physics. It does this by comparing the correct frequency with any higher or lower frequency produced by the circuit.7. The same would be true for the diehold. The isotope is identical in all physical and all chemical properties.sion would be of only one atomic weight. Let‟s take the example of nickel. The only way we can see how to explain the occurrence of isotopes is by using our Theory of Multidimensional Reality. this circuit insures that the transmitter is producing the correct frequencies. but why is it still nickel? We don‟t know if anyone has ever thought about the phenomenon or wondered why it should occur. The analogy we will use best describes why the phenomenon shows up. the transmitter would not know if it is producing the correct frequencies. The vast majority of nickel found has an atomic weight of 58. Briefly. The same thing occurs if the transmitter frequency goes below its acceptable parameters. The big question is how does the diehold know that it is always transmitting the information for nickel at the correct frequencies? The way it could do so is by using the same method that is used in radio and television transmitters. If the frequencies produced go too high. The definition of an isotope is an atom of the same element having the same atomic number but a different atomic weight. Nearly all of the elements found in our dimension are mixtures of several isotopes. nickel. Ninety-nine percent of the signal information is transmitted at the correct frequencies. the information consists of a variety of frequencies. We would further conclude that all elements in our universe have isotopes 128 . The only difference between them is their atomic weight. For instance. all the hydrogen found in our dimension would have an atomic weight of one or all uranium found would have an atomic weight of 238. The isotopes are the error factor found in our dimension. which in turn modulates into the correct atomic weight for an element. the phase detector senses it and corrects it by lowering the transmitted frequency.

They have discovered that these electron shells look much different from what was originally envisioned by the Bohr model of the atom. In Figure 5. placing the focal length a little above the actual object. (7-p4l5) Some holographic images are so good. the electron shells have been seen to oscillate. They developed a method of photographing a crystal of magnesium bromide tetrahydrofuran.1 1. The hologram of the atom is a reconstructed image of the central nucleus and the electron rings around it. You will notice that there is a very specific vector angular relationship between the magnesium. There does not seem to be any indication from any of these photographs that there is actually an electron particle orbiting around the center nucleus.” (8) The shells that are seen are much wider than the Bohr model would tend to indicate. (7-p4l3) These pictures seem to indicate that these electron shells are really wave groups formed around the center of the atom. oxygen. and carbon atoms. and Friedrich Thon and Dieter Willasch of Siens Ag. The image of the atom looks very much like a star.and these isotopes are necessary for the transmitting of information into our dimension. Atomic Images We mentioned in the beginning of Chapter 3 that eventually man‟s technology catches up with his theories and philosophies of existence. One of the best examples of this is in the tremendous advances made in the technology of electron microscopes.10). (3-pl. Avery interesting technique of three-dimensional holography was developed by George Stroke and Maurice Halioua at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. oxy129 . One technique of producing these images is to unfocus the image slightly. This process is called “deblurring.164) The electron “shells” observed are accurately reproduced except for the last shell which is sometimes too light to be observed (Figure 5.9). The blurred image is then reconstructed by a computer which enhances the true shells of the atom. you will see the geometric arrangement of the magnesium. They have been able to take pictures of atoms using a method of X-ray holography. when the image is focused perfectly (Figure 5. It may be possible that there are great similarities between the atom and a star.

9 An atom showing the electron shells gen. HALIOUA.COURTESY OF DR. STONY BROOK Figure 5. (8-p59) This seems to illustrate the idea that elements are made up of frequencies that manifest themselves in this dimension as specific angles. STROKE AND DR. and carbon. These geometric arrangements 130 . This idea will be further demonstrated in the chapter on crystals.

10 A focused atom which looks similar to a star you are observing are quite different than what is theorized by most chemists and physicists. Atomic Jumping Beans During a study conducted by M. They used for their experiments several heavy 131 . Isacson and some of his colleagues at the University of Chicago. they discovered that the atoms observed in their electron microscope jumped around from place to place. S.Figure 5. we don‟t know. Whether they realize that these fantastic photographs tend to indicate that their theories of atomic structure and behavior are wrong. Some of them must realize there is something very wrong with their present ideas.

M. the smaller symmetrical pair around each magnesium atom are oxygen atoms and the still smaller pair furthest away around the magnesium atom are carbon atom images. Halioua. Dr. R. George W. It permits one to reconstruct 3-D models of molecules automatically and thereby provides the scientist with a new tool to help unlock the mysteries of chemical and biological functions of molecules. The images of the large atoms in the unit cell shown are magnesium atoms.11 A crystal of magnesium bromide showing the orientation of the atoms Images of atoms in a section of the crystal “magnesium bromide tetrahydrofuran complex” obtained by a scientific team headed by Dr.Figure 5. pharmaceutical chemistry and molecular biology. 132 . Applications range from geology and material sciences to medicine. for example the functions of antibiotics and the body‟s natural immunological defenses.26A. V. The x-dimension of the unit cell shown between magnesium atoms is 9. Stroke and including Dr. The new “X-ray microscopy” opto-digital computing method makes use of the principles of holography (3-D photography) and of optical computing. Sarma using the new “X -ray microscopy” opto-digital computing method. Srinivasan and Dr.

We would explain it by saying that these atoms were beginning to form crystals along specific angles or vectors caused by their information. There is no explanation of why these atoms would have a preference spacing between them. At first the scientists thought this was caused by mechanical or electromagnetic instabilities of the equipment. One is that the heavy atoms seem to have a preferred spacing between them. Therefore. they made two important observations. This enabled them to see the atomic images. They calculated the average frequency of the movement found for uranyl chloride molecules to be between 1.300 per second. (6-p372) The other possibility was that the electron beam from the microscope caused the atoms to move around. They placed these atoms on a thin film of carbon. It is a shame that there were not enough observations of this phenomenon so that more could be learned from this rapid movement. and uranium.atoms such as uranyl chloride. The second observation is that the atoms “jumped around” on the carbon film.400+ to 3. We would try to explain this phenomenon by saying that these atoms move because they are constantly being phased in and out of our existence-that they don‟t actually move from Point A to Point B. But this idea was also discounted because it was calculated that the electrons would cause only a very small atomic movement. Since the electrons are really domains of potential. Their reappearance would be due to the fact that the diehold will not permit too little information to be present in our dimension. they would be increasing the potential of these atoms sufficiently high enough to cause their demodulation. thereby 133 . (6-p373) They also observed that some of these atoms were grouped in clusters for which there is no explanation. They took a series of photographs from a minute to five minutes apart. but disappear at Point A and reappear at Point B. The majority of the heavy atoms were spaced approximately 4 to 5 A units. they concluded that this type of movement could only cause motion up to 1 A unit. There is no explanation for such a rapid movement of the atoms. This demodulation and modulation of its information could be caused by the “electron” str eam used to produce the image. so it retransmits the information for the same element back down to the approximate same time and space. but when calculated for this possibility. silver. the movement could not be caused by the electron microscope.

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and stars. As demonstrated in the chapter on atoms. man‟s false ideas of how existence functions begin imme diately to break down. Astronomers are seeing things in the universe and recording energy levels far beyond anything that can be explained by currently acceptable theories.CHAPTER SIX: Astronomy It is difficult for man to understand existence and how it works unless. The two extremes are the micro-cosmic world of atoms and the macrocosmic world of quasars. he begins observing the extremities of existence. or two. which is that the astronomers are not as attached to traditional ideas as are the nuclear physicists. The same applies to the field of astronomy. Nevertheless. galaxies. man‟s idea of what atoms look like and how they work has changed totally since man first saw an actual picture of the atom. one. There is one big difference between the astronomers and the nuclear physicists. the field of astronomy has been delayed from evolving to a theory that can explain observations in an organized. coherent manner because astronomers still apply some nuclear theories that were shown in previous 137 . At these extremes. he stumbles on the correct theory of existence and is then able to relate all the phenomena of his existence to one idea.

we can assume that we can learn a great deal about our own evolution. In astronomy. Time and Distance It is necessary to the following discussion to briefly understand some of the astronomical units of measure used.5 kilometers per second. who live only about 70 years on the planet. When we examine the subject of time relative to the galaxies. But time does matter to the galaxies and the universe. The speed of light is 299792. be it moral or immoral. There is no way to ignore it. A light year is the distance traveled by a beam of light in 365. By applying the theory of multidimensional reality to these different phenomena. When studying the universe and the galaxies in it. No matter what one does on this planet or how he lives. we are immediately impressed by the mind-boggling distances between any two galaxies. whenever that is. more important. Since man is part of that universe. when this phenomenon occurs it will affect all men. more or less the distances from one side of the universe to the other. But we discovered that one of the most important phenomenon of the universe has an immediate effect on all men. and is intricately involved in its evolution. To poor mortals. Of all the fields of physics. the field of astronomy will be most affected by our theory.26 days. time seems infinite or even irrelevant to us. The only way to understand what is going on in the universe is to scrap almost all of the old ideas of existence and start again from scratch. we can learn what we are to evolve to by closely examining the events happening in the universe. Normally we think of astronomy as a field totally unrelated to the average man. because important events occur after certain intervals of time have passed from the beginning of a galaxy‟s creation to its end. Since the distances be- 138 . we found a very important secret of the universe which affects all of us on this planet.chapters to be wrong. and maybe this phenomenon is the real reason why man must evolve to higher thoughts. Our theory of multidimensional reality is able to explain quite logically all the phenomena observed in astronomy. to conceive of time as being billions of years makes one feel extremely insignificant in relation to what is happening in the universe. the metric system is used. We will start with the basics.

to understand why and how the universe works. What you are looking at is truth.262 light years. The more potential added to an element. One of the ways astronomers calculate the distance between other galaxies and ours is by measuring the red shift of the light spectrum produced by a galaxy or star.265 astronomical units in one parsec (pc).” the galaxies spread out in all directions from the point of the explosion. you will be looking at literally billions upon billions of stars from our own galaxy and unknown billions of galaxies all over the universe.598. the higher the light spectrum series that will be produced. for the short time he is on the planet. There is a theory about the universe which is called the “Big Bang Theory. One AU is equal to 149. On a clear night if you look into the sky with a good pair of binoculars or a telescope.500 kilometers ±5 kilometers. we must first explain how astronomers determined that the universe is expanding.” Basically.tween stars and galaxies are so huge. There is incredible order and balance throughout the entire universe. After the initial “big bang. untouched and uncorrupted by man‟s ignorance. (1-p6l7) Our Universe What is the age of the universe? What is the age of our galaxy? What is the age of our sun? What formed the galaxies? What process was necessary to produce all the energy that makes up the galaxies? Why is the universe expanding. astronomers have used a much larger unit of measure. To understand the Big Bang Theory better. One parsec is equal to 3. these line spectrums are shifted 139 . It is called an astronomical unit (AU). It is man‟s purpose. As the velocity of a galaxy increases away from us. This process will continue all the way up into the high ultraviolet range. each element produces its own specific line spectrums of light. this theory states that the entire universe started at one finite point. and what is the reason for its expansion? These are some of the questions we are going to try to answer in this chapter. The galaxies are homogeneously spaced throughout the universe.0855 x 1013 kilometers or 3. There are 206. As mentioned in earlier chapters. The distances measured to other galaxies can have a 10-to-20 percent error factor.

000 years. The unit of distance is one million parsecs (I Mpc) or 3. they just don‟t know why. The atomic way of dating the universe also confirms the 20-billion year figure. This is quite close to the estimated value of 20 billion years. per 1 Mpc. At 2 million Mpc the rate would be 100 km/ sec. osmium l87. on both counts. Edwin Hubble discovered in 1929 that this red shift followed a linear relationship to the distance the galaxy was from us..84 million pc x 3. As the distance doubles. = 5995. as an age for the universe. it was then possible to determine an approximate date for the age of the universe. It was reasoned that since nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Once the Hubble Constant was determined. This converts to a distance of 17. The most commonly used rate for this receding rate is 50 km/sec. rhenium187 to decay to the stable element.). Dividing the Hubble Constant of 50 km/sec per Mpc into a value slightly less than the speed of light. = 19.262 million light years. This linear relationship is expressed as a constant for a particular unit of distance. a galaxy could not be receding from us faster than 299792. the rate doubles.8 billion years back into time.262 light years 50 km per sec. This rate of expansion is called the Hubble Constant.down to the infrared end of the spectrum. There is no disagreement among astronomers about the universe expanding.558.8 billion light years away. This method proves to be much more reliable than the other methods of dating ele140 . can we verify this age by observation or by experimentation? Yes. In recent years there has been work done on determining the actual value of the Hubble Constant. This is because it is a linear relationship. Scientists have observed many quasars receding from us at 91 percent the speed of light (272811 km/sec. (2-p256) Somewhere between these two values lies the actual value of the constant.5 km/sec. we get 299792 km per sec. (3-pl9) The question is. One group of astronomers used the weighted average between 12 different methods used to determine distance and came up with a weighted average for the Hubble Constant of 93 ±7 km/sec/Mpc. Another way of looking at it is that we are looking 17. The method used is to measure the time it takes the radioactive element.430.

The problem astronomers have with this very logical premise is that no matter where they look in the sky. It is easy to see why they can‟t figure out the last question. The only conclusion they could reach. Using this method. Astronomers later confirmed these observations and found other frequencies as well. but all have failed because they cannot explain all the phenomena using a single frame of reference. is that the universe originated all around us with equal intensity. This also implies that the oldest galaxy we can observe is our own. The only way they could account for its source was to accept it as being extraterrestrial. There have been some attempts to explain why the universe is expanding. astronomers calculated that nucleosynthesis began about 18 billion years ago. where in the universe did the big bang occur? If it was from a particular location. No direction as to a center for the big bang was indicated. then all the matter in the universe should be traveling away from that point. and rightfully so. you may ask yourself. our only conclusion must be that the moment of creation happened at the same time everywhere in the universe. (3-pl9) After you have obtained a rough estimate of the age of the universe. More evidence of the big bang was discovered by Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1965.ments because its half life is 44 billion years-much longer than the age of the universe.08 GHz. How do they expect to know where the gravity 141 . Since we are always looking back into time when we look at these objects. They can observe this phenomenon 360‟ around our galaxy (except in the direction of the Milky Way. They also discovered that the radio noise came uniformly from all directions in the universe. One of their very sensitive radio receivers was detecting weak radio noise at 14. where there is too much intergalactic dust for distant light sources to pass through). None of them try to explain where the initial matter for the big bang came from. Creation was all around us including our own galaxy at the same moment of time. and what caused the incredible gravitational field that must have been present to hold all this matter together. they see numerous quasars and other types of radio galaxies moving away from us at velocities greater than 80 percent of the speed of light. Cosmologists theorize that it was two billion years after the big bang that any type of nucleosynthesis could have started. The result totals to 20 billion years as calculated for the age of the universe. It is generally accepted that a quasar is the first stage in the evolution of a galaxy.

therefore. The only problem would be to try to determine the shape of the structure of the computer (the diehold) that holds all this information. has no means whatever of knowing „the conditions of life‟ beyond its own horizon. never explained. we would expect to detect some dust clouds between the galaxies as remnants of this primal explosion. necessitate the unpalatable postulate that all parts of the universe are accurately synchronized. the acceptable theory is that the matter came from dust particles in space that collected at one point. Matter at one point. therefore. heated up. even though there was then no communication or causal connection between neighboring regions. No such dust clouds have been detected.came from originally if they don‟t know what gravity is? Regarding the first question. then we should not be able to see anywhere near the distances we presently do. He said: “The „canonical‟ models. They apply the same theory to the creation of a galaxy. and is even unexplainable.” ( 2p320) Multidimensional Reality Explanation If we accept the idea that all matter in the universe is formed from information that exists in the first dimension. Cambridge. It is considered quite amazing that the space outside the galaxies is as clear as it is. J. but for 142 . blew apart. Astronomers also describe this type of model of the universe as “canonical” models. however willing to live and evolve in conformity with matter at another point in the universe. the crystals. Rees from the Institute of Astronomy. the observed overall uniformity is postulated. An in depth study of crystals to further prove this idea is covered in Chapter 9. England. The observation that makes this theory highly improbable is that if there was that much dust particles between the existing galaxies. A good summary of the predicament that astronomers are faced with regarding the expansion of the universe was well stated by Professor M. and formed the universe. If we accept the traditional explanation of the initial big bang. In these Friedmann models. we have a tremendous advantage in explaining from where the initial matter for the universe came. Ironically the answer to this problem is found in the smallest groups of matter. and start expanding at the same time and with the same entropy and curvature.

in turn. The distance between layers one and two could represent one second. In actual working there would be a continuous flow of information from layer to layer. The first thing we must do is state some basic postulates of the diehold.1) The next step is to understand why this shape would have an effect on the expansion of the universe and how a cosmological model can be based from this structure and the theory of multidimensional reality. step by step. (Figure 6. a Figure 6. Time is measured vertically down through the diehold (Figure 6. the shape of the diehold. The first concerns time. This is to test each part of the theory. is an octahedron.2). This dividing of time is used merely as a convenience to explain changes as time we will say that the perfect crystal shape and. We will do this by first stating the theoretical conditions that would be present in the model and then compare that with the actual astronomical observations.1 An octahedron crystal 143 . Each horizontal layer of the diehold represents all the information in the universe at one moment of time.

As time progresses. or more aptly put. a decade. the beginning of the universe. The next postulate is that the information for the new galaxies will be present at Point A. or a billion years. This is also where time starts. is in turn very small. the distance be- Figure 6. At Point A + I the big bang has occurred. the volume of area to which the information is directed to our universe. The big bang. occurs at Point A. as complete galaxies exists.2 Diagram of the diehold showing what time is and how it passes through the information 144 . The problem is that the information for these new galaxies are for complete galaxies. Since the distances between the newly formed galaxies are very small. This means a tremendous amount of information will be forced through a very small modulation point in our time and space. at level one in the diehold.month. the information for all the galaxies.

The first thing we should try to find in our observations is: what do the farthest celestial objects look like. therefore. because of its shape. the potential created by the force of so much information passing through a small opening will decrease.tween the domains of information for the individual galaxies becomes greater and greater. it will produce mostly ultraviolet wave lengths of light. They appear more like individual stars. The reason why only ultraviolet light would be present is because. The reason we look for the most distant objects is because we are trying to look as far back into time as we can. or magnetism. we should see a tremendous amount of ultraviolet light. but sometimes appear with small wisps of matter sprouting from them. There is a great deal of evidence collected from observations of quasars that tends to agree with our theoretical model of the universe. more information will be able to be directed through those modulation points because the modulation points will also expand. The farthest objects that have been observed are quasars and radio “galaxies.” Quasars are observed as very blue points of light. as mentioned in the magnetism chapter. variable 145 . as mentioned earlier. a linear function. and it is. They are. The evidence is as follows: Astronomers do realize that the evolution of a galaxy is more dependent on forces outside the galaxy than on the evolutionary forces of its component stars. the result of this. The rate of change is always the same at any time. Atremendous amount of information is being directed toward a very small point. It is revealed in the very shape of the diehold. is nothing more than information from another dimension being modulated to our dimension. is that the potential of the magnetic field will go up proportionately. One of their distinctive characteristics is that they emit an abnormal amount of ultraviolet radiation. distance between Points B and C at time level three will increase at a linear rate to time level four. As the distances increase between these newly formed galaxies. and do they give off great amounts of energy. If we were to see this new galaxy. we would see the temperature and other forms of radiated energy decrease. This is why the universe is expanding. when the potential of the information for an element has been raised incredibly high. Gravity. just as the Hubble Constant has been proven to be. therefore. also. along with an incredibly strong gravitational field around one relatively small modulation point. As the modulation points become larger.

(1p640) This is a material percentage of the total energy available to a whole galaxy. 146 . they know something may be very wrong with the accepted atomic theory. Two examples of these radio galaxies are Cygnus A and 3C-236. our theory of existence does not accept these theories at all. They are giving off a tremendous amount of energy quite quickly and in short bursts. As mentioned in previous chapters. Astronomers know that if Cygnus A was really powered by thermal nuclear reactions. They. (1-p645) Some outbursts of energy have been calculated to be 1060 ergs/sec. have been found to have red shifts indicating receding velocities of at least 91 percent the speed of light (272. They have received a great deal of attention from astronomers because of the amount of energy they produce. this means they flare up in light magnitude as much as 2.811 km/sec).7 billion years). With this observation. Many of these radio sources have not been confirmed optically because the light produced by the radio source is too faint and too far away. if we assume that nuclear energy is the source of galactic energy.points of light. Since 1974. The initial active life-time of a quasar is estimated to be 10 million to 1 billion years. For the rest of this section. This is a rather new type of astronomy but it has proven to be very effective for extremely distant galaxies. (2-p288) This energy amount is calculated by using the acceptable theories of thermal nuclear reactions (fusion and fission). This amounts to consuming five hundred million of our suns per second to produce the energies emitted throughout the electromagnetic spectrum. 300 such radio sources have been discovered and about one third of them have been optically confirmed as being quasars. Cygnus A should have expanded much farther than it has. we will consider radio galaxies to be quasars because that is what they are when we talk of distances that far away. (2-p291) The other astronomical objects detected at these far distances are called radio galaxies. and this proves we are correct in our belief. The average energy output of a quasar is at least 1046 ergs/sec over the life-time of the quasar stage. The above estimates of the internal energy are probably underestimated. also. It has been calculated that the internal energy constant is 1058 ergs per output for Cygnus A and 1060 ergs for 3C-236. These are radio sources produced by a celestial body and detected by using large antenna systems. This confirms that they are very old objects (at least 17.5. The centers of quasars are believed to be only light months across or less.

because the process we are observing is not matter being consumed but rather is a product of matter (a whole galaxy) entering this 147 . the following is from the noted professor of astronomy. This process would generate one thousand times more energy than is observed for Cygnus A.” (1-p645) The point we wish to make is that the idea that energy comes from matter (E=mc 2) is wrong. it is now time to safely state seve ral more postulates of the diehold. This also means that to measure energy levels in ergs over short or long periods of time is pointless. like all galaxies. the diehold would instantly fill up that area with as much information as necessary to fill up that tear. went through the quasar stage of evolution some 17 to 20 billion years ago and had consumed matter for energy to produce the power quantities mentioned above. (2-p289) To sum up the problem of the energy output of quasars. A strong magnetic field would hold the plasma together with other highly excited particles. The amount of information that can be modulated into our dimension is not limited by time or space. which would agree more with observations. George 0. As Tesla said: “Nuclear energy is an illusion.” The reason why it is incorrect is simple and blatant: if our galaxy. this galaxy shouldn‟t exist today. The results would be a much slower expansion of Cygnus A. This means that if a tear or a lack of information developed in the universe. but this would mean that it would consume 10 billion solar masses every second. To put it in simpler terms. After all that. we believe our galaxy would have had to use up all its matter (certainly all of its hydrogen and helium) billions of years ago. We will go even further and say that the entire theory of nuclear energy needs a great deal of revision. Energy is not the product of matter but rather is a result of the amount of information modulated into our dimension by the diehold. Abell: “We have then the perplexing picture of a quasar: an extremely lumi nous object of small size displaying enormous changes in energy output over intervals of months or less from regions less than a few lightmonths across.Another theory about Cygnus A is that energy may be produced by a low-pressure plasma. 100 times the luminosity of our entire galaxy is released from a volume more than 1017 times smaller tha n the galaxy.

The galaxy produces two radio sources. It‟s like water pressure through a valve: if the pressure is too high. since its potential is so great that it is producing only ultraviolet light. The strong magnetic field from the center causes the radio fre148 . Instead.4). Cygnus A is detected at a frequency of about 5 GHz. We will describe and explain the phenomenon and relate its cause to a strong magnetic field. We only “see” the quasar and its radio frequencies after many years of expansion. Not until the modulation point has expanded large enough to reduce the resultant energy will lower frequencies of light be produced. it is spewing forth so much information and creating so much potential that it is most likely that the matter-part of the information is too unstable to be modulated into existence. in turn. This theory would explain why quasars and other radio sources have not spread out as far as we might have thought possible. Quasars do exhibit this effect. It is only until the pressure is relieved by increasing the modulation point large enough that the information is reduced to lower levels of potential. The information now is at such a high state of potential that it is too high to actually modulate into three-dimensional objects (gases and other forms of matter). Radio sources that have been identified with quasars exhibit another phenomenon that has not been fully explained before. Also. Strong magnetic fields from quasars is the last observational proof we must find. their period of producing matter in the form of gases has only been a relatively recent occurrence. When the quasar first forms in this dimension.3). Cygnus A. The actual point of source is the optical image of the center. The first point we should ask ourselves is what are the effects produced by a strong magnetic field. This is when a magnetic field will split the spectral lines coming from a light source (Figure 6. imparted this potential to the information. It is estimated to be at least ten billion light years away. about two seconds of arc. it just remains as ultraviolet light. The information coming out of a quasar is similar: the pressure of the information is so great that it has. We believe these two separate radio sources are produced in a similar manner as the Zeeman Effect. Our example is the galaxy. A wellknown effect produced by strong magnetic fields is called the Zeeman Effect. In other words.dimension. it is unlikely that we would be able to see it for several billion years. on either side of the optical image (Figure 6. The energy level has been observed to be about 1048 ergs/sec. you cannot divert that stream of water.

Zeeman Effect RADIO IMAGE VISUAL IMAGE RADIO IMAGE 1. that a strong magnetic field is indeed present at the center of these quasars.4 Drawing of the radio galaxy.3 Drawing showing the effects of a strong magnetic field on a light spectrum.LIGHT SPECTRUM UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF A STRONG MAGNETIC FIELD NO MAGNETIC FIELD An example of the splitting of a light spectrum caused by a strong magnetic field.000 LY EQUIDISTANT RADIO SOURCES Figure 6. This observational proof seems to be adequate to prove our point. Figure 6. It has been found that 20 percent of the iron present in a mature galaxy is 149 . The Zeeman Effect and the dual radio sources have been observed in quasars and in later stages of galaxies. Cygnus A quencies to separate in a similar manner. There is evidence that the line spectrums of iron are emitted from these early galactic stages of evolution. There is one more observational bit of evidence that indicates the same thing.000.

This is evidence of the universe expanding. We would expect to see these light spectrums present where there is such a tremendous amount of information being directed toward such a small area. but what about some quasars that have been observed much closer. which is 800 million parsecs (2. the light spectrum of iron we are observing does not really represent the physical metal iron. we would expect all the quasars to be of roughly equal age. The reason we observe younger quasars in space becomes apparent when we look at what happens to the information after it passes down through levels of time in the diehold (Figure 6. As Points A and B have grown farther apart. we will have to restate another postulate about the diehold and existence.produced within the first 500 million years of its inception. As described by our initial description of the diehold. on a permanent basis. we would expect to see them that old. As men150 . But. many of the spectral lines of iron are really the frequencies of various carrier. synchronizing and resynchronizing frequencies. there has been less information occupying that volume of space. How does a quasar show up that appears to be only 2. It will also not permit too little information in a certain volume of space. at Level one. Per our theory of existence. As you can see from the diagram. but notice that the distance between galaxy A and B has increased by three times. as mentioned in the light chapter. At time level two. are a proportionate distance from each other and the sides of the diehold. Later Evolution of the Universe Most of the quasars we observe are over 16 billion years old.6 billion light years) away? Per the initial explanation of the theory of the diehold. To best explain this. such as 3C-273. The diehold will never permit. Points A‟ and B‟ are separated by the same proportion as they were at Level one. Point A and B which represent galaxies. too much information to be directed toward one particular volume in time and space. We are actually looking at the carrier wave frequencies of the diehold.6 billion years old? It seems that it‟s about 15 billion years behind the older quasars.5).(2-p208) Scientists have been at a loss to understand how heavy metals could be produced in such a percentage considering the nuclear activity they theorize is going on.

This process would hypothetically continue until the midpoint (1/2 infinity) is reached. and the newer galaxies will be the only ones present. There is another important observation to be made from this 151 . At this point the oldest galaxies should have completely evolved to pure information again. we would expect to see the diehold rush information in somewhere between Points A and B to fill up that void.Figure 6.5 Drawing explaining why new quasars are formed tioned in the postulate. thereby creating quasar C of a much younger age.

M87. Short exposure. the Virgo cluster. 152 .Picture of the giant elliptical galaxy.

The Inverse Square Law states briefly that the intensity of an effect at the receiving end decreases inversely as the square of the distance between the transmitting source and the receiving source increases. electricity.diagram which is that the information on Level one would decrease by the square of the distance down through time.000Å. It is also observed from photographs of short exposure. such as light. They produce 10 times more radio luminosity than normal spiral galaxies and a thousand times more light. the light intensity striking a surface one foot away from a light source is 16 times greater than if the surface was four feet away. which is a giant elliptical galaxy emitting thousands of times more radio energy than a typical galaxy.250 to 2. (2-236) The Seyfert galaxy NGC 1068 emits energy at 1045 ergs/sec. and gravity. The scientists call this type of galaxy a Seyfert galaxy. this may explain why the Inverse Square Law is present in our universe. The Next Stage of Evolution for a Galaxy Per our theory. At this stage we would assume that the galaxy is much larger than the initial quasar. ejecting a stream of matter (gases or stars) 153 . and gas is seen being ejected from the nucleus at least 600 km/sec. This law holds for all forms of information transfer. There is a great deal of observational evidence proving all of the points of our theoretical model. What is very interesting about this galaxy is that we can see stars coming from the center. Its modulation point has expanded sufficiently to produce all forms of electromagnetic radiation. (4-39) The same unexplainable phenomenon is observed in the Virgo cluster M87 (Illustration). In other words. heat. There has never been an explanation of why the Inverse Square Law even shows up. the stage after the initial quasar stage is when the galaxy produces matter in the form of gas and begins forming stars. from ultraviolet light down to radio noise. We know of no other cosmological model that even attempts to answer that phenomenon. There is no logical reason why energy should divide like that except if it was an intricate byproduct of the information that makes up all matter. They also produce a great deal of ultraviolet radiation. magnetism. such as the Orion galaxy. which produces great amounts of ultraviolet light between 1. For example.

All spiral galaxies have active. as well as all types of radiation. you have to add into the equation of the universe the obvious possibility of a conscious intelligence directing creation. The energy is estimated to be about 1042 ergs. When you see photographs of M87 or the Orion galaxy. and that stars would form uniformly. We can see from the smallest forms of life to the largest forms of existence. perpendicular to its axis. one would think that a revolving. These galaxies start forming the more familiar ring of stars around a large bright center mass of more densely packed stars. Our galaxy is estimated to be one hundred thousand light years in diameter. that matter directed by some conscious intelligence is creating other conscious intelligences. we must make some mention of the jets of matter or stars that are being observed coming from these types of galaxies. Elliptical galaxies are the next stage of development for a galaxy. Normally.away from the center. (2-p280) With these observations we have proved all the points laid down by our galactic model. Our conclusion has to be that creation happens on all levels of existence. (1-p503) The galactic center (2 degrees from the middle) is observed ejecting hydrogen gas. The center is still quite bright and produces varying amounts of radio noise. (1-638) The last observational fact is that it is normal that 70 percent of the energy coming from Seyfert galaxies originate from an area no more than 50 parsecs in diameter. one to two percent of the time. Our galaxy (the Milky Way) is this type of galaxy. no part of the theory disagrees with any other part. There is no logical explanation in the acceptable theories of physics to explain the way these galaxies form their stars. The last stage of a galaxy that we know of is the spiral-type galaxy. 154 . We see the same type of phenomena in young stars called T Tauri stars (to be covered later). The observations fit logically into one theory of existence. Before leaving this section. and our sun is estimated to be about thirty thousand light years from the center. There is a logical flow from one idea to the next without having to come up with any new theories. bright centers. a galaxy. The centers of these galaxies give off gravitational waves and radio waves from 10 to 300 MHz. round mass of gas and energy would evenly spread out.

The rotation of the sun is very unusual. calcium. argon.000-3.5 days. the greater the gas density and. For instance. around 70º latitude. The temperature of the photosphere is estimated to be about 6. the corona. Gravity is measured in “gausses. Notice that the temperature increases while the pressure of the gas decreases. it takes 27. The surface gravity is 27. This temperature increase will be explained later in the chapter. Scientists have been able to calculate the temperature of this layer by observing the very ionized spectral lines of iron. During some solar eruptions.9 times greater than the earth‟s gravity. The next layer of the sun‟s atmosphere is called the chromosphere. the greater the temperature. It is 2. 20 million degrees centigrade have been recorded. Most of the light produced by the sun comes from this layer. They estimate the temperature to be one to 10 million degrees centigrade. The surface of the sun is called the photosphere. The stronger the gravity.000º C. It is estimated that the photosphere is 260 km thick. This is the most important event in man‟s evolution. The same is true for the third and highest known layer of the sun.000 km thick and has a temperature of 100.” The surf ace gravity on the earth. the equator revolves on its axis every 25 days. but at around 30‟ latitude. The equatorial region revolves faster than the higher latitudes. The pressure at the surface is said to be only a fraction of the earth‟s atmospheric pressure at sea level. in turn. The traditional description of a star is a mass of hot gasses tightly compressed due to a strong gravitational field. The reason the sun can have these differential rotation rates is because its surface is like a fluid rather than a solid-unlike the surface of 155 . and other elements. north or south. Still further away from the equator. is a little less than one gauss.000‟C. The photosp here consists mostly of hydrogen (60-80 percent) and helium. and then a greater understanding to what makes up a star and what causes it to nova. This is opposite to what was stated previously about the pressure-temperature relationship. nickel. The purpose of this section will be to give you a brief introduction as to the evolution of a star. the sun rotates in 33 days.Our Sun The most important recurring event in the universe is revealed in the reason why a sun novas. measured at sea level.

We can make an important assumption here: that the modulation point must be rather small relative to the amount of information that must pass through it. we said that the heat source was caused by the modulation point of the information for the earth.6 Drawing of the cross section of the sun 156 . This also means that the sun has no matter in its core. but we will take a crack at it. instead. No one knows what causes this differential rotation rate.the planets. This modulation point formed from the information which makes up the planet is responsible for the magnetic and gravitational field.6). is a tremendous magnetic and gravitational field. We say this because of the tremendous energy being emitted. The only difference between the sun and the earth is that the sun has much more information and potential than does the earth. along with the large amount of ultraviolet light. The same thing would be true for the sun (Figure 6. Regarding our description of the interior of the earth. This is the information for the sun entering this dimension and being directed toward the modulation point. What we would expect to find there. along with only small amounts of matter or gases present on the CORONA CHROMOSPHERE PHOTOSPHERE MODULATION POINT Figure 6.

magnetic fields of 100 4.000 gausses have been detected. The only reason astronomers think they are cooler is because they appear as black spots on photographs using infrared filters. the ultraviolet light strikes the hydrogen and helium gases in the photosphere. thereby enabling the ultraviolet light to pass straight out into the upper atmosphere of the sun. in turn. One is that since the sun spot appears as a black spot by using either no filter or an infrared filter. Astronomers assume them to be approximately 1. Most of the ultraviolet light is then absorbed.surface. We would say. This idea seems to be proven by observations of sun spots.300º C cooler than the surrounding surface. Fluorescence is when a short (higher) wave length of light strikes an element and is absorbed. the magnetic field lingers on. all this observation proves is that the wave length of the spot is higher than visible light and infrared radiation. This further proves we are literally looking into the center of the sun. then the question is: what causes the light? The answer is easy. This can only mean that the spot is emitting ultraviolet light of very short wave lengths. This is because the surface of the sun is still too thin to totally veil the magnetic field. The hydrogen and helium. No one has ever figured out why sun spots appear to be black. The element. give off a lower wave length of light which is in the visible light spectrum. The surface around the sun spot shows up in the infrared wave lengths. it is assumed that the true wave length of the spot is lower then the infrared spectrum. A very small amount of the information would modulate into matter around the “surface” of the sun. Today. in turn. If our model of the sun is correct. In the sun. 157 . It is a well-known fact that the sun gives off vast quantities of ultraviolet light. The sun‟s light is produced by the process called fluorescence. The appearance of these sun spots means we are looking into the center of the sun. These spots last from a few hours to a few months. The reason no light is present at sun spots is because the hydrogen and helium have been evaporated or pushed away. When sun spots occur. Usually a short time after the sun spot disappears visually. We would theorize that most of the matter part of the information leaves this dimension almost as fast as it enters. Nikola Tesla said it back in the 1890‟s. We would see it leave as ultraviolet light of very short wave lengths. gives off a longer (lower) wave length of light. (1-p527) There are two faults with their theory.

but it didn‟t fit the character istics of a nova. They theorize this energy is produced by the principle called fusion. It is necessary to compare the two so you realize the discrepancies in the amount of energy that has been produced compared with the energy they calculate could be produced. and it is estimated that the total energy the sun has available to it amounts to 6 x 1051 ergs. and it remained bright over a long period of time. It has been calculated that the energy leaving the sun amounts to 3. if it is powered by a fusion-type process. No one has given a hypothesis of what this phenomenon is. This is the amount of energy that the sun will emit over its life-time. The missing four million tons of matter is said to be producing the energy which we see. the temperature of the gases to as much as 18 million degrees centigrade. in turn. This type of star is “giving birth” to its planets.6 billion years old. the sun should shine over another 100 million years. In the fusion reaction.8 x 1033 ergs/sec.enviornmentalists are complaining that fluorocarbons are destroying the ozone layer in our upper atmosphere. We theorize that it is similar to the same type of observation seen in early galaxies. and it‟s just forming its planets. We feel it is only fair that we describe how traditional physics tries to describe the energy source of the sun. and then only gradually diminished. (1-p546) It is estimated that the earth is at least 4. it would take time for the matter to cool down and finally start solidifying to form the crust. These stars are observed giving off a wisp of matter from the side (Figure 6. some 600 million tons of hydrogen is converted into approximately 596 million tons of helium. At first this increase in light was considered to be a nova. using the thermal nuclear principle. This star is already many billions of years old. The fusion is caused by a tremendous gravitational field which raises the pressure and. as mentioned earlier. They estimate that at the present rate of consumption. This means that the sun should emit energy over a lifetime of a little more than ten billion years.7). The energy levels emitted per year is 1041 ergs. such as the T. Its brightness slowly increased. but this does not hold up against observations of young stars. After the planet is formed. This ozone layer is responsible for shielding us from most of the ultraviolet light rays from the sun. and chances are the sun existed many billions of years before the earth was formed. Tauri stars. Some sources say that the sun was formed at the same time as the earth. 158 .

Figure 6.7 Pictures of a T tauri star 159 .

physicists have tried to test their theory of the source of the sun‟s energy by an ingenious experiment done by Brookhaven National Laboratory.The problem with current dating methods is that it only measures the time when rock crystals first formed. We would have a better idea of the age of the sun by assuming that the matter of the sun was produced two billion years after the galaxy was first formed. When Chlorine37 is struck by a neutrino. it is impossible to connect the age of the sun with the age of its planets since we do not know how many years after the sun was formed that it produced its own planets. Since we are observing quasars that are 17 to 19 billion years old. What we are trying to say is. even they know that something is very wrong with their theory. all of its nuclear fuel should have been used up from four to five billion years ago. of course. that you accept the idea of nuclear fusion. If we assume that two to three billion years after our galaxy was formed. if the sun‟s generating process was nuclear energy. There does seem to be a major problem with the acceptable nuclear theory! Astronomers also know that the gravitational energy of the sun is grossly inadequate to produce the luminosity it has produced over its life-time. our sun was formed. This is assuming. and the period of time when matter was in a liquid or gaseous state is not measured. The logic of this reasoning is that the hydrogen gases it is allegedly consuming should be the same gases that originally formed it. it is supposed to be transmuted into Argon37 and an electron. They would detect the neutrinos by using an isotope of chlorine (CL37). As mentioned earlier. we can assume that our own galaxy is at least 17 billion years old. Theoretically the experiment should have detected quite accurately the quantities of 160 . one of the gases that is seen spewing forth from the center of galaxies. it means that our sun would be from 14 to 15 billion years old. So. by the way. The experiment was to see if they could detect a certain percentage of neutrinos striking the earth. So the question really is: How old is our galaxy? We can safely assume that since we are looking back onto time when we look at other galaxies. Hydrogen is. If the sun does produce its energy by nuclear fusion. The idea was to detect how many radio-active argon atoms would be produced over a period of time. our own galaxy must be relatively older and more mature than most of the ones we are observing. three percent of the energy released should be in the form of particles called neutrinos.

To quote again from George 0. the temperature of the F2 layer is 40 times greater than at the surface of the earth. The latter conclusion.” Per our theory. the discrepancy comes from the fact that the sun does not derive its energy from thermal nuclear reactions. the polarity of the sun spots seem to change.9). or as yet unexplained defects in (the) experimental techniques. The 11-year sun spot cycle and the alternating 22-year sun spot cycle seem to be caused by two types of synchronizing frequencies.8 that as the magnetic field reaches zero. We would analyze these upper atmosphere layers of the sun as being similar to the D. This is similar to the phenomena found on the earth. The result of the experiment was that there were five times less neutrinos than originally expected. where the temperatures necessary for thermal nuclear reactions could occur. however.. A simpler way of saying this is that these upper layers are ionized by the information that makes up the sun. otherwise we are left with the possibility that the sun.. This is not in any way to say that the entire magnetic field of the sun changes polarity. These highly ionized layers are caused by wave groups of frequencies that are formed by the modulation point at the center of the sun. As on the earth. Fl. the potential increases considerably. There has been no explanation for this discrepancy. As you will remember from our discussion of the earth‟s mag netism. For instance. 161 . there are various synchronizing and resynchronizing frequencies that manifest themselves as increases and decreases in the earth‟s magnetic field.neutrinos striking the earth. at present. Abell: “It is conceivable that there is a fundamental oversight in our nuclear physics theory. during the 22-year sun spot cycle. The reason the sun spots appear only around the equatorial region is because the electrostatic field created by the collapsing field is radiated perpendicular to the magnetic field (Figure 6. You will see by Figure 6. would truely send us back to the drawing board. It appears that the sun also has these resynchronizing frequencies of short duration. The neutrinos being detected are probably produced in the corona. The next point to be explained is what causes the chromosphere and the corona. is not deriving energy from the protonproton chain. just one or two frequencies. E. and F2 layers above the earth.

x H .8 Graph of a theoretical synchronizing frequency of the sun INFORMATION DIRECTION OF POTENTIAL Figure 6.9 Drawing of the sun showing the resulting potential caused by a collapsing field 162 .THE POTENTIAL CREATED BY THE COLLAPSING FIELD Figure 6.CONTROLLING FREQUENCIES I P .

So the area above one solar mass is all stars larger than ours and below is of lesser mass. Refering to Figure 6. even on the particle level. the light it produces increases. As explained in Chapter 3. They purport that as the density of particles becomes great enough. The following is a brief description of what scientists theorize about stars. Keep in mind that this is their theory. This is what they theorize forms a star. The reason it‟s verti cal is because the size of the star is dependent on the amount of particles that are attracted toward a specific spot. their mutual gravitation will attract them together. The one problem with their theory is that it does not explain what gravity is nor why a particle has a gravitational field. unless you can define what gravity is and why it is present. it makes no sense to guess how a star is formed. As the heat increases. It is called this because it‟s at this stage that the star is relatively stable.10 is the HertzsprungRussell diagram. whether it is of large or small size. In Figure 6. the area between the dotted lines is this hypothetical infant stage of a star.10. It has always been a mystery to astronomers how a star is created and what life trek it goes through before it has finished its purpose. Eventually their collective mass becomes great enough to cause the kinetic energy at the center of the mass to go up. As more and more particles collect. The area marked one solar mass is the approximate location of our sun. Astronomers do admit that since they are only looking at a “snapshot” of lots of stars in various stages of evolution. The zero-age line is most often called the main sequence. As you will notice. all measurements of stars are made relative to the mass or our star. the diagram is just an educated guess based on a theory of nuclear physics. All these stars revolve around the nucleus of our galaxy. The 163 . their collective gravitational field increases. which we have shown is not correct. such as super red giants and red giants. This diagram is accepted as being a good model for the stages all stars go through. it is not our interpretation of stellar evolution. Astronomers have attempted to describe the evolution of a star by making the assumption that stars are formed by dust particles in the galaxy.The Evolution of Stars Our galaxy is estimated to contain over 100 billion stars in varying stages of development. The area above zero absolute bolometric magnitude represents the energy released by very large stars.

The first group of stars to be discussed is the red super giants and the red giants.700‟ C and less. The surfaces of these red giants are calculated to be 2.10 The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram distance from A to B represents the time it takes a star to go from the loose particle state to the main sequence of stars. it is theorized stars will lose temperature and light magnitude. It 164 .Figure 6. Once they reach the main sequence. over time. The cycle will proceed down and to the right of the main sequence. They are at the top half of this graph.

Later. and helps prove our estimated that less than one percent of the stars are giants and super giants. their fate is to become a neutron star. When a star has finally used up its atomic fuel.4 solar masses) eventually lose most of their mass by ejecting it during novas or other processes unknown to astronomers. because it is one of the most interesting subjects in astronomy. we will use the acceptable scientific explanation of black holes to simplify the description of the effects. Since most people associate gravitational fields with matter. we will give our theory and its cause and effects. (1-p590) If the star has a mass greater than three solar masses at the end of its evolution. The larger stars (above 1. So astronomers assume that many such stars do eventually become black holes. in fact many with 20 solar masses and more.4 solar masses.4 solar masses and below 3. The final stage for normal size stars. A white dwarf cannot be greater than 1. it will collapse to become a black hole. produce less light per square area than stars of smaller mass. There is no longer any more energy to maintain the star‟s 165 . they tend to collapse quite fast when their nuclear fuel is used up. The conclusions derived for a black hole by noted scientists like Oppenheimer. It is also theorized that red giants last only about 100 million years. The main characteristic of a black hole is that it has an extreme gravitational field directed toward an extremely small area in time and space. Schwarzchild. The black hole is formed if a star‟s mass is three times greater than our own sun‟s. imply that a first dimension exists. Its density will be one million times greater than water. Amore detailed description of black holes is appropriate now. For instance. and Rosen. or its mass will be so great that it will collapse to zero diameter. less than three solar masses. one neutron star with one solar mass would be 20 km in diameter. Stars with masses greater than our own sun. The red giants have low density and. It is theorized that most stars do reach this white dwarf stage by somehow losing part of their mass over a long period of time. with masses ranging from slightly greater to ours to a little less. are quite common in our galaxy. Einstein. it begins to contract. The neutron star would possess a magnetic field of 1010 _ 1012 gausses. is called a white dwarf. Because of their tremendous size and mass. The next group of stars are of the type like our own sun. therefore. For large stars that have not been able to lose sufficient mass and are larger than 1.

This means that the original star has disappeared from our universe.size and stability. The next zone is called the event horizon. The event horizon represents the distance from the center at which the gravitational field is so intense that even light cannot escape the gravitational pull. Any light that is directed perpendicular from the center of the black hole will not reach any further than the event horizon. As the spacecraft approaches the event horizon. Before it reaches singularity. This is what distinguishes it from the other layer. Let‟s say we send a spacecraft with a clock aboard to the center of a black hole. What is more interesting is what is happening to time.11).11 Cross section of a black hole. time would begin to slow down. they would not notice that time had Figure 6. if directed at the correct angle. So the star continues to collapse to a finite point possessing an infinite gravitational field but no matter. there are two important zones surrounding it that must be mentioned. Below the photon sphere. The photon sphere is the distance at which a beam of light is able to circle the black hole. After it passes through the event horizon. 166 . time would stop completely. The first is the photon sphere. time would become infinitely long. What is interesting is that if there were occupants aboard. As the spacecraft approaches the black hole. all light directed toward the black hole will curve in toward the center. This point is called singularity (Figure 6.

we could say they parallel themselves.000 degrees C. it creates its own gas cloud around the center of the modulation point. we would see the spacecraft traveling slower and slower. Einstein and Rosen came up with the theory that the black hole created a hole in our universe which led to another universe. This description of a black hole was a conclusion mandated by Einstein‟s Theory of Relativity. Multidimensional Reality Explanation We theorize the sun first forms from the center of a galaxy as a small modulation point similar to the evolution of a galaxy. eventually it would appear to stop and then disappear. The matter would enter this other universe through a “white hole. This forced them to forget their old ideas of existence.slowed down. The funny thing is that the idea that matter comes from or can go to another dimension has no place in the Theory of Relativity. the potential produced by the modulating information is too high for matter to actually form in this dimension.000 degrees C. Even though we feel the Theory of Relativity is incorrect regarding energy and what causes gravity. It would appear very blueish and appear to have a very high surface temperature above 25. because their nervous systems would slow down along with time.” thought to be a quasar. The idea of a star being formed by intergalactic dust particles does not enter into the picture. per se. The big question scientists ask is where did all the matter for the star go when it collapsed to the singularity point. the temperature could go as high as 60. In the early stellar stages. This is because the opening or modulation point that all the information passes through 167 . For larger stars. It only became a conclusion to the problem of black holes because the mathematics of the problem of super gravitational fields led it to that logical conclusion. If we were observing the spacecraft from a vantage point outside the photon sphere. the scientists came to this conclusion because they were forced to explain gravity at its extremes. In many respects. This theory is called the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. When the modulation point representing that star comes into being. but we would never see it go past the event horizon. We would conclude that when a star is first formed we would observe it as a very strong ultraviolet light source.

As you can see. hightemperature so small that it raises the pressure of information through that opening so high that the information is unstable when it enters this dimension. In the next stage of stellar evolution.700‟ C and takes on an orange to red appearance. As time goes on. in turn. Its surface color has become red by now. as fourth -dimensional beings. We.200‟-4. This is also the stage where it begins to produce more heavier elements such as iron and chromium. the star‟s surface temperature is further lowered to 3. it begins to lose its blueish appearance and becomes white. When the star reaches a temperature of around 7. the color of the star went from the high end of the light spectrum (ultraviolet) to the lower (infrared) end. a form of existence on a level we cannot approach. It seems that intelligence is the accumulation of potential. That means that if a star originally has more information that makes it up than another star. Per our theory. It may seem strange to 168 . This. The following is another way of explaining the reason for the tremendous gravitational field created toward the end of a star‟s existence. All stars begin as very bright. all the way up to a star-it has more potential than anything we know. In the next stage. We believe that as the modulation point becomes larger. It is white to yellow in appearance. have more potential that do three-dimensional objects. As mentioned in Chapter 3. Sixth-dimensional beings would have far more potential than we. the surface temperature is further lowered to less than 3.200‟ C. (1-p4l9) At this stage of evolution. a star produces more matter around the modulation point. In the next stage of stellar evolution.300‟ C. the potential or temperature is inversely proportional. Our sun falls in this category. we theorize that the star produces its planets. As the potential goes down. This would be observed as a thicker sea of liquid gas surrounding the modulation point.700‟C. the modulation point grows larger due to the expansion of the universe. the star never leaves the main sequence line. The temperature and brightness is a function of the amount of information that makes up the star. as the potential of the star went down. it will be hotter and possess greater luminosity. causes the temperature to be reduced and permits the star to produce matter of low atomic weight. we also look at a star as being possibly an intelligence. the star‟s surface temperature is approximately 5.

it would be: total information = modulated matter + light ( r. then we would observe this gathering as evidenced by its gravitational field. leaving this dimension). At this stage. it modulates more matter into existence. we make the assumption that it perceives most of its existence from its information in the diehold. It is not good enough to say that something exists solely for our benefit or strictly because it‟s there. but we should attempt to explain the existence of everything in the universe. This we more commonly refer to as the speed of light. When it is first created. This is the other way of looking at the increase of a star‟s gravitational field. If we accept the premise that the star exists to evolve. from what happens on the planet with all forms of life to the evolution of planets and stars and even galaxies. Our first explanation of this is that as it creates more three-dimensional matter. Since we say a star perceives its surroundings more from the first dimension (the diehold) than it does from any of the other dimensions. less light is given off. indicates one and one thing only: that everything is in a state of evolution. its gravitational information becomes greater than the unstable information leaving the star in the form of light. the maximum speed obtainable is the speed of the tapehead across the information. One of the basic premises of our theory is that there is a continuity through all forms of existence. As the star becomes older. then that evolution must be intricately involved in the gathering of information.” When we take the example of a star. As time goes on. its gravitational field is great due to the fact that the information being directed toward it is in equilibrium with the unstable information leaving it. So now to answer 169 . There is one basic theme for existence. As more matter is created. at the last stage all information that makes up that star will be modulated into matter. The important question to be asked now is at what rate does this star gather information? As mentioned in previous chapters. the star becomes a neutron star or black hole. If we wanted to make a simple equation for the idea. Using this theory. a constant state of “becoming.look at a star as being a form of existence. and that is to evolve. Gravity and magnetism are really information being directed toward a certain area in time and space. We make this assumption because everything we see in the universe. its gravitational field becomes greater and greater.

Today. Using this analogy. So we really don‟t know how fast the gas shell starts out. that it can no longer exist in this dimension or in any other dimension but the first dimension. and the cycle would start all over again.the question. also perceiving us. As we observe it and collect information on its appearance and behavior.600 km/ sec. and it has finally reached a point where it‟s able to remove its information entirely from our universe. more and more information would be directed toward this star. astronomers realize that stars can nova more than once and that only the outer layer of gas is ejected from the star.” It has. Gas shells have been observed expanding at about 4. covering a period of maybe some 25 billion years. The Einstein-Rosen idea that through a black hole you could enter another universe is not very far wrong. It gathers information 360‟ around its domain of information in the diehold. we only begin to notice a nova well after the process has begun. in turn. by the 40th day of observation. This star would gather information at the speed of light. It disappears from our universe and goes back to the diehold where time stands still as domains of information on the “tape. in turn. The light increase happens 170 . because it is actually the information of the objects around it. These fluctuations are known as novae. We would not say you would be entering another universe. It perceives this information entirely from the diehold. At some point it has gathered so much information and. it is. as time goes on. it also goes through fluctuations in its appearance and energy levels. in essence. We could say that if we could see that star. The old theory about a star that has novaed was that it had blown itself out of existence. You would not. Novas As a star goes through its various stages of evolution. totally evolved. Unfortunately. What happens is merely that the gas shell expands very rapidly away from the star. This information does not modulate itself as additional matter. but the matter and information would be sent out through a quasar to form another galaxy within this universe. It has gathered information from one end of the universe to the other. it in turn is perceiving the information about our existence. has produced such a tremendous gravitational and magnetic field around it.

The same is true for a star but even more so.700‟ C to 20. large amounts of X-rays and radio waves are also emitted. a star can become tens of thousands of times brighter than before. In this case. Some time after the nova. The temperatures of the gas observed during a nova range from 4. When the gas shell expands. from large stars to small white dwarfs. a nebula cloud will form around the star. Eventually the star will return to a normal appearance. The X-rays produced travel slower than light. within a day. The spectrum immediately shifts to the ultraviolet. the light could eventually become hundreds of millions of times greater than before. When the star is very large. The bottom line of all these tidbits of information is that astronomers don‟t know what causes a nova. we detect the X-rays some time after the light has reached us. the magnetic field is caused by various clocking. Multidimensional Reality Explanation Using our theory of existence. we can assume that there are many more of these clocking (controlling) frequencies. Astronomers have calculated that the heat necessary to produce some of these X-ray sources is as high as 50 million‟ C. To understand what happens in a star when it novas. Besides large amounts of ultraviolet light. All types of stars have been observed in the centers of these nebulae.000‟ C. The reason for this is that there must be more controls in the 171 . After the gas shell has been ejected. therefore. Many of the stars give off no more light than our own sun and are believed to be not much larger. the only light the gas gives off is due to fluorescence caused from the ultraviolet coming from the star. Since there is much more information that makes up a star compared to a planet. you will have to recall our discussion of polar reversals on the earth. it will super nova. As you will remember. The shape of this nebula often appears as a ring such as the famous ring nebula. it becomes relatively easy to understand what a nova is and why it occurs.very fast. the star no longer gives off a continuous spectrum of light. The light will eventually decrease over a period of years to decades. carrier wave and synchronizing frequencies being directed toward the earth. nor what mechanism is involved in the sudden eruption of a star.

Picture of the ring nebula 172 .

In fact. Below is a list of the number of these types of stars listed by the Soviet General Catalog of Variable Stars (1968). The next question to be asked is what period or length of time do these various types of controlling frequencies have. They are the 11year and 22-year sun spot cycles. It is thought that most of the long-period variables are red giants or super red giants. there appears to be enough evidence to support the idea of various cycles effecting the appearance of a star. For example. They are called long-period variable stars and pulsating variable stars.1 to 0. Number of Stars Known In Our Type of Star Galaxy Pulsating Variable Stars Frequencies (Days) Cepheids (type 1) Cepheids (type 2) Tauri stars Long-period Mira-type Semiregular Irregular stars R R Lyrae/cluster-types Beta Cephei/Beta Canis major Delta Scuti Spectrum variables 706 (About 50) 104 4566 2221 1687 4433 23 17 28 3 to 50 5 to 30 30 to 150 80 to 600 30 to 2000 Irregular 1 0. The reason for this will be explained later. one of these stars (Delta Cephei) expands and contracts a distance of 3 million km. we come to the obvious conclusion that stars are much more affected by the clocking and synchronizing frequencies than is any planet.3 1 1 to 25 The pulsating light is caused by the star expanding and contracting. and is there evidence of some of these? The obvious cycles that come to mind are examples from our own sun. they would not be able to support any type of life. when we give the subject more thought. This is because a star is in a very delicate state of equilibrium between matter being 173 . This amounts to 7 to 8 percent of its mean radius. If there weren‟t these controls. The effects of this would be that a star would be a very unstable object. wide swings in potential would occur.diehold to keep all that information in place (in phase for its time and space). In summary. More examples have been observed from other stars. It would be so unstable that if it had planets.

This could have an appreciable affect on a star.modulated into existence and information (light) leaving this dimension. We would observe it at scattered times because the stars are various distances away from us. could we find any evidence to correlate distance with the appearance of a nova? There is one example that seems to indicate there is such a relationship. P represents the potential created 174 . We would be observing a continuous eruption of novas as the time line passes through the galaxy‟s center. Since these controlling frequencies are a function of the diehold. Examples would be sun spots or a star expanding. the dates obtained are amazingly close to our 12.8). the result would be an additional amount of potential being created.000-year time cycle. we have to conclude that these are not rare occurrences.000 years.13 is a graph showing what this 12. reason we see distant galaxies is because some of the stars within the galaxy fall on a number of these time lines. We would observe them as the magnetic fields of the star. Vela X.000 years apart. It is believed that it novaed some 11.000-year-long cycle might look like.000 to 15. In an average year.500 light years away. and light does not travel instantaneously. as many as ten regular novas have been observed. It is estimated to be approximately 1. The Line H represents the information of various clocking and synchronizing frequencies. So if a minor clocking frequency crosses the X axis (Figure 6. Figure 6. At Point E is the approximate location of the earth. Since time is very difficult to determine. It is possible that the only. It has been estimated that there is at least one super nova in our galaxy every 11 +2 years. Any star that falls on one of these time lines would be observed during a nova. astronomically speaking.000 years ago. Figure 6. The concentric circles represent time lines 12. The illustration is a top view of our galaxy. We further theorize that the time interval between these reversals is a little less than 12. We theorize that there is a moment in time that all these controlling frequencies cross the nil point (the X axis).12 best illustrates this idea. the reversal should happen all over the universe at the same exact moment. Considering the visual occurrence of novas and super novas in our galaxy. that is the star. The question is. The possible reason why the centers of spiral galaxies are active one to two percent of the time may be because one of these time lines is passing through a high concentration of stars.

