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by Ernest E. Murrell
Chapter One

Fleas is a fuzzy white, medium size, wise street dog. He has black paws and cute hazel eyes. Fleas-es home is the streets of New York City. So he's always outside under a bridge or sleeping under a truck, eating from trash cans, in all types of weather. The lower east side was the neighborhood he was best known in. The name Fleas, was giving to him by the Arabs and Spanish card players who always sat on the corner. Every night, about six o'clock in the evening, Lewy the butcher would come out, from the back door of his corner store, where everyone played cards, and feed Fleas the days leftovers. This was one of Fleas normal dinning spots. Fleas has a few neighborhood buddies [Porkchop and Bones], he hangs with. But usually he'd wander the streets alone, trying to figure out, how to get more food and a way off the streets. Shaking himself clean, or running threw fire hydrants water, was what he did every morning, to look presentable, in hopes of a family picking him up and taking him home. This was his mine objective. At the same time, this is why Fleas trotted the streets alone. Cruising for a family worked a few times for Fleas. He had good luck. On Avenue A, was an animal shop, where all the locals would go in and buy things for their pets. So, as a family, or a nice couple would walk out of the pet shop, Fleas would follow them home. Well, one morning, wile he was sitting by the store, he saw a man and women walk into the shop, talking about how they would love to have another pet. Fleas figured this is an opportunity, so shook himself clean and waited for them to come out. The boyfriend was a tall husky man. And the girlfriend was short and chunky. They made a perfect couple. Rex and Shawna was their names. They where cheerful people. Giggling and hugging one other as they walked by Fleas. Again, Fleas new this is his chance to get off the street. So he stood up, shook the dirt off him and tried to look as fresh and clean as possible. After twenty minutes, Fleas peeped in the store window, and saw that they where walking towards the exit. "Here they come, he barked to himself. As they walking by Fleas. Shawna said: "Isn't he a cute doggy?' The boyfriend, Rex replied: "Yes. Hes a cool looking dog. And they kept walking. Fleas was not letting them get away, he followed them.

Every time any of the too would look back at Fleas, he would look up at them with his best, most cutest puppy eyes. The Shawna was falling for him. She hugged Rex, asking him in baby talk: "Rex, come on, lets take him home boo boo. Rex broke down, asking her: Baby, are you shore we want the extra responsibility? Sandra said: "Yes. And plus we where just talking about getting a new pet. And here he is. As there talking Fleas is saying to himself: "Yes, the puppy eyes worked again working. Please take me home. The boyfriend reached back, talking to Fleas: "Hay, now don't bight me my friend. I see you don't have a home. Do you want one?' Fleas tale began wagging really fast. Sandra said: "Honey, his tail is saying, he want to come home with us. In Fleas mind he

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was saying: "Yayaya, take him home. And that's what they did. On their way home, Shawna said: "Look at him Rex, he doesn't look that bad. With his cute black paws. They look like gloves. They started laughing. Fleas barked, joining in the happiness moment. The teenagers from the corner, walked past, congratulating the couple: "O, your taking Fleas home, cool. Well, be good Fleas. The home boys are gonna miss you son. Rex asked the teen: Fleas is his name? The teen said yes and kept walking. "Fleas it is then. Come on Fleas, where going home? Said Rex. Shawna and Rex lived in a eight hundred square feet too bed room apartment. On the second floor of a brown stone house. Their Just a few blocks away from the pet shop. Fleas ears was always propped up, walking with sharp awareness. Hoping that they want turn around and hurt him. Because it happened to him a few times. Anyway, as they're walking up stairs to the apartment, Fleas-es tail stops wagging, and it's now between his legs. He's nervous. "Now don't be scared Fleas. Where home. Your safe with us, OK. Rex said, as he opens the door to let them in. Sandra walks in and turns around, putting here hands on her Knees: "come on Fleas. This is your new home. Dont be afraid. Fleas slowly walked in.

There now in the apartment. Fleas is walking around sniffing the sofa and other things in the living room, as the couple took off their shews. "This is nice and clean "Fleas was thinking as he sat down on the floor next to the black leather sofa. The only pet Rex and Shawna had was a big fish tank with lots of fish in it. Sandra takes out fish food from the bag they just bought from the pet shop and began feeding the fish. Fleas was listening very close to their conversation. "Tomorrow where both off, so this will give us more time with Fleas, OK honey. Rex said. They both sat on the sofa, snugged under each others arms. Shawna says: "I wonder what he eats. Rex replies: "Dog food. So what I want you to do, in about an hour, is to go back to the store and buy him an big bag of food. We're going to fating him up a little. She agrees wile resting her head on Rex chest. Rex is sleep, Shawna is out shopping and Fleas is lying there with one eye open, thinking: "Wow, my puppy eyes really worked this time, cool. Fleas-es head and ears suddenly jumped up as, Sandra entered the apartment with hands full bags of dog food. Around ten minutes later, they both walked into the kitchen and fulled a bowl up with puppy chow. Fleas smelled the food and ran in, munching it up as if he never ate a meal in his life. "This is great. Fleas barked. With his tale swinging fast. Rex and Shawna stood their watching Fleas eat, then walked back into the living room. As their looking at television, Fleas is happy and full, resting on the floor, by the catch, next to them, They're conversing. Rex says: "Shawna, we need to figure out a walking schedule for Fleas and us. Since you live before me in the morning, I'll walk him then. Um, as a matter of a fact, I'll do the walking. You could do the feeding, and we'll both do the cleaning behind him, if he does a number one or too, in the house. They both agreed, as Fleas puts his head back down. It's seven o'clock in the evening, so it's time for Fleas-es first walk. "You want to come out with us Shawna, I'm going to walk Fleas now? Rex asks. Shawna said yes so they all walked out together. Its a nice warm evening. Rex put on the red leash Shawna bought Fleas. They headed to the dog park in Washington square park. Fleas-es life is now looking up. Entering the dog park, a couple of dogs stopped staring at Fleas as he walked in. "Now go. Run Fleas. Have funny puppy. Rex took the leash off Fleas, allowing him to run around. Fleas ran around, having fun. Urinating on almost every tree in the park. page 3

A German shepherd bolted over to Fleas, sniffing his back side. He was making friends with Fleas. The dog barks: "Hi, are you new around town? Fleas smelled his back side as well, then stood the dog nose to nose, saying: "Yes, I'm sort of new to the area. I'm usually hanging around the lower east side. My name is Fleas. Other dogs began surrounding Them, as Fleas-es new friend responded: "Cool. My name is Big head. Lets play. The other dogs immediately excepted a fight, because Big head was the ruler of the dog run. "It looks as if Fleas makes friends quickly. Shawna said to Rex. "Ya, well, animals make friends easily. There like children. They just want to eat and play. The both of them giggled. It's getting late, so they're now headed home. In the apartment, Rex feeds Fleas and they all go to bed. The next morning, Fleas walks in there bed room and licks Rex face, waking him up. Its eight o'clock in the morning Fleas. You need a to go for a walk? OK, we're going. Rex says as he gets up, jumping into his walking dog walking clothes. He kisses Sandra, letting her know he's taking Fleas for a walk. "Hurry back now Honey. She says as Rex is putting on the leash and headed out of the door with Fleas. Fleas is a good dog. He doesn't go to the bathroom in the house, like they expected. But as soon as the leave the building, he gos on a tree. Good boy Fleas. Rex says as he pets him. Fleas had to go so bad, he went to the bathroom on ever tree and every pole. On there way back hack home, one block away, a Pitbull passes them and starts barking at Fleas. But in dog reality, their kind of arguing. The dog barks: "Hay Fleas, stop peeing on my spots. Your in my hood now! Fleas barks back: "I'll go where ever I want to. When you gotta go, you just gotta go. The Pitbull Owner pulls the dog away, in the opposite direction. Rex says: "Now come on Fleas, Wow what was that all about? Fleas looks up at him with happy eyes and says with a bark: "O, that was nothing. He was just a hater. And off to home they went. The days past, with them lounging around the house, playing fetch the ball with Fleas and watching television. "It was such a nice day off with you and Fleas Sandra. Rex said. "Yes. It was so amazing baby. Fleas humps Shawna-s leg. She giggles. "It's time for me to wash up and go to bed. Tomorrow is a work day for me. Shawna needs to go to work the next day as well. Fleas runs into their room, leaping on top of the bed. His white furry tales wagging. "No, no, no Fleas you sleep in the living room, where ever you want. But not on our bed. Rex said. Shewing him off the bed, Fleas walks with his head down into the living room. Three weeks passover. Inside the home, is still as happy as could be. Fleas is clean and healthy. Shawna fells good, and Rex, is as happy as a pig in mud. Shawna and Rex are on there way home. It's now five in the evening. Sandra walked in first so she took Fleas out for a walk. Their both watching Family guy on television. Seven o'clock comes around and Rex enters the door. He's feeling down. "Hay honey. How was your day baby?

Shawna says. Rex: "They lied me off. The developer ran out of money, so the had to put the project on hold. So they lied off all the construction workers. And our saving will only support us to, along with your check. He plops down in on the sofa. Shawna sits next to him and holds him in her arms. "What are you saying Rex? Rex says: "We need give Fleas to the dog pound. Fleas is sitting in front of them. He Quickly looks up at the with his ears up, saying: "No. Don't tell me it's over. I don't want to leave you guys. I love you. Shawna says: "But baby, we could keep Fleas. We just need to watch our budget closer. Rex: "Shawna, I love Fleas, but he costs us One hundred dollars, page 4

a week. We can't afford him. Tomorrow, I'm taking him to ASPCA, or to any pound. Fleas over hears this horrible news and starts crying. Rex crawls over to Fleas and lays with him, saying: "Where going to miss you Fleas. I'm sorry but we can't afford you. So tomorrow your going to a new home. Fleas puts his head down and curls up in a ball of sadness. The next morning, Sandra gives her fair well kisses to Fleas as she rushes off to work. Rex is dressed and walks Shawna to the door. Then he puts Fleas-es red walking collar on him. " We need to go buddy. Im sorry my friend, but I know you'll find a better home. Lets go. Rex haled a cab and they both jump in it. Arriving at the ASPCA, Rex had to pull Fleas out of the cab. "Come on buddy. I know you don't want to leave me, but this is part of life. Rex dragged him in the building. He stopped at the front desk, telling the workers: "Hay guys, how are you? Um, I can't afford him now, but his name is Fleas and he's a very good pet. He uses the bathroom, only out side and he listens to what a a person says. I love him but, So, could you please find him a good home? The Animal shelter employees promised they'll do their best. Then took Fleas by his new red leash. Fleas struggled, barking and crying along, wile Rex sadly walked out of the building. To humans, a dog pound is just a dog pound. But to dogs, a pound is jail. And Fleas was afraid. As the man walked Fleas to his cage, the only thing Fleas could think about was, Lewy the butchers food and his buddy, Porkchop. Alright now, get in the cage you

stupid dog! The man kicks Fleas into the cage, Fleas turn and growls at him: "I'll bite you if you kick me again. Fleas said to himself, barking at the mean man, as he enters the the cage slowly. There's six dogs he sees. Some small and some big. Fleas didn't know any of them. A small Jack Russel Started barking at Fleas, saying: And whats yours? My name is "Big Red. Fleas said too him: "But your small and white. Big Red said: "So, Im the boss in hear! And he went over and sniffed Fleas. The other dogs started barking at once, randomly introducing them selves. "My name is Tim. Mine name is Macho. I'm Cali. Call me Carlos. And I'm Russia. Fleas was firmly standing their with a straight furry tale. Ready to scrape. But suddenly all dogs started wagging their tails, smelling each other. With all the barking and commotions, It was lunch time. A few of the working women and man, came into the cage area and feed the dogs. One by one, they would eat there bowl of food and water, then go back into the cage. It was Fleas turn to come out and eat his food. Fleas smelled the food, but only drank the water. The lady said: "Come on now, you need to eat your food so you could stay healthy. He still just kept drinking the water. Then he looked at her with his puppy eyes saying, "I'm finished now. Let me go and lie down now. And that's what she did. Fleas was still thinking about Shawna and Rex.

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Macho, the Pitbull, barked at Fleas, saying: "What, are you special? You can't eat the same food we eat? Fleas stood up and responded: "I'm not hungry right now. So leave me alone!" And they both started barking louder. They almost had a fight, But Big Red, the Jack Russell, came between them and broke it up. At the same time, people are coming in and out, looking to find a dog to take home. A wealthy looking women come in. Slowly looking at each dog in all cages. Big Red said: "Here she comes guys, look your best! this is something Fleas is so familiar with. Looking his best and putting on your most puppiest of puppy eyes. The rich lady in fine lining, wearing white gloves, walks up to the cage, but because Fleas is new in the pound, all the older dogs made him stand in the back. So she couldn't see him. She stood their and looked as all the dogs was putting on their best heirs. Fleas Just lied down, still thinking about Shawna and Rex. After minutes flew by, the rich lady told the pound workers: "My apologies, I don't see the Puccy I want. Geebs will drive me to another doggy place. And she left. All six of the dogs released their breaths and lied on the floor. It was dinner time. Now, Fleas was hungry. He drank his water and ate all the food in his bowl, this time. Russia said: "You ate all of your food. Your one of us now. Fleas looked at him and said: "I'm not one of you. I'm myself! He walked to the corner and went to the bathroom, then lied back in his spot. The morning come and the working men and women came and put a leash on the dogs, cage by cage and took them out to get a wash. The dog wash was in the same building, but another part. All six of them where cleaned and taking for a dog walk in the near by park. Fleas needed the walk. The walkers handled three dogs per person. And Fleas was thinking of how to run away. But he didn't. Days fly by with Fleas having too fights with Macho and Cali. Cali beat him up pretty bad, so The pound people moved Fleas to another cage. A more peaceful one, with smaller doggies. Life for Fleas wasn't looking good, but he still had hope. One of the puddles in his new cage, named, Jewls, told Fleas he had to find a way to escape in a few days before he was scheduled to see the doctor. Jewls said: "Hay Fleas: The doctors going to cut you so you want have a family. There gonna cut them off brooo. You need to find a way to leave before your next. Fleas became worried. He started thinking of how to break free. 12:00pm came around. Fleas and the others ate their foods and are now headed out for their daily walk. This time, too people had to handle eight smaller dogs on one leashes. Fleas noticed this detail. So he was waiting for his big break. Jewls was telling him: "Hay Fleas, today would be the day to leave, right? Fleas responds: "Yea, but how? None of them new how. On the way to the park, the young guy holding Fleas is not in his right mind today. Hes complaining about his grades school to his female coworker.

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The walkers stop to let Fleas and them play in the dog park for about forty five minutes. This was Fleas chance. And he took it. Ten minutes in the park, Fleas see a bench, next to a fence. Witch makes it easy to jump it. All the dogs was having fun. Suddenly Fleas takes his chance. He leaps over the fence and ran as fast as he could. "Come back hear Fleas. Stop that dog! But know one tried to catch him. He was barking at everyone as he ran by them. For block on end, he kept running. To the lower east side he went. Back to Lewy the butchers corner store. Laying down by the dumpsters, behind the store, Fleas is waiting for Lewy to come out and feed him. Its like 2:00pm in the afternoon. Finally, Lewy comes out to have a break. "Fleas, where have you been. We mist you? Fleas stood up wagging his tail faster then an helicopter propeller. Lewy bent over to pet Fleas. Fleas jumped up and Licked his face. Fleas was saying In his head: "Man, I'm so glade to be back with you guys, cause I'm hungry. Lewy went in and came out of the store with a big peace of left over steak. And a few bones. "Thanks bro. Fleas said as he munched up the food. "Well at least your clean Fleas. Lewy said. It was an overcast afternoon. Fleas was sort of lonely, wondering where his friends where. As he was thinking of them, up comes Porkchop. Fleas yells: Porkchop, overhear. He's walks closer Fleas, sniffing around for food. Porkchops a short pudgy,

mushy face bull dog. And because of his look, this makes him slow, mean, and neurotic. Many people in the neighborhood had grown to like him. But Fleas loved him because he was cool. He didn't judge his friends. Porkchop says: "Fleas, where the hell have you been. The gang was looking for you? Fleas looked up at him, with food in his mouth, "It's a long story bro. I'll tell you later. Do you want some food? Porkchop said yes and began eating. As they where eating the store owner came out and chased Porkchop away. "Go, get lost Porkchop head, Go! And they both walked away with Porkchop growling at Lewy. Porkchop continues: "You got some explaining to do Fleas, I mean, we all where looking for you, for days, what happened? Fleas responds: "OK, you know how I do my trick for families to pick me up, well, a family took me home and for too weeks, all was good. But then the bread winner lost his job and I lost my home. They took me to a dog pound. As their crossing the street, Pockchop looking at Fleas, so into the story. Porkchop asked: "And, and what happen bro, don't hold back. Their now on the side walk. Fleas continues: "OK chill out, I'ma finish. Lol. It was messed up in the pound. I had too fights, and the food was so bad. So I found an opening and ran. Wow, No way bro. Your the man. I just hope they never catch me. Said Porkchop.

