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1 Profiles Equipment In the process of making this PomeSweet anti diabetic sweetener, performed a variety of processes with different equipment.The equipment used in the production of the main antidiabetic sweetener PomeSweet are: 1. Mixing Tank(75%) A mixing tank consists of a shell, cover, agitator, supporting device, a driving device and a shaft seal device.The heating unit or cooling unit can be added according to process requirements. Krbon steel or stainless steel can be used as raw material for the shell and cover mixing tank, agitator, and shaft seal in accordance with the requirements of different processes.Shell and cover tangkin mixers use a sealed flange or welded connections.Tool shaft seal device may use mechanical seal, packing or labyrinth seals.Different types of stirrers, including paddle agitator, anchoer agitator, gate type agitator, and spiral agitator can be used according to the needs of different prosuksi.

Figure 8.6. Mixing Tank

Table 8.6. Specifications Mixing Tank

Parameter / Model Volume (liters) The rotational speed mixing (RPN) Motor Power (kw) Area of heat-exchanging(m2)

PZG-500 500 41 2.2 1.7

Overall Dimension(m)


This equipment is applied to make, heat, or cool solution in pharmacy, biology, food, chemical industry etc. The characteristic of machine: a. Its heated or cooled by clamp ferrule, and installed with mixing in the body. Its polished in both internal and external side in accordance with GMP requirements. b. Its mainly made up of inner liner, clamp ferrule, external thermal insulation, mixing, outlet liquid device etc. c. Each instrumentation, valve or viewing lens is well arranged for easier operation.

2.Pasteurization Tank (85%) Mixture derived from the Mixing Tank pasteurized processed in the tank. This tank dpanaskan to kill microorganisms contained in the mix as well for uniform mixing. The temperature in the tank is adjusted to produce optimal heat. This tank provides a constant supply of the mixture. It is equipped with a valve so that the liquid is almost constant pressure to keep the head keluran product.Overflow level must be below the lowest level in the regenerator camputan.This helps to maintain the high pressure on the pasteurized side of the heat exchanger.

Figure 8.7. Pasteurization Tank

Table 8.7. Specifications pasteurization Tank

Spesification Capacity Mix added/batch(min) Mix added/batch(max) Process time/min Speed / Mix Electrical specification/volt Electrical specification/hz Electrical specification/ph Refrigerant type Compressor Condenser Rated power

PAMA 20 20 ltr 10 ltr

PAMA 35 35 ltr 15 ltr

PAMA 60 60 ltr 20 ltr

PAMA 120 120 ltr 30 ltr

20 ltr

35 ltr

60 ltr

120 ltr

8-10 2 220

8-10 2 220/380

9-12 2 220/380

10-15 2 220/380

50 or 60

50 or 60

50 or 60

50 or 60

1 or 3

R404A Tecumseh water / air 3800w / 3950w

R404A Tecumseh water / air 4350w / 4500w 353 lbs / 160 kg 441 lbs / 200 kg 19.3 * 33.9 * 41.7 inch 490 * 860 * 1060 mm 23.6 * 37.8 *

R404A Tecumseh water / air 6150w / 6300w 530 lbs / 240 kg 628 lbs / 285 kg 19.3 * 33.9 * 46.5 inch 490 * 860 * 1180mm 23.6 * 37.8 *

R404A Tecumseh water / air 7950w / 8100w 705 lbs / 320 kg 816 lbs / 370 kg 29.1 * 39 * 49.2 inch 740 * 990 * 1250mm 33.1 * 43.3 *

Net weight

309 lbs / 140 kg

Gross weight

397 lbs / 180 kg

Size W * D * H (with wheels)

16.5 * 28.3 * 39.4 inch 420 * 720 * 1000mm

Packing size

20.9 * 35.4 *


48.8 inch 530 * 900 * 1240mm

49.6 inch 600 * 960 * 1260mm

54.3 inch 600 * 960 * 1380mm

57.1 inch 840 *

The pasteurizing machine is controlled fully by computer which can pasteurize automatically from the high temperature +85C or +65C according to different kinds of raw materials and can keep fresh for 72 hours. It adopts the practical and new type patented churning system and assembles the technical technical grade frequency converter which can save the energy, start and stop very quietly and help to extend the working life of the compressor and churning motor. It is allocated with the French Tecumseh compressor cooling system and Denmark Danfoss expansion valve, etc. The warranty period of the whole machine is 1 year.

