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Name 2 Jacket



Comment Jacket type: 1. Annular jacket, spiral baffling 2. Half-pipe coil jacket 3. Dimple jacket Length of coil or jacket passage Baffled vessel? Input 1 for yes or 0 for no. Agitator type: see choices below 1. Flat blade turbine 2. Retreating blade turbine 3. Propeller 4. Paddle 5. Anchor 6. Helical Ribbon Number of agitator blades

L 0 Baffled 2 Type

178.2 ft

2 Blades 0.01 n/a ft

Agitator-ribbon pitch (input for Type 6 only)

Remarks Took average blade diameter Assume speed around 160rpm Mean Density Mean cp Mean k Mean viscosity Assume w= Turbulent

Confirmed input values Input 2.78871 9600 48.0695 0.599145 0.070779 34.09461

Name D N cp k w NRe NPr hi


Unit ft rev/hr lbm/ft^3 Btu/lbm-F Btu/hr-ft^2-F/ft lbm/ft-hr 34.09461 lbm/ft-hr 105259.6251 288.6101858 121.8454108 Btu/hr-ft^2-F ft ft ft ft ft ft^2

Comment Blade diameter Blade Turning Speed Density, process fluid Specific heat, process fluid Thermal conductivity, process fluid Viscosity at the bulk fluid temperature Viscosity, wall surface temp Reynolds Number Prandtl Number Heat transfer coefficient Vessel Diameter Vessel Jacket OD Vessel jacket ID (Dji=DT) Equivalent diameter Center diameter of jacket Jacket cross-sectional area Density, heat transfer fluid Specific heat, heat transfer fluid Thermal conductivity, heat transfer fluid Viscosity at the bulk fluid temperature Viscosity, wall surface temp Volumetric flow rate Flow rate Mass flow rate Reynolds number Prandtl Number Heat Transfer Coefficient Heat conductance Process fluid entry temperature Process fluid exit temperature Heat transfer fluid entry temperature Heat transfer fluid exit temperature Log mean temperature change Temperature change Volume of process fluid in the tank Mass of fluid within the vessel Intermediate variable Wall area in contact with the process fluid Floor area in contact with the process fluid Total jacket area in contact with fluid Height of the process fluid in the vessel Time to change jacket temp from t1 to t2 V

670 640

5.93504 DT 6.13189 Djo Dji De Dc Ax 39.9539 0.721553 0.652902 1.47322 j C kj j wj

5.93504 0.400229008 6.033465 1.865615296

lbm/ft^3 Btu/lbm-F Btu/hr-ft^2-F/ft lbm/ft-hr 1.47322 lbm/ft-hr ft^3/hr 241.2072847 ft/hr 17979.255 lbm/hr 2618.126065 1.628125371 5.995315921 Btu/hr-ft^2-F 5.714155027 Btu/hr-ft^2-F 86 608 680 609 -92.84659539 -71 F F F F F F gal lbm ft^2 ft^2 ft^2 ft

450 Q V W NRej NPrj ho U t1 t2 T1 T2 Tlm T 217.942 vol m kk Aw Af Ak H

1400.490566 1.033339554 74.4572 0 74.4572 2.4148

4.230400109 hr

Assumptions Heat transfer due to the wall resistance can be neglected

Inside Film Coefficient Nnu1 FALSE Z 2.3 Nnu2 10217.09 Nnu3 Nnu4 Nnui 5 Nnu6 FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE

Outside Film Coefficient NNu1 FALSE NNu2 3.675129 NNu3 FALSE x1 21.19749 x2 3.919847 x3 0.188578 x4 1.885776

Input Output

825 L

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