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Porkchop whips his front paw across his dog brows. "Lets go to the park and meat up with the other guys. Porkchop said. "Cool. Lets go. Agreed Fleas. And they walked over to and met up with the other dogs. Fleas asks Porkchop: Hay Chops, I thought you had a girlfriend. What happen to her? Porkchop said: "I dont know, her mother made her break up with me. The mom didn't like me. Fleas sympathizes: "I'm sorry about that my friend. Porkchop says he's hungry so they should go and look for food. Fleas knows where to go, but Porkchops not wanted there so Fleas would just follow along. Porkchop: "Fleas, don't you know where some good spots are?' Fleas says: "Yea but I don't think there in town right at the moment. Let just go where you know. By the Brooklyn Bridge there is a dirty dumpster, with old food in it. This is wear Porkchop takes Fleas. You see Fleas, this is one of my good spots. Fleas laughs on the inside and asks: "Are you serious bro. LOL. Ok. Lets see what this spot has to offer. They can't get into the big dumpsters, but the smaller ones are tangible. So Fleas runs into the garbage can, and it falls over spilling out sandwiches and open can foods. Porkchops yells: "You see Fleas, told you. Fleas spells the food: "Ewww. Yuck Porkchop. You eat this stuff. Don't bro. Lets go find better food. And Don't worry about who likes you or not bro. Fleas put his front paw on Porchop as they're walking away. They run and play all the way to Hells kitchen where fleas is famous. Almost every other tree and fire hydrant Fleas and Porkchop pees on. Fleas stops and gos number one on this one really big tree, but first he sniffs it: "Sniff, Sniff. Hay Porkchop, come smell what Jimmy wrote about his girlfriend. Porkchop runs over and smells the tree. "WOW, It's a love note. I new he was in love with her. Fleas takes a number one on top of the tree to leave them a note. What did you say Fleas? porkchop asked. "I told them they should get married. They both laughed and kept walking. "That's funny Fleas. Porkchop said. Porkchop asked: "But why there always doing number one on our trees? I just don't understand that crap. Big Willy does it to. See, that's why I'm gonna correct him when see him. Fleas laughs. saying: "As a matter of a fact, Here he comes now Porkchop. Tell him something." Fleas was right, Big Will, the giant German Shepard, was on his way down the street. As he come closer, Big Will and Porkchop started growling. Then barking. Next thing Fleas new, they were brawling. Fleas couldn't let Porkchop fight alone, so they jumped Big Will, and won. As Big Will limped away, Fleas said to him: "And stop Going to the bathroom on our trees. Theirs plenty of other spot to go. Big Will just sadly hopped away. Breathing heavy, Porkchop says: "Man, that made me hungry. You too Fleas? Fleas agreed, huffing and puffing, with a small smirk on his face. "Lets go, where only a few blocks away. but Porkchop, please, stay where I tell you, or else we wont get any food. Alright. Fleas asks Porkchop. He agrees. They get to the corner, next to the shop, and

Fleas asks Porkchop to stay. And he does. Fleas walks up to the back door of the pizza shop and softly scratches the door. Minutes later a heavy set man comes out of the pizzaria and sees Fleas. From a distance, Porkchop sees the Mediterranean looking man get excited seeing Fleas. The man pets him and runs back in the shop. He comes back out with a white paper bag full of, what looks like meat. He starts feeding it to Fleas, a bit at a time. Fleas is completely enjoying himself. Eating up a storm. Porkchop is now getting jealous of the festivities. So Porkchop belts out a small Bark. Fleas turns and barks back at him, telling him to wait. page 8

However, Porkchop doesn't want to listen. So he walks over to Fleas. And the man notices Porkchop. But he doesn't like him, so he comes out screaming. "Get away Porkchop. Your not kosher you mutt! Fleas is the only one allowed around hear. Now go! The man shews Porkchop away. So Porkchop runs back across the street. Sadly waits for Fleas. Minutes later fleas walks over with large chunks of meat in his mouth. "About time Bro. Porkchop says to Fleas. "Well, if you would of waited, and not caused any trouble, I could of came over sooner. I'd stayed later smoothing it out for the next time. If you wouldnt of biting his leg before, you would be OK with him. Fleas said, as the food dropped on the ground between them. Porkchop munched down on the food. Happily eating, Porkchop apologizes: "Sorry bro. I was just hungry. I haven't eating like this in about three weeks. Thanks. He said as he scarfed the food down like it was know tomorrow. You should of seen how both of them was eating this expensive food. As they where grabbing the meat with their teeth, they were growling, flinging the meat in the air, trying to ripe it apart. Fleas looked at Porkchop, saying: "My friend, be easy. The meats not going any wear ". But at the same time, Fleas was doing the same thing. Flinging the meat around with his teeth, ripping it apart for easy digestion. There food was finished in minutes. As the too was walking away, it looked as if they where going to fall on the grown, because their stomachs was so full. And happy. "Seriously. Wowzers. Fleas, thanks bro. Woow. [Their walking slow] I enjoyed that one. Next time it on me. They was so happy, their tales are wagging fast as the both walked slow. Porkchop found a resting spot rite under a scaffolding on Houston street in the Soho. The scaffolding blocked the rain. And it also hide them from their competitors. So

they slept until the next day. Threw their sleep was all types of sounds of the city, witch made Fleas-es body jump occasionally, during the evening. Jumping in his sleep, he picked up in the dog pound. Because a poorly ran pound is like a prison for animals. Some dogs become traumatized. And Fleas is one of them. The sun is shinning as porkchop pulls on Fleas-es tale, trying to wake him up: "Fleas, come on, get up man. Its early in the morning. We could get the best breakfasts. Fleas started kicking Porkchop: "Stop bro. No man. I'm sleeping Chops. It's to early. Fleas turned onto his other side to continue sleeping. Now Porkchop nudges Fleas with his nose. "Dude, lets eat bro. I know your hungry like me. Come on bro! Fleas slowly wakes up: OK, Ok Chops, I'm up brooo. Did you fart? Porchop asks: Know. Why? As Fleas sits up, on his back legs, he says: "Because It stinks like a birds fart mixed and cow poop. They giggle. But know one admits to the fart. "Anyway, lets go do what we do best, eat and have fun. This is what Fleas loves to do, eat and just have fun. Anyway, there searching to fill their stomach. Porkchop: "You ever want a girlfriend or whatever Fleas? Fleas answered: "Yea, but I don't know. I wish I could have a girlfriend, and whatever, but I'm shy bro. What about you Chops? I don't know, perhaps when the girl finds me. As you know, to many people love me. They both laugh. [Knowing to many people dislike him]. "Look Fleas, stop coming down on yourself. The more you think of what others think of you, the more they'll control you. Love yourself. And we all love you, so.... Porkhops agrees with an unconfident shmirk. Wile walking, the both of them are thinking that they should add more friends to their group. But Porkchop speaks it out loud. Porkchop: "We need some more friends in our group. What do you think Fleas?' Fleas: "I don't know Porkchops. Have fun. If we meat more friends, thats

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cool. Lets just do what we do. Porkchop asks: "And what do we do Fleas? Fleas says: "Eat and sleep. Porkchop says: "Yea your right Fleas, eat and sleep. Porkchop loves this idea, Eat and sleep. As their laughing LoL... Fleas explains that he needs to go see about other business in far distance. So Fleas had to leave Porchop behind. If Chops

could keep up with Fleas-es speed, he would be invited, but, Chops is to slow. After eating, Fleas took off running up on the east side to meat up with an old friend. As Fleas walks up town, he's sniffing an Doing number one on three to four trees, per street. leaving messages for other neighborhood dogs he doesn't know. Messages for his friends, and for some enemies. He sniffed one fire hydrant and it was a comment about him. It read: "Fleas thinks he the best thing out their. The second sniff read: "I know, but he's the weirdest one out here. Fleas peed a comment on top of theirs Saying: "I am the best looking dog on the block. And yes, I am the smartest, but the craziest to. Thanks. Then he continued walking. It's about 2pm in the evening. Fleas finally reaches his destiny. 49th street. At this time, almost every day, Fleas runs up and keeps a 71 year old lady company, on the steps of her building. Many times, he would help her cross the busy streets as well. Amy is her name. Fleas is with Amy full time, sort of like a community service type of relationship. She would feed him snacks and other types of finger foods. After winning the hearts of the elderly, he'd head back down town. On his way, Fleas would conversing with other dogs on trees and fire hydrants, wile keeping an eys open for dogs that don't like him. Back on 23rd street, he's writing a message on a tree, and up walks an old man runs towards Fleas, waving a stick, shouting: "Get out of here dog. Stop damaging the trees around my neighborhood! Fleas bolts. Fleas doesn't mean to hurt anything or anyone, but this dogs do, and what his parents taught him when he was a puppy. How to go on trees, pools, and anything else sticking out of the ground. Fleas thinks about his parents a lot. When Fleas was seven months old, his parents gave him the best party in the world. Fleas never seen so many bones and treats and gifts, ever before. He was the youngest, so he was spoiled my all his family, Then mouths later everyone split up. The young brothers and sister puppies went to different homes. The parents got placd on the streets. And Fleas was left with an old man who died. Putting Fleas back on the streets. He grew up all threw the new york city areas. The good thing was, as a child, Fleas was always the cutest. This is why he had chances to live in safe homes. He's now a young, one and a half year old, teenager. Fleas is down town now, looking for Porkchop. But Porkchop is Know where to be seen. Fleas heads over to an ally way on 1st street and Ave A, where Porkchop and he, would usually hang. On Fleas-es walk to the ally, he sees a group of female dogs he new from the neighborhood. He asks Tammy, a tale black puddle in the gang: Have she seen Porkchop. Tammy replies: I haven't seen your friend Porkchop. He's your buddy. So why don't you know where he is? She walks up to Fleas and continues: "Fleas baby, I just came from 14 street with my girls. But what are you doing later. Maybe we could go and find dinner tonight? I know where a secret dumpster is. Fleas said maybe, then walked away from the gang of girls. Fleas likes Tammy, but shes to popular on the street seen. So friendship is all he want from her. Many girl dogs fall in love with Fleas, but Fleas stays reserved for the right companion. page 10

Fleas is still walking around looking for more food, and for his friend Porkchop, hoping that the dog police didn't pick him up. The dogs on the street consider the dog chasers, who brings dogs to the pound, Police. And the dog pound is the jail. Fleas and all the other dogs are afraid of the pound, because they know what humans do to male dogs, so they wont ever have puppies. This makes street dogs nervous every time a person walks up to one of them, especially if the persons to nice. I mean, the people who approach street dogs, with there tempers flaring, aren't the ones trying to take them to the dog pound. The nice ones are the tricky people. Walking on his way to Soho, on Houston street, Fleas see one of his old friends, a really tall gray dog named: "Bones Fleas: "Hay Bones, what have you been up to? I haven't seen you in a long time. As their walking west. Bones says: "I just came from the upper west side. I got a good spot up there. You know, up there on 89 street. They feed me high class meals, I hang with my buddies, I got a good thing going on up there. As their walking by a hot dog stand, they stop and sniff there nose up to the hot dog guy, hoping he would throw them a few peaces of meat. But he didn't, he just shewed them away. The third stand was a kinder man. Feeding them two peace of meat each. Now Fleas and Bones where happy, wagging their tails asking for more. But the hot dog guy shews them away. Along the walk, Fleas goes to the bathroom on every other tree, leaving messages for his friend Porkchop. Telling him that he and Bones is walking towards the west side highway. Bones uses the bathroom next to Fleas, giving Porkchop a shout out. On six avenue Fleas and Bones, needs a break, so they stop in a park. As their chilling, up walks four trouble making dogs. There all different sizes. Bones and Fleas, knows that these guys are local gang members. So look at each other, putting on the fighting face, then they start growling at the gangsters. The four dogs starts barking very loud, asking: "What are you too doing in our park? Get out now, before we tear you guys apart, GO NOW! Fleas and Bones barks back as their slowly walking forward. "We just walking threw. So leave us alone, or we will tear you four into tinny peaces! Fleas says. Another

dog, out of the four, barks: "O Yea? They quickly jump on top of each other. A big fight is now in session. Their scrapping. [!&@#$*<#&&!>!]. People are running. A few men are cheering the dogs on. With in a couple of minutes, too police officers runs over with their night slicks, breaking the fight up. Smacking the gangster dogs on the sides of there chest. Luckily, Bones and Fleas ran away with know major injuries. But the other dogs got thrown in the wagging, and sent off to the pound. Fleas exhales, saying: "Wow. That was wild Bones. Are you OK? As their grabbing air, sort of limping. Bones responds: "Yea buddy. It looks like those guys lost with us and the police. They're both laughing on their walk to the west side highway. Fleas says to Bones: "I'm so happy Porkchop wasn't hear, because he would of slowed us down. We would of probably lost the fight. Bones agrees as they stopped for another food break. About too streets before the highway. Fleas sees a pizza shop he's very familiar with. He know, people at this particular food spot, are pretty generous to the neighborhood animals. So they walk up to the crowd and begin bagging. With in minutes, Fleas and Bones received two slices each. They're happy now, so head off. Stopping on the corner, before the highway, they're waiting for light to turns green. It's green, so Fleas and Bones crosses over, onto the west side pears, Even dogs love a bright, sunny New Jersey view. Fleas says: "Man Bones, I wonder what happened to Porkchops. I hope he's OK. Ten minutes later: "Hay guys.

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Whats up? Up wobbles Porkchop. Fleas barks, saying: "I've been looking all over for you. We just go into it with the Six ave boys. Bones stands quiet, looking at Porkchop, anticipating an answer. As all three of them site down by the water, the guys gave Porkchops time to explain. Porkchop answers: "I found a girlfriend bro. Her name is Kim. She's hot to. I just met her early this morning. She's new on the street. Her family she was staying with, kicked her out because she would tear up all the news papers. Anyway, I'm taking care of Kim now. Bones looks at Porkchop and says: "Good for you dude. Fleas hesitates, but still

congratulates Chops: "Yea, congratulations. So where is she now? Porkchop says: "O, shes too streets away with one of her girlfriends. Fleas-es right eye brows perks up, saying: "She has a girlfriend, how does she look Chops?" Bones jumps in: "Yea is she hot to? Porkchop elaborates: "She's a bit taller then you Fleas. With long hair. And a long beautiful hfing nose. She has a cute curly tale to. Her name is Sara. She looks rich doggy. Fleas gets happy, asking: "Really, I wont to meat her Chops. Porkchops tells him to relax, they'll meat up later. They all became quiet, looking at the sun bouncing off the water. Hours go by. It's sun down. Fleas wakes up the guys from their sleep. He asks "Arent you guys hungry, cause I am. Porkchop and Bones woke up hungry. "Yea Fleas, I'm starving. Bones says: "Me three. I could eat a cow and a horse, at the same time. They all laugh. Leaving the the west side water pears, they walk a couple of streets to pick up Porkchops girlfriend and her friend. The girls are standing in front of a high end hotel. Porkchop introduces everyone: "Kim, Sara, this is Fleas and Bones. Now lets get some food. Walking over to the lower east side, the too girls are following the guys, giggling over Porkhops and Fleas. Chops whispers to Fleas: "So what do you think of Sara. She's hot rite? Fleas responds: "Yea bro, but you know I'm a bit shy. Sara will need to approach me first. Chops shakes his head with shame, saying: I don't know about you bro. But guys make the first move. Fleas shuts his mouth and leads the to the lower east side It's getting late in the evening, but there almost at the food spot. These guys are professional street dogs, so they know where to get good food. Fleas takes them to a dumpsters, behind a pizza shop. In these Garages, they always throw away slices of pizza. Fleas leaps in first. Jack pot! He and Porkchop finds a big stash of throw away pizza. All in one bag. A ton of slices. Fleas and Porkchop drags the bag out, and placing it by the girls feet. All of the jumps in at once. Having a hardy meal of a time. After the foods gone, Fleas, Chops and Bones went to the bathroom on the garbage, letting other dogs know, not to invade Fleas-es and his friends food dumpsters. They walked off so the could digest the meal they've just enjoyed. As their walking, they encounter a large group of male teenagers, on the same side of the curb. The teens are loud and obviously intoxicated. Witch is making Fleas and the rest of the dogs nervous. Sixteen feet away, the gang starts eye balling dogs. So Instead of becoming afraid of Fleas and the pack, their becoming more hostile. Fleas and his crew, over hears one of the teen leaders say: "Look, there's a group of dirty mutts. Lets kick the crap out of them! The others where agreeing: "Yea, Yea, the kick the hell out of these dirty dogs. Bones and the rest started growling at the boys as they all came closer. The closer they came, the louder the growls. Rite when the boy threw the first kick, all the dogs, including Sara and Kim, leaped on top of the boys. For too minutes, the teens where on the grown, getting torn apart. A human pedestrian came between the squabble, running off the dogs and the teens. Fleas says: "MAN, Too fight in one day, somethings wrong here. Are you girls OK? Sara say: "Thanks Fleas.

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we're alright. But now I'm hungry again. She's standing nose to nose with Fleas, subliminally flirting with him. He gets the massage, and licks her on the cheek, giving her a kiss. Sara licks him ba Because Fleas is shy, he separates, walking a bit faster then usual. Porkchop and the crew howls and Barks, teasing the two, say: "Eeewww, their in love. Fleas is in love with Sara. Kim says: "OK love birds, and the rest of my heroes, lets find more food to eat. This unnecessary fight made me hungry to. Bones is like: "Yea, I'm starving. Lets go! And off they went. After finding another good score [food], they all fell asleep in an alleyway. Sleeping as a crew, is so they could protect one another, in case an enemy tries to attack them in there sleep. Hours go by. Fleas is still awake thinking of, Sara, Porkchop, Kim, Bones, and how they sort of doing the same thing everyday. The only thing they do is Sleep, play, find more food, and conversing with other dogs. He's tired of the street life. At the same time, Fleas is thinking about find a good home to live in. Anyway, He's starting to like Sara and the company of Bones and Kim, but at the same time, he needs a new seen. Naturally, Fleas is a loner, but he loves having company once in a wile. Fleas stands up and decides to go for a walk. Porkchop asks where's hes going. Fleas looks in his direction and tells him: "It's 5:00am, Go back to sleep. I have a lot on my mind, so Im going for a walk. The sun is about raising. And the walk well help clear Fleas-es mind, so he goes. With the situation he's in and the love he has for his friends, it all frustrates him. He doesn't even pee on the trees, he usually go's on. The thing is, Fleas is famous. But he Never knows why. This is what make him shy and quiet. The walk he takes is a long and meditative. He tries stop thinking about what's going on in his life. Thoughts after thoughts, makes him cry: "I'm just a dog. A famous, homeless dog. I need to get into a nice home. I'm done with this street life. Fleas is walking back to his crew. On his way there, an ambulance, fire trucks, and police cars zoom past him, startling Fleas out of his depression. He stops at the light. Wile he waits for the light to turn green, the dog police abruptly stops in front of him. Too men jumps out of the white van, and throws a net over his body. Fleas cries: "O know. Let me go. Stop!" The guys throw him into the van. And pealed off. Fleas is in the back of the truck. The only thing on his mind is, "Not again."