We will arbitrarily start where the magnetic field is at its greatest.Figure 6. 175 .000 year time lines as they travel through the galaxy by these frequencies. This idea follows from well-proven electronic theory that the current is 90‟ out of phase from the magnetic field.12 Drawing depicting the 12.

This condition would continue almost up until the time when the star novaed. the potential caused by these controlling frequencies are at their minimum. In Step 2. It has been estimated that 10 percent of the stars observed are white dwarfs.000 year cycle and the resulting potential created Step 1-at this stage. we would expect to see the potential created. therefore. 10 percent of one of these cycles would represent 1. increase. So it appears that our observation of white dwarfs fits our diagram.13 Graph depicting the 12. This would cause the star to expand slightly and 176 . are of small radius. We would expect to see the star cooling down and expanding very slowly. the magnetic field is approximately equal to the potential it has created by its collapsing field. Therefore. the magnetic field of the sun would be decreasing more rapidly.Figure 6. In Step 3. White dwarfs have a high surface temperature. Do we see anything in our observations that would indicate stars of this category? We believe the stars that do fit into this category are called white dwarfs. and are therefore assumed to be of much greater density than are larger stars. (1-p458) By our diagram. we would expect to see the star highly compressed and also quite bright.200 years.

the magnetic field would be zero. is there any observational evidence that would lend support to Step 5? Astronomers do know that red giants and red super giants exist. In our graph. They have a much cooler surface temperature than do most stars. and the potential is still far greater than it was prior to the nova. The reason the sun would appear larger is because the magnetic field is still quite weak. The same could be said when it appears as a red giant. As the magnetic field begins to build up.the rotation of the star would decrease slightly. at which matter could modulate into existence. appearing more yellow. At this point. the star would begin to reduce in potential and would begin to create matter in the form of gases around its edge. It is unknown how long this nil point lasts. but this time the sun would appear much larger and quite red. the potential created by the collapsing magnetic field would create an instant spike of potential that would immediately expand the star to many times its original size. would be farther out. the appearance should change from red to orange. Did our own sun nova some time in the recent past? Our answer 177 . there would be less force helping to contain the hot gases. What this illustration implies is that a star not only changes in general appearance over a long period of time but that it also temporarily changes its appearance as the magnetic field increases and decreases. After some time. The color would change. Coupling this with the fact that there is no magnetic field containing what small amount of matter the star is made up of. Now the question is. The reason it would be larger is that the radius. The star‟s appearance changes as a result of temporary fluctuations in its potential. A star could appear as a white dwarf temporarily without actually being in the white dwarf stage. The cycle would continue until the star appeared as a white dwarf. In Step 4 (the reversal). all we would see of the sun is a tremendous amount of ultraviolet light coming from a small spot. that would represent a period of time less than 120 years. The color of the star should be red (Step 5) because the outside of the star would be cooler and its radius from the modulation point is greater. What is most interesting is that less than one percent of the stars observed are red giants or red super giants. After the gases have expanded. Our diagram accurately describes what is observed during a nova. There are some indications that it lasts only about 12 hours.

is re178 . How can these increased volcanic periods be caused by an earth that is supposed to be continuously cooling off? They can‟t even explain the heat source at the center of the earth. not to mention an explanation of why it would increase and decrease its potential. enough volcanic ash is produced that filters out a good deal of the su n‟s rays.000 years apart. One school of thought thinks that the ice age was caused by an increased period of volcanism.000 years ago. Ice Age A brief description of what the scientists think causes an ice age can be summed up simply. This is also the exact same moment that the polar reversal occurred on the earth. The other school of thought says the ice age was caused by a tilting of the earth‟s axis. Both theories cannot explain why the ice fields were 10 to 12. This tilting moved the current ice fields further south. Water vapor. What they can‟t explain is what would cause a recurring cycle of volcanic activity. there must be clouds. thereby cooling down the earth over a long period of time and causing an increased snowfall. there is a great deal of evidence to show that the polar reversal occurred at about the same time as the ice age and that both occurrences were about 12. our oceans must have lowered from 400 to 1. Clouds are formed from water vapor. Supposedly. which is necessary to have snow.000 feet. in turn. It has been calculated that to create an ice field this Yes. The big question in meteorology and geology has been what caused the ice age.000 feet thick from latitudes 40‟ north and 40‟ south. because all stars in the universe nova at the exact same moment in time. covering that much area. you have to ask the most basic question: how is snow formed? To have snow or any precipitation. As mentioned in Chapter 3. The problem with this theory is that a drop in temperature does not cause evaporation of water. Multidimensional Reality Explanation When you try to understand what causes an ice field to be that thick. These cycles are estimated to be from 10 to 20.

Any water facing the sun at this time would be evaporated extremely quickly.14).000 feet to create an ice field more than two miles thick. the earth would stop rotating. would cease for a short duration. But if the information were to be reversed.000‟ to 4.000 km/sec. All streams and rivers would dry up immediately. the temperature of these gases would be between 2. the earth would turn in the opposite direction. When the current is passed down through the wire. Since there would be a tremendous evacuation of atmosphere on the sun side of the earth.700‟ C. there must be a tremendous amount of heat. It takes at least 1. The scientific basis for the conclusion is a phenomenon that is observed when high voltage is passed through a wire. We would then see the sun rise in the west and set in-the east.1000 C to turn clay to glass. This has always been a phenomenon in science. 179 . there must be heat. the hot gases would expand. depending on the water‟s depth.leased into the atmosphere through the process called evaporation. only 1/3 of the planet would get the full treatment. This is explained in the footnote below. The earth is like the wire. The only source of heat within this parsec of space is our sun. At the moment of the flip-flop. For the oceans of our earth to be lowered as much as 1. At the moment the sun novas. The oceans facing the sun could be considerably evaporated. this would cause a refrigeration effect on the opposite side. The information for the earth‟s various controlling frequencies pa ss from the north to the south pole. We derive these temperatures from the evidence of vitrified clays and shales found all over the world and temperatures observed from other stellar novae. The scenario would go something like this. To have evaporation.‟ When the hot gases reach the earth. the wire will twist counterclockwise by itself. magnetic field. possibly as fast as 10. we would expect to see the earth rotate in the opposite direction. only one -half of the earth is facing the sun. directed toward the earth. The reason for this twisting is because it is a function of the information passing through our dimension. After the nil point is passed. This blast of hot gases would reach the earth in about five hours. the result of which would be a severe hail storm in the area. At that time. It is probably now becoming clear to many of you what caused all of the ice ages this planet has seen. The result would be that the earth turns or twists from west to cast. This 1 The reason the earth would stop rotating when the nil point is reached is because the direction of the controlling frequencies. and considering the angle of the edges. In Chapter 11 we will present various ancient mythologies that tell the same story: that at one time the sun rose in the west and set in the east. firmly connected only at one end (Figure 6.

At the time when the earth stops. we would theorize the earth turned from the east to the west. the oceans would have continued traveling in a westwardly direction. is there any evidence on the earth that the oceans did rush across the surface of the land? Twelve thousand years ago.14 Drawing showing the twisting of a wire and the rotation of the earth blast of heat would probably remain for as much as a month after the nova.Figure 6. gravel. and clay located all over the earth‟s 180 . The question now is.000 miles an hour) toward the east. the oceans on the back side of the earth would continue moving at the previous velocity of rotation (approximately 1. This means when the earth stopped. There is evidence of great deposits of sand. opposite to the direction on which it turns now.

but still a small percentage of the water will be evapo rated and will leave this planet. but geologists have discovered that the entire Amazon basin region is just like the glacial drift. sea shores. We believe that a great deal of this sedimentary material is formed by processes other than glacial activity. ocean beds. as it is sometimes called. There are some theories that the water is now in the form of permafrost in the ground. This may be the cause of comets.surface. Since this is highly improbable. This is because in order to have a glacier that would cover the tropical areas. Nobody knows where the water came from or disappeared to. The glacial drift or till. There are two more major bits of evidence that are extraterrestrial in nature. This may be possible at the two polar regions. rivers. These deposits have usually been identified with glacial moraines and drift. (8-p488) Geological formations that strongly resemble glacial drift have been discovered in many tropical areas. near the equator we think it is safe to rule out the possibility of glaciers. After the nova. but which also imply the same thing. There will be other occurrences that will happen on the planet at this reversal time. but in these lower latitudes. What the pictures of Mars show is definite evidence of streams. all covered with a layer of very fine dust particles (to be explained later). the earth will lose a certain percentage of its water. is believed to be deposited by glaciers. What we theorize is this: as mentioned earlier. a star becomes cooler as it grows older. it seems to make more sense that the oceans deposited a great deal of this material on the continents. it would imply that all the water on the earth had evaporated and was then deposited back on the earth as snowfall over the entire planet. Most of the water vapor will be caught in the upper atmosphere and will not escape the earth‟s gravitational field. These were mentioned at the end of Chapter 3. The question now is. and in Chapter 11 we will go extensively through the ancient mythologies which clearly describe such an event. One is Mars. We would say that our sun was 181 . The descriptions of Mars sent back by Mariner 9 and the Viking flights clearly show the evidence of large amounts of water once existing on the face of Mars. Glacial activity is a principle cause for the till in higher latitudes. is there any evidence on this planet that the sun did nova? There are clues in Chapter 10 in the section on mound builders.

The next evidence that the sun novas is the very existence of 182 . It is very possible that this cycle has been repeated through most of the planets in our solar system. it appeared that it was all deposited in one short period of time. What we think happened is that eventually. Mars got cooler because the sun got cooler. therefore. These layers of clay also have been generally devoid of fossils. To test this theory. (8-p60) The clay deposits and the till showed no signs of stratification. (7-p461) There are no glacial drifts found in Siberia. shale. over a period of many novas. So we would expect to see some type of fine grain material just below the glacial till. The rock underneath the till is almost always smooth and is sometimes polished. we wanted to see if there was evidence of the glacial till in Siberia. To further accentuate the idea that the till may not have been caused entirely by glaciers. As mentioned earlier. We would further theorize that the former occupants of Mars probably moved to the earth. We theorize that the dust found on the face of Mars was caused by the particles carried by the nova when the sun erupted. a high iron content. The clay in many of the locations had a reddish appearance and. Such deposits as slate. We say that Mars definitely did have life on it and probably highly advanced intelligence. The evidence is overwhelming that Mars had a climate similar to that of earth. In other words. We‟d also expect to see that the rock below the glacial till would exhibit some sort of chemical change due to heat. In our investigations we did find that the lowest level of the glacial till was composed of very fine-grained clay. the water on Mars evaporated completely. We say this because one of the photographs from Mariner 9 clearly showed large pyramids on the face of Mars (to be covered in Chapter 10).originally much hotter and maybe much larger. which is cold enough to have glaciers but is also very far from any ocean. The underlying rock in many parts of the world showed definite indications of being affected by great heat. but it was at some time in the past. This could have been a hundred million years ago or two billion years ago. This seems to prove our point that glaciers are not the major cause of the till or drift. There was always a fine line between this clay and the underlying rock. an ice age comes after the sun novas. we had to figure out where we would look for this type of dust on the earth. and conglomerate make up these lower levels of rock.

but this is because many micrometeorites have impacted on the lunar surface. (5-pl64) The next thing is that the moon is covered with a large amount of dust. merely that some 183 .16. The iron oxide content of the lunar soil is higher. It has been theorized the heat comes from volcanoes or from the impact heat of many meteors. This is relatively simple to explain. therefore. Number one. On the moon there is no free oxygen available with which the iron can associate.the moon. we know several things about the moon. What is particularly important is that the major ingredients that make up clay are present in the same proportions as in the dust found on the moon. All of the rocks brought back by the Apollo flights are igneous rocks. the compounds found on the moon are the same ones that make up the compounds of the clays. It has always been thought that this smooth face is caused from volcanic activity. the dust keeps its steel-gray appearance. On the earth. free oxygen molecules are present which can produce iron oxide. There are several exceptions. The next step in our investigation was to see if the chemical composition of the dust found on the moon compared with the chemical composition of the clays found in the drift (Figure 6. The last thing we must explain is why the dust found on the moon is gray while the dust found on Mars and the clays on the earth are reddish.100º 1. the origin of which is difficult to ascertain.15). Some of the other minor elements have also seeped into these clay layers from organic material above. As you can see by Figure 6. rocks that have been formed from heat (1. the silicon (Si 0 2) is greater because of the sand that leaches through the soil into the clay layers. There is no explanation for this. why shouldn‟t the same type of volcanic activity exist on the back side of the moon? The back side of the moon is very mountainous and full of craters. On Mars and on the earth. (Also 20 percent of the samples brought back by Apollo 12 were glass. it did not form from part of the earth.) (6) We would say that this dust is similar to the dust on Mars. which has a reddish color. We found that the chemical composition was very close. The rocks on the back side of the moon have some chemical differences from the rocks on our side of the moon. In that case. We are not saying that all clays found on the earth originate from the sun.200º C). Number two is that the side of the moon that always faces the earth is much smoother than the back side of the moon. From the Apollo flights.

25 2.4% 17.1 46.5% 10.45 4.3 10.0% 10.0 23.8 6.0% 7.19 10.13% 26. Al)6 (OH)12 Figure 6.0 49.0 .6 6.5 10.5 7.1 3.5 4.07% 21.5 4. Fe.5 10.7 3.1% 16. or Ca (OH2) A12 Si4 .3 6.1 4.0 47. Fe)6 020 or (Mg.20 3.0 61.0% 8.7 17.3 11.2 48.1 4.00 7.6 12.3 5.5 13.8% 17.35 Molecular Composition of the Lunar Surface Molecule Si 02 Fe 0 Ca 0 A12 03 48.9 61.95 45.1 21.4 60. AI)8 (Mg.21 8.4 5.1 1.1% 16. A12 02 Smectite (OH)4 Si8 A14 020 or Si 02.5H2 0 Kaolinite (OH)2 Si4 A14 010 or Si 02.6 1.0 16.K.15 The chemical composition of the most commonly found clays on the earth Atomic Composition of the Lunar Surface Element Apollo 14 Apollo 15 Apollo 16 Apollo 17 Earth’s Surface O-Oxygen Si-Silicon Al-Aluminum Fe-Iron Ca-Calcium Mg-Magnesium 60. A12 03 lilite Mg.Type of Clay Chemical Formula Allophane A12 Si 05 . 010 Chlorite (OH)4 (Si.

has been found on the tops of many mountains.15 7.0 1.5 .034 8. In Brazil a form of this red clay.2 Figure 6.16 Table of the chemical composition of the lunar surface of it probably originated there. called ironstone.9 . The clay covers the mountains like a mantel and is often from six to nine feet thick. it would therefore have received the full impact of the heat blast when the sun novaed.Mg O K2 O 8.51 .5 9.20 9. 184 .7 . (8-p560) The thickness can be explained by the fact that Brazil is located on the equator.

not so much to divide the year into lunar months. the orbit should be more elliptical because the moon had a forward velocity.There are two unusual facts about the moon that we do not consider coincidence. we will further prove our theory that the sun novaed. knew what existence was and the ideas to which man was to evolve. At some point. if allegedly the moon was captured by the earth‟s gravity. It is also very possible that the back side of the moon has a depository of information from past advanced civilizations. In the llth and 12th chapters. If this happened on a chance-type basis. placed in orbit a satellite which we call the moon. We say this because the same side of the moon is always exposed to the sun when it novas. the moon would no longer cover the sun. No matter how primitive the civilization is at this time. For a moment. But they also knew that after so many years. we must also conclude that the time between cycles is always exactly the same length of time. the sun novas and most or all of civilization is destroyed. maybe 100 or 200 million years ago. This advanced civilization. let‟s take a civilization that hasn‟t evolved to the idea of exist ence. knowledge of existence and evolution could also be destroyed. In other words. the sun will gradually expand. during one of the solar eclipses. we theorize. but more to give a clue to man as to what would happen in the future. As the time draws closer to the reversal. it is smooth because the surface is periodically being melted by the heat waves of the sun. Since one side of the moon always faces the earth and that is the side that is relatively smooth. the moon perfectly covers the photosphere of the sun. but is somewhat technologically advanced. This is why our side of the moon is relatively smooth. even they would begin to realize that something very wrong is about to happen. why does the moon have an almost perfectly circular orbit around the earth? Why should this be. That is. thereby revealing only the sun‟s corona? We do not think this is coincidence. From that time on there would no longer be a total eclipse of the sun. The evidence from ancient mythologies from 185 . accept the possibility that a highly advanced civilization. This moon would act like a time clock. How do we explain the “straightening out” of the orbit? The last thing which haun ts us the most is how is it that during an eclipse of the sun. This would mean that the following generation of survivors would not know what is to happen to their descendants in the future. and along with this.

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Kirlian photography is our experimental proof of Multidimensional Reality. John Wiley & Sons. Relativity and Cosmology (N.. W. Science News. 47 of the International Astronomical Union (Holland. B. During many of his electrical experiments. 1972).. Post-Apollo Lunar Science. J. The Red-Shift. Gravitation and Cosmology (N. 1977. it has been done by numerous scientists and private individuals.).. Lunar Science Institute. 111. no. Galaxies (Mass. Thomsen. A Hole in the Middle of the Galaxy.. Ries. H. K.000 volts and frequencies above 10. 124. The Antiquity of Man (Philadelphia.. Texas. A report in July 1973. producing a tremendous aura around 189 . 1977. The Moon-Symposium No.Kaufmann. 1972). It is a repeatable experiment that can be done by anyone.. III. S. Sir. 1972.. it must be proved by a repeatable experiment. Reidel Publ. high frequency phenomena were first discovered and observed in the early 1890‟s by Nikola Tesla. Scientific American. Clays.. in fact. vol.Y.Y. some involving voltages well over 100. C. Thomsen. E. 111. Tesla performed a demonstration by hooking himself up to a one million volt. Historical Notes The first high voltage. 187 CHAPTER SEVEN: Kirlian Photography Science tells us that in order for a theory to be considered correct. Feb..000 hertz. J. E. 1972). Science News. D. Runcorn. Weinberg.. 3rd. D. p. p. Shapley. Harper & Row. 195.. he observed an unusual blue glow around the capacitors used in the experiment. D.. (ed. 3. 170-182. In 1893 during the Chicago World‟s Fair. Lyell. p. (N. H. Supernovas. H. R. high-frequency line. 1927). 76. and Urey. C.. S. A. 1973). John Wiley & Sons. 19. ed.. Harvard University Press.Y. The experiment should produce the same results every time no matter who performs the experiment or where. Lippincott. anywhere. 1873). vol. Sandage.. vol..

The second part of the equipment increases the voltage of the oscillator circuit to about 20. In the illustration.000 volts have been used in some of the Russian devices.his body. When the voltage is turned on. The equipment consists of three parts: One is a frequency generator which produces a sine wave or square wave ranging in frequency from several thousand cycles up to as much as 5 MHz. We will not go into great detail on the actual workings of these units. (1-p32) In the late 1930‟s in Russia. Many years later a Czechoslovakian produced several photographs using high voltage. because high voltage equipment can be very dangerous. Kirlian photographs have been produced using pulse DC and low frequency AC.1). the electrons pass perpen190 . a husband and wife team by the name of Kirlian discovered the same phenomenon while working with high voltage. This form of high voltage. the top plate is attached to the step up voltage stage of the Kirlian unit. The majority of the devices use the voltages and frequencies mentioned earlier. The most commonly used device is something which resembles two capacitor plates (Figure 7. This is Probably the first time that the Kirlian effect was ever produced in the world.000 volts. Between the plate and the object (a leaf) is a dielectric (insulator) sheet. We are more concerned with explaining what we are looking at and why the phenomenon exists. The third part of the Kirlian device is the equipment to which the object is being attached. The bottom plate is connected to a ground. Over 100. They further developed and refined this form of photography. How It Is Produced There are many fine books that go into great detail on how one can build a Kirlian photography unit. high frequency devices. They produced new devices to create these images and did a great deal of research on the subject. We do strongly suggest that you read some of these books describing the equipment before you attempt to perform your own experiments. We will describe the basic principles used to produce this type of photograph. high frequency photography is named after them. high frequency to produce an image on film.

you are seeing informa tion passing us. time slows down (a phase shift). This image of light we will refer to as an “aura.” Between these two capacitor plates is an object. This potential. As the potential is raised.Figure 7. Multidimensional Reality Explanation In order to understand how the image is produced. The light images that show up in the center of the leaf are caused by the 191 . raises the potential of the information of the leaf. away from the surface of the leaf. when the electrons cross the information at 90‟.” When you see light. When the voltage passes from the top plate to the bottom plate. you must recall our discussion of how electrons are created in a generator. The information it passes turns out to be most visible at the edges of the leaf.1 Cross section of a Kirlian photographic unit dicularly from the surface of the top plate to the bottom plate. at the speed of light. where they pass on to the ground. The information for the leaf is directed around it from 360‟. The effect is that the modulation coordinates for the leaf are extended outward. small domains of potential are created which we call “electrons. forming other domains of potential along this 90‟ plane. in this case a leaf. it will pass perpendicularly to some of the information directed toward the leaf. relative to us. in turn. As the information of one object passes the information of another at 90‟. We observe it as a wide spectrum of light.

(1-pll2) The complete spectrum of light has been observed in these photographs from the low. at a little higher frequency. The first is that the frequency used determines what the image will look like. In Kirlian photography. it is a well-proven fact that at one frequency the image would be very bright and large. and how we can visualize and understand the differences in our reality. If the metal is cold. and fourth dimensional existences. This method of photography shall also show the difference between our second. third.information that is directed toward these internal structures in the same manner as previously described. After many experiments. each element that makes up the object should have its own specific light spectrum and. more energy 192 . infrared light to the high ultraviolet. The auras will change if either the voltage is changed and/or the frequency is changed. (2-pl2) These observations tend to prove our theory that each element is made up of specific frequencies. When photographing metals less voltage is required to produce the aura if the metal is very hot. and at a slightly higher frequency. its own frequency that will cause it to luminesce. the image would then reappear as before! (1-p59) It has also been observed that as the frequency changes. and that if another high potential frequency is applied to the elements. it has been noticed that the images show topographical features quite well. inanimate objects such as metals produce uniform auras perpendicularly around the object. (1-p58) It has been noticed that the effect of changing the frequency or the voltage has the effect of focusing in the image of the aura. in turn. Per our theory. When photographing inanimate objects. Description Of The Effects There are several basic variables that experimenters are familiar with that affect the outcome of the photograph. This idea is further proved by the observations made from inanimate objects. the image would disappear completely. The auras of inorganic or dead organic materials will both produce unchanged auras if the photographic variables are held constant. Yet. different parts of the picture would appear and disappear. they will become slightly demodulated and produce their various wave lengths of light.

When the object is totally dead. Photographs Of Living Objects The reason living organisms photograph differently from inanimate objects is because inanimate objects are thirddimensional existences. (2-p70) We theorize that these strong plumes of light are the result of greater quantities of information being directed toward a specific area of the plant or animal. (1p37) The light given off has the appearance of small channels or round bubbles of light. but some of the domains of light do not correlate with any of the internal structures of the living organism. Sometimes these colors are bright and sometimes they are faded. On humans some parts of the skin will Rare up in plumes of gold and blue light. are not constant and fluctuate in size and in intensity. No longer would there be the fluctuations in the light intensity or the shape of the aura. This light is seen flashing on and off in a myriad of colors. these domains of light gradually decline until they no longer appear. and living things are fourth-dimensional existences. For this reason. gray. such as at the ends of plant stems. Kirlian photography is a direct measure of the state and condition of life in a living object! (1-pl02) 193 . What is interesting is that until the first spray of light is absorbed. be they man or plants. When a leaf or other living organism dies. it will appear as an inanimate object would. needed. in turn. Many times they appear to flicker. such as veins. The observations to be described point this out quite well. where they are absorbed. long plumes of light have been observed. (1-p38) The luminescent colors of these clusters of light range from lavender to yellow. The auras given off by all living organisms. or orange. Some bubbles of light splash from one point on the surface to another point. The colors of these spheres have been observed to be pale lilac. (1-p45) Some clusters of light change shape to become spherical. Where strong concentrations of energy are present. This tends to prove our idea that potential must be applied to an object to demodulate it from our dimension. (1-p45) This luminescent aura produces the impression of transparency to the object. Some of the light given off indicates some of the internal structure of the organism. the transmitting area on the surface will not send out another plume of light blue.

the only thing that changes on the photograph is the disappearance of these bubbles of light and the brilliant fluctuations in the aura. (2-p96) When an individual is emotionally upset due to tension. it no longer gives off fluctuations of light. and in the center of the image will usually appear a red blotch. The red blotch is most characteristic of this emotional state. If the leaf dies. if it did. This idea will be further developed as we go through this chapter. There is always some slight difference in the areas of the flares or bubbles of light. open. No two individuals produce the same aura. (2-p66) 194 .Multidimensional Reality Explanation The above observations are telling us something very important about life. or when he is what is commonly called “uptight. Just a small. it is observed outside the actual physical body. (1-p62) It is not completely understood what all the causes are that change an individual‟s aura. the leaf appears as a glowing bright aura possessing many small bubbles of light. Human auras change from day to day and sometimes from minute to minute. When the leaf is finally dead. the red will be observed far beyond the perimeter of the aura. besides proving plainly our definitions about dimensions. 102) For some reason. that person will produce a wide. The remaining light represents only the information of the matter which still exists in our dimension.” The only change that is present is the absence of these domains of potential. anger. Many times the color of the aura will be in the blue and ultraviolet range. In other words. if the emotional state is great enough.” his aura will be small. which as yet we do not quite understand. arousal. evenly intensified aura appears around the leaf. When it is first photographed. which move around in some sort of order. there would be some sort of weight loss or physical change in the matter when the object “died. Neither are the plumes or bubbles of light observed. Our conclusion is that life is conscious energy or potential that is superimposed over three-dimensional matter. When a person is relaxed. Let‟s take the example of the plant leaf. This conscious energy does not actually exist in this dimension. and friendly. but two factors that definitely do are the emotional state of the individual and interaction with other people. happy. (1-p62. The only thing that the leaf has lost is this excess potential. bright aura.

The finger tips generally give off a blue color.The entire human body does not give off the same color aura. The information of these fingers is similar information. They didn‟t know why the image disappeared. The typical colors given off in the area of the heart are deep blue to violet. The arm pits give off a greenish-blue light. and the hips give off an olive color. This interaction affects the image produced. but they thought it may have been due to the moisture from the person‟s breath. The image this time came out to be extra bright as if more voltage was added to the photograph without changing the 195 . that like information cannot occupy the same time and space. During research done by Thelma Moss and her associates at UCLA. This seems to indicate that individuals do communicate from another dimension. They seem to indicate the true feelings between two people rather than the plastic. was that when a person breathed on a copper penny before the penny was photographed. there is no penetration or overlapping of the auras. Another interesting observation. that is. The next factor that affects the aura is man‟s interaction with his fellow man. Different parts of the body give off different colors. We see the result of this by observing the auras deform away from each other. and these auras indicate this type of communication. artificial feelings we so often tell our fellow man. deformed auras were observed either toward or away from the other person‟s finger. They tried the experiment again but using steam from a hot sponge. When two or more people‟s finger tips are photographed close together. Also. It has been discovered by many experimenters that the subject photographed is often affected by the experimenter. Most times the communication is on a nonverbal level. Rather the image deforms away from the other aura leaving a small space between the two auras. This interaction showed up as sparks of light between two or more individuals‟ fingers. The-only way to explain this is to apply our theory stated in Chapter 3. they observed nonverbal interactions between members of the same family or friends on the same photographic plate. the diehold will prevent them from occupying the same time and space. the image of the penny disappeared. made by Thelma Moss and her colleagues. but this changes as the emotional state of the person changes. lopsided. therefore. There is another observation to be made about the auras observed from people‟s fingers.

This charging has occurred because the potential of the living man is greater than the information of the inanimate element.frequency. They photographed the hand of a person who was asked to do strenuous exercises until he was perspiring. having a nice glow to it. and the most perfect crystal shape of oxygen is the octahedron crystal. The result is that the frequencies of the oxygen molecule from the body are at a higher potential than the ordinary oxygen. A series of experiments were done to see if there were two different types of water. The leaf was first photographed before and then after it was gashed. oxygen. The key ingredient in water is oxygen. and the other originating from the atmosphere. the results were different-the red blotch appeared. therefore. When the man‟s water vapor came in contact with the copper penny. it did not appear on the film. Since the crystal shape is octahedron. Their auras were then compared to see if there were any changes in the size and color. The frequencies of the element. the main frequencies of oxygen are similar to the carrier wave frequency of the diehold. one that originates from the body. The only way to explain this phenomenon is to use our theory. a black vacant spot in the 196 . These results perplexed them because it implied there are two different types of water. oxygen. When they photographed his hand. The very observant experimenter noticed in the “before” shots. therefore. (3-p2) Nobody has yet figured out why there seem to be two different types of water. his aura appeared to be quite normal. This resulted from a series of experiments that involved the gashing of part of the leaf by one of the experimenters. it slightly changed the frequency of the penny. When moisture was artificially induced on his hand by placing a plastic bag over it. It could have appeared if the frequency of the Kirlian unit was changed so it would produce a harmonic of the new frequency of the penny. are also similar to the frequencies that make up the conscious energy of the person. The water vapor coming from the man‟s breath has a different frequency than does the water vapor originating in the atmosphere. We theorize that the water that originates from the human body contains oxygen which has been charged up like small capacitors. Another unusual phenomenon observed at UCLA is called the Anticipation Phenomenon. when the copper penny was photographed.

They took a Kirlian photograph of a special type of magnet with several round holes in the center. Photographs of Magnets Another unusual observation was made at UCLA. These lines of light are directed toward the center of the opening. The average scientist who looks at this photograph would say that these wisps of light we observe are nothing more than sparks radiating from the sides of the metal. What we are observing is the information of the magnet being directed toward the coordinates in our time and space where it modulates into our existence. The other reason that aura cannot be an electrical discharge is because it would be forming perpendicular to the flow of electrons produced by the Kirlian photographic unit. but the leaf evidentally perceived not only what was going to happen to it but even where. the center opening shows an unusual aura forming perpendicular to the sides of the magnet. (3-p6) Our interpretation of this phenomenon is that the leaf was perceiving its own future by perceiving the information of the experimenter. (2-p80) as evidenced in the photograph. yet you will notice. It is unknown if the experimenter was even thinking about where he was going to gash the leaf. many of these lines cross each other. As you can see from the picture.location where he was going to gash the leaf. But this cannot be correct because you cannot have two electrical fields crossing themselves. Photograph of a Magnet 197 .

it is the phantom leaf effect. There is an old Chinese saying that a picture is worth ten thousand words. Photograph of a phantom portion of a leaf The phantom leaf effect is produced when two-to-ten percent of the leaf is cut away. When photographed with a movie or television camera. using still photos. will produce good phantoms. it is seen to fade in and out of the picture for five to eight seconds before it disappears altogether. their success rate is between 10 and 20 percent. They have reported that five percent of the tries. When the leaf is properly photographed. (4-p4) The phantom image is very interesting to observe.The Phantom Leaf Effect If there is any one experiment or observation that we could say proves our theory correct. but at UCLA they seem to have a pretty good batting average. when it was first photographed whole. Many felt that it was nothing more than an artifact of the remains left by the leaf. The argument 198 . (4-p5) There was some controversy at first regarding the phantom leaf effect. the cutaway section of the leaf will appear as if it is still there. It is not often that this phantom appears. developed at UCLA. using the correct frequency and potential. (4-p3) Using a motion picture technique.

in just this dimension. The leaf was then photographed and the phantom appeared. Multidimensional Reality Explanation When you first see the phantom leaf effect. high frequency device. No one has ever figured out why this could happen or even thought of the consequences of what this phantom leaf effect means. the answer you will come up with is: it doesn‟t know how to reconstruct its original shape. Otherwise. that the life and conscious energy part of the information exists primarily in another dimension. this implies that the signal that makes up the leaf is a modulated signal of some sort. remained on the film emulsion or glass plate. As we look at the phantom portion of the leaf. we notice that the bubbles of light and the aura around the edges are quite visible. at least not until now. What the experimenters did was to cut the leaf before it ever came into contact with the film. The only possible answer for the appearance of the phantom effect is that the information for the whole leaf exists in another dimension. you must ask yourself. “How does a leaf know how to recreate its original image?” If you consider what the leaf has going for it. Since the only way to make this phantom appear is by using a high voltage. but through a series of experiments they proved the artifact theory totally wrong.was that some sort of remnant of the electrical field or maybe even residue from the leaf itself. Photograph of a portion of a leaf 199 . This experiment was done many times to show it is a repeatable phenomenon. we couldn‟t possibly have made the image appear.

This idea stems from the theory that all objects have free electrons in them. using enough potential. We will examine some of the major ones in order to compare their theories with ours. The most popular and acceptable theory of the Kirlian aura is that it is nothing more than a corona discharge or. electrons start passing through the surface from inside. they form photons. In the picture we are observing. along with the conscious energy that is the “personality” of the leaf. The end result should be the whole leaf with no evidence of its ever being cut in two. the missing part of that leaf should reappear. it is just a field produced by a domain of information. when if we try to reproduce the phantom image. cold electron emissions. The pulsations observed from the phantom part of a leaf are a result of these different frequencies. there is a sufficient density of electrons whose potential and velocity are great enough that when they collide with other electrons or elements. The reason more of an image is not observed is because the cut-away matter part of the leaf is still in our dimension. As heat or external voltage is applied. the clocking and synchronizing frequencies that make up that portion of the leaf. so the electrons are bound inside. Parts of the signal that we are looking at are the carrier wave. the “Fermi Level. then. This increase in free electrons continues until it reaches a maximum without causing light. (1-pll4) This 200 .The only thing that isn‟t present is the light that makes up the actual matter in this dimension. which is believed by scientists to be light. We theorize that if that cut-away portion could be moved out of our dimension in space and time. When an object is at a temperature of absolute zero or in a zero field. Theirs cannot explain all the phenomena that were previously discussed. The Different Theories of Kirlian Photography Many of you have heard some of the theories concerning what it is we are looking at. Some of these explanations sound quite plausible.” Above the Fermi Level. more technically. very simply. the electrons do not have enough potential to pass through the surface of the object. they exist in different densities. that energy does not come from matter (E = mc2). energy is being emitted from no matter. The phantom leaf effect also proves.

The problem with this theory is that it does not explain the phantom leaf effect. matter is not the cause of these bubbles or clusters of light. or that they are involved in a far more complex manner than we presently imagine. therefore. but this was only a small part of the total light being produced. What he found was that a small amount of the light could be accounted for by the stimulation of the high voltage. Bioplasma seems to have a rather loose definition. so. William Teller of Stanford University. Another theory postulates that the image was showing galvanic skin responses. (1-pl22) The other popular theory was presented by the Kirlians themselves. a noted scientist. The bioplasma theory is too matter-oriented. Some other miscellaneous theories are. but basically it is the idea that matter gives off an electrical field that in some way is able to communicate with other parts of itself and other organisms. and there was no explanation as to why this light was so closely related to the living object‟s changing existence. and there is no matter present there. The round bubbles and clusters of light were thought to be caused by an undetermined matter of some origin. 201 . Doctor Teller proved that it was not cold electron emission that caused the Kirlian aura. (1-p62) All the above theories were proved to be wrong by various research groups. They believe the Kirlian aura is evidence of what they call bioplasma. because here we have the electrical structure of the image without having the the reason scientists believe the Kirlian aura to be caused entirely by the high voltage used. did a series of experiments to see if the high voltage did entirely cause the aura. because we observe these bubbles of light in the phantom leaf effect. Taking this theory into account. (1p45) This idea is obviously wrong. (1-p63) that the aura is showing the temperature on the surface of the object. when a thousand photons are generated by collision events compared to only a few that can probably be directly correlated with the emitted electron condition from the living system? Perhaps this result is again telling us that more than electrons are involved here. that the images reveal the state and condition of the peripheral vascular system of an organism. In other words. To quote him: How can a light generated in the process be so sensitively related to the livi ng organism‟s condition.

Our soul would be the modulated part of our conscious existence. but really the actual thinking and collecting of information is done entirely in the first dimension. and perceiving of others is done entirely in the first dimension and that it has absolutely nothing to do with the fourth dimension in which we live. They probably gave them this information in a form that could be most easily understood by primitive beings at that time. that allegedly came from Siddhartha.” What he finally realized after an entire lifetime is that he and the rock are made up of information and that the information for both him and the rock exists in another dimension. Now we will tell you why. and the real significance of the picture. The next important point to be made is that it is possible that all our thinking. Yet. the form in which they have this enlightened knowledge is such that they cannot relate it to their fellow man. We have all heard the saying. In other words. It exists because we think something must exist to do the “thinking” in this dimension. our physical brain may be nothing more than for our conceptual convenience for our dimension. The only theory that comes close to the truth is from the ancient Yoga and Kabbalah literature. but this is usually after many years of meditation or study of yoga or studying of the Kabbalah. after many years of meditation and study.Conclusion We wonder if these theorists even realized the tremendous significance that this type of photography is telling us. The deep significance of this observation is that our soul is modulated into the second dimension. We will call this for now the soul. These terms are obviously rather vague and amorphous. The reason we do not perceive more infor202 . but this is because some of that information was probably given to the ancient masters by highly advanced beings. In the phantom part of the leaf. We mentioned earlier that the bubbles and flares of light are a product of the conscious energy of the living organism. We said earlier that the phantom leaf effect actually says it all. that the image we are looking at is the aura of the astral body. communicating. stated “The rock and I are one. we see these bubbles of light still flashing and appearing as they did when they were modulated along with the matter part of the signal. There are a few humans that have evolved to this idea on their own.

2. 1974). no. Moss.. V.Y.” (N. Earl.Y. The Osteopathic Physician.).mation than we do presently is because the matter part of our world interferes and distorts the information-gathering process of our real minds in the diehold. and Schroeder.. Electrophotography (San Francisco. Krippner..J... S. “Phantom Leaf Effect as revealed through Kirlian Photography” (UCLA. 1970.. 3. and Rubin D. 1973). Prentice Hall. vol. K. REFERENCES 1. Various unpublished articles from her office (UCLA).. Tiller. 4. J. 113-121. “The Living Aura” (N.. Feb. pp. Ostrander. Anchor Books.. Bibliography Adamenko. Hubacher.. and Moss. 1975). S. Electrodynamics of Living Systems. And/Or Press. 203 . 77-86. Thelma. (ed. Lane.. “The Kirlian Aura. W. Now you don‟t” (Unpub lished. L. Anchor Books. 1970). T. Psychic Discoueries Behind the Iron Curtin (N. 4. et al. Moss. Journal of Paraphysics. unpublished). “How you see it. Johnson. 1976.. Progress in Understanding. 4. pp. 1974). T.

or the bending and moving of objects just by concentrating on them. As mentioned in Chapter three. possibly because there is no way in which the “accepted” theories of existence and time can be used to explain any of the psychic phenomena. The only problem we have is in understanding the action 205 .CHAPTER EIGHT: Psychic Phenomena Science’s Attitude Toward Parapsychology It seems that parapsychology has been regarded as the “orphan child” of the academic community. This is not to mention the phenomena of clairvoyance and psychic photography. for a theory of existence to be correct. field theory. There is no logical explanation in quantum mechanics. Scientists can‟t explain psychic phenomena because there is no frame of reference in their theories of existence to explain them.” We believe our Theory of Multidimensional Reality is the only theory that can explain psychic phenomena logically. it must explain all phenomena. not just those that “fit. or the theory of relativity to explain people reading the minds of other people. using the same reality reference we used to explain the phenomena in physics.

Some of the topics we list have not previously been considered 206 . but nobody really knows what psychic energy” is nor how it functions.necessary for our conscious intelligence to cause the desired response. The word “occult” conjures up thoughts of demons. especially those in the scientific community. We believe that the field of the occult justly deserves its bad name. Originally. because it is a prime example of man demonstrating his tremendous reservoirs of ignorance and stupidity. The “occult” has gained something of a bad name in our society. “evil” ceremonies. voodoo. This interaction occurs only in the diehold (the first dimension). the true scientist should be curious enough to investigate it. The scientific community has avoided a serious investigation of psychic energy for another reason-they are afraid of being accused of delving into the occult. etc. witchcraft. but over thousands of years. conscious part of our existence. there was some truth to some of the ideas and principles. but their way is too amorphous and esoteric. What function does it really play in the workings of the diehold? What Is Psychic Energy? The term “psychic energy” is used today as a catch-all phrase to try to describe a wide range of phenomena involving people interacting with the world around them. Some Eastern religions do a good job of describing some of the phenomena associated with auras and astral projection. and this is because we don‟t know enough about the workings of the thinking. because if a genuine phenomenon does exist. what was true has been so distorted and perverted that it now prevents its followers from evolving at all. The result is that the information is in a form useless to almost everyone. We sympathize only slightly. Multidimensional Reality Explanation We define the field of parapsychology or psychic phenomena as the result of the conscious entity‟s ability to perceive and/or manipulate the domains of information around it.

PERCEIVING INFORMATION Telepathy Telepathy is defined simply as communication from one mind to another without using the five senses. Karl Nikolaiev. Thomas Duane. 1965) at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia did a series of telepathic tests with identical twins. Scientists at the Newark College of Engineering in New Jersey have done telepathic experiments with a plethysmograph (a device that measures blood volume). Nikolaiev successfully received the images of the object. Nikolaiev succeeded in receiving 12 out of 20 of the images. a subject was given six objects to transmit mentally to Nikolaiev-1. but they are influenced by conscious thought. the Russians performed a telepathic experiment using the well-known psychic. In one of the tests. They found that if a telepath directed his or 207 . such as experiments done by Russian and American scientists. no matter where the baby is. The EEGs showed drastic changes in both subjects during the moment of transmission. (1-p28) This kind of telepathy is very common (and well documented) between mothers and their babies. the visual nerve centers of his brain were activated. The Russians noticed some interesting reactions in both the sender and be psychic phenomena. (1-pl3) An American (Dr. a sender had to transmit the images on ESP cards. Nikolaiev was at the Academgorodok. The Russians learned that it is just as important to have a trained sender as it is to have a telepathic receiver. A mother‟s EEG will go up if her baby cries or is in pain. He also found similar simultaneous brain wave activity between the twins. Several examples of this follow. In the next test. He was to receive telepathic messages from various subjects located in Moscow. It was also determined that it was important that the receiver be in a tranquil state. They also noticed that when Nikolaiev received a visual image from the sender. free of involuntary motion and distracting thought.860 miles away. in Siberia. In 1966. The examples we use come from reliable sources. in the city of Novasibirsk.

Since this section is concerned mainly with the receiving aspect of telepathy. The communication between individuals is done strictly in the diehold. (1-p83) Multidimensional Reality Explanation The basic and most important question to be asked is: in what dimension are these people communicating? There have been many elaborate experiments done to determine if the mode of communication is electromagnetic. Many well-known psychics have been found to have higher levels of voltage recorded in the rear portions of their brains. Keep in mind that it is also necessary for the sender of the information to affect the information of the receiver. we will only describe that for now. it must be implied that the normal power functions used to determine signal strength over a given distance have no bearing on telepathy. It has been estimated that about 25 percent of the population can show this unconscious telepathic reception. These results corroborate what we said in Chapter 1. This experiment and others performed by other American researchers proves that the receiving person will show a body change. This did not prevent telepathic communication. Once we accept the reality of a storage dimension (the first dimension). This will be further described in the section on affecting. What determines whether a person is a psychic is the amount of potential he or she has. the explanation of how telepathy comes about becomes almost academic. Since distance does not influence the receiving of information. A good telepathic receiver must be able to direct his thoughts to the exact spot where the domains of in208 . So we must conclude that the communication is not in this dimension.her thought to a close friend. Scientists placed their subjects in ground cages to prevent any electromagnetic waves from entering or leaving the cage. A 50-to-1 ratio between the voltage registered at the back of the brain to the front is not uncommon. the friend would often register a change in blood volume. that the electrostatic field predominates in the third dimension. (1-p100) Another fact also proves that the communication is not taking place in this dimension.

The psychic must then correctly interpret the thought patterns of the person sending the message. It gives them extr a energy. For the same reason. Since the baby comes from part of the information that makes up the mother. If the psychic is attempting to perceive the thought patterns of another person. the sender must also be able to remove any random thoughts and disturbances he has around him. she would then be able to correctly interpret what the child is doing at that precise moment in time. in effect. These random potentials can be interpreted by him as random thought patterns. thereby confusing the signal that is meant to be perceived. The reason telepathic communication between a mother and her child is so prevalent is even simpler. similar domains of information.formation are located that he wishes to perceive. If a mother could correctly interpret which emotions and feelings she is receiving from her child. In the diehold we would expect to see these thought patterns as transfers of domains of potential between the overall domain of information of the person. By increasing the potential. Since the information in the diehold is in the first dimension. distances between the domains of information that make up the psychic and the person he is perceiving are irrelevant. otherwise he will unconsciously transmit this “mental noise. they share similar frequencies and. enabling that individual to perceive more domains of information around him or her. indeed. We must be able to increase the potential of that person.. The fields don‟t have to be strong. The psychic receiver must be calm and tranquil (or in alpha state) because he must eliminate all random potentials (voltages) caused by his own body or the environment around him. his job is made a little easier because the other individual is made up of conscious potential located in the diehold as a domain of information. The Russians have been able to succeed in increasing the psychic‟s ability to perceive more information. The reason the EEGs for both the sender and the receiver mirror one another is because the receiver (the psychic) superimposes onto the information that makes him up some of these frequencies that make up the information.” There are ways to improve the psychic‟s ability to send or receive. “We surround both sender and receiver with artificial magnetic fields both before and during ESP tests . The principle is simple. Weak fields work just as well. we are.” (1-pll8) 209 ..

Scientists have tested them to see if they were picking up some unknown texture quality connected with the color by simply placing a transparent film over various colored pictures. There are several well-documented examples of eyeless sight.Agroup of electrical engineers in the United States also discovered that high-frequency electromagnetic waves were able to increase their telepathic abilities. There are several other Russian psychics that have demonstrated great paraoptic abilities. which is the desired effect to increase one‟s psychic abilities. The temperature of the plates had 210 . The scientists took various colored plates and changed their physical temperatures to see if they could fool Rosa‟s ability of detection. The increased amplitude is then translated into a higher potential in the first dimension. (1-p45) We will be mentioning Messing quite often through this chapter because he is such a good psychic. The scientists also tested her to see if she was picking up slight thermal differences from the paper-the principle being that light colors reflect heat. Both women can run their hands across a colored page and sense the colors by how slippery or sticky they are.” The method most commonly demonstrated is having one run his palm or fingertip across a piece of paper with either color images or print on it. They gave her a photograph of an individual. Rosa Kuleshova was tested by a group of scientists to get a better understanding of her abilities. Wolf Messing. while darker colors absorb heat. Rosa Kuleshova and Nelya Mikhailova. In 1962. though she was blindfolded at the time. has been tested for his ability to be able to distinguish the colors printed on magazine pages without looking at them. Paraoptic This simply means “to be able to see without using the eyes. She was able to accurately describe the appearance and stature of the man. For example. (1-pll8) The reason the electromagnetic waves increase psychic ability is that the frequencies help increase the amplitude of the frequencies that make up the individual‟s information. It would seem that the characteristics of sticky or slippery have nothing to do with anything that is physically different from the surface of the paper. but both women were still easily able to distinguish the different colors. A very famous Russian psychic.

virtually no effect on her ability to accurately describe the colors of the plates. The Russians then began a concerted effort to find other people with this paraoptic ability. The scientists have not been able to come up with any explanation as to how or why one can “see” without using his or her eyes. By 1964. there is no other explanation as to why someone would be able to read letters and “see” pictures unless the information for the individual and the material were both in another form and in another dimension. toward the blue and ultraviolet range. Another interesting observation made by Russian scientists was that these children could “see” the letters or the pictures at a greater distance if the paper was placed on a plate carrying a weak positive electrical charge. the longer she practiced her unique ability. Eventually. “If you start on each side of the middle color.” (1-pl6l) All the psychics that have this ability have described black as being the stickiest and white as being smooththough it feels coarser than yellow. (1-pl60) Rosa was also able to accurately describe images on television screens. The sensation of warmth is felt toward the infrared end of the light spectrum. the better she got. It appears that many of us have some kind of psychic ability. These people are obviously not “seeing” in this dimension. She described the sensation of “sensing the colors” by saying. Multidimensional Reality Explanation The paraoptic phenomenon is an excellent proof that we do exist in another dimension. In fact. it has the sensation of cold. They found many children able to distinguish the different colors and also able to read letters with their hands. such as detecting the color of a necktie on a person in the photograph. but it manifests itself in different ways. including pictures. (1-pl66) She was eventually able to pick up the minutest details in a photograph. under the covering. she was able to read small print with her elbow. others can move objects without 211 . green. Some of us can read minds. she was able to read printed words by running her finger across the lines. Some were able to just wave their hand over a rug or other covering and detect objects. the sticky rough feeling increases as you finger yo ur way toward either end of the band. some have eyeless sight.

Everyone who came in contact with it directed some of their conscious potential or thought to that object. Every object Mr. Hurkos has only to handle something that the other person has handled or owned. The reason the colors “feel” different is because that is how our brain makes interpretable the information actually perceived from the diehold. For some reason. Actually the color represents frequencies. but it represents a thought form as well. and he can tell you information about that person in minute detail. The mechanism necessary for Mr. This is why Hurkos is able to pick up the information about any person who came in contact with the object. those who have paraoptic abilities are not able to perceive who or what last came in contact with the object under consideration. he doesn‟t just hold an inanimate 212 . Psychometry Psychometry is the ability of a person to obtain information concerning an object or its owner by touching the object. our potential is directed in different ways to accomplish different results. be it information that makes up a printed page or a photograph. An object is not just a domain of information that makes up some inanimate object such as a tool or picture. Peter Hurkos. Hurkos touches is the product of a conscious entities thought form. from those who designed the object to those who built it. Hurkos to perceive another person‟s information is similar to what goes on during telepathy. Agood example of someone who has mastered psychometry is the Dutch-born psychic.touching them. When he places the object in his hands. After it has located the desired domain of information. it extrapolates specific information from the overall domain of information. and the ultimate owner. These paraoptic individuals are simply extrapolating a specific type of information from the page or the picture. Police departments all over the world have utilized his gifts to help solve crimes. Mr. Psychometry tells us something very important about our own existence. It seems that our conscious existence in the diehold is capable of directing its potential to specific domains of information. but it‟s slightly more complicated. For instance. The brain translates the basic frequencies into a form that the conscious mind can interpret.

He is receiving all of his inputs from the diehold.object in this dimension. When dowsing for water. 213 . Some dowsers are able to tell exactly how many feet below the surface the deposit lies. (1-pl76) Multidimensional Reality Explanation It is obvious that the dowser is not detecting anything that is in this dimension. Many individuals have developed this skill to locate water and mineral deposits. They have found that no matter how much or what kind of shielding is used around the object. The Russians have done a great deal of research with dowsing. the dowser will find what he is looking for. They try to “feel” these vibrations in order to locate the object . Dowsers claim they find what they are looking for by sensing the vibrations coming from the object. The function of the dowsing rod is merely to direct the dowser‟s conscious t hought to a specific location. The person skilled at this practice is called a dowser. every element in the universe has its own distinct group of frequencies. per our theory. Dowsing is a very old and well-known skill. others use a T shape metal wire. Some dowsers use a Y-shaped willow branch. his domain of information is perceiving the domain of information that makes up the object. We theorize that the shape is actually not very important to the dowser-nor is the substance from which it is made. Dowsing Dowsing is the ability to locate a specific item in the ground by using a “divining” or “dowsing” rod. We would say that psychometry is the ability to “read” thought patterns in the diehold. His consciousness then traces the domain of information back in time until he reaches the desired point when the object was in contact with another conscious entity. There are many shapes that can be used for a dowsing rod. They say that every object has its own radiated vibrations. but in the diehold. they can also tell the direction of flow and how many gallons are flowing. because. Dowsers are correct in saying that they try to detect a particular vibration coming from the object.

Many people mistake clairvoyance for perceiving the future. had a dream about two missing boys who lived 12 miles away. 1880. Mr. Jacob Dibert. but no one else. This is called clairvoyance. In 1956 a Pennsylvania farmer. because they didn‟t think anything of it. but he knew that the town‟s people were trying to find them because they were lost in the forest. which lead to the discovery of the bodies. There are famous examples of individuals perceiving events and places by clairvoyance in their dreams. Clairvoyance deals with perceiving something that is happening in the present or which has happened in the past. sensed the location of something without being told where it was. What is interesting is that he had the dream twice. had a detailed dream that his brother was on a ship that was sinking and he saved him. Captain Christian sailed north and found the ship in his dream. he could locate anything that is around his domain of information in the diehold. Dibert dreamt the exact location of the bodies of the two boys. The dream resulted in the rescue of his brother and 269 other persons. which we will discuss later. The first night he had it he told his wife about it. but in the diehold the location of the information can be anywhere. Australia. All of us have. After that he decided to investigate. Clairvoyance Clairvoyance is defined as the ability to perceive objects or events not present to the senses. Some of us have had dreams about some place or object and later found out our dream was correct. He did not know them.When a conscious intelligence learns how to differentiate between these different frequencies. (2-p55) One of the most famous cases of clairvoyance is that of Byron 214 . the object may be located below him. a Captain Christian. but that is called precognition. at one time or another. The next night he again had the same dream. (2-p49) There are many examples of important archeological findings being made as the result of dreams. In our dimension. on his ship bound for Rangoon from Sydney. On September 5. Glastonbury Abbey in England and the ancient city of Mycenae of Crete were discovered because of dreams. The next day.

Byron Somes had dreamt the eruption of Krakatoa at about the same time it was happening. and photographic memories. he could even hear the screaming of the islanders trying to escape. he was able to visualize the items he was thinking about. During WWI. though he was 12. It wasn‟t until several days later that news actually started coming in that a volcano on the island of Krakatoa had erupted blowing the island off the face of the earth. The clairvoyant can direct his thought patterns to perceive information any place in the present as well as in the past. This will be further elaborated upon in the section on precognition. if he thought about a bowl of fruit. (1) There are other. the Czech army used the clairvoyant abilities of psychics to find the location of the Hungarian army. The only record of the first type of visualization we were able to find was described by Nikola Tesla. When he awoke. In his dream. The clairvoyant needs no dowsing rod or other artificial device in this dimension to help direct his or her thoughts. The clairvoyant. It seemed he was really there.000 miles away. like the dowser. The dream was very detailed and vivid. perceives the information of the object through the first dimension. Visualization This section is divided into two areas. The ability to visualize your thought patterns as you are talking. We would say that clairvoyance is a more advanced type of dowsing except that the dowsing rod is not used. For example. (2-p59) Several years later he discovered that Pralape was the ancient name for Krakatoa.Somes. they never received wrong information. As a young child. a reporter for the Boston Globe. examples of clairvoyance. had a large volcano that was furiously erupting. more common. By mistake someone at the newspaper took his dream as a news story and printed it. such as psychics who can locate people and lost objects merely by concentrating on them. The Czechs had great success at this. he wrote down the dream and left it at his desk. He dreamt that a small South Seas island. Other examples of clairvoyance come from Czechoslovakian sources. Pralape. In fact. he would see before 215 . but we do not believe any person in this dimension can perceive the future entirely on his own.

Photographic Minds Most people do not think of photographic memory as being a psychic phenomenon. This ability caused some friction among his working colleagues. he built it exactly to his mental image and of course it worked perfectly. One very interesting case was Mathurin Veyssiere. he was able to control this ability utilizing it in building his inventions. the alternating current generator he first built visually in his mind. such as man‟s inventions. This was estimated to be well over a thousand volumes. We will give two examples of this type of memory. Multidimensional Reality Explanation This example of visualization seems to prove our idea that threedimensional objects. This caused him a great deal of mental anguish through his earlier childhood. formerly librarian to the King of Prussia. a Lithuanian. Later. was able to recall any portion of a page of any book he had ever read in his entire lifetime. Rabbi Elijah. He visualized it in the most minute detail. This was because Tesla had all his calculations and plans in his head. When he finally built it. are a product of thought forms. He considered this mental ability somewhat of a curse.his eyes a bowl of fruit. He had a difficult time delineating between the real object and the mental image. Most people think it is merely a mechanical ability to be able to store vast amounts of information in one‟s memory. because he said it was like living in a library all day and taking it to bed with you all night. For instance. Tesla was so evolved and his information possessed so much potential that as he thought he was able to form domains of information in the diehold that took the same shape as his thought. He 216 . because Tesla told them to build certain parts for his inventions without giving them any explanation as to the principles of the invention or what the finished invention would be. (2-pl52) There have been many other documented cases of individuals with photographic memories of various types.

This included recalling speeches made by foreign dignitaries in their native tongue. It could be long columns of numbers to be added. we feel that these people are recalling the information directly from the diehold rather than from anything that is physically stored in their brains. (2-pl53) Another example is Johann Martin Dase. He gave instantaneous answers to problems like cube roots or raising a number to almost any power. For this reason. Germany. he was able to repeat their words perfectly. What they are doing is recalling their past thought forms. (2-pl53) Multidimensional Reality Explanation These people had photographic minds because they were actually psychic. It is unknown why a psychic develops his ability in certain areas and not in others. playing them back at will. Their ability to recall vast amounts of information is usually faster than any of our present-day computers.was able to memorize sounds. born in 1824 in Hamburg. etc. For example. involved math problem. They wind up developing their own peculiar ability. Instant Mathematics This is the ability of an individual to come up with the correct mathematical answer to a long. He was also able to solve complicated calculus problems in astronomy within seconds. large numbers to be multiplied. Their psychic ability was directed toward the area of recall. Even though Veyssiere did not understand their language. (2-pl53) Another individual who had this ability was Nikola Tesla. a child by the name of Zerah Colburn from Vermont was able to solve long math problems without knowing the rules of math necessary to solve them. He was able to visualize any type of mathematical problem including 217 . People who have photographic minds have been able to direct their conscious intelligence to recall information that has been collected by them in their past. but this seems to be the general rule with all psychics. He could multiply a 100-digit number with another 100-digit number and come up with an answer in 9 minutes. including proper pronunciation and accent.

complex calculus problems. you can prove any type of reality you wish with it. The deeper question now is: what does a number represent and why does it show up as light to the individual? When these people are given a column of numbers or a math problem to solve. Multidimensional Reality Explanation This phenomenon is usually not considered a psychic phenomenon. What we are getting at. Math can also prove faulty logic correct. math is a tool. His image of the math problem included all the intermediate steps leading to the answer. The reason it was unnecessary for him to actually know the necessary mathematical steps to solve the problem was because his consciousness in the diehold went through all the necessary structured thought to come up with the answer. Most of us assume that math is something that exists only as a truth in this dimension. As we 218 . they see a resultant color which they psychically interpret into the answer. these numbers represent thought forms that were put down by another individual. He has collected various data which is a product of his conscious thought. As we mentioned in the first chapter. because a math problem involves a complex thought structure. It was just necessary for his conscious self to be able to interpret the impulses or feelings he received from his subconscious self. which possessed the correct answer derived from the diehold. It was unnecessary for his conscious self in this dimension even to know how the problem was solved. The astronomer may have an idea of what the answer should be. Many people who have this ability claim they perceive these numbers as different colors of light. but we see it as a phenomenon similar to clairvoyance or psychometry. After they have glanced over the entire column of numbers to be added or multiplied. When a child like Zerah Colburn can come up with instantaneous answers to involved math problems. this means that his conscious entity has evolved very far in the area of structured thought. is that math at its highest level is actually a tool that can be used to express the structure and workings of our thought patterns. Let‟s say it is an astronomer who gives the problem to one of these psychics. which almost always come out correct.

and Wolf Messing. Some of these are Edgar Cayce. The prophecy session goes something like this: the subject stands in front of Mrs. They have been doing this for many years now. It is therefore obvious that these people receive the correct number from the diehold. Mrs. Then the psychic‟s consciousness performs the correct thought forms and comes up with the correct answer. Their conscious domain of information in the diehold perceives these numbers. which are really domains of thought from the person who has written down the math problem. The light some of these people see actually represents the information of the thought that makes up that number. Dimitrova is a blind Bulgarian psychic who has been making predictions for individuals since WW II.mentioned in Chapter 4. light is actually the information of an object passing us at the speed of 3 x 108 meters per second. It is obvious that no person from this dimension could correctly interpret different colors of light and come up with the correct number. Dimitrova then tells something about their past and their present and then continues 219 . People come to her on a daily basis for her psychic prophecy about their future. Each individual in this dimension may have a different way of interpreting the information he receives from the diehold. often without actually knowing how to do the problem. Vanga Dimitrova. Dimitrova. she is right 80 percent of the time. The blind Mrs. Usually the conscious mind in this dimension transforms the information to a form that can be interpreted by the individual. Whoever is able to raise his conscious potential high enough can tap into these subroutines and come up with correct answers for almost any math problem instantaneously. There have been many welldocumented instances of individuals who could accurately predict future events. The Bulgarian Government regulates and documents all the predictions she makes. Precognition Precognition is the ability of an individual to accurately foretell some event in the future. She has been wellstudied by the Bulgarian Government and works for them as a State psychic. It is possible that many math formulas can be looked at from the viewpoint of the diehold as something like a subroutine.