Features Include: 1. The whole machine is controlled by the computer intelligent system with super huge LCD screen. The machine operating status is shown in the graphics whose interface can reflect the communication between the operator and the machine. The preference was protected by the password which can prevent the operation by mistake. 2. Output is adopted the low noise and undisturbed technology. 3. The practical and new type patented churning system improve emulsification of the base; 4. The rectangle design of the pot can save more space.. 5. Closed cleaning water source help to work efficiently and sanitarily. 6.Adopting the UFI approved refrigerant R404A which is more environmental-friendly.

3. Spray Drier (Efficiency 85%) The drying process is very important because we offer sweetener products in powder form. The spray drying is the technology widest used in the liquid technology shaping and in the drying industry.The drying technology is most suitable for producing the powder,particle or block solid products from the materials,such as:solution,emulsion,soliquoid and pumpable paste states,For this reason,when the particle size and distribution of the final products,their residual water contents,the stacking density and the particle shape must meet the precision standard,the apray drying is one of the most desired technologies.

After the filtering and heating,the air enters into the air distrbutor on the top of the drier.The hot air enters into the drying room in the spiral form and uniformly.By passing through the high-speed centrifugal spray on the top of the tower,the material liquid will rotate and be sprayed into the extremely fine mist liquid beads.Throug the very short time of contacting the heat air,the materials can be dried into the final products.The final products will be discharged continuously from the bottom of the drying tower and from the whirl separator.The waste gas will be discharged from blower.

Particle liquid name and material property:solid contents(or water contents),viscosity,surface tension and PH value. Powder material contents after the drying,permissible residual water contents,particle size,and permissible maximum temperature. Output:shift time daily. Energy that can be supplied:steam pressure supply capacity,electricty capacity,fuel coal,oil and air capacity. Control requirement:whether or not the inlet and outlet temperatures should be controlled. Powder collection requirement:whether or not the bag type collector should be mounted and what is the requirement of the environment for discharging the exhausted gas.

Figure 8.8. Spray Drier

Item\ Data\ Model Inlet Temp. (C) Oulet Temp .(C) Evaporati on (kg/h) Atomizati on Style

LPG 5 130-300 25 50 100 150 200 500 1000




3550 Powe r drive n 1800 02700 0 Stea m plus powe r suppl y 18

75100 Powe r drive n 1800 02700 0 Stea m plus powe r suppl y 23

120150 Powe r drive n 1500 01800 0 Stea m plus powe r suppl y 29

170210 Powe r drive n 1500 01800 0 Stea m plus powe r suppl y 43

400500 Powe r drive n 1200 01500 0 Stea m plus powe r suppl y 76

8001000 Powe r drive n 1200 01500 0 Stea m, hot air stove

Compress ed air

Powe r drive n

Speed (r/min)


1800 02700 0

Heat Resource

Power supply

Stea m plus powe r suppl y

Driving power (kW) Heating Power(k W) Dust Recovery Rate Diameter of tower (m) Height (m)












95 %

95 %

95 %

95 %

95 %

95 %

95 %
















4. Filling Machine Automatic Powder Filling Machine is an apparatus for filling product into the packaging (a small sachet).This tool can measure and put into the packaging powder. The tool consists of Filling Head, a chain conveyor mounted in place a cocoon, a stable base frame and all the accessories needed to move and position containers for filling the required number of products, then quickly transferred to another device.This machine can measure and fill products in kamsan, charging circuitry speed and high accuracy. Packing Machine (DXDK900A) 1. packing machine has small volume and compact structure 2. moves smoothly, 3 multi lanes packing 4. high efficiency.

Figure 8.9. Filling Machine

Table 8.8. Specifications Filling Machine

Aluminum-plastic Complex Film Wrapper Plastic plastic Complex Film Paper-plastic Complex Film Cutting frequency Packing dose Liquid, Semi-sticky : 5-40ml/bag 20-40 times/min Granule, Powder: 2-20 g/bag Thickness: 0.05-0.1mm

Bag Size (L) Bag Size (W) Max Width Max efficiency Max number of Vertical cutting Air consumption Power Power Supply Machine dimensions(LWH) Machine weight

50-150mm 65-120mm 900mm 400 bags/min 10 3.2 L/hour 5 KW 380V/50Hz 1500x1540x2100mm 1200KG