This time, these guys bought Fleas to a different Dog Pound. It was clean. These dogs where from upper part of town. They also where snotty. Upper east side is the location of the dog pound. The staff who took care of the place, and treated all dogs with respect. Fleas figured, if your in a bad location, the staff will be meaner. But in an upscale neighborhood, the staff will treat him better. And the animals will be cleaned more often. He'll eat better food. And go on more walks They put Fleas in a cage with three well groomed dogs. One of them was tall, with a long nose and know tale. The other, was short haired and pudgy, somewhat like Porkchop. And the other was Short with long, clean, white hair. They all where cool. Fleas guessed, because they all new, the opportunity to live with a fine family, was high. The pound was small, Sheltering about fifteen dogs of all breeds. On staff everyday, was about eight employees. It was like a resort compared to the places Fleas has been. Thanks to the name tag around Fleas collar, the Employees now knows his name. The tall Long nose dog came up and asked Fleas: "How did you end up here? As Fleas heads to the back of the cage, he responds: "I was Just walking alone, and the truck came and caught me. I was just going to see a friend. The tall dog say: "Yup, that's how they get the most of us. The rest rest of us are abandoned by our families. My name is Butch. Whats yours. As they sniff one another, Fleas answers page 13

him: "My name is Fleas. I had a home before, but they put me in the cage and I ran away. Butch says: "Well Don't worry, this place is not like the other ones down town. I heard it's bad in the other cages. Fleas lays down on the floor: "Yea. Those place are uncontrollable. And they treat the animals like there nothing." The other dogs sniffs and barks at Fleas, introducing themselves. It was a relaxing place for Fleas. Finally. Everyone began making friends with Fleas. Of course, the others where already friends. "My name is Anton. I'm one of the dogs my family let go. Not because I was a mess in the house, Im just a Pre Madonna. I need pampering. As his front paws bend is the air. The short Haired Pudgy one, is snooty, with an English accent. He sniffed his way to the

back, where the others was, and introduced himself: "I'm Charles the third. My royal stock breads out of Yorkshire England. And I don't belong here. Fleas asks: "So how did you get here? Charles answered: "My family trusted in the wrong investor and he Madeoff with all of everything. We hit rock bottom. And here I lie, Belly up ". Charles lays on his back, with his feet in the air. All the other dogs Laugh and howl. Dinner time guys. Too of the workers enters the area with too big bags of different kinds of high end dog food. "It's time to eat puppies. The employees fills up each bowl of food and feeds them one by one. Their all back in the cages now. Fleas and all the others are very happy. Almost ready for a walk. Mean wile, Porkchop, Bones, Kim and Sara are sticking together, on the lower east side. Because they havent seen Fleas in a few days, they new he was in the cage. So all four of them carried on, wondering is Fleas alright. Sara: "Porkchop, do you think Fleas is alright? Im worried about him. Porkchop says: "Uuuugggg. Don't worry guys. Fleas knows how to take care of himself. He'll Itch his way out of this one. Lets find some food. Bones says: "You know Fleas, he's a survivor. Next thing we know, Fleas will be walking around the corner. Appearing right before our eyes. Bones is doing paw gestures, wile sitting on his Heine legs. Everyone laughs. But Bones is telling the truth. There all walking down, to the Battery Park area. There some good garbage cans and dumpsters to feast on. This is what their all thinking. Porkchop: "I know there's some good munch downtown, Why? Because there's a lot of tourists. And where there's tourists, there are fast food places. And You know what that means, FOOD. They all shout, YEA! Behind a Fast food place, Porkchop sees too big dumpsters. And all of them go to invade it. By the dumpsters, there are boxes and smaller garbage cans. Bones is the tallest one. So he pushes a can over with his nose. The others do the same. All types of wrapped fast food spills out. The only thing people hear as they pass by is a bunch of dogs growling. Tearing apart and eating dumpster food. Passer Byers look, but they don't disturb. One or too teens Shouts at the dogs, But another wise, their left rummaging threw the trash. Fleas is enjoying his new place. His new friends are fun and well manured. The place is clean. Plus, he has a better chance, moving in with a respectable family. One of the Employees enters the room where the dogs are to, give each of them a wash. It's Fleas es turn to get a bath, Jennifer, the employee, takes Fleas into a room of three bath stalls. Fleas is a bit nervous, but willingly moves alone. She leashes him up, into the stall and sprays him with soapy water. Then she scrubs him down with a sponge. Fleas is loving the massage. And the employee senses Fleas-es jolly. After she's done, because Fleas was cooperative, she gives him three snacks. He's happily being escorted back to his cage.

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Charles asks Fleas: "Quite an experience. Wasn't it Fleas? We animals need pampering as well. He says as he sniffs Fleas. Anton, the soft buggy one, sits on his back legs, with his front paws bent, and says: "Your completely right Charley. Fleas looks famous. You just need a manicure and pedicure and you'll be good to go darling. Fleas wags his tale as he lies down. "Butch. O Butch. It's your turn for a wash. Says the same girl that cleaned Fleas. "You'll be easy to wash Butch. You have very short hair. She say as their walking to the showers. Charley barks: "Ovwarr. Enjoy the good life. Today was wash day, so everyone got cleaned. They've all ate, gotten walked and Fell asleep. The next, guessed came looking for a dog. The people where men and women of all upper class. Fleas and his buddies where excited. Wishing to be the choosing one. Fleas loved it there. The only thing he misses is his friends. But he doesn't plan on running away this time. He awaits, with know expectations of getting picked. Groups of people are in and out, collecting dogs from different cages. Anton says: "I have a feeling one of us will be going today. Most likely I will be the one. Because Im the cutest. The other dogs sits there putting on the heirs for the people looking. A very rich lady, wearing white gloves stood in front of Fleas, speaking to the pound employees: "The white dog with the black paws, what's his name? Charley and the other too, walks to the back. Fleas struts over to the lady, wagging his tale, with his tongue out, smiling. The employee: "O this puppy. Miss Rifca, his name is Fleas. He's a too year old mixed bread. The lady looked at him closer and said: I'll take him. Butch, Anton and Charley, sniffed Fleas and kissed him good bye. They where barking until Fleas was out of sight. The Lady was saying to Fleas as they walked away to do the paper work: "Your such a unique looking doggy Fleas. Don't worry, you'll be going to a good home

Pucci. The paper work was done. Snacks and a leash is what the employees gave Miss Rirca, on their way out. Fleas was a bit afraid as there entering a chauffeured, black Rolls Royce. In the car, Rifca speaks to Fleas as she's hugging and sniffing his fur: "Fleas You hit the jackpot. Your life will not be the same. But I'm so happy you where there. Fleas is happy that he's picked by a nice lady. But he's sad that he wont ever see his friends again. He's looking out the window. Watching history blaze by. The Ride was long. But Fleas finally arrived in his new community. Down a long neighborhood entrance, was a line of exotic palm trees planted along down the medium. At the light, where We turned right, was a large lake. Passing very large homes, we finally arrived home. Miss Rifca: "This is your new home my little Pushkins. Lets go in. The car stops. Geebs, the driver, opens their door. And Rifca stops out first. Fleas is reluctant to jump out of the car, but she kindly pulls him out. "Don't be scared Fleas Baby. It's OK. I wont let anyone hurt you. Come, come. Fleas-es tales between his legs, hoping all will be fine. "Kenny. O Kenny. Please come out here. She shouts. The husband of twenty years and a thirteen year old boy rushes out of the house. Aaron, the son asks: "Mother, you did get me a dog, didn't you? He Hugs Fleas around the neck. Miss Rifca introduces Fleas to the family, as the father and there Mexican, female house keeper, Miss Gunzalas, stands their and smiles. The father, Kenny, places his hand on top of Aarons head, directing him inside, and says: "Now Aaron, you need to learn responsibility. So when you come home from school, you need to walk and clean after him. Miss Gunzalas will feed him. OK. Aaron agrees wile they're walking inside. Fleas barks, wagging his tale. Amazed on how much space he has to run around. Fleas says to himself: "WOWZERS, This place is huge! And the families great. I've always dreamt of

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this. Rifca says to Aaron: "Aaron, why don't you show Fleas to his room. Aaron takes Fleas by his Leash and directs him to his dog room. It's on the first floor. Fleas has a

room full of space, sun and toys. He also has a dog house inside the room. Some what like a club house. There's too bowls. One for water, and the other, is full of delicious dog food. Fleas is in shock. He can believe his dream came true. "This is your room Fleas. I hope you like it. I need to go and study now. I'll be back. Aaron says with enthusiasm. Fleas lies on the floor, looking at his new home. He's thinking: "As long as I'm a good boy, I could stay. Plus, there rich. So this family, could afford me. I just need to behave. It was a long day for Fleas, so he falls asleep. The next Morning, Kenny enters Fleas-es room with joy, turning on the lights. "Aaron is off to school, So Miss Gunzalas and I will be spending Morning walks with you, Fleas. The Maid, Miss Gunzalas, feeds Fleas new food. "Eat up Fleas, I need to take you for a morning walk before heading off to work. Alexander says as he walks out of the room. Surprisingly, Fleas was taught to go to the bathroom out side, which is good, it makes him look well trained. Fleas goes to the restroom in the street, in front of the house. After fetching playing for thirty minutes, Kenny brings him in for Miss Gunzalas to watch after him until the evening. As Kenny rushes off to work, he gives Fleas a pet on the head: "Fleas, be a good doggy for Miss Gunzalas. I will see you later. Miss Gunzalas sees him to the door. Miss Gunzalas and Fleas are left alone. She speaks to Fleas: "Undalay Fleas. Go play doggy. All the doors are open for Fleas to explore. He walks out to the large back yard. He finds a ball on the tennis court. Now he's running around, playing with the ball. He jumps into the pool. Miss Gunzalas watches him observe, but enjoy his new home, threw the sliding glass door. Fleas rolls around in the grass. You could tell Fleas is loving this moment. Miss Gunzalas gives Fleas full rights to walk around, but watch over him, in case he needs to go to the bathroom. This will be another thing she'll need to look over, along with Aaron. With mild participation, from the busy parents.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

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by Ernest E. Murrell
Chapter Two

Three mouths have later. The High family is so in love with Fleas. Hes being a good doggy. Fleas is happy. Hes still living in the house. He loves his new family. In the morning, everyone, besides Miss Gunzalas heads to work and school, so Fleas shares the whole house with the maid. For the past three months Fleas took it easy. Now, since he regained his strength, hes ready to find a girlfriend. Miss Gunzalas takes Fleas to the doggy park at eleven thirty every morning, allowing him to play with other dogs until one oclock in the afternoon. Then she takes him home so she could get ready to help Miss Rifca and the family as they come home hungry for dinner. Off to the park they go. Fleas, is so happy. His tale is wagging, propelling himself forward. Yanking her along. Miss Gunzalas giggles, saying: Fleas Owiya, meda, Fleas, slow down. the parks not going anywhere Puppy Chulo! In Fleas-es mind, hes saying: I need to see my friends. I want to play in the park! His tongues flapping with his mouth wide open, gulping fractions of air. After Fleas does the number one on a few street poles they arrive at the park. There are about ten dogs running and playing with one another. The usual suspects are their. The group of four to five snobby dogs and the normal buddies that arent so mean. Three of these guys are Fleas-es friends. Fleas enters: Hay guys, whats up? He barks wile sprinting towards them. Sammy, the French bull dog. Nikki, the barn yard Shepard. And little Oscar, who was born on Madison Avenue, all jugged to Fleas. Their smelling one another, Play fighting as the maids say hello to each other. Miss Gunzalas stands, talking it up with a dear friend Miss Hernandez, A Dominican maid. Fleas talks to the Sammy: So hows it going at home. Because in my new home, Im always afraid their going to get ride of me, like all the other families. Sammy says: In my home, its all right. But the father is cheating on his wife with the maid. The one standing over there. Nikki, Oscar and Fleas looks over at the ladies. The snobby group of dogs are on the side barking, wile playing with each other. Oscar says: Yea, but my family is weird to. They always fight over money. I come from the pound, I know what its like to be poor, they dont. Fleas and his friends begins chasing after one another. Miss Gunzalas gives Fleas snacks. The other owners on their own time, gives their dogs snacks to. Everyones happy now. Suddenly, this tall, skinny, long haired female dog trots on in the park. All the dogs stop and taking a good look at her. Because Fleas is shy, he glances at then looks away. Her lady owner [A 35 year old Spanish lady], lets her loose, letting her prance around the dog yard. The local dogs never saw her before. They where all amazed at the way she carried herself. Fleas tries to look at her but he cant. He continues playing with his buddies. Sammy, Nikki and Oscar are trying

page 17

to keep their composer, but the eyes kept looking at the new girl. Meda, look Fleas, Odalay. Come over here! Miss Gunzalas shouts. Fleas jogs over. She tells him he has thirty more minutes too play. Then theyll need to go home. She sends him off to play. As Fleas walks back into the play area, the new girl comes up sniffing him, then barks a question: How are you. Whats your name? He answers: My name is Fleas. All the dogs look at Fleas in shock, Because he answers her in such a shy voice. The female dog continues: My name is Maria. Nice to met you Fleas. They walked and talked for some time, then Fleas ran back to his friends. Sammy asked: What did she say, did she ask about me? Nikki and Oscar gathered around Fleas as if hes the new hero. All the other dogs in the park Surrounds Meda. Sniffing her. She sniffs them at the same time. Fleas. Meda. Its time to vominos Fleas. Undalay lets go, baby! Miss Gunzalas calls Fleas. She feeds him snacks as their leaving the park. Did you enjoy yourself Puppy Chullo? We need to go home now. I gotta clean up and make dinner for the family! They walk into the house. Its too thirty in the afternoon. Miss Gunzalas is cleaning. Then she begins cooking for the family. Fleas takes a drink of water out of his water bowl, eats his food, then plays with his balls in the back yard. Its three oclock in the afternoon. The school buses are letting off the kids. Aaron runs in the house and heads straight to his room. His bed room door slams shut. Miss Gunzalas puts down her cooking and go into Aarons room to see whats on his mind. His book bags on the floor next to him wile hes laying face down on his bed, crying. Are you OK poppy? What happen I school today? Miss Gunzalas asks, siting by his side. She rubs his head. Aaron turns over, looking up to her. Hes slightly crying: Sandra kissed me in my mouth, in front of all my friends. And they all laughed at me. Miss Gunzalas said: Maybe she likes you. Thats what people do when they like each other. But its nasty. I dont like her. Shes yucky. Miss Gunzalas kisses Aaron on his for head and says: Stop worry bout it baby. Just tell her to vominos. And if she dont leave, then tell your teacher. He looks at her then they both hug. Miss Gunzalas leaves him and walks back into the kitchen to finish cooking dinner. Fleas walks into Aarons room and jumps onto his bed. Aaron pets Fleas-es head. Hay Fleas. I hope your day went well. Because mine didn't! Fleas wags his tale licking Aarons face.

This girl Sandy kissed me on my lips. And it was yucky! Fleas looks eye to eye with Aaron, saying in his mind: Your cool. We both had the same day. I met a girl in the park today to! To bad Aaron cant understand Fleas, or else they could really have a conversation. Aaron gives Fleas a big hug. Its now 5:00pm in the evening and Miss Gunzalas is now finished cooking. Shes setting the table so when The mom and father comes home, everyone could eat. The mother, Miss Rifca came home first. Ten minutes later, the father. Kenny, has came home now. Their all washed up and are sitting at the table. The father speaks first: Honey, so how was your day! he asks as Rifca. Wile their all reaching for different types of trays of food, she answers: It was fine Kenny. The nonfor profit is losing profit. It looks like where closing any day now. Sooo, it looks like Ill be hanging

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with the girls again, until I come up with another idea. The dad looks at Aaron and asks: And you son, what happened in school today. Did you learn anything special? Aaron hesitated: Well, ihhh, it was ok dad. Both parents felt Aaron was hiding something, so Rifca pressed Aaron for more answers. Aaron looked at Miss Gunzalas. She motions her head, permitting Aaron to elaborate. So he did. telling his parents what had happened today, in school recess: Well, Its jusss [he takes a deep breath], its just this girl Sandy, she kissed me. And in front of my friends tooooo. Then they all where laughed at me. Saying, Ewwwww Sandy kissed you in the mouth. I was so embarrassed. The dad said: Son, its fine. How old are you now, 13, its time you need to know about other that are

going on in this great world we live in. After dinner well talk. They eat their food as Miss Gunzalas cleaned the end scrapings off the table. Rifca tells Aaron: After you eat, I need for you to bring your home work to me so I could go over it with you. As Aaron finishes up his food, wile walking away from the table, his father asks him: So Aaron, hows you and Fleas getting along? Aaron responds: Good dad. I really like him a lot! Then he runs up to his room, back down stairs, bringing his school books with him. Fleas is trailing behind him. Miss Gunzalas slowly cleans the table. Rifca and Aaron leaves Kenny at the table as they walked into the living room. They sit side by side on a big white coach. Fleas sits on the floor besides them. So, Aaron, lets see your homework. O, its math. They both go over it and finish it up. Then mommy, excitedly says to Aaron: Son, do you want to take Fleas to the park in a few minutes? Aaron jumps up in glee: Yes mommy. Lets bring Fleas to the park. Lets go mommy! She and Kenny walks up the stairs to their room at the same time. Rifca changes into a jogging outfit to feel comfortable. Aaron, are you ready to take Fleas out to the park? Lets go honey! Aarons already standing next to the door with Fleas, ready head out to play. Mommy runs down and heads out with the too of them. Miss Gunzalas says good by to them. Fleas is happy because hes hoping to see his girlfriend Maria at the park. Its five in the even the time when almost all gods met at the park. Rifca allows Aaron to hold Fleas-es leash. Fleas tries not to pull him to hard. But on the way to the park, Fleas doses pull him to almost every street pole and fire hydrant to his daily conversation with the other neighborhood dogs. Three streets away from the house, Fleas wags his tale, barking as he does a number one on the pole. Its Maria talking to him: Hi Fleas, this is Maria. I live in your neighborhood. It was nice to met you the other day. Ive been thinking of you. I just hope I could see you in the park soon. See ya. Fleas responds: It was cool meeting you to. I would like to see you in the park as well. I dont know like, I think, I dont know, I think your like the best girl Ive seen in my life. See you soon. Aaron yanks Fleas, telling him to come on. The three of them finally reaches the park. Park Avenue Oscar, and Sammy the Bull dog is in the yard, along with some of the snobby dogs and the regular dogs running and playing. Aaron the mom and Fleas enters the park. Go play with the other dogs Fleas. Go play! Aaron lets him lose. Fleas runs over to his friends. Oscar, Sammy, wheres Nikki. Is he coming out tonight. Is he alright? All three dogs wags their tail as they smell one other. What are you silly, he didnt show up yet. Sammy said. Perhaps hell