When asked how he was able to foretell the future. “After an effort of will. he would be able to communicate easily with certain people whose potential is great enough to receive his thought patterns. but s he was wrong. Then she tells the person what she sees and hears. We believe this is the method that was used to tell the prophets of the Bible what was to happen toward the end of time. A Bulgarian doctor by the name of Georgi Lazanov was doing some research on this psychic phenomenon. She began to foretell that person‟s future. and how do people‟s dreams often accurately predict the future? It is possible that one of the ways it is done is that the psychic is able to perceive the thought patterns of beings from the future-who are either thinking or who have moved back in time and space. When it was his turn to have his future foretold by Mrs. The obvious question then is: how can these people so accurately predict the future. The mechanism of direct knowledge by-passes the logical cause-and-effect chain and reveals to the psychic only the final concluding link of the chain. This woman said he would be famous when he 220 . Dimitrova. Multidimensional Reality Explanation Per our theory. She later recognized the deception and told him she could not help him. he instead started concentrating very hard to pretend that his was the life of a close friend. an individual cannot go ahead in time. Doctor Lazanov deduced that telling them what their future is going to be. she said that she is shown pictures and hears voices. He has a very high percentage of being correct in his predictions. If another dimensional being was able to go back into time and space. You can only perceive the present or the past.” (1-p53) When Vanga Dimitrova was asked how she was able to foretell the future of individuals. I suddenly see the final result of some event flash before me. he said. (1-p257) Another well-documented psychic is Wolf Messing. Edgar Cayce once said that in his early childhood he saw a woman in his room who looked as if she was glowing. Dimitrova not only needed the person‟s presence in front of her but also that person had to be concentrat ing along with her. This is because you cannot go past the head device that is playing out your existence.

The next step would be to give him or her various predictions of their future. but is merely perceiving the thought patterns of someone from the future. It is unimportant whether some of the information has no historical bearing on man. By giving the psychic information of the future. Let‟s also say that you have come to a crossroads in your evolution. people will believe him. but you are not able to evolve fast enough to prevent what might happen to you. Most likely these people are from our future. It is possible that Mrs. Her conscious entity might be trained in such a way that she may be able to pick 221 . Dimitrova. Let‟s say you are a highly advanced being and you cannot go ahead of time because of the reasons previously described. It is possible that many of his predictions came from people from the future who had an important stake in what was happening on this planet. The other possible way an individual could perceive the future -we theorize-is if during a trance or unconscious state his consciousness. When that person is standing in front of Mrs. you will in turn be advancing your own future. What they saw is different from clairvoyance. By doing this. The way it might be done is for you to find an individual in the past whose potential is high enough that he would be able to perceive your thought patterns and correctly interpret them. you must evolve to another level soon. This represents to us that she was from a different dimension. that person‟s domain of information is also being perceived by the domain of information that makes up Mrs. in this dimension. This subject will be covered further in Chapter 12. The receiving psychic is not actually going into the future. Notice that all the psychics said they were shown what the future was by another entity. was able to perceive the thought patterns of someone in the future thinking about some event in the past. in order for them to have confidence in their ability to perceive the future. Dimitrova is able to use this method in order to perceive another‟s future. Dimitrova in the diehold. but you can go back into time. The only hope you have is to go back into time and improve your past without directly interfering with it. so that when you wish to transmit to him some important event about the future. Believing you can do something is very important in the field of psychic phenomena. The important thing is that the person have some sort of credence. in the diehold. you would also be giving him credence among his fellow older.

The Russians have done a great deal of scientific experimentation with this type of telepathy. D. What Mrs. most of us reminisce about things that happened in our past. Platonov in 1924. She immediately slumped over. If the star is 20 light years away from us.up that person‟s thought patterns transmitted from the future and sent into the past. it would naturally take 20 years before we received that radio signal. This can be observed very easily when driving in a car in heavy traffic. One of the earlier documented telepathic experiments was performed by Doctor K. He stood out of sight of her while he willed her to sleep. I. When we reminisce. in front of the audience. Dimitrova is able to do is interpret accurately the thought forms sent by that person from the future. (1-p97) Shortly after the 1924 conference. he demonstrated he could put a young woman into a deep hypnotic trance by just willing it. two other Russians performed similar experiments. Dzelichovsky was 222 . These thought forms include both visual and audio information. After a while. Kotkov. When we receive the radio signal that star will be 20 years in the future. AFFECTING INFORMATION Telepathy The simplest example of transmitting thought is when we concentrate on a person. he or she will usually turn and look back. We can look at these thought patterns as radio signals sent from a distant star. A thought pattern from a person is very similar. He did not let her know what the real experiment was. During the All-Russian Congress of Psychoneurologists. He told her she would be helping him in a physics experiment. while Platonov telepathically communicated her to sleep. If you concentrate on the motorist to the side of you. The men were Professor Dzelichovsky and the psychologist Doctor K. Professor Dzelichovsky selected a 19-year-old coed for the experiment. making him turn around and look at us. As we get older. For the demonstration she was on stage with a group of doctors. asleep. we are actually forcing our consciousness to perceive events that took place in the past.

able to will her to come to him at any hour. One of the scientists traveled a thousand miles away and then concentrated on one of the women. When 223 . Mr. dashes. (1pll0) Doctor Lazanov developed the first telepathic code receiver in 1966. attempted to put the coed asleep while she w as with the Professor. (1-p282) The most amazing type of this telepathy was done by Wolf Messing. He was a Polish citizen before the second World War. Doctor Kotkov. During his visit. She lost consciousness on cue. a famous American hypnotist. The American seemed to have no language barrier in telepathy. He was able to put her to sleep at will. The purpose of this experiment was to see if telepathy was transmitted by electromagnetic waves. traveled to Russia. The scientists then tried to determine if distance could limit telepathy. The scientists even placed the subjects in an iron Faraday cage (ground cage) to prevent any electromagnetic waves from entering. it was described as like a hypnotic trance. The right hand was dots. When the girl went to sleep. Over the two-month period that the experiment lasted. he was asked by his Soviet hosts if he could will into a trance a Russian nurse they provided for the experiment. the y found it wasn‟t. The sender telepathically told the receiver to press down on his right or left hand. He did so with no problem. Of course. the left hand. Doctor Kotkov was able to put her to sleep 30 times out of 30 tries. Seventy percent of those messages were received correctly. but they did notice that the cage seemed to produce better results. He and several other colleagues were also able to make two female subjects go into trance at will. It was based on the same principle as Morse code. The messages varied from single words to phrases and sentences. (1-p98) In 1932 a series of telepathic experiments were performed by Leonid Vasilien at the Bekhterev Brain Institute. they were definitely able to say that telepathy is not carried by electromagnetic waves. (1-pl0l) When the women were in telepathic trance. During the experiment. (1-pl02) In 1964 Stanley Mitchell. After this stage of the experiment was reached. Doctor Kotkov succeeded. Messing was able to project images into other people‟s minds. 1. but it wasn‟t hypnosis. they knew who had put them under. who was located in another room down the hall from Dzelichovsky‟s room.766 messages were sent. He repeated the experiment in Poland with the same results. At the conclusion of these experiments.

It does not take much potential to make someone next to you notice your presence. Stalin‟s headquarters was well guarded by many men. he made no attempt to disguise himself in any way. After they all entered that room. In Russia. He was taken to Gestapo headquarters and held for questioning.the war started. all members of the Soviet Secret Police. (1-p4l) What Messing did was to project the image of Beria into the minds of everybody in his vicinity. From there he went to Russia. When Stalin asked him how he was able to do it. „I am Beria. he made friends with Joseph Stalin. Messing was able to walk out of the building. then he mentally told the teller to hand the money over to him-it was as simple as that.‟ “ Lavrenti Beria was the head of the Soviet Secret Police at the time. All Messing did was give the teller an empty briefcase and a blank piece of paper. Messing replied: “I mentally suggested to the guards and servants. I am Beria. but it takes a great deal more to throw images into other people‟s heads or to fo rce another to lapse into a trance. where he lives presently. Stalin was more than casually interested in Messing‟s psychic ability. but he was able to escape from Gestapo headquarters by mentally suggesting to the guards in the building that they go into another small room away from him. All of the previously-mentioned telepathic communications involved forcing another person‟s consciousness to perceive the information being transmitted to him. Multidimensional Reality Explanation The ability to affect the information perceived by conscious entities (intelligent domains of information) around you is dependant on the amount of potential you possess in the diehold. 224 . he was captured by the Nazis. Messing performed various tests of his abilities for Stalin. Messing succeeded in getting through the guards by merely walking right by them in plain sight. (1-p40) Another unusual test performed for Stalin was to see if Messing could walk into Stalin‟s headquarters at Kintsevo. He was wanted by them because he was Jewish and also because he was a very wellknown psychic. This communication is done entirely in the diehold. making good his escape. one of which included making a Moscow bank teller hand over to him 100. and was a frequent visitor of Stalin‟s.000 rubles.

it would be sleep.” in the diehold. In this case.” in Russian. “I am Beria. These frequencies would then be interpreted as a command to the domain of information of the Russian.” represen t the same domains of frequencies to the American individual as to the Russian. an American hypnotist was also able to make a Russian nurse and a Polish woman sleep on command-even though he spoke neither of those languages. Messing said to the guards the words. but the end message to the subject was “sleep. but as we mentioned. and is there also a universal-type communication be225 . but it is obvious that just the word does not force sleep onto another person. Messing‟s potential was so great that he was able to play the subroutine to the guards that represented the image of Beria.” it means much more than that. The thought patterns for the word. and a receiving party who hears in his head the word. To the experimenter and to the subject. The transmitted message would be in the form of frequencies directed toward the domain of information that makes up the Russian subject. the languages were totally different.” We theorize t hat the language spoken in this dimension has nothing to do with the communication process carried on in the diehold. all he had to suggest was that the subject fall asleep. A good analogy of this would be someone typing in the code letters for a subroutine to be played in a computer. the word “sleep” represents a certain frequency pattern that institutes the unconscious state. When the experimenter says the word. In this case. It may at first appear that we must have a Russian experimenter telling a Russian subject to sleep in Russian. the word “Beria” represented to the guards another person. the computer translates the code into another language form which calls up the subroutine. Once the code letters are typed. “sleep. the word. Let‟s say the experimenter says. Both are merely conscious domains of information in the diehold.” to a Russian subject. In the case of Wolf Messing.” sleep. his ability to be able to project an entire image into anyone near him seems similar to visualization. “sleep. When Mr. We did some experiments ourselves to see if we could prove two points: can frequency changes be detected during telepathic communication. “sleep.Regarding the examples of a psychic being able to force another individual to go to sleep. in English. this involves a very interesting observation about language and thought. When the experimenter willed the subject to sleep.

The plant was placed two feet away from a table lamp. immediately the plant went down in frequency to 50-63 KHz. we assume that its frequencies are lower. its frequency goes up due to anxiety. Before he turned the light off. There are quite a few observations to be made from this experiment. The first part of the experiment. This was before the light was actually turned on. Gary and I did not concentrate on the plant at all. Then we reversed the process.tween all living things? This would verify somewhat the language phenomena mentioned earlier. When a person or living organism is peaceful and content. After the light was turned on. there was no reaction. It was nighttime when the experiment took place. In the next part of the experiment. This seems to confirm what many plant lovers have said for many years: that talking to your plants helps them grow better. the frequency of the plant rose immediately from 40-55 KHz. The most important conclusion from this experiment is that there is a universal communication between intelligent domains of information. Gary told the plant he was going to turn the light on. When the light was off. We wanted to see if Gary could affect the frequencies of an African violet plant. (when the light was off) Gary asked the question. the frequency of the plant went down to its former bias level of 35-45 KHz. Gary told the plant he was going to turn the light off. For our psychic we used Gary Sultan (one of the authors) who has demonstrated some psychic abilities. We repeated this part of the experiment enough times to remove any possibility of random frequency increases or decreases. “Do you want the light on?” The reac tion was that the plant gradually went from about 80 KHz down to 60 KHz. In the final part of the experiment. We used a sensitive digital frequency counter (15 mV sensitivity). starting with the light on. so we could get a good mean average of these frequencies. When he asked the plant if it wanted the light off. We assume this by making the assumption that when any living organism‟s tension level is raised. Gary concentrated on talking to the plant. we took the frequency count of the plant with the light on (35-45 KHz) and with the light off (75-82 KHz). We took many observations of the plant. One is that it seems that the plant preferred having the light on. In our experiment the plant was able not only to perceive what Gary was thinking but also to make its own decision about 226 .

Mikhailova and others are able to perform psychokinesis is by concentrating on moving the information that makes up the object. watches. It sometimes takes her two-to-four hours to develop enough of her energy to move an object. concentrating on separating the egg white from the yolk. She stood about six feet away from the aquarium. She then mentally put the egg white and the yolk together again.whether it wanted the light on or off. Mikhailova does psychokinesis for any extended period of time. and other small objects. Psychokinesis Psychokinesis is the ability to move an object with the mind without using any physical means. This is because her information must exert a great deal of potential in order for her to move the information of the object in the diehold. She is able to deflect a compass needle as well as move matches. she succeeded. When Mrs. has been observed and filmed many times moving small objects placed on a table in front of her. (1-p68) Multidimensional Reality Explanation The way Mrs. 227 . and that these frequencies can be interpreted by any conscious intelligence. A famous Russian psychic. This experiment seems to confirm our belief that ideas are converted in the diehold as basic frequencies that represent whole ideas. She has the greatest effect on objects of food. Her most remarkable feat involved an experiment with a cracked egg placed in a saline solution inside an aquarium. Th is means that somehow the plant and Gary were communicating in the first dimension and that this communication began even before Gary said the words. To the surprise of everyone around her. other times it can be done within a couple of minutes. she suffers a weight loss and extreme fatigue. Nelya Mikhailova. It definitely anticipated Gary‟s questions regarding turning the light on or off.

Once they superimpose their thought patterns onto the film. at arm‟s length. Serios realized he was able to produce photographs of scenes onto a Polaroid camera with the lens covered. Basically. In the middle of the third roll. the 228 . Illinois. Geller then placed the camera in front of him. (5-p25) Multidimensional Reality Explanation The big question is: how can anyone “throw” a picture into a camera? The possibility of trickery on the part of Geller or Serios is ruled out completely because of the control conditions used by the experimenters.Psychic Photography Psychic photography is the ability to produce a picture in a camera without the necessity of light. After an illness in 1963. but he is indeed able to do it. Mr. Ontario-several hundred miles away from where Ted Serios was at the time of the experiment. The only explanation we can see is that these individuals are able to translate their domain of information onto the domain of information that makes up the film emulsion. The photographers gave Geller their camera. Uri Geller. One is Uri Geller. the psychic “thinks” a picture into the camera. The image that appears is put on the film strictly through the psychic‟s ability to throw his mental images onto the film. The researchers later learned that the photograph was of the Canadian Mounted Police hangar in Rockcliff. from Chicago. which had the lens covered. and commenced taking pictures of himself. He was tested at various universities all over the country. the other is Ted Serios. He was once able to produce in a camera a picture of an airplane hangar. The actual exposing of the film occurs in the first dimension. It must take a great deal of potential to be able to accomplish this process. (3-p265) The other psychic. Usually the camera lens is covered with a black lens cover to prevent any light from reaching the film. was tested by two famous British photographers in Miami Beach. The photographers provided three rolls of film. two consecutive pictures of Geller came out. There are at least two people known to be able to do this. None of the scientists have ever figured out how he is able to “throw” pictures into cameras.

C. thereby. The new owners of an old house discovered. Once he selects the image he wishes to place on the film. in 1903. when he is concentrating on an image to place in the camera. his consciousness literally roams through parts of the diehold. During the storm. All these instances occur during electrical storms. The glass was later sent to the Smithsonian Institute. D. Remember. There have been other examples of this type of psychic photography produced by nonpsychics during very special weather conditions. producing the image. At a time during the storm when enough potential came close enough to them they were able to project their information. One case occured in 1887. Tennessee.picture is taken. producing the photograph on the glass. Theoretically. To their amazement. light is nothing more than the information of an object passing us on the tape at 3 x 108 meters per second.. (2p251) An old woman living in a small cottage leaned near her window to observe a violent thunderstorm. while remodeling. from the diehold onto the information of the glass. near Chattanooga. only eventually fading away. as she was looking at the lightning storm. (2-p252) We would say that this phenomenon occurred as the individuals were concentrating on the outside. This is the same as if the film was exposed to light. They had evidently been watching a lightning storm. his potential records the image. however unwittingly. A few days later. when a lightning bolt struck near by. then superimposes it onto the domain of information that makes up the film. that a window had been previously covered up. The picture was an exact likeness of her peering out the window. There is no difference to the film whether it is exposed by light information passing through this dimension or by these psychics superimposing the information onto the film. Another case was in Washington. the galss should not have been able to produce the photograph because there is no silver or other photo229 . The new owners contacted the previous owners of the house and discovered that the pictures in the glass were the images of his father and grandmother. there was a picture of an old woman and a boy superimposed on the glass. neighbors were surprised to see the image of the old woman pictured in the front window. one large bolt of lightning struck a pine tree across from her house while she was observing it. In the case of Serios. at some time. The picture remained in the glass window for many years.

He was able to pick up heavy iron and steel objects. The only way these people could have been able to project their information was if their potential was increased in some manner. Louis Hanburger. She had also become magnetized. the potential was provided by the lightning storm. and she often went into convulsions. During the illness. What happened was that the information of the glass was physically changed. She was able to pick up any type of iron material. also developed high voltage and magnetic ability. and some had developed this condition after an undefined type of illness. During these convulsions she would describe. caused by the superimposing of the information for the image of these people onto the glass. Caroline Clare of Bondon. Anyone who touched her would be severely shocked. a doctor who doubted these stories went to visit her to see for himself it the stories were true. he was thrown back several feet. With Frank McKinstry 230 . Missouri. 16-years-old. the children were able somewhat to control some of their electrical potential. All were thin. (2-pl72) In 1890. far away places that she had never seen. nervous girl from Sedalia. (2-pl7l) In 1877. His magnetic ability was far beyond anyone else‟s. They all later lost their excess charge as they aged into their 20‟s. When the word got around that she had sparks literally flying from her fingertips.graphic element in the glass. In the above cases. When he shook the girl‟s hand. in great detail. The first case took place in 1895: Jennie Morgan was a 14-yearold. Ontario also exhibited the same unusual symptoms. An iron rod a half inch in diameter and a foot long was easy for him to pick up with just one finger. She had developed a high voltage ability after recovering from an unusual illness. But what provides the potential for Geller and Serios to be able to do their trick? High Voltage Humans The following cases all seem to have one common denominator. she found she was electrified. she had lost a great deal of weight. (2-pl73) In the above three cases. The individuals that exhibited this phenomenon were all children or in their teens. After the illness passed. unconscious from the high voltage which she had imparted to him.

They exhibit all the properties of iron or magnetism. For some reason these people were suddenly becoming fifthdimensional beings. (2-pl73) Multidimensional Reality Explanation Science has forgotten about these people and the phenomenon they represent. This was occurring strictly in the first dimension. some mechanism recognized the error and slowly corrected the situation by removing the excess potential. It also determines the degree to which the individual is able to alter the domains of information around him or her. because to accept that these people could do these things would mean that the theories of magnetism and electromagnetism would have to be completely overhauled. its magnetic field will increase and. Often. These four cases are clear proof of the idea that an increase in potential also increases the amount of information that a conscious entity can absorb or project. As more information is being directed toward a certain domain in time and space. she began describing far-away places. and what was occurring was strictly on a subconscious level. 231 . Look at it like this: we have human beings who are nonmetalic. in 1889. The reason these people possessed large electrostatic charges is because their information was attracting large amounts of information from around them. it was very painful for him to even walk. This is the same principle that applies to the center of a planet and a star. on cold days. it was reaching out to other domains of information to gather information. Perhaps.of Joplin. Remember that the electrostatic field predominates in this dimension and the magnetic field predominates in the second dimension. During her convulsions. Unfortunately. its electrostatic field will increase. The clue to what is happening with these people is what was mentioned with Caroline Clare. He had no control over the amount of voltage which he built up. it was beyond the control of her conscious mind. Missouri. becoming electromagnetic. the symptoms did not last. However. this was not the case. someplace in the diehold. in turn. We interpret this to mean that her information had gained so much potential.

so we will not go into great detail on by whom and how it is done. Let‟s say a patient has a viral infection. but fortunately. Each element in the universe has its own specific frequency. it is difficult to find a person who has the bona fide capability of healing. After healing. we have to analyze what is actually happening when medicine is taken by a patient. Often patients claim that they hear sounds like “pops” or static electricity coming from the space between their body and the healer‟s hands. we have to give our own interpretation of what healing or curing is. and in some cases to heal them entirely. (1-p208) Before Kirlian photography. To rethink medicine. 81-84) Healers have been known to improve the health of their patients. the corona has greatly diminished. (6-p68-70. This is the point at which we have to look deeper into what the medicine is. taken before the process of healing. they feel heat in the area of treatment. After the doctor has diagnosed which infection the patient has. This kind of healing has been covered in many books. but we have to go further than this. with the advent of Kirlian photography. The patients of healers claim that when the healer places his hands on the affected area and concentrates on healing. The real question to be asked is: of what is penicillin made? Obviously it is mad e up of a chain of molecules and atoms arranged in a very specific order. On Kirlian photographs. Multidimensional Reality Explanation Before we can explain why a healer can heal. we are now able to see a definite difference between a healer and ordinary people. When we 232 . The patient‟s corona before the healing process is always small and less predominant than after the healer has applied his treatment. the doctor then prescribes the correct medicine which will kill or weaken the virus. shows a wide spark -like corona. a healer‟s picture.Healing It is not too uncommon to hear of cases where certain people can heal other individuals just by placing their hands on the affected area. Let‟s say the doctor prescribes penicillin. there was no way of detecting any obvious difference between a healer‟s hands and those of an average person. Unfortunately.

We would theorize that the information of the psychic perceives the domains of information that make up the patient. we produce a “sums and difference” frequency. the penicillin has its own unique group of frequencies. as sparks and flares passing from the healer to the patient. therefore. We don‟t want people running off and hunting down a healer to cure them of some ailment. We see this in this dimension from Kirlian photography. If the conscious entity of the healer is capable of producing the correct out-of-phase frequency to ground out (destroy) the information of the infection. The information of the healer then communicates this raw data to the conscious part of the healer‟s existence. Many healers have said that they psychically diagnose the person‟s illness. This information may come to the healer in the form of what we would call a hunch or feeling. The reason for this is that all people have different personalities and. The result is that the conscious part of the signal that makes up the virus ceases to exist and dies. This is called hetrodyning. It also is made up of molecules and elements that have their own unique group of frequencies. It is also the only way to explain the transference of potential from the healer to the patient. he is directing some of his conscious potential to the domains of information that makes up the patient. Now let‟s examine the virus. different domains of information that make them 233 . When the healer applies his hands over the affected areas of the patient. then the patient can be cured successfully over a period of time. because it is very possible that certain healers can only cure certain diseases. The healer‟s information accurately detects the location and type of desease from which the patient is suffering. The important thing in medicines and in healing is the application of the correct frequencies that actually do the destroying of the disease. It may be totally unnecessary to give the patient any medicine physically.mix frequencies of multiple types of atoms. Now let‟s get back to our healer. What we theorize happens is that the frequencies that make up the penicillin cancel out the frequencies that make up the virus. This also means that it is possible to cure people by electronically producing the correct frequencies. In other words. We feel this is the only explanation to explain the phenomenon of healing. The healer then “feels” he knows where and what is wrong with the patient. What this means is that the frequencies that make up the penicillin are 180‟ out of phase to the frequencies that make up the virus.

The lights were also investigated during World War II by the U. There are two possibilities for this observation. This means that each individual is made up of a separate group of frequencies. Many observers have said they have heard a sound that is similar to sizzling or frying. This. The lights have been described as white and the size of a basketball. You will notice by these descriptions that the ball lightning seems to have a conscious motive to its actions. Arkansas: Ball lightning was first observed here in 1901. North Carolina: Ball lightning has been observed in this area for about 150 years. round. but the bad news for them is that it has been observed many times by thousands of people. of course. Location-Brown Mountain. Its general location is 12 miles southwest of Joplin or two miles southwest of the village of Hornet. A brief description of ball lightning is a small. Humans Attracting Time Warps A time warp is caused by an intense concentration of high voltage at specific frequencies. Army Corps of Engineers. is the sound of the high voltage. The other possibility is that some of the ball lightning is caused by electric storms. One would be in the form of ball lightning. and to us in this dimension appears as a round ball of light and static electricity. a healer could only produce a certain range of frequencies-and these frequencies may not be the ones you need. The color of the bright ball is usually yellowish or pink.S. One is that the ball lightning observed is a conscious entity that moved back in time and space. If anyone gets too close to the ob234 2. Science says ball lightning theoretically cannot exist. and that these small time warps are attracted by our own consciousness. . It is observed there to this present day. glowing ball that has been observed as large as a meter in diameter. 1. (3-p35) Location-Hornet. therefore. No one has been able to get within 25 to 30 feet of the ball lightning. This time warp could appear to us in several forms. We have listed below some well-known and well-documented observations of ball lightning. many times at close range.up.

the light maintained the same distance from the car for several miles. Maryland. Virginia: Ball lightning has been observed in this area for at least 100 years. before them. They found the ball of light in the same location. then it should not have maintained a uniform distance from the patrolmen‟s car or blanked out when the men got within a certain radius of it. When they stopped. knew of their existence. When the car proceeded ahead.ject. (3-p35) 3. Observers have said that the light sometimes appears as a small ball or is as bright as the intensity produced by a locomotive‟s headlight. then reappeared in a nearby field. 235 . The next night the two state troopers went back to the same place with five other officers. When they got within 15 feet of it. (3 -p38) Location-Between Marfa and Alpine. (3-p80) The examples from Hornet. July. Maryland. Arkansas. it then reappeared in a nearby field. Location-Suffolk County. Usually forming five feet above the road. they were about 20 feet away from the light. They were able to get within 25 to 30 feet of it. it merely blanks out. The ball lightning usually forms five to six feet above the ground. (3-p39) Location-Hebron. The light then suddenly zipped about 200 feet away. When they got closer. and it is said that Apache Indians. Sometimes two balls of lightning appear next to each other. 1952: Two state troopers saw a dim yellow ball of light five feet above the center of the road on which they were traveling. the light disappeared. If the ball lightning was just random potential bouncing around through our dimension. definitely indicate that there is some sort of intelligence associated with these balls of light. These lights have been observed by the residents for more than 80 years. Texas: Ball lightning has been observed around a small peak in the Chinati Mountains. and Hebron. it has been described as bright as a locomotive‟s headlight. An example of this is when a group of investigators was able to surround one of these lights. They got out and were able to surround the ball of light. 5. it disappeared from our dimension. 4.

about ten inches in diameter.C. It is not a coincidence that ball lightning is round. 7. They then saw a beam of light pass through the keyhole. (3-p293) It is possible in examples 6. In other words. It floated to a position just above the teacher‟s head. it took the form of a round ball. and then rapidly moved over the astonished heads of the occupants. In a few seconds the rod of light took the form of a ball. In a grade school. The ball lightning produced by thunderstorms are actually large domains of potential roaming through the diehold. In the example on Long Island. through the keyhole. the couple could have been thinking about themselves at the time this random domain of potential was attracted by their conscious domains of thought in the diehold. whenever our conscious thought is directed to a location. during a thunderstorm. Science Editor for the Scripps Howard Newspaper Chain. Once it entered the house. It then gradually faded away. D. a ball of lightning. ball lightning came through an open window of a house.6. and 8 that the conscious energies of the people present during these happenings attracted these thunderstorm-induced time warps. exploding against the fireplace. any of her students might have mentally attracted this time warp and directed it above the teacher. (3 -p292) Location-Long Island. 1962: This example was reported by David Diez. it is possible that random potentials will also be attracted in the same direction. it is possible their consciousness directed the domain of potential away from their location. It then passed harmlessly out of the room. one of the three residents might have mentally attracted this random domain of potential. came floating into the classroom window. then passed by a couple as they were watching TV. It stayed by the door for awhile. three occupants of a house heard a sizzling sound coming from a patio door. Location-Washington.: In the spring of 1953. Have you ever thought about why certain things are thought of to be certain 236 . one foot in diameter. during a thunderstorm. 7. After the couple noticed the ball lightning. In the case of the teacher in the classroom. New York: During a thunderstorm.C. 8. D.. In Washington.

November 11. with not a cloud in sight. The actual clouds were probably thousands of miles away and may 237 .m. 1886. 3. September. It was a sunny day. Again there were no clouds in the sky. It was a clear sky. The rain from the storm was moved in time and space to another location on the earth. There was no possibility of water on any surrounding trees that could have dripped on the houses nor any possibility of planes dropping water. (3-pl08) October. Again there were no clouds in the sky. but yet it rained. The time warp was probably caused by lightning. Charleston. the day was clear. (3-pl08) October. a continuous rainfall occurred over a small section of the county. The rain covered an area of approximately 100 square feet for two-and-a-half hours and stopped as abruptly as it started. Dawson. 1886. Square and round objects are assumed to be storage shapes. This is why no clouds were present during these rainfalls. it rained four times for several hours on just one house and the yard around it. The only way to explain these phenomena and others like them is that a time warp was caused in a rainstorm someplace on the earth. The best way to describe this is by giving some examples.shapes? For instance. Georgia: There was a heavy rain that occurred for more than an hour on a small spot of land. but the rain kept falling over this small area. 1. for instance. because they are so bizarre. long tubes are always assumed to have something flowing through them. (3-pl07) In all the above examples. over one person‟s house. Louisiana. South Carolina: For a fourteen-day period. no more than 25 feet in diameter. There are even more spectacular examples of a person‟s consciousness attracting thunderstorm caused time warps. 4. Chesterfield County. (3-pl08) Alexandria. 2. 1958: It started raining about 2:45 p. when rain is moved in time and space. South Carolina: During a oneweek period. 1866. These are. and it was quite sunny. round. What we are saying is that it is possible that the ball lightning takes the shape of someone‟s thought form.

One is that someone can be moved in 238 . thirst is a primal desire. The most bizarre example of a consciousness affecting the movement of something in time and space is the example of a man being moved in time and space which follow. Perez was then released and sent back to Manila. These strange time warps will remain above them as long as the time warp can be maintained by the high voltage and/or the person‟s consciousness in the diehold. One possible thought that could attract these rain clouds is a desire for a glass of water. Just like the ball lightning. Some time between his receiving the order and his going to that location. The example is a well-documented phenomenon that occurred October 25. but this rainfall stayed in a specific location for periods of time ranging from hours to weeks. If the person‟s conscious entity desires water strongly enough.have even been in another time. it could attract water to his time and space. The government officials in Mexico City wrote down the entire incident. We theorize that the conscious intelligence of the people below determined the location of where this rain was to be moved in time and space. a person‟s ideas in the diehold are translated into basic impulses of thought. very difficult to suppr ess. so the poor fellow was thrown into prison. In the morning he was ordered to go to a certain location in the palace to stand guard. Two months passed before travelers from Manila arrived in Mexico City. or thirst. The other reason this rain could not have come from a cloud in the time and space where the rain fell is because all clouds travel with the wind current. It was the morning of the 25th in Mexico City. It is possible that sometimes the thought has enough potential to attract water without having the physical body actually turn on a faucet or reach for a glass. or even cleanliness. Gil Perez was a guard at the Governor‟s Palace in Manila. as accurately as they could. The next thing he remembers is that he was in the palace court yard in Mexico City. if the person‟s conscious potential is great enough at the right moment in space and time. As most people know. As mentioned earlier. he was moved in space and time. 1593. identified Perez. he or she can attract these time warps. This phenomenon proves two important things about our theory. and confirmed that Perez was in Manila on October 24. At first the commandant in Mexico City did not believe Perez‟s story.

We will go through all his abilities and explain exactly how the phenomena occur. so you will have some better frame of reference to understand what he is. he remains an enigma to the scientific community. Considering how the earth turns and the date line. He reappeared in the approximate same location in time and space when it was morning in Mexico City. he will become a complete fifthdimensional being. and severall other phenomena that have not been mentioned previously. The other is that the only direction you can move in the diehold is back in time. Perez was moved back in time 14 hours. He has demonstrated in front of scientists that he is able to do telepathy. clairvoyance. Uri Geller is not only telling us something very important about our existence but what man‟s next stage in evolution will be. This is the same morning that he disappeared from Manila. He is probably the most unusual psychic that has surfaced in the last thousand years. After our explanation. Telepathy Geller has been able to demonstrate both affecting and receiving types of telepathy. we described what our definition of the different dimensions were. In Chapter 3. To this day. we must come to realize that the traditional explanation for dimensions is totally wrong. He is able to draw any picture that you can 239 . He is best known for his ability to bend things with his mind. he has amazed scientists and mystified thousands of audiences all over the world. (3-pl8l) The Phenomenon of Uri Geller Since Uri Geller first came to notice in the early 70‟s. fix watches and clocks. you will see that Geller fits into our existence in a very logical manner. There has to be a way of explaining the existence of someone with the powers of Geller. You will notice that Perez reappeared in Mexico City on the morning of October 25. He does not exhibit all of the traits that we would expect from a fifth-dimensional being. We theorize that Geller is becoming a fifth-dimensional being.time and space. telepathically. and move things in time and space. but he does exhibit many of them. In order to explain Uri Geller. psychic photography. Perhaps later on in his life. psychokinesis.

He did this test with Doctor Andrija Puharich in Israel and also in California with several of the scientists from Stanford University. look at the cans. I was thinking about a certain strange radio signal I had heard. The only 240 . Mr. I would expect this feature from a fifth-dimensional being. in England. Geller was able to accurately describe a car coming around a curve a minute before it could be seen even by Doctor Puharich. he would pass his hands over the cans and pick out the correct target. since they also were not in the room at the time the experiment was set up. Eventually he got so good at it that he was able to just walk in the room. He has demonstrated this ability at Stanford Research Institute. one of us had the opportunity of meeting Uri Geller. (4-p52) This again seems to indicate that Geller doesn‟t really need the person sitting next to him. (4-p231) During a brief promotional visit to Los Angeles. Actually when Geller wants to. California. One can contained a hidden object-sometimes a metal object. At the end of this series of tests. One of the telepathy tests at Stanford was the placing of ten cans in a row. he can perceive much of his surroundings through his information in the diehold. The experimenters did not know which can it was. England. Kings College. (9-p64) One of the most amazing examples of perceiving-type telepathy is demonstrated by Geller when he is able to drive a car with his eyes covered and the front windshield also covered. This was to avoid the possibility of Geller reading one of their minds. He says he sees the road through the eyes of the other person. It would have been physically impossible for anyone in the car to have seen the other approaching car. While talking to him. The only way he could have done this was if he had the capability of reading my mind. and Birkbeck College. sometimes just water. He says there must be a passenger seated next to him that can see the road. when Geller entered the room. but when driving with Doctor Puharich. Science Editor for Reuters News Service that he can transmit to someone any desired picture image he wishes. and immediately pick out the correct one.describe in your head or write on paper. He has also demonstrated to Leonard Santorelli. In the early part of the experiment. and I do believe Geller has the capability of reading minds. the probability of his guessing the correct answers was I out of 10 12. Geller was able to accurately mimic what this signal sounded like. He just thinks he needs him.

Eventually he was able to move only the match that Doctor Puharich indicated to him. The other response corresponded to a .5 gram weight decrease. They tested him to see if there were any magnetic fields associated with him and if they could be consciously controlled by him. (4p233) Geller has also demonstrated he can easily make a compass needle deflect 90‟ in either direction. Geller demonstrated that he was able to move match sticks placed on a table in front of him. This is similar to the previous explanation we gave for both types of telepathy. Geller was able to affect the scale in two different ways. but he had to exert great effort to produce it. Multidimensional Reality Explanation The ability to move things is not unlike that demonstrated by the Russian psychic.way it could have been is if Geller had perceived the information that made up that car in the diehold. in late 1971. When Geller was being tested by Doctor Puharich.8 gram weight increase. They found that Geller could create a magnetic field. Psychokinesis Geller has demonstrated in front of various scientific groups that he has the capability of moving something using only his mind. A magnetometer is a device that measures magnetic fields. The first was an electrical signal from the scale that corresponded with a 1. except that Geller is able to do them much faster without strenuously exerting himself. sometimes things move around him without him consciously 241 . In fact. Geller is able to receive and transmit thought patterns so well because his conscious potential in the diehold is much greater than the average person‟s. He perceives other people‟s thought patterns strictly from the diehold. Another test at Stanford was with a magnetometer. Doctor Puharich concluded from his test that Uri Geller was able to control the area which his mental energy could affect. Atest given at Stanford Research Institute was to determine if Geller could affect the weight of a one-gram weight placed on an electronic scale. Nelya Mikhailova.

such as ashtrays. They said no temperature increase caused the crack. a magnetic or gravitational field will be present. Many people have seen him bend spoons in public. He has also bent spoons. It‟s possible she can. con centrating on bending it by repeating over and over again: “bend” until the key does. (4-p36) Geller is also able to bend spoons and other objects by merely placing his hand over 242 . It appears his potential is so high that any random thoughts he has can affect selected domains of information around him. bend. and knives. to the location desired by his conscious entity in the diehold. Andrija Puharich tested Geller to see if he could crack a metal ring instead of bending it. The scientist s have never been able to figure out how or why Geller can produce a magnetic fi eld. Geller takes a key. Geller succeeded. in fact. Bending Metals This unusual phenomenon is the one for which Geller is most famous. Nelya Mikhailova. especially since she can also move a compass needle. Puharich then sent the cracked ring to Stanford University to have it tested. either in his own hand or in someone else‟s hand. pens. This is because they don‟t know what magnetism is. We don‟t know if the Russian psychic. The report from Stanford University said the electron microscope revealed a fracture that was of a type unknown to science. thereby creating the magnetic field. is able to affect the magnetometer. often completely breaking in two.thinking about them. The way he is able to move things with his mind is simply by moving the domain of information that makes up that object in the diehold. and lightly rubs the key. Geller produces the magnetic field by increasing the amount of information that is directed toward his domain of information. He has performed this feat in front of countless audiences all over the world. It is a bizarre sight to see someone lightly running a finger across the neck of a spoon and suddenly see the spoon drooping like a piece of wet spagetti. forks. or anything else. This movement has nothing whatever to do with this dimension. Many times it will bend as much as 90‟ and sometimes even break. Whenever the rate of information passing to a certain location in time and space is greater than the surrounding area.

(5-p74) We‟d better explain why and how these metal strips bend before we get into the subject any further. The brass strip was attached to an instrument that measured the pressure Geller applied to the strip. 243 . and keys also bend. The experiments conducted at Kings College under the direction of Professor John Taylor (June 1974) were under very strict scientific control. forks. One of the experiments was for Geller to bend. Another interesting phenomenon associated with this bending ability is that once Uri gets the key or the spoon bending. The scientists looked at the cylinder and saw the metal diaphram begin to crumble in front of their eyes. Geller‟s conscious entity in the diehold translates the word “bend” into altering the rat e at which the information that makes up the metal propagates. The end result is that the key or the spoon becomes bent in our dimension. Many times when Geller does his bending trick. the metal in our dimension appears to bend at the point where the propagation differential exists. because we are dealing with many important points here. the brass strip started bending upward 10‟. the needle on the measuring dial bent to an angle of 70‟. the aluminum began to bend. This is all happening in a different time-space reference in the diehold. When Geller put his finger on the strip. The object will bend to as much as 90‟ and many times break.the object without touching it. It started with a small hole. but all of a sudden the pressure stopped registering. a ten-inch-long brass strip. After Geller started concentrating. The effect is the same. There was no chance of Geller tampering with the experiments beforehand nor any possibility of trickery involved in the results. the word “bend” represents a group of complex steps. other spoons. he can put it down or leave it and it will continue bending for as much as 24 hours afterward. Shortly after. and within ten seconds the aluminum diaphragm was completely disintegrated. but Geller‟s hand was nowhere near the dial. The first question to be asked is: how can any metal bend just by someone thinking about it? When Uri concentrates on a piece of metal to bend. If some of the information which makes up the metal is propagated at a slower rate than the rest of the information. The next experiment involved an aluminum strip imbedded in a small cylinder covered by a metal diaphragm to register any pressure. the instrument indicated he was applying only a half ounce of pressure. telepathically. Within a few moments.

This is unlike the random arrangement of matter in metal objects. The next experiment conducted at Kings College was to see if Geller could bend a crystal of lithium chloride sealed in a plastic container. Within ten seconds. especially if someone else puts his or her conscious thought to it.” (5-p88) 244 . At Birkbeck College. the crystal broke in several pieces. The reason the crystal broke instead of bending was because the information that makes up the crystal is being directed in very specific directions representing the vectors of information that make up the elements. Most forks are made of brass. any metal object that also has the same chemical composition as the fork is also liable to bend. in addition. The device was built to record any distortion in the metal. (5-p75) The next experiment was a strip of copper with a copper wire soldered to it. They also came up with the same results as Kings College. In order for that fork to bend. and naturally the strongest distortion of reality would be in the area where Geller is concentrating. so that there will be no room for reasonable doubt that some new process is involved here. which is made up of copper and iron. Remember what we said earlier: An object. Indeed we already feel that we have come some distance toward this point. this effect is localized only to the area where Geller is located. which cannot be accounted for or explained in terms of the present normal laws of physics. Fortunately. No one could touch the crystal. Professors Bohm and Hasted also tested for Geller‟s ability to bend things.How could this be if he is only concentrating on one object? Let‟s say he is bending a fork. enough instances of this kind will probably accumulate. such as a fork. therefore. actually represents a thought form. sometimes. Professors Bohm and Hasted wrote in their summary. “We feel if simila r tests are made later. and Geller could not even come in contact with the container. England. the wire broke off. After Geller began bending the strip. (5-p76) The copper wire broke because as Geller was concentrating on the copper strip. the fork has a silver plating over it. Instead he held his hand over the top of the container. he naturally affected the rate at which the copper information was modulated into our existence. the information that makes up copper and iron must be propagated at a slower rate.

and could even destroy the latter if no explanation became available. but as it cooled. It is so exceptional that it presents a crucial challenge to modem science. they realize that there is something very wrong with our acceptable scientific theories. He stroked the special alloy wire. Geller was somehow able to put a kink in the metal. The scientists then tried to remove the bend by other methods. in effect. The U. and we were unable to unkink it. He said. The unique characteristic of nitinol is that it has a memory built into the metal. They had a new alloy called nitinol (nickel and titanium). while stretching it. The Navy felt they had a foolproof and tamper-proof test they could give Geller to see if his powers were genuine. The only way to explain Geller‟s bending phenomenon is by using our Theory of Multidimensional Reality. it returns to its original manufactured shape if heated to over 200‟F. When the wire was heated with a match. They gave Geller a rod of nitinol to bend mentally. remanufactured its shape. Uri obviously has some very special power. He permanently altered the domains of information that make up that wire. the wire stayed kinked. When the wire was placed in boiling water. it gradually returned to the bent shape. he. and it bent. using only the power of his mind. To quote Eldon Byrd who was in charge of the experiments. using a combination of extreme heat and mechanical force. If the metal is bent in any way. forming a semicircular kink in it.S. There were some very interesting experiments conducted at 245 .” (8-p3) The reason the nitinol wire could not be bent back to its original manufactured shape is because when Geller directed his conscious thought from the diehold onto the domains of information of the alloy. The wire was straight when they took it out of the cham ber. it continued to bend to almost a right angle. They placed the wire in a vacuum chamber. then they passed enough electric current through it so it glowed at 900‟ F. “In other words. “The Geller effect of metal bending is clearly not brought about by fraud. Government was also interested in Geller‟s bending powers.” (5 -p77) As you can tell by these opinions from prominent scientists. Neither I nor other experts can offer any scientific explanation for how those deformations in the wire could have occurred under the conditions imposed.These same opinions were also echoed by Professor Taylor on his conclusion with his experiments with Geller.

Doctor Moss stated. Geller was to concentrate on bending the key. She placed a brass key on the photographic plate while Geller placed his finger several inches away from the key also on the photographic plate. I can‟t believe what was happening. Actually just directing his thought patterns is good enough. 246 . The long spark of energy observed being emitted from the tip of Geller‟s finger represents the concentration of information being directed toward the key. He only needs it because he thinks he needs it to direct some part of his body to the object. Needless to say. “The photos clearly show something happening which science can‟t explain. there was one very long wide spark being emitted from the tip of his finger toward the key. (5-p245) It is actually quite simple for Geller to be able to erase any type of magnetic tape. The reason the key glowed as if it was a living object is because we were seeing Geller‟s potential being superimposed onto the information of the key. even aura that does not change. Geller does not need his finger to direct this potential. but the key that was photographed with Geller showed it glowing as if it was a living organism. This is proven by the fact that other metal objects in his vicinity start bending. In addition. Geller had succeeded in distorting or completely erasing the information. some chemically similar object might bend.UCLA by Thelma Moss using Kirlian photography. the only way to explain the glowing aura of the key is to use the Theory of Multidimensional Reality. Wherever his random thought is directed. Geller‟s finger had large sparks emitting from the edge.” Again. When the picture was taken. it would be simple for him to magnetically rearrange the domains of information that make up the iron oxide on the tape. You will remember that metals normally photograph with a small. Stanford Research Institute had him do an interesting experiment on a reel of videotape. Geller was in the midst of directing his conscious potential onto the domains of information that made up the key. As he displayed his powers. Since Geller has demonstrated he can create a magnetic field. The reel had on it various images and information. Geller concentrated on it to see what kind of effect he would have on it. Actually. I saw things I‟d never seen before. There is evidence that some energy force is coming from Geller‟s finger. As the photograph was being taken. This is because magnetic tape is made up of iron oxide. when they played the tape.

the watch will start ticking again. Geller does not just have a watch in his possession. and that is that inventions and other man-made objects are actually thought forms. If his conscious entity has enough potential. The result is that the watch works. when he is concentrating on it. (4p32) Geller has stated that as long as the watch is not missing any parts. For instance. and usually it will be fixed. How could someone mentally fix a watch? We would say there are two separate processes occurring while he is fixing the watch.Effects on Watches One of the other demonstrations that Geller is famous for is his ability to fix broken watches. Usually a watch stops because a part inside of it is bent or kinked from being dropped. As you know. Many times when he fixes a watch. the watch advanced 32 minutes. when he fixed a watch in front of Doctor Puharich. he can fix it mentally. Moving Things In Time and Space Uri Geller is the only person we have heard of who has been able to consciously move something in time and space. What he does is merely place his hand over the broken watch.” Within a short period of time. What we mean by this is that he is able to make something disappear in one location and reappear in another. Many times this occurred as an unconscious by-product of something else he may have been doing. the watch will lose or gain time. He has claimed that extraterrestrial beings help him do some of these things. He also has the thought form that represents the information that makes up the watch. and concentrates on it by saying. “work. basically he perceives the thought form as it should be originally. many times not even touching it. We would tend to agree with him on this one phenomenon because we would not expect a fifth-dimen247 . but how does his conscious thought know which part is the defective unit? This implies an intelligence that goes way beyond anything that has been theorized by other scientists. The only way to explain this is by applying one of the principles we stated earlier. His potential is used to bend or correct the parts that have failed in the thought form (watch). Geller certainly knows how to bend metal in any shape his conscious thought wishes.

Andrija was necessary in order for Geller to locate the information that made up the ring. but to make something disappear and reappear involves concentrating a great deal of potential on an object. Six hours later. A fifthdimensional being could levitate things as well as move them around. they had all of Geller‟s actions monitored by closed-circuit television. One of the experiments performed concerned a watch placed in a locked briefcase. (4-p32) This is probably because the potential necessary to bend or break a link may not be much different from the potential necessary to move it in time and space. Geller then stepped back and said he thought something had happened. therefore. At first he had difficulty doing it by himself. Uri tried to make the ring reappear in the box. When Doctor Puharich was working with Geller. It is possible that extraterrestrials could be providing the additional potential necessary to do this trick. All we will say is that we have the theory to explain how an object is moved in time and space. This is more the capability of a sixth-dimensional being. Often when Geller attempts to bend or break a chain with his mind. (4-p6l) The reason Geller needed Puharich to touch the side of the box was because the ring was a product of Andriia‟s thought forms. There were also several other cameras scanning other parts of the room. The watch disappeared from the briefcase. forcing it to demodulate from our time and space. Geller then tried and succeeded in making the ring reappear.sional being to be able to move something in time and space. The experimenters at the Stanford Research Institute took painstaking efforts to make sure Geller was not some sort of magician performing slight of hand in front of them. The following are some documented examples of Geller moving objects in time and space. he had set up an experiment to see if Geller could bend a specially machined steel ring. Puharich opened the box and discovered that the metal ring had disappeared. Geller then asked Pularich to place his finger on the side of the box. but who is doing it is something else. a link will disappear. and then to direct it to another location in time and space. Geller placed his hand over the box and concentrated on bending it. It was then seen by the television camera reappearing just below 248 . He placed the steel ring inside a wooden microscope box. To prevent this possibility.

We can explain why the other piece of brass bent by itself. The result was that half of one of the crystals dematerialized. It was originally straight. left the table and also landed on the floor near the door. The iron rod was for a later experiment. and would not have been able to get close to them without being spotted. As you will remember. So the domain of information that made up the brass and copper was directed at Geller‟s thought patterns. copper. It is possible the reason the brass and copper landed next to the door is because Geller might have wanted subconsciously to leave. Professor Hasted held his hand over the capsules so Geller could not touch them. As you will remember. or iron could also have bent. The professor felt a slight warmth when it happened. Just after the copper strip and copper wire experiments. We feel that the brass and iron bar bent because Geller might have been nervous in the presence of these noted scientists. brass is made of copper and iron. a piece of brass that Doctor Taylor had placed at the other side of the lab started bending. a similar series of disappearing and reappearing phenomena occurred. he just performed them simultaneously. an iron rod placed inside a tube dropped behind Doctor Taylor. but now it was bent to the side of the tube. falling. a piece of copper that was on the table next to the piece of brass. At Birkbeck College. A few moments after that. Then it disappeared and reappeared twice as it fell to the table. The next moment. so when he was concentrating on bending the information that made up the copper. (5-p247) During the Kings College experiments. To quote Doctor Taylor. he was concentrating on bending a piece of copper. any piece of brass. one of the experiments he was to perform was to see if he could bend two crystal discs of vanadium carbide. sealed in plastic capsules. because he was some distance away from them. It reappeared just before it reached the table.” (5-p77) We will attempt to explain why some of these actions occurred. One of the capsules moved across the table. The videotape clearly showed the dematerializing and rematerializing of the watch during its fall.the ceiling. “None of the flying objects could have been thrown by Geller. Just after that. the piece of brass landed next to the door. (5-p86) 249 . and nobody was near it. and when he perceived from their information which experiments he was going to be doing.

he was able to seriously distort the image on the television screen. (5-pl9) Another time. and unbeknownst to him. the U. (4-p8l) While he was doing the experiments at Stanford Research Institute. London radio and television appearances.Effects On Geiger Counters A geiger counter is like a capacitor possessing two charged plates. 1973. 5-p20) This is not the only time Geller affected computers. he was asked to concentrate on a videotape recorder and also on a television screen. and the geiger counter went up to 150 counts per second. The malfunction occurred simultaneously with Geller being on the air. (4-pl8l. (5-p85) The reason Geller was able to affect the geiger counter is because he was raising the potential of the filament inside the geiger tube with domains of potential from his consciousness. it discharges one of the plates to the other and records a click.S. in Norway. Kings College wanted to see if Geller could affect a geiger counter. Effects On Time At Stanford Institute. When a radioactive particle passes from one plate to the other. When Geller concentrated on it. the count went up to 500 times greater than normal. run by the Advanced Research Project Agency. The analogy is similar to Geller‟s effect on the key during the Kirlian photography experiment. the computers at the Norwegian Ministry of Defense 250 . During Geller‟s November. but it was obvious that they had seriously malfunctioned during the time of Geller‟s demonstrations. very strange malfunctions occurred to some important timing and radio transmitting equipment. (5-p79) At Birkbeck College they performed the same experiment. 1974. They never said officially what had happened to their computers. during a television appearance. Air Force had an advanced computer project going on the floors below. When he did so. The clicking would increase and decrease as Geller would increase and decrease his powers of concentration on the tube. January 19. The normal radiation count recorded on a geiger counter is about one click per second. The clicking represented potential coming from Geller‟s domain of information. There was absolutely no chance that Geller had any radioactive material with him.

July 1973. Geller suggested to the radio audience that they concentrate along with him to bend various articles.malfunctioned. after a delayed radio broadcast. (5-p30) It is unknown how many other computers malfunctioned due to Geller‟s performances. He bends things by slowing the rate of propagation of the information that makes up the object. November 1973. the wrong number of bits will be counted by the computer. The reason the videotape recorder and the computers malfunctioned is because all these devices have internal clocking circuits in them that control the bits of information that pass from the core of the computer to the accumulator. Later he asked the audience to take out only broken watches and try to will them back to work. Multidimensional Reality Explanation The reason Geller affects computers is that distorting time is a byproduct of bending things. one of them bent a spoon handle. To their surprise. in Texas. The results were amazing. Hundreds of people called up to report that things had bent and watches had started up. like spoons. and knives. covered later in the chapter on pyramids. and the last caused a large paper clip to disappear. another broke a door key in half. Geller 251 . forks. three women employees of the Texas Attorney General‟s Office tried to do Geller‟s trick while listening to him on the radio. For example. (5-p6) The next night on the BBC‟s David Dimbleby‟s Talk-In. on the BBC‟s Jimmy Young‟s radio show. but it is well-documented that computers malfunction when Geller is nearby. The effect is very similar to what occurred to a computer when it was placed inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Power of Suggestion One of the most unusual mass phenomena that have occurred due to Geller‟s world-wide demonstrations is that other people have discovered that they can also bend things and repair watches just by watching Geller. (5-p4) In London. If time is distorted in any way or if it is altered during this process.

were able to continue this ability after Geller‟s demonstration was finished. 1973. Many people. Over a thousand people claimed that spoons and forks and other metal objects had bent along with watches that started up instantaneously. the same story was repeated. These children were able to do many of the 252 . “tap into” the same program that Geller was doing at that time. One of the watches in the television demonstration did an unusual thing. This phenomenon occurred all over England. The paper received 1. he was supposed to try to send a thought pattem to London to bend things. The reason so many people were also able to have various degrees of success in bending things and fixing watches is because as Geller did the demonstration.. Newspaper reporters were sent out to confirm dozens of the stories from the audience.m. and the stories proved to be correct.repeated the same demonstration with one of the forks on the table in front of him. it didn‟t matter whether England was 500 miles away or 10. Sun People. Sweden. in the diehold where all information in the universe is stored. or something else bent or broke. (5-p8) On November 25. six boys. Thousands of people reported that various articles had bent or were broken and countless numbers of watches started up due to Geller‟s demonstrations. at exactly 2:30 p. The hands of the watch suddenly curled up against the crystal. and if the individual had enough conscious potential. and Denmark.375 letters from its readers stating that watches had started up. he or she could. so to speak.000 miles away. When Geller directed his thought or potential to England. Germany. The audience‟s response was the same as before. While he was in Paris. For instance. mostly children. Once their reality framework had broken down. he created the necessary error in the propagation of the information that made up the elements on which he was concentrating. their average age was twelve years. distance is irrelevant. bending it without him even touching it. six girls. As you will remember. spoons and forks had bent. During television appearances in Norway. The people who were able to bend things at the same time with Geller were able to forget about reality. Professo r Taylor gathered a group of 12 children. (5pl3) It is not difficult for us to explain why he was able to do this long-distance phenomenon. Geller tried an experiment in cooperation with the newspaper.

