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Audit Manager - Audit Department



1. Supervise the work of staff auditors 2. Establish system and standard for conducting audit 3. Supervise the audit work done by staff auditors and countercheck their work in the following sections: a. All the registers in every department b. All payments and issues c. Purchase bills d. Issue of salaries and payments for in house doctors and visiting doctors e. All the stock inventories (general stores, pharmacy stores etc.) f. Check case sheet and prepare the bill for doctors g. Check whether all the procedures are being billed h. Check whether medicines purchased have been administered etc. i. Verify and handover the bills to the accounts department.

4. Prepare a report on results of audit work undertaken and handover the same to the higher authority in time 5. Conduct both operational and financial audit 6. Maintain privacy and confidentiality of information obtained 7. Ensure maintenance of registers 8. Prepare report on revenue vs. expenses 9. Maintain discipline and punctuality 10. Attend meetings and training classes

1. Leadership skills 2. High level of interpersonal skills 3. Good listener 4. Eye for details 5. Good Verbal and Written Communication

1. Computer skills,2. Working knowledge of MS Office,3. Documentation


1. Time Management, 2. Team Building 3. Communication Skills 4. Conflict Management 5. Proactive Behaviour

Quality Assurance Officer



1. Coordinate activities related to Quality certifications and Accreditations like ISO 9001:2000, NABL(National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories), NABH ( National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare) & JCIA (Joint Commission International Accreditation) 2. Assist PQO (Principal Quality Officer) in documentation 3. Coordinate training programs to implement Quality Management Systems and Technical Management System in compliance with Quality certification and Accreditation 4. Interpret and implement Quality assurance standards in hospital to ensure Quality care 5. Review Quality assurance standards; study existing hospital policies and procedures, and interview hospital personnel and patients to evaluate effectiveness of quality assurance program 6. Coordinate and implement Continuous Quality Improvement programmes. 7. Coordinate with Internal Audit, conduct survey, collect data in line with CQI (continuous quality improvement) program 8. Analyze the data collected and prepare reports indicating trends, performance measures and quality indicators 9. Analyze the results of Internal Audit, surveys and quality indicators and follow up for the implementation of recommendations on deficiencies 10. Perform Quality check rounds on daily basis according to CQI program and submit report to PQO 11. Compile statistical data and prepare narrative reports summarizing quality assurance findings 12. Coordinate data collection and monitor entry of the same into organization Dashboard

13. Collect the data on continual improvement activities from all the departments (like HOD meeting minutes, Action taken on significant complaints, Equipment breakdown and Sentinel Events) and update Dashboard 14. Update the changes of Quality Management System and Technical Management System in relevant documents 15. Attend meetings and training sessions

1. Team leading skills 2. Eye for detail 3. Interpersonal skills 4. Verbal and Written Communication skills

1. Knowledge about quality policies and procedures in health care 2. Knowledge of MS Office

1. Time management 2. Listening skills 3. Communication skills 4. Proactive behavior