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arrive shortly guys. Said Oscar. That would be cool. Said Fleas as they all run all threw the park. Wheres your ugly girlfriend Fleas and ticks? Barks a basset hound from the snobby dog group. Suddenly, the park is full of loud barks. All the dogs are schnozzle to schnozzle, growling, ready to bite one anothers face off. Fleas is in the Basset hounds barking over all, saying: For one, she is very amazing looking. For too, its not my fault she over looked you, the funniest looking one in the whole world. Stop being a bully! Fleas barked then walked away. Fleas tries to walk away, but the Basset hound leaps up and bites his tail. Fleas quickly turns around and fights him off. Now all the dogs are fighting. Aaron and all the owners run and breaks it up. Aaron gets on his knees and asks Fleas: Are you alright Fleas. Did they hurt you? Fleas, softly jumps up and licks Aarons face. Rifca says: Yes, hes OK baby. Aaron, do you want to go home now? They only been in the park for fifteen minutes, so Aaron wants to stay. And Fleas is now playing with his friends, so Aaron say he wants to stay. OK Aaron, it looks to me that everything is fine, so we could stay for another fifteen to twenty minutes. Oscar asks: Say Fleas, have you recently heard from Maria? Fleas says: I havent seen her ever since the last time. But I miss her. Sammy: Your lucky bro. She the hottest girl around. Fleas jumps and plays with Sammy, as he says: Ill see. But I do like her. I dont know. Whatever. Oscar walks over and sniffs a tree, then shouts: Hay Fleas, she left a message for you. And some of the words are in French. Fleas and Sammy runs over, Fleas smells the tree, then pees on top of her message. What is she talking about Fleas? Oscar excitingly asks. Yea Fleas, whats on her heart & dont hold back bro!' Sammy says. Fleas leads the pack away, back into the middle of the park. Oscar says: At least let us know your reply. Fleas stopped and lied on the ground, saying: I told her, shes so fine, she blew my mind, the first time we met. Oscar and Sammy falls on the ground, rolling around laughing really loud. Wagging their tails, Fleas play attacks the both of them. Thats so corny bro. Sammy says. Yea Fleas, is she your first girlfriend me-lad? Oscar asks as their both still die laughing. Fleas denied shes his first girlfriend. Telling them he dated fifteen other girls. His owner Miss Rifca and Aaron calls Fleas over. At the same time, Oscars owner calls him over. Walking away, Fleas says: Guys, Ill see you later.

Aaron says to Fleas: Lets go buddy, its getting late mom says. On Fleas-es walk threw the gates, out of the park, Maria is trotting in. His tail wags fast, as well as hers. They both bark talks to each other: Are you headed to your flat Fleas? Fleas says back to Maria: Yes. Then she said: Well I wish you could stay sweaty. Fleas responds: I got your messages. And I left you one on the tree. Signal your people that you need to go out 7:00am! She agreed. They both went their own ways. Marias owner is a fashionable looking black lady. Aaron loved spending time with Fleas. Because the dogs are not allowed to go to the bathroom in the dog park, Aaron and his mom walked Fleas around the neighborhood for another half an hour. Fleas loved it. He communicated on all the street poles and fire hydrant to all the dogs in the area. Some trees has a sign on it saying, Curb your dog, so Aaron curbs Fleas by pulling him away. This always confuses Fleas, asking himself: Why does he suddenly yank me all the time? Anyway, so their home now.

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As soon as they walked in the door, the father's waiting by the stair well, he says to Aaron: Give me a hug son. Then go upstairs and get ready for bed time. Your tube waters ready! Aaron gave his dad a big huge and ran up the stairs. Before he hit the top stair, his dad told him: And Ill tuck you in so we could talk about what happen in school today. OK? Aaron agrees and head for bed. Fleas runs along, flowing him into the room. In Aarons room, he has a bath room. He wishes his face and brushes his teeth. Fleas drinks water out of the toilet then jumps onto the bed. Aaron turns off the light and plops in bed. Fleas says good night by licking Aarons face. Aaron pets him good night, and pulls the covers over them. Moments later The father, Kenny, enters Aarons room and sits besides him on the bed. Fleas is laying on other side of Aaron. The dad speaks: Aaron, are you awake? Aaron pulls the covers off his face. Fleas and Aaron gives the father their undivided attention.

Aaron says: Yes father, Im awake. What is it? The dad sits next besides him and says; Well, about today son. Girls and boys are suppose to like one another. This is how you came about. Your mothers a girl and Im a big boy. Aaron says: Yes, but mommy and you loves each other. I dont love Sandy. The dad looks him in his eyes: Son, girls Kind of know what they want before boys do. So She seen a lovely boy like you and she kissed you. But dont think she was trying to disrespect you. Thats what kids do. Aaron says: But I dont like her. The dad responds: OK, tell her to dont do it again. And of she continues, tell your teacher. Then she will stop. Alright champ!' Aaron agrees. The father pets Fleas on his head and gives Aaron a kiss on his forehead. Good night buddy. Micheal says as he walks out of the room, shutting off the night light. Fleas licks Aaron awake the next morning. You need to go to the bathroom buddy? Aaron asks Fleas. He wags his tail, running towards the door. Its 6am in the morning. Aaron washes his face and brushes his teeth. Walking down stairs to the door, Miss Gunzalas stops him, asking Aaron where is he going? Aaron tells her hes taking Fleas for a walk. She disagrees. Poppy, I will take him for a walk. Its to early in the morning for you to be out in the streets. Go back to your room. He asks her if he could come out with them. Miss Gunzalas agrees. She leaves a note on the counter, then the three of them walks out of the door. Fleas is happy hes out. He runs up to every pole, conversing with his friends. Aaron is having a hard time holding Fleas so Miss Gunzalas takes the leash. She asks Aaron: Meda, look Aaron, how do you feel today, do you feel better now? Aaron looks up at her saying: Yes nanna, I feel better then I did yesterday. Daddy gave me a good talk last night. Miss Gunzalas says: that's good. Look Aaron, as you get olda, life gets more complicated. Just enjoy your childhood, Ok. Ok, OK! He say yes as they take Fleas to the dog park. Early in this morning, there are only four dogs in the park. And their not the usual dogs. Fleas doesnt notice these dogs. As he runs into the middle of the park, the four dogs come up to Fleas, smelling him. Fleas is smelling them as well. Then they take off playing as they where. Fleas runs with them. These guys are from the neighborhood, but it seems the owners only let them out around this time, because Fleas never seen these dogs before. Miss Gunzalas in broken English: It look like they're playing along togetha Aaron. Aaron responds: Yes Nanna. Fleas makes friends very fast.

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After fifteen minutes, Fleas runs up to Aaron whining, trying to tell him he wants to go home. Then he runs up to the exit gate. Miss Gunzalas gets the message. She walks over and put the leash on him. Lets go buddy. Aaron says. All three head back home. On their walk, Fleas does his normal dog thing on every tree they pass. But the one closes to his house is the one him and Maria passes massages on. So he stops and finds she left one for him, saying: Fleas, I need to see you. Im tired of our schedules conflicting. I want you to Run away at 12:00am this morning, Ill meat you here. Please, Just try! Fleas Leaves her a message: OK, but well see each other later today, in the park. I hope. Well talk about our randavoo then. P.S. Try having your walker bring you to the park at 12:00pm. Fleas finishes his love note. The three of them arrive at the house. Miss Gunzalas lets them in. She follows him saying: Go wash up Aaron. And put all ya homework in ya school bag. Cause in thirty minutes I'm gonna serve you guys. Plus, ya parents are about to get up. Miss Gunzalas rushes in the kitchen to begin cooking the morning breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toasted bread, milk, orange juice, and apples for everyone, is what Miss Gunzalas sets on the table, along with plates, spoons forks and butter knifes. Mommy and Aaron is at the table, dressed, waiting for Kenny. Daddy enters the kitchen, fixing his tie. Umm. Something smells Good Miss Gunzalas. Kenny says. He sits down to eat. First they say grace. Then down the hatch the food goes. Everyones eating as Fleas lies on the floor by Aaron, hopping a peace of food drops. Rifca speaks: Kenny, the girls and I are thinking about opening up a hair salon. What do you think? As Kenny eats, he says: Honey, if you want, you could take a break. Hang with the girls. Do some shopping. She replies: I know. But its boring always shopping. Going to the nail salon. the gym, and yada, yada, yada. I need to do something. Kenny says: Fine Baby. As long as your happy. How many of you girls are partner up? She responds: Only three of us. Kim, Cherry and I. He responds: Go for it baby. Let me look over the papers, but other then that, more power to you! As their finishing up, Miss Gubzalas cleans the table. The dad gets up from the table and gives everyone a kiss: Aaron, Good luck with your girlfriend today. See ya Fleas. Honey, if you need any advice, give me a ring! He kisses her and bolts out of the front door. Aaron throws a peace of bread and egg onto the floor. Fleas munches it up. Fleas say: This is what Im talking about. I love human food. The phone rings. Miss Gunzalas answers it and passes it along to Rifca. She tells Miss Gunzalas shes finished her food and takes the phone. Aaron is finishing up his plate. Hes done, so he runs up the stairs to his room. Miss Gunzalas feeds the rest of Rifcas food and whatever else is in the pot, to Fleas. He loves it. Miss Gunzalas cleans the kitchen as Aaron runs down to get his bus. Its 7:45am. Aarons bus arrives at 8:00am. Miss Gunzalas says to Aaron: Baby, so do you have your cell phone, your daily money, and your homework? He says: Yes. And I

brushed my teeth to nanna. She kisses him. The mom runs down and kisses him and he leaves. Fleas cant wait to go for a walk. 12:00pm is when Miss Gunzalas takes him for a long walk. She loves the park to. Because all of her neighborhood dog walking friends, take a break and hangs with their pets in the park. By 9:30am, the house is clean. At 10:00am, Miss Gunzalas takes

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a one and a half hour nap. The alarm clock wakes her up at 11:30am. She gets up, feeds Fleas, then walks around to make sure all her daily deeds are done. 11:50am, Fleas stands by the front door wagging his tail crying to go out. Fleas say: Come on honey, I need to see my lovely girlfriend Maria. O yea, and my buddies. Shes now next to Fleas, putting on a nice casual summer shirt. OK. OK Fleas, wear going out right no poppy. Miss Gunzalas says as she puts the leash on Fleas and opens the door. There outside. She locks the door, and off they went. Fleas kind of drags her to his love letter pole, where he communicates with Maria. He reaches it. He sniffs. Its a fresh letter. He reads: Im at the park right now fleas. Kisha, my walker and I, left my house at 11:30am. Im waiting! Fleas leaves her a short note: Im coming! They reach the park. Letting Fleas run around, Miss Gunzalas walks over to Kisha. They start talking. Sammy, Nikki, Oscar and the usual snobs are playing in the park. Fleas looks around, trying to find Maria. Shes relaxing under a tree sitting with too other pretty looking female dogs. She sees Fleas. Now Fleas sees her. But Oscar says: Fleas come on, your not going to leave your buddies, are you? Nikki and Sammy started singing, Fleas is in love. Fleas is in love. Fleas tried to shut them up by saying: Shhhh guys. Im not in love. Know Im not! He expresses as hes walking to Maria. They met in the middle of the park. They smell each other. Then they stand face to face. Hi Fleas. Im so happy to see you. And she moves close to him to lick his face, he moves back. She says: What Fleas, are

you shy? Fleas responds: No! But the guys are looking at us. There going to make fun of me when I go back to talk to them. Maria says: So what. Why are you so worried about what they think? Live your own life. Fleas say; I know. This is what Im doing. I mean, I do like you and all. She says: So kiss me back Fleas, if you like me. Fleas walks close to her and gives her a kiss. His friends start barking loud, making fun of Fleas. From a distance, Sammy say: Look, Fleas is kissing her. Ewww, Hes I love. And everyone starts laughing. Fleas bolts over to the guys barking: Shut the hell up guys. At least I have a girlfriend. What about you Sammy? And what about you Nikki? So shut your mouths! If you guys are going to be my friend, you need to start respecting me. See ya. And he walks back to Maria. Mean wile, Miss Gunzalas is talking to Marias walker, Kisha. Miss Gunzalas says: Kisha look at Fleas and Maria, I think their in love. Kisha looks and says: Yea. It looks like they like each other. They both start laughing. Miss Gunzalas says: We gotta watch them too, because we dont need any little pups. Kisha says: Yea, because if she gets pregnant, I might loss my job. You know shes a show dog. Miss Gunzalas looks at her in shock: Shes a show dog? Well, I could see that. Cause she is well kept. And they carried on with their conversation. The dogs stayed playing. And Maria sat under the tree with Fleas, in romance. Oscar barked at Fleas, calling him over. Fleas gets up and walks over to the guys: What is it you guys need? Oscar speaks for them: So were cool right. Youre not mad at us, are you? Fleas says: Kind of, but not really. Were cool. Ima go back over to my girlfriend.

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See ya late. And he walks away. Forty minutes pass. Miss Gunzalas shouts to Fleas: Its about time to go home Puppy chullo. Fleas looks over to Miss Gunzalas with a sad look, as if he wants to stay out longer. Fifteen minutes later, they begin leaving the park. Fleas walked over to his friends. He plays with them until Miss Gunzalas calls him to leave. The good thing is, Kisha and Marla leaves with them. On the walk home, Fleas and Maria is playing, getting their leashes in a tangle. Every pole they pass, their going to the bathroom on top of each others conversation. Then they begin kissing, by licking each others face. Kisha and Miss Gunzalas thinks theyre a cute couple. Allowing them to be passionate . Anyway, They walk up to Marias home first. Kisha and Maria walks into their house. Fleas kept walking with Miss Gunzalas They finally reach home. Miss Gunzalas opens the door. Fleas runs in. Miss Gunzalas follows. Its around 12:45pm. Miss Gunzalas feeds Fleas then walks around the house, dusting and cleaning the things she over looked. 3pm is when Aaron comes home. Then everyone else walks in later. Its now 2:00pm, So, she starts getting midday snakes ready for the boy, in case he wants to munch on something before dinner. Then she prepares dinner. Tonight servings are, rice, greens, white fish and ice cream after dinner. In the same kitchen, Fleas is enjoying his brand new yummy gravy food, along with left over table scraps. Its 3:00pm. And all is finished around the house. Miss Gunzalas hears Aarons bus pulls up. Moments in, he storms in the house with tons of energy. As soon as he enters the house, he throws his back pack on the floor, before the stair case. And runs in the kitchen, where his nannies at. Fleas ran into the kitchen behind him. Their both excited. Miss Gunzalas, Miss Gunzalas! He shouts wile sitting down at the kitchen table. Miss Gunzalas Put a jam sandwich, a glass of milk and a bowl of cookies in front of him: Meda, What chew excited for poppy? He stuffs his face full of food, saying: In student government, they elected me as treasurer. And, remember Sandy, the girl who kissed me in the mouth, well she apologized in a letter. But she still said she liked me. Anyway, so thats it. Miss Gunzalas sat besides him at the table and said: O wow, It look like ya day was good. Im happy for you Aaron. Now eat your food, then go upstairs and do your homework, OK. Aaron calmed down and agreed. After eating he takes some cookies up with him, along with his book bag and closes his bad room door. Fleas is right behind him. Fleas looks at Aaron and sees that he's happy, so he jumps onto the bed with his tail spinning fast. Fleas looks at him, saying: It looks like we both had a good day. You with your wacky smile. And me, with my uncontrollable tail. Now pet me bro. Aaron sees how happy Fleas is by how much his tail wags. Aaron pets Fleas, saying: Guess what Fleas, I'm the treasurer in student government. You know what this means? Fleas jumped on top of him, licking his face: I know, Your going to be President of the United States. Cool. Because then Ill be the, FIRST DOG. He barked. Aaron agrees with Fleas: Yes, Ill be president one day. Fleas barked back: I know Mr. President, we're going to rule the world! Aaron kisses Fleas on his cheek and says: and you know Fleas, if I marry Sandra, she'll be first lady. They both falls a sleep. A half an hour later, Rifca, Aarons Mother, comes in the room, gives him a kiss, shuts off his room light and closes his door good


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by Ernest E. Murrell
Chapter three

It's 6:00am in the morning, Aaron and Fleas wakes up. Aaron needs to go to school. So in the shower he gos. After cleaning up, he walks down the stairs he and Fleas walks. Miss Gunzalas is already up making the family breakfast. Aarons bus arrives at 8am, but he likes getting up early, sometimes. So they head out side into the back yard. Their playing catch. It's 7:00am now. Rifca, fully dressed for work, slowly walks down the long marble stair well. Miss Gunzalas rushed by her, heads to the back of the house and calls Aaron and Fleas in for breakfast. Kenny, in a nice suit and tie,m also makes his way down the stairs and into the kitchen. All three are at the table. Fleas is sitting up with perfect posture next to Aaron, waiting for food to drop, like always.