(1 p200) Description of the Spiritual Body We mentioned in Chapters 3 and 7 that the second dimension is the transmission dimension. Even when its shape is reported as being generally roundish in configuration. but the patient‟s “mind” still carries on its function as before without a serious disturbance of consciousness. had a very difficult time describing what they called their spiritual body. He is not yet demonstrating quite all of the capabilities of a fifth-dimensional being. Most of the people interviewed by Raymond A. many operations on people‟s brains have been performed in which large sections of a person‟s brain is removed..). during this lifetime or the next. Where Do We Really Exist? It is possible that our thinking processes are done entirely in the diehold and that our physical brain is merely meant as a convenience for this dimension. a head.same bending and watch-fixing tricks that Geller had demonstrated.D. (5-p57) As you can see. This dimension has less potential than the higher dimensions and it was in this dimension that the soul or conscious entity was first modulated into existence. will have to evolve to this stage before we can go onto the next dimensional level of existence. You will notice by the following descriptions that they fit our theory perfectly. M. it is often said to 253 . In other words. Eventually all of us. but also sometimes essentially the same shape as the physical body) and even parts (projections or surfaces analogous to arms. for his recent best seller. Geller demonstrates many of the traits we had theorized would be found in a fifth-dimensional being. Life After Life. Moody. For example. but perhaps as he gets older he will demonstrate all those qualities. “It is agreed that the spiritual body has a form or shape (sometimes a globular or amorphous cloud. legs. etc. He said. Jr. it exists in this dimension because we think something has to exist.. A composite description of these spiritual “bodies” was made by Doctor Moody.

a definite top and bottom and even the „parts‟ just mentioned. Is it possible that under the right conditions. To amplify this point. his soul can appear in our dimension as ball lightning? You will also notice by the various descriptions of the shapes that these spiritual bodies have many different forms. As we mentioned earlier. mentioned by Doctor Moody. smoke-like. and also charged waves. In other words. He set up various detectors several feet around the body of a dying individual. (1-p205) Another experiment done by the Russians was done by Doctor Sergeyev. a vapor.” (7-p47) These descriptions seem to be describing something very similar to the image seen in the phantom leaf effect or even the light patterns seen in regular Kirlian photography. in the Bible it does say. wispy. usually round. a cloud of colors. (1 -p72) Other descriptions from people. After all. 254 . were that their spiritual body moved through other three-andfourdimensional objects with no difficulty at all. the Russians have done many experiments with Kirlian photography photographing plants and animals as the physical body died. the reason the forms of these souls vary so much is because they represent the thought forms of the individual.‟ “ Genesis 1.26. What they are perceiving is the information that makes up just the conscious entity part of their information. His conclusion was that some sort of energy was leaving the deceased individual‟s body. Shortly after the patient‟s death. his equipment detected a pulsating electromagnetic field. if a sixth-dimensional being who possesses a great amount of potential dies. Others mention a sensation of weightlessness. No brain waves or other life functions were being recorded from the body. This description sounds similar to what we have seen as ball lightning. One individual thought his body was the shape of a small round ball. “And God said: „Let us make man in our image after our likenesses. Eventually there was no energy pattern coming from the dead plant or animal. In the photographs. the Russians saw the flares and small round bubbles of light going off into space away from the physical matter and out of sight. objects in the third dimension are actually thought forms. an energy pattern. a cloud.have ends. transparent. Words and phrases which have been used by various subjects include a mist. It seems that this postulate would hold true for the second dimension and most likely for our dimension. He used an electronic device to detect magnetic fields.

was a modulated conscious ball of potential. Some said they were able to see very far. “My thought and my consciousness were just like they are in life. The best evidence to prove our point is from people that come back from the dead. without having to go through it more than once. To make an analogy from this. This “noise” distorts much of the information we receive from the diehold. there is a great deal of “noise” from the information that makes up just our body. My mind just took everything down and worked everything out for me the first time. One of them described her con sciousness as follows. The reason they were able to see was because they perceived the domains of information around them in the diehold. This is also similar to why people are able to see without their eyes. but I just couldn‟t figure all this out. All they were. since they had no eyes. even though she is blind.” (7-p42) Another said: “I was still thinking just like in physical life. Others said they were able to see anywhere.” Another said: “Things that are not possible now are then. Your mind is so clear. Vanga Dimitrova‟s ability to see people‟s images and past. In fact. and other said they had zoom lens-type vision.” Doctor Moody concluded from his many interviews that people said they were able to think more clearly and rapidly than when they were alive. It is so nice. basically. let us say that it is like Geller‟s ability to drive blindfolded or the Bulgarian psychic. This is obviously a revolutionary idea. 255 . like it or not.The Mind The previous section is strong evidence that our entire thinking process is done in the diehold. Obviously. (7-p50) This is because when our conscious existence is being modulated and superimposed onto the physical information that makes up our body. but if you consider the psychic phenomena previously mentioned involving people communicating with other people and interacting with the domains of information around them. it is possible that all of our information-gathering is done in the diehold. it seems to be the only conclusion we can come to. they could not physically see in this dimension. Many of the people mentioned that their vision was much better in the two-dimensional state. This is because they were perceiving their visual impressions strictly from the diehold.

Ostrander. Uri. Others mention that there was no language barrier.. communication among all conscious intelligences in the diehold is in the same form. Andrija. Lyle Stuart. Many say they were able to hear voices and sounds and even pick up the thoughts of people around them. astronomy. When a foreigner spoke..Y.J. and crystalography. What they “heard” was actually the thought forms of the living conscious entities on which they were concentrating. F.. 5. (7-p52) The last observation again proves that these spirits (two-dimensional beings) were not actually hearing sounds. Prentice -Hall. 1970). Praeger Publications. “Uri: A Journey of the Mystery of Uri Geller” (N. S. 1974). Geller. Inc.Y. This seems to prove our point that all thoughts are translated into one universally understood form. REFERENCES 1. One person said she was able to hear what a person was saying a moment before their mouth moved physically.. F. 256 . “My Story” (N.Y. 2. nuclear physics. It is similar to the psychic who is able to command a person to go to sleep. 1959).. Puharich. “Strange World” (N. or Gary Sultan‟s ability to communicate with an African violet. “Stranger than Science” (N.Y.. and Schroeder. We realize that most people may not be interested in the theoretical applications of our theory to the fields of electronics. we may possibly be dealing with a far greater truth than even the authors of this book expected originally. L. 1964)....These people also claim that their hearing is much better than it is when they are alive. 3.. 1975). Edwards. but when a theory is able to logically explain not only the fields of psychic phenomena but also what is reported back by people who have died. “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain” (N. 4. Bantam Books. In other words. Lyle Stuart. they were still able to understand what he said. Edwards.

J.. Geller Performs for Physicists (Science News. 300. pp. Pyramid Power V. Bibliography Halevi.. vol. B. “Life after Life” (N. 257 .. Krippner. 104.Y. L.. Saratt.. 106.. “The Kirlian Aura” (N. 1975. Weil. Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree (N.). Raymond Jr. 10. no.6. 7. p. vol. 1974).. Cooke. Inc.Y. (ed. Trotter. 45-50. (Science News.. A. p... J. Los Angeles Times. Moody. 47.. S. vol. and Rubin.. 8.. p. Oct. July 1974). M. July 20. Z. 19. Santorelli. The Guide to Pyramid Energy (Santa Monica. 1973)... Nov. Kerrell. 8. 1.D. D. p. (Psychology Today. 1975). 3). Part 4. R. (National Enquirer. Anchor Book. 1976. K. 4). S. and Goggin. 1974). 9. June). Samuel Weiser Inc. “Mind-Bending With Uri Geller” (Los Angeles.. 1975).Y. Bantam Books..

sometimes. As their study of crystals progressed. produce stones more perfect than nature. 150 years ago.CHAPTER NINE: Crystals The reason for understanding what crystals are and how they function is because they are the basic building blocks of the third dimension of inanimate objects. should also give us a better insight into how the universe works. Since they are the basic building blocks of matter. but are the product of thought forms. by studying them we begin to get an idea of how the information is modulated into this dimension. they realized that man could grow his own crystals and. Remember crystals are not just inanimate objects. Basic Background Some untold thousands of years ago. the Germans began to make a scientific study of crystals so they could facet the stones to bring out the maximum brilliance in them. we feel. The possibility that man could produce rare precious 259 . An understanding of crystals. women realized that they like to wear or possess brightly-colored stones.

What these books do is avoid the question completely. where it is very important to grow crystals of a specific size and at a fast. but cannot explain why each takes any particular form. which in turn affects the strength of the overall metal object. mirror-like sides (Figures 9. The obstacle in their way was that they had to know much more about the internal structure and chemical composition of crystals in order to produce man-made gemstones. Some of these reasons are in the chemical industry. under an electron microscope cast metals are seen as many very small crystals arranged randomly. and none of them attempts to answer that particular question. excited many scientists with ideas of great wealth.5). at much less cost than finding them in nature. Per our theory of multidimensional reality. He has found many mor e reasons to study these little building blocks of nature. The cooling process affects the size of the metal‟s crystals.gem stones. all information that makes up the universe exists or is stored in the first dimension. The information is transmitted from the diehold to the second dimension (the transmission dimension). Well-formed crystals usually have smooth. Crystalography (the study of crystals) is also an important part of metallurgy. Crystal Description The first thing to be said about crystals is that it is a total phenomenon why each element tends to grow to specific shapes with the angles being the same for each element. Some books do a good job of quantifying the crystal shapes and angles that each element and mineral takes. economical rate. Crystals are also used in the electronics industry for timing and frequency standards.1 to 9. As the information (which is now frequencies) that makes up that element modulates itself to form the third dimension. it manifests itself as a specific vector 260 . Unfortunately. The first question an inquisitive mind must ask is: How can an inanimate object with no intelligence of its own “know” what shape and angle it should form? We have read many mineral and crystalography books. man‟s reasons for studying crystals have not progressed much farther. since after all. Crystals are solid figures with six or more sides.

1 Drawing of the Isometric Crystal System angle of energy which becomes a specific atom. they form what crystalographers call the unit cell. When a number of these atoms link up together.. A good analogy would be a laser hologram. Since each element has its own specific group frequency (vector angles of energy).0 CUBE OCTAHEDRON ODECAHEDRON TRISOCTAHEDRON TRAPEZOHEDRONS HEXOCTAHEDRON PYRITOHEDRONS POSITIVE TETRAHEXAHEDRON ARIGONAL TETRAHEDRON TRISTETRAHEDRON Figure 9. The only thing the hologram does not do is have the capability to create the matter part of the picture.. which is thought by scientists to be the basic building block 261 . it attracts its like elements when their vector angles line up. which forms an image of an object with three-dimensional qualities to the picture.

FIRST ORDER PRISM SECOND ORDER PRISM DITETRAGONAL PRISM FIRST ORDER PYRAMID SECOND ORDER OCTAHEDRITE DITETRAGONAL PYRAMID PYRAMID TETRAGONAL TRIPYRAMIDAL PYRAMIDAL-HEMIMORPHIC SPHENOID TRAPEZOHEDRON Figure 9. the basic building block is a single atom. As you can see by our theory.6). Cabrera. Other scientists (Burton.1951). So now we have an atom that has two parts to its existence. have concluded that the nucleus of the atom is not circular but some type of polyhedren (Figure 9. through careful analysis. one is its physical shape.2 Drawing of the Tetragonal Crystal System of the crystal. which is the vector angle of mass. and the other is the specific frequencies for that element. At 262 . and Frank .



and Its internal structure. The crystal‟s proximity to other crystals and the walls of the growing area. but also a carrier wave that might be more important than the other frequencies. 2. The diffusion of the growing solution. we see evidence in this dimension of the carrier wave and the shape it forms. In this section on crystals. 4. 5. The rate of growth. 3. It is generally accepted the crystal shape is dependent on five factors: 1. we must add that there is not just the frequency of the element being transmitted.0 TRICLINIC PINACOIDS (AXINITE) (RHODONITE) (RHODONITE-TYPE 11) (ALBITE) (ANORTHITE) Figure 9. Since 265 .5 Drawing of the Triclinic Crystal systems this point. Scientific thinking today does not even consider that matter is made up of information that exists in another dimension. The type of solvent the crystal is grown in.

down to one percent: below that there was. It was noted that the growth rate was proportional to the saturation percentage. The optimum growth rate of crystals will occur when the atom has a little more poten266 . down to one percent saturation.a drop-off.Figure 9. if observed from this dimension. Factors one and five should be combined since the atomic density or saturation of the element is directly proportional to the growth rate. they have given explanations that are only partially true.6 Drawing of the different types of six-sided molecular cells they don‟t know this. Scientists have performed experiments with iodine crystals in a slightly saturated vapor at O‟ C. but not very sharp.

When the mercury atom is in the vapor state. In 1922 a scientist by the name of Volmer did experiments on the growth patterns of thin plates of mercury crystals grown from a vapor. the information that makes up that crystal “pushes” the information that makes up the single atom until it comes in contact with the crystal itself. From this concept. it is now able to combine with other mercury atoms to form a crystal. diffused along the surface of the crystal with considerable ease. It is a proven observation that when we have a verticallypolarized transmitting antenna (electrical lines of force being transmitted vertically. and magnetic lines of force being transmitted horizontally). it is too hot or has too much potential. we can tell by our receiving antenna how our transmitting antenna is polarized. this is the first big proof of the existence of the carrier wave and. therefore the vector angles will not line up. because in such a condition its vector angle will not be the same as when it is in the solid crystal state. Per our theory. Keep in mind that the diehold is like a computer. the surface flow is due to that additional potential which that first layer of molecules has. Relating this to the signal coming from the 267 . or first layer of molecules of mercury.7).tial than when it is in a crystal state but should not have too much potential. more importantly. its frequency comes down. At this stage scientists know there is a movement of atoms around the surface of the crystal to the right spot to grow a specific crystal shape. When the mercury atom comes close enough to the crystal (Figure 9. The question left unanswered is: what caused the surface flow? Per our theory. therefore. It was also found that the only way to explain the faster growth of the main faces of the crystal was if there was a surface flow of considerable magnitude. the shape of the diehold. The question scientists wonder about is: why does that atom go to that correct space? This selective movement implies some kind of intelligence. its frequency is higher than when it is part of a solid. The signal is being transmitted off the sides of the diehold. and antenna all in one. When our receiving antenna is polarized in the same direction as our transmitting antenna. the signal will be much stronger than if it is perpendicular to the transmitting antenna. As it begins to lose potential. He observed that the absorbed. we can now make an analogy with antenna theory. transmitter.

There really isn‟t a receiving antenna in this dimension. which is acting as the antenna.7 Enlarged surface of a Mercury Crystal showing the mercury cells being directed to their proper locations diehold. the carrier wave that makes up that crystal is phased in the same way as the sides of the diehold.ENLARED SURFACE OF A MENCURY CRI AS THE SINGCE MERCURI CELLS AHE BE’ DIRECTED TO THE PROPER LOCATION Figure 9. We theorize that if the only signal modulating was the carrier wave. which is the diehold. As the signals modulate themselves into our dimension. but the crystal or any other matter is the modulation point for the signal. they try to form the same shape as the transmitting antenna. then the shape would be an octrahedron crystal based 268 .

In reality. Molecules on the (111) face have three of the six sides attached and are the most firmly bonded.on pi. we will state briefly that the scientists conclude that the side of the octrahedron crystal. is the simplest to grow. nor are they perfect. but since there are other frequencies that form the elements. forms the specific angles of the crystal. This theory will be covered more completely in the next section on the internal structure of the crystal. The acceptable theory on structure goes like this: the basic building blocks of a crystal are called cells. Not all faces of a crystal have the same rate of growth. What the scientists do not tell us is why the (111) face is the most freely growing face. The (111) face is the simplest to grow because the atoms can be attached anywhere. For now. The fastest and easiest growing face is the octahedron face. No two elements of crystals are exactly alike. all the frequencies together form a third frequency (called hetrodyning). Getting back to that first layer of mercury atoms on the crystal. The cells are six-sided polyhedrons (Figure 9. which leads to the greatest stability. it can only show the product of the original information that makes up that crystal. which manifests itself to another vector angle of energy. in turn. The Internal Structure Scientists feel that the structure of crystals give us the real reasons why different elements produce specific crystal shapes. These faces are called the growing faces and grow at a much faster rate than do the other sides. The more sides that are attached to the main crystal.6). This. the molecules have the strongest bonds on that (111) face. Each element has its own specific angles to its crystal shape. also noted as (111). the firmer the cell is. These cell types are believed to be the basic shapes that make up all the crystals. The first layer on a (110) 269 . The first thing to be said about crystals is that no two are exactly alike. Crystalography theory proves our idea that the octahedron crystal is the most perfect crystal. and the most freely growing face is the (111) side. which is abbreviated (111). the reason they go to the correct position is because the collective signal that makes up the larger crystal body has greater amounts of information going to certain faces of the crystal.

A good example is the quartz crystal. Per our theory. Most quartz crystals are not as fully developed as this. we would assume that a crystal might exhibit some corresponding angle to the diehold.3”. This is no coincidence. The difference is only 4º 14.8). as long as the other frequencies do not hetrodyne together to form a third frequency that is too disharmonic from the original. per our theory. and the first layer of a cube or other (100) face has only one bonded side. is the difference caused by the frequencies that make up the elements that are in quartz (SiO2)‟ Figure 9.3.face have two bonded sides. Now you will see something very interesting. These cells form a larger hexagon. This is because the carrier wave would try to form its own vector angle of energy. but their angle between each adjacent face is 141º 47‟. (2 -pl3) The angle of the slope of an octahedron crystal based on pi is 51º51‟ 14. The unit cell is too small to measure its actual size. The quartz unit cell has four sides of equal length and height with angles of exactly 60‟ and 120‟. which falls into the trapezohedral class.3”.8 Close-up of the slope of the top of a quartz crystal 270 . you must subtract 90‟ from the 141º47‟ and you get 51º47‟ (Figure 9. To find that angle. This could be. The top of a perfect crystal looks like Figure 9. which. but scientists have been able to determine its angles and the ratios between the height and length.

9 and 9.10). (101). These reciprocals of the crystal are most often used to designate the whole crystal. ISOMETRIC SYSTEM (Cube System) Octahedron (111) Rhombododecahedron or Dodecahedron(110) Cube Trisoctahedron Tetrahexahedron Trapezohedron Hexoctahedron Pyritohedrons Tetrahedron (100) (221) (210) (211) (321) (210) (111) TETRAGONAL SYSTEM First order prism Second order prism Ditetragonal prism First order pyramid Second order pyramid Ditetragonal pyramid (110) (100) (210) (111). (201). etc. (421). (223). (122) HEXAGONAL SYSTEM Base Prism of the first order Prism of the second order Dihexagonal Prism Pyramid of the first order Pyramid of the second order (0001) (1010) (1120) (2130) (1011). you must deduct 90º and you have 51º. The crystal is measured along an imaginary XYZ axis.Another example of this angle coming up is dendrites of germanium. (2021). etc. The angle of two adjoining plains is 141º. this system is called the Reciprocals of the Intercepts. (321). To get to our angle. (221). (1122) . (2-pl26) There is a system of categorizing all crystal shapes. Its crystal shape is octahedron. The ratios between the axes of the different faces are always expressed as whole numbers or zero. This system is derived by taking the crystallographic axes and stating them as a whole number ratio to one another (Figures 9. The numbers 0 and 1-6 are mostly used. Germanium is an important element since it is used in semiconductors. etc. (203).

Dihexagonal Pyramid Rhombohrdron (2131) (1011) 271 .

finally. (123). but it is different in two most important aspects: one. . The above seven groups are all the crystal groups found in nature. There are very similar angles that come up among crystals that are similar to the angles of an octahedron crystal based on pi. (101) MONOCLINIC SYSTEM Orthopinacoid Clinopinacoid Basal Pinacoid Hemipyramids (100) (010) (001) (321) TRIGONAL SYSTEM Positive Rhombohedron Negative Rhombohedron Scalenohedron Negative Scalenohedron Second order Pyramid (1011) (0111) (2131) (1231) (2243) TRICLINIC SYSTEM Macropinacoid or a-pinacoid Brachypinacoid or b-pinacoid Base or c-pinacoid (100) (010) (001) The octahedron or pyramid shape shows up in several crystal categories. (241) (100). and. the tetrahedron is not summetrical when it is turned 90‟ on its axis. The (111) faces are the fastest-growing sides with the greatest surface flow of energy. (122). The second reason is that the tetrahedron is an incomplete and imperfect crystal form.ORTHORHOMBIC SYSTEM Macropinacoids Brachypinacoid Rhombic Pyramids Macropyramids Brachypyramids Hemimorphic class (100) (010) (111) (214). (121). we see that there is an octrahedron crystal inside. (001). In summary. the only crystal shape with perfect internal symmetry is the octahedron shape. (421). In the illustration Figure 9. The tetrahedron has the same (111) notation as the octahedron shape. (213). this section on the internal structure has told us that the octahedron crystal shape is the most perfect of all the crystal shapes.11. (212). (010). etc.

272 .

Side ABD would be expressed as 112. Side EF intercepts only the x. Since the indices are relative measurements of one sides three axial intercepts. Sides G through K intercept only one side so their notation indicates only the one axis it intercepts. Side ABC intercepts the x y z axes four units from the center. the 4x: 4y: 4z is simplified as 1:1:1 or 111.The most widely used method of determining a crystals symmetry is called the Millers system of Indices.and y axes so we would express this side as 1 1 0. To determine the indices each side is measured from the axial center of the crystal (0). These indices are the ratios of the axial intercepts of the sides expressed as rational numbers. x y z.9 Diagram explaining Crystallographic Axial ratios and Indices 273 . The hexagonal system has four axes with the addition of another horizontal x‟ axis. Most crystal systems are visualized as having three axis. Figure 9.

274 .11 Drawing of a Tetrahedron crystal with an Octahedron crystal inside.Figure 9.10 Diagram explaining Crystallographic Axial ratios and Indices Figure 9.

382 275 . The explanation for this is the same as for the growing solvent. The Fourth Factor: Proximity to Other Crystals and the Sides of the Container. We have now given a basic background of crystals and their structure and have also explained that the octahedron crystal is the most important crystal of the whole group. the growing solution. there will be faster growth. We have presented some proof of this by showing that there-is a perfect mathematical symmetry in the octahedron shape and that there is an unusual growing characteristic associated with that crystal shape that no other shape has. Scientists have no theory as to why the shape changes. When we put these elements in with another group of elements.616 . But. since there will be more available atoms to attach to the surface of the crystal than in an area of low concentration. If there are more molecules of an element in an area. they just know it will change. They include: ELEMENT (MICROHOMS)-l Silver Copper Gold Aluminum .The Third Factor. one of the most thought-provoking points is that 82 percent of all the good conductors of electricity (. we must keep in mind that it possesses a unique group of frequencies.” we feel. which will change the vector angles. The Growing Solvent. there will be some kind of “mixing” or hetro-dyning of these frequencies. The Last Factor: Diffusion of the Growing Solution.10 and more microhms) form or can be cleved into octahedron crystals when grown in perfect conditions. When growing a crystal of a specific element or mineral. The vector angles of different elements can be very easily disturbed when they come too close to other elements of different frequencies. The reason the growing solvent has an effect on crystal shapes is simple. if we grow the same element under the exact same conditions and the only variable changed is the growing solution. The growing solution is the suspended element or molecule we wish to grow into a crystal.593 .42 . we will come up with two different shaped crystals. This “mixing. is the only logical explanation of why.

108 .22 .218 . ELEMENT COMBINED MINERAL FORMULA (MICROHOMS)-l Magnesium Zinc Cobalt Cadmium Ruthenium Magnesioferrite Gahnite Linnaeite Cadmium Oxide Laurite Mg Fe204 Zn A1204 C03S4 Cd 0 RuS2 .181 .ELEMENT (MICROHOMS)-l Rhodium Sodium Calcium Molybdenum Iridium Tungsten Nickel Potassium Lithium Iron .145 . but.224 .Will form acute pyramids Chlorine Antimony Arsenic Sylvite Senarmontite Arsenolite K Cl Sb2O3 As2O3 Other elements that do form octahedron crystals when grown in ideal growing conditions are the following: (Many are conductors of electricity and are important to everyday life.10 Other elements that fall into the above category but are not very good electrical conductors are: Sulpher .189 .10 The following is a list of other good conductors of electricity that don‟t normally grow to octahedron crystals by themselves. combined with another element.19 .218 .143 .16 .) ELEMENT (MICROHOMS)-l .146 .167 . will become an octahedron crystal when grown in ideal conditions.

Carbon Chromium .057 .078 276 .



Germanium Lead Manganese Oxygen Palladium Platinum Strontium

.022 .046 .054 .00006 .093 .095 .043

This is not a complete list of all elements that form octahedron crystals, because very little has been studied about what crystal shapes different compounds take; nor is there yet much interest in the field. Special mention must be made of magnetite (Fe 3 04) (loadstone). This mineral is mostly iron and is the only natural magnet found on the planet. Magnetite is also the most common type of iron found in meteorites. It is interesting and thought-provoking that the only natural magnet should be found as an octahedron crystal. The reason for this is very logical, if you explain it using our theory. If magnetism is mostly the carrier wave, then the shape it will produce will be the octahedron shape. There is no other theory in science that explains this phenomenon.

Crystals and Batteries Nickel cadmium batteries exhibit a very unusual phenomenon that also proves our theory. These batteries are rechargable. If these batteries are not completely discharged and recharged again to their maximum storage capacity, they develop a “memory.” What will happen is the battery will only charge up to the last charge level. Let‟s say we charged the battery to only 70 percent of its capacity repeatedly; what would happen is that the maximum we could then charge that battery would be 70 percent. No one in the industry knows why this happens, but they have directly correlated this occurrence with microscopic crystals that grow between the plates of the battery. These crystals align themselves perpendicular to the flow of current. The crystal shapes depend on the elements used in the battery. Many of the crystal shapes are flat, six-sided dendrites, but other shapes have been found. It has been

observed that these crystals develop a memory capable of regulating the amount of charge the battery can take. This shows that crystals have the capability of storing and regulating information passing through them or in their vicinity. You will notice from the previous lists of elements that they include most of the metals in the universe. You will also notice that the most important elements that make up life, such as oxygen, are included in these lists. Scientists may disagree with some of our ideas or examples, but they cannot explain by using their laws of physics why so many elements form octahedron crystals and that they should be good conductors of electricity.

Snow Crystals Snow crystals are predominantly made up of H20 with trace amounts of other elements. We have all heard that no two snow crystals are exactly alike, and if you have seen photos of snow crystals with their beautiful designs, you would agree. The best book in which to see photos of thousands of snow crystals is Snow Crystals by W. A. Bently and W. J. Humphreys. When studying the snow crystals, we observe that they fall into two basic shapes (Figure 9.12). We must add that they are the basic shapes for snow crystals that fall below the polar regions. In the polar regions there is a third type, the octahedron crystal. These octahedron crystals produce the most unusual halos of unusual radii in the sky. (3) The variety of snow crystal designs is due to the rate of growth and the trace elements captured in the crystal. Small and simple snow crystals are due to slow growth, and complex designs are due to fast growth. The slow growth crystals are usually perfect hexagonal plates and develop in very cold weather. The fast growth crystals have six equidistant and equal length spokes growing from a common center. This type of crystal is the most common for the lower latitudes. Both types of crystals have the same angles of growth. The first question to ask is why should snow crystals take this type of crystal shape? After all, it is just water, the most common molecule on the surface of the earth; it has no special shape when it is a liquid, so why should it take this shape? Scientists have also wondered the same thing; but they don‟t mention it in their books

Figure 9.1 2 Photos of various snow crystals


on the subject because they don‟t know the answer-just as they don‟t know the answer to why the other elements in the universe take specific crystal shapes. Now we will attempt to explain why snow crystals take these shapes. First of all, we must restate one of our assumptions; that every element in the universe has its own specific group of frequencies. These frequencies manifest themselves in a specific angle. Now, let‟s look at the water molecule. It is made up of two hydro gen atoms having an atomic weight of 2.016. The crystal shape of H is theorized to be hexagonal, but no hydrogen crystal has ever been produced because man has never been able to produce absolute zero. The other element in water is oxygen, with an atomic weight of 16 or 89 percent of the weight of the water molecule. It is logical to say that oxygen will have the biggest influence on the shape of the water crystal. The most perfect crystal shape of oxygen is an octahedron. Why are the snow crystals that fall on most of the earth basically flat hexagonal shapes? Because they are flat three-dimensional representations of an octahedron crystal. As shown in Figure 9.13, if you draw straight lines connecting alternating points of the hexagonal shape, you will first see two triangles forming a Star of David within the larger shape. When you look closer, you will notice you are actually looking at an octahedron crystal (Figure 9.14). You are looking down at it, perpendicular to one of its sides. So now you know, when you are looking at an hexagonal snow crystal, you are actually looking at the silhouette of the octahedron crystal out of phase 45 degrees. They only grow as thin plates because these crystals are not exactly being grown in the most stable conditions when they are falling for thousands of feet. The crystal planes that can grow are the ones that can make the strongest atomic bonds. We are not yet done with our discussion of snow crystals because these crystals are telling us something very important about existence and about this planet. First of all, when a crystal grows to a specific shape, it is implied by its actions that something is instructing it to take that shape. There is an intelligence implied in the shape of that crystal and in the shapes of all crystals. Again we see evidence that matter is the product of thought forms produced in the diehold. If this theory is correct, we would expect to see the most perfect crystals in places where the carrier wave is the strongest in our dimension. The two places where this carrier wave

Figure 9.14 Drawing of an Octahedron crystal looking down on it at a 45 degrees angle

Figure 9.13 Drawing of a hexagon showing it is really a two-dimensional representation of an octahedron crystal.


is the strongest are the north and south poles; and, indeed, we do find that the most perfect snow crystals (octahedron crystals) fall only at the polar regions.

The Star of David We have noticed a definite connection between the Star of David and the octahedron crystal shape (Figure 9.13). This connection is logical once we study what the Star of David represents. For one thing, this “star” predates David by many thousands of years. The star was used by both the ancient Jews and nonJews. The teachings of the Kabbala say that the center of the star represents the limitless light which is also the dimensionless point which is between the manifest and unmanifest of our existence. The Kabbalists do not explain this meaning further in scientific terms, but they are hinting at the same thing that we are saying: that existence is someplace else. Primitive man did not come to this idea by himself. To discover it on his own, he must have evolved to a certain scientific level, which primitive man had not. Either ancient man was told by highly advanced beings from this planet or from another, or ancient man was told by a Divine Being. To make our point, it does not matter who told man; but rather what he was told. If you were a highly advanced intelligence many millions or even billions of years ahead of time of the primitive people you were visiting, and you wished to leave them with something very important, you would tell them something about their own existence-about the most important secret of the universe. It would be unimportant to you whether that generation or the 200th generation figured it out. The important thing is that they be given the secret. The form that you would give this knowledge would probably be a symbol. Writing would probably be changed through many rewritings over the years; and also most of the people you were telling would be illiterate so the information would not be widely desseminated. The best way to get your message over would be as a symbol that is easily reproducible, such as a star. There are further philosophical points to be made on this subject, but they will be covered in Chapter 12.

Chapter Conclusion We have covered a lot of ground to prove that the octahedron crystal shape is the most important crystal shape of all, and that there is evidence of a Universal Intelligence. We have said that the octahedron shape is the only one that has internal symmetry (111) around its axes; that the octahedron shape is the most perfect of the cube crystal group. We also have to mention that the octahedron shape is the only crystal shape in which the electrical resistence tensor is the same, no matter what direction the current is flowing through the crystal. This also means that the power dissipated in an octahedron crystal is the same in any direction of the current. The structural and electrical symmetry is important to our theory, because if we say a certain structure (the diehold) is storing information and retrieving it, it is acting as a computer. In a computer like this one, where time is the speed of the information across the tapehead, it is important that the information on that time level have equal access, as like information in the system. Another way of saying this is that all information in that level, or part of time, must be able to be retrieved in equal time intervals. These crystals are not only telling us that a frequency will produce specific crystal angle, but they also reflect the shape of the structure that contains the information that makes up them and US.

REFERENCES 1. 2. 3. Humphreys, W. J., and Bently, W. A., “Snow Crystals” (N.Y., Dover Publications, 1962). By the scientists of the Westinghouse Research Labs. “Crystals Perfect and Imperfect” (N.Y., Walker & Co., 1965). Bauer, Max Dr., “Precious Stones” (N.Y., Dover Publications, vol. 1 and 2, 1968). Bibliography

Verma, A. R., Crystal Growth and Dislocations (Butterworths Scientific Publications, 1953).

The Great Pyramid of Giza There are few wonders of the world that man can call his own. One of them is definitely the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is thought to have been built about 5,000 years ago, but in truth nobody knows how old the pyramid is; it could be 12,000 years old for all we know. It was at one time the most beautiful structure the earth had ever seen, past and present; but, unfortunately, there are unevolved beings that have no sense of beauty, no sense of what‟s right and wrong. These individuals removed the limestone casing stones and also vandalized the inside passages in their quest for material wealth. Much to their surprise, there were no riches in it. This was because the pyramid‟s wealth is in the knowledge ob tained from its measurements and actual shape. In this section we will cover some of the measurements and what the pyramid shape does-the latter being the most important message of the pyramid.

Physical Dimensions
The unit of measure used predominantly in the Great Pyramid is the sacred cubit. The sacred cubit is based on the size of the earth. It is 1/10,000,000th the radius of the earth taken from the center of the earth to the poles. The radius is 3,949.89 miles or 10 million sacred cubits (one sacred cubit = 25.0265 inches). (Figure 10.1)
10,000,000 METERS

Figure 10.1 Drawing depicting the relationship of the sacred cubit to the radius and diameter of the Earth

The outside of the pyramid was covered with a white, highly polished limestone. There was a total of 144,000 of these blocks

covering an outside area of 22 acres. The pyramid was polished so that its reflection could be seen from space. These casing stones were as large as 5 feet high by 12 feet long by 8 feet wide, and weighed from 16 to 20 tons. The mean space between these blocks was 1/50th of an inch. Each block was cut with a mean tolerance of 1/100 th of an inch to form very flat plains for each of the sides. This includes the 75-inch-long slope side. Today we cannot cut stones anywhere that size to tolerances that close, because the large diamond blades that are used to cut stones start to warp when they are used for some time and would be off by as much as one half inch. The only way those stones could have been cut was by laser. When we consider that the stones that make up the beams of the king‟s chamber are 27 feet long by 5 feet wide by 7 feet high, and weigh 70 tons each, how else could they have been cut? It has been calculated that there are a total of 2,500,000 blocks that make up the pyramid. The stones range in weight from 2 ½ tons to 70 tons. It is the largest and most massive structure on the earth. The pyramid is solid stone, about 90 million cubic feet, except for the small portion that is passages or rooms. It is made up mostly of limestone, and syenite1 was used where strength was needed. All of the stone came from quarries from 15 to 500 miles away. There are two air holes connecting the king‟s chamber to the outside; and two air holes connecting the queen‟s chamber to the outside. The angles of these air holes are about 30 degrees up from the rooms. These holes are about 230 feet long and are very round and of equal inside diameter the entire length of the holes. How did the ancient Egyptians, with no sophisticated drilling tools, drill through a material like syenite (hardness 6-7) for 215-235 feet and also drill exactly to where they wanted. This drilling had to have been done with a laser. The next conclusion is that it wasn‟t the ancient Egyptians who did the drilling. Let‟s go further with more facts about this pyramid. There are about 80 pyramid-type buildings or remains of pyramids in Egypt. The Great Pyramid is the oldest of them all and is in the best condition today. All the rest of the pyramids are smaller and are of inferior workmanship. The Great Pyramid is the only one with internal chambers and passageways above ground

Syenite consists of: Feldspar, hornblend with pyroxene, hardness, 6-7 Ca A12S12O8 and Na A113O8 and Ca (Mg, Fe) Si2O6


then the Egyptians came and tried to duplicate the original. came along in 500 AD. a Hindu scholar. We also discovered the math formula that produced a more accruate angle and that being 52. 288 .level.2 Drawing showing the pyramids relationship to a circle NOTE: Durring 1981 We discovered that the Great Pyramids actual measurements produced an angle of 52. which is based on the radius of the earth. They are as follows: the pyramid‟s shape is based on pi [ See Note Below].606º. This is to say that the height of the pyramid is equal to the radius of a circle whose circumference is equal to the circumference of the pyramid (Figure 10. Keep in mind that pi was not worked out to four places until Arya-Bhata. The remaining references to the pyramid angle have been corrected to the new angle of 52. also. 51 degrees 51’ 14. We know why this angle was chosen and I will explain it in the next book. The resulting slope of the pyramid is 51º 51‟ 14. Our conclusion is that the pyramid came first.606º.3”. the only one that has no hieroglyphics in it. with or without the help of the original builders. (6) We do not say that the Egyptians did not know the relationship between the diameter of THE HEIGHT OF A PYRAMID BASED ON PI (pi) IS THE SAME AS THE RADIUS OF A CIRCLE WHOSE CIRCUMFERENCE IS THE SAME AS THE BASE OF THE PYRAMIDS.3” Figure 10.2). The point has been argued about by archeologists: could the Egyptians have built it at their level of technological development? We believe not. unless they were told it by a more advanced people? The next points we wish to mention are items that the ancient Egyptians could not have known. How could these primitive people know this information. Many of them in fact we have only discovered or calculated in this century. Especially since the basic unit of measure is the sacred cubit. The Egyptions certinally did not kow the value of the natural log and there is no visable reason why they would build such a massive structure based on ex. I will publishing the formula in my next book and explain why it was built with these measurements.6º. It is. The formula incorporated the invers square law with ex.

672 times the weight of water. The height of the Great Pyramid is 454½ feet.000 years ago they even knew what pi was. The estimated weight of the pyramid is 5. Pi is one of the two most important numbers that we know of. The pyramid calculates it at 5. at 68º F. 7 inches below the base line of the pyramid.162.000 years. The ocean level has been calculated to be about 193 feet.a circle and its circumference. It is even more unlikely that they would have built such a huge structure and based its shape on pi. (7) The weight of the earth has been calculated to be 5. why build the first based on pi and not any of the others? The conclusion is that their math had not evolved to connect pi with a geometric shape. In calculating almost anything from the movements of stars to the movements of the atom.2” or 193‟ 9”. The pyramid was placed in the exact center of the world‟s land mass. The pyramid also has concealed in its measurements the average elevation of the earth above sea level. The most recent scientific measurements put it at 92. The pyramid also tells us that the mean distance of the earth to the sun is 93 million miles.6” x 2 = 2. In fact. we have to know the value of pi. Scientists have estimated the density of the earth to be 5.3 x 106 tons or one thousand trillionth part of the earth‟s weight. but even today the most accurate we have been able to obtain is 6 minutes (the Paris Observatory). There is no way the Egyptians could have known about this unless they were as technologically advanced as we are today. The pyramid today is off by 3 minutes. If we draw a longitude (north -south) through the pyramid and a latitude (east-west) through it also. The elevation has been calculated by computer to be 455 feet. The next interesting fact is that the pyramid was built so that its north side was exactly perpendicular to true north. but it is highly unlikely that they would have taken pi and correlated it with another geometric shape at their level of mathematics.7 times.3 x 10 20 tons. The question is. since the later pyramids were not based on pi. This number is derived from the base calculations.325. 289 . This doesn‟t seem like a difficult task. divide by pi 1. but this is probably due to the continental drift over the last 5.9 million miles. we will have divided the earth into four equal parts of land and water. we don‟t know if 5. The same number shows up if you take the circumference of the pyramid (in inches).

606º It is a lot of fun to try experiments with it. The information the pyramid contains in its measurements is merely to give it credence. Our purpose is to tell you why the Great Pyramid is important and what the builders of this structure were telling man. The Effects of the Pyramid It is very simple to build a pyramid of your own. it seems that the Great Pyramid was built as an IQ test for man to figure out its real message. 1867 and Pyramidology. to see how things grow inside the pyramid. they were very advanced beings. It is also obvious that they did not construct it either. This book goes into great detail about the effects that the pyramid has on plants.There are some more items we will briefly mention. proof that its real message is the truth. Some of these effects are: food kept under the pyramid will stay fresh for two to 290 . No. though we can say this for them. who did build that pyramid (and more importantly. that could have been done by writing such information on stone tablets-a much more efficient and direct way. we don‟t think it was simply to tell man about his planet or solar system. why)? We don‟t know if we can ever answer the question of who built it. we must ask ourselves. 1957. (1975). It also tells us the exact number of days in the solar year (365. the number of days between the equinoxes. by Adam Ruthford.259 days). it is evident that the ancient Egyptians could not have known this information. As to why they built it. They go into the measurements in great detail. With all these facts. by C. and various animals. and the length of the earth‟s axis of rotation. Many of these measurements and angles have been interpreted to be physical data about this planet and our solar system. now that we have been enlightened. which is 52. (6) There are many angles and measurements contained in the Great Pyramid. the length of the earth‟s orbit. So. Piazzi Smyth. people. but you must be sure it is built to the correct proportion and angle. One is that the pyramid also reveals that the true shape of the earth is not perfectly round but bulges at the equatorial regions. A good book to learn from is The Guide to Pyramid Energy by Bill Kerrell and Kathy Goggin. Some very good books on the subject are Life and Work at the Great Pyramid.

it will show a change in the molecular structure. similar to that of mild electricity. He also noticed that pyramid-grown shrimp grew two to three times larger than normal. It has been found that water keeps its “charge” longer than anything else. (6) Plants grown under the pyramid grow about twice as fast. they become less bitter and acid. also discovered that this frequency was in the microwave range. One of the things he and his associates have found is that hypertensive individuals become tranquilized. Artificial flavorings in food will loose their taste. These frequencies are also higher and the signal strength is twice the amplitude of normal. Born and Lertes.three times longer than uncovered food. Bill Kerell is a pyramid researcher who has been doing experiments with pyramids for about 17 years. Alot of work has been done with individuals who meditate. but natural flavors are enhanced. a tranquilizing 291 . The most common effects that meditators say happen to them when they are under the pyramid are: a sense of weightlessness. but lethargic people become energetic again. Water will loose its chlorine taste and generally tastes better. It has been found that a copper pyramid has the best effects and intensifies the effect on organic materials. both of speed and slowing down. a tingling sensation on the skin. When we take a spectrographic reading of the treated item. The treated young plants look healthier and have less insect damage. It is well known that razor blades are kept sharper longer if placed under a pyramid between uses. Researchers say that items placed under the pyramid stay “charged” for various lengths of time after being taken from under the pyramid. but under the pyramids. He has done many experiments using brine shrimp. in their early life. It has been found that the theta and alpha brain waves are increased. Bill has also done a lot of work with humans. an increase in the skin temperature. Bill has kept them alive for over a year. Brine shrimp usually live 6 to 7 weeks. There is also a slowing or complete stopping of the growth of microorganisms. Dr. a time distortion. but it will not permit decay or mold to grow. The pyramid also has an effect on inorganic items. The taste of foods change. Carl Benedicks (a Swedish scientist) discovered that the pyramid produced a resonance or frequency inside. (6) Two German scientists. The pyramid will dehydrate and mummify things. than do plants that are not grown under it.

the information that makes everything up in the universe exists somewhere else (in the first dimension). as the signal is modulated into this dimension. Pyramids have also been experimented with by doctors. To restate it. a deeper “dropping off “ in the transcendental state.effect on the nervous system. This is why we can build a pyramid out of any material. it makes things more perfect. and the shape of the diehold (where the information is stored) is an octahedron based on pi. and finally. Bill has been told by a doctor from a Canadian hospital that they tried using a pyramid in their burn ward. they form a vector angle of energy that is a physical representation of the frequency. The elements in the material used for the pyramid start to oscillate. This means that the frequencies of 292 . As these frequencies take shape. the patients‟ pain started to go away. very graphic dreams in vivid color. The results were that after being under the pyramid for a few minutes. as shown in the part on minerals. Now we will go thorugh the major effects and explain them with our Theory of Multidimensional Reality. So when we build a pyramid with this angle. One part is the more important carrier wave the other is the signal that makes up the element. The vector angle of energy formed by the carrier wave frequency is 52. The first thing we must ask ourselves is how does an object “know” to change its condition to a more perfect state than before? To explain this is simple. and it will work. They also found that the burn areas healed much faster. This pyramid we have built is both a transmitter and receiver in one. The one frequency that is common with all elements is the carrier wave. No other theory from science or the occult field can explain what this “energy” is and how it affects objects. It is true that metal pyramids give greater readings and better results but that is because. we are building a copy of the diehold (more technically it should be considered a tuned circuit). using our theory. Keep in mind that all these effects are related to each other.606º. The preceding are only some of the effects of the pyramid shape. all of the most commonly used metals form octahedron crystals in their natural states. it is made up of several parts. or modulate. The first thing we notice about the pyramid is that it puts things back the way they are supposed to be. As explained in the chapter on crystals.

The result is that the information that makes up the body overcomes the signal that makes up the disease. 293 . The reason people heal faster under the pyramid is for the same reason. Scientists have confirmed what we are saying. it receives the information that makes it up on a stronger or amplified basis. so to speak. but they don‟t know why. since the oxygen molecule is the element in the water that forms the octahedron crystal. The razor blade will stay sharp because the information that makes up those microscopic metal crystals will try to remain in their original shape by trying to move atoms to the areas worn away. “charges them. What the pyramid does is increase the signal that makes us up. (6) The same explanation can be applied to the plants and the food placed under the pyramid. They are also good conductors of electricity. or other organisms to attack it.” When the water is being charged. what is happening is that the information that makes up that part of our body is being interfered with by the information that makes up the infection or the cancer. We theorize that the oxygen vectors realign themselves when under the pyramid. We receive the signal that makes us up stronger. the less chance for-imperfections in its construction. which would cause disease..these elements are relatively harmonic to the basic carrier wave. The increased signal in humans shows up in the fact that the theta and alpha brain waves increase in both frequency and amplification. This frequency raises the potential of the elements and. The more the information it receives about itself. they see a change in the molecular structure of the water. in the diehold. The stronger the signal. This is the same thing mentioned in the crystal growing chapter. the more energy the plant has. which means that they transfer information better than others. The microwave frequencies mentioned earlier are either part of this carrier wave frequency or a product of it. It makes no difference what is put into it. it is actually the oxygen molecule that is being charged. When an object is placed inside the pyramid. the domains of information that make up man are not supposed to include the information that makes up the disease. it is receiving amplified information of its self. The disease goes away because. If the plant is growing under the pyramid. If we have an infection on a part of our body. mold.

We said at the beginning of this chapter. everything in the universe is related. they could determine the inside and outside shape of the pyramid. This time shift was then recorded on the tape. they came up with a different pattern than before. Every time the tape was replayed. The internal clock in the computer was off. Our assumption was proven in 1968 by Dr. corners. when they sent a copy of the tape to Berkeley. we should be able to detect a time phase shift from our normal reality. The reason so 294 . The cosmic rays lose energy in direct proportion to the amount of mass they must pass through. as we say. This effect is of the same type as Uri Geller‟s effect on computers. When they played the tape on another computer to test the results. There is an even larger pyramid in China near the border of India and Russia. When they first played the tape at the University of Cairo. so it did not properly transfer information from the core area to the tape storage device. the information clearly showed the locations of the sides. California. Their conclusion was that there is a substantial error in the geometry of the pyramid which affects the computer program. or there are energy forces present in the pyramid that defy explanation by our laws of physics. They were trying to find any hidden chambers inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. it duplicated the time shift. (6-pl64) The explanation to what happened is that the computer and recording device inside the pyramid had a time shift. The reason is now quite obvious: the builders were telling us the most important secret about our own existencethat the information that makes up everything exists in a structure like the pyramid. we would tell you why the Great Pyramid was built.Time Phase Shaft If our theory is correct about the pyramid. and other outside features but did not indicate any new chambers inside. they came up with different results every time they ran the tape. not much is known about it except that it is at least twice as large as the one in Egypt. By using a computer to extrapolate the information. Luis Alvarez and a distinguished team of scientists. Do not think that the Great Pyramid in Egypt is the only one like it on earth. thereby giving different results every time. The technique they used was to record millions of cosmic rays that passed through the pyramid. The important features that should have shown up were missing.

it must have existed there many millions of years ago. They were discovered by the French explorer. It is generally accepted that these are not natural formations. He described them as having been. The mound on the right might also be another pyramid. As we know from the Viking 1 and 2 flights. pointed at the top. square at the base. The key to their present day appearance is the fact that there are estimated to be winds of about 300 miles per hour on the surface of Mars. If these pyramids could be rediscovered. Waldeck. it would mean that they would be the only two Egyptian-type pyramids in all of the America still existing today. this should end it. They are estimated to be 9. in a perfect state of preservation. near the town of Palenque. We placed dry sand in front of the pyramid to act as the sand and dirt in the air. unlike the pyramids we have been describing here on earth. and thirty-one feet high. and it is equidistant from the others. just as in the pictures of Mars. 295 . The result was that the sand built up in front like a wedge and also in the back. making them appear threesided. Mariner 9 photographed two pyramids on Mars (Figure 10.800 feet across at the base and 6. On the Mariner 9 flight to Mars in 1971. So what has happened is that the sand has built up on three sides of the pyramids. As far as we know. To test our theory. and it is also hard to get close to it because it g ives off a great deal of energy. but they are the same four-sided pyramids. because the area near Palenque is dense jungle. There are another two on the Yucatan Penninsula of Mexico. at the time.3). their sides forming equilateral triangles.little is known about it is because the Chinese won‟t let anyone near it. there is lots of sand and dirt particles in the Mars atmosphere. Pyramids on Mars If there is still doubt in your mind about the importance of the pyramid. Then we directed a stream of air from a vacuum exhaust toward the pyramid. about 1850. also sprinkling more sand in front of the jet of air.300 feet high. since it is in line with the others. we formed a regular pyramid out of damp sand. no other explorer has been able to confirm his discovery. What then are they? You will notice that they are threesided and not very well defined. We also know that if there was life on Mars. It might have been damaged over the years.

Courtesy of NASA. 296 .3 Photo of the pyramids on Mars sent back by Mariner 9.Figure 10.

nor are they wanting in Africa. in the Orkney alone it is estimated that more than two thousand still remain. there is some doubt whether it is sepulchral. indeed. Many of them were found with vaults or rooms inside. in Asia they are scattered over the great steppes. are small. many of which had sides aligned to the four corners of the compass. At first we were debating whether we should include a description of these mounds and pyramids in this book. but some are very large. These pyramids and mounds were literally found all over the world. and in Denmark they are even more abundant. Other Pyramids and Mounds Found on the Earth In doing our research for this section. with and without skeltons in them. indeed. The mound on Silbury hill is the highest in Great Britain. the entire plain of Jellabad is literally covered with tumuli and mounds. a 297 . In America they are to be numbered by thousands and tens of thousands.The conclusion of all this is that the pyramid shape is an impor tant stage in civilization‟s evolution to understanding what man‟s existence is all about. had a specific function for the builders. but as we read these descriptions of pyramid mounds. we came across information about other types of pyramids made of dirt. it has a height of 187 feet. they are found all over Europe from the shores of the Atlantic to the Ural mountains. both on Earth and on Mars. a famous 19 th century archeologist: “In our own island the smaller tumuli may be seen in almost every down (hill). It can also be said that these massive structures. To quote Sir John Lubbock. Though it is evidently artificial. the whole world is studded with the burial places of the dead.” (2 -p60) We don‟t want to forget the hundreds of steeped pyramids that were found in Central and South America. Many of them. since it did not seem on the surface that it would help to explain the Theory of Multidimensional Reality. which was important enough for them to spend great amounts of time and resources on them. from the borders of Russia to the Pacific ocean and from the plains of Siberia to those of Hindustan. where the pyramids exhibit the most magnificent development of the same idea.

In his travels in Shensi Province. it is highly doubtful that they were all burial mounds. They have never been excavated like the ones in Egypt or the Americas because the Chinese revere these pyramids and would never disturb them. The mounds were built by men. They are made of hardened clay. the only objects which broke the monotony of the landscape were mounds which dotte d the plain between Sian and fords of the Wei Ho River. effort. People can‟t agree on that today so why assume they would agree on it some ten to fifteen thousand years ago? Also.4) “Besides ruined and deserted mud villages. but since there are so many all over the world. Hichols. One of them is Francis H. using our Theory of Multidimensional Reality. the archeologists would have to explain how all these different cultures. These pyramids are four-sided and are aligned to the four corners of the compass. with different languages and writing. and separated by thousands of miles of ocean. The Pyramids of China The first pyramids we will cover are the ones in China. The mounds 298 . ask yourself these questions: How did primitive” people all over this planet know to build pyramids at about the same time in history? Why was it so important to them that they would devote a great deal of time. were able to communicate this idea. we would have indirectly proved an important part (Astronomy Section) of the theory. As you read this section. There are two good descriptions of these pyramids in China from explorers who were in China in the latter part of the 19 th century. and natural resources to their construction? The archeologists say that they were burial mounds for important people in the society. You would then be assuming that most of the cultures of the world had developed the same method for burying the dead.very important clue about what had happened on this planet came through loud and clear. he gave this description of some of these pyramid mounds: (Figure 10. Our answer is that it might be true for some of the more recent mounds. If we could explain a phenomena that happened on this planet many thousands of years ago. but when or for what purpose is a mystery.

China were all pyramidal in shape. their original shape was still plainly discernible. although scattered over an area of ten square miles. and as we passed a succession of mounds on either side of it. Although I did not test accurately their points of direction.. They are situated in the midst of a plain where until the famine every square foot of ground was in demand for cultivation. apparently a different material from the loess of the plain. yet no crop was ever sown or reaped on the sides of the 299 . and never by one of its corners. east. about eighty feet in height from the centre of the plane of the base to the apex. They were made of a kind of clay. the corresponding sides of any two of the pyramids always faced in the same way. It seemed as though an intention were apparent in their construction to have the four sides square with the points of the compass. The four base lines of each pyramid are of equal length.4 Photo of pyramids in the provence of Shensi.Figure 10. usually about 300 feet. Although the action of time and the elements had partly obliterated the former angularity of the outline of the mounds. south.. I noticed that we were always confronted by the face of the pyramid. I am strongly of the opinion that lines drawn at right angles with the four bases of the sides of any of the pyramids would lead directly north. and west. They were all square pyramids. The road from Sian to San Yuan runs directly north.. I found also that. The mounds have always been held in great veneration by the people of the surrounding country. The base lines of its northern and southern sides were invariably at right angles with the road.

She says: “On the opposite side are cliffs along the river front. but this is due to the fact that they were made of dirt. “primitive” society. and were exposed to the elements for about 12. Pyramids and Mounds of North America The next group of pyramids and mounds we will go into are the mounds of North America. backed by hills and fine mountains. The angles are not the same as the pyramid in Giza. there were many of these very large pyramids along this road aligned to the four corners of the compass. like: Why would “primitive” man bother to build this type of structure just for a burial? 300 . one of them known as Pyramid Hill. It seems logical that the only way a government could get its people to build such structures is if it were a “life or death” situation. This represents an immense amount of work and natural resources for an ancient. you will begin to see a curious observation about the layers of the mounds. and said to have the same height and area as its prototype.” (4-p2434) As you can see by the above description of this amateur archeologist. Bishop in 1900. If the pyramid across from Ichang is as large as Mrs. located up the Yangtze River.” (8-pl44-5) Please notice that the pyramids existing in China are of rather immense size. exactly resembling the Great Pyramid in shape.000 years. among which are fantastic peaks a nd pyramids. F. It is doubtful that any ruler or govern ment could convince its subjects to build such massive structures just to be a burial ground for its rulers. (8) She was visiting the city of Ichang. They are regarded as mysteries. J. The next pyramid in China was mentioned by Mrs. Also.mounds. Bishop says. As we go through them. just like the Great Pyramid in Giza. and consequently it would be bad luck for any one to attempt to dig int o them. American archeologists have done a marvelous job of exploring and categorizing these mounds and pyramids all over the United States. it is at least 90 million cubic feet of earth. keep asking yourself questions.

so we may know what time spans we are dealing with relative to us. The next bit of evidence is that archeologists have found in several mounds the remains of mammoth or mastodon tusks that were used by mound builders for decroation or personal adornment. The trunk might have been longer. not enabling them to be preserved. we must determine the age of these mounds. two clay pipes were found that were in the shapes of mastodons. Figure 10. The only animal reasonably depicted is the extinct mastodon. It was eight feet above the water mark.5). (3-pl53) The last important factor to determine the mounds‟ age is the age of the skeltons found in them. but flood waters could have erroded away the end of the trunk. (3-pl62) In Davenport.First of all. The elephant mound was 133 feet long and had a trunk 31 feet long.5 Elephant mound in Wyalusing. The best proof of the ages of most of these mounds are the artifacts depicting animals living at that time. the only logical conclusion we can reach is that the people who built these pyramids and mounds lived before the last ice age. Iowa. With all this evidence. Wisconsin (Figure 10. (3-pl62) It is generally believed by anthropologists that the mammoth. The mound was discovered in a shallow valley between two sandy ridges. and giant ground sloths died out at the same time as the last great ice age. Wisconsin 301 . mastodons. There were other such “elephant pipes” found in other parts of the country. The first bit of evidence we wish to mention is the elephant mound that was discovered in Wyalusing. Many of the skeltons were in a very advanced stage of decay.

Lousiana. These two districts are generally included together because the mounds built in the entire district are similar in construction and in the artifacts found in them. which includes Illinois. bones. They are the lower Mississippi Valley District. Its height was 37 feet. 12 inches thick. shells. It covers nearly 16 acres of ground. Alabama. which includes Mississippi. The pyramid was situated on the summit of a hill.000 cubic yards of earth. (2-pl77) Another group of pyramids in Georgia was situated 12 miles below the city of Augusta on the Savannah River. the knowledge for their construction came from the Gulf of Mexico and traveled northward along the Mississippi Valley. and considering that these societies were believed to 302 . Arkansas. (2-pl82) The next pyramid in this area is the Messir Mound. There were two mounds in an enclosure. (2-pl83) As you can see by the description of these pyramids. The pyramid was estimated to contain 75. Tennessee. When it was excavated. In this district were some of the best examples of mound building in North America. 324 x 188 feet at the base and 57 feet high. This is not implying that mounds were found only in these states. Just east of this mound was a smaller mound measuring 114 feet in diameter and 15 feet high. Indiana. The Northern District is called the Wisconsin District and finally we have the New York District. It is generally accepted that whatever culture started building these mounds. Noted that all the pyramids were perpendicular to the four points of the compass. near the town of Washington. the middle Mississippi Valley District. these are all immense structures for any civilization to construct.The mounds in the United States are divided into five different groups. ashes.6). Its sides are perpendicular to the four corners of the compass. as the picture depicts. The next district is the upper Mississippi Valley District. and Ohio. The largest mound measured 58 feet in diameter at the summit and 185 feet at the base. which includes Missouri and Kentucky. and baked earth. there was discovered an incomplete pyramid measuring 600 feet x 400 feet at the base and 40 feet high (Figure 10. Along with this large pyramid were also found nine other pyramids. In Mississippi. they found beneath the surface a layer of charcoal. Iowa. The summit platform measured 156 x 66 feet. and Georgia. It was a four-sided pyramid. because pyramid mounds were found in all southern and coastal Atlantic states. The first district we will cover is the lower and middle Mississippi Valley District.

7).Figure 10. It consisted of 4. Mississippi be primitive.300 feet in circumference and four feet high. (3-p306) Many of the pyramids found in North America had earthen walls around these pyramid mounds. near the town of Carterville in Northern Virginia. also. Mississippi (Figure 10.3 million cubic feet of earth. There are two partially finished pyramids surrounded by a circular wall 2. One example of these is located in Bolivar County. The other is 135 feet square and 15 feet high. The next pyramid was a rectangular.6 Drawing of the pyramids near Washington. flattopped pyramid. it is quite amazing that they would have bothered to build these structures. It was ovre 60 feet high and cover three acres of land. There are. One of the pyramids in the center is 175 feet square and 20 feet high. two 303 .

Louisiana.Figure 10. some seven miles from the Mississippi River. Ouachita and Tensas rivers is another group of pyramids in an enclosure containing 200 acres of land. 304 . The summit looks like a flatened cone. At the junction of the Acatahoola. there are seven large. The surrounding wall is about 10 feet high. Mississippi smaller mounds in this circular area. An interesting question you should ask yourself is why should any “primitive” people want to align any buildings to the four points of the compass? There is another pyramid in the enclosure which is over 200 feet across the base and 80 feet high. It should be noted that the pyramids were never completed.8). both pyramids are oriented to the four corners of the compass and are off no more than two degrees due north.7 Pyramids in Bolivar County. It appears they did not have enough time to finish their construction. This larger pyramid has two terraces. regular pyramids (Figure 10. but they are only 30 feet in diameter and five feet high. Within the walls there are four pyramid mounds that are 100 x 300 feet at the base and 20 feet high. In Madison Parish.

. I Square Pyramid . SIZE OF BASE. Below is a chart of the dimensions of the pyramids at Prairie Jefferson.....8 Pyramids at Walnut Bayou.. and 30 feet high.... (2-pl75) There is another set of pyramids similar to the ones in Madison Parish located at Prairie Jefferson (Figure 10...... have terraces and same relation to the central mound....... F. Louisiana 305 .... Madison Parish.... SIZE OF TOP...180x135................9 Listing of the pyramids at Prairie Jefferson... Pyramids E. 1.9). 165 feet broad. Figure 10.... HEIGHT.132xl32 . Going farther north. H....... G Square Pyramid. along the Arkansas River..... 3 high.... 15 60x78 60x7l 60x74 36x45 12 12 1 10 16x42 10 feet broad. 12 broad.... The three are connected by a wall or terrace...... 5lx45 B Square Pyramid .210x75 C Square Pyramid . 1050 feet long.... Dirt for embankments was taken from ponds.. 4 feet high... Louisiana Two pyramids are about 225 feet long. SIZE OF BASE. F Square Pyramid. The central one is 96 feet square at the base and 10 feet high. in Arkansas... there was discovered an N0. A Square Pyramid ..... .. H Square Pyramid.....Figure 10..long...... There are several terraces on these pyramids... E to F.. 48 5 4 D Square Pyramid 4 E Square Pyramid. The two others are 60 feet square and 8 feet high... 135 ft Embankment...... 1.. Roadway is. ........ 40 feet wide and four feet high.......... There are three pyramids that are connected.... at Poverty Point.....

It is doubtful that any kind of government could undertake this type of construction project for anything like a burial sight for a selected few or a mere temple. In the center were found a number of skeltons. The outer ring of octagons was three quarters of a mile across.amazing archeological sight. In Pike County. There is much more information about layering from the middle Mississippi Valley Districts. Mr. Some mounds had a passageway from the vault to the outside. It was a set of six concentric octagons. Ford estimated it must have taken over three million man hours of labor to accomplish this tremendous feat. Between the layers of clay were found charcoal and ashes. Ford estimated that the total length of the original ridges would have been about 11. They certainly must have had a fairly organized government able to command the loyalty of its subjects well enough to construct such mammoth sights.2 miles across. there were found several mounds with limestone vaults nine feet square and about three feet high (Figure 10. the pyramids are characterized by stone vaults and some pyramidal mounds. Mr. He also estimates that all this construction was done in one single effort. It had washed away the eastern half of these ridges.10). they must have been much larger originally because of the erosion factor. On the Little Tennessee River there were found a number of clay mounds varying in diameter from six to 15 feet. It was calculated to be 530. Some of these large pyramids were never fully explored so there is very little information regarding the layering of these pyramids. (3-p256-7) The first thing that comes to mind is that with archeological sites of these sizes found in the southern states. these may not have been a primitive peoples at all. which we will cover next. Missouri. At the same archeological sight was a magnificent pyramid mound measuring 700 feet by 800 feet at the base and 70 feet high. Considering that we estimate these structures to be at least 12. In the middle Mississippi Valley District. There have been mounds found with two and more rec306 .000 years old. It was discovered in 1953 by James A. The citizenry and the government of the time must have had a very good reason to build these monstrous structures. Some of these ridges were washed away by the Arkansas River some time in the distant past. The wall was estimated to be originally six feet high by eight feet thick. Ford of the American Museum of Natural History in New York.000 cubic yards of earth. They were built in layers.

enclosing a space eight feet square. more true to the line than many so-called masons would place them. Figure 10. The walls were built up with a regular perpendicular face. The crypts appear to have been built above ground.Figure 10.” (2 -p76) Fig.11). the layers of limestone being very regular. with right angles. 7.10 Drawing of stone vault found in Pike County. and then to have been covered with earth afterwards.11 Floor plan of other stone vaults found in Pike County. There was one mound found with four rooms containing human bones and having two entrances (Figure 10. (2-p75) Professor Broadhead described the following about the pyramids he had found in this area: “They contain regularly built vaults. Missouri tangular and oval chambers in them. The vaults contained bodies in sitting posture. with knees bent. the walls being about three feet “”I high. Missouri 307 . the hands resting on the knees. The vaults and openings or entrances. somewhat resembling the dolmens of Europe. though there are no such long passages as are there found.

but the vaults are constructed from logs and covered with poles. next a foot of earth. found. 600 feet in circumference. grinding stones. Kentucky. jars. (2-p77) It is doubtful whether a primitive people would bury their dead with so many important everyday tools of life. and smoking pipes. have stone vaults exclusively. There were also copper axes. they found a foot of earth on the surface.Near the town of New Madrid. etc. It contained the bones of two adults and one infant at the base. At the depth of five feet were found eight skeltons. then another layer of stones. flint hoes. two small hemispheres of copper and one of silver.. These mounds do not have stone vaults. All of them are smaller than the ones described in the lower Mississippi Valley district. Near the town of Davenport. Iowa. Tennessee. it contained a room that was lathed and plastered. all of them showed marks of fire. pottery vessels. copper beads. is a group of circular mounds varying in size from 20 to 40 feet in diameter and varying in height from six to 15 feet. and 20 feet high. that these mounds were built to be lived in for a certain period of time rather than for the use of a burial place. stone axes. The lower layers are of a hard clay mixed with 308 . Along with the skeltons were found two copper axes. The pyramids in the lower Mississippi Valley. In exploring one of the mounds. but since they had been so carefully explored. Above the skeltons was a layer of ashes. In the room were found bones. chisels. some also have wooden floors. It seems more likely. there was discovered a large elliptical mound. It was evident from the condition of the bones that the bodies had been burned in a sitting posture. they are made mostly of sandy loam. two copper stone pipes. There have also been chambered mounds found in Ohio. and West Virginia. as in Georgia. In this area was also found a stone heap under a layer of very hard clay. On one side of this heap. there is a very good description of the layering and construction of these mounds. (1-p25) Near the Mississippi River between Little Ohio River. The lath used no nails but rather interwoven split cane. were found bones burned to lime. considering the construction of the vaults inside. Missouri. then a layer of stones one and a half feet thick. (1-p24-5) The largest mound in Davenport was apparently unstratified. the Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences did extensive digging to uncover many mounds found in this district. They were laying in a semicircle of five feet.

A description of a particularly interesting mound in Athens County was made by Professor E. arrows. First there was a platform of 309 . The body had evidently been enclosed in some wooden structure. and a few copper axes. My attention was drawn to this mound by the burnt clay on its top.ashes. He says: “This is a low mound about six feet high with a broad base perhaps 40 feet in diameter. We believe that most of these mounds were originally four-sided pyramids but have worn down greatly over the long period of time. It has for years been plowed over and its original height has been considerably reduced. The relics found in them are usually stone axes. Andrews for the Tenth Annual Report of the Peabody Museum. tapering to a point on the top. The vault contained a single skelton in a squatting position.. It had a circular vault. Some are famous even today. many pyramid mounds were found. (1-p3l and 2-p223) Figure 10. especially on the western side. usually covering a single skelton. One of the mounds in this group was 32 feet in diameter and 8 feet high (Figure 10.12 Small pyramid found near the mouth of the Little Iowa River. On the east side much burnt yellow clay was found. A trench five feet wide was dug through the center. B. In front of the skelton were several small vases and bowls.. spear heads. About five feet below the top we came upon large quantities of charcoal. The walls were made of uncut stones laid without mortar. Iowa We begin to notice from some of these-descriptions of the interiors that the remains are usually sitting up and have household items with them..12). while on the west end of the trench considerable black earth appeared. Underneath the charcoal was found a skeleton with the head to the east. In the southern part of Ohio.

Professor Andrews also made a wrong assumption when he said that the center of the vault was the hottest part of the fire. The middle part of the body was in the hottest fire and many of the vertebrae. It is doubtful that any normal wooden fire would have created this effect. On this wooden floor timbers or logs were placed longitudinally and over these timbers there were laid other pieces of wood. The other thing that he overlooked is the kind of heat that could have caused the clay on the surface of the mound to become glass. to do this takes extended heat of over 1. If it was meant as a cremation mound by the original builders.wood placed upon the ground. like that in a charcoal pit. because on one side of the mound the clay is burned even to the top of the mound. and at such points as the air could penetrate there was an active combustion.100 degrees C. the construction of the mound would have self-defeated that purpose. making a sort of burial. forming an enclosed box or coffin. but by some misplacement of the dirt the fire reached the timbers below.” (1-p47) Our analysis of this mound is that it was built at one time. since the clay acts as an insulator. the rest was burnt to ashes. Iam led to think that before any fire was kindled a layer of dirt was thrown over the wooden structure. and other bones were burnt to a black cinder. ribs. 310 . and if the purpose of the fire was to destroy the body. three feet above the body. The timbers enclosing the lower extremities were only charred. and at this point the enclosing timbers were burnt to ashes. A part of this wood was only charred. No culture known by anthropologists have ever made a funeral bier in this manner. on the original level of the plain. It is illogical to think that separate fires would have been set at different levels of the mound while it was being built. but at others. including the wooden beams and the body in the vault? We conclude that only the sun during a nova could have caused such heat. In one place. There must have been other fires that were immediately around and above the body and many of them. the clay is vitrified (turned to glass). Professor Andrews overlooked one important fact about the burned vault. It is difficult to explain the existence of the charred timbers in any other way. So what did cause enough heat to not only bake the surface of the mound but also any organic material that the mound had in it. On this dirt a fire was built. where the dirt still remained. Also. they would not have put a layer of clay over the wooden vault. there was only a smothered fire.

forming the walls of the chamber. All the skeltons were found in a sitting posture. Another set of mounds were found at Grave Creek in Ohio. which meant that the surface of the mound was exposed to a tremendous amount of heat. one above the other. One room contained a single skelton. (3-p273-6) This is in Ross County. another group of mounds was discovered. Each chamber was square and contained a number of skeltons. One of the mounds found was 30 feet high. Other timbers were placed across these upright posts to form the roof. was turned to charcoal.This is not true. and 150 feet wide. Along 311 . Also. The heat traveled through the mound. what Professor Andrews describes as a coffin was really the size of a small room. When the heat finally reached the center. It seems more logical that tremendous heat was applied to the surface. When the temperature in the center of the vault reached a combustible temperature. thereby burning hotter than the dirt side of the logs.100‟ C to turn clay to glass. large enough for one man. just like the other mounds. These mounds were a little unusual for Ohio. 250 feet long. it charred and burned the wooden logs. The chambers were a series of timbers. It takes at least 1. (2-pl24-5) At the Scioto River. (2-pl25) This mound was also found with a layer of charcoal. Ten feet below the surface of the mound was a layer of charcoal. It contained a vault constructed of logs. placed on end. when heated sufficiently. The most spectacular group of mounds found in Ohio is in the Hopewell District. it would have completely disintegrated both the logs and the skeltonthere would have been no remains left. If that same temperature was on the inside of the mound. This vault contained four adult skeltons and two infants. seven feet wide by nine feet long and about three feet high. The organic material. One of the mounds was discovered to have two chambers. burning whatever organic material was in the mound at the time of its original construction. At the depth of 22 feet was found a framework of timber. it combined with the oxygen inside the room. but the chambers were not burned since the mound was a rather large one. Layers of ash were also found in the mound. The small room was covered with unhewn logs. The hottest part of the fire was at the surface of the mound. They were generally 22 feet high by 90 feet at the base. since they were built isolated on the tops of some hills and without earthen enclosures.

just as our ancestors did some 100 or so years ago. Also. It seems more likely that those 150 people were alive when they entered the mound. There were many other household items found in this mound. and octahedron-shaped figures made of copper.with these skeltons were found numerous ceramic bowls and ornaments of copper and silver. Also. The largest mound found in the United States is located near 312 . accompanied by a large assortment of artifacts. It seems highly unlikely that an entire family would have died at one time and that a mound of such tremendous size would have been constructed for them. It is also highly unlikely that 150 people would have died at one time or that the survivors would have taken the time to build such a huge mound for 150 people. This can be evidenced by the fact that the vaults inside were made of hewn and cut logs. including 67 copper axes (one weighing 38 pounds). They probably built log houses. They brought with them the necessities and tools of life. the great abundance of copper beads and implements implies that they had a knowledge of smelting and metalurgy. There were found important everyday tools that were certainly the necessities of life. Copper rods were also found in this vault. it is highly unlikely that everyday living items would have been included in the mound. It seems more logical that this group of people entered that vault alive and had every intention of getting out alive and that is why their household belongings were found in the vault with them. The question is why did they build such a massive structure for their temporary domicile? It is generally accepted that these mounds and pyramids were not their normal homes. It contained 150 skeltons. Even today when there are large numbers of deaths. since they had the knowledge to implant an artificial copper nose. It is obvious from this mound that the mound was an attempt to shelter its inhabitants from something. Alarge pyramid mound in the Hopewell District was 500 feet long by 180 feet wide and 30 feet high. It is doubtful that a primitive” people would have buri ed with their dead such important tools. including circular. or placed in simple mass burials-this is because of health reasons. square. We doubt seriously that these people were as primitive as archeologists lead us to believe. they are usually burned in large biers. This implies a certain degree of skill at surgery. The most unusual part of this mound was that one of the skulls was fitted with an artificial copper nose.

As we see by the picture. It is a terraced pyramid. just like the pyramid in Giza. Louis. In the center was a stone vault containing three compartments. This pyramid covers 16 acres and has approximately 21. It has just recently been explored by the Illinois State Museum. but if it had been we can see that it would be a regular four-sided pyramid. The center room contained 11 skeltons.7 million cubic feet of earth. The room was covered with oak logs. the other two approximately ten feet by two feet. The top layer was covered with a foot or ordinary soil. It was of medium size (Figure 10. Many were square at the base and aligned to the four points of the compass. Illinois. under that were succeeding layers of mortar containing lime. Illinois. and the room was approximately three feet high.080 feet long by 710 feet wide and approximately 100 feet high (Figure 10. Louis Another interesting mound was located in East Dubuque. (1-p37 and 2-p224) This seems to be an attempt by the builders to make a type of cement. including one infant. The center compartment was approximately ten feet square. six adults and five children of different ages. This pyramid cannot be considered a burial mound by any stretch of the imagination. measuring 1. such as the type built in Egypt. having nothing to do with the burying of the dead. This mound was built with a specific purpose in mind. 313 . which had been hewn down to appear somewhat square.the city of East St. The outer layers were harder than the inner layers. Near this pyramid were at least 72 other large pyramids.13). It was evident they had all died at the same time. this pyramid was never finished.13 The Cahokia Pyramid on the western side of St. Over these logs was slapped a layer of hard mortar.14). Figure 10.

give off various noxious gases.Section of mound showing vault Plan of vault Figure 10. chocolatecolored dust. In the center of the room were numerous fragments of pottery and several drinking cups made of shells. The two smaller side rooms contained a fine. the individuals who occupied this pyramid mound planned on using this food for a considerable period of time. when decaying. It would be ridiculous to assume that this quantity of food would have been buried with already deceased individuals. The pottery in the center of the room indicated that they were also filled with either water or various food stuffs. Considering the sizes of the two smaller rooms. The two smaller side rooms were originally filled with their food supplies. This pyramid is one of the best proofs that whoever built these pyramids intended them to be lived in for a period of time. it had decayed to this brownish earth. Organic materials. The key to the fact that it was food was the odor which it gave off.14 Pyramid in East Dubuque. The construction of the mound also indi314 . but over the thousands of years. Illinois The skeltons were arranged in a circle in a sitting position against the walls. which gave out a sickening odor when first opened up.

It was a large pyramid. but something killed them so fast that they still remained in their sitting posture against the walls. The roofs of these vaults were covered with large flat stones. which would have killed the inhabitants but not burned the logs. A mound that shows definite signs of tremendous heat was found five miles east of Moline. and is the heat connected to why all these people constructed these mounds and pyramids? The last pyramid in Illinois that we will cover was found in Beardston. Illinois. This pyramid was 30 feet high and 150 feet in diameter. We do not know if the oak logs showed signs of being exposed to heat. Illinois. All of these mounds had wooden vaults inside and exhibited the same layers of charcoal and ashes. this may shed some light on why the 315 . along with additional layers of windblown materials. The mortar was baked and became as hard as brick. This is due to many thousands of years of time decomposing the surface. At the bottom of the mound was found a series of stone vaults. The thing you should be wondering about is what could cause that much heat over a tremendous area at about the same geological time. On the surface of the mound were found the burials of recent Indians and some Europeans. but it is possible that the inside chamber could have gone to 450 degrees.cates that the builders took painstaking efforts in its construction. then 12 inches of charcoal and bones. This is why the top surface was harder than the lower surfaces. shaped more like a cone rather than having four sides. In the same vicinity were found seven other mounds where the bodies were found lying on their sides. The first three feet of the mound was soil. We believe that these 11 people were alive when they entered that pyramid mound. The layers of mortar indicate that the top layers were exposed to a great deal of heat. (2-p56) Considering this mound was 150 feet in diameter. It was located on the bank of a river. The vaults were empty when they were discovered. since the original descriptions of the mound did not include their condition. We believe what killed them was the nova. with such a large mound and so much material between the surface of the mound and the vaults. then 22 inches of ashes and bones. it must have also been much higher than 30 feet originally. Many of these mounds that were explored had tunnels that led to the outside. (2-p68) If you are wondering about the top layer. it is usually ordinary top soil. This is similar to the types of mounds found in Europe.

The layer of clay and charcoal was the layer where the wooden roof originally was. After which they took their belongings with them. This material was different from the surrounding soil. The next layer was a heap of bones mixed with charcoal and ashes. and 12 feet long. First was a layer of sand. burned hard. The vault was originally three feet high. Crawford County. This went to a depth of about four feet. next calcined bones (burned to powder or ashes).vaults were found empty. When one of these mounds were originally found it was 35 feet in diameter and six feet high. it collapsed and permitted clay to cover the occupants. The next layer of clay was burned as hard as brick. Wisconsin 316 . In the St. The layer below four feet was of a hard clay mixed with ashes. One group of these pyramids was located in Crawford County. leaving the vaults empty. It is possible that the people who built the mound survived the sun‟s nova and left their pyramid mound when it was safe. Figure 10. Wisconsin (Figure 10.15). (1-p73 and 2-p225) What happened to this mound was that the surface was exposed to a great deal of heat. The walls were made of flat limestone rocks. 8 feet wide. which turned the clay into hardened brick. The bottom was a pit filled with chocolate-colored dust. At the base of the mound were found small stone tunnels and a piece of a mammoth tusk. When the wooden roof burned. The pyramid mounds in the Wisconsin district are of similar construction to the mounds of Ohio and Illinois and all exhibited a layer of ash and hardened clay. The surface of this mound was of sand and loose dirt combined with burials from recent Indians. Louis area were found over 150 mounds of various sizes. charcoal and ashes.15 Section of burial mound. Several of the mounds found in Grant County contained charred human bones in a vault similar to the first pyramid. There were about seven skeltons in this mound. like brick. Another mound in Sheboygan a. Another mound in this district was 70 feet in diameter and 10 feet high.

It was 700 feet long. in others. In other words. The skeletons in some mounds were found in a sitting posture. and loose stones. (2-p74) Throughout this entire northern district there was no uniformity in the construction of the mounds. Some mounds contained stone-walled vaults. It measured 16 feet in diameter at the Figure 10. sitting up holding between his hands and knees a large clay vase. below the ashes was a layer of flat stones. which was probably the roof of the vault.16 Pyramid mound found in Henderson County. North Carolina. The center of the mound contained one large human skelton. 400 feet wide. When excavated. lying down. (2-p73) The last mound to be covered in this section is the one discovered in Detroit. In the pyramid were found many cremated bones mixed with charcoal and ashes. others contained wooden vaults. and not less than 40 feet high. it was found that the center had a dark triangletype structure that was originally layers of pine logs. All the pots were found broken. all these mounds and pyramids had at one time been exposed to a great deal of heat.16). Some had obvious passageways to the outside. There were also found many pieces of large pots and other everyday kitchen items. below the stones were decayed wood and bark and below these a human skelton. The next layer was composed of earth mixed with charcoal.County was 50 feet in diameter and five feet high. others didn‟t. North Carolina 317 . The center was now charcoal and ashes. ashes. Some were solid. This mound contained a layer of ashes at least three inches thick. The first 18 inches was of ordinary surface soil. Pyramids have been found in other parts of the United States. were stratified mounds. It was discovered near the Roug River. Near Indian Ford on the Rock River was found another large mound. Over the skeleton was an irregular layer of flat boulders. 75 feet in diameter and 13 feet high. The one thing they all exhibited was a definite layer of charcoal or ashes. One of them of interest was found in Henderson County. It was 44 feet in diameter and six feet high (Figure 10.

(3-p3l0) A stone figure was discovered that tends to prove the idea of a more advanced intelligence (Figure 10. We theorize that these diverse societies were informed by a higher intelligence. the statue‟s headcovering looks functional. In the center were found the remains of some burned human bones. most archeologists would vehemently disagree about with us. and our own North America. Europe. such as bowls. The top reached within one foot of the top of the mound. which turned to charcoal and ashes. along with household articles. to build these types of pyramids in a certain way. Chapter Conclusion The first observation that must be made is the number of foursiced pyramids found all over the world. in China. We believe some of the mounds were never intended to be true pyramids. as archeologists have theorized. Egypt. It is doubtful if we‟ll ever know who this group was. it must have been much higher originally. destroyed the occupants. usually of small size. but the mounds that are four-sided and faced toward the four corners of the compass were intended to be pyra318 . not like a primitive man‟s headdress. Since the mound is now 44 feet in diameter and only six feet high. which. (1-p74) In this mound the surface had gotten so hot that it ignited the pine logs on the inside. Central America. What we hypothesize. but evidently was not thick enough to insulate its occupants from the tremendous heat. ashes. in turn. and coals mixed with earth. Man y of the pyramids found throughout the world were of nondescript shapes. and why were most of the pyramids and mounds found show evidence of tremendous heat being applied to their surfaces. the headcovering of this man looks exactly like the headcovering worn by United States and Russian astronauts under their space helmets.17). Why are the best-built pyramids all aligned to the four corners of the compass? Why were they built so thick? Why were some pyramids found with their former occupants still in them and other pyramids found empty.base and five feet high. either extraterrestrial or native to the earth. but a possible clue to this answer may have been uncovered in a mound in Tennessee. In other words. The other layers consisted of charcoal. Some may indeed have been true burial mounds. You will notice by the illustration.

made of sandstone.17 Picture of the kneeling man found in Wilson County. 319 . McClung Museum. Knoxville. 18 inches high. Courtesy of the Frank H. University of Tennessee.Figure 10. Tennessee.

It indicates when the warm and cold periods existed in an area. of course. Jack Hough calculated the last cold period to be 11. Why build pyramids at all? After all. which would. and vitrified clay found in most of the pyramid mounds. it was found that the bases of these mounds or pyramids started from three to 15 feet below present soil surface. these pyramids were major undertakings for any society. We don‟t believe any normal wood fire would be able to produce that much heat. Only a great deal of heat could have baked the surface clay to as hard as brick. the glacial till varies in thickness from a foot to 15 feet. The archeologists never explain why a primitive people would want to align any building or mound to due north. it would indicate that some of these pyramids were built shortly before the Wisconsin ice age. Therefore. When excavating many of the mounds of Illinois and Ohio.mids. some 100 to 300 years. ionium. The only heat source great enough would be the sun. There are also indications in the drift of northern Lake Erie that the sediment was deposited in a relatively short period of time. The next proof involves correlating the age of the mounds to the last pre-glacial ice age. They built them because they felt is was necessary for the occupants to survive a major disaster that was to befall the earth. This implies that people who were allegedly in the stone age had compasses and some sort of surveying equipment. The last ice age in this country was called the Wisconsin glaciation. It is generally accepted that the ice sheet receded about 11.500 years ago. be much thicker.000 years ago. the southern parts of these two states do not have a great deal of glacial till covering them. We theorize the disaster was that the sun was going to nova. ashes. Now the big question. In fact. The “Percent of Equilibrium Method” for uranium. This excludes the river beds. Therefore. In Chapter 11. Using this method. we will go through many of the mythologies of early man. Professor J. The Wisconsin ice age did not go as far as the southern parts of Illinois and Ohio. and radium is another procedure for dating the ocean -bottom sediments. probably devoting a major part of their resources toward their completion. which 320 . brick-like clay. and those pyramids we theorize to be the oldest. and at the same time to turn any organic materials within the pyramids to ash and charcoal. The proof of this is the layers of charcoal.

the wooly rhinoceros. It was found that eight species were very abundant throughout the world in the lower layers of sediment but had disappeared in the upper layers. Also. The smaller animals were evidently able to escape to deep caves. all but one species of bison. Other extinctions have been linked with magnetic reversals and ice ages. such as the ruminants. It is easy to prove that the mastodon. along with earthen mounds that are in the shapes of these great creatures. Hayes of Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory found a definite correlation between the extinction of micro-organisms that lived about two and a half million years ago and polar reversals. He had taken sample cores of ocean sediment throughout the world. Considering the fact that most large animals from the American continent became extinct is a good indication that the American continent and the Atlantic Ocean were facing the sun when it novaed. the musk oxen. D. Remains consisting of teeth. well within the same depth as that at which some of the mounds were constructed. The average depth was at about five feet. They include all camels. the remains of mammoths and mastodons found in Illinois and Iowa were found in the same depth as the beginning of the Wisconsin till and where the mounds were built. peccaries. horses (in America only). several large cats. huge mammoths. tusks. This disappearance indi321 . and several other of these large animals existed at the same time as some of these mounds.will give excellent descriptions of the nova and the rest of the cataclysm. a species of stag moose. The reason for their rapid extinction was the sun novaed and destroyed them in the open. a giant beaver. escaping the tremendous heat of the nova. and other bones were found at depths ranging from the surface to 12 feet. Professor J. various species of antelope. the ground sloth. There have been found in several of these mounds clay pipes in the shapes of mastodons. and finally the mastodon. Their extinction occurred relatively quickly. This proof definitely links the age of the mounds with the same age as the extinction of these great mammals and the beginning of the last ice age. mammoth. The cores were dated by their layers of magnetic reversals. jaw bones. It is generally accepted that at the beginning of the last ice age many large animals became extinct both in this country and in Europe.

One of these legends was written down by Thomas Jefferson at the time of the Revolutionary War. This legend was handed down many generations by the Indians. As they swam down to escape the hot water. What was interesting about this experiment was that these eight species all lived in the upper ocean levels. We see no other way that species like these microorganisms or even many larger species could meet extinction so rapidly. the ocean would have begun to cool down. elks. After the period of initial heating. “In ancient times a herd of these tremendous animals came to the big bone licks (Ohio Valley) and beg an a universal destruction of the bear. When the sun novaed. the water level above them was decreasing due to evaporation. it is doubtful that any group of animals could have made them extinct by feeding on them exclusively. The question to be asked is what could have caused small microorganisms to become extinct at the same time? Considering their size. thereby enabling the fish to swim closer to the surface. There was a delegation of Indians from the Delaware tribe that visited the governor of Virginia. thereby equalizing the water pressure at the depth to which they swam. and other animals which had been created for the use of the Indians. How did the larger fish survive the increased water pressure as they swam down? The answer is simple. on the other hand. Our Theory of Multidimensional Reality again seems to be the only theory that explains a heretofore unexplainable phenomenon. and are sometimes described as carnivorous. buffalos. could have escaped the upper layers of boiling water by swimming down to cooler depths. Six of these species were found to have disappeared immediately following a magnetic reversal. Larger fish.cates an extinction of these species. looking down and seeing 322 . it would have heated up the surface layers of the ocean to such an extent that these small creatures would all have been cooked at the same time. so they were not able to swim away fast enough from the layer of hot water. deer. Jefferson related the following legend. Each species became extinct at the same time throughout the world. that the Great Man above. The American Indians have a legend of large animals that were tree eaters. The only reason why such tiny creatures could have been destroyed is that they lived only on the upper layers of the ocean. Mr. The small microorganisms cannot swim very fast.

and finally over the Great Lakes. shook them off as they fell. If there is a force from the top. but the problem with caves is that if there are earthquakes at this particular time. except the big bull. Our conclusion is that these ancient peoples did not worship the sun but rather they feared it. is more-or-less aerodynamically designed (Figure 10. and hurled his bolts among them till the whole were slaughtered. As discussed earlier in this chapter. The pyramid shape. . But most important of all. If a great deal of potential is added to the outside of a pyramid. both in North America and Central America. By this legend.” We have found in several other mythologies in Central America reference to an unseen Almighty God. there is a good chance that caves would collapse on its inhabitants.this. This brings us to the next important point. seated himself on a neighboring mountain . and the worry was about which part of the earth would be facing the sun when it did nova. More examples of these legends will be presented in the next chapter. decended on the earth. was so enraged that he seized his lightning. since many of their drawings had the sun depicted on them. he bounded over the Ohio.” The legend mentions the extinction of these large beasts associated with lightning or fire. was sun worship. it wounded him in the side. when observed from the side or top. If the shock wave came from one of the sides. Why didn‟t most just dig deep caves and wait out the catastrophe in a cave? We are sure many did find caves and stayed there during this period of time. where upon.18). where he is living at this day. because they were told it was going to nova. if the sun is going to nova? Keep in mind that this unique shape is found all over the world. we 323 . tends to preserve and put in a more perfect condition anything that is placed within it. but missed one at length. Notice also that the lightning or fire came from the sky and was brought to the earth by what we interpret as God. over the Wabash. the Illinois. . it is so shaped that it would dissipate the shock waves along the side. such as the one in Giza. who presented his forehead to the shafts. it seems they believed in one Almighty God whom they called “the Great Man above. the shock wave would be reflected over the pyramid. The last question to be answered is why build a pyramid-shaped shelter. the answer lies in what the pyramid does. Most archeologists say that the ancient religion of the moundbuilders. a pyramid based on pi. springing around.

To find out what the answer is. on the other hand. REFERENCES 1. American Antiquarian. 324 ... did work. when the magnetic field hits neutral plane. 1892). Silverberg. 3. 1 (Chicago. Powell. New York Geographic Society. 1st Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology (U. you must evolve to the idea. the potential of the planet and the atmosphere will become infinitely great. D.18 Drawing showing the aerodynamics of the pyramid should be able to raise the potential of anything that is put inside to a much higher level. Printing Office. and most of the pyramids did not work. 1887). The pyramid in Giza. W. you must discover for yourself. The more primitive people probably emulated what these more advanced beings were doing. What happened to these individuals. The clues to what happened to the occupants of the Great Pyramid of Giza and some of the other well-made pyramids are told in the mythologies of early prehistoric man. 2.Figure 10. This potential is probably what the more advanced beings on this planet were counting on at the time of the last reversal. J.S.. S. R. but obviously most of the structures were not built to take certain stresses or thermal conditions.. That is why it was never found with remains inside. Peet. On this planet. “The Mound Builders and Their Works and Relics” vol. 1968). “Mound Builders of Ancient America” (Conn.

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and the descendants of the survivors probably had a difficult time understanding the literal description of what had happened. we will present pertinent mythologies from all over the world and of every major civilization. Because the sun is not a solid mass. the only part that reaches the earth is the gaseous outer shell of the sun. In this section. Neither theory can explain why many mythologies specifically mention that the sun sent fire down to the earth. Both men felt that this mythological description was not to be taken literally. which is usually due to that civilization‟s having mastered writing an d other forms of communication-and thus a more accurate chronicle of the event was handed down over the thousands of years. The descriptions of some civilizations are quite explicit. then either Venus or another planet has been passing this earth in that manner for the past billion years. and this comet was respons ible for the destruction of Atlantis. Being bound to old scientific theories of what the sun is and how it functions. even though they themselves took the rest of these mythologies literally. astronomers would certainly have noticed any planet having an orbit that would come in proximity to the earth. This may have been because the event occurred about 12.( Venus had passed danger ously close to the earth at some time in the past. We would expect that the story of the event would be slightly 328 . but it cannot explain scientifically how the polar reversals occurred. But he cannot explain the hundreds of polar reversals and ice ages that occurred in the past. thus totally destroying the earth. so they distorted the description of the event to fit their limited frames of reference for ease of understanding. it would have caused too much heat. neither man could accept that the sun had novaed in the past. They thought that if the sun had somehow exploded. especially repeatedly.000 years ago. More primitive civilizations remembered the cataclysm. Donnelly‟s theory was that the earth had collided with a comet thousands of years ago.Velikovsky‟s theory was that the planet. His idea of a comet hitting the earth could explain some of the other phenomena mentioned in the mythologies. If we consider the sophisticated telescopes in use today. but they associated it with animal or human characteristics. If a planet is the actual cause of these polar reversals and ice ages.

Legends of Central America The oldest legends from this area come from the Mayan civilization. The Mayans performed human sacrifices to appease their gods. the sun standing still. the oceans and rivers drying up. and. earthquakes. That which is in the heavens will come forth on 12-Ahau. lightning.. this was done in order to prevent the sun from destroying them. Great-monkey-craftsman (the sun). fire coming from the sky and melting the surface of the earth. Time was divided into various eras called “ahau katums. the sun going out. dust and debris falling upon the earth. The Mayan culture was obsessed with the accurate measurement of time. During this time there great floods. Yaxan Chuen.” These eras were associated with the sun. One of their teachings states: “Under the might of Ah Uuc Kin (Lord 7-Sun) .different in each part of the world because on one side of the earth. a great flood. This shows up in 329 . great socerers. There will be great sages. torrential downpours. We theorize that the eastern part of the American continent was exposed to the nova. Some of the points of similarity for which we are looking in these mythologies are: Stories of strong winds. The first mythologies we cover are from Central America. It is the countenance he will display during his reign in the heavens. the sun changing color. a period of a long cold spell accompanied by torrential rains. snow and hail. land masses rising and falling. It is the seat of the 12-Ahau katun. We believe this obsession is a carry-over from the time when their ancestors realized that every so many thousands of years the sun causes a great destruction on the earth. cold winters. In the northern latitudes we would expect to hear stories of extremely long. finally..” (7-p3l) From this quotation we see that they are alluding to some future time when the sun will have an effect on the earth. therefore we would expect to hear many mythologies describing widespread conflagration. the sun literally cooked the earth while the people on the other side of the earth would only have noticed that the sun “went out” for a long period of time.

which swept across the world. descended and consumed the offering in the sight of all. and ate the bodies of their former owners. for all the forests were swept away. It was believed that “the moment the sun reached the zenith.” (10-p249) It is obvious by this legend that the Mayans knew these destructions were sudden. by an inundation. The third closed either by a hurricane. was nothing else than a fiery flame shot from the sun. In this legend they seem to be describing something far more destructive than an ordinary rain-caused flood.” During times of pestilence. 330 . the people would perform sacrifices at the temple of “the eve of the day. it hath been decreed. which. Some historians say this deluge was nothing more than a normal flood caused by a cloud burst or hurricane. in fact. which states: “At the close of the ages. The Mayans also believed that the earth had been destroyed three previous times. swallowing all things in its mountainous surges. that the buzzards and other foul birds dwelt in the houses of the cities. And the world shall be purged with a ravening fire.” (6-pl58) Some event in the Mayan past definitely left an indelible impression on them-if they didn‟t sacrifice some material object to the sun god. They were called „the sudden deaths. the bird of fire. or else.” The sacrifices were made at high noon. according to Cogolludo. but which. “Two cycles had terminated by devastating plagues. a bird of brilliant plumage.the legend of the “Lord of the Sun‟s face. but this is not very logical because the people on the Yucatan Peninsula have seen many hurricanes and normal river floods so they would certainly know the difference.‟ for it was said so swift and mortal was the pest. The deluge was called hun yecil. as others said. Shall perish and vanish each weak god of men. The last thing we will cover from the Mayan legends is a prediction held by the Mayan priests. means the inundation of the trees. which blew from all four of the cardinal points at once. We begin to find evidence that the jet streams were lowered to sea level. This legend also mentions the deluge which swept clear the land. the sun would descend upon them and bring great destruction.

his sight was restricted. they know all things. and a veil came over it as when one breathes 331 . But the gods were not wholly pleased with this thing. an attempt at men . they forgot the Heart of Heaven. they tried to climb the trees. but still the heart and the intelligence were wanting. he could not look behind him (see his past). . they tried to hide in the caves and dens of the earth. they led a useless existence. great and small. in the night of a desolated universe do they commune together. Therefore there was counsel again in heaven: What shall we do with man now? It is not good. and saw too much. so he was consumed in the water. . Thereupon the Heart of Heaven breathed a cloud over the pupil of the eyes of men.. So they made a man of clay. and he sent ruin and destruction upon those ingrates. of what shall we make man? And the Creator and Former made four perfect men. They were but an essay. They were made.. in the darkness. Heaven they thought had overshot its mark. and when they had made him. Who bewails with contrition the sins of his life. understood. And the men went mad with terror. They moved about perfectly well.. this that we see. and wholly of yellow and white maize was their flesh composed . And meets without flinching the fiery ordeal. but he had no intelligence. these are as gods. he had been endowed with language. they peopled the world with sons and daughters .. they saw that it was not good . and the trees shook them from their branches. but the result was in no wise satisfactory. It was decided that a man should be made of wood and a woman of a kind of pith. It goes as follows: “Again the gods took counsel together. they would make themselves equal with us. lo.Happy the man in that terrible day. and the earth was darkened. it is true. Then was the Heart of Heaven wroth. they tried to mount upon the roofs. these men were too perfect... knew. Let us now contract their sight.. Again is there counsel in heaven: Let us make an intelligent being who shall adore and invoke us. he rained upon them night and day from heaven with a thick resin.” (10-p256) The Quiches Indians of neighboring Guatemala have many legends similar to those of the Mayans. they determined to make man. The best known of their legends is a story telling of the past four destructions of the earth.. they held no memory of their Maker and Former. . and the houses fell. they lived as the beasts live. but these closed their holes against them. Once more are the gods in counsel. they increased and multiplied. so that they may see only a little of the surface of the earth and be content. .

verily. and answered many good ends.” (5-p46-48) The legend is telling us about three previous destructions of the earth. the Quiches applied. and the moon. but it was different from the sun they had seen prior to the destruction. The god Tohil. After the destruction had passed. say the histories. had some in his possession. The legend continues and states that survivors from this civilization took refuge in seven caves. after the sun novaed the sun would appear as a red giant being much cooler 332 . who was the creator of fire. there being as yet no sun. and much hail also fell on the heads of the people. as was most natural. and a general dampness and cold-for the earth was moist. and the stars were now all established. Many other trials also they underwent in Tulan. they soon began to feel the want of it. but only that which was near. The mention of perfect beings might be refering to what we know of as the civilization of Atlantis. But shortly after there fell a great rain that extinguished all the fires of the land. not at all the same sun as that of to-day. “And the sun. their fires were utterly scattered and put out. Then Tohil created fire again by stamping with his sandal. Yet was not the sun then in the beginning the same as now . and he was but as a reflection in a mirror. and Tohil in some way supplied them with fire.” (5-p50) This part of the legend seems to be giving us a very good description of the period we call the great ice age and how it must have appeared in Central America. his heat wanted force. Several times this fire failed them. The legend continues by saying that the sun eventually did appear. famines and such things. Each time only a few men survived the destruction to carry on the species. neither was that which was far off clear to it any more. Nevertheless he dried up and warmed the surface of the earth.on the face of a mirror. and because of the rain and the hail. so to him. thus was the globe of the eye darkened. but Tohil always renewed it. the survivors emerged from their caves to find that the sun was not visible: “Now the Quiches had as yet no fire. and as Tulan was a much colder climate than the happy eastern land they had left.” (5 -p5l) As we mentioned at the end of Chapter Six.

” (1-pl66) “There was a tremendous hurricane that carried away trees. without seeing the light of the sun. of course. son of rain. principally in caves.than the sun we observe today. the sun burning. The sandstone.” This must have been a terrifying sight to the people. they set out to see what had become of the earth. together with the houses. Fourth rain. mounds.‟ Now. the Papago and the Pimas Tribes located on the Gulf of California mention only the flood in their legends. the survivors say that after they emerged from their caves the sun did not shine. also has reference to a destruction descended upon man by the sun. houses. They accurately describe fire coming from the sky. they describe a fierce wind that could be explained only if the jet stream was lowered to sea level. they were transformed into goslings. Other Indian tribes of Central America mention only the great flood that befell man at this time. The sacred book of the Toltecs. Lastly. Previously. It is interesting that they say that “the sun itself was on fire. that the wind had brought them. because there fell a rain of fire. there also rose the rocks of vermilion color. All this time they were in darkness. A few days having passed. when they found it all populated with monkeys. was consumed. modern man could never have understood how the sun could go out as their legends tell us. and places where the great hurricane could not reach them. notwithstanding which ma ny men and women escaped. “The third sun (or era) is called Quia-Tonatiuh. and. One Flint. this was in the year Ce Tecpatl. Now. the sun itself was on fire. which we now see scattered about „boiled with great tumult.” (1 -p2l5) The Toltecs have incorporated into this legend many of the major points we had theorized would occur during the reversal period. as quoted by Donnelly. nor the moon. in which men were lost and destroyed in a rain of fire. the surface of the earth melting from the intense heat along with the dust and debris that would accompany a nova. 333 . Yet per our theory of Multidimensional Reality the sun would not be visible for a number of years after the nova because it would only be giving off ultraviolet light. and everything. in this day. it was the day Nahui-Quiahuitl. and there fell a rain of gravel. For instance. The last part of this legend accurately describes our sun as a red giant. all which existed burned. and the largest edifices.

there came a peal of thunder and an awful crash. and to say that all the valley of the Gila should be laid waste with water. Men and beasts talked together. Then. killing every man and woman. and stopping up the end with a certain gum. and Montezuma took the warning and hollowed out a boat for himself. his grateful rays made all the seasons equal. a common language made all brethren. We theorize that during the last destruction. goaded on like a great beast. “Angered with the world. For before the flood began. the ocean waters traveled from East to West. The Guaymis Indians of Costa Rica have a similar mythology of a great flood. there was nothing to be seen alive but one man. entering it. The Coyote also prepared an ark. Montezuma and his friend. the mighty Noncomala poured over i t a flood of water. alone escaping. gnawing down a great cane by the river bank. If it was flood waters from a river. keeping it ready on the topmost summit of Santa Rosa. The sun was nearer the earth than he is now. then. So when the waters rose these two saved themselves. When the morning broke. the mountain of water that the prophet saw had come from the Gulf of Mexico and had passed over the entire surface of what we know today as Mexico. but the kindly god Nubu had 334 .“Those first days of the world were happy and peaceful days. but the prop het gave no heed. and a green mound of water reared itself over the plain.” (5-p78-79) This legend seems to be accurately describing a mountain of sea water passing over the land. the Coyote prophesied its coming. in the twinkling of an eye. therefore. and met again at last on dry land after the flood had passed away. and even as the flapping of the Eagle‟s wings died away into the night. the Coyote. it flung itself upon the prophet‟s hut. for sea water is the only water that has a greenish color. But an awful destruction ended this happy age. A great flood destroyed all flesh wherein was the breath of life.” (5-p76) Another one of their legends talks about a prophet who lived among them in the Gila valley before the last destruction. they would appear brown from mud. cut incessantly by the lightning. In the legend it was said the prophet was warned three times by an eagle that a great deluge would befall his people. It seemed to stand upright for a second. but the prophet did not heed the warnings from this eagle: “The Eagle came to warn the prophet. and rendered garments unnecessary.

who was also the Wind. Lightning flashed.” (11-p29) These two people were warned by one of the gods: “Make no more pulque. divided time into solar cycles. the cycle was “ended with a catastrophic flood that covered the whole world. then waved her banner with both hands and all her strength. cataracts fell from the sky. From the best of it rose the race of men. as well as the Mayans. she looked sternly in the four cardinal directions. “Afterward the teotes. Weeping. causing the fourth race of men to turn into fishes. “the first solar catastroph y occurred at the beginning of the fourth Jaguar century .” (11-p30) 335 .” After 13 Aztec centuries. Hastening back to the cloud-crowned mountain. towns and cities. The Aztecs. and when the waters had dried up he sowed it on the moist earth. restocked the earth as at the beginning. „Oh gods. it took another 52-year cycle to eat all mankind. . To escape. Rain and hail pounded the earth and mighty torrents swept over everything-fields.” In the legend of the four destructions of mankind. Take with you the fire from your hearth. they begged for mercy. . . The Aztecs called these cycles a “Jaguar century. .preserved the seed of a man. except one pair who were warned to embark in a hollow cypress tree. let us become fish‟. caused such a terrible hurricane that the whole earth was devastated. still jealous. caused fire and lava to rain from heaven. and men were changed into monkeys. or gods. .” (10-p246) The Nicaraguan natives also tell a similar story-that the world was destroyed by a flood in which most of mankind perished. Their legends are rich in descriptions of the previous cycles or destructions of the earth along with various legends of the creation of the earth and the people‟s struggle to survive during these periods.” It is said that after six Aztec centuries “the Plumed Serpent.” (5-p75) The Aztec civilization has probably been the best studied of any of the civilizations in the Americas. Look up at that mountain. thunder cracked.” (11-p28) The second destruction of the earth occurred when “the fall of the Plumed snake. the third race of hu man beings turned into birds. Cut down hi s hollow ahuehuetl and get inside it. The terrorized people sought salvation in trees and on the hills. from there will come a great flood that will overwhelm the earth. and from that which was imperfect ca me the monkeys. Each of you must eat only one ear of corn a day.

rationalized to themselves that the other people had turned into fish. Quetzalcoatl. fish were strewn all over the surface of the land. From a box 336 . This idea may have been derived from the observation that after the flood waters receeded. not feeling the glacial cold that gripped the world. “In a village beside a tranquil fire. From the crater of the nearby volcano leapt a menacing figure-the God of Fire. in their cave beside their red hearth fire continued their conversation. God of Fire). picking up sand. waters and finally trees. Allegedly the god. rocks. burning with a pure blue flame. „Take your hearth fire and hide yourself in a cave in the nearby mountain. Again the legend says the God of Fire warned two people to leave their village to escape the next coming disaster. from the garden of paradise. Suddenly the fire crackled. Whirlwinds and cyclones swept over the world. subterranean sound underneath your feet? That boiling fire will break through the crust of the earth. than the earth shook and the mountains rocked in gigantic convulsions. came a heavy voice that seemed to say. talk no longer. houses and human beings. On his back floated his cape of lightning bolts. he whispered melodiously. The natives.‟ Obeying the god‟s mandate. stones. The snowy capes of the mountain peaks were whisked away. he warned he would blow from the north and from the south as a furious hurricane and sweep over the entire world. not understanding where the rest of their fellow man had disappeared. Do you not hear a deafening. unperturbed by the roar of the wind. Get up at once. but soon. also known as the Plumed Serpent. The chosen man and woman.” (11-p35) The next destruction of the world was caused by Tletonatiu (Yellow Face. „O privileged mortals. warns these two survivors of the next impending disaster: “Listen to me carefully. The legend continues and tells of a second destruction that followed the first.You will notice it is mentioned that men were turned into fish after the flood. converting the whole world with an immense white sheet (snow). Hardly had they found a refuge. (the sun). and from the end of a cane stalk. they hurried into the woods with their hearthfire and some household utensils. take the fire from your hearth to a cave in the woods. a married couple talked of their many hopes.‟ He was the beneficent wind from the east.

the Aztecs attempt to explain the reappearance of the new sun: “Now. wrenching out trees and buildings. Then the gods began to peer through the gloom in all directions for the expected light.producing deafening explosions. the plains. the magueys. many of the major points we stated in our theory are mentioned. Flaming lava swept down over the woods. Dust swirled. everything. and gathered at the time round a great fire. lighting the whole earth with a livid yellow glare. Loathsome toads invaded the valley and the homes. shot through with lightning. houses washed away. “the world remained in utter darkness. called Nanahuatzin . people drowned. the nopals. fields and houses. there had been no sun in existence for many years. Plants were reduced to cinders. six leag ues from Mexico. Men and women were suffocated. Every growing thing throughout the land was destroyed. Locusts descended in clouds. and to make bets as to what part of heaven he should first appear in. Hail fell knee-deep. somehow thinking that the flood and fire were events separated by many hundreds of years. And some said 337 . The volcano vomited heavenwards a stream of vapor. The tempest swept through the countryside. Terrific cloudbursts followed.” (11-p35-36) After the age of the fourth sun passed. so the gods. . he dumped out red hot stones. devouring everything. no twilight. The Aztecs unfortunately mixed up the sequence of events. no day. So one of them. rocks came down in landslides. stones melted. being assembled in a place called Teotihuacan. that they were only parts of an overall massive cataclysm that occurred on the earth. with no dawn. The plants withered-all the trees. their flesh and bones melted away. crops were battered down. In the next part of this myth. Fire and lava whirled down. . instead of realizing that these destructions occurred one after the other. Soon thereafter Tula was stricken by terrible heat and drought.” (11-p88) As you can see from this legend. streets were flooded. Cinders and burning sand rained down.” “Bitter frost spread over Toltec land. trees were snuffed to ash. flung himself into the fire. told their devotees that he of them who should first cast himself into that fire should have the honor of being transformed into a sun. Even during the major festival of the gods the hail kept on relentlessly.

or 338 . that he would never leave that place till he had destroyed and put an end to them all. who immediately strung his bow and advanced against the glittering enemy. One of the most widely respected versions goes as follows: “This First Age. with abundant hair and a full beard. bordering on the red. had retired into a cave. to him. while others were moved only to anger. the decree went forth that they should all die by sacrifice. and is the first to see and welcome the Orb of light. or Tezcociztec atl. for the arrow of the sun pierced his forehead. and last of all he slew himself also. and with a glory of the cruel fire about him that not even the eyes of the gods could endure. now emerged from his concealment as the moon. and when the deities sent Tlotli. in which every living thing perished. And the brave Citli laid shaft to string nevermore. They know that he will rise as the sun. some another but Quetzalcoatl watches steadily the East. the new sun appears a painted scarlet.” (5 -p62) Another version of the creation of the sun says that “a voluntary victim springs into the sacrificial fire that the gods have built. his ominous answer was. but the second and third had attained his body in quick succession.” (5 -p60) “Immediately on the death of the gods the sun began his motion in the heavens. and some said There. The sun had risen indeed. or „sun.Here. who. There he lay on the horizon. Some look one way. he seized the last and launched it back upon his assailant. There are other versions of the four ages or suns as told by the Aztecs. Xolotl was appointed minister. and to cut themselves open through the breast. And in that same hour. but when the sun rose they were all proved wrong. and despair filled their hearts for they saw that they could not prevail against the shining one. He is fair in complexion. In another version of the story. but he moved not. for not one of them had fixed upon the east. when Nanahuatzin leaped into the fire. (6-p65) Again we see reference to the appearance of a red sun. when. and he killed his companions one by one. and among the latter was one Citli. By quickly lowering his head the Sun avoided the first arrow shot at him. with orders that he should go on upon his way. Then a great fear fell upon some. their messenger. but they do not know in what part of the horizon that will be. and they agreed to die. and a man called Tecuzistecatl. Then all was dismay in the assembly of the gods. and it was ended by a tremendous flood.” was called the Sun of the Water. filled with fury. though they knew it not.

one man and one woman of the giant race. . yawnings of the earth. so destructive that few indeed of the inhabitants of the earth were left. Evidence of this was mentioned at the end of Chapter Ten. becoming monkeys. the birth of mankind from the bone brought from hades. the birth of the sixteen hundred heroes from that flint. still appear to be the only inhabitants of the world. others were changed into fishes. Then were the jealousy and the anger of the gods aroused. or Quinames. But notice that they say one of these large pyramids was not finished in time. The Second Age.” (5 -p64) “At the time of the cataclysm. as a monument and a memorial of the Tlaloc that had sheltered him and his when the angry waters swept through all the land. This seems to indicate that people and governments did not be339 . was closed with earthquakes. But the half-finished structure. one of „the giants. except. of whose escape more hereafter. the debris and fire from the sun. the gi ant. went to C holula and began to build an artificial mountain (a pyramid). the country . To it appear to belong the falling of the goddess-born flint from heaven. while seven brothers of them found safety by closing themselves into certain caves in a mountain called Tlaloc. and passed to Choluta from hand to hand along a file of men-whence these came is not said-stretching between the two places. so that the work was stopped. as the huge pyramid rose slowly up. and the gods launched their fire upon the builders and slew many. a powerful and haughty race. and those that were saved lost.” (5-p68) As you can see from this last legend. was inhabited by giants. and is to be ended by a universal conflagration. Some of these perished utterly. deserved his surname of the Architect. the great winds. The bricks were made in Tlamanalco. their reason and speech. it tells of the great flood. afterward dedicated by the Cholultecs to Quetzalcoatl. the transformation of Tezcatecatl into the moon. at the foot of the Sierra de Cocotl. the transformation of Nanahuatzin into the sun. following some accounts. Zelhua. It was ended by tempests and hurricanes. The present is the Fourth Age.was transformed. and the overthrow of the highest mountains. . the earthquakes. threatening to reach the clouds and the great heaven itself. called the Sun of the Earth. surnamed the Architect. according to the Tlascaltec account. When the waters were assuaged. still remains to show how well Xelhua. Many of these unfinished pyramids can be found throughout the southern and central parts of the United States. and also that pyramids were being built just before cataclysm struck. and the death of the sixteen hundred heroes or gods. The Third Age was the Sun of the Air. It is called the Sun of Fire. Giants.

Not waiting for their decision. unseen God or Creator that causes these destructions at very specific intervals of time. These people also knew that the same type of destruction 340 . Tezcatlipoca transformed himself into a sun. drove Tlaloc from the sky. Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl (the sun). Quetzalcoatl poured a flood of fire upon the earth. but Tezeatlipoca was merely biding his time. In her time the rains poured so upon the earth that all human beings were drowned or changed into fishes. Here we have the first inkling that the survivors of this cataclysm knew that there was an all-knowing. Quetzalcoatl seized a great stick. There must have been a great deal of uncertainty as to when the reversal would occur. The half sun created by Quetzalcoatl lighted the world but poorly. one being the god. and the four gods came together to consult about adding another half to it. For an epoch the earth flourished under Quetzalcoatl as sun. who could tear up trees with their hands. the god of darkness. The overthrown god revenged himself by sweeping the earth with so violent a tornado that it destroyed all the inhabitants but a few. but after half an epoch. the Emerald Skirted. as sun. and to plunge even the heavenly luminaries into a common ruin. and himself became sun. Tlaloc. His victorious brother then placed in the heavens. Quetzalcoatal (the sun). and sun and stars were alike quenched. wife of Tlaloc. and at last the heavens themselves fell. creator of heaven and earth. but what makes this myth different is the mention of Tezcatlipoca whom they envision as being the creator of the universe. with all its inhabitants. and these were changed into monkeys. and with a blow of it knocked Tezcatlipoca from the sky into the waters. Some of the legends of the Mayans try to explain these periodic destructions of the earth as a conflict between two brothers. he appeared as a tiger and gave Quetzalcoatl such a blow with his paw that it hurled him from the skies (the sun disappears).lieve what was going to happen to them until a very few years before the actual cataclysm occurred. whereupon the other gods filled the world with great giants. as sun. The legend goes as follows: “Now began the struggle between the two brothers. the goddess Chalchiutlicue.” (6-p74) This legend also mentions the major sequences of destruction that befell man. water and rains. which was destined to destroy time after time the world. When an epoch of thirteen times fifty-two years had passed. and the epoch ended. and the other Texcatlipoca. and placed in his stead.

protector of all. and the altars. made exceeding hot. coming down even as stones. when eternal night should close in upon the Universe. spears. and vexed indignation are altogether implacable and will go on to the end to our destruction? Is it already fixed in thy divine counsel that there is to be no mercy nor pity for us.. be razed and destroyed and no memory of them be left? Is it indeed possible that thy wrath and punishment. that the peopled place become a wooded hill and a wilderness of stones? Peradventure wilt thou permit that the temples. the common people are almost made an end of and destroyed. They do not give us any personal impressions of the suffering that the survivors went through. They did not know when it would happen: “it would be when Tezcatlipoca should steal the sun from heaven for himself. thy nation and thy people and thy wealth are leveled down and destroyed. 0 valiant and all-powerful Lord. alas. how all things become confounded. that hast held it good to forsake us in these da ys. and that there be no more memory of it in the world. they too die. does it glory or delight in hurling the stone and arrow and spear? The fire of the pestilence. and. in other words. only to play with pebbles and to heap up little mounds of earth. what is this? Thine anger and thine indignation. burning and smoking.” (6-p78) All of the above legends only give us an impersonal impression of what transpired on this planet some time in the dark past. and the places of prayer.would befall the world at some time in the future. The following is a prayer to Tezcatlipoca. the Flying Serpent God. a great destruction and ruin the pestilence already makes in this nation. the little children that are innocent and understand nothing. nor those that could not walk nor speak. 0 our Lord. according to the counsel thou hast as well in heaven as in hades-alas for us.. Peradventure hast thou altogether forsaken thy nation and thy people? Hast thou verily determined that it utterly perish. in that the many and grievous afflictions of thy wrath have overgone and swallowed us up. broken and dashed to pieces as against stones and a wall-a thing very pitiful and grievous to be seen. Alas. in that thine anger and indignation has descended in these days upon us. what is most pitiful of all. built for thy service. and arrows upon the wretches that inhabit the earth-this is the sore pestilence with which we are afflicted and almost destroyed. This prayer begins to give us some idea of the hardship that befell the survivors of this cataclysm. Lord. most valiant and most kind. of young and old and of men and women there remains neither branch nor root. “O Lord. is upon thy nation. Ah. until the arrows of thy fury are spent to our utter 341 . leaving nothing upright or sound . as a fire in a hut. for there remain of them not even those in the cradles.

This would mean that the sun would rise in the West and set in the East.. nor caress-none to give the breast to them that suck. certainly I would not remain in thy displeasure. for there is none to give them food. . at least take pity and have mercy upon the children that are in the cradles. most compassionate. without hope of any aid. only to prostrate and throw myself at thy feet. None shall avoid from following death. our refuge.” (5-p20l) The last point we wish to make in this section on the mythologies of Central America is to see if there is any evidence that befor the last cataclysm the earth rotated from East to West. this little have I said before thee. though indeed thine anger and indignation. already the little children perish of hunger. 0 our Lord. It was mentioned in some of the previous legends that the sun had stopped somewhere over the eastern horizon. . protector of all.. let the small birds of thy people begin to sing and to approach the sun. nor consolation. let serenity come and clearness. but that we must remain in perpetual darkness and silence. but only for our total destruction and obliteration. 0 our Lord.. that the sun shall nevermore shine upon us. whose mouth and teeth are filled with earth and scurf? It is a sore thing to tell how we are all in darkness. governor of the world. 0 most pitiful Lord. quench also the burning and destroying fire of thine anger. nor drink. seeking pardon for the faults of this my prayer.. that nevermore thou wilt look upon us with eyes of mercy. give them quiet weather so that they may cause their voices to reach thy highness and thou mayest know them.. hungering and thirsting always to devour all that are in the world. and most noble. and I have no other thing to say. This would imply that the earth‟s rotation had indeed stopped just before the flood and fire descended on the earth. suffering for the sins of their fathers. There is one legend from 342 . have sorely hurt this poor people. and universal master.. and so powerful that none shall escape: Then indeed shall every man be punished according to his deeds. lord of the earth. full of mercy. upon those that cannot walk. make an end of this smoke and fog of thy resentment. neither little nor much? Wilt thou after this fashion destroy the wretched sick that cannot find rest nor turn from side to side. all-powerful.perdition and destruction? Is it possible that this lash and chastisement is not given for our correction and amendment. let the sport and satisfaction thou hast already taken in this past punishment suffice. . We are all as drunken and without understanding. most strong. for it is thy messenger what hour soever it may be sent. and I have nothing more to say. for their fathers and mothers have died and left them orphans. thine arrows and stones. having none understanding nor sense to watch for or aid one another.. 0 most strong Lord..

they assume that the earth was originally covered with water. . Not only does it tell us that the Eskimos also know that a tremendous heat melted the polar ice caps and a flood swept over the earth. and the new land will be peopled by reindeers and young seals. Finding none there. The Tacullics Indians of British Columbia have a very interesting creation legend of the earth. seeking food. The legends of the Eskimos are not as concerned with the creation of the earth as are those of many of the other North American Indian tribes but there is a legend about what will happen on the earth when the cycle begins again. All this he did again and again till quite an island was formed and by degrees the whole earth. In it. “traveling toward the East and the disappearance in the East.” (10-p303) What is interesting about this mythology is what it implies. even though we might think that they were all buried under thousands of feet of snow and ice. and lead thereafter a joyous existence. was at first wholly covered with water. melt the icebergs. A wind will then drive off the waters. but it implies that some of their ancestors did survive the last ice age. The legend goes as follows: “The flat earth . On the water a Musk-rat swam to and fro. This belief is universally held by all Indians of the American continents. whereupon they will at once start into life. In some unexplained way this earth became afterward peopled in every 343 .” (3-pll9) After the sun had stopped.the Teotl Lixco Indians of Mexico which says that the sun moved toward the East. and wash aw ay the steep rocks. The Legends of North America We start with the legends of the Eskimos who live in the northernmost regions of the North American continent. purify it of the blood of the dead. “In the course of time the waters will overwhelm the land. Then will He above blow once on the bones of the men and twice on those of the women. he dived to the bottom and brought up a mouthful of mud. . they say the earth was visited by upheavals and earthquakes. Somehow a few of their forefathers survived the last great cataclysm. but only to spit it out again when he came to the surface.