Miss Gunzalas severs them the morning food. Then she eats with them. The father speaks: Good morning Rifca. Aaron. Miss Gunzalas and Fleas. God blessed us with another day. Lets eat. They all agreed and started eating. The family repeats the same routine every morning. The father finishes and leaves first. Then Rifca kisses finishes and kisses Aaron good by. Then at 8am, Aaron gos to school. And Miss Gunzalas and Fleas is all by them selves. It's 8:30am. After all the dishes are done, she takes Fleas out for a walk. But only up and down the street, then back home. Miss Gunzalas leaves the television on as she does her daily cleaning. She likes to peep in and watch her stories her small breaks. Fleas is in and out of the house. Playing in the back yard and laying in front of the T.V. As well. Because Miss Gunzalas sees Fleas interested in television, when she finishes her stories, she turns to a doggy program. Fleas loves that. On Television, Fleas is watching a cartoon about a group of dogs hanging out and playing in the park. This makes Fleas happy, but sort of sad because it makes him miss his friends, Porkchop, Tammy and the rest of the gang. He becomes so sad that he gos to the back yard to mop around. As he's in the back yard, thinking of his friends, he spots a whole, far in the corner, in their fence. He runs threw it. Thinking about how much he misses his friends, he walks to the dog park, It's a nice, sky blue early morning. So he figures many of his new friends should be out playing in the park. Going to the bathroom on many trees, He walks up to the dog park fence. Sitting their, looking at dogs that are familiar to him, many images of his friends are jogging around in his head. In a momentary trance for five minutes, looking at the dogs run around, Maria is in the park. She spots him and walks up to Fleas. Her barks wakes him up. Hay Fleas, are you alright sweaty? He wakes up and barks: O hay Maria. Your here this early. How are you?' She barks back: I'm fine. It looks like your sad of something. Whats wrong? He says: Nothing. I'm just thinking of my old friends. Maria barks: O. Well where is your walker, Miss Gunzalas? He answers: She's at home. I escaped threw my gate.

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Do you want to jump the fence and walk around with me? She thought about it for a moment, then she leaped up on the park bench and jumped over the fence. They started running. Kisha, her walker and a few other walkers are shouting: Maria, Come back! Marrriiiaaa! She leaves the park, running after Maria, for one block. Then she stops. Fleas and Maria keeps on running for three full streets. They where going to the bathroom on all type of trees. This is to claim locations. Kind of like graffiti tagging. Four streets up, next to a shopping mail, Fleas suggests they hang out in the mall. This was a very large, community shopping mail. All type of high end stores where in it. Game rooms, eating areas, computer cafes and other cool places, where open to the public. At this point, kids and grown ups were not paying attention to two good looking medium size dogs, with tags. So they wandered inside for a wile. Then Fleas and Maria headed back out side. Right in front of the large mail, there was an ice cream stand. Fleas said to Maria: Sweaty, have you ever had ice cream before? Maria barked: Yes. In the past, Kisha sneaked me a bowl of cookies and cream. There she found that this brand was my favorite. Fleas kissed her and barked: Good, because I'm hungry for some. She said: Well, how are you going to pull this one off Fleas? Fleas said to her: Don't worry, just flow me. And they walked up to the stand. Fleas had her wait behind him. He come up to the ice cream man and launched his two front legs onto the stand. The funny thing is, the Man serving the cones, was a nice man. The long haired, collage student asked fleas his name: Hay friend, what's your name? I'm Allen. This is ice cream I'm selling. Do you have any money? He laughs. Fleas wags his tail and barks at the man, saying: I left my check book at home. But I need two cups of your finest. The man counters: Just kidding. I could tell you speak English, so what kid of cups do you want? Point at them. Fleas points his paws to the cookies and cream, and the chocolate choices. Allen says OK, and he scoops their cups full of cream. Placing it on the floor, Fleas and Maria, grabs their goodies and carries it over to a more personal area. Fleas gives Maria a kiss, licking her face. She kisses him back. Then they eat their cold, yummy cream from the cup. Their done. Fleas walks back over to the guy, but he ice cream man tells them he can't give them any more. Then he chases Fleas away. Walking off. Maria says: Thanks for getting me my favorite ice cream Fleas, my love. He stops and says to her: It's fine Baby. That's what boyfriends should do for their girlfriend. I mean, I love you Maria. She looks him in his eyes and romantically and says: I want us to be together for ever Fleas. Like, I never met a guy like you before. Fleas licks her then responds: We will be together for as long as you want. You know. If we ever lose each other, just keep leaving me messages on trees and poles, and I will to. This way, we could always know what where both up to. And baby, I agree with you, I never met a dog like me. And the both laughed, running after each other. After a wile, Fleas says: It's like 10:30-11:00am. We need to get back before Miss Gunzalas and Kisha sends the police to look for us. Or better yet, if a humans reports two beautiful, lost dogs wondering the streets, the animal police will come and put us in the dog jail. She says: Really? That life must be horrible, living in those conditions. Doggy jail. NO WAY! Wile

walking, Fleas looks at her: Maria, I came from that world. But I'll tell you all about that life later. Maria stairs at him for longer then a moment. She likes the tough guy in Fleas. They kept walking home.

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Four quiet streets away from their home, the animal police came around the corner and put on there sirens and lights. Fleas leads the way, telling Maria to run: Maria, follow me. Lets go. There going to put us in jail. Lets go! Maria keeps her composure and walks at her slow past. She asks: Why would they throw me, us, in jail, we didn't do anything? Plus we're from a rich family, so... Fleas runs behind her and pushes her forward with his nose. He shouts: Baby, they will grab us. Lets Go, NOW! She looks behind her and sees the police truck moving closer and closer, she starts running fast. The police truck is shouting out from their microphones: Stop you mutes! Stop in the name of the law! Where gonna get you guys! Fleas and Maria is running across busy streets. Threw traffic. Under bridges. Past trees. Maria is running so fast, she passes Fleas. Out running the police, they met up at their normal doggy park. Maria is waiting for Fleas on top of a bench. Fleas walks up, huffing a puffing. Maria say: O my God, that was so frightening honey. Are you alright? Fleas jumps on the bench, and lies next to her, replying: Now that's what I'm back in the big city. Getting chased by the cops. Anyway, are you OK Maria? She kisses him and says yes. Fleas talks: Good. But WOWZERZ, you run faster then a bullet. You past me in one second. They started laughing. She say: Ya, I was always the fastest in my class and in my family. Fleas says: Cool. Well we need to head home. Lets try this one more time. So they began walking. This time there was know trouble. Finally, their homes are in sight. They're happy they made it into their neighborhood safely. It's 12:00pm. Fleas walks Maria to her door. He gives her another kiss then she scratches her door. This is to let Kisha know the she's now home. Kisha finally opens the door. She Shout at Maria: Where in the Heck have you been? You've never done this before. Get in the house, NOW! Maria proudly walks by Kisha with her perfect posture peeped up.

After she's in the house, Kisha points to Fleas, saying to him, with an under tone: Fleas, it was you. You made her run away. I will talk to Miss Gunzalas about this little problem we now have! And she slammed the door. Fleas walk away, to his own home, with his own new problems he will face when he gets home. Fleas sneaks back threw the fence whole, and into the back yard. He walks over to the glass sliding doors and lays there as if he been resting all this time. After ten minutes, Fleas gets tired of playing like he was in the back yard all this time. So he scratched on the door, asking Miss Gunzalas to let him in. She finally came. She slide open the door and said: Fleas, I'm sorry poppy. I forgot you was out there. Come in my Chulo. And he walked in. He couldn't believe she he was off the hook, FOR NOW.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Page 27


by Ernest E. Murrell

Chapter four

It's now the week end for the Kenny, Aaron and Mrs. Rifca high. Miss Gunzalas has off of work. But she lives in the guest house. So she's not far from the family, if they need her. She's considered apart of the family. Anyway, because it's a Saturday, mom and pops sleeps in until 11:00am. Then the family day begins. Aaron and Fleas are already awake at 8:30am. Down stairs in the living room, playing video games. Fleas already been feed by Aaron. So the morning is calm and stable. Fleas is running back and forth, in and out of the house. Theirs very little commotion coming from these two, even as Aaron plays catch in the house with Fleas. The father Kenny Shouts to Aaron, from up stairs: Aaron, I need for you to go out in the back yard and scoop up Fleas-es mess. Then rinse the dust pan off. OK buddy! Aaron answers: Yes daddy. OK! He heads to the back and cleans the grass. On the week end Kenny gives Aaron house chores. This is to teach him discipline and work ethic. Aaron seems to not mind. Plus he did except the responsibility of Fleas. So, after doing his week end chores, he sits back down, in front of he the television and continues playing video games. The father comes down stairs and walks a handy man threw the house, and into the back yard, to fix the fence. After an hour of supervising the man, Kenny pays him and sees him to the door. It's now 10:30am. Miss Gunzalas enters the house. Meda, Aaron, what you doing? She asks. Aaron replies: O, I'm just playing a few games. Fleas is in the kitchen drinking water. Miss Gunzalas says: He better be in the kitchen and not running the neighborhood. Aaron mumbles: He's not. And continues his gaming. Miss Gunzalas is cooking morning breakfast for everyone. The delicious smell of the breakfast drags Kenny down stairs. But he's in his jogging outfit. Good morning Miss Gunzalas. Something smells great. He says as he's sprinting down the stairs. She replies: O, Mr. Kenny, It's just My special week end Breakfast. Are ju hungry? He's standing at the bottom of the stair well. Yes. But I'm going jogging first. I'll eat when I come back. Hay son, whats up? Aaron slowly peals his eyes away from his game, answering his father: I'm good dad. I cleaned the back yard already. So now I'm just playing my video games. Aarons eyes quickly glued back onto the game. Kenny smiled, then jetted out of the house. Moments later, Rifca waltz down the stairs, dressed in her week end casual wear. She says as she reaches the bottom stars and into the kitchen: Miss Gunzalas, todays your day off. Go home and relax. Rifca sits at the table. Its OK Miss Rifca. I was so bored siting in the house. I just needed to do something. Miss Gunzalas says, as she peeps her head into the refrigerator: Rifca asks: That's fine. I see your cooking, and it smells so good. What is it?' Miss Gunzalas answers: O, it's my regular dish I cook in da morning, but if you really wanna know, I'm making chicken Alfredo, Fresh bread, Cheese ravioli, Soup, And an after dinner meal. Rifca says: Wow. That sounds yummy and very sophisticated. I can't

page 28

Wait. Rifca walks out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee and into the living room, sitting by Aaron. She asks him: Hay sweaty, what are you playing? he looks at her: Hay mom. I playing video games. Do you want to play with me? She says: Know. But I do want to get ready to watch my shows and read my book. You could go in your room and play. Five minutes in, Aaron shuts down the game, kisses his mother and runs up the stairs. The father jogs in the house twenty minutes later. He greets his wife: hay hun, I'm going up to wash and change into something clean. The time he comes down, everyone's at the kitchen table getting ready to eat. He sits down in his father chair. Miss Gunzalas serves them lunch. The father says the grace and they eat. Fleas is, of course, sitting my Aarons side. Wile e family is eating, Miss Gunzalas brings up Fleas escaping from the back yard. Um, so, Mr. Kenny, yesterday Fleas had ran out of the back yard and walked all over the streets. Kenny said: Well how did he get threw the back fence? Miss Gunzalas answers: Meda, there is a whole in da fence back there. That's how I think he got out, seriously. Kenny points to Fleas and says: I know your just being a dog, but we can't have you running around the neighborhood. We don't need any trouble. Rifca tells Kenny: Perhaps we should get the fence fixed by the top of the week. What do you think honey? Kenny: Your right baby. I'll get on it, right after I eat. Aaron asks his father could he take him and Fleas to the art store. Because he needs art supplies for his school project. Kenny tells Rifca: Honey, I think you better take these two to the art store. I need to do some work around here. She agrees: Ok ken. I'll take them shopping after we eat and get cleaned up. Would you like anything from the mall? Kenny says no. Then she asks Miss Gunzalas if she wants to come along. Yes. Said Miss Gunzalas. And that was that. The three of them got all washed up. Rifca even styled Fleas with a cool doggy t-shirt. Besides Fleas-es flash backs of his old friends and life, he

loving his new one. Rifca runs upstairs and gives Kenny a kiss. Aaron shouts good by to his father. And they all take off. Fleas and Aaron jumps in the back of their 2014 Range Rover. Miss Gunzalas is in the passenger seat. And mommy is the driver. Their all well dressed in casual wear. Ok, buckle up people. Where headed to the mall. Aaron screams: Yaaa mommy. This is fun. Fleas is next to him, barking: Yea We're going to the same mall I took Maria a few days ago. Cool. He says to himself, as his tail wags. The malls a bit of a distance. So on the highway they are. Mild jazz is playing on the radio. Miss Gunzalas and Rifca is talking about cloths, love and other things. Aaron is in the back reading comic books on his smart phone. And Fleas is resting besides him. About 12:30pm, they pull up into the malls inside parking garage. She parks the truck. Alright sleepy head, where hear. Come on guys! Miss Gunzalas, Aaron and Fleas grudgingly wakes up, gathered their things and exited the truck. The two adults where also exited. Rifca remotely locked the vehicle doors. Lets go people, we're going shopping. When Rifca says this: Her cell phone rings. It's one of her girlfriends. Miss Gunzalas puts Fleas-es leash on him. The good thing about Fleas is, he walks with the walker. He doesn't pull and tug. So this allows Aaron to walk him. So Aaron walks him into the mail. Miss Gunzalas follows behind. Entering the mail, The mother is talking it up on her cell phone, as Aaron is leads them to the store where he needs to buy art supplies. The mom and Miss Gunzalas walks in the store with him. page 29

Because the art store's so large. So their looking around. Aaron goes straight to the art canvases, paints, brushes and pads he needs. Rifca is still on the phone, but she tells Aaron: Get what you want, baby. And just bring it up to the counter. Aaron picks what he wants. He takes, Four feet canvases. A ton of different color paints. Some brushes. An art pallet. And a sketch pad. Fleas is on a long leash, so he begins playing around with the paint color tubs. He grabs them with his teeth, throwing them all over the floor. Aaron is yelling at Fleas, telling him to stop, as he picks the paint up off the floor. Miss Gunzalas takes an arm full of supplies out of his hands and places it onto the cashiers counter. Aaron is kind of dragging Fleas onto the line. Rifca stands waiting until all is charged

then pays for it with her credit card. The young lady, cashier, bags up all the thinks and they walk out. The malls packed, full of people. Which makes Aaron and Rifca Excited. So off to the fast foods area they go. Aaron and Fleas is happy their about eating junk food. At the food counter, the mom asks Aaron does he want hot dogs. Fleas looks at them with puppy eyes asking could he have same to. With glee, Aaron says yes. And he orders two more for Fleas and him. They all sat and ate. Then hung out for a time longer. Mommies friends didn't show up, but Miss Gunzalas and her, Bought a few nice Prada dresses. 1 and a hour flew buy. So Rifca decides, they had enough fun and it's time to go home. That's what they've done. Back at the Land rover, they are. All of the art supplies are now in the trunk. Everyone is in the truck. Seat belts are strapped. And back on the road the family rides. Thirty minutes later later, their home. It's 3:00pm. Kenny, the father is up in his office, ordering things for his business. Miss Gunzalas, Rifca and Aaron enters the house. Aaron is excited, shouting up to his father: Dad. Dad, look what I have. I got lots of art supplies. The Kenny tells Aaron he'll be down in a moment. The mother walks up stairs and changes her cloths into her casual wear. Miss Gunzalas shuffles on over to her guess house and dresses back into her maids gear. After a wile, Aaron runs his things up into his room, but he brings a few supplies down, to the back yard. Fleas follows all along. Miss Gunzalas plays classical music aloud, then starts cooking dinner for the family. It's still day time, so Aaron organizes his art supplies out side. He lays two three feet canvases on the floor and neatly places the paints and his brushes on the side. After eating snacks, Aaron heads back outside and begins painting. Fleas is observing Aarons energy. He's getting exited as well, jumping all over the place. So Aaron asks Fleas if he wants to paint: Fleas, do you want to paint with me? Fleas leaps right onto his canvas, spreading paint all over the place, barking loud, vigorously wagging his tail. Aaron looks at what Fleas has done on the canvas and became shocked. He runs inside and tells Miss Gunzalas: Miss Gunzalas, Miss Gunzalas, look at what Fleas has painted, he's a genius! Miss Gunzalas, slowly runs out to the back to see what Fleas has created. Low and behold, she agrees he's a genius, over looking what Fleas has painted. She says in enthusiasm: Meda, Oyya Fleas. you brilliant Puppy Chulo! Aaron says: I told you. He a painter Miss Gunzalas. I'm going to let him paint more with me. She says: Sei, You should, he's a good to. Then she walks back into the house. The canvas that Fleas walked in looked like an abstract artist had made it. All the colors were balanced. The proportions where magically executed, as if he knew what he was doing. Rifca came and took a look. She also approved of the two paintings Fleas and Aaron had created. She said to Aaron: The next time you let him paint, record him, page 30

on your camera then post it on YouTube. It might go viral. Aaron agreed. He stayed out in the back yard and cleaned Fleas-es feet and the mess they made. Then they went inside. It's 6:00am, on a Monday morning. Aaron is waking up to go to school. After showering, he heads down stairs to eat his breakfast. In his hands are the two paintings Fleas made. And two paintings he had made. Everyone besides the mother, is at the table, eating their food. As usual, the father walks out of the house first. He needs to go to work. By now, it's 7:00am. Aaron is on his way out of the house like his father. Miss Gunzalas sees Aaron struggling, so she helps put the book bag on his back and his art is his hands. As he's almost out of the door, mommy comes railing down the stairs and walks Aaron to his bus stop. It's just on the corner of there street. And of course, Fleas tags along. Standing at the bus stop, Mom says to Aaron: I think your teachers going to love your art. And if you feel Miss Bells Ok, with Fleas collaborating with you, Then you could tell her he did, alright. Now give me a kiss, your bus is coming. Aaron gave mommy a kiss and jumped on the bus. Then Rifca and Fleas walks back into the house. Because Miss Gunzalas was busy cleaning up the plates Fleas had broke, so Rifca takes him out for a walk. It's like 11:30am, Fleas-es normal walking time. So he's excited to see his friends, hopping Maria is their to. And because of the nice day and being well rested, Rifca is in glee as well. As their headed to the park, Fleas is saying to himself: Yea buddy, I feel Marias gonna be at the park today. I could just feel it. He pulls Rifca forward. Fleas stops and go to the bathroom on almost every pole. Posting messages to Maria and his friends. Rifca is weirdly enjoying Fleas pulling her. In her mind, she's on a roller coaster. He finds a pole that Maria went to the bathroom on. She left him a message saying: Hay Fleas, I miss you. I should be at the park at 12:00pm., I hope to see you there. O, I can't stop thinking about our ice cream date. It was so fun. See ya. He gos on top of her leakage, saying: Cool. I miss you to. But um, I'll be at the park at 12:00pm to. And maybe the ice cream man is in the park, LOL Rifca pulls him forward. On the way, he still gos on lots of trees and poles. There in the park now. The usual clan is running around in the park. The snobby group was in their normal spot, giggling at other dogs. Oscar. Nikki and Sammy are chasing each other, playing with a ball. As Fleas enters the area, Sammy says: Yo Fleas, Your back. What's up bro? All his buddies stops playing ball and runs over to Fleas, smelling him. Fleas starts playing with them. Wile the dogs are playing, Rifca is talking to one of the walkers. Oscar says to