They say a general conflagration swept over the earth consuming every living thing except for a few people who took refuge in a cave. one man and one woman hid themselves in a deep cave in the heart of a mountain. and he went on his way. so it was. „You must have done something wrong when you were aloft. But by chance he found a little mouse. His sister told him he had caught the sun unawares.‟ Chapewee sent a number of animals to cut the snare. “He set a snare made of his sister‟s hair and caught the sun. destroying all life. and its nose and teeth have ever since been brown as if burnt. The sky was instantly darkened.‟ replied he. who 344 . (10-p236) The cave idea was also mentioned by the Mattole Indians from northern California. but the intense heat reduced them all to ashes. with nothing of plant or animal thereon. „but it was unintentionally. At last the ground-mole working in the earth cut the snare but lost its sight. and blew upon her until she grew so big (the mastodon) that she could set the sun free. Chakabech. and for these two has the world been since repeopled. save one Indian.” (1 pl83) Alegend from the Wyandot Indians is similar to the previous legend. with two exceptions. for we no l onger enjoy the light of day.” (1 -pl82) Alegend from the Takahlis Indians from the Pacific Northwest is a bit more direct in its description of the last destruction of the earth.‟ „I have. But while he was held in the snare. Chapewee‟s family said to him. But he dared not go near enough to let him (the sun) out. “He set his snares for game. and when the boy. but when he got up at night to look at them he found everything on fire. Their mythology says: “A certain Big Man (God) began by making the naked earth. In their story the boy‟s name is Chakabech. silent and bleak.part.” (5 p98) The legends of the Dog-Rib Indians from the Northwest describe that the sun stopped moving. One legend involves a boy called Chapewee who climbed a tree until he reached heaven where he set a squirrel trap. day failed down here on earth. and so remained. went to see. They say their ancestors took refuge at Mount Taylor during the terrible flood. until a fierce fire of several days‟ duration swept over it.

roamed about in a woefully hungry and desolate state. but this was the magical arrow that had never failed its mark. was sitting with his family by the camp-fire in the solemn woods. the wayward sun-god. the hare-god. anxiously waiting for the return of Ta-vi. consumed his legs. he fled back to his cave beneath the earth. swollen with heat. holding it in his hand. The Ute Indians of California and Utah have a very detailed legend of the last destruction. the hare-god. the eyes of the god burst and the tears gushed forth in a flood which spread over the earth and extinguished the fire. and as he fled the burning earth consumed his feet. When he came too near with his fierce heat the people were scorched. and explains his passage across the heavens along an appointe d way by giving an account of a fierce personal conflict between Ta-vi. the night was long and the earth cold. until at last. and there watched long and patiently. Then Ta-wats. till at last the sun-god coming out he shot an arrow at his face. which bowled across valleys and over mountains. consumed his hands and his arms-all were consumed but the head alone. Foreseeing the vengeance which would be thus provoked. and another. “The Ute philosopher declares the sun to be a living personage. the sun roamed the earth at will. Suddenly there rose a terrible whirlwind. They specifically mention the sun as being the cause of the fire. Ta-wats. then another arrow was sped. Ta-wats awoke in great anger. and speedily determined to go and fight the sun-god. one of the supreme gods of his mythology. the air grew dark and thick with dust and drifting sand. and the Indian fell upon his face in sore dread. causing a general conflagration. which fell to the earth. and Tawats. Once upon a time Ta-wats. Wearied with long watching. but the fierce heat consumed the arrow and it had finished its intended course. fled before the destruction he had wrought. and the sun was shivered into a thousand fragments. lifted the barb to his eye and baptized it in a divine tear. In that long ago. and the sun-god came so near that he scorched the naked shoulder of Ta-wats. consumed his body. the sungod. the hare-god fell asleep. the time to which all mythology refers. and still another. After a long journey of many adventures the hare-god came to the brink of the earth.” (5 -p86) You will notice they mention in the legend the destructive winds from the jet stream along with the dust that fell on the earth. till only one remained in his quiver. but that also was consumed. The sun-god was now conquered. and when he hid away in his cave for a long time. then the arrow was sped and struck the sun-god full in the face. fleeing destruction from the burning earth. too idle to come forth. and he appeared before a 345 .

however. and were strong.” (1-pl77) A legend from the Gallinomero Indians of central California sounds more like one of the creation legends. but a thick darkne ss covered all the earth. The Hawk happening by chance to fly into the face of the Coyote. “There was a time. upon which the masters took refuge in their great tower. and rich. the birds clashed together in the air. lit his ball of reeds. the two set about a remedy. they say there was no light. the seasons and the years. For the land 346 . the Hawk flew straight up into the sky. it was red in color. but when it did appear. The Coyote gathered a great heap of tules. should have a refuge in case of another flood. [A lasar?] Half a moon had not elapsed. Then the taskmasters made the remaining people raise up a great temple (pyramid) so that they. closing the people out.” (5-p85) Notice. this time with strong convulsions and thunderings. Afterward the Great Spirit sent an immense wave across the continent from the sea. and the sun was condemned to travel across the firma ment by the same trail day after day till the end of time. Determined to make some effort toward abating the public evil.council of the gods to await sentence. The Indians of the Lake Tahoe area have a very descriptive legend of the last great deluge. before the earth was again troubled. there followed mutual apologies and afterward a long discussion on the emergency of the situation. but it is really a legend telling of the survivors after the last cataclysm. The poor slaves fled to the Humboldt River. when their tribe possessed the whole earth. rolled them into a ball. they say the sun at first did not shine. In that long council were established the days and the nights. and this wave ingulfed both the oppressors and the oppressed. and gave it to the Hawk. they say. and on the top of this temple the masters worshipped a column of perpetual fire. whirling along all in a rierce red glow as it continued to the present. and left it there. and getting into canoes paddled for life from the awful sight behind them. with the length thereof. and confusion reigned everywhere. not the white-yellow color we see today. for it is the sun. Man stumbled blindly against man and against the animals. and defeated and enslaved them. of the ruling caste. “In the beginning. together with some pieces of flint. but a day came in which a people rose up stronger than they. numberous. Gathering all together as well as he could. all but a very small remnant. where he struck fire with the flints.

The flames went up to the very heaven and melted many stars. while the place where the great fort stood sank. creator of the earth. They also mention the dust and other debris falling from the sky. leaving only the dome on the top exposed above the waters of Lake Tahoe. when the snows melt and the waters swell in the lake. since no archaeological evidence has been found in the area. of course. They had numerous legends regarding the creation of the earth. where the waters shut them in. There must they remain till a last great volcanic burning. the flood. forming the ore that the white men seek.” (10-pl59) 347 . The Algonquins say that in the beginning the earth was covered with water: “On this infinite ocean floated a raft. They were located in Eastern Canada and the New England States. The “column of perpetual fire” might well have been a laser beam. The inmates of the temple-tower clung to this dome to save themselves from drowning. implying that these disasters are cyclical.” (5 -p89) The Tahoe Indians had a very accurate idea as to where the mountain of water came from. on the east side of the lake.was tossing like a troubled sea. the captain and chief of whom was Michabo. the Giant Rabbit. We feel the great temple the Indians mention was probably a pyramid. The Sierra was mounded up from the bosom of the earth. and casting up fire. and the Spirit of the Waters. upon which were many species of animals. we suspect. but the Great Spirit walked upon the waters in his wrath. We now change scene and examine the legends of the Algonquin Indians. and lastly. For them to have known that this immense wave crossed the continent from the Atlantic Ocean. who was un friendly to the project.” (6-p39) Another legend says that there is “a rivalry between Michabo. and the moon. which is to overturn the whole earth. they also have the concept that the cataclysm will happen again. called to this day the Spirit Lodge. they must have been told by the masters to whom they refer. In the depths of their cavem-prison they may still be heard. and took the oppressors one by one like pebbles. shall again set them free. but. were from Atlantis. this is only speculation. These masters. and threw them far into the recesses of a great cavern. so that they rained down in molten metal upon the earth. smoke. and ashes. The legend also mentions the tremendous earthquakes and volcanic activity that would have occurred at this particular time. wailing and moaning.

the moon no longer covers the sun during a solar eclipse.” (10-pl56) As we know today. the wolves which he used as dogs entered a great lake and were detained there. sort of an alert system. Before the reversal. Another Algonquin legend tells of the hunter. It was red because its surface had been superheated by the sun‟s nova and probably glowed red for a long time. It is also mentioned in many other Indian legends. from the Algonquins. the moon.‟ Who is this woman? In the legend of the Muyscas it is Chia. and the Waters. . otherwise they would never die. Many times the “dark one” was associated with the moon. After the reversal. Rest. who was also goddess of water and flooded the earth out of spite. she eats their flesh and gnaws their vitals. but it does affect the tides. The moon was considered feminine gender. This might have been why the moon was associated with certain aspects of the cataclysm. yet the cruel cause of our present woes . . The moon is meant as a warning device.” (10 -p244) The last myth we wish to mention.” as well as with cold. We believe they associated the moon with the flood and other destructions. Messou: “One day as Messou was hunting. „I see them in the middle of this lake. covered the land and destroyed the world. She was considered “Chief over the Night. a bird said to him. is their prophecy of when the next cataclysm will occur. Darkness. Messou.‟ He entered the lake to rescue them. overflowing its banks. Death. who at the outset introduced pain and death in the world -our common mother. (10-pl55) “She is the evil minded woman who thus brings diseases upon men. They say: 348 . the ancient Algonquins believed brought death and disease to the race. The Algonquins were not the only Indian tribe that felt this way about the moon. it is possible that the only celestial object the natives could see was a red moon. the moon does not have those powers over men. till they fall away an d miserably perish. „it is she who kills men. but the lake. looking for them everywhere.They felt that ever so often the conflict between Michabo and the Spirit of the Waters flared up and man was destroyed as a consequence of these two great gods battling in the sky.

“It began on the mountains. whom he broke in pieces and scattered over the land. and at last he came to the brink of this world. No longer with his father. This seems to be a universal idea. will he protect and preserve to inhabit the new world he will then fabricate. at most. or only. such is the case with the Dakota Indians.‟ cried he. they associate the second sun as being a separate entity from the first sun.“When in anger Michabo will send a mortal pestilence to destroy the nations. indeed. those who have maintained inviolate the institutions he ordained. stamping his foot on the ground. and mitigate its stern decree. for it is repeatedly said that it was he who assigned their duties to all the winds. Manibozho (God) drove him across rivers and over mountains and lakes. many years after the nova. This is a blending of his two characters. but with his brother Chakekenapok. These are two points that did not surface in the legends mentioned previously. his life is a battle.‟ Yet it is clear that he was something more than a personification of the east or the east wind.” (10 -p255) In this prophecy. The West was forced to give ground. The conflict was long and terrible. „Hold. they also seem to be saying the same thing said in the Bible: that those who will survive are the ones who follow the Creator‟s instru ctions or laws. The face of nature was desolated as by a tornado. imy son. (as of 1890) and that now living has appointed ceremonies to propitiate the powers of heaven. to that of the east as well as the others. bright yellow sun. the Indians saw a small.” (10 -pl99) 349 . Before the reversal. the flint-stone. too. flames will burst forth to consume (with fire) the habitable land. and the gigantic boulders and loose rocks found on the prairies are the missiles hurled by the mighty combatants. they saw a larger red sun. In this prophecy. The prophecies of the Winnebago Indians say that “their nation shall be annihilated at the close of the thirteenth generation. Ten have already passed. Here.” (10-p255) Other Indian tribes also look at the celestial conflicts as battles between brothers and also battles between an unseen Creator and the sun. Therefore. they realized that the earth will also be destroyed by massive earthquakes and a tremendous fire. or. and changed his entrails into fruitful vines. you know my power and that it is impossible to kill me. Thus was born the idea of conflict between two heavenly brothers. only a pair.

” (9 -p223) This legend makes specific reference to the sun as the source of the burning holocaust that occurred on the earth. . They give such a personage various names. When these people were killed by the flood. and all the stars that we now see in the sky came from that time when the first world was burned. the world will come to an end. everything was burning. to set the world afire. There were four things which Tirawa (God) said he would do to kill 350 . The bones of these large people were found upon the sides of the hill of the Swimming Mound. The Pawnee Indians of Nebraska are even more descriptive about what happened to the sun when the cataclysm occurred. When they are referring to this God. which means he-whosits-above. These people lived where the Swimming Mound (pyramid) is in Kansas. before we lived upon this earth. Those sparks are sky eyes. fire flew up toward the sky in flames. the ground was burning.. The sparks stuck fast in the sky. and the water came from the northwest upon the earth so that it became deep and killed these wonderful beings. for revenge. Their legend goes: “The cataclysm is caused by the theft of Flint from the Swift.The idea of an all-knowing being or God has been expressed by most of the Indian tribes. the water had come in from the big water (ocean) so that it overflowed the land. who. . In their legend they say that when the sun goes out. rocks were burning. and have remained there ever since. It also gives a very good description of what the earth must have looked like when the heatblast from the sun hit the earth. in great sparks and brands. they call him Olelbis. . there was no fire in the rocks before the world fire. Quartz rocks and fire in the rocks are from that time. Great rolls and piles of smoke were rising. they do not mean the sun or the moon or other celestial objects. Buckeye Bush. Tirawa placed won derful human beings upon the earth. Fire Drill (the sun) and the latter‟s wife. Olelbis looked down into the burning world. in the Wintun Tribe of the Northwest. induces Shooting Star. The old people told us that at this place the rain poured down from the heavens. He could see nothing but waves of flame. For instance. During the fire they could see nothing of the world below but flames and smoke... The legend: “Many years ago. but it still means the same thing. We knew of them as the wonderful beings or the large people.

that the Morning-Star and the Evening-Star gave life to people on this earth. The Moon would change its color once in a while.. He persuaded his sister to make him a noose of her own hair. like the other Indian tribes. and held it fast. so we could expect some changes from the original legend. and. the fire from the heavens.” (15-pl34) The Pawnee legend mentions six of the points we mention in our theory: the flood. We can forgive them for mixing up the order in which some of these occur.. he caught the sun. We are told by the old people that the Morning-Star ruled over all the minor gods in the heavens. The gods in the heavens who were placed by Tirawa would have to sit in council and select a day when all things would end. The Sun would also show different colors. The Sun was also to shine bright and all at once that brightness would die out and the end would come. What is also interesting is that the Pawnee. and that was sending fire from the sky to bum up the people.000 years ago. but he had promised that he would never send the flood upon the land any more. and decide in what way all things should cease to be. “He swore that he would have vengence. sure enough. The Ojibway Indians of the Great Lakes also mention in their legend that the sun caused great havoc on the earth. There were several ways of sending storms (winds) so that they would kill the people. so that it did not rise. The animals who ruled the earth were immediately put into great 351 .the people. Meteors would fly through the sky. The Sun and the Moon also helped to give life to the people. the waters sloshing around. There was one thing that Tirawa was not sure of doing. but the sign which was to be nearest to the people was that the rivers and the creeks were to rise. but after all. this legend had to have originated about 12. Among the stars would be many signs. The old people told us that the Morning-Star said that when the time came for the world to end the Moon would turn red.. The old people knew also that when the world was to come to an end there were to be many signs. The legend is centered around a boy whose bird-skin coat is burned by the sun. the moon changing color. that if the Moon should turn black it would be a sign that some great chief was to die. knew that God is the one who brought this cataclysm down upon man. He fixed it just where th e sun would strike the land as it rose above the earth‟s disk. that when the Moon should turn red the people would then know that the world was coming to an end. and finally the sun changing colors. Tirawa said there were other ways of destroying the people on the earth. the high winds.

called. whose home was in the Great Lakes. and the top of its carcass was reduced to enormous heaps of ashes. They called a council to debate upon the matter. that of Nine Serpents and that of Nine Caverns. Then Michabo rose from his couch at the sunrising. It succeeded. attacked the huge reptile and slew it by a cast of his dart. When it got to the place where the sun was snared. and a water covered the slime and the ooze that the earth then was. personified one as a bird and one as a winged serpent. but it was reduced to very small size. They had no light. This legend also mentions nine caverns. At last the dormouse undertook it for at this time the dormouse was the largest animal in the world (the mastodon?). however. all things were orde rless. the waters subsided and the land dried. Serpents have been mentioned frequently in many of these Indian legends. from astrological associations.” (6 -p50) The darts are probably the lightning which came at the time of the polar reversal. and has remained so ever since. he began to flood the land. Increasing the waters by his magic powers. and threatened its total submergence. since comets are predominantly made up of ice crystals. and to appoint some one to go and cut the cord. as Ignatius Donnelly and Immanuel Velikovsky theorize. One such legend is from the Mixtecs tribe. which is probably the location where their ancestors fled for refuge. its back began to smoke and burn with the intensity of the heat.” (1 -pl8l) The Ojibway also have a legend about the flood which covered the earth: “In early days there was a mighty serpent. By the efforts of two winds. in cutting the cord with its teeth and freeing the sun. It is doubtful that they had actually seen a comet in the sky. the world lay in darkness.” (10-p230) It is possible that as the gas shells expanded from the sun. for this was a very hazardous enterprise. The Iroquois Indians located around Lake Erie associate the 352 . before ever were either years or days. king of all serpents. The hot gas shell of the sun would have evaporated any comet that was in the vicinity. having a smooth-curved shape.commotion (earthquakes). when it stood up it looked like a mountain. as the rays of the sun would burn up whoever came so near. they might have appeared like a snake. They say: “In the year and in the day of clouds.

such as those from 353 . but it did them no good. In their legend a prophet was told that a disaster was soon going to be visiting the earth and that he had to build some sort of cave and collect pairs of animals which he thought should survive.celestial conflict as a fight between two brothers. who died in giving them life. and established his lodge in the far east. Finally the animals came. and they flew toward the south. Moving further South. and as it fell turned into flintstones.” “The brothers quarreled. the latter the wild rose. and it got deeper and deeper. He of the weaker weapon was very naturally discomfited and sorely wounded. (6p55) This is probably in reference to the ice age that occurred after the nova. “They are twins. wet. The bad people were drowned and everything else that was not in the cane. like a cloud. the blood gushed from him at every step. The victor returned to his grandmother. loskeha (the white one. This analogy is mentioned in other Indian legends. The voice said it would attend to the bad ones: “On a certain day the fowls of the air appeared in the north. and the water was all over. Fleeing for life. They began to cry and to run for the mountains and for other places. and special guardian of the Iroquois. and finally came to blows. Tawiscara (the dark one). and the people began to find out what was about to happen. whence the sun comes. born of a virgin mother. wet appearance of a frog. on the borders of the great ocean. and guided the torrents into smooth streams and lakes. we come to the Witchita Indians of Oklahoma. He was to save all the good ones and leave out the bad ones.” (10-p203) The gigantic frog mentioned in the legend was made by Tawiscara. After the birds and the animals had passed there came a flood. In time he became the father of mankind. The prophet crawl ed into the cane (cave). snowy period after the reversal and the cold. It is easy to see the analogy between a cold. The earth was at first arid and sterile. the sun) and his brother. The people wondered what was the reason for this. the former using the horns of a stag. but he destroyed the gigantic frog which had swallowed all the waters.” (14 -p292) The idea of Indians living in caves with animals during the cataclysm is found in several other mythologies. They say the frog had left the earth dry as before.

Their only food was meat. and firstly in the fourfold womb of the world. The earth lay like a vast island. all beings of earth. Navajos. and the light was quite as scanty as it had been down below. until they became the all-containing earth and the allcovering sky. immediately left for the East. Lastly came the white people.the Southwest. but these white men after coming up from the cave. First came the Navajos. the seed of men and creatures took form and life. Pueblos. men and creatures came to exist. amid the great waters. underground in the heart of a mo untain near the river San Juan. Awonawilona. sent the great waters over the surface of the earth: “The world-holding sea. Then 354 . lived together. From the lying together of these twain upon the great world waters. so that scums rose upon its surface. While these nations lived underground they all spoke one tongue. probably wondering what was left of their home. and no sooner had they reached the surface than they commenced gaming at patole. who started off at once for the rising sun and were lost sight of for many winters.” (5 -p8l) The legend continues and says that eventually the waters subsided and land began to appear. Atlantis. “Then the men and the animals began to come up from their cave. The Navajos say that: “At one time all the nations. One of the Indians then went out of the cave and walked in the mud but found he sunk in the mud up to his mid-leg. but their light was dim and only endured for a few hours each day. which they had in abundance.” (5-p82) Again we find reference to white men also taking refuge in caves with the Indians. but the light of day and the level of earth came many languages. A similar story is told by the Zuni Indians. for all kinds of game were closed up with them in their cave. Then came the Pueblos and other Indians who crop their hair and build houses. nor moon. They say that the god. waxing wide and apart. nor sun. nor stars. for there was as yet no heaven. also of the Southwest. their favorite game. and white people. wet and shifting. and their coming up required several days. Coyoteros. In the nethermost of the cave-wombs of the world. and the men groped about down in the murky underworld. The earth was at this time very small.

The Chewkee tribe. (10-p228) After a long period of time. how a great flood came. when mixed with the water. they are helping to date the mounds found all over the central and southcentral part of the United States.” (10-p230) The magician they refer to is probably a survivor of Atlantis. how the people started out on a journey toward the sunrise. but something happened and “the earth became angry and ate up a portion of her progeny. In Chapter Ten we mentioned that several large pyramid-mounds were found only partially finished. how they crossed a River of Slime. Janauluha. say that the sun was too close and too hot to the earth.arose the master magician. then a River of Blood. and came to the King of Mountains. whence a great fire blazed upward with a singing sound. (3-pl87) The last legend we will cover from the North American continent is from the Choctaw tribe in Louisiana. They also have a similar mythology which describes the last cataclysm. Later two pigeons flew to and fro until they finally found dry land.” (9-p63) You will notice they do not consider that their ancestors had built the mound but rather that another race of men did. The Creeks have a creation legend similar to the one described in the Bible. and how the Choctaw and the animals they had taken with them into a boat were saved from the universal deluge. What is interesting about their mythology is that they help date for us when the mounds found in Louisiana were built. we come to the Creek and Chewkee tribes. As we head toward the Southeastern United States. how the mound was thrown down and a confusion of tongues ensued. The legend says: “Men tried to build a mound (pyramid) reaching to the heavens. the earth became populated with many. and bearing a staff plumed and covered with feathers. most likely. and. who was far more advanced than they were and who may have helped them survive this difficult time.” (9-p62) This legend seems to allude to the red clay that. They also say the earth was entirely covered by water. and it burned up many things. These are probably the ones to 355 . he guided them upward to the world of light. also on the Gulf of Mexico. appeared to be like blood flowing in the streams.

which burned all that was on the surface of the earth. and their c ontempt for him who had made them thus joyous. They believe their tribe was named after the sole survivor. depending on how much knowledge they had evolved to at the time of the cataclysm.000 years ago to save their occupants from the destruction that was about to ensue. others in caves. they hurriedly began building mound-pyramids and caves in order to escape the destruction. withdrew from them. He swept about the fire in such a way that in places he raised mountains.” (10-p245) Another version is: “Monan (the Maker. because at first these people did not believe what was going to happen. (10-p2l8) They believe the flood was caused by a stranger “who bitterly hated their ancestors.000 years ago. of the last great flood that covered the earth. author of all that is. and sent upon them tata. and in others dug valleys. We have covered many myths from tribes located all over the North American continent. The Legends of South America We will begin with the Tupis tribe of Brazil. seeing the ingratitude of men. compassed their destruction by a violent inundation. He. Tupa. Irin Mage (the one who sees). When the waters subsided the remnant came together. the divine fire. When things became very bad and the signs were obvious that the sun was going to nova. spoke thus to Monan: „Wilt thou also 356 . without beginning or end. the Begetter). Only a very few succeeded in escaping-some by climbing trees. The mounds or pyramids were never finished. Of all men one alone. Our impression is that the American Indians have not evolved much farther toward understanding what existence is than had their forefathers some 12. whom Monan carried into the heaven. was saved.which the Choctaw are referring. Each tribe gave a slightly different account of the event. We are not sure we can say anything better for the white European race either! These Indian myths also further prove our hypothesis that the pyramids and mounds were built some 12. seeing all things destroyed. with all the rest of the disasters which would accompany it. and by gradual increase populated the world. All agree with the hypotheses we presented in our theory regarding what sequence of events occur during the reversal.

but a flash of flame reached them and they fell to the ground. which we call parana. Two of the tribe. The Mbocobi Indians of Paraguay are very specific in pointing out what caused the destruction. so. formed the ocean. (10p235) Another of their legends talks about Tata. with the actual cause. since there is none other of my kind?‟ Then Monan was so filled with pity that he poured a deluging rain on the earth. This is similar to some of the legends from North America.destroy the heavens and their gamiture? Alas! Henceforth where will be our home? Why should I live. except a few who took refuge in a deep cave. This supports our idea that many great earth movements occur over a short period of time and do not necessarily take millions of years to come about. This orb once fell from the sky. the moon appeared red. the god Tiri opened a tree (a cave) and 357 . and fastened it in its place with pegs. associated it with the closest celestial body they could observe-the moon. We hope they‟re more accurate the next time. where they were changed into monkeys.” (10-p246) The Mbocobi Indians also say the survivors of this conflagration took refuge in a deep cave. The Botocudos Indians mixed up one of the early signs of the conflagration. (10p236) Their legend continues by saying that “when all men had been destroyed by fire. and the rising of mountains and continents. climbed a tree and escaped destruction. the divine fire. Evidently some of the primitive Indians could not correlate the sun with the conflagration and. flowing from all sides. of course. the sun. The Yurucare Indians of Bolivia also say the sun caused a general conflagration which swept over the earth consuming every living thing. which descended on all men. After the nova. a man and his wife. but a Mbocobi hastened to pick it up befor e it did any injury. which quenched the fire. the divine fire. they thought the moon was the cause of the cataclysm. A second time it fell and burnt up the earth. and. and then a flood came and put out the fire. the moon.” (10 -p245) This legend mentions three of our points: the flood. (10-p236) The Botocudos Indians of Brazil say that the destruction was caused by the moon falling on the earth from time to time. the great waters. (16-p3l9) “The destruction of the world was due to the sun. rather.

We were curious to see if we could find any archaeological evidence of caves large enough to accommodate great numbers of men. To these Viracocha gave the earth. In the legends of Central and South America. the Lodgings of the Dawn. the legend has been so distorted that they do not realize that it is when the sun appears larger than the moon that the sun is going to nova and bake a part of the world. At one time they associated the moon with flooding the earth out of spite. and stars will be wrapt in a devouring conflagration to know no regeneration. to a fourth the west. The Gold of the Gods. They said: 358 . One such tunnel system was mentioned by Erick Von Daniken in his book. when he closed it. to another the south. Bild der Wissenschaft. One such legend comes from the Peruvian Indians. flood-of which only a few men escaped. they mention many times the existence of caves where man sought refuge. or a drought will wither every herb of the field. The tunnel system was explored by an expedition in 1971. One they say was by famine. They know something important does happen in the course of time during one of these solar eclipses. The other. and land. to one the north.” (10-p212) The Peruvians recall two past destructions on the earth. The effect of the last cataclysm on the Incas was so pronounced that they measured time from the last cataclysm. suck up the waters. (10-pl56) The Incas of Peru also tell of a time when the waters covered the earth and man fled into caves in order to escape the ensuing deluge. They thought at some time “the shadow will veil the sun forever. to a third the east. The expedition‟s findings were reported in the German periodical. moon. (10-p248) The Peruvians were deathly afraid every time a solar eclipse occurred.from it allowed various tribes to emerge.” The Peruvians have preserved part of the truth in this legend. and leave the race to perish to the last creature. since in their mythology they believe it will happen again-so their calendar is an attempt to calculate the next cataclysm. unfortunately. but. until he deemed the earth sufficiently peopled. Other misassociations involving the moon are told of by the Muyscas Indians of Columbia.” (10-p118) There are other legends that also mention caves as the refuge of various races. They say that there are four mythological civilizers of Peru: They “emerged from the cave Pacarin tampu.

It is an adventure even today to penetrate these 55. he snares the sun because it is traveling too fast. began behind the „six doors. (2-p45 and 13-p230) 359 . low on the horizon. The floor is covered with stone slabs that have been pitted and grooved to make them slip-proof. Micronesia. The Oceania area was inhabited by a rather primitive group of island peoples. The first legends we will cover are from the Hawaiian Island group. Melanesia. He then snares the sun.‟ These tunnels lead straight towards the 65-mile-long transport tunnels in the direction of the coast and finally reach a spot 80 feet below sea level.” It includes Indonesia. All their mythologies were handed down by word of mouth.” (4 -p5l) The tunnel entrance was discovered near the village of Otuzco. Maui. This is because we believe that many parts of this Oceania area were above water and formed a large continent. we should hear very few. on the north by the Hawaiian Islands. We would also expect to hear some legends of land masses rising and falling. It stops in the sky. legends of fire coming from the sky representing the sun when it novaed. and they are of the exploits of the Polynesian God. This cave system may be the one mentioned by so many legends. on the west by the Samoa Islands. A passageway led to the six water-tight doors. then Maui beats the sun until the sun agrees it will travel much slower across the sky. this part of the world was on the back side of the earth when the sun novaed. In the legend. It is bordered on the south by New Zealand. The Polynesian Islands are part of a larger area called “Oceania.“Vast tunnels. therefore. and Australia. who possessed no written language. if any. He uses a rope which his grandmother makes for him. Per our theory. The tunnel entrance was found 200 feet below the surface of the earth. which would leave even modem underground construc tors green with envy. We would expect to hear many legends of the earth being flooded and a period of long darkness. Naturally. and on the east by Easter Island. at times with a slope of 14 percent. a great many changes in the legends have occurred over the thousands of years. The Legends Of Polynesia Polynesia covers a large portion of the area of the South Pacific Ocean.

moon. finally stars. They say that one of their gods. He finds Uli‟s brother Manu -a guarding the pit (cave) down which the food is kept by the people below and handed up to those above. a tremendous amount of water was evaporated and therefore lowered all the ocean levels for many years. ruling chief of Kahiki and the chief in anger takes away the sun. this is an attempt to explain the ocean‟s flooding the earth and the torrential rains that must have fallen for many years after the reversal. Kahana. This is the story of Kaulu. who give him fire to guide him ahead and wind to bear him behind until he reaches the border of Kahoalei‟s land. the evil chief. Niheu dies of cold and is left behind. drains the sea. then with the birds called Kaiwea (fishhawk) which signal the day. then spits it out. and as the story goes: He wanted everything from the people. all of which he places in the sky. restoring Niheu to life on the 360 . while trying to find his brother. and stars from Hawaii. These people set aside four “Ku” days as memorial of the old continent. (13-p328) There is another legend that tells of the disappearance of the sun and the oceans lowering in depth. He even took away the rays of the sun. The chief himself next emerges and returns with Kana to tour the land. It is said that this continent was broken up and inundated by the ocean. and sun. moon. Kaulu is an evil god. He puts down a plump black hand which his relatives recognize and fill. then birds and the cock that crows for dawn. When they refer to the water as being spit out. first with food. is the one who takes away the sun from the people. (13-p437) The reason the oceans would appear to these people to have been dried up or swallowed is because when the sun novaed on the other side of the world. They say also that there was at one time a much larger continent that connected all the island groups together. The name of this continent was Ka-one-lauena-a-Kane. Now we come to the legends of Kana who restored the sun. As Kana stretches to the sky to reach the light. then with water. Kahiki. The legend goes as follows: “Niheu treats roughly the messenger of Kahoalei (-Ii‟i). Kaulu later. Uli sends Kana with Niheu to bring them back. but Kana bends over to Kahiki and drops into the spring of two old relatives. In this legend. brought back the sun after the sun had vanished and the earth was dark for a period of time.The next legend is from the Menehune people who migrated from New Zealand to the Hawaiian Islands many thousands of years ago.

identified with the octopus. and that the survivors of this previous civilization are their forefathers. stopping in the sky. We will start with the mythology which attempts to describe the origin of the world. she set out to try to find him. but later retiring to their present level. but when her husband deserted her. The final point we wish to make about the Hawaiian Islands is that the Hawaiians feel that the present civilization came about from the destruction of a previous civilization which existed in the same area. the mythologies from the Hawaiian Island chain reinforce our contention that the Polynesian area was on the back side of the earth when the sun novaed. in turn.” (13 -p476) This legend mentions several important points to our theory. her parents gave her the sea to go with her and bear her canoes. Two-that there was a period of cold after the time when the sun disappeared. In the Hawaiian legend called. Their description of the waters rising is probably in reference to when the larger continent also sank during this reversal time.” (2 -p39) Here again we see a connection between the sun causing the oceans to rain havoc on the lands. (2-pl5) So far. the fire goddess.” “Pele. the waters rising until only the tops of the highest mountains were visible. The next island group we will cover in the Polynesian area is the Samoan Islands. therefore. When Ka-hoa-lei reaches Hawaii he finds that Kana and Niheu have both died and he rules there many years. and as she journeyed she poured forth the sea from her head.way. Three-that people had taken refuge in caves at this period of time. (the sun) once lived far to the south-west. They say fire and water are the children of one of their gods. One of their legends was very similar to several of the American Indian legends of the sun being snared or lassoed by someone and. we must assume that a celestial phenomenon did occur on this earth some time in its dark past. It is doubtful if there was any social contact between the North American Indians and the Polynesians. “Sea of Kahinalii. 361 . To aid her in the search. Number One-that the sun and other heavenly bodies did not appear to the people.

and his wife. and it was very hot. and became a deep sea. of course.“Between their descendants arises a mighty conflict. It is possible that it could 362 . “In days of old. The practice of identifying parts of the destruction. They would.” (2-pl7) Another version of the same legend is that the battle of nature was between the children of inkfish (water) and the sun.” (17-p4l) This legend is one of the very few from the Polynesian area that says that there was a period of unusual heat on the earth. In consequence.” Another form of the myth states that when the flood came. and pitying their plight sent down two men from the heavens with hooks. was flooded. Another cosmological legend says that “in early times there was a flood which destroyed all beings. and giving them human personalities is very common among these primitive societies. so the heads of the people continued to knock against the skies. which had been dry. who took refuge on a rock. except one man. the Samoan legend tells us that the sky or atmosphere was somehow lower than it is presently.” (17 -p7) You will notice the similarity of these myths and many of the ones of North and South America. such as fire and flood. “War raged between the children of the inkfish and the children of fire. “Seve and a man called Pouniu alone saved themselves by swimming. be referring to the period of time immediately after the sun‟s nova. It is unknown how hot the back side of the earth could have been after the nova. but they were not raised high enough. in which water wins and the world is destroyed by a flood only to be rec reated by Tangaloa. in which the latter were subjugated by the squirting of the inkfish fluid. and people had to crawl about like the lower animals.” (2-p40) After the flood covered their known world. the earth. (cave) these survivors subsequently becoming the ancestors of mankind. Tangaloa saw them from the sky. Pili. After a time the arrowroot and another similar plant pushed up the heavens. who drew Samoa from under the sea to serve as a refuge for the two who were thus rescued. the heavens fell down.

wherefore he departed on a bird. “Originally the heavens were low. the first king of Mangaia. . . whereupon the latter deity forced the two contestants to cease their display of power. For instance. prayed to Rongo to aid him. on which Tiki. to show his might. “The two quarrelled as to which was the more powerful. a sea-deity. This legend tells us that the sun that is in the heavens today is a grandson of a previous sun. and the deluge subsided. except for a small bit which protruded. Aokeu and Ake. The only other direct reference to the sun made in Samoan and other Polynesian mythologies is from the legend of Tangaroa and Hina. between the two. while Aokeu made rain to fall in floods. This is very common among the Polynesian mythologies. Rangi. The deluge legends are also very common among all the island peoples of the Polynesian area. and then go back and look again. floated in a canoe. took refuge on this fragment of dry land. (17-pl01) In other words. a deity existing from the first. so low that they rested on the broad leaves of certain plants. was ordered to descend to this world to see if he coul d find any land. and after flying about for a long time described a sandbank on which the waves broke.” (2-p20) Tonga Island‟s legend says: “Tangaloa. alarmed lest he should be drowned. so that.‟ He did so and found the land already risen above the waters. the deluge legend from the Marquesas Island group says that “in the beginning there was only the sea. their legend tells us that somehow the sky was too low.” (2-p39) After the deluge. and. and Ake. for this dry land which he had seen was indeed the earth. caused the sea to rise and dash upon the l and in great waves. . and in this narrow space all the people of this 363 . but the lords of heaven said to him. Returning to the skies. and afterward fished up the land from the bottom of the ocean. the divine messenger.” (2-pl9) From the Cook Island group we again hear a legend involving the war between two gods.have been several hundred degrees C. there have been several different suns that have circled the earth. Bringing back tidings of his discovery. the island was covered. he reported that he could find no dry land. „Wait for seven days. he was again instructed to wait and to look once more.

„Why am I so beaten by you. and scarce had the sun time to call before Maui was belabouring him.‟ Maui said. journeyed till they had got near where the sun came up .‟ He departed on his way. He prayed to them. „Let us tie the sun.. It moves!‟ “ (2-p35) The idea of the heavens moving may indicate that the legend is trying to inform us that it was not only the sky that appeared low. and he said to his brothers. „Man cannot go near t o the sun on account of the heat. but was unable to travel so fast as before. Maui rushed at him with his weapon.. my brothers.. Tama-nui-a-te-ra (great child of the sun). „Come. When these had been made Maui took his weapon. On the island of New Zealand.” (2 -p45) 364 . all of you. and the sun drew his limbs together with a twitch. but Ru sent for the gods of night and the gods of day to assist him in his work of raising the sky. and when his head and shoulders had entered the noose Maui encouraged his brothers to action by saying „Now pull. It goes as follows: “Maui observed that the time between the sun‟s rising and setting was very short.‟ His brothers consented..‟ And when they came in answer to his call. but also that the earth was not rotating for a period of time. and even greater acts than this. And now.‟ They did were bent up. I have taken the form of a bird. we come across a legend similar to the one found on Hawaii. made of the jaw-bone of his progenitor . and said. while you have ever had the form of men. . I can do what I propose. The legend is about the sun traveling too fast and a boy trying to catch the sun.‟ But his brothers said. and commenced to plait ropes . that it may not go so fast. that man may have time to provide food for himself. „You have seen the many acts that I have performed. and in the anguish of his pain he uttered another of his names.. and continued to so do for some time. he chanted the follow ing song: „O Son! 0 Son! Raise my son Raise my son! Lift the Universe! Lift the Heavens! The Heavens are lifted. and again resumed that of a man. and they .. . 0 man! I will have my revenge on you for having dared to beat the great child of the sun. and his brothers took their weapons and the ropes. and help me to lift up the heavens. It is moving! It moves. The sun came up like blazing fire. When they let him go he went away crippled. so it doesn‟t travel so fast.

and men prayed that light would appear from above to brighten the day. snow. They also say that the earth was originally dark and that the sun did not appear for many years. Throughout the entire area.” (2-p47) This legend mentions that the sun stopped. There is another slight variation in the latter part of this legend. snow. which threatened to consume everything. There was no dawn or light. In the legend Magigi tells her husband 365 . There are two versions of this legend. Magigi. which ended the conflict. Gilbert. and rain. Kitimil and his wife. It is about two god-like beings. which cracked so that the water flowed through and covered the earth.” (2-p38) The other version says that “Tawhaki. killing most of mankind. Ellice. (2-p42) ANew Zealand creation-legend says that the entire universe was in darkness and water was everywhere. and frost onto the crops of Maui in order to destroy them. Maui later killed his brother. called upon the gods to send a deluge to overwhelm the world after he and his friend had taken refuge on the top of a mountain. Only a few survived who took refuge on the tops of mountains. One.The legend continues saying that Maui “was pursued by the flames.” (2-p38) The Mythologies of Micronesia The Micronesia area covers the island groups of the Marianne. Marshall. coming to his assistance. (2-pl3) The last legend we will cover in this area is one that is found all over Polynesia. there is a good legend that incorporates many of the ideas expressed in many of the mythologies of Micronesia. On the island of Yap in Western Micronesia. Maru was said to have sent rain. It is the legend of Tawhaki. succeeded in putting out the conflagration and thus saved the world. and hail occurred at this time and finally that the earth had been cooked by the sun. so that in distress he called upon rain. where the natives explain the rain and snow as being caused by a conflict between Maui and his brother. and hail to aid him. and Caroline Islands. and they. says that Tawhaki “caused a deluge by stamping on the floor of heaven. snow. Maru. all tell of a great deluge that originally covered the earth. wishing to be avenged for the attempt to kill him.

and build on its top a pile-dwelling of seven storeys. for the survivors of the last cataclysm. and after they had found this man. and land appeared covered with hills. and the sea rose and covered all Yap.” (2 -p257) Melanesia The Melanesian Island group consists of New Guinea on the west to the Fiji Islands on the east. but barren and without life. however. and putting it on a leaf. and all the people of Yap will be drowned. climbed upon a piece of driftwood and wondered whether the ocean would dry up or not. The conflagration was put out by a flood and/or a rain. This is because. It also includes the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia. after having floated upon the primeval sea. laid it on the water. they went up higher and higher until they reached the topmost storey. Kitimil and his wife climbed into the lower storey of their house.” They “went to the top of a very high mountain. saying. The legend from the Admiralty Islands says that “a man and a woman. and the storm ceased. This idea is also echoed in the legend of Noah. and on the seventh day a great storm of rain and wind came. We must. Finally the land was dry again. which covered the entire earth with water. and as the waters continued to rise. where Magigi bore seven children. Magigi took some oil. Magigi and Kitimil returned to their home. whereupon the two beings planted trees and created foods of various sorts. where they built a pile -dwelling. therefore. after it was all over. who scattered over all the land. and the sea will rise in flood. Since. and they came down out of the house. the deluge still rose. This is similar to the Maui legend of Polynesia. it represented a new beginning for them. At last the waters wholly retired. climb the highest mountain. seven storeys in height. whereupon the flood at once began to abate.“ Now a great storm will come.” (2-pl05) 366 . „There is no one else left alive in Yap. The flood is sometimes mentioned in legends describing the origins of the world. Throughout this entire island chain there is a legend which says that there was a conflagration on the earth which threatened to destroy it.‟ Yet one othe r man had survived by lashing himself to an outrigger of a canoe and anchoring it to a great stone. When the water reached the top of the mountain.

Several versions of this myth are repeated throughout the entire Melanesian chain.

There are not too many tribes on the Australian continent that have a coherent deluge mythology. The only legends we have been able to find from Australia are from the Victoria region of Southeastern Australia. One legend from the area says “In the beginning there was no sun, only the moon and the stars.” (2-p274) Another legend from Western Victoria says that:
“Originally water was kept concealed under a stone. Some birds, however, spied upon the jealous owner, thus discovering where the precious substance was hid; and in the man‟s absence one day they removed the stone which covered the opening , so that the water immediately flowed out and became a great lake. The east coast tribes have quite a different story. According to this, once upon a time there was no water, for a great frog had swallowed it all. At this the people were much distressed, and holding a council to determine what to do, they agreed that if only the frog could be made to laugh, he would disgorge the water.” Finally the natives made the frog laugh: “as he opened his mouth, the waters burst forth and caused a great flood by whic h many were drowned. The few survivors, comprising two or three men and one woman, took refuge on a small island; and by and by a pelican, coming along in his canoe, carried the men to the mainland . . .” (2 -p279)

The frog probably represents the long period of cold, also known as the ice age, that existed on earth after the sun had novaed. The frog was also mentioned in many American legends.

Indonesian Mythologies
The last area we will cover in the Oceania area is the far western end of the Pacific Ocean, known as the Indonesian area. This not only includes the islands that make up the country we know as Indonesia, but also Borneo, the Phillipines, and Formosa. The eastern area is bordered by the island of Timor. The deluge legends found in the Indonesian area are similar to the ones found in the

other areas of Oceania. Along with the deluge legends, many of the legends telling us of the earth‟s sinking and the sky being too low are also similar. In Northern Borneo they have a legend that is similar to the legends about the sun found in the Polynesian area. In Northern Borneo they say that the sky was originally very low to the earth, but it “retreated when six of the seven original suns were killed.” (2-pl78) This idea of six previous suns is also told in many of the other islands in this area. Another Borneo legend about ancient times tells a story of a serpent who decends on the earth and destroys the land. It goes as follows:
“Just as the harvest was ripe, it was found that a large part of the fiel ds had been despoiled during the night. Since no tracks could be found, watch was kept, and a huge serpent was seen to lower itself from the sky and to feed upon the rice, whereupon one of the watchers, rushing up, cut off the snake‟s head and in the morni ng proceeded to cook some of the flesh from it for his breakfast. Hardly had he eaten, however, before the sky was overcast, dark clouds rolled up, and a terrible rainstorm caused a flood from which only those few persons escaped alive who succeeded in re aching the highest hills.” (2-pl80)

Their reference to a serpent in the sky probably is primitive man‟s best description of the gaseous shell ejected from the su n when it novaed. Throughout the entire Asian continent serpents are mentioned in all the mythologies. Evidently, on the back side of the earth, as the hot gaseous shell expanded and passed around the earth, it must have appeared in the sky as some sort of snake or serpent. The Dusun tribe of North Borneo talk of a time when “a great hurricane swept away all the houses in the kampong; some of them were carried out to sea together with the people in them. “ (2-p 1 8 1) This is a remembrance of when the jet stream was lowered to sea level and rained havoc on the earth with winds up to 400 miles an hour. Another flood mythology from Borneo says that:
“Once there was strife between the mountains, each one desiring to be the highest. This angered one of the deities, who, saying, „Ye mountains! I shall cover you all,‟ took a golden comb and threw it into t he

ocean, where it was changed into a mighty crab, which stopped up the overflow of the sea. Then came a great rain, and these causes generated a vast quantity of water, which rose higher and higher until three mountains alone remained uncovered. All the people who fled to these with their animals were saved, but all others were drowned.” (2 -pl8l)

The strife between the mountains they refer to is the tremendous earthquakes that occurred at this time and also land masses rising and falling. Some of the flood mythologies mentioned in the Oceania area could come from the time when the larger continental land masses sank and only the higher elevations remained above water. On the island of Indonesia, the deluge legends are numerous and well developed, including telling that land reappeared after the deluge had passed. In the Phillipines, on the island of Mindanao, the Ata tribe “tell how in very early times the earth was covered with water, and all people were drowned, except two men and a woman, who were carried away and would have been lost, had they not been rescued by an eagle, who carried one man and the woman to their home.” (2-pl80) On the same island, but from another tribe, a legend mentions that “all the inhabitants of the world were once destroy ed by flood, except one woman. When the waters had subsided, she gave birth to a son, who, when he grew up, married his mother, thus repeopling the world.” (2-pl80) The Filipino legends of the deluge repeat many of the other myths we have read from all over the Oceania areas. There are several major points we must conclude from our brief survey of these mythologies. The first is that this part of the earth was inundated by the Pacific Ocean at the same time some celestial drama was being played out that involved the sun. After this event, the sun did not appear for a long period of time; perhaps representing two or three generations of survivors. Torrential rains, snow, and hail also occurred during this dark period of time. This, of course, implies a period of unusual cold, especially for this area of the world. During the period of darkness, the oceans were either lowered considerably or disappeared entirely from some areas, due to the extreme evaporation that occurred on the other side of the earth. Finally, those who survived the cataclysm did so by being

on some sort of boat, being on top of a very high mountain, or by taking refuge in some sort of cave. Very little reference to the sun burning the earth is found in the legends of the Oceania area. As we theorized, this would be expected, since they were on the backside of the earth. Any knowledge of the sun burning the earth probably was introduced to them by survivors who were on the sunlit-side of the earth at the time of the nova. Lastly, their legends tell us that some land masses did rise and fall during this period of time and that these land movements were not caused by the ocean flooding the earth. In conclusion, we would say that the mythologies from this part of the world, lend credence to our theory of what occurs during the reversal period.

Mythologies of China
The most ancient records of the Chinese mythologies were destroyed under the Emperor Tsin-Khin-Hong (246-209 BC). He had ordered all of the ancient history and astronomy books as well as the ancient classics to be burned. A few of the original manuscripts survived in the possession of Confucius. Other scholars rewrote original ancient manuscripts from memory, yet a great deal of the true meaning had been lost. Even with these handicaps, the legends and the mythologies that have been rewritten and have survived to this present day, tell us clearly of a past destruction that occurred on the earth. Per our theory, we would assume that China was innundated by the Pacific Ocean at the time of the reversal. We would assume not very many people survived this cataclysm. The only ones we would expect to survive were those who took refuge on the highest mountains or in the deepest caves. In Chinese mythology they say that Fu-hsi was the one survivor from the last destruction. He is considered the Chinese “Adam.” Sometimes he is described as some sort of deity; but, in actuality, he was just a highly enlightened individual-perhaps a scholar who survived the last cataclysm. Some Chinese scholars place Fu-hsi at about 3,322 BC; but, in actuality, no one knows low long ago Fu-hsi lived. We know from the writings of Kwang-Tze (6th century BC) that Fu-hsi lived during the


age of perfect virture” which is his description of the last civilization. (19-p287) We will begin our coverage of Chinese mythology with their description of the civilization just before the last cataclysm. From the writings of the scholar, Kwang-Tze (a student of Lao-Tze), of a time in great antiquity when men were of pure thought and deeds. Man eventually degenerated and was destroyed by the cataclysm.
“The men of old, while the chaotic condition was yet undeveloped, shared the placid tranquillity which belonged to the whole world. At that time the Yin and Yang were harmonious and still; their resting and movement proceeded without any disturbance; the four seasons had their definite times; not a single thing received any injury, and no living being came to a premature end. Men might be possessed of (the faculty of) knowledge, but they had no occasion for its use. This was what is called the state of Perfect Unity. At this time, there was no action on the part of any one, but a constant manifestation of spontaneity. This condition (of excellence) deteriorated and decayed, till Sui-zavn (fire) and Fu-hsi arose and commenced their administration of the world; on which came a compliance (with their methods), but the state of unity was lost. The condition going on to deteriorate and decay, Shan Nang (rain) and Hwang-Ti arose, and took the administration of the world, on which the people rested (in their methods), but did not themselves comply with them. Still the deterioration and decay continued till the lords of Thang and Yu (later rulers) began to administer the world. These introduced the method of governing by transformation, resorting to the stream (instead of to the spring) (the Tao), thus vitiating the purity and destroying the simplicity (of the nature). They left the Tao, and substituted the Good for it, and pursued the course of Haphazard Virtue.” (19-p369)

What we believe is meant by “a constant manifestation of spontaneity” is that the people of this earlier time were fifthdimensional beings. They demonstrated ESP and other psychic abilities. The wind, Sui-zan, represents the god of fire or a burning mirror. We believe this actually represents the sun. When they said that Fu-hsi arose after the end of this period of “perfect unity,” they mean that Fu-hsi was a survivor, who ruled China after the cataclysm. When they say that after the cataclysm, the people resorted to the stream rather than the spring or source, they mean that the


survivors had lost their fifth-dimensional powers and no longer had their psychic abilities. Another description of the philosophy observed at the end of the last age was given by the Taoist scholar, Lao-Tze (born 604 BC), who was the teacher of Kwang-Tze. Lao-Tze tells us that in the paradisiacal State, the Tao ruled man. The Tao or Taoism is the oldest of Chinese religions. Lao-Tze‟s ancient classic, the Tao Teh King, tells us more about the philosophies of this antediluvian world.
“The skillful masters (of the Ta in old times, with a subtle and ex quisite penetration, comprehended its mysteries, and were deep (also) so as to elude man‟s knowledge. As they were thus beyond man‟s knowledge.” (19 -p58)

From the writings of Kwang-Tze, we learn a little more about Fu-hsi: “Fu-hsi received the Tao (the teachings of) and by it penetrated to the mystery of the maternity (creation) of the p rimary matter.” (19-p244) We will explain later the full meaning of Taaoism, but for now we will say that a Taoistic-like philosophy was accepted as scientific fact by this antediluvian civilizationboth Lao-Tze and Kwang-Tze say the same thing. The scholar, Lieh-Tze, tells us of a land of bliss that preceded this civilization. These were thought to be five islands that were supported underneath by five large turtles. These islands were known as the “Islands of the Blest.” These islands were “inhabited by white souls of saintly sages who have won immortality by rendering their bodies transparent, . . .”
“At one time the islands drifted about on the tides of ocean, but the Lord of All who controls the Universe, having been appe aled to by the Taoist sages who dwelt on the isles, caused three great Atlas-turtles to support each island with their heads so that they might remain steadfast.” (20-plll)

It is felt that every three thousand years, these tortoises rise to the surface and turn over to see the sun. There are four cycles in these Chinese ages, so a complete cycle is twelve thousand years, which is also what we theorize is the number of years between two successive reversals. The legend continues by saying, 372

“Once upon a time, . . . the Atlas-turtles that suppoirt the Islands of the Blest suffered from a raid by a wandering giant (the sun). This giant, it is said, went fishing for these turtles. The giant accomplished hooking two of the turtles which left those two islands to drift toward the north, where they stranded among the icefields. The white beings that inhabited these islands were thus separated from their fellow saints on the other three islands, . . .” (20 -pll2)

In the North, these saints suffered from the evils of the North (drout and darkness). This legend is an attempt to recall that after this antediluvian period had ended, the skies were black and the earth was cold, which is, of course, describing the ice age to us. We will now explain how the Chinese mythologies describe the actual destruction of the earth. First, a quote from the Chinese Encyclopedia of the Emperor Kang-Hsi, 1662:
“In traveling from the shores of the Eastern Sea toward Che -Iu, neither brooks nor ponds are met with in the country, although it is intersected by mountains and valleys. Nevertheless, there are found in the sand, very far away from the sea, oyster-shells and the shields of crabs. The tradition of the Mongols who inhabit the country is, that it has been said from time immemorial that in a remote antiquity the waters of the deluge flooded the district, and when they retired the places where they had been made their appearance covered with sand. . . . This is why these deserts are called the „Sandy Sea,‟ which indicates that they were not always covered with sand and gravel.” (1-p259)

From another Chinese encyclopedia, they call the end of a world cycle a “great year.” “The cosmic mechanism winds itself up and „in a general convulsion of nature, the sea is carried out of its bed, mountains spring out of the ground, rivers change their course, human beings and everything are ruined, and the ancient traces effaced.‟ “ (3-p43) From the Chinese deluge legend, we hear of the mythical Empress Nu-Kwa (royal lady of the West-the sun). In her kingdom, it is alleged that “three rebels had conspired with the demons or gods of water and fire to destroy the world, and a great flood came on. Nu-Kwa caused the waters to retreat by making use of charred reeds (the burning forests). Then she reerected one of the four pillars of the sky against which one of the rebels, a huge giant, had bumped his head, causing it to topple over (the sky fell down).” (20-p268)

The Emperor, Yahou, was believed to live in the time shortly after the last great cataclysm. Many times the cataclysm is called the time of Yahou. It is most probable that he was either one of the other survivors of the cataclysm or was a later descendant of Fu-Hsi. It is obvious from the following annals of Yahou that he was alive when evidence of the destruction was still present on the earth.
“At that time the miracle is said to have happened that the sun during a span of ten days did not set, the forests were ignited, and a multitude of abominable vermin were brought forth. In the lifetime of Yao (Yahou) the sun did not set for ten full days and the entire land was flooded. An immense wave „that reached the sky‟ fell down on the land of China. The water was well up on the high mountains, and the foothills could not be seen at all ... „Destructive in their overflow are the waters of the inundation,‟ said the emperor. „In their vast extent they embrace the hills and overtop the great heights, threatening the heavens with their floods.‟ “ (3 -p 108)

In the previous legend, we see clear reference that the ocean flooded the land; this flood was not caused by rain but rather was caused when the oceans moved rapidly in a westwardly direction. Notice they describe the flood waters as “a mountain of water,” just like the legends from the American continent. The philosopher, Wen-Tze, gives us the following description of what happened during the last cataclysm:
“When the sky, hostile to living beings, wishes to destroy them, it burns them; the sun and the moon lose their form and are eclipsed; the five planets leave their paths; the four seasons encroach one upon another; daylight is obscured; glowing mountains collapse; rivers are dried up; it thunders then in winter, hoarfrost falls in summer; the atmosphere is thick and human beings are choked; the state perishes; the aspect and the order of the sky are altered; the customs of the age are disturbed (thrown into disorder) all living beings harass one another.” (3-p 247)

Another Taoist author, Hoei-Nan-Tze, says that when the earth and the sun leave their path, a tremendous flood will cover the earth. (3-p248)

The Chinese legend, “Reign of the Chaos,” tells us that in the beginning, the world was in darkness; and there was a great deal of smoke and clouds covering the earth. After the Age of Chaos, the heaven and earth separated. “Records had not yet been established or inscriptions (writing) invented. At first even the rulers dwelt in caves and desert places, eating raw flesh and drinking blood.” (1-p2l0) The Chinese legend of the “Ten Stems,” tells us of the earth in this chaotic condition. At the Sixth Stem, “Darkness and the Light unite with injurious effects-all things become solid, (frozen) and the Darkness destroys the growth of all things (the beginning of the ice age). At the Seventh Stem, the Darkness nips all things. At the Ninth Stem, the Light begins to nourish all things in the recesses below (the sun reappears).” (1 -p2ll) Asimilar story is told in the “Legend of the Twelve Branches.” From the text of Confucianism, the wind, “khien,” represents the sun which is also known as the Great Father. Khien is also associated with the idea of heaven, a circle, a ruler, cold, ice, or deep red. In the Confucius text, a description of the sun is given when it reappeared after the great period of darkness. They say that “the Great Father, the god of heaven, who is red and is a circle (the sun); and the Great Mother, the goddess of Earth, who is black.” (20-p266) From this ancient Chinese text, we can see a clear description of the sun as being red in color after its reappearance. This is the same type of description that the natives give us in Northern and Central America. Another Chinese legend about the Emperor Yahou (Yu) tells us that “Yu divided the land, following the course of the hills, he cut down the trees. He determined the highest hills and largest rivers. . . The (waters of the) Hang and Wei were brought to their proper channels.” (20-p283) Another version of the exploits of Yahou says that “When the floods were lifted to the heavens, spreading far and wide, sur rounding the hills and submerging the mounds, so that the common people were bewildered and dismayed, I availed myself of four vehicles, and going up the hills I felled the trees. . . . After that I drained off the nine channels, directing them into the four seas; I dug out ditches and canals and brought them into rivers.” (20-p283) The legend continues to say that after Yahou had

Now that the sun has been eclipsed. One of the most important of these phenomena is a solar eclipse. There is a want of rest.finished this work. “heaven presented him with a dark colored mace (sky). it is recorded that certain catastrophic events occur on the earth when particular celestial phenomena occur. a want of good. We are sure that if these records were available to us today they would give us a much more accurate and detailed description of the sequence of events that. When dragon‟s eggs hatch. High banks become valleys. thunder bellows. To quote from the lamentations from the Shih King. The streams all bubble up and overflow. One dragon figure is particularly interesting to us. how bad it is. (20-p59) Chinese dragon lore is quite extensive. we believe that primitive man associated the expanding gaseous shells of the sun with that of a large celestial dragon causing dramatic effects on the earth. Grandly flashes the lightning of the thunder. lightning flashes.” (20-p284) Throughout Chinese recorded history. and after this great cataclysm. the emperors of China have insisted that astronomy be studied to its highest attainable level. we do have records of the earliest of the Chinese 376 . Fortunately. It is a shame that the original early accounts of the last cataclysm were destroyed by the Emperor Tsin-Khin-Hong. As we mentioned in the legends of Oceania. (Shik Yueh Kih Kiao): “The sun and moon announce evil. Throughout the kingdom there is no (proper) (order). not keeping to their proper paths.” believed to be the chief spirit of water and rain. Alas for the men of this time! How does (God) not stop these things?” (18-p355) In China a tremendous amount of significance has been attached to dragons. during. That is probably the only fragment of truth associated with dragon lore. fireballs fall to the ground and a strong wind prevails in the heavens. and darkness comes to the earth. It is thought that when dragons fight. Ode 9. It is called the “Blue Dragon. A solar eclipse was considered a very evil omen. for in their mythologies. because the good are not employed. For the moon to be eclipsed is but an ordinary matter. too extensive for a long discussion here. The crags on the hill-tops fall down. All of the dragon stories following the original celestial observation were nothing more than flowery fairytales and fantasy. occurred before. deep valleys become hills.

(19-p244) No one knows its beginnings." (19-p243) "The Tao is older than the highest antiquity. At this point a description of Taoism is called for." (19-p14) When translated as a force or power. Instead they describe the creation of the uni- 377 ." (19-p15) The Tao does not decay. The following is a collection of descriptions as given by Lao-Tze and Kwang-Tze. but it is the Tao which is skillful at importing (to all things what they need) and making them complete. As mentioned earlier. and her laws. The Tao does not have a positive existence nor a negative one. such as the one stated in the Bible. These ancient philosophers sometimes mistakenly associate the Tao with both the first and second dimensions. therefore. Tao. Taoism does not have a creation mythology. it means the power that works in all created things. her methods. In our theory we make a clear differentiation between information in a storage dimension and in a transmission dimension. producing. and yet could not be considered old (the Tao is independent of time and space). means "the way of nature-her processes. "It does nothing and has no bodily form. The Tao is the maker and transformer." (19-p85) "The Tao is the spontaneously operating cause of all movement in the phenomena of the universe. This. The Tao permiates the smallest of things. implies that Taoism is actually the teachings or philosophical thought of the previous civilization. "The Tao is hidden and has no name. preserving.religious beliefs of what they thought existence was and how the original creation came about." (19-p245) The supreme Tao begets all creation and causes all phenomena. It may be handed down (by the teacher) but may not be received (by his scholars). Lao-Tze and Kwang-Tze both say the same thing. This was preserved in the teachings of Taoism. The material world springs from the immaterial (the Tao). The Tao is invisible and is. It may be apprehended (by the mind). You will notice the only thing that can possibly fit their description of the Tao is what our theory calls the information that makes up all things in the universe. of course. It is rather a mode of being. Pure Taoism was first taught by Fu-hsi (the Chinese Adam). but it cannot be seen. The translation of the word. no one knows its ends. Neither Lao-Tze nor Kwang-Tze associated the Tao with anything similar to western philosophical ideas of what God is. not of this dimension. and giving life. It has its roots and ground (of existence) in itself. as well as the largest of things.

It was evolution. which we call the bodily shape. It is the way of heaven to diminish superabundance and to supplement deficiency. black holes. Lao-Tze said "(So heaven) diminishes where there is superabundance. The founders of the Taoist philosophy must have known about the same scientific observations as we do today." (38-p19) Lao-Tze tells us that existence and non-existence give birth to one another. An important point to be made from these principles stated in Taoism is that. You might say that the similarities between early Taoism and our Theory of Multidimensional Reality is merely coincidental. Otherwise. In order for us to come to this conclusion. universe. quasars. As you will notice from LaoTze and Kwang-Tze's explanation of the creation of the. perhaps. it is very similar to our concept of how the universe came into being. The root of all things emerges through one gate. there was nothing that could be named." (19-p315) "Creation passes through one portal. It will correct any such disproportion over time. He tells us "as things were completed (came into being) there were produced the distinguishing lines of each. The one to the idea of the other.verse as a result of the Tao coming into existence. "In the beginning of all things there was nothing in all the vicinity of space. and supplements where there is deficiency. not a creation. and most importantly to know what gravity truly is. the best legacy we have from the previous 378 . This was the formation of the universe under the guidance of the Tao." (19p316) LaoTze tells us that man is composed of body and spirit but not necessarily dependent on each other. The Tao. but there is one philosophy stated by Lao-Tze which definitely proves that the origins of Taoism began from a civilization with a highly advanced science." (19-p119) He is saying the same thing we said in Chapter Six and that is that the diehold will never permit too much or too little information being directed toward a given area in time and space. (19p48) The idea of a spirit or soul superimposed on three-dimensional matter is also echoed by Kwang-Tze. they do not say came into existence but rather into operation. From this came the first existence but it was without bodily shape. We say this because the only way to know this principle of the universe is to have sophisticated astronomical equipment in order to make the observation. we had to have at our disposal knowledge of the expanding universe. we do not see how they could have come up with this principle. That shape was the body perceiving in it the spirit.


Tao is unscientific man‟s attempt to name an abstract idea which actually means information. In conclusion. This observation would fit one of our basic premises-which is that ideas always transcend material things. Computers of today are measured by the number of bits of memory they can store.1 379 . They are called the trigrams (Figure 11. the word.3). The clues to these hieroglyphics are in the numerical progression in which Fu-hsi grouped them. attributable to Fu-hsi . King Wan gave new meaning to the trigrams and hexagrams. a 64 memory means a computer can store up to 64. These Figure 11. If this postulate seems unlikely because you think mere lines cannot be used as a computer language to be read by a computer. In the 13 th century BC. higher powers of 2. These are. and 64.2).000 bits of information in its core. he told them that the hexagrams were. The only device we know of that uses a binary system is computers. The trigrams and hexagrams are made by a simple combination of what is called strong lines (-) and weak lines (. The original meanings of these figures seem to have died with Fu-hsi.1) and the hexagrams (Figure 11. who also brought with him from the previous civilization a unique type of hieroglyphics. What we are getting at is this: We believe the trigrams and hexagrams which Fu-hsi handed down to us are really a computer language used by the previous civilization. we mean the one before the last cataclysm) is not the pyramids or caves left by them but rather the philosophical ideas of what existence is.civilization (when we say the previous civilization. in fact. All ancient Chinese scholars attribute the philosophy of Taoism with Fu-hsi. Some scholars believe that King Wan was actually the originator of the hexagrams. These numbers are not coincidentally higher powers of two. No Chinese scholars of written record have ever understood what importance or meaning Fu-hsi put on the trigrams or hexagrams.-). but when King Wan was asked about this by his court scholars. 16. 32. For instance. you must consider the computer codes used on food packages and other items sold in supermarkets throughout the United States (Figure 11. of course. The only thing we do know about them is that Fu-hsi grouped the hexagrams in series of 8.

8) 380 . Figure 11.2 (Ref. and were arranged by king W4n. in the order in which they appear in the Yi.THE HEXAGRAMS.

We believe originally the trigrams and hexagrams were very similar to our present-day packaging codes.3 codes are a series of 30 lines which represent the manufacturer. The line thickness and the space difference between each line represent different information to the computer (Figure 11. It is possible also that the weak lines were of different lengths. Finally.4). a computer code using just six lines could be used for thousands of different kinds of information. 381 . the product number. the most obvious conclusion is that the previous civilization was at least as advanced as we are today. Figure 11. perhaps more so. The computer “reads” these series of lines and interprets the various thicknesses of the lines and the spaces between the lines. Tens of thousands of different combinations can be derived from these 30 lines.4 Our conclusion of the trigrams and hexagrams is that the original true meaning of them will never be known because we have no way of knowing what information the computer had programmed in it associated with those different figures. We believe these hexagrams were never meant to be a written language. and the price.Figure 11. just like the computer codes on our packaging is not meant to be our written language. therefore.

Izanagi we would consider their idea of God. and he spoke to her. the dark Hades of the Underworld . Another legend of Japan called the Nihongi says that there was a time of continuous darkness: “the world was given over to wide spread desolation.. including dragons. lightning. so come back.. he was seized with longing to see Izanami once more. Only a remnant survived by climbing to the summit of a high mountain. Eventually a new sun reappears and the earth is brought to life again. (21-p226) 382 . which simply says that when the waters rose. Later on. there was a period of darkness that covered the earth. When Izanagi reached the gloomy dwelling of his sister. They have a deluge mythology. and Malayans. they intermarried and formed the Japanese culture. The legend tells us his sister. it was an age of darkness and disorder.‟ “ (20p357) This part of the legend is attempting to tell us that when the old sun disappeared. Instead the sequence of events that occurred is coded and concealed in some very fanciful mythologies. most of the human race was destroyed. the Chinese. Later settlers included the Koreans. thunder. went to the underworld when she grew old and was about to die.” (3pl34) The Ainu culture does not have what we would call a very clear self-explanatory mythology of the last cataclysm. and earthquakes. the fire-god. The legend goes on: “After Izanagi had slain his son.The Mythologies of Japan Japan is a mixture of four separate civilizations that settled on the island. saying: „Thine Augustness. We will concentrate on the legends of the Ainu people since they were possibly the only original survivors from the island of Japan. The main one being the legend of Izanagi. Accordingly he set out to find her in Yomi. The oldest residents of Japan are the Ainu people. the legend tells us that associated with the old sun is fire. and brought into being new gods (a new sun). my lovely young sister! The lands that I and you made a re not yet finished. Over the thousands of years. she raised the door. Izanami (the old sun).

In the beginning there was nothing in the universe. When time began and the information from the diehold began modulating into existence. “the information coming from the diehold. Their folklore dates back to a time previous to the last cataclysm. This Brahma permeates and creates everything in the universe.” (20-p3O4) The Hindus also say that the universe was created by mind which is comparable to what we describe as being the They say the force that comes from the “mind” is called “Brahma. it resolved. fire was produced.” (23-pl02) The Hindus‟ concept of the creation of the universe is similar to our own. There was neither sky. use primitive myths to illustrate profound doctral teachings. „Let me be. Brahmanism. Many stories of the creation and the epic cataclysms have been incorporated into these religions. there were only vast amounts of light and energy. India has been rich in many varied philosophical viewpoints of existence. The Hindus say. nor earth. in their quest for truth. “Too many cooks spoil the broth. Being non-existent. smoke was produced. Hinduism.” So Brahma is actually the “primitive” man‟s attempt to explain information that makes up all existence. The Brahma would be analogous to us saying. producing the sea. It again became fervent. It is difficult digging out some of the original stories of the creation and the cataclysm. “At first the Universe was not anything. From that fervour. Afterwards the fire became „rays‟ and the „rays‟ condensed into a cloud. nor air.‟ It became fervent. and Buddhism are three of the many philosophical ideas that have come from India. being emitted from the point of modulation.Mythologies From India The Indian culture is one of the oldest on the earth. because the original legends have been interpreted and reinterpreted so many times by sages that the original legend is now highly distorted. From the fervour. Most of these religious ideas have incorporated in them the mythologies and folklore of India. too many philosophers have destroyed the true meaning of the original ideas.” or in this case. the Hindu sages had somehow either evolved to the 383 . As you can see. The history of Hinduism has always been a struggle between “the devotees of folk religion and the expounders of the Forest Books produced by the speculative sages who.

In Indian folklore. One thousand katuryugas is equal to a kalpa. From his philosophies has come a very accurate and detailed description of the past ages.000 years as being years of the gods. In the legend. was believed to be one of the survivors of the last cataclysm. Twelve thousand years to the gods is equal to one age or a katuryuga (4 yugas). it is actually 12.000 years ago there were polar reversals and ice ages on the earth. Markandeya. . Markandeva‟s tale is as follows: “In the beginning there existed a supreme being: great. They obviously mixed up the meaning of the ages. and is the cause of all power. all Creation is renewed. We believe that when they say 12. Each katuryuga is made up of four human ages.correct answer of how the universe came about or there were records left by a previous civilization that some of these sages had the opportunity to read.. he tells of three previous ages: the krita yuga (36. and the cycle of the four Ages begins again with Krita Yuga. the treta yuga (24. whether we call it a yuga or a kalpa. but is himself Increate.000 years ago). Even though they associate the 12.000 years of man. we must give a brief explanation of how they divided time to come up with these ages. this we believe is a prime example of the misinterpretation of too many sages giving their interpretation of an original document. one year for man is equal to one day of the gods. Otherwise. Before we can go into these. This number is obviously wrong.000 years of the gods. which in turn caused the cataclysms. (24-p20) An important number to be noticed is the number 12. .320. The Hindus also have a detailed description of three previous ages before ours. is actually equal to 12. The age in which we live presently is called the kali yuga.000 and 24. incomprehensi ble. He is the Creator of All.000. „A cycle of the Yugas 384 . without beginning and without end. or yugas and kalpas. The Indian sage. 12. There is no way these people would have a record of a cataclysm that occurred over 4.000 years of our time.000 divine years of the gods would equal 4. After the Universe is dissolved. We have noticed that many cultures throughout the world consider the few survivors of the last cataclysm as being like gods. We theorize that each age. and the dwapara yuga-the last age-(12.000 years ago).3 million years ago. because we know that 12.000 years before our age). and immaculate.000 Earth years. wonderful.

looking like herds of elephants decked with wreaths of lightning. The clouds will vanish. In the Indian books. consuming all things. This book also tells us there are four ages. seven blazing suns will appear in the firmament. Ezour Vedam and Bhaga Vedam. we are told of four previously expired ages. Brahmans abstain from prayer and meditation.‟ At the end of each Day of Brahma comes „Universal Destruction. they are absorbed by the Lotus floating on the breast of the waters. Indra sends no rain. (the sun novas) they will drink up all the waters.” (23-pl42) As you can tell from Markandeya‟s version of the destruction. flood. In the book..comprises twelve thousand divine years. all men degenerate and beasts of prey increase. the world of men becomes filled with sin and immorality.‟ Markandeya goes on to say that the world grows extremely sinful at the close of the last Kali Yuga of the Day of Brahma. fruit trees no longer blossom. Then wind-driven fire will sweep over the earth. the whole Universe is a dark expanse of water. it will burn up the Universe. all of which ended in a 385 .” (3-p43) This last book tells of seven past ages. the First Cause of everything. and Sudras take their place . and rain will fall incessantly for twelve years until the whole world with its mountains and forests is covered with water. Bhagavata Purana. . Then the earth is swept by fire. Suddenly they will burst asunder. Then the Self-created Lord. The Universe will become one dread expanse of water. cows give little milk. Markandeya goes into greater detail of what happens during the destruction: “After a drought lasting for many years. VisuddhiMagga (World Cycles). and each age is ended by a conflagration. All the winds pass away. in which the Creator sleeps. A full thousand of such cycles constitutes a Day of Brahma. Afterwards manycoloured and brilliant clouds will collect in the sky. the destruction by wind. it says “There are three destructions: the destruction by water. The earth is ravaged by fire. This point is also elaborated on in the Hindu Book. will absorb the winds and go to sleep.. he covers many of the same points we theorized occurred at the end of these great universal cycles. and hurricane.” (23-pll3) In other writings. the destruction by fire. penetrating to the nether world it will destroy what is there in a moment. and heavy rains fall until the forests and mountains are covered over by the rising flood.

” (25 -p343) You will notice there is no disagreement as to what causes the destruction of the earth. the months.” (23-pl05) This expression is. the fire) (the sun) bakes what is baked by that one: „A baker of the baked (he is). “the universe becomes water as in the beginning. All contradictions to truth pass away. and that one dies. of course. And the breath of whomsoever he (the sun) wishes he takes and rises. In Brahmanism it is thought that after each cycle. (27-p2l2) In the book. him he causes to die again and again in yonder world. they give us another impression of their views on the sun: “Now yonder burning (sun) doubtless is no other than Death.000 years between world cycles does show up in Brahman literature in the Rik Verses. and they are therefore immortal. and the year. This is not very far off from our theory that it occurs every 12. The surface of the earth dissolves and is later produced anew. “That one (the sun) bakes everything here. even as.000 years. The principle of 12. „for he bakes what has been baked by that (sun).” (28-p352) What this phrase is indicating to us is that the Brahmans feel that the sun destroys by baking one-half of the earth at the end of a cycle. and this (Agni. also tells us that the world is periodically devastated and changes both name and form. in this world. SatapathaBrahmana there is a good description of what the sun does at the end of a yuga (world age). one regards not him that is fettered.‟ In the year these amounted to ten thousand and eight hundred: he stopped at the ten thousand and eight hundred. the half -moons. by means of the days and nights. 386 . referring to the period after the great flood when the earth appears to have been entirely covered with water. therefore the creatures that are on this side of him die. the seasons. and be cause he is Death.800 years. And whosoever goes to yonder world not having escaped that Death. cataclysm. The Hindu book. In the third Brahmana in the same Hindu book. but puts him to death whenever one wishes. But those that are on the other side of him are the gods. They believe that this event occurs every 10.‟ said BharadVaga of Agni.

In Krita Yuga there was one state of things and in the Treta Yuga another. (28-p353) Like most other cultures. and no Rakshasas or Nagas. “At that Age the universe was not as it is now. he smote and slew elephants and lions and tigers that crossed his path. the forest was stricken with fear.” “Said Bhima: „I would fain learn of thee regarding the various Yugas. Bhima is associated with the winds. There is one very nice legend of Bhima. Hanuman. the monkey god. there was no need to labour. the Hindus also associated the forces of nature with personalized deities. and I am not what I have been. Thou canst not behold the form I erstwhile had. Some time passes after Bhima is in the forest. or 387 . he struck trees and overthrew them.” The story continues and tells us that Hanuman was awakened by his brother‟s commotion. there was no lessening with the years. and in the present Yuga there is lessening. greater change came with Dwapara Yuga. 0 Hanuman. Holiness never grew less.. and the people did not decrease... the saints. Bhima tore down branches.. He then rushes to gather the flowers without delay: “At length he hastened like to a hurricane. The story tells us that Bhima goes out into the woods to gather flowers from Paradise for his beloved queen. Speak and tell what thou dost know. elephants trumpeted in terror and lions howled dismally. making the earth tremble under his feet. or vanity. The gods. He blew on his warshell and the heavens trembled. in confusion arose the geese and the ducks and the herons and the kokilas. and all men were saintly: therefore they were not required to perform religious ceremonies. There were no gods in the Krita Yuga. there was no hatred. mountain caves echoed the clamour. there were no poor and no rich.. He has a brother. Terrible was then the roaring of Bhima. when he notices dark ominous clouds over him. because all that men required was obtained by the power of will. who is the son of the wind-god. The Krita Yuga was without disease. Vayu. Hanuman then tells his brother of the past yugas on the earth.‟ “ “The ape god then spoke and said: „The Krita Yuga (Perfect Age) was so named because there was but one religion. Each verse representing a year. and there were no demons or Yakshas. Birds fluttered terror-stricken and flew away.000 verses in this writing. the verses were created by Pragapati (God). Supposedly.There are 12. Men neither bought nor sold. I have conformed with the tendency of the present age and the influence of Time. and all things that are have changed.. and lions and tigers and elephants and bears arose and took flight from before him. the chief virtue was the abandonment of all worldly desires.

Prasna-Upanishad. When I outgrow that. Mind lessened. and thus receives the Eastern spirits into his rays. “In the Dwapara Yuga the aspect of the World Soul was Yellow: religion l essened one-half. I will save thee. Now Aditya. One day Manu went down to the water to wash his hands. All mankind could attain to supreme blessedness. what has body and what has no body.evil thought whatsoever. Truth declined. A small fish jumped into his hands. only one quarter of virture remaineth. before and after the great deluge. Thou wilt first keep me in a jar. The universal soul was Narayana: he was White. the sun. men turn to wickedness. he was the refuge of all and was sought for by all. disease cometh. 388 .” “In the Kali Yuga the World Soul is Black in hue: it is the Iron Age. he produced a pair. goes toward the East. A “He replied: „Pragapati (the lord of creatures) was desirous of creatures. they obtained what they desired by giving and by doing. The world is afflicted. „As long as we are small. thinking that they together should produce creatures for him in many ways. and there came desire and diseases and calamities. which was one (the Regveda) in the Krita Yuga. it is told that in the past the sun rose in the west and set in the east. All this. there is great destruction for us: fish devours fish. It said to him: “‟Rear me. is matter. Manu. change passeth over all things. and therefore body indeed is matter. others knew but three or one. and having performed penance. was divided into four parts.‟ „Wherefrom wilt thou save me?‟ „A flood will carry away all these creatures: from that I will save thee!‟ „How am I to rear thee?‟ It said. The Veda. because of these men had to undergo penances. It was a decadent Age by reason of the prevalence of sin. and although some had knowledge of the four Vedas. and the World Soul became Red.” (26-p272) Another interesting folk legend from the Satapatha-Brahmana tells of the adventures of one young man. no fear. The sun is spirit. contrary effects are obtained by performing holy rites. no sorrow. matter (rayi) and spirit (prana). matter is the moon. He performed penance. virtue lessened a quarter. the identification of self with the universal soul was the whole religion of the Perfect Age. Mankind sought truth and performed religious ceremonies. and even those who live through many Yugas must change also.” (23plO8) In the Hindu book. all creatures degenerate.” In the Treta Yuga sacrifices began. when he rises.

and to its hom he tied the rope of the ship. We won‟t speculate on why these two mythologies are so similar. for then I shall be beyond destruction. he attended to (the advice of the fish) by preparing a ship. that it could be nothing but the power of the Omnipotent which had assumed 389 . but it does seem very strange that the same story shows up 12. and remained in the air. When I outgrow that. and by that means he passed swiftly up to yonder northern mountain. white and exceedi ng small (the sun). even to the fish grabbing the line of the boat.‟ It soon became a ghasha (a large fish). And in the same year which the fish had indicated to him. „In such and such a year that flood will come. As far as anyone knows.. It then said.” (25 -p2l6) This story is somewhat similar to the biblical story of Noah. but let not the water cut thee off. and hence that (slope) of the northern mountain is called „Manu‟s descent. grew to the size of an elephant of the largest size. but this similarity could be explained by anthropologists because there was a great deal of trade and other contact between India and the holy land. and when the flood has risen thou shalt enter into the ship. there has never been any contact between India and the American continent up until the time of the discovery of the new world. and discovered. we are given a good description of what the sun looked like when it novaed and how many hours it took for it to expand. As the water subsides.e. and when the flood had risen. thou mayest gradually descend!‟ Accordingly he gradually descended. he took it down to the sea. Thou shalt then attend to me (i. this being. After he had reared it in this way. From the Hindu book. The fish then swam up to him.000 miles apart. whilst you art on the mountain. and I will save thee from it. What is so interesting to us about this legend is that it is almost exactly like a legend that is told in Central America. in the space of an hour. he entered into the ship. “By the power of God there issued from the essence of Brahma a being shaped like a boar. thou wilt take me down to the sea. by the force of internal penetration. Brahma (the name of the Hindu king) was astonished on beholding this figure. for that grows largest (of all fish). and Manu alone remained here. to my advice) by preparing a ship. Avatar. Fasten the ship to a tree. „I have saved thee. Thereupon it said.‟ The flood then swept away all these creatures.thou wilt dig a pit and keep me in it. In almost every respect it is the same.

and the monster falls dead. began to tremble for his domain and cry for mercy. Another Hindu legend tells of the battle between the sun god. without doubt. was at first frightened by the terrible spectacle in the air. this is probably an attempt at describing the gas shells of the sun as they expanded. it has in one hour increased to this enormous bulk. Rama. Mareechee. He now felt that God is all in all. Ravana has ten heads. a giant demon. and the other genii. That vara (the sun) figure. fires the terrible arrow of Brahma (fire). This occurred at the end of the last age: “The battle is a terrible one. . . . rolling about his wine-colored (red) eyes. . and all is from him. Toward the end of the legend. 390 . Shaking the full flowing mane which hung down his neck on both sides. Finally. and the echo reverberated and shook all the quarters of the universe. When it refers to the sun having a “full flowing mane” and tusks coming from two sides. suddenly uttered a sound like the loudest thunder. and Ravana. then. under this dreadful awe of heaven. and all in him. a certain wonderful divine confidence secretly animated the hearts of Brahma. or boarform.‟ Brahma. he proudly displayed his two most exceedingly white tusks. it is a portion of the almighty power. being terrified. who immediately began praises and thanksgiving. The whole body of water was convulsed by the motion. we see clear reference to the nova‟s effect on the oceans of the earth. an earthly king.abody and become visible. and erecting his tail. and became a dreadful spectacle. It also tells us that a great deal of noise was associated with the sun‟s nova. he descended from the region of the air. . again made a loud noise. . and as fast as Rama cuts off one another grows in its place. and erecting the humid hairs of his body. and flowers (debris) fall down in showers on the victorious hero. Gods and demons are watching the contest from the sky. .”‟ 132) The previous myth gives us a very good description of what the visual phenomena must have looked like. Supposedly. Rama. and then claimed that he had produced it himself! They were engaged in this conversation when that vara. while the guardian spirit of the sea. and said to Mareechee and his sons (the attendant genii): „A wonderful animal has emanated from my essence. It must have been a truly frightening sight to the people on the earth. at first of the smallest size. Ravana had caused great trouble in the ancient land of the Hindus. and plunged headforemost into the water. and began to rise in waves. But still. and.

The reason we believe that the basis for these Hindu theories of the cataclysm was brought to them is because to know that there were three or four previous civilizations and cataclysms implies that some civilization on this planet had evolved scientifically. or farther than.” (26 -p3l6) 391 . us. and Sita. Sita is hid in the dark jungle. from time they grow. time and non-time. Maitrayana-BrahmanaUpanishad: “Because time is imperceptible by sense. The idea of successive world cycles is well developed in these Hindu mythologies. for the sake of making itself known. Two important philosophical theories mentioned in Brahmanism are their ideas of time and also the atom. goes through the ordeal of fire. and by it alone is time proved to exist. and live happily together ever after. the furrowed earth. if the parts (the twinklings) can be distinguished from the whole (time). This is what the Brahmans say about time from the book. the earth. are separated for fourteen years. and then they are married again.‟ There are two forms of Brahman. bringing with them their science and philosophy.‟ And thus it is said: „From time all beings flow. Without proof there is no apprehension of what is to be proved. Every one says that the sun was the cause of the cataclysm on the earth. That which had its beginning from the sun is time and has parts. from him time moves away very far. We theorize India was fortunate enough to be on the back side of the earth when the sun novaed. This principle was probably brought to them by these philosophers. time is visible (sun) and invisible (moments). in time they obtain rest. That which was before the (existence of the) sun is nontime and has no parts. therefore this (the progress of the sun) is its evidence. and Rama. For thus it is said: „As many portions of time as there are.The body of Ravana is consumed by fire. but even what is to be proved can become proof.” (1-pl72) We have covered many ancient Hindu mythologies of the creation and the cataclysm. We believe they learned of what occurred on the planet from very evolved humans that may have immigrated to India from the other side of the world. through them the sun pro ceeds: he who worships time as Brahman. as far as. the sun. and comes out of it purified and redeemed from all taint of the monster Ravana. Sita.

Their idea of time and non-time. and air (wind).” This has been the accepted teaching. They are close to this idea by saying that time flows. because the atom cannot be divided. fire. Because per our theory. Their expression. water. we have to assume four different kinds of atoms. because of what is written in the Vedanta-Sutras and Adhyaya. where time stands still because all existence is simply pure information. thus binary compounds are produced. their concept of the atom is correct. we credited the Greeks with the concept and the word. After that when the time for creation comes. earth. They are correct in thinking that the sun has no parts or matter.This explanation of time is not too far from what we theorize time to be. the sun is mostly highly unstable information and is only made up of a very small percentage of matter. hence when the elements are destroyed they can be divided down to atoms only. water. we see them trying to say that the sun is the cause of all in formation in our world. but we are not so sure of that. “atom. motion (karman) springs up in the aerial atoms. These atoms marking the limit of subdivision into minuter parts cannot be divided themselves. The other philosophical point we do not believe a primitive people could have evolved to is their conception of what the smallest piece of matter is.” (27 -p386) To put it very plainly. viz. In this section they are philosophizing about the parts that make up matter: “As we observe four elementary substances consisting of parts. In a like manner are produced fire.-Such. This motion which is due to the unseen principle (soul) joins the atom in which it resides to another atom. this state of atomic division of the elements constitutes the pralaya (the periodical destruction of the world). the body with its organs. Thus the whole world originates from atoms. and finally the element of air. rather than our idea that information comes from a structure in the first dimension. just as the qualities of the cloth result from the qualities of the threads. “the sun is non-time and has no parts” is not completely correct. It is obvious from this passage 392 . in short. earth. In the beginning of Chapter Five. Here. We say time is the distance covered across the information by the tapehead. we would say is an attempt to explain the first dimension. From the qualities inhering in the atoms the qualities belonging to the binary compounds are produced. is the teaching of the followers of Kanada.

They say: “God sent a sea of fire upon the earth in order to destroy the devil. only the gods and a few mortals succeeded in saving themselves. The only way a civilization could obtain this state of knowledge is to have been scientifically highly advanced. the people settled in different parts of the world. The question.‟ the latter on 393 . The Voguls also have a conflagration legend. all the natives tell of a great deluge that occurred some time in the ancient past. Others say the people took refuge on logs and other debris floating on the surface of the water. which is caused by time. it produces motion. There are several variations of this legend. Their reference to binary compounds may be an attempt to explain what we call the electrostatic field and the magnetic field that are a function of the information. Having wandered for a time in the air. All the Tungus were consumed except a boy and a girl who rose up with an eagle into the sky.‟ In the destruction of all creation. Everything became sea. Many legends developed the idea that the flood caused the many races and differences in languages among people. there is little doubt that no primitive people could have known this. From the Hindus‟ explanations of time and the atom. Some say the people took refuge on rafts. 12. they descended to a place where the water had dried up. The cause of the fire they call „the fire-water. now is “Were the Hindus. The former placed themselves in an „iron ship. near the Crimea. the Urians say that the rafts drifted in different directions.” (36p368) In this legend there is clear reference to an association between the fire and flood occurring at the same time. Other legends say that a strong wind blew the rafts to different parts of the earth.000 years ago. highly advanced or was there another civilization?” Again we come to the possibility that Atlantis did exist. For instance. Mythologies of Siberia From the northeasternmost regions of Siberia to its western regions. of course.that they had the principle that when a soul or conscious energy is superimposed with atoms. After the water decreased. but then a great fire raged for seven years and the earth was burned up. (36-p367) The Tungus people tell the following story of the cataclysm: “In the beginning was the earth.

The Babylonian empire extended as far east as India. They believed the end of the 12th millennium will be in the year 2.. Zarathustra was born 660 B.” (36-p368) The Voguls also say that the earth was “burning at both corners of the sky.630 B. Each thousand years was represented by a separate God and also a separate astrological sign.D.. and there will be a complete renovation of the universe. they say.” (36-p369) This is definite proof that Asia was on the back side of the earth when the sun novaed.000 years. In its golden age under the guidance of Zarathustra.a ‟seven-bottomed beech-raft. Fifty-seven years after the sun goes dark.” (34-pll4) Then there will be 30 straight winters. the sun conceals itself . The Mythologies of Babylon The ancient city of Babylon was located on the Euphrates River. Each world age consisted of 12. The Tartars from Central Russia say that at this time the whole world was turned red. This must have been an incredible spectacle in the sky. Notice they realize the earth was burned by some celestial object. In this world conflagration. This part of the world has seen many different religions.. a new sun will appear in the sky. others were fire worshippers.398 A. is very close to the 52-years mentioned by the Aztecs. One of the best-known religions was Mazdaism. (34-pxxxi) At the end of the 12th millennium or world age.‟ which was provided in addition with a fireproof. (34-pll6) This number.C. 57. all the wicked people were destroyed. What the Voguls had seen was light and flame coming from both the eastern and western horizons. they believed that time was divided into world ages. They believed the beginning of the first millennium began at 9. After that it degenerated into nothing more than idolatry and fire worship. but they do not know that it was the sun. 394 . . sevenfold cover of sturgeon-skin. the sun will stand still for 30 days. . fire and flame surrounded the earth and rose to the heavens. To quote: “When that millennium has fully elapsed.C. This religion lasted in its pure state for some 300 years. Some of the religions were sun and planet worshippers. which is the second of the religion of the Mazda-worshippers. and its prophet was the famous Zarathustra (Zoroaster).

. the steel. and arrange the world again. as regards the destruction of the reign of religion. The Babylonians believed that a previous race of men perished during this cataclysm and that all inhabitants of the earth were turned to clay. (34-pll8) Zarathustra also taught that these world ages were divided into four. There is “much propagation of the authority of the apostate and other villains. Of course. Since both stories may have one common source.” (33-pl8l) The Babylonians had several deluge myths. other than a boat. They believed the sun god was Shamash. we will not go into the Babylonian legend. This is elaborated upon in the 27th chapter of the book. but we will go into some of the things that are unique to the Babylonian legend. 3. shall come out from that enclosure. Other reference to this period of cold is given in the book. and he appointed the time when the heavens would rain destruction on the earth and the flood would come to destroy all men. (29-p55) Here again. one of the holy books of Mazdaism. Chapter 37.” (32-p59) From this quotation we see reference to a period of extreme cold that comes after the cataclysm. Dina-1 Mainog-i Khirad. . the second being the silver. the God of the Ocean. (29-pl93) There are indications that some of the survivors took refuge in some sort of cave or structure. Dadistan-i Diniak. and the people and cattle and other creatures and creations of the creator Auharmazd. Kanyisa. the third. One of them is very close to the biblical story of Noah. “Even that prodigious devastation of which it is declared that it happens through 395 . (30-pl49) The first being the golden age. we see a clear connection between the sun and the deluge. the weakening of every kind of goodness and virtue. and when that rain of Malkos (the ice age) occurs-since it is declared in revelation that mankind and the other creatures and creations (the ones not in the cave) of Auharmazd.Mazdaism also teaches that after the sun goes dark. we know thisperiod as the ice age. are mostly those which shall perish-one which afterwards open the gate of that enclosure formed by Yim. “The enclosure formed by Yim (one of their gods) was made by him. with a thousand of his companions will cover the earth and smite the wicked people and annihilate them. (their head god) the lord. except a few who were saved in various ways.000 year intervals. and the fourth period being iron-the last being the most wicked. and the disappearance of honour and wisdom from the countries .

For it to be dawn in ancient Persia and for the sun to 396 . and the unproductiveness of the world. and Siberia that the sun was not present in the sky when the deluge occurred. the deluge. (the water climbed over) the mountains.. through snow.” (31 pl09) From the second tablet of the Babylonian deluge legend. When the seventh day drew nigh. immoderate cold. the tempest ceased. Nergal bore away the anchor. Ninib advances. ended. I looked upon the world. Then rested the sea. Since we already know from the legends of Oceania. Adad thundered within it. (fire gods) With their brightness they light up the land. ... China. Six days and nights Blew the wind. All mankind was turned to clay . when. Which had fought like an army. I looked upon the sea. means that the oceans inundated the land. this means that the sun must have been over the Atlantic Ocean at the time the cataclysm began. while I sent forth my wail. Adad‟s storm reached unto heaven. The legend says that “when the first flash of dawn appeared.” (35-p202) The Babylonian legend is somewhat more descriptive when it comes to telling us that the waters passed over the mountains. Raged high. .the rain of Malkos.” the cataclysm began. which. Most amazing of all about this legend is that it tells us that the sun rose in the west. the storm fell asleep. and even the things attainable by mortals are attended with threatenings of scarcity. the deluge and the tempest overwhelmed the land. most mortals die. (the waters) They go as messengers over mountain and valley. Like a besom of destruction they brought it upon men. the storm he makes to descend. After twelve days the land emerged. of course. we have a very good description of the sequence of events that occurred during the deluge. all was sea. It (flooded) the land like . . the flood ceased.. Anunnaki lifted up their torches. “When the first flush of dawn appeared While Nabu and Marduk went before. All light was turned into darkness. The There came up from the horizon a black cloud. India.

the wind fell. and they mixed the constellations. But when the seventh day came. we find another reference that the sun rose in the west. Where fields had been I saw marshes only. came nigh. dashed against the celestial sphere. the land was in confusion.” (29 -pl92) We believe the reference to the spirits above hiding in protective enclosures meant the advanced civilization which also inhabited the planet at the time of the last cataclysm. one of the sacred books from Iran. and in the midst of it Rammon thundered. no man could recognize his friends. Adifferent account of the cataclysm is told in the Bundahis. The storm was over and the rain of destruction had ceased. the rivers were swollen. I looked forth. The cables of the ship were let loose. and the whole creation was as disfigured as though fire disfigured every place and smoke 397 . Rain poured down the whole day long. and in the heaven of Anu they crouched like to hounds in the protecting enclosures. They believe an evil spirit descended on the earth and caused great destruction and havoc for a period of time. Six days and six nights went past. the tempest god. The Ninip. I called aloud over the waters. blotting out the sunlight and bringing thick darkness. which we have mentioned have been found all over the world. and the tempest raged over the waters which gradually covered the land. Brothers were unable to see brothers. The spirits above looked down and beheld the rising flood and were afraid. they fled away. speeding like emissaries over hills and plains. “At the dawn of day I saw rising athwart the heavens a dark cloud. They say. and he mingled smoke and darkness with over the Atlantic. the shirling waters grew peaceful. men stumbled about in the darkness. But all mankind had perished and turned to clay. with many demons. . . The planets. Many of these enclosures were probably pyramids. Nebo and Merodach (the waters) went in front. All the earth spirits leapt up with flaming torches and the whole land was aflare. The thunder god swept over the heavens. he (the evil spirit) came to fire. battling with the elements. “Afterwards. . means that the earth must have been turning opposite to how it turns today. From another Babylonian version of the deluge mythology. and the earth was covered with water. and the storm broke in fury before him. and the sea retreated.

” (30 -p26) Again telling us that the earth rotated from east to west. The universe was still just information in the diehold. And ninety days and nights the heavenly angles were contending in the world with the confederate demons of the evil spirit. “The water stood as high as a man over the entire earth. It is also believed that Abraham preceeded Moses by 400 or 500 years. Abraham lived at the same time as Noah. meaning the second to the eighth dimension. God created seven heavens. they were yet created as a unit (matter). each heaven having a different purpose. Some of Abraham‟s teachings of the creation teach that on the first day of creation. Besides the seven heavens created on the first day.. The Legends of the Jews It is believed that the Jewish religion began with the teachings of Abraham. By some of the Jewish legends. The wind spirit later swept away all the waters. and the earth was visible again. this we would interpret as meaning that in the beginning of time. As legend tells it: “Though the heavens and the earth consist of entirely different elements. There is no certain date as to when Abraham lived. The idea that the universe was formed from the light of 398 . He was the first to teach a monotheistic concept of God.. but this is also uncertain. especially that the earth rotated in the opposite direction. this would have been impossible..arose over it. They say the waters of the flood drifted to the west. The water poured on the earth the same day the destroyer caused the conflagration on the earth. When the legend speaks of the heavens and the earth being made of different elements.” (37-p8) We would interpret the preceding as follows: the seven heavens actually represent the seven dimensions into which existence is manifested. but. the information for all existence was present in the diehold but not as yet transmitted or played out. (30-pl9) “The second conflict was waged with the water. God also created light and darkness.” From the Babylonian legends we see more proof for most of the major points in our theory. of course. but not yet brought into physical being. The heavens were fashioned from the light of God‟s garment.

just as a tool or other man-made object is the thought-form of man. to destroy the world. This idea was covered in Chapter Eight on psychic phenomena. It is obvious that many other people did survive this cataclysm by various methods-some by 399 .” (37pl3) We believe this explains the difference between the first dimension. The light could be analogous to the small bubbles and flares of light that are seen emitting from living objects under Kirlian photography. and six others are said to be the only survivors of the last great cataclysm. which is the transmission dimension. the information took another form in existence. the third dimension. Thus fire made a division between the celestial and the terrestial at the time of cr eation. his wife. As we have shown from many other mythologies throughout the world. (the sun) . This firmament saves the earth from being engulfed by the waters (random potentials) of the heavens. It is the crystal stretched forth over the heads of the Hayyot. They believed that some people perished by the deluge and that others were consumed by fire. the storage dimension.. and condensed the surface of the firmament (came into existence). we would interpret as meaning that the universe is a thoughtform of God‟s. it forms the partition between the waters above (the information) and the waters below. as the earth derives its light from the sun..” (37-pl4) Most people have heard of the legend of Noah. We had not found this concept stated in any of the other legends or mythologies anywhere else in the world. He. It (information) made to crystallize into the solid (matter) it is by the heavenly fire. which is the first level at which matter is modulated into existence.God. The angel opened his eyes wide. even though it is stated in terms that unscientifically oriented individuals can comprehend. The idea of previous worlds and civilizations was well known to the ancient Jews. this is not correct. It was believed that God summoned “the Angel of the Face. which broke its bounds. We would say that the information handed down by Abraham is scientifically correct per our theory of existence. They believed that the previous civilizations had all been destroyed by cataclysms brought down upon them by God. The creation legend continues by saying that on the second day. from which the heavens derive their light. the second dimension. “The firmament is not the same as the heavens of the first day. and. and scorching fires and thick clouds rolled forth from them. of course.

Hindu. and his three children will be saved with him. the oceans continued moving to the 400 . (37-pl54) One week after Methuselah died. and the earth will be cleansed from all impurity. since we do believe Noah and the other survivors did exist. it is said that the sun rose in the west and set in the east. and his eyes are as the rays of the sun. and Chinese civilizations existed before that date.” (37 -pl45) It is said that Noah prophesied to the people of his time for 120 years before the deluge to try to make them turn from their evil ways. he in turn went to Enoch. and his countenance is glorious. and a deluge for one year. boats. As legend tells it. when all mankind that are on the earth shall die.760 B. but resembles the children of the angels of heaven. his father and grandfather noticed something very unusual about him. This is not to say that we are discounting the story of Noah. There will come a great destruction on the earth. Methuselah. It would seem to us to be the height of folly to think that the only survivors of the cataclysm were Noah and his party. He told Methuselah that Noah‟s birth was a sign of things to come. clinging to logs. the following: “He is not like a human being. Noah‟s father told his father. This son who is born unto thee will be left on the earth. The obvious conclusion is that when the earth stopped rotating during the reversal period.C.C. we came across some very important points that prove several parts of our theory. During this period of 120 years. etc. We will mention some points that are mentioned from the legend of the Jews that are not stated in the Bible. since most people are already familiar with it. and his nature is different. and he is not like us. the deluge struck the earth. When Noah was born. on the tops of mountains. It is obvious to us that there had to have been many other survivors because that is the only logical way to explain the varied races and cultures found all over the world.000 B. we are merely saying the obvious-that the story of Noah is of much greater antiquity than biblical scholars believe. It is much more logical to say that the cataclysm occurred at least 9. a wise man. because we know that the Egyptian.taking refuge in caves. And there will be a great punishment on the earth. From the legend of Noah. “The Lord will do a new thing in the earth. We will not go into great depth about the story of Noah. This number is obviously wrong. The Bible dates the last flood as occurring 3. when Noah was born.” (37 -pl45) After Methuselah heard the story.

In naught did they change their wicked doings during those last seven days. and consumed them. and. and. and I only am escaped alone to tell thee. Also associated with this particular time were the earthquakes.” (37-pl58) Hot rains came down from the heavens. behold there came a great wind from across the wilderness. possessing thousands of sheep and camels and other animals. and lightning flashed.” (Job 1: 16) This passage is depicting when the sun novaed and the hot gases scorched the surface of the earth facing the sun. It is unknown how old the Book of Job is. which are above the firmament (the rain) and th e female waters issuing from the earth (the oceans). a second messenger came to Job to tell him: “Thy sons and thy daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brother‟s house. The story continues to tell us that on a certain day a tremendous catastrophe befell Job and his family. and hath burned up the sheep. One being when the jet stream was lowered to sea level and devestated 401 . and they are dead. And yet the sinners remained impenitent. scalding the flesh of the sinners. All the major points of our theory are represented in this legend.” “The flood was produced by a union of the male waters. and it fell upon the young people. The legend continues by telling us what happened the day Noah entered the ark.” (37pl62) From this part of the legend we see very clear reference to the fact that the sun disappeared. and I only am escaped alone to tell thee. lightning. The upper waters rushed through the space left when God removed two stars out of the constellation Pleiades. The first messenger of ill tidings came to Job to inform him: “A fire of God is fallen from heaven. thunder. thereafter. The story of Noah is not the only tale regarding the cataclysm. and smote the four corners of the house. The story tells us that Job lived in the land of Uz and that he was a wealthy land owner. “The sun was darkened. The entire time the deluge lasted: “the sun and the moon shed no light. and the foundations of the earth trembled. as never before.” (Job 1:18) This passage could be describing to us two possible events. and the thunder boomed. the deluge. but it is well accepted to be of very great antiquity.west resulting in the inundation of all the continents. The story of Job we feel also occurred at the time of the reversal. and the servants. of course. Shortly.

The following is the dialogue from the book. It shall go ill with him that is left in his tent.the surface of the earth with winds approaching 400 miles an hour. between God and Abraham: “God held out the promise to him that in time to come his name would be mentioned in the Benedictions. But the words.‟ “ (37-p2l8) The Shield of Abraham is the Jewish Star to which we have referred. and the earth shall rise up against him. telling us the period of time when the sun was not giving off visible light: “Before I go whence I shall not return (leaving his former home). The heavens shall reveal his iniquity. or. To fully understand what God is telling Abraham. without any order. we believe the Star of David is a silhouette of an octahedron crystal. And where the light is as darkness.” (Job 20:26-27) We have found nothing in the biblical stories of Noah or Job that disagrees with our premise of what occurred on the earth and in the universe at this very special moment in time. While going through the legends of the Jews. we came across reference to the Star of David. „And be thou a blessing. he describes a world that is devoid of light. You can now see the relationship between understanding 402 .‟ will be fulfilled only in the future world. A fire not blown by man shall consume him. even to the land of darkness and of the shadow of death. as darkness itself. when the seed of Abraham shall be known among the nations and his offspring among the peoples as „the seed which the Lord hath blessed. a distinction accorded to no other mortal except David. God would be praised as the Shield of Abraham.” (Job 10:21-22) Later on we again see reference to the darkness and the fire: “All darkness is laid up for his treasures. the real message to man being that his existence originates from a structure shaped similarly to an octahedron crystal. A land of thick darkness. As mentioned in Chapter Nine. we must understand what the covenant between God and Abraham was. It is believed he was told that if Abraham kept his covenant with God. Abraham‟s descendants would eventually evolve to a more perfect state of man. Of course. it could be describing the atmosphere as it is evacuated from the sun‟s side of the earth when the gas shell of the nova reaches the earth. Legend of the Jews. A land of the shadow of death. Later on in the story of Job.

the same as the Greek ones. In Plato‟s book. They lived in the time of Cronos.C. we read again of the concept of four previous ages that flourished on the earth. Timaeus.C. governed by mind.C. He looks at spirit as being good and matter as being evil. which God combined in the creation of the world. so to avoid duplication we will not bother covering Roman folklore. he analyzes Plato‟s conception of the universe. The creation. We speak of a soul of the universe.what that hexagram means and evolving to what existence is which. and the essence. leads to what God is. the universe of the Timacus is a soul. The Dialogues of Plato. the other. “The astronomy of Plato is based on the two princip les of the same and the other. is really the creation of order. The earth provided for all their needs 403 . These and other Greek philosophers theorized in different ways how the creation of the universe came about and its relationship with God. These people are described as gods.-560 B. which is compounded of the same.C. They are Hesiod (around 700 B. knowing nothing of disease or strife. and Plato (428 B.C.). in Plato‟s sense.” (42 -p681) We wholeheartedly agree with Plato on his analysis of the relationship between the conscious entity of the universe and the physical universe itself. for all intensive purposes. of course.347 B. he tells us that the universe has a soul and that this soul is God.).). but more truly regarded. The first was known as the golden race of mortal man. The Roman mythologies are. The soul. As mentioned in B. and of which Plato cannot tell us the origin. the old sun-god. is diffused from the center to the circumference of the heavens. and holding in solution a residuum of matter or evil. From the writings of Hesiod. Solon (630 B. There are three great Greek philosophers who wrote about these ancient mythologies and past world cycles. Jowett‟s book. Mythologies of Greece Greek mythology is most commonly known as classical mythology. which the author of the world is unable to expel.

nor will brother be dear to brother as aforetime.” (39-pl7) 404 . indeed. today we would call them giants. nor guest with his host.” (39-pl3) They loved violence. They were not like the golden race in either their body or spirit. because they would not give honour to the blessed gods who live on Olympus. chiding them with bitter words. great abundance. for might shall be their right: and one man will sack another‟s city. Strength will be right and reverence will cease to be. known as the silver race. and will swear an oath upon them. sprung from ash -trees. Envy. Hesiod describes these people as being foolish in their ways. A third generation of men was then produced. They will not repay their aged parents the cost of their nurture. with scowling face. This description of giants is similar to one we have heard from Central America and other parts of the world. the son of Cronos was angry and put them away. nor the children with their father. “Zeus (the new sun). a brazen race. Men will dishonour their parents as they grow quickly old. Zeus will destroy this race of mortal men also when they come to have grey hair on the temples at their birth. The father will not agree with his children. but was terrible and strong. not knowing the fear of the gods. and from perishing by night. There will be no favour for the man who keeps his oath or for the just or for the good. and the gods shall lay sore trouble upon them . will go along with wretched men one and all. This race of men was destroyed when the earth covered them. The fifth race of men is us. the son of Cronos. . Then God produced the second race of men. . “Zeus the Father made a third generation of mortal men. These men were less noble than the previous race.” “Men never rest from labour and sorrow by day. were like demi-gods.” (39-pl3) This is telling us that the sun had destroyed this generation of men. but rather men will praise the evil-doer and his violent dealing. and it was in no way equal to the silver age. and will carp at them. nor comrade with comrade. speaking false words against him. These were destroyed by the ocean. and. This race of men was destroyed partially by their own hands and the rest by the cataclysm. hard-hearted they. and the wicked will hurt the worthy man. They were of large stature. The fourth race of men produced by Zeus. delighting in evil. Hesiod calls us “a race of iron. Their weapons and implements were made of bronze.

looks like from the earth‟s vantage point and what occurred on the earth at this time. the noise of a bull bellowing aloud in proud ungovernable fury. The whole earth seethed. drives off the combatants with a fierce expression. And through the two of them heat took hold on the dark-blue sea. Hades trembled where he rules over the dead below. at the rush of the deathless gods: and there arose an endless shaking. the sound of a lion. But when Zeus had conquered him and lashed him 405 . and burned all the marvellous head of the monster about him. wonderful to hear. the same basic idea shows upthat there were three or four previous civilizations or world ages before our own. “From his shoulders grew an hundred heads of a snake. a fearful dragon. This account is told to us in his book. and the sea and ocean‟s streams and the nether parts of the earth. relentless of heart. so that the high mountains re-echoed. Theogony. and at another. Today is truly considered the iron age.Even though Hesiod‟s descriptions of the four ages are slightly different f rom others we have seen. the sun. at another. And truly a thing past help would have happened on that day. flickering tongues. The legend begins by telling us that the Titans of heaven are fighting in the sky over the earth. and fire burned from his heads as he glared. and sky and sea: and the long waves raged along the beaches round and about. had not the father of men and gods been quick to perceive it. The legend then tells us what Zeus. Men successively degenerated after each of these cataclysms. and through the fire from the monster. and at another. and the Titans under Tartarus who live with Cronos. And there were voices in all his dreadful heads which uttered every kind of sound unspeakable. but at another. thunder and lightning and lurid thunderbolt. These world ages were divided by world cataclysms. Great Olympus reeled beneath the divine feet of the king as he arose and earth groaned thereat. with dark. Hesiod is much more descriptive when it comes to telling us what occurred during the last cataclysm. and again. because of the unending clamour and the fearful strife. So when Zeus had raised up his might and seized his arms. for at one time they made sounds such that the gods understood. he leaped from Olympus and struck him. The sun-god. he would hiss. sounds like whelps. But he thundered hard and mightily: and the earth around resounded terribly and the wide heaven above. and he would have come to reign over mortals and immortals. and the scorching winds and blazing thunderbolt. and from under the brows of his eyes in his marvellous heads flashed fire. Zeus. through the thunder and lightning. the most base and ignoble of any of the previous ages.

the earth melted in the glow of the blazing fire. and even took refuge in the light skiffs they had constructed in happier days. seas. climbed the highest mountains. and the deluge. a maimed wreck. the immortals agreed to wash mankind off the face of the earth by a mighty deluge. No sooner had the gods spoken. (39-pl39) Hesiod‟s description of the cataclysm proves many of the main points we theorized occurs during the reversal. Even so. when he was smitten. The winds were instructed to gather together the rain clouds over the earth. is softened by glowing fire in mountain glens and melts in the divine earth through the strength of Hephaestus. he summoned the gods to deliberate and aid him by their counsels. forgetting their petty quarrels in a common impulse to flee from the death which threatened them. overflow. But the modes of destruction were manifold. as he could not decide which would eventually prove most efficacious. and. which is hardest of all things. and terrified mortals. the noise. After much delay and discussion. “Jupiter had kept a close watch over men‟s actions during all these years. was to destroy the world by fire. closed over the homes where they might have been so happy. clung to uprooted trees. And flame shot forth from the thunder-stricken lord in the dim rugged glens of the mount. and this evil conduct aroused his wrath to such a point. In this legend. and reduce its magnificence to unsightly ashes. than the elements obeyed: the winds blew. and drowned their last despairing cries in their seething depths. that he vowed he would annihilate the human race. overtook them one after another in their ineffectual efforts to escape. heat. and oceans broke their bonds. kindled by Jupiter‟s much-dreaded thunderbolts. and bade the gods devise other means of destruction. when his arm was stayed by the objection that the rising flames might set fire to his own abode.with strokes. lakes. A better description of the deluge is told from the viewpoint of the God. Their efforts were all in vain. And in the bitterness of his anger Zeus cast him into wide Tartarus (hell). for the waters rose higher and higher. Jupiter. and the king of gods was about to put it into instant execution. bidding them rise. the rain fell in torrents. A great part of huge earth was scorched by the terrible vapour and melted as tin melts when heated by men‟s art in channelled crucibles. however. He therefore rejected the plan as impracticable. Typhoeus was hurled down. 406 . and deluge the land. The first suggestion offered. He mentioned the earthquakes. then. or as iron. the previous age was the iron age. Neptune let loose the waves of the sea. lightning. so that the huge earth groaned. rivers.

” (40-p37) Another excellent description of the cataclysm is told in the legend of Phaeton. “For an hour or two Phaeton bore in mind his father‟s principal injunc tions. in his dialogue. On this mountain. that all the plants shriveled up. elated by his exalted position. In his anger he vowed he would make the rash mortal expiate his presumption by immediate death. The legend picks up from there and describes to us what occurred on the planet during Phaeton‟s faithful ride.” (40-p85) In all three of these legends we see clear reference between the relationship of the sun to the cataclysm. he became very reckless. the smoke began to rise from the parched and blackened earth. Plato. but after being given permission to drive the solar chariot. a daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora. and their clamors became so loud and importunate. whose burned and blackened corpse fell from his lofty seat down into the limpid waves of the Eridanus River. that all the vegetation which had survived the intense heat came to an untimely end on account of the sudden cold. The cries of mortals rose in chorus. a hue retained by their descendants to this day. 407 . with his faithful wife Pyrrha. the sole survivors. stood the son of Prometheus. and soon lost his way. drove faster and faster. and drove so far away. viewed the universal desolation with tear-dimmed eyes. aimed it with special care. Deucalion. that they roused Jupiter from a profound sleep. How had a beardless youth dared to mount the sun chariot? Jupiter could scarcely credit what he saw. and caused him to look around to discover their origin. From thence they. He therefore selected the deadliest thunderbolt in his arsenal. and all went well. As the legend tells it. until. Phaeton wished to drive his father‟s solar chariot. In finding it again he drove so close to the earth. the fountains and rivers were dried in their mossy beds.The rain continued to fall. son of Apollo. he found he could not control the sun. but later. surrounded by the ever-rising flood. One glance of his all-seeing eye sufficed to reveal the damaged earth and the youthful charioteer. the sun. and even the people of the land over which he was passing were burned black. Terrified at what he had done. and hurled it at Phaeton. the highest peak in Greece. Phaeton whipped up his steeds. but this is not the only factor we find in the Greek mythologies. after many days. the waves covered all the surface of the earth except the summit of Mount Parnassus.