Fleas: So where the heck have you been man, out with your honey bun? Fleas answers: Yes. I'm in love guys. What about you Nikki, does any girls like you? Nikki barked, saying: O, well, lots of girls are in love with me. But I'm just chilling right now. Sammy asks: So where is she. Will she be coming today? Fleas answers: I think so. Look, I love you guys, but I need a wife and kids. Nikki says: A wife and kids! That's for real folks. We're dogs. Wake up bro! Fleas says: I know where dogs. What, I don't think, I think I'm a human. Oscar barks: I believe we just need to be happy being dogs. Fleas barks: When I'm with her, I am happy. Oscar looks over and says: Speaking of the angel. It's Maria walking though the gates, entering the arena. The gang looks over, there she comes, strutting her stuff, motioning her head from side to side, searching for Fleas. Her Girlfriends Barked at her: Maria. Over hear girlfriend. Maria walked over to her group of bitches, sending Fleas signals for him to come over in a few. He barks, telling her OK. page 31

Minutes later, Fleas walks over and hangs out with Maria. Their walking around the yard like love birds. Out of know where a pitbull walks in and starts barking at Fleas: Ha Fleas, why you keep going to the bathroom in my territory? What's up with that punk? Fleas barks back: What! This is my neighborhood now. I don't care what you say! They kept barking at one another. All of a sudden, they broke into a fight. All the walkers runs up, but couldn't do anything. The fight went on for a wile. Fleas was getting the best of him. Then Sammy, Oscar and Nikki jumped in and almost killed the dog. Four of the parks police men ran in and broke up the squabble. Every dog was grabbed by their walkers. Rifca took Fleas by his collar and headed out. Fleas was barking backwards to his friends and Maria: We messed him up guys. Hay Maria, leave me a messages on your way home! I hope to see you soon. She barks back: Fleas, I love you! Sammy barks at the Pitbull as he's getting dragged out by his walker: You better not show your face in this park anymore! And the others guys backs up Sammy, saying: Yea. Stay away you freaking clown! Rifca took Fleas home and

cleaned his wombs. She did not scold him, because it was just a dog thing. It's about 2:30pm. Miss Gunzalas puts out a few sandwiches Rifca likes. At the kitchen table, Rifca tells Miss Gunzalas what happened in the dog park, as she eats. Fleas is in the kitchen besides them, eating food and drinking his water. The house became quiet. Fleas laid down in the living room, on the side of the television, in front of Rifca. She rests on the coach, watching her stories. 3:00pm came around. And in bursts Aaron. He's excited: Mom. Mom. Guess what happen in class today! She sits up and asks: What had happened today Aaron. And give me a kiss. He kisses her and explains, in between his heavy breathing: You know the paintings Fleas and I did? The mom says: Yes. Aaron continues: Well, um, in front of the whole class, she told me, that they're the best paintings she ever seen from a student, in her whole entire life. And I ever told her, two of the paintings where done BY FLEAS! She still loved them! Rifca asked: So she wasn't mad at Fleas joined you? Aaron: No! Actually mom, My teacher Miss. Bell, she wants to meat Fleas. She calls him a, Dog Prodigy. Rifca slowly lays back into the coach, saying: Alright. We'll bring him to the school when I have off. In the mean time, on my way home from work tomorrow, I'll pick up more art supplies for you and Fleas. Aaron says ok, grabs his school bag and runs up to his room. Fleas follows. Aaron is in his room, laying on his bed with Fleas. You know Fleas, Wow. My teacher thinks your a genius. And now, mom says you could paint with me. We're art buddies!' Fleas licks Aarons face and turns on his back, waiting for Aaron to rub his belly. Fleas wags his tail as Aaron pets his belly. Aaron does his home work and takes a nap. It's Around 7:00pm. Kenny, the father waltz in the house. Saying good evening to Miss Gunzalas and kissing his wife hello, he runs up the stairs and into Aarons room: Hay champ. How was your day in school today? Did your teacher like the art? Aaron slowly turned to his father and said: Hay dad. Yes, Miss. Bell loved the art Fleas and I made. She thought it was done my a professional artist, can you believe that dad? The father answered: That's unbelievable son. So this means your getting an outstanding grade for this. Very good. Kenny went off to his room, getting ready for dinner. It's 7:30pm. Miss Gunzalas calls everyone down to the kitchen, for dinner. Including Fleas. Their now all at the tables eating. Fleas gobbled his food so fast, he was the first to finish. So he's waiting besides Aaron, hoping he'll though down some scraps. Kenny starts the dinner talk.

page 32

He asks: Hay Aaron, I heard good things about your art. What happen? As Aarons chewing his food, he explains: Um, well my teacher loves what Fleas and I painted. And she wants the both of us to do more. Aaron finishes and Rifca says: And that is why, tomorrow, after work, I'm picking up more art supplies for the guys. Miss Gunzalas sits and eats with them. The father says: Good honey. We need to do our best to support Aarons talents. And if this includes Fleas, then so be it. They finish dinner. Kenny talks as he leaves the table: Aaron, make sure you wash up before going to bed. Miss Gunzalas, dinner was so great, and honey, I'll be up in the room.And he leaves the kitchen. After dinner, Fleas stays in the kitchen, because Miss Gunzalas gives him left over food, as Rifca and Aaron walks up stairs together, she atnds at his bed room door, talking to him. She finishes their conversation, kisses him in the lips and walks to her room. Before Aaron closes his room door, he turns to call Fleas. But in the middle of his call, Fleas runs up and into his bed room. Aaron closes the door. Aaron has his own bathroom in his room. So he jumps in the shower. The door is open, so Fleas hops in with him. Fleas-es barks, saying: I need some cleaning to. Aaron and Fleas is playing in the shower. He soaps Fleas up so much, that he looks like a whits fluffy cloud. Fleas and Aaron are yelling, barking and just having fun. Forty minutes in, they finish up. After the both of them drys off, into the bed they leaped. The father and mom walks in and gives Aaron a good night kiss. Then they pet Fleas on his head. Good night mom and pop. Aaron says. Fleas barks good night. Then the lights go out. In the morning, at the tables, the family is eating breakfast. Kenny asks Miss Gunzalas: Miss Gunzalas, have you taking Fleas for a walk in earlier? Miss Gunzalas say yes and cleans the table. Their finish eating and are now departing from the table. Mommy and son, see the dad to the door. The father speaks: Honey, now don't forget about Aarons art supplies. I love you guys. See ya later. He leaves and Fleas Aaron and the mother walks up the stairs. As the moms walking to her room, she looks over her shoulder and say to Aaron: Get your books ready and bring them to me. I need to check your homework. Aaron says OK, and brings his book bag into Rifcas room. They both over look his work. The mother corrects the miss spelling words and in corrected math. After she's done with him, she gives him a kiss and sends Aaron and Fleas off, so she could get dressed. The hair salon, her and the girls is going well. And that's where she's headed now. To work. It's 7:00am. Rifca speeds off to work. And about 7:50am, Miss Gunzalas sees Aaron to the door. And, to school he goes. Now Miss Gunzalas could do her house work. Fleas is in the back yard, playing with his ball. By the same time, everyday, Fleas goes for a walk. It's 11:30am. Miss Gunzalas grabs the leash and takes Fleas out for a walk. Fleas is so happy. Fleas does his normal bath room conversations on all the poles an trees. He arrives at Maria and his pole. He sniff reads the pole. Maria leaves him a message. But she sounds sad: Fleas, my owners forced my walker, to walk me to the Queen Charlotte park. Because of the fight you guys had the other day. Plus, when we ran away for ice cream

the other day, so... Just try to pull Miss Gunzalas to my new park. P.S., I love you. Even though Fleas wont see her, he still leaves her a messages: I love you to Maria. I will try to have my walker, bring me to the Queens park. Miss Gunzalas pulls him along. In the park, In the park, Fleas sees his buddies. Oscar. Sammy and Nikki. And the others. The tension is thick. The walkers are quiet, waiting to see if the days will go smooth. And all the dogs are quietly playing. Fleas and the gang, is conducting business as usual. Their going to

page 33

the bathroom on the trees. Playing with the tennis balls and barking very loud. Nikki says to Fleas: I don't think that trouble maker is coming back. Oscar barks: Yea, because we did a number on him. Fleas barked in on the talk: Yea. And you saw how I beat his butt. Then you guy just tore him up!' They all agreed and kept playing. Fleas barks to Sammy: You know Sammy, I did a painting with my paws with my friend the other day and everyone loves it. Sammy barks: So, are they going to make you famous or something?' Fleas plays with him, barking: Yes! My family is about to make me famous. Oscar asks: And what about your girlfriend? Nikki asks: Yea, what will she say? Fleas barks: I don't know. We'll just have famous babies. And they all bark laugh. At the end of the day, there was know problems in the park. But Fleas warned them that they all need to leave this park, and start meeting at the Queen Charlotte park. They all agreed to slowly make it there. Fleas leaves. On Fleas and Miss Gunzalas, way home, Fleas sees two large cans of paints. One can was red and the other was blue. The lids where half way on. Miss Gunzalas became furious as

Fleas knocked over the cans. And running threw the spilled paint. He made colorful paw tracks for almost too blocks before Miss Gunzalas cleaned him up with her nose cloth. She says: O my God Fleas. You may the place dirty poppy. You a crazy artist. Their now home. She has Fleas go out to the back yard. Then she gave him a good cleaning. As time flies. Fleas and Miss Gunzalas is in the house, quiet as could be. Like normal, Fleas is walking from room to room. First he's outside. Inside watching television. Now He's in the kitchen. And back in the living room, but this time, chasing his ball, he stumbles over a two feet, thin radio speaker. It falls on the floor. But, he retrieves his ball. Miss Gunzalas Shouts down, from upstairs: Fleas, did you drop something? She came running down. Meda, look, Fleas. Look at what you done poppy. If you bread Mr. Kennys dogs, he's gonna kill you. But the speaker wasn't broken. She picked it up and stood it back by the T.V.. For this incident Fleas got a small lecture on how not, to play in the house. Fleas gave her the puppy eyed look saying: My apologize. And he carried the ball in his mouth, back outside. It's 3:00pm. Fleas is standing at the door, waiting for Aaron to enter. Hay everyone, I'm home!' Aaron enters. Fleas jumps on he, almost knocking his small, 13year old frame over. Fleas loves when Aaron comes home. Aaron says hello to his doggy and walks upstairs. Putting his bag down, he comes back down and grabs a snack in the kitchen. Then he goes into the living room and watches T.V. with Fleas. Miss Gunzalas looks over Aaron as he and Fleas as they quietly sleep. It's like 5:30pm. Fleas licks Aaron awake: Get up buddy. Your moms about to come home with our art supplies. Fleas softly barks. Aaron wakes up. Their both eye to eye: Hay Buddy. What time is it? Aaron asks Fleas. Fleas looks at the clock and barks: Mommy is on her way home, with our art things. His tails wagging. Aaron and Fleas heads up into their room. Aaron begins his homework. By 7:00pm, Aaron is done with his studies. There after, without anyone telling him, he cleans up Fleas-es mess from the back yard. Finishing up, he brushes his teeth, cleans his face, then back in the living room, playing video games. As Aarons yelling at the video game, Fleas is barking at it. At 7:00pm, Rifca come in the door. Mommy, I Miss you! Aarons runs up to her and gives her a big huge. Rifca bends over, receiving his hug, then stands back up and tells Miss Gunzalas to go out to the truck and get the bags. Miss Gunzalas walks back in the house with Four art canvases and a bag of paints. Aaron is happy. Mommy, you didn't forget. I love you! She gives him a kiss then tells him to bring his things

page 34

out, into the back yard. And that's what he did. Fleas followed behind. Aaron comes back in and asks his mother if he could paint after dinner. She said he could. Miss Gunzalas told the family, dinner would be ready in an hour. So their waiting for the Kenny to come home. After Rifca is done checking Aarons homework in the living room, Aaron and Fleas walks out to the back yard and sets up their art supplies. As Aaron walk back in to the house, Kenny enters the door. Aaron runs and hugs him Rifca also gives him a kiss in the lips, helping him with his Brief case and hat. As their walking up the stairs, he asks Rifca: Did you by Aarons art things today? She said yes. Kenny turns to Aaron and says: Have fun with you art stuff. You never know, we might have a Robert Rauschenberg on our hands. He then walk to their room. Thirty minutes later, everyone is eating around the dinner table. Aaron says to his mom: Thanks mom for the supplies. I really love painting. Rifca smiles, saying: Your welcome son. I'm happy that you found something you love to do. Now eat so you could go and paint. Then Kenny says: Yes. I guess we have our own Jackson Pollock. Just clean up behind yourself son, OK. Aaron agrees. Kenny and Rifca loves the fact that their son found a classic hobby, that might lead up to a carrier. The love of what he does, and discipline, is what their trying to teach him at a young age. And with Aaron wanting to go and paint after he eats, tells his them, he already has those traits. I guess watching your parents, wake up in the morning, to go do what they love doing, everyday, will some how rub off on the kids. Everyone's done eating. The parents are up in their bed rooms. Miss Gunzalas is cleaning the kitchen and Aaron is with Fleas, in the back doing their art. Aaron places a large plastic drop cloth down, so they wont splatter any paint into the pavement. Because we know, Fleas is has a wild style of painting.. Fleas and Aaron are painting. The Rifca sits outside with them. And instantly becomes pleased on how they collaborate. Aaron uses the paint brushes and Fleas uses his paws. As soon as Aaron squirts yellow on the canvas, Fleas jumps in and swishes his feet in it. Then Aaron, with fast motion, paints a happy face. The he squirts Black on the canvas. Again, Fleas paint dives, with his paws, into colors, swishing all threw the canvas The two of them are having fun. Aaron is kind of being serious, as Fleas has his tail wagging, jumping all over the place. Rifca tells them: It looks as if you guys are having a ball. Aaron agrees. After an hour and a half of painting, Rifca calls them in the house, but first, they all comes out to take a look at the art, Kenny and Rifca loves their direction. Then they head back to the room. Closing up the art studio, Aaron cleans Fleas-es feet. Then they both go up to their bed room. Like every night, Aaron and Fleas takes a shower and go to bed. All lights are out and all is asleep.

Days later, the morning is the same. Everyone wakes up, take a shower, eats then off to school and work. And Fleas has his same system. For Miss Gunzalas, she cleans the house and watches television. As Fleas and Miss Gunzalas is checking out the boob tub, she has an epiphany. Hay Fleas, should I hang you and Aarons art around the house? Fleas gets up and barks: Yea. That's a good idea. His tails wagging. Miss Gunzalas grabs the paintings from out side and walks around the house. She's looking for a perfect place to hang them. She found it. Down stairs in one of the study rooms, is empty. It's Just a few books on shelves, two coaches and a rug. She thinks it's the right place. Miss Gunzalas gets a hammer and nails. After thirty minutes of hanging four canvases, one painting per wall, she is done. Fleas is happy. She bends down and tells him: Now ju guys has an art show. Looking at their accomplishment, then they went back to the television room to relax. page 35

Miss Gunzalas takes Fleas out for a walk at 11:30am. He quickly runs up smelling the pole, Maria and he shares. He sniff-reads a message she wrote him: Fleas, I miss you. We need to be together. Please baby, try to make it to my park. Miss Gunzalas pulls him along. Because Rifca told Miss Gunzalas about the dog fight Fleas had the other day, she decides to take him on a different rout. Fleas is kind of confused about this direction, but goes along with the program. On the walk, Miss Gunzalas talks to Fleas: Fleas, I sorry puppy Chulo, I gotta take you to anotha park. Cause those dogs in that park is to crazy. There locco. Fleas is kind of sad, because he has friends there. But at the same time he's thinking, if she takes me to the Queen Charlotte park, he could see Maria. So he's felling a bit better, hoping to see Maria. Four streets away from there normal park, their now at the Queen Charlotte park. He sees Maria between the gates. He softly Barks: Maria. Maria. It's me Fleas. She sees him as their walking into the gate. Maria runs over to him and begins playing. Miss Gunzalas see Kisha, and goes over to talk to her. Kisha says: Hay Girlfriend, we had to come over to this park to. It was just to loud in the other park. And my boss doesn't want their pretty dog coming home with stupid marks all over body. Miss Gunzalas says: I comprenda, I undastand mommy. Das da reason why we here to. And plus, Fleas is love sick. He misses ya dog. Fleas and Maria is the new dogs in the park. So other dogs are coming up to Fleas, sniffing him. They all play bark, at each other, then they leave Maria and Fleas alone.

Fleas says to her: I told my boys to make there walkers take them to this park, next week. Because I need some time with you. They kiss and start playing again. Fleas say to her: I'm always getting your messages. And you know Maria, Im happy we both are still in the same neighborhood. She says: I know. At least we could still keep communicating on our pole. And now, we are in the same park. Fleas marks the park by going to the bathroom on the trees next to them. Suddenly, Fleas takes Maria behind a tree, where know one could see them, and mounts her, for five minutes. They baby make. After their done, they both re-enter the main area of the park. Fleas. Fleas. We need to go! Miss Gunzalas shouts. Fleas says good by to Maria, then leaves. Maria wants him to stay, but he can't. She mumbles under her breath: He's a typical dog, he does it and leaves. She goes back, playing. On the way home, Fleas squirts an, I love you message for Maria. As well as going on every pole, to clam his territory. Miss Gunzalas opens the house door and Fleas runs straight to the kitchen. She feeds him water and food. And back to work she went. 3:00pm came around, and Aaron runs in the house. After putting his back pack away and having a snack, he does his home work in his room. After his school work, he and Fleas, heads out to the back yard, to check out his art studio. His paintings are not there, and this shocks him. He shouts: Where are my paintings?' Fleas looks at him and barks: Miss Gunzalas hung them on the wall in the study. Aarons runs in the house, yelling for Miss Gunzalas. And Fleas is behind him, wagging his tail, saying: And your gonna like what she did, watch. Miss Gunzalas comes down the stairs: What is it Aaron, are you OK?' He's hyperventilating as he answers: Where is my art? She laughs: Don't worry Aaron, come with me. They follow her into study room. Aaron becomes very happy: WOW. Thanks Miss Gunzalas. This is cool! Miss Gunzalas says: Sei. Dis is you and Fleas-es first art show. He gives Her a big hug and walks back into the living room. As he and Fleas are watching the television, he says: That's so cool. Thaaanks!' She gives him a kiss on his for head, then goes back into the kitchen. page 36

Aaron wakes up as his mothers coming in the house. It's 6:30pm. He shouts:

Mommy! Mommy! Come look what Miss Gunzalas did with Fleas and my paintings! She puts her things on the floor, by the stair case, and gets pulled by Aaron to the study. See Mommy. Isnt it cool! He asks. Rifca loves it, but she tells him to wait and see if his father like the idea. She says: Because your father might have plans for this room. Aarons face went for proud, to confused. But he had to wait. Wile there both walking up the stairs, along with Fleas, Rifca tells Aaron to bring his home work into her room, so she could go over it with him. And that's what he did. After finishing up with over looking his home work, Aaron goes to his room and takes a nap. Miss Gunzalas is down stairs, whipping up another delicious dinner meal. At 7:50pm, the father enters the house. everyone is cleaned up, there all at the table eating. Fleas is chewing down on his food. Aarons art gallery on the study comes up. The father says he'll take a look after dinner. Miss Gunzalas is cleaning the table now. And Kenny, Rifca, Aaron and Fleas are on the walk to the study. The father likes the idea: Aaron, I think this is a perfect art beginning for you and Fleas. Sure! This is your personal art gallery. OK? Aaron gives his dad a big hug. The whole family hugs each other. Then they pet Fleas head and rubs his body. Fleas barks: Cool. I have an art galley. NICE!' ---------------------------------------------------------------->

page 37


[Aaron and Fleas partner up]


Ernest E. Murrell
Chapter five

On Friday, Kenny told Aaron and Fleas that they where going to a few art galleries on Saturday. It's now Saturday. By 7:30am, Aaron and Fleas are up. He's doing all his week end chores. so when everyone else wakes up, his day will be clear. And that's how it played out. Miss Gunzalas is cooking the morning breakfast. And that's what wakes the parents up. At 8:00am, Rifca and the father, Kenny walks down the stairs. The aroma fulls them into the kitchen. Miss Gunzalas calls Aaron: Aaron, come to eat! Aaron and Fleas comes running in the kitchen with his iPod in his hand. He plops in his seat. All three of them are still in their night wear. The father says: So Aaron, are you ready to take a look at some galleries today? The mother says: Yes. Because we did promise you. Aaron answers: Yes. I can't wait to go. This feels like one of my school field trips. Kenny asks: O, and have you've taking pictures of your art works? Aaron says yes. And the father says: Good. Because if we do run into a gallery which fits your art, I'll have something to show them. The wife says: Good idea honey. Aaron, when you finish with your breakfast, I want you to do your chores, then clean yourself up, OK! Aaron says: I already cleaned everything I had to, this morning. The father gives him a thumps up and says: OK, well we need to wear our best casual out wears. You want to look presentable. Remember Aaron, The first impression is the most important one. Aaron smiles at his dad and continues eating. Kenny asks Rifca: Honey, should we take Fleas with us? She answers: Who our little Pucci, Yes. He's one of the artist as well. They all laugh. Fleas is next to Aaron, wagging his tail. Rifca asks Kenny: Honey, should we call Geebs and have him pull the Mercedes truck around to the house? The father replies: Well, today is a family day, so we should have Geebs drive us around in the truck. Miss Gunzalas, call Geebs and have him get the Benz truck ready, Thanks. On occasions, when Rifca wants to go to the city, Geebs drives her in the Rolls Royce. But for family out-ins. They us the larger truck. It's 9:30am. Their done eating. And they're all are now up in their rooms, getting ready. Aaron brushes Fleas, and sprays him with his Gucci perfume. He squirts himself as well. After two hours of getting ready they relax. Then they're ready again, finally they're really ready. At 11:30am, Miss Gunzalas shouts: Geebs is here. Da trucks ready! And they all run down the stairs. Fleas follows. Miss Gunzalas sees them to the truck, give them a hug and walks back in the house. Aaron hopes in the

page 38

back seat with his mother. Fleas takes the whole back of the truck. And the father sits in the front passenger set. Geebs is a big African American, older man. The set belts are on. And there off. Aaron has his window down. Fleas and he, are looking out of the window. He says to Fleas: This is fun, right puppy? Fleas barks: Yes. Going on trips is always cool! Aaron looks at him and says: I know boy. It's cool. Rifca suggests to Kenny: Honey, why don't we stop by a animal store and buy Fleas some snakes. Kenny looks back at her and says: Baby your so right. In case Fleas becomes uncontrollable. We'll, we must get us some snakes, wile we're at it. Aaron shouts: YEAAAAAA! Off of the highway, they drive. Into the New York City art gallery area they head. On the way, Aaron Googles an animal store. And they us GPS, to get there. Come on Aaron and Fleas. Says the mother. They all walk into the store. Fleas-es nose leads him to the dog treats. Aaron follows him. He asks, with the bone in his hand: Do you want this Fleas? Fleas barked: Hell ya! I want that and a few other treats buddy! Rifca walks up to them and places the bone and other snakes in a basket. She bought him plenty of things for the day and beyond. They walk over to the counter and pays for it. Then they walk out. As Aaron opens his door. Flea jumps in first. Rifca gets in the truck on her side. Flea is in the back, barking and wagging his tail, asking: Hay Aaron, give me one of those things. It smells so good. Come on bro! As the trucks driving, Aaron feeds Fleas one of the long boned, meaty snakes. Fleas is quietly in the back of the truck, munching. The father says: Yes see, now he's happy. Minutes later, the truck pulls into the Chelsea area, where all of the art galleries are located. On the west side highway, there is outside parking. So that's where they park. Geebs opens there doors for the parents, then for the boys. Aaron jumps out of the truck. Fleas leaps out behind him. As Aaron is standing their waiting for direction, Fleas smiles, humps his right leg. Kenny tells Fleas to stop. Then he give him a small wake on the butt. Now Fleas stopped. Rifca asks: are you guys ready? The father

says: I hope we could bring the dog in the galleries. Aaron says: I think so dad. It's not like we're in a restaurant. The Kenny replies: Yea your right son. Lets go. Geebs walks in front of them. And Fleas, he walks on the side of Aaron. The first art gallery is on ground level. It's an exhibit of portraits, glorifying world kings. It's a large one floor gallery, with about twenty paintings on the wall. Separately, they explore the arts. Rifca falls in love with the art. She admire the realistic technique and calls Aaron over to check it out. The father and fleas follows. She says: Don't you like this painting Kenny? He replies: It's fine. I like Aarons style of painting. Abstract. Something you need to try and figure out. Aaron looks up at his dad and hugs him. Thanks dad. Kenny has them to follow him to the next gallery. The following building is large, and full of galleries on every floor. They walk in. The elevator guy asks. What floor? Kenny says: Um, we'll try the third please, thanks you sir. The floor was four galleries. So they checked them all out. The first gallery they entered. was a show of sculptures. Bulls. Sheep and Cows, are all on display. Aarons was amazed. He loved the sculptures. The Kenny loved it to. The mom was kind of skirmish about them. And Fleas, he showed how much he loves the sculptures by going to the bathroom on the bulls back leg. Know one but the family saw what Fleas done, But Kennys temper is now flaring. He spanks Fleas on the butt with the New York Times, then quietly cleans up the mess, with the same news papers. The family immediately leaves the building. Allowing Fleas to finish going to the bathroom in the street. page 39

As their walking, Rifca relaxes Kenny by justifying a dogs common actions. He finally calms down. Minutes later, everyone follows Kenny into another art building. This time, there where people going in as well. In the elevator, Kenny asks a young, well dressed lady, are there any galleries for kids around. She told him yes, but they're scattered all threw the area. As there talking, Fleas jumps up and pushes the fifth floor with his front paw. So that's the floor they stopped on. Exiting the elevator, Kenny notices the same, four gallery floor plan. They walk into a gallery, Rifca says: Hopefully this time, Fleas wont peep on anything. They laugh. The gallery was pretty large. As well as the 10 feet tall paintings hanging off the wall. Abstract art was showing. The type of art Aaron and Fleas makes. So Kenny speaks to the gallery lady. He introduces himself and the family:

Hello, my name is Kenny and this is my family, Rifca, Aaron and Fleas. My son is an artist. So if you could direct me to a gallery who's interested in looking at new artists work? She stood up, introducing herself: Hello. I'm Celeste. The beautiful brunet, stood up and shook Kennys hand. Then she elaborated: Well, if I was you, I would just give the gallery you like a try. You never know. Rifca signals Kenny to she her Aarons art, So he asked the brunet: Well, so could I show you some work on my Ipad? She said sure. Aaron handed Kenny the Ipad. Flipping threw eight paintings, she waited until he was finished, then turned them down, telling them she's not interested. But she did give Kenny a gallery to go to. It was a sophisticated gallery for children, is how she explained it. Plus, it was just around the corner. So the family went. One street up and around the corner, they saw the "Kimberly Gallery." It's on 22 street. Kenny, Rifca and Aaron was kind of nervous. Because this is a new experience. Geebs opened the door, and there they stood in the gallery. As Fleas, Aaron, Geebs and Rifca was admiring the art, Kenny walked over and spoke to the Gallery girl. This time she was an older blonde lady. Kenny said: Hello, I'm Kenny, and this is my family. They walked over and met. This is my wife Rifca. My son Aaron. Our dog Fleas. And Geebs, our driver. The blonde shook his hand and introduced herself: Hi. I'm Kimberly. And this is the Kimberly Gallery. The both said it was nice to met one another, then Kenny launch off his questions: I have a question, My son Aaron is an artist, along with our dog Fleas, and there good paintings, could I show your there art? We're looking for a gallery to show there art. Kimberly said: Sure. I do have time to look. Let me see. Kenny showed her the Ipad with the art on it. As she was over looking the work, all four of them took more time to look at the art on the wall. Kimberly called them back over. They come. She said to Kenny: I think there is some talent here. I do sell this style of art. But I normally work with artists who are much older. Then she continued: Who knows. You know what, leave me your info. I'll give you a call in a few days. Let me see what I could do. Rifca and Kimberly exchanged cards. They thanked Kimberly and left. The father and Geebs, leads. Geebs opens the gallery door and the family walks to the elevator. Geebs pushes the button. The elevator has arrived. Everyone got on. There walking around to other galleries. The dads main objective is to find a gallery that would represent his sons art. The mothers objective today is for her and Aaron to enjoy and learn more about art. One street up, the walk into another gallery. Another ground floor space. It was full of childish art on the walls and a library full of books, about art. The gallery was large, with tall ceilings. To tell you the truth, Rifca was observing Aaron

page 40

in these galleries, noticing how comfortable he was in this environment. She thinks he has a genuine passion for the arts. Aaron's enjoying the paintings on the walls. Pointing at the art, ewwing and haaaing, Look mommy, I like this one! His voice echoed threw the gallery. Rifca walks over, to check out the painting he's interested in. She looks at the mixed media art on the wall: O yes honey. This one is a lovely one. The father and Geebs walks over. At the same time, one of the gallerist walks over and greats himself. Aaron is still asking questions: Mommy. Daddy, what type of painting is this? The gallerist saves Aarons parents by interrupting; That's what we call a dekoposh art. Which means, the artist pasts paper and other mediums, things, onto the canvas. To add more depth to the art. He puts his hand out to Kenny: Hi, I'm Kai Rothichild, the art dealer for the gallery. Kenny shakes his hand and tells him the name of all standing before him. Aaron pokes his chest out and answers the dealer: Yes! My name is Aaron High. I'm an artist, And My dog Fleas is to. We paint together. Do you want to see some of my art? The mane says yes. So Kenny takes out the camera phone and lets Mr. Rothichild brush threw the art. Again, the family walks around, continuing to admire the rest of the displayed. Kenny stays with the gallery man. After they all finish looking at the art, Mr. Rothichild tells them it was nice to met them, and he can't wait to see more of them. Then they leave. Time's flying by. It's been a full days of gallery hopping and Rifca is getting tired, Kenny, I think it's time to go. Lets find a restaurant and have late lunch. Everyone agrees, even Aaron, so they get into the truck and leaves. Geebs drives off. Rifca Googles to see where to eat. Lets eat in little Italy. Rifca says. Kenny gives it the OK. And Rifca tells Geebs the directions. He puts it on GPS. In little time, they arrive at the dinning place. Finding parking was difficult, but finally the fund one. Right in front of the restaurant. Geebs opens and lets everyone out. The family is accustomed to Geebs opening and closing the doors for them, But the public stairs at them as they're walking up to the hostess. But Kenny and the family pays know attention to the crowd. These people act as if they never in their lives laid an eye on wealth. The family took sets in the front outer side of the restaurant. Kenny took lead, ordering a small meal and desert for the family. He tells Aaron, he needs to save room for Miss Gunzalas-es dinner she had cooked. Everyone finished eating. Then Kenny paid the bill tipping the staff well. Geebs lead them back to the truck. And off they went. In the car, Kenny asks Aaron: So, did you have fun son?' Aaron responds: Yes poppa. Today was so fun. I loved going to the galleries. Momma, I think I want to be a rich and famous artist. Fleas is in the back, wagging his tail, barking: Yea, I want to be a rich and

famous artist to. But you could pay me I snacks. Aaron pets Fleas and says: Don't worry Fleas, you'll be rich and famous to, but I'll need to pay you in snacks. Fleas looks at Aaron with perked ears, tilting his head to left and right, asking himself: Why does he always know what I'm saying. Do I bark English? Then, Fleas licks Aarons face. Aaron repeating what Fleas barked, happened a couple of times. Fleas is sleeping, thinking about his old friends back in the City. I think you was having nightmares Fleas. Aaron says. Fleas wakings with a slight growl. But Aaron pays him know mind. Rifca says to her husband: Kenny, do you think we should stop at the store and buy a few art things for the guys? Kenny says yes. So they pull up in the closest art store. And they go in. Geebs stays in the truck. The father, mother, Aaron and Fleas, goes in the store together. This is a candy store for Aaron. He runs over to the canvases. He picks four of the same size canvases he always buys. page 41

Kenny says: Wouldn't a larger canvas be a lot more fun for you and Fleas? Aaron concurs as Rifca and Kenny, takes four other big canvases. Then throws many colored paint tubes in there basket. There finish shopping. After paying for the art supplies, on there way out, Geebs opens the door for them, from the out side. After placing the things in the back, everyone jumps in the truck, and on there way home they head. Rifca is on her cell phone with her girlfriends,.Aaron is playing video games on his iphone. And Kenny is on his ipad, for the full ride home. It's 4:30pm Kenny reads on his watch, as they reach home. Geebs helps the family carry all there bags in the house. From the stairs, Aaron, bit by bit, takes the art supplies out to his studio porch in the back. Fleas follows. The parents sloths their way up and into their bed room. And Miss Gunzalas is down in the kitchen, getting dinner ready. In the back yard, Fleas barks at Aaron, saying: Cool. We have lots of stuff to paint on. His tails swinging around. Aaron puts the things in the correct spot. Then responds to Fleas: I

know buddy. Now we could really do some a ton of art. Again, Fleas looks at Aaron with a weird look, wondering if he speaks doglish, or English. Fleas sits in the corner, slowly convincing himself he's part human. In his mind, Fleas is thinking: I don't know, humans love my art. I think Aaron understands what I say. Maybe I'm turning into a human. Aarons done with placing the art supplies in his art area, so he calls Fleas in the house. Fleas goes up into the room with him. Moments later, Miss Gunzalas knocks on Aarons door, telling him she needs to take Fleas for a walk before dinner. And if he wants to come with her, he could. He says Yes. Dinner is simmering on the stove. It will be ready to eat at 8:00pm. This is their set time for dinner, every night. Aaron takes off his nice cloths and puts on a pear of scruffy shoes and layabout wear. He shouts towards his parents room: Mom, dad. I'm taking Fleas out for a walk with Miss Gunzalas, OK! Kenny yells: Take off your good cloths, fold them and put them in your top dresser draw. Put on your dog walking wear! Aaron replies: I've done that already pops. We'll be back! The mother hollers: Be careful honey, OK! Aaron says OK. Miss Gunzalas puts the leash on Fleas. But before walking out of the door, Aaron grabs some doggy snacks. So in one hand is his musical ipod, and in the other is the snacks, The treats catches the attention of Fleas. Even though Miss Gunzalas has Fleas by the leash, all Fleas-es energy and attention is on Aaron and the snacks he has in his hands. So their walking. But Fleas does not pass over Maria and his conversation pole. He forces them to stop so he could sniff the pole. Maria leaves him a loving letter: Hay Fleas, I miss you sweaty. I hope to see you at the park today. I love you Fleas-es tail is wagging as he returns the message: I miss you to baby. I went to the mall with the family today. It's around 5:30pm. I'm on my way to the Queen to see you. I love you to. See ya. Miss Gunzalas yanks Fleas forward. She brings him to the Queen Charlotte park. This is past the time, Kisha takes Maria to the park, but Fleas is hoping she'll be there. Aaron is quiet. Miss Gunzalas asks Aaron: Aaron, are ju OK. Because ju kinda quiet?' Aaron looks up and says to her: I'm fine. I was just thinking about what will I paint next. I don't know, I think I'll grow up and be an artist nanna. Fleas barks at a skate border riding by. Miss Gunzalas responds: Good Aaron. It's smart to know what ju wanna do now, wile ya young. Aaron asks: Why is that? She looks at him and saying: Becazzz, about time you get older, you'll have alotta experience. And maybe be rich to, comprenda? Aaron seems to listen as he jumps over cracks in the side walk. He asks: Do you think daddy was a smart business boy when he was my age? She says: I dink so. Because, he been rich for long time now. And he smart to. Aaron smiles. page 42

In the park, Fleas is sniffing and licking things on the ground. But in his head, he's wishing to see Maria playing around in the park. They enter. And she's not there. But Fleas still walks in the park, smelling and play barking at other dogs. In the back of his mind, he thinking she'll sashay her way in, later on. So Aaron and Fleas plays fetch. Aaron throws the ball, and he chases it. Along with too other dogs. Now Fleas has to sort of fight for his ball. Some time she runs back to Aaron with know ball in his mouth, and other times he has comes up and hands up the ball. This is how it is in the dog world. Instead of fighting over the ball, Fleas allows others to join in. This way they could all avoid a confrontation. Time has past over, and the only one that walked in the park, was Oscar. So they play around, but Maria still hasn't shown up. It's 6:15pm. Their leaving the park. Fleas is sort of sad. On the way past Marias and his pole, he leaves her a message: Hay baby. I hope your OK. I was at the park at 5:00pm just now. I miss you. See ya. And in the house they go. The mother walks down the stairs and says to Aaron: Honey, go wash up and do a bit of reading, OK!' Aaron agrees and heads up the stairs. At 7:45am, Miss Gunzalas calls everyone down to eat. They all are at the table. Miss Gunzalas serves the food. As there all munching down, The father tells Aaron: Son, do you think you want to be an artist when you get older? Aaron answers: I think so dad. I love doing art. The mother adds her comments: Well that's good. But artist don't make money son, so.... Kenny stops her and says: Honey, now a days, thanks to the internet, the sky is the limit. It all depends on how you market your work. And with all the free marketing sites, the social networks, your own website and galleries, artists could get rich these days. Aaron looks at his father and smiles. Not like Rifca was trying to discourage him, she was just stating a fact she herd over and over again. Stake was apart of the dinner. And Fleas was right by Aarons side,waiting for him to drop some meat. And he does. The mother minds if Aaron feeds Fleas tables food, but the father cares less. So Kenny, softly warns Aaron to stop feeding Fleas food from the table, wile secretly rolling his eyes at Rifca. Aaron laughs. The father says to Aaron: If you want Aaron, you could go to your studio and do a little painting tonight. Aaron shouts the word cool. Then Kenny says: Just treat it like your office. Like I go to my office and work, that's how you should think. Take it serous, but make sure you have fun. Alright. Aaron shakes his head yes and finishes his food. He also finishes up his ice cream and cake. This time, he was the first one to leave the table. Fleas stayed by his bowl, waiting for everyone else to finish up, so Miss Gunzalas could give him the left overs. After the parents where done, Miss Gunzalas started cleaning the mess in the kitchen and Fleas was eating his waglishes dinner. He loved the stake bones. There was one big bone he kept with him. After washing up, Aaron and Fleas goes out to the art office. The parents are up in the room. Aaron puts cloth on the ground then places two big canvases on top. He gets the paints and brushes ready, then he walks to the restroom. Fleas trails behind. After Aaron peeps in the toilet, he slowly walks out. But Fleas stays behind and lifts his leg over the toilet and tries to pee just like a human. Aaron looks back and laughs at him. Brushing it

off. Mean wile, After Fleas successfully pees in the toilet, he walks away saying to himself: I think I am half human. Cause I don't know why I just peed in the toilet like Aaron. OMG. He walked back to the studio office kind of confused. But, it;s time to paint. Time for fun, he figured. Aaron first put red onto the canvas, and started to paint it in with his paint brush. After he was done and sitting down, Fleas just placed his feet into the paint and swirled

page 43

it around. Then Aaron put more colors on the canvas, and painted. Him and Fleas was taking turns painting there own images on the canvas. Luckily, the paint is acrylic, so it dries fast. Unlike oil paint. It takes oil paint months to dry. Aaron had learned about art in school, so he new what to us. 8:30pm, then 9:30 had past. It was getting late. Kenny yelled down to Aaron: Son, it's time for you to wash up, put your p-jays on, and go to bed. Let Fleas run around in the back yard for five minutes, then come up stairs!' Aaron obeyed his fathers command. In bed, Aaron and Fleas are under the covers. Aaron asks Fleas: So did you enjoy today buddy? Fleas was on his back, wagging his tail, barking: Yes. I loved today. It was fun! Aaron playfully barks back at Fleas. But Fleas understood Aarons bark. Aaron said: Me to Fleas. I had fun to bro! Aaron barked more times: Ruff, ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff. Fleas translated into: But it's time to go to bed now, good night. This time, Fleas had growled at Aaron, Thinking to himself: OMG. Aaron speaks doglish to. This is becoming weird. He uncontrollably licked Aarons face. Later the father and mother comes in and gives Aaron a kiss and flicks off the light. Nighty night boys. It's 7:30am, Sunday morning. Aaron runs down to his office to see how well the paintings dried. Fleas wants to see to, so he follows. Fleas deviates to the kitchen, eats and drinks some of his food, then he walks out to the office. Miss Gunzalas is entering the house to begin her daily duties. Aaron has finished the first too paintings. One of them looks like he's is trying to paint a realistic portrait, with Fleas-es colors mixed all over the place. The other

one is sort of the same, but of different colors. The thing is, Aaron already knows this, stick to and develop a style. This what he and Fleas are doing. After looking at his art, Aaron walks around the yard, cleaning picking up whatever Fleas dropped in the grass. He washes off the dust pan and goes in the house. Because it's a Sunday, Miss Gunzalas starts making breakfast at 9:00am. It's only 8:30am. Fleas runs up to his room and plays on his desk top computer. On the floor, there is an electric key board. Fleas steps on it and finds he likes the sound. So he keeps playing it. Because of the sounds, Aaron runs and closes the room door. Fleas discovers another talent. He pounds his paws up and down the keys. At the same time, Fleas starts barking. Now Aaron jumps up out of his seat and has Fleas quiet down. Miss Gunzalas knocks on Aarons door. He answers. She asks him if the paintings Fleas and him made last night, is completed. He says yes. Then she asks him if she could hang the paintings on the wall in his gallery. Aaron gave her the thumps and ran down the stairs to help her. The parents are still sleep. Aaron And Miss Gunzalas carries the art in the room. She asks him where does he see his art. He points to a lonely spot on the wall. And that's were she hung them. The room is starting to look like a real galley. They love the way it looks. She says to him: Soon ju and Fleas is gonna have a big Show. Ju gonna be a star. Aaron looks at her and smiles. Fleas stands there swinging his tail. Everyone has eating breakfast and is starting the day. Kenny is on his way out to see a few of his friends and Rifca is getting ready to do the same. The fathers already out the door. Miss Gunzalas is doing her daily cleaning, plus watching her stories wile on break. Rifca is now walking down the stairs, to begin the day. She sits at the dinner table and eats her morning energy bust. Aaron comes in and gives her a morning kiss. Good morning mommy. Miss Gunzalas put another two of my paintings on the wall in my Gallery. Do you want to see? Aaron asks. After Rifca swallows her food, she responds: Really. That's cool! I would love to see how your gallery is developing. I'll come see after I eat, OK honey. Aaron says yes, then sits, back in front of the television, along with Fleas. page 44

Moments later, Fleas goes in the kitchen, jumps up and sits in Aarons chair. He softly barks: Hurry up mommy. I want you to see our art! Rifca forces him down, saying to him: Get down from this table! What do you think, your human or something? Fleas jumps down and runs out to the back yard. Rifca is finished with her food. She goes in the living room and sits with Aaron. She says: Let me rest, then we'll go to check out your art baby, OK. Aaron say OK and continued to play his video game. After a wile, the both fell asleep. Fleas come in and barks at Aaron and his mother. They both wake up. It's 10:00am. Whipping the sleep out of their eyes, they're slowly getting up. Aaron and his mother walks up to their rooms and washes up. Aaron goes to his mothers room and asks her to come down and see his art on the wall. She agrees. They both walk down and into the gallery. Rifca walks around the gallery and looks at his new works. Aaron and Fleas walks around as well. Rifca says: I love it. You guys are doing good work. I need to buy you more book about other artists. Even though I know your teacher is doing their best to teach you the history of art, but it's smart for you to study your passion on your own time. Aaron puts a big smile on his face. She kisses his lips and they walk out. As their walking threw the corridor, back to the kitchen, she elaborates: I also need to keep your supplies stocked. So tomorrow, wile your in school, I will go and buy you more. OK. Aaron agrees. Before reaching the living room, he does an about face and walks back to the yard. It's a nice day, so they're out playing fetch. Aaron runs up in his room and changes into swim wear. Fleas trails along. In the room, Fleas put his front paw in a pear of Aarons shorts. But Aaron playfully snatches them away from him and says: My God Fleas, your now trying on human clothes? Your funny my friend. Fleas barks back: I'm just kidding Aaron, Duahhh. They and Aaron jumps in the pool. Fleas belly flops in the water behind him. Water is splashing every wear. They're having so mush fun together. Miss Gunzalas yells to them threw the back door: Fleas, Isss time for your walk! Get out the pool, pronto, oudalay! Fleas and Aaron kept playing. She got tired of calling him and walked back in. It was obvious, Fleas wanted to stay and continue having fun. Aaron and Fleas was playing fetch in the water. They where playing in a three feet to six feet pool. And Aaron new how to swim good. So did Fleas. Aaron noticed Fleas was good at doggy paddling. They both were swimming side by side, wrestling with the ball. Suddenly Aaron stops in one spot and stands in one spot for one and a half minutes. He was peeing in the pool. Fleas seen what Aaron did, and did the same. Then they payed until lunch time. At 3:00pm, Rifca calls the boys in to shower and get ready for lunch. After cleaning themselves up, the mother and Aaron are at the table eating. Their discussing his new found talent. She tells him, after he completes his homework, and his house chores, he should and could paint everyday. He loves the way that sounds. And on the week ends, after studying and doing chores, he has all day to paint. Rifca carries on and asks Aaron about his friends. Aaron tells her he speaks to his neighborhood friend on his cell phone almost every night. But because of Fleas and the art he's now into, Aaron tells her he has little time to hang out. Then he tells her, perhaps, this week coming up, Mike might sleep over. Rifca said she'll think it over. After the conversation, Aaron runs from the table and

heads to the back yard. Fleas stays in the kitchen to wait for the left overs. Miss Gunzalas asks Rifca: Rifca, why Aaron don't be with his amegos? He always is in da house. Rifca covers her mouth with a napkin, answering: Well, Kenny taught him to work hard wile he's young, so as an adult, he'll have time to play. I mean, Our family doctor has diagnosed Aaron as an introvert. That's just his

page 45

personality disorder we deal with. As long as he stays out of trouble, I'm happy. Miss Gunzalas stays quiet, cleaning the kitchen. In the back yard, Aaron sets up his paints, puts down the drop cloth and prepares his canvases. Fleas is in the kitchen, jumping and licking Rifca. Shes petting Fleas. Calling him her little Pucci. She's finished giving Fleas love and walks up to her room. Miss Gunzalas cleans the kitchen. Fleas tries following Rifca up to her room, but Aaron calls him. Fleas comes out to the yard. Aaron says: Hay buddy, lets begin to paint. I really want to be a famous artist. And he gives Fleas some golden dog bone treats. Fleas sits and waits for Aaron signal him to join in. First the blue. Then the Light blue. And the fluorescent green gets painted on the canvas. As it dries, Aaron paints a house and cars and other recognizable images. After letting it dry, Aaron squirts red and white on the canvas and tells Fleas to jump in. Fleas flops on the canvas, swirling his paws all around the painting. There having fun. Paints all over the place. Their jumping on each other. Yelling and barking. Around 5:00pm, Rifca calls them in the house. Again, before going in the house, Aaron Sprays Fleas down with the out side water wholes, then they go in. Mommy tells them to go up to their room and jump in the shower. Fleas takes a shower with Aaron. In the shower, Fleas is licking Aarons face as he soaps Fleas-es body. Aaron is yelling: Stoop Fleas! I'm trying to clean you up. He giggles. Fleas is having so much fun, he pushes Aaron down. He hits his head and bleeds. He shots for his mother. Two minutes later, she runs in and cleans his gash whom. She scolds Fleas: Get the hell out of here Fleas! Bad boy! Go lay down!' Fleas puts his tail between his legs and walks in to the room/. Under the bed is where he goes when he feels sad. Fleas says to himself: I didn't mean to hurt Aaron. I love him. He lays under the bed crying. Rifca calls Miss Gunzalas and tells her to bring up the first aid kit. Miss

Gunzalas enters with the aid kit. You'll be fine baby. It's OK. She cleans the blood and puts Sponge Bob band aids on the back of his head. His cut is covered. She tells him: Honey, I can't let you go to sleep after you hit your head this hard. He asks why, and Rifca tells him: Because if you do go to sleep now, You might wake up with a brain concussion. And that's bad baby. So stay awake, OK. He says yes and goes down stairs. Rifca cleans the blood from the tube. As she heads out of the room, she tells Fleas to stay in one spot, until her husband comes home. Aaron and the mom is down in the living room, watching television. Cartoons is on, and Aaron is nodding off. Rifca is always shouting at him to stay awake. By 7:00pm, Miss Gunzalas offers to take Fleas out for a walk. And Rifca says yes. The food is on the stove, simmering. Miss Gunzalas walks and talks to Fleas: Don't worry Puppy Chullo. I know ju did a small mistake. Isss ok. She says as she takes him to the Queen Elizabeth park. Fleas smells for Marias report. And she left one. It reads: Fleas honey, it's 6:0pm. I just past you place. We're headed to the park. I can't wait to see you. He pees back to her: I'm on my way baby. I can't wait either. And they walk. Like always, Fleas leaves messages for all the dogs in the neighborhood. Letting them know that this is his area. He figures, the more poles and trees he pees on, the more of the neighborhood he owns. But that's the way all dogs think. So they reach the park. Oscar and Sammy are in there playing. Some of the snobby dogs are there and Maria and one of her girlfriends are in the park. Fleas is happy. He walks in and runs right over to Maria. Sammy and Oscar barks at him. Calling him a wimp. Maria meets Fleas in the middle of there jug. Her girlfriend walks over to Oscar and Sammy. At the same page 46

time. Miss Gunzalas and Kisha are talking. The parks sort of full of walkers and dogs. Fleas and his girlfriend Maria are catching up where they left off. This is how Fleas feels, He always could find guy friends, Oscar and the guys will be their, but a girlfriend that loves him, he needs to cherish. This is what he's doing.

He tells her all about what happened with Aaron and him in the shower. She sympathies with him, barking: Don't stress over that. Remember, they know your just a dog. Your not a human. Your just doing what a dog does. He looks at her a gives her a lock on the face. The other guys are looking at Fleas and Maria, getting jealous. Oscar barks at Fleas, saying: Hay lover boy, you do have friends you know! Sammy also barks: Yea, but it looks like we don't even exist anymore!' Fleas tells Maria to hold on. Then he walks over to them. He barks: Whats up guys? Cant you see that I'm busy with my girlfriend? Sammy barks: We see you, but we are over here to. At least, come over and say hi. Fleas barks: OK hi. Now see you later. And he walks off, back over to his girlfriend. Maria asks: So what else is going on at home? He sits under a tree with her and barks: Well, on the other hand, I'm doing lots of paintings with Aaron. And the out side people are giving us a notice. She says: So your getting famous?' And answers: Yes. I'm getting famous. And their going to pay me lots of bones as well. She kisses him. And barks: will you bring me some of the snacks? Fleas looks at her and says: Yes. Of course I will bring you some good snacks. And you know there going to give me the best bones in the world. They both stand up and chase after one another. Kisha and Miss Gunzalas are still talking. Fleas walks over to the guys and hangs with them for a wile. Oscar says: O, so you still know who your friends are. That's funny. Flea barks: Oscar, stop acting as if we are dating. Sammy thinks for a wile, then responds: Yea Oscar, your acting like a girl. Chill out bro. He's chilling with us now, so.... Fleas looks at them and barks: Chill out bros. There is know need to fight over me. And Fleas laughs. The all start playing. After a wile, Fleas breaks off from them and goes back to Maria. She tells him that she's feeling a bit wheezy. She says to Fleas: You know, after we'd placed behind the tree last week, I'm now staring to eat weird foods and my head feels kind of woozy sometimes. She continues to tell him: I think where going to have babies. Fleas looks at her with happiness, but in shock. He barks: REALLY! YES! I'm so happy. Where going to be a family! He kisses her. She asks: And if I am pregnant, how do you think our families are going to take it? She puts her head down, looking sort of sad. Fleas barks to her: Baby, don't worry. If they don't want us to live together, then we'll run away and raise the kids on our own, OK. She looks at him and says: Alright. I don't know, I think our families are going to take this with a grain of salt. Fleas and Maria had to get ready to leave the park. So Fleas walks over and tells his buddies to cool out, he'll see them another time. Marias friends sees her out of the park. And they leave. Miss Gunzalas and Kisha walks home on the same path. Along with Maria and Fleas. The two dogs goes to the bath room on the same poles ad trees. This is to let the other dogs know, that these too are a couple. Kisha and Miss Gunzalas talks about how the too families knows about Fleas and Marias relationship. And know one minds. Anyway, Maria reaches her home first. Fleas, the gentlemen, sees her off with a kiss. Everyone says there fair wells, and Fleas and Miss Gunzalas is on there way home. In the house, Fleas heads