All changes in the heaven affect the animal world. The supreme year marked the close and the beginning of a new world age. or what we would call the ice age. we believe that the information. When the information that makes up the magnetic field changes polarity and crosses the imaginary X axis. came from a previous.“The Statesman. but at the completion of a certain cycle he let go.” (42 -p435) Plato.. from which Plato derived this conclusion. and amounts only to a reversal of motion. by a necessity of its nature. In the case of the world. the supreme year. We again see Plato referring to the sun rising in the west in the Atreus myth. and has a reverse action during infinite ages. have a body. and in one of them it is governed by an immediate Providence. it is but an obvious calculable conclusion to the theory of magnetism. turned back. is most destructive to men and animals. Censorinus.‟ also associated with the supreme year. to the vast size of the universe. and are therefore liable to perturbation. For divine things alone are unchangeable. From his ancient records. Another Greek word. and this being the greatest of them. and in the other is let go again.. no philosopher or scientist would take seriously Plato‟s contention that the earth reversed its motion. This will be further expounded upon in the mythologies of Egypt. and is due to exquisite perfection of balance. we believe. But the truth is. he had correctly concluded that some of the cataclysm was caused by the earth changing its rotation.. The Greek word. „ekpyrosis. and the world. „kataklysmos. The pivot to which Plato was referring. that there are two cycles of the world. The Greek philosopher.‟ is associated with the supreme year. and went round the other way. means combustion of the world. more advanced civilization that inhabited the planet. (3-p4l) 408 . the perturbation is very slight. and receives life and immortality. At the beginning of the cycle before our own very few of them had survived. and it means a great winter. but with our Theory of Multidimensional Reality. This new action is spontaneous. reached this conclusion after himself researching the many ancient records of his day. which we do not have at our disposal today. Previous to our theory of existence. called these periods of cataclysms. but the earth and heavens. and to the smallness of the pivot upon which it turns. although endowed with many glories. we believe to be the time of the reversal. and on these a mighty change passed. “There was a time when God directed the revolutions of the world.” believes that these cataclysms are caused by the earth reversing its motion.

which they called Nifl-Heim. They say that in the beginning of our time. just darkness throughout the entire universe.000. but they mention many of the major points that we theorized. Their mythologies are uniquely Teutonic and do not resemble the mythologies of their alleged origin. Evidently. they mention 409 .C. Some of the sequence of events is out of order. (41 -pl94) We can easily see that 36.” he tells us that the great year occurs every 36. In the center of their land. Heraclitus (540 B.In Plato‟s dialogue. There existed one powerful. The Mythologies of the Nordics The Norsemen belong to what is called the Aryan race. Plato‟s timetable is a little different from that of the Greek philosopher.C.000. The deluge and the ice age are also well covered in these Greek mythologies. “The Republic. (3-p4l) Again we see from the Greek legends. but he might have picked up the idea from them. the earth was enveloped in perpetual twilight.800 years. some of the source material that Plato relied on was not totally complete. but did not know exactly what it meant. though. The Norsemen have a legend that has a very good description of the world after the cataclysm struck the earth.” The earth came into being along with the rest of the universe whenever Allfather willed it into existence. Some scholars believe they originated from the northern plateau of Iran in Asia. The world was also covered with mist and smoke.000 is a product of 3 x 12. They believe that in the beginning. ample proof and historical evidence that a cataclysm occurred on the planet at the same time the sun novaed and baked one-half of the earth. This.000 years. They knew that the time between the cataclysms had something to do with the number 12.). there was no earth. to 475 B. Again we see the theme that the universe is the creation of a consious intelligence (a thought form). This number is exactly like the Hindu legend. Their legend of the beginning of the universe is. Heraclitus believed that the world was destroyed by a conflagration every 10. of course. describes the red sun which did not produce as much light as does our sun of today. invisible intelligence which they called “Allfather. similar to the Greeks and Hindus. They later migrated north and west to occupy the lands around the North Sea and North Central Europe.

he destroys the frost-giant. From this spring came forth 12 great streams. Otherwise. filled up the great central space. with the exception of Bergelmir. was another world called Muspells-Heim. and continually sent forth great showers of sparks (lightning) which fell with a hissing sound upon the ice blocks in the bottom of the abyss. As the steam rose in clouds it again encountered the prevailing cold. and as he was born of rime he was called a Hrim-thurs.” (43-p4) This legend has some similarity with the Noah legend. it soon hardened into huge blocks of ice. they would not have observed the perpetual twilight or the lightning and the huge glaciers. and partly melted them by their heat. “As soon as the gods became aware of this beautiful being‟s existence they provided a chariot for him also. or icegiant. Ymir. and also probably by the will of the uncreated and unseen (God) a gigantic creature called Ymir or Orgelmir (seething clay). and whose frontiers were continually guarded by Surtr. The Nordics also have a legend describing the appearance of the new sun which is called Dag.” (43-p2) This is one of the best descriptions we have of the ice age.the existence of a bubbling hot spring of water called Hvergelmir. the personification of the frozen ocean. illuminating all the world.” (43 -p8) 410 . drawn by the resplendent white steed Skin-faxi (shining mane). in which all his race perished. Thus by the continual action of cold and heat. and was changed into rime (rain) or hoarfrost. sometimes associated with the sun. layer by layer. from whose mane bright beams of light shone forth in every direction. This legend implies that the Aryans migrated to Northern Europe very shortly after the sun novaed. South of this dark chasm. came to life amid the ice-blocks in the abyss. This giant fiercely brandished his flashing sword. which rolled downward into the immeasurable depths of the great abyss with a continual roar like thunder. the home of clemental fire. which. where all was warmth and brightness. In one of the legends of Odin. the flame giant. Notice that the number 12 also shows up in their mythology: “As the water of these streams flowed swiftly away from its source and encountered the cold balsts from the yawning gulf. who escaped in a boat and went with his wife to the confines of the world. and directly opposite Nifl-Heim the realm of mist. As he died “the blood gushed from his wounds in such floods that it produced a great deluge. a nd bringing light and gladness to all.

No warming air Nor radiance fair Of gentle Summer‟s soft‟ning light. that the battle was about to begin. fell from their places. and lormungandr (the terrible ocean serpent).” (43-p330) After this occurred. E‟en to the top of mountain height. Vanas (sea and wind gods). and the terrible Fimbul-winter began. Then snow fell from the four points of the compass at once. whereby the seas were lashed into huge waves such as had never before 411 . “The terrible Midgard snake lormungandr had been aroused by the general disturbance. and Einheriar (Odin‟s guest). The Nordics believe that their race was preceded by a god-like race that lived to the land west of them. As legend tells it. and Loki. which was heard around the world. Tempered this dreadful glacial night. rent their chains asunder and rushed forth to take their revenge. and with immense writhings and commotion.” (43-p331) After this happened. They believed that these ancestors were destroyed by a great earthly conflict between good and evil gods. The evil spirits were Hel (goddess of death). All the gods then proceeded to the battle ground. The sun must have been shielded by clouds for several generations before most of the moisture was finally out of the atmosphere. Liki (god of fire). who blew his horn. The benevolent gods were headed by Odin along with Aesir (12 northern gods). Fenris (the wolf). The roaring ocean icebergs ground.” “Grim Fimbul raged. the stars. and o‟er the world Tempestuous winds and snowstorms hurled. the benevolent gods were warned by Heimdall. The field of battle was a broad plain called Vigrid. Garm (dog of Hel). affrighted. the biting winds swept down from the north. Fenris.This must have been a glorious time for celebrating the end of the ice age. Vigrid. renewing their efforts. “the whole earth trembled and shook. Surtr (flame giant). And flung its frozen foam around. the beginning of this world battle occurred when “the e grew sad and cold. and Garm. and all the earth was covered with a thick layer of ice.

venomed breath Foul. and the nine kingdoms of Hel. the goddess of death. In giant wrath the Serpent tossed In ocean depths. The raging flames enveloped the massive stem of the world ash Yggdrasil. Beneath the lashings of his tail.” (43-p336) The only survivors from this godly race were Lifthrasir and his wife. till. and the fervent heat made all the waters seethe and boil. “The other gods who took part in the fray. Then.” The roar of battle filled the universe. Pouring forth bloody froth like hail (red dust) Spurting with poisoned. Lif. free from chain.disturbed the deeps of ocean. slowly sank beneath the boiling waves of the sea. excellent descrip412 . From the previous two mythologies. deadly mists o‟er all the Earth. we see. the divine actors were slain. the sun. The first benevolent god to perish was Odin. crept through a crevice in the earth out of her underground home (lava). Surtr suddenly flung his fiery brands over heaven. when the earth. swelled on the land. The vegetation upon earth was likewise destroyed. earth. and hastened to join the dread fray.” (43-p333) In the beginning of the battle. in which he was to play a prominent part. Ragnarok (day of atonement) had indeed come. darting mad the waves acrost. Seas. the world tragedy was over. they emerged from their cave to repopulate the earth. Fenris and Iormungandr belched forth fire and smoke of “noxious. Thro‟ thundering surge. After the cataclysm had passed. and chaos seemed to have resumed its forme r sway. he crawled out upon the land. mountain high. and all the Einheriar having now perished. which filled all heaven and earth with their poisonous breath (the red dust from the sun). Eventually the other benevolent gods were also destroyed. Hel. deathly vapours. which were utterly consumed. blackened and scarred. He rose upon the foaming main. he sought the strand. The great conflagration raged fiercely until everything was consumed.” (43 -p332) “At the same time. and reached the golden palaces of the gods.

They also believed that a former civilization existed on the earth prior to the last great cataclysm. It is truly amazing that anyone survived in this part of the world during the cataclysm. We again hear of a god-like race of men which has been mentioned many previous times. From their description you can almost see the mountain-high sheets of groaning. For lack of a better description of this god-like race. together with his select company. It is almost unimportant if that is what their actual name was. an omen appeared in the sky: “A wonderful thing has come to pass to-day. in the inclosure with the strong door (a cave). 413 . The lake Llion burst its bounds. “The profligacy of mankind had provoked the great Supreme to send a pestilential wind upon the earth. and the waves of the sea lifted themselves on high around the borders of Britain. The description of the ice age is so far the best one we have come across. the gods of good and evil did mortal combat on a field of battle. moving ice devastating the land below.” (44-pl23) Again we see a remembrance from ancient man that the antediluvian sun rose in the west and set in the east.tions of the events that transpired on the earth before. The Britons had similar mythologies to the Nordics. It split the earth asunder to the great deep. Just before the battle began. for the sun.” (1 -pl35) In a Gaelic legend. Presently a tempest of fire arose. the rain poured down from heaven. At this time the patriarch. was shut up. during. The Mythologies of the Ancient Britons The ancient Celts originated from the Aryan race that had migrated to Western Europe. distinguished for his integrity. A pure poison descended. and the waters covered the earth. we will call them the Atlantians. every blast was death. has risen in the west. What is important is the obvious fact that some highly advanced civilization did exist on the earth before the last cataclysm. and after the sun novaed. it seems to me. The ancient Britons believed that this antedeluvian civilization had done great evil against God. Here the just ones were safe from injury.

Solon was explaining to the Egyptians the Greek understanding of their ancient history. neither then nor at any other time. to 560 B. (Apollo) having yoked the steeds in his father‟s chariot.The Mythologies of Egypt We left the Egyptian legends for last because we believe that Egypt was originally settled by the survivors of the advanced civilization that existed on the earth before the last cataclysm. which even you have preserved. after the usual interval.. We are not bothering to go through each Egyptian legend because they are superfluous compared to a dialogue given in Plato‟s Timaeus. and a great conflagration of things upon the earth. for which reason the traditions preserved here are the most ancient. which recurs after long intervals.C. there is no old opinion handed down among you by ancient tradition. Solon. burnt up all that was upon the earth. When. Now this has the form of a myth. and will be again.. Whereas in this land. And I will tell you why. the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire and water. During the dialogue. (630 B. who is our never-failing saviour. Solon. From Plato‟s book we read of a conversation between the ancient Greek philosopher. while Solon was in Egypt to learn of their ancient teachings.‟ he replied.‟ Solon in return asked him what he meant. Solon. at such times those who live upon the mountains and in dry and lofty places are more liable to destruction than those who dwell by rivers or on the sea-shore. and was himself destroyed by a thunderbolt. but really signifies a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth. and other lesser ones by innumerable other causes. the stream from 414 . Whereas just when you and other nations are beginning to be provided with letters and the other requisites of civilized life. and there is not an old man among you. the gods purge the earth with a deluge of water. that once upon a time Phaethon. There is a story. There have been. „I mean to say. live in cities are carried by the rivers into the sea. many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes. the survivors in your country are herdsmen and shepherds who dwell on the mountains. And from this calamity we are preserved by the liberation of the Nile. One of the very old Egyptian priests interrupted Solon and said: “ „O.C. does the water come down from above on the fields. having always a tendency to come up from below. „that in mind you are all young. but those who. because he was not able to drive th em in the path of his father..) and several Egyptian priests. the son of Helios. on the other hand. like you. you Hellenes are never anything but children. nor any science which is hoary with age.

And this was unknown to you. you do not know that there formerly dwelt in your land the fairest and noblest race of men which ever lived.‟ “ (41-pl93) Abetter way of saying this is. comes pouring down. like a pestilence.000 years preceeding Solon and 1.C. Let‟s assume that it took at least 200 years for the survivors of the cataclysm to propagate in numbers great enough to form and warrant a city.‟ (42-p7l0) The old Egyptian priest continued to tell Solon that Athens and Egypt were both settled by a goddess who was a survivor from this god-like race. and that you and your whole city are descended from a small seed or remnant of them which survived. As touching your citizens of 9. An Egyptian theory recorded by Herodotus said “that during eleven thousand three hundred and forty years of Egyptian history the sun of four occasions altered his course.977 years of our era. thereby. they are no better than the tales of children. In the first place you remember a single deluge only. that every 11. of which the constitution is recorded in our sacred registers to be 8.” (42-p7l2) With a little arithmetic. leaving no written word.000 years ago. receiving from the Earth and Hephaestus the seed of your race.340 years. the survivors of that destruction died. “She founded your city a thousand years before ours. and know nothing of what happened in ancient times. for many generations. and so you have to begin all over again like children.800 years.000 years old. either among us or among yourselves. the earth reverses its direction of rotation. and leaves only those of you who are destitute of letters and education. causing the cataclysms that come at the end of each world age. As for those genealogies of yours which you just now recounted to us. and afterwards she founded ours. We can come up with an approximate date for the end of the cataclysm of 11. we can easily calculate the date at which Athens was allegedly founded. and we come up with an approximate founding date for the city of Athens of 11.577 years ago. We add 9.heaven. in the next place. Solon. The time of this dialogue was approximately 600 B. „twice rising where he now sets and twice setting where he now rises. because. but there were many previous ones. 415 .

We must be able to explain these massive construction projects with some kind of motive. All of them say that at one time there was a great deluge. but. We will go so far as to say that our theory of existence is the only one that does make sense of all these cataclysm legends. and the wide stone streets found in the Carribean off the island of Bimini. pyramids found all over the world. which had no way of communicating with each other. the causes of this cataclysm are exactly what we theorize in our Theory of Multidimensional Reality. such as the massive stone cities found in the mountains of Peru. but there are two big problems with that theory. Most archeologists and laymen would ignore the idea that a 416 . To put it very plainly.000 years ago. the evidence is literally overwhelming that such a cataclysm occurred approximately 12. we must conclude that modem man should take many of these ancient tales of the cataclysm literally. Many archeologists like to think that these legends are nothing more than the product of the vivid imaginations of our ancestors. These two points alone prove our theory that the earth changes rotation at the end of each cycle.Chapter Conclusion We have covered the mythologies of 64 different societies and tribes throughout the entire world. Other societies amplified this point by saying that the sun stopped in the sky. We see no other motive for the construction of caves and pyramids or cities on top of mountains other than as shelters from a cataclysm that struck the earth. also. Ten of these societies specifically said that the sun rose in the west and set in the east. all prove there was a highly advanced civilization on the planet. With our theory of existence. archeologiest and scientists were not able to understand why societies all over the world mentioned this unusual phenomenon. Over half of these societies specifically mention the sun as causing the conflagration on the earth and also the sun being associated with the flood. This is because scientists had an inaccurate view of existence. the huge tunnel systems found in Ecuador. One: what would be the motive of all these primitive people in telling the same lie? We see no logical motive for over 64 societies scattered throughout the world. to tell the same lie! The second important reason is that many of the ancient archeological finds. On this point there is no exception. In the past.

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Slight expansions in the sun‟s diameter would be very difficult for any telescope to detect. but an increase or decrease in the rotation should not be difficult to accurately measure.and 22-year sun spot cycles and. the magnetic field of the earth would begin to decay more rapidly than in past years. and the most important observation. Per our theory. the gas shell should expand. Eventually. an analysis of the latest data of the solar rotation between 422 . the prophecies of the Bible. As the potential in the center of the sun increases. we would expect to see a slight expansion of the sun. One. land masses would begin to rise and fall. The problem with applying this general statement to a star is that a star has a much more complex magnetic field than does a planet. of course. Two. will it happen again. Instead we have a star that is stable most of the time except for a brief eruptive period. The two untraditional ways we will also use to help us tell when the reversal will occur is from the prophecies of well-known psychics and. Our sun appears to have at least three controlling frequencies which cause the 11. also. We theorized in the magnetism chapter two important observations that could be made on the earth. thereby making it extremely difficult for life forms to exist on the planet. of course. the expansion would be great enough that total darkness would no longer occur during a solar eclipse. that there would be a steep increase in the number of earthquakes. but.000 year cycle. The first three are of traditional scientifically oriented methods of calculating the reversal. In the astronomy chapter we theorized that before the sun novas. SCIENTIFIC DETERMINATION OF THE REVERSAL Solar Expansion In Chapter Six we theorized that the sun is really a huge gas shell surrounding a high-potential modulation point. For instance. the longer 12. the rotation of a planet or star is caused by its magnetic field being directed toward its time and space.stable all the time. So now the question is not. when will it happen again? What signs should we look for to help calculate the time of the reversal? In the following we will cover five ways of helping us to determine when the reversal will occur.

there should not be another increase in the solar rotation rate after approximately 1992.000 YEAR CYCLE Figure 12. Most of the solar activity in the past f ew years has been observed approximately 10‟ ± of the equator. 1967 1977 1988 1999 2010 2021 1.1 illustrates what this cycle might graphically look like. The rotation rate increased by about five percent over this period of observation. If the decay in the dominant magnetic field drops off exponentially. (14) This decreasing solar rotation would seem to indicate that the mid-point of the 22-year sun spot cycle has been reached and that the sun‟s rotation will continue to decrease for another 11 years. The resulting potential 423 .the years 1967 and 1976 seems to indicate that the 22-year cycle has an effect on our sun‟s rotation. 2. (6-pLl6l) For the first seven months of 1977. The graph only illustrates the solar rotation if the dominant 12. California. They have recorded a general rotational increase of the sun‟s photosphere along the equatorial region. they have been observing the sun‟s rotation rate for the last decade. the rotation rate of the sun began to decrease again. WAVE FORM OF THE 22 YEAR SUNSPOT WAVE FORM OF THE 12. At the Tower Telescope at Mount Wilson.000-year cycle drops off relatively slowly. In general we would expect to see a continuous increase in the sun‟s potential and a decrease in the solar rotation until the time of the nova. Figure 12.1 Earthquakes The reason more earthquakes would be present at this particular time is due to the magnetic field collapsing.

It is yet unknown what the frequency of major earthquakes will be for the 20 years following 1970. over 760. Table 11 lists all recorded earthquakes from 1932 to 1974. Geological Survey has been keeping records of worldwide earthquakes since before 1897. These earthquakes are considered great earthquakes and have the capability of destroying property and causing loss of life. thereby. Table I shows a list of the number of earthquakes over six that occurred each year.produced by the collapsing field is converted into a higher temperature of the magma which melts away at the earth‟s crust. This is a 23 percent increase over the previous 20-year period. (13) 424 . but considering the fact that in 1976 alone.000 people died in major earthquakes throughout the world. Per our theory. it had increased to almost 130 major earthquakes per year. but it takes one to three years for this increased potential to be translated into increased earth movement. The magma gets closer to the surface of the earth. molten magma. For our data we used the information provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Our sample covered from the year 1920 to June of 1976. We noticed that there was a definite correlation between the sun-spot cycle and a rapid increase in earthquakes. We counted only earthquakes with magnitudes greater than six on the richter scale. The average number of great earthquakes per year that occurred between 1920 and 1929 was 60. we would expect to see a general increase in the number of earthquakes over a period of time. the next 20 years will most likely be much worse than any previous period. enabling them to move more freely on an “ocean” of hot. there is also the same cycle that increases the potential in the center of the earth. This would seem to indicate that just as there is a synchronizing frequency that increases the potential of the sun every 11 or 22 years. The period of 1930-1949 saw an average of 105 major earthquakes per year.S. but when we compared the 20-year period of 1950-1969. thus loosening the continental plates. The U. there was a 782 percent increase in the number of earthquakes. You will notice when you compare the first ten-year period (1932-1941) with the last ten-year period (1965-1974). It wasn‟t until the late 1920s that some kind of network of seismographs were in use around the world to accurately record earthquakes. This increase usually occurred from one to three years after sun-spot maximum.

before the reversal. The magnetic field of the earth is measured in gammas. Prior to 1955 it had been estimated that the annual decay in the magnetic field was 15 gammas .000 years ago. Number of Eartbquakes per Year Over a Magnitude of Six Year Number Year Number Year Number 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 33 29 33 48 53 68 75 87 91 85 68 158 160 175 180 135 93 97 105 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 96 124 131 64 93 84 64 85 49 48 94 145 125 146 117 136 132 152 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 183 154 148 181 166 72 63 107 167 87 104 90 118 132 133 125 108 113 Decay of the Earth’s Magnetic Field The third factor we would look for. The number of earthquakes should continue to increase until several years after the reversal. Each gamma is equal to 1/100. The present equatorial value is about 30. TABLE 1.000 gammas. It has been estimated that approximately 2.000th of a gauss.000 gammas. is an increase in the decay of the magnetic field of the earth. the earth‟s magnetic field was approximately 45. measured at the equator. There is an increase in the number of earthquakes that have occurred over a long period of time.Our theory seems to be supported by the data.

Between 1966-1970 the rate of decay further increased to 24 gammas per year. (3) The period 425 . This value increased to 20 gammas per year for the 10 years covering 1955-1965.per year.

5 to 5.4 5.5 to 6.0 to 8.0 to 6.9 8.4 7.9 6.9 Total 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 69 73 115 87 150 170 218 234 182 165 198 174 173 210 28 32 47 388 824 928 1416 796 266 126 415 448 358 223 151 188 129 135 178 151 199 190 288 444 402 490 808 376 338 679 46 93 56 92 48 52 65 66 96 67 68 71 62 43 116 81 70 114 118 65 112 113 21 107 47 54 40 32 37 39 63 49 61 39 24 25 40 43 29 33 59 32 150 34 12 30 22 17 8 12 16 24 33 15 24 13 9 5 12 15 17 21 31 15 68 15 5 21 9 10 5 7 14 15 12 13 8 1 4 9 11 11 3 6 7 12 27 18 89 89 61 36 45 27 42 81 58 73 21 19 12 6 17 8 4 6 31 26 46 34 87 107 95 81 36 44 37 43 55 67 14 18 28 12 28 11 10 20 49 52 65 44 62 56 66 32 39 32 43 33 49 42 24 35 25 25 23 12 10 38 63 53 64 51 6 9 14 17 17 17 17 15 17 18 20 29 26 25 25 23 24 30 25 18 12 17 3 2 3 4 1 3 6 2 2 3 2 9 4 1 7 3 3 5 4 2 3 4 2 0 2 1 0 1 0 2 1 1 3 2 1 1 2 0 1 1 3 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 668 714 905 879 747 620 648 743 697 649 622 561 567 552 597 683 620 1152 2023 1579 2303 1806 .4 6.5 3.5 to 7.9 7.9 4.5 to 3.0 to 4.4 4.TABLE I.0 to 7.5 to 8.0 to 5.9 5.5 to 4. Magnitudes Mag Not Year Given Less Than 3.4 8.

(continued) Mag Not Year Given Less Than 3.TABLE 1.0 to 4.9 5.9 7.9 Total 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 923 931 943 1513 1700 1961 2510 2768 2284 1291 449 422 694 574 703 707 306 506 491 647 457 543 485 484 579 428 507 419 760 328 381 259 313 404 432 604 603 620 807 620 224 207 139 111 87 90 80 118 84 245 105 292 444 416 513 412 386 324 198 295 320 362 316 154 86 85 50 57 106 64 192 41 1065 1350 1797 1584 1478 1539 1201 849 803 822 1009 941 59 36 130 41 54 72 50 219 42 1057 1473 2040 1699 1637 1774 1707 1631 1643 1529 1584 1661 48 31 95 83 73 100 119 203 27 489 777 1123 911 903 974 1034 950 1065 1023 1038 1052 52 38 65 72 86 94 126 186 14 183 273 408 216 236 270 264 266 276 299 299 260 58 54 86 79 84 70 87 102 29 57 87 98 56 75 63 74 80 78 85 65 69 67 68 51 75 60 66 79 51 31 5 19 57 25 27 15 26 38 35 25 30 30 11 10 11 18 5 9 13 10 12 1 0 9 4 1 9 14 15 13 12 6 12 0 0 4 9 4 2 1 3 0 0 0 3 2 1 3 3 5 6 3 7 2 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2054 1850 2041 2611 2632 3106 3553 4739 2913 4821 5132 6686 6108 5776 6340 5958 4958 5528 5229 5271 5007 .0 to 8.5 to 4.5 to 8.4 8.5 to 6.4 4.0 to 7.9 6.5 to 5.4 6.5 to 3.0 to 5.0 to 6.9 8.5 to 7.4 7.5 3.4 5.9 4.

The two eclipses will put men to such pursuit (building shelters). heat. and there will be extreme changes. everything in the universe that has to do with the decay of information fits an exponential function curve. Since the earth‟s rotation rate is directly related to its magnetic field. He was a well-known psychic with a high percentage of accurate predictions. with wind.. and earthquakes. If this is taken into consideration. overthrows of kingdoms. (12) Considering all of this evidence. A Rand Corporation report of 1968 stated that the earth‟s rate of rotation has decreased since 1961.6 gammas per year. we would expect to see the rotation rate decreasing as the magnetic field collapses. wars and incursions.000 A. the rate of decay increases sharply.” (4-p4l8) 428 . the reversal could occur within 100 years.” (4-p4l4) “The air will be very dry and there will be a long trajection. He foretold the downfall of our current civilization. The downfall would be ushered in with great earthquakes and eclipses of the sun. Nostradamus implied that these events would occur around the 1990s. He says: “There will take place in the month of October a great translation made so that the earth will seem to lose the weight of its natural motion (a greatly slowed rotation rate) in an abyss of endless darkness.between 1970-1975 the rate of decay was estimated to have increased to 26. There will be little rain. which means that as the time grows closer to the reversal period. The first psychic we will cover is Nostradamus who lived in the mid-1500s. There will be premonitory signs in the spring. With just the rates of decay up to 1970. (3) but as mentioned in Chapters Three and Six. Through incendiarism a great locality will be consumed by fire.D.” (4-p4l5) “Almost all of Europe and the whole world will be tormented. proven psychics. it has been calculated that the reversal time would be approximately 3. is there any doubt where all this is leading? NON-TRADITIONAL METHODS OF DETERMINING THE REVERSAL What we will first investigate are the predictions made by wellknown.

“In the place where the Almighty has built His ship (Rome) The deluge will be so great and so sudden That there will be no spot of earth for a firm foothold. early and late.” (4 -p420) “For forty years the rainbow shall not appear. it is truly amazing how accurately he is describing the cataclysm. Extremes of horror and prosecutions As if the Moon were guided by its spirit. sending the great country into the abyss. We checked his prediction with the frequency of major earthquakes around the world. war. 2.” (4 -p4l9) “The Moon obscured in profound darkness. For forty years all the days shall behold A barren earth and increasing scarcity. The heavens approach the time of their tilting (polar reversal?). famine and inundation. Her brother (the Sun) will become the color of rust (red). A more recent 20th century psychic by the name of Edgar Cayce also told us of great earth movements and floods. Even its antiquities will be lost and its great foundation. The great one hidden for a long time in darkness Will turn the sword in the bloody wound. Will tumble far. great changes take place. The best we can tell. After it has gone through peace. he places this cataclysm somewhere around the year.000 A. He predicted that we would definitely know the cycle had begun if there were great earth movements in the SouthPacific area.” (4 -p4l9) “You will see.D. And great deluges will be perceived. He predicted that the cycle would start around 1958 and continue for roughly 40 years. We wanted to see if the percentage of earthquakes occurring in the South-Pacific area prior to 429 . The wave will cover the Olympus of Fiesole (Apennine Mountains).” (4 -p4l9) “The great round mountain of the seven hills (Rome).” (4-p420) If we consider the fact that Nostradamus made these predictions over 400 years ago.

but as you read the following Hopi prophecy. and the Etna area. He placed the date for this event to be between the years. We would conclude that this part of Cayce‟s prediction is correct. you will see clear reference to a manned space station as being a sign to the Indians that the end is near. In Chapter Eight we theorized two possible ways that psychics could perceive future events. since he made this prediction in 1932. “We know that the time is getting close because every Hopi prophecy of warning but one has been fulfilled. The only thing that‟s left is the fulfillment of a huge house that carries many people that will be float ing in the sky. (9-p45) The Hopi Indians have prophecies that date back many hundreds of years. had increased by any appreciable amount. We will not attempt to explain why the Hopi prophecies or Nostradamus and Cayce have correctly foretold the 430 .1958.001. The table below lists five-year periods starting from 1955. including an increase in volcanic activity. (8-p58) He predicted that at the end of this 40-year period. then we may know it has begun. it will completely destroy Nature unless it is stopped. This will be the last thing that mankind is allowed to do.” (9-p39) During the latter half of this 40-year period. 2.” (10) Some people may say that the prophecies of psychics are not worth paying attention to: yet these cynics have no explanation as to why some of these predictions are coming true. 1955-59 = 16% of the worlds great earthquakes 1960-64 = 22% 1965-69 = 28% 1970-75 = 45% (13) The percentage of major earthquakes occurring in the SouthPacific area has increased disproportionately over time. there will be a shifting of the poles and then a new cycle will begin. This should be considered amazing. we would expect to see an increase in great earth movements and other disasters. or in the Mediterranean. If mankind goes that far. He said: “When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Sea and those as apparent in the sinking or rising of that that‟s almost opposite same.000 and 2. certainly well before space travel.

and. he must strive to understand what existence is. and to do that. and with drought. if he does not evolve to what he is supposed to. and with fiery heat. are true foretellings of the future. We have to be somewhat versed in almost every field of science and other scholarly subjects. even though.future. most probably from another dimension. to just study one book or one subject will never lead us to what existence is. and the earth that is under thee shall be iron. To understand what God is and the universe. The Lord will make the rain of thy land powder and 431 . This is a very big mistake. We would agree with this premise wholeheartedly. and with inflammation. as really being prophecy from highly evolved and advanced beings. It doesn‟t tell us what man is supposed to evolve to. which we theorize occur during the reversal period. It merely tells us the consequences. we would clarify the idea of a divine or godly being. We believe no one has ever really understood what the purpose of the Bible actually is. Old Testament Prophecies We will now turn to the prophecies of the Old Testament. we must study and understand its related components. There is a great deal of truth to be learned from the Bible. but to truly understand man‟s relationship to God and what man is supposed to evolve to. The Bible is like an IQ test. he must have a scientific orientation. we see no other cause for the destructions described in the Bible other than the cataclysm. nor the method they are using to foretell the future. And thy heaven that is over thy head shall be brass. therefore. In fact. because we don‟t know who is telling them this information. and with fever. “The Lord will smite thee with consumption. As we go through the prophecies of the Old and New Testament. and with mildew. From Deuteronomy we read what will befall the people of the earth if they do not follow the laws that God gave them and do what they are supposed to do. therefore. and with blasting. we see very clear reference to the cataclysm. and they shall pursue thee until thou perish. Many religious groups take the Bible as being the only book worth reading and studying. It is generally accepted that the prophecies stated in the Bible are divinely inspired.

And His chariots shall be like the whirlwind. until thou be destroyed. For by fire will the Lord contend. And none shall quench them.” is when the earth is melted to glass or shale. Isaiah. And into the holes of the earth. And they that forsake the Lord shall be consumed. behold. The same as the hardness for iron. In other words. And men shall go into the caves of the rocks.” (Isaiah 2:12) I “And the idols shall utterly pass away. the Lord will come in fire. And the slain of the Lord shall be many. “ the earth that is under thee shall be iron. The meaning of the phrase. From the prophet. When He ariseth to shake mightily the earth. it will have a hardness of 5. And from the glory of His majesty. Which they made for themselves to worship.” (Isaiah 1:28-31) “For.”is an attempt to tell us that the sky will turn red with the heat of the expanding hot gases from the sun. Moses is telling us that after the earth is baked by the sun.” (Deut. we see many distinct references to the cataclysm that will occur at the end of days. From before the terror of the Lord. and his idols of gold.” (Isaiah 66:15-16) “For the Lord of hosts hath a day Upon all that is proud and lofty. the earth will be as hard as iron. And they shall both burn together. To render His anger with fury. And by His sword with all flesh. from heaven shall it come down upon thee. And upon all that is lifted up. And His rebuke with flames of fire. and it shall be brought low.dust. 28:22-24) What we believe is meant by “the heavens will look like brass. . (earthquakes) In that day a man shall cast away His idols of silver. “But the destruction of the transgressors and the sinners shall be together.5.

432 .

And they shall be affrighted. And to destroy the sinners thereof out of it. and full of wrath and flerce anger. They shall be in pain as a woman in travail. Through the wrath of the Lord of hosts is the land burnt up. Cruel. To make the earth a desolation. the day of the Lord cometh. They shall look aghast one at another. it kindleth in the thickets of the forest. When He ariseth to shake mightily the earth. For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof Shall not give their light. .” (Isaiah 9:17 18) “Howl ye. Pangs and throes shall take hold of them. for the day of the Lord is at hand. And they roll upward in thick clouds of smoke. Yea. The sun shall be darkened in his going forth. It devoureth the briers and thorns. And every heart of man shall melt. Their faces shall be faces of flame. The people also are as the fuel of fire.To the moles and to the bats.” (Isaiah 2:18 -21) “For wickedness burneth as the fire. And will lay low the haughtiness of the tyrants. Therefore shall all hands be slack. And upon the wicked their iniquity. And the moon shall not cause her light to shine. And into the crevices of the crags. I will make man more rare than fine gold. From before the terror of the Lord. And from the glory of His majesty. To go into the clefts of the rocks. Behold. And I will visit upon the world their evil. As destruction from the Almighty shall it come. And I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease. Even man that the pure gold of Ophir.

And the earth shall be shaken out of her place.Therefore I will make the heavens to tremble. 433 . For the wrath of the Lord of hosts.

And for the day of His fierce anger. And His breath is an overflowing stream (the deluge from the oceans). And the foundations of the earth do shake. Yea. The following quotation clearly tells us that the oceans will cover the mountains. With whirlwind and tempest. For the windows on high are opened. and with earthquake. And he that cometh up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the trap. The earth is broken. His lips are full of indignation. Streams and watercourses. (as the surface melts) And the light of the sun shall be sevenfold. It is also attempting to give us a description of what the sun will look like when it novas: “And there shall be upon every lofty mountain. And His tongue is as a devouring fire. and wind also ravage the earth. With His anger burning.” (Isaiah 29:5-6) These previous quotations leave no doubt that it is the sun that destroys a good part of the earth at the same time the earthquakes. Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun. and the flame of a devouring fire. that he who fleeth from the noise of the terror shall fall into the pit. broken down. The earth trembleth and tottereth.” (Isaiah 30:27 -28) 434 . and great noise. it shall be at an instant suddenly There shall be a visitation from the Lord of hosts With thunder. and in thick uplifting of smoke. The earth reeleth to and fro like a drunken man. In the day of the great slaughter when the towers fall. The earth is crumbled in pieces. And swayeth to and fro as a lodge. lightning.” (Isaiah 30:25 -26) “Behold.” (Isaiah 13:6-13) “And it shall come to pass. and upon every high hill. And the multitude of the terrible ones as chaff that passeth away.” (Isaiah 24:18 -20) “But the multitude of thy foes shall be like small dust. the name of the Lord cometh from far. as the light of the seven days.

” (Isaiah 33:12) “For the Lord hath indignation against all the nations.” (Isaiah 34:2-4) “For the Lord hath a day of vengeance. And all their host shall fall down. And the dust thereof into brimstone. that are burned in the fire. And the streams thereof shall be turned into pitch. A year of recompense for the controversy of Zion.” (Isaiah 34:8-10) “Every valley shall be lifted up. And the rough places a plain.” (Isaiah 40:4-5) . He hath delivered them to the slaughter. And the stench of their carcasses shall come up. As thorns cut down. And all the host of heaven shall moulder away. For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. And the rugged shall be made level. And the land thereof shall become burning pitch. The smoke thereof shall go up for ever. And the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll. He hath utterly destroyed them. As the leaf falleth off from the vine. It shall not be quenched night nor day. From generation to generation it shall lie waste: None shall pass through it for ever and ever.“And the peoples shall be as the burnings of lime. And the mountains shall be melted with their blood. And every mountain and hill shall be made low. And fury against all their host. Their slain also shall be cast out. And as a falling fig from the figtree. And all flesh shall see it together. And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed.

they shall be as stubble. Thus shall they be unto thee 435 .“Behold. It shall not be a coal to warm at. Nor a fire to sit before. They shall not deliver themselves From the power of the flame. The fire shall bum them.

For thus saith the Lord: The whole land shall be desolate.” (Isaiah 59:19) It is not enough to say that by some miraculous means God is going to burn all those that have not evolved. Which the breath of the Lord driveth. And all the cities thereof were broken down At the presence of the Lord. This is just as we theorized. we see a veiled reference that the flood will come from the west. they trembled. he tells us of seeing a vision of the earth in the latter days. By his description we can only conclude it is after the cataclysm.With whom thou hast laboured. lo. For distress will come in like a flood. Because I have spoken it. and. there was no man. And all the hills moved to and fro. it was waste and void. and. And I have not repented. lo. Yet will I not make a full end.” (Isaiah 47:14-15) In the next quotation from Isaiah. I have purposed it. They that have trafficked with thee from thy youth. I beheld the mountains. And.” (Jeremiah 4:23-28) . and. We must logically ask ourselves: What means would be necessary in order for so many people to perish by fire? The only answer we can see is if the sun novaed. And His glory from the rising of the sun. And the heavens above be black. to. and they had no light. And all the birds of the heavens were fled. “So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west. From the Book of Jeremiah. for that is the only cause of the destruction that Jeremiah saw on the earth: “I beheld the earth. And before His fierce anger. the fruitful field was a wilderness. I beheld. I beheld. For this shall the earth mourn. neither will I turn back from it. lo. And the heavens.

436 .

And behind them a flame blazeth. Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble. A day of clouds and thick darkness. (a great noise is heard)” (Joel 2:10-11) “In those days will I pour out My spirit. and pillars of smoke. “Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord! . Before the great and terrible day of the Lord came.” (Joel 2:1-2) “A fire devoureth before them. and nothing escapeth them (Joel 2:3) “Before them the earth quaketh. Blood. Yea. The heavens tremble. And sound an alarm in My holy mountain. we read of an account of what the Day of Judgment looks like. And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth. The resulting nova causes red dust to settle on the earth and have the appearance of blood. As blackness spread upon the mountains.From the Book of Joel. And the moon into blood. And the stars withdraw their shining. The land is as the garden of Eden before them And behind them a desolate wilderness.” (Joel 3:2-4) From Joel we can see clear reference that the sun novas and bakes a part of the earth. For it is at hand. The sun and the moon are become black. The sun shall be turned into darkness. For the day of the Lord cometh. We see a similar account of the Day of Judgment from the Book of Amos. and Fire. And the Lord uttereth His voice before His army. “Blow ye the horn in Zion. A day of darkness and gloominess.

Wherefore would ye have the day of the Lord? 437 .

and tread upon the high places of the earth. That causeth destruction to flash upon the strong So that destruction cometh upon the fortress. And the mountains shall be molten under Him.” . And the valleys shall be cleft. And the stumbling blocks with the wicked. And a serpent bit him. behold.It is darkness.” (Amos 5:8-9) From Amos we see clear reference to the oceans of the world inundating the land. This is caused when the earth‟s rotation ceases during the reversal period. Saith the Lord. As waters that are poured down a steep place. the Lord cometh forth out of His place. That calleth for the waters of the sea. I will consume the fowls of the heaven. From the Book of Micah. And went into the house and leaned his hand on the wall. and the fishes of the sea. and not light? Even very dark. And poureth them out upon the face of the earth. And will come down. and no brightness in it?” (Amos 5:18-20) “And darkeneth the day into night. He was told by the Lord: “I will utterly consume all things From off the face of the earth. The Lord is His name. Shall not the day of the Lord be darkness. Saith the Lord. I will consume man and beast. As if a man did flee from a lion.” (Micah 1:3-4) Zephaniah was also given a vision of the cataclysm. And I will cut off man from off the face of the earth. And a bear met him. we read: “For. As wax before the fire. and not light.

(Zephaniah 1:2-3) 438 .

the smoke remained still. But the whole earth shall be devoured by the fire of His jealousy. Esdras was able to ask this heavenly emissary questions about the latter days.C. A day of wasteness and desolation. Of all them that dwell in the earth. In this first passage. behold. As the story goes. Over a period of several months. Esdras asked the angel to show him a glimpse of what God‟s Judgment on the earth will look like. the drops remained therein still. For He will make an end. A day of clouds and thick darkness. Th e angel told Esdras the following: “So I stood. That they shall walk like the blind.” (Zephaniah 1:14-15) “And I will bring distress upon men. and sent down much rain with a storm. We see clear reference to the cataclysm which we have described in our theory. that when the flame was gone by I looked. It is near and hasteth greatly. And their flesh as dung. Because they have sinned against the Lord. After this there passed by before me a watery cloud. And their blood shall be poured out as dust. Even the voice of the day of the Lord. Neither their silver nor their gold Shall be able to deliver them In the day of the Lord‟s wrath. behold. It is one of the books of the Apocrypha. Esdras saw a vision of an angel. A day of trouble and distress.” (Esdras IV:48-49) 439 . a terrible end. and saw.” (Zephaniah 1:17-18) The fourth Book of Esdras was written roughly 556 B. We will quote just a few of them. and. That day is a day of wrath.“The great day of the Lord is near. Wherein the mighty man crieth bitterly. and. A day of darkness and gloominess. yea. and when the stormy rain was past. a hot burning oven passed by before me: and it happened.

behold. and grass of the meadows. with the abundance of those waters. and the star that was to cause destruction by the east wind shall be violently driven toward the south and west. “So he answered and said unto me. even the cloud which he raised in wrath. the days come.” (Esdras XV:37-42) Esdras asked the angel if what he had seen means that the world and all men on it were to come to an end because of man‟s iniquity. and from the north. and them that dwell therein. that the speech is of them: they shall tremble and be moved: for they know that their end must be changed. And it happened. when it speaketh be not thou afraid: for the word is of the end. 440 . that when I had heard it I stood up upon my feet. and all rivers. and hail. and shall shut it up. and hearkened. fire. and if the place whereon thou standest be greatly moved. trees of the wood.” (Esdras VI:13-18) “And there shall be fearfulness and great trembling upon earth: and they that see that wrath shall be afraid. and many waters. and the sound of it was like the sound of many waters. In his answer you will see the angel implying that there are cycles to our existence and that the ends of each of these cycles are separated by these cataclysms. And after this shall there be stirred up great storms from the south. and it shall be that when I draw nigh to visit them that dwell upon the earth. and another part from the west. And they shall break down the cities and walls. and trembling shall take hold upon them. and the star (the sun) that they may destroy all the earth. And it said. and said. the full glory abideth not therein: therefore have they who were able prayed for the weak. there was a voice that spoke.Then Esdras asked the angel if he could see the last night just before God‟s Judgment Day. Stand up upon thy feet. and their corn. This present world is not the end. and thou shalt hear a mighty sounding voice. Behold. and flying swords (lightning). and they shall pour out over every high and eminent one a terrible star. that all plains may be full. and. and the foundations of the earth shall understand. mountains and hills. And great clouds and mighty and full of wrath shall be lifted up. And strong winds shall arise from the east. “He answered me.

“For the world hath lost its youth. “ (Esdras 14:12) This heavenly emissary is very plainly telling man that time is divided into 12.000 year cycles. but righteousness is grown. infidelity is cut off. and the beginning of the immortality for to come. and truth is sprung up.” (Esdras VII: 112-114) Even though these quotations are very descriptive and tend to prove our theories. 441 . even the half of the tenth part (9.500 years).000 year cycles and also helps us date when the cataclysm will occur.500 years) and there remain of it two parts after the middle of the tenth part (2. We see no misinterpretation of our conclusion. that means the angel is telling Esdras the approximate date of the cataclysm would be in the latter part of the 20th century.C.But the day of judgement shall be the end of this time. wherein corruption is passed away. For the world is divided into twelve parts (12. intemperance is at an end.000 years) and nine parts of it are gone already. than any other phrase found in the entire Old Testament. for the scientific evidence tends to agree with what the angel said to Esdras. Since Esdras was told this in approximately the year 556 B. and the times begin to wax old. there is one passage in the fourth Book of Esdras that does more to prove our theory of the 12.

There are several important conclusions to be made from this observation. in fact. The evidence we have quoted from various sources is overwhelming.WHAT IS EXISTENCE ALL ABOUT When we first developed our Theory of Multidimensional Reality. is prophesied in the Bible. The Bible was an attempt to force man to evolve to what existence is by directing his thoughts only onto the effects or results (the cataclysm) of the principles of existence. about where his existence comes from. it merely tells man the consequences of not evolving to the truth. the cataclysm which occurs during the reversal period. and therefore the Bible should be taken literally as regarding the cataclysm. Unfortunately. leads us to the purpose of the Bible. We came to the realization that a cataclysm occurs at the end of each cycle through logical deduction of our theories on magnetism and gravity. It was not our intention to write the ultimate disaster book. There is a definitive way to prove materialism is not what life is all about. it was meant to be only a new scientific theory to help explain many of the phenomena in physics. it doesn‟t tell us what scientific principles cause the cataclysm. Throughout the Bible we are told that materialism is not the route to take to understand what existence or truth is. that many of the prophets were correctly told by highly evolved beings about the future. the clues that were given to man. What is called God‟s Day of Judgment is. The other point. were too abstract for him to understand. and definitely the most important. Every single point we theorized would happen. For every phenomenon there are two parts to be considered: the cause and the effect. One. Throughout life we are taught by the mores of society that to 445 . In other words.

succeed in life, we must accummulate material possessions. We will even go so far as to say that men are judged whether they are good or bad, or even worth knowing, by how much wealth and power they have accummulated over their lifetime. Materialism seems also to be used as a way by which man can forget about the real question that gnaws at us all-and that is; what is death? It is the one fact of life that all men fear, because it is the unknown that frightens us. People will do anything to divert their minds even from thinking about the subject. Various religions have used man‟s inherent fear of death to control their followers. If men would sit and analyze what death is, they would understand what life is all about. Look at it this way: When you‟re brought into this world as an innocent baby, you know nothing; you‟re taught everything you know by your parents and society, whether those teachings are right or wrong. Through life you go to school, eventually get married, have kids, work, collect material possessions, and, hopefully, somewhere along the way you have gained some knowledge. When death comes, what can you take with you? Certainly none of your material possessions. In fact, the thing that‟s most material to you and you‟re most attached to, your body, you can‟t even take with you. The only thing you can take with you is the accumulation of knowledge you have gained over your lifetime. To prove this point, we again refer to the book by Raymond Moody, M.D., Life After Life. The vast majority of the people interviewed by Doctor Moody stated that when they had died, they saw a being of light. When they saw this being, he asked them, “What have you done with your life?” (7 -p60) After the question was asked, these individuals began to see their lives unfold in front of them. All of them say that it was very vivid and real. It was like they were actually re-living their lives over again, but the playback happened very rapidly. During and/or after this playback, the being of light stresses two important points: “learning to love other people, and acquiring knowledge.” (7-p65) In fact, many people said he “emphasized the importance of seeking knowledge.” (7-p93) The reports from this “land of the dead” and the Bible, tells us one very important point and that is; that man is supposed to evolve to a very specific idea and that he must evolve to it on his own. We can understand why it must be this way. Things that are given to us freely-on a silver platter-we tend not to value very highly; but things that we work and struggle

very hard for, we hold very precious and dear to us. The same must be true for the knowledge of what existence is. This idea may not seem that paramount to you; and, in fact, it may not be that important a point for a soul that has only evolved to the fourth dimension; but it must be very important for a soul that is a seventh or eighth dimensional existence to totally understand what existence is (this invariably leads us to what is truly right or wrong). We will come back to this line of thought later on. For now we must first understand why God designed these cataclysms into the system. This is an important question, after all, if He is an all-knowing, loving, and caring God, then why would He systematically bring such destruction onto mankind. After all, not only is evil erased from the earth but also a great deal of good. We explained previously that the reversal period which causes the nova is a function of existence. It‟s to keep vast domains of information stable so random potentials are not caused; thereby, making the universe a very unstable place. Remember we are not just dealing with our sun and the earth, but this drama is occurring literally all over the universe with countless civilizations at various stages of evolution. We would say the nova is bad or evil, and we might ask: how could a loving God do this to us? If you think this way, you‟re forgetting how He relates to us. You must forget the material world you live in, like we showed in Chapters Seven and Eight. It is most probable that we do all of our thinking from the diehold; therefore, God relates to us entirely from the diehold. He does not relate to us as we are, in our physical bodies but rather as domains of information and potential. Let‟s get back to discussing the purpose of the Bible. It empha sizes two important points. One, that man must pursue the truth or else man will perish at the designated time. If man evolves to the truth, he rises to the occasion; and he and his race survive to live another cycle. It seems that man can believe in almost anything he wishes to for about 12,000 years. He can choose any kind of religious thought or moral persuasion; but if he does not pursue the truth and find it in time, he and his kind will perish. It is something like a built-in fail-safe mechanism in the universe. If the civilization as a whole has not evolved to the truth, there are always a few individuals who are chosen to survive the cataclysm to carry on man‟s seed. As we mentioned in the mythology chapter, there are indications that the survivors were those who did under447

stand a great deal about what existence truly is.

Now we get to the most important point of this entire book: To what is man supposed to evolve? The most important clues to this question are stated in the first four of the Ten Commandments. They are the most important and that is why they were stated first. We believe the real purpose of these four commandments was so that some day man would strive to understand the real meaning of why there was only one God; and the mechanism necessary to fulfill those commandments. One: “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.” This commandment is meant to make man realize the singularity of God in relation to man‟s existence. Two: “Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image, nor any manner of like ness, of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.” This commandment is telling man that God is nothing that can be seen in this dimension. We cannot see God because he is not in any of the seven dimensions of our universe. This rules out the possibility of saying God is anything that is material or stellar; in fact, anything that has ever appeared in this dimension is not, was not and never will be God. Three: “Thou shalt not bow down unto them, nor serve them; for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me; and showing mercy unto the thousandth generation of them that love Me and keep My commandments.” This commandment is saying that if man believes and pursues the wrong ideas as being God, and what existence is, his descendants will perish during the cataclysm because they will not evolve to what existence is in time. Four: “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh His name in vain.” This commandment we feel has been little understood. When we say something is taken in vain, we mean that it is worthless or foolish; it has no real value. In other words, God has no purpose or function in the universe. But this commandment is telling us that God‟s value and function in the universe is extremely important, if not paramount to understanding what existence is. The idea that knowledge of our existence can be derived from

the Ten Commandments was also echoed by the Proverbs of Solomon. In the following excerpt, we see reference to this idea, in addition to the implication that by really understanding the meaning of these commandments, man would evolve to the truth and be saved from the cataclysm.
“My son, if thou wilt receive my words, And lay up my commandments with thee; So that thou make thine ear attend unto wisdom, And thy heart incline to discernment: Yea, if thou call for understanding, And lift up thy voice for discernment; If thou seek her as silver, And search for her as for hid treasures; Then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, And find the knowledge of God. For the Lord giveth wisdom, Out of His mouth cometh knowledge and discernment; He layeth up sound wisdom for the upright, He is a shield to them that walk in integrity; That He may guard the paths of justice, And preserve the way of His godly ones. Then shalt thou understand righteousness and justice, And equity, yea, every good path. For wisdom shall enter into thy heart, And knowledge shall be pleasant unto thy soul; Discretion shall watch over thee, Discernment shall guard thee; To deliver thee from the way of evil.” (Proverbs 2:1-12)

To best understand man‟s relationship with God, we must use the tape analogy. Let‟s say we have a video-tape recorder with the information for our images on the video tape. God could be analogized as the operator of the tape recorder. The diehold is like the tape recorder. The reason why man cannot see God nor should he associate anything he sees as being God becomes self-evident using this analogy. It is impossible for the information on the tape to leak through the tape recorder and perceive the operator. The information on the tape is in a totally different time-space relationship from the operator. This is why God can only be perceived and understood as an idea. The only difference between our tape model

and the way we think reality really works is that the diehold is the thought form of God, which in turn means that everything in the universe is a result of God‟s thought forms. This is why we mentioned in Chapter One why ideas should be worshipped rather than men. This idea of what God is can also logically explain another biblical teaching; that God is supposed to be all-knowing, king of the universe, with dominion over its entirety. If we ask ourselves what mechanism would be necessary for God to have such power, we must again come to the conclusion that He is in a different dimension. The universe is too vast for an intelligence in this dimension to know everything that is occurring over the entire length and breadth of the universe; therefore, we must conclude that the information that makes up the universe exists in another form, and in another dimension. Again, we come to the first dimension where everything in the universe including lifeforms exists in one location. This is the only way that an intelligence could be an all-knowing, seeing king of the universe. He is where the information is at one location. There are trade-offs in life for everything. It is true that the period of time before and during the cataclysm is a terrible time for man to live. The suffering and hardship must be tremendous, but there is another side to it. If an individual has evolved to the knowledge of what existence truly is, he can evolve himself to the next higher dimension, this being the fifth or even the sixth dimension. He can do this only during the time of the reversal, when vast amounts of potential are available to him. For an evolved soul, this is the only time in which to live. It is not good enough to say merely that a soul must evolve to a higher state of existence. There must be a reason, in existence, why everything in the universe must and, in fact, does evolve to higher dimensions and levels of potential. The answer is self-evident, if we analyze the very shape of the diehold (Figure 12.2). Just as everything in the universe started at a finite point of pure information, everything must end as pure information. All conscious potential before the final collapse of the universe, must shed itself of all matter in order for it to evolve back to the first dimension and eventually to another form of existence. It says in the Bible that after the Day of Judgment, God will make man as rare as fine gold.” This may seem cruel and heartless to those that don‟t evolve, but that is not true. When a husband


END OF TIME Figure 12.2

has sexual relations with his wife, he implants in her approximately 7,000,000 live sperm cells; but it takes only one to fertilize the egg and create a new life. Do we mourn over the 6,999,999 sperm cells that died? No, we rejoice over the one that makes it. This is not to say there was no reason for the others to have existed. They have to exist in order to give the one that makes it the necessary momentum and potential to reach its goal. The last phrase from the last book of the Old Testament best expresses these ideas.
“And the Lord hearkened, and heard.... For them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon His name. And they shall be Mine, saith the Lord of hosts, In the day that I do make, even Mine own treasure; And I will spare them, as a man spareth His own son that serveth him.
Then shall ye again discern between the righteous and the wicked, Between him that serveth God

And him that serveth Him not. For, behold, the day cometh, It burneth as a furnace;
And all the proud, and all that worked wickedness, shall be stubble;


And the day that cometh shall set them ablaze, Saith the Lord of hosts, That it shall leave them neither root nor branch. But unto you that fear My name Shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in its wings; And ye shall go forth, and gambol As calves of the stall. And ye shall tread down the wicked; For they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet In the day that I do make, Saith the Lord of hosts.” (Malachi 3:17-21)


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Back Electromotive Force. A magnetic field that opposes the flow of current through a coil, also present in a capacitor.

Beat Frequency. A frequency formed by the mixing of two shorter wavelength frequencies. Carrier Wave. A modulated frequency independent of the modulated information to be transmitted, which appears as one or both sidebands of frequencies.*

Clocking Frequency. A stable oscillator pulse in a synchronous computer, for timing all operations such as gating, recording and printing. The bits of information in a synchronous or sequential computer will wait until a clocking pulse arrives, then the bits of information will proceed to another section of the core memory or to the software.

Dampened Oscillating Radio Wave. Oscillations which die away rapidly, having been excited by an impulse.

Demodulation. Separating out the informational frequencies of a transmitted electromagnetic wave by passing the modulated carrier, high-frequency signal with an added carrier frequency, through a nonlinear system, so that the output voltages contain different frequencies. By this process the carrier and side frequencies are separated and are reformed to the original information transmitted.*

Exponential Function.

*Collocott, T. C., Dictionary of Science and Technology. (New York: Barnes and Noble Co.).


The combining of two frequencies in a nonlinear device with the consequent production of sums and different frequencies. The natural log (e) is a transcendental number defined as the limiting value of as n approaches infinity. The process of impressing information in the form of a frequency on to a carrier wave frequency. The latter is the heterodyne frequency.* Modulation. A signal that can be unidirectional or bidirectional. Coding information by either pulse amplitude and/or length. Dictionary of Science and Technology.). (New York: Barnes and Noble Co. T. A device that converts magnetic bits of information on recording tape to electromagnetic frequencies.* Head Device. C.. 456 .which converges to the value e‟ for all values of x. PULSE AMPLITUDE MODULATION PULSE DURATION MODULATION *Collocott. at high-power if the modulator is directly connected to a load. The current induced in a conductor by a rapidly changing magnetic field. Self-Inductance. Heterodyne. Pulse Modulation.

random voltages and delayed gate propagation times.Resonance. Synchronizing Frequency. The resonant frequency for matter is found by the following formula: Resynchronizing Frequency. A frequency inside a computer that enables bits of information of the output to be fitted into the main clocking frequency of the computer. 457 . These types of frequencies eliminate propagation delays. Transient Voltages. The current resulting from a voltage surge or frequency change. A frequency used in computers to align random outside-word commands. The balancing between inductive and capacitive reactance of a voltage resulting from relatively small applied current at a resonant frequency. then fitting them to exact time slots in the core memory. The computer output is synchronized with the computer clocking frequency.

the greater its gravitational field. It can only exist in the first dimension. Evolution is completed when a conscious intelligence possesses so much potential and has assimilated so much information of the universe that it can no longer exist in any of the seven dimensions. There is only one “God” and the Diehold is the product o f his thought form.” “God” can only be perceived as an idea. Intelligence is the product of a given level of potential in the Diehold. Gravity is the information of an object being directed toward its time and space. 2. Every conscious intelligence in the universe evolves to higher levels of potential. 4. As the potential of the conscious intelligence increases. 3. The greater the domains of information the object possesses in the Diehold. No conscious intelligence in our universe can see “God. All conscious thinking and perceiving of information is done entirely from the Diehold. Each side transmits a different dimension. The remaining seven sides represent the seven dimensions of existence into which a conscious intelligence can be modulated. One of its sides is reserved for the dimension in which it exists. The Diehold has the form of an octahedron. 5. 6. existing in the first dimension. Everything in the Universe is formulated from information that exists in a structure we call the Diehold. 7. it is able to perceive more domains of information around itself. 459 .THEOREMS OF THE THEORY OF MULTIDIMENSIONAL REALITY 1.

460 . past or present. 12. by raising the potential of itself to a point where its information will demodulate from one time and space thereby enabling it to move either back or laterally across the information in the Diehold to another time and space. Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light because nothing can obtain a velocity as fast or faster than the head device transmitting its existence. instantly. space and dimension so as to prevent that part of the universe from becoming unstable. 11.8. Time is the distance traveled by the head device across the information of existence. Total information = Information manifest into existence (matter) + Unstable information leaving this dimension (light). The Diehold will not permit too little or too much information occupying a location in time and space. The Diehold will not permit the information of two objects occupying the same time. No conscious intelligence can travel into the future because nothing can go past the head device that transmits its information. A conscious intelligence can travel anywhere in the universe. 9. Energy is the byproduct of information leaving this dimension. 10. so as to prevent that part of the universe from becoming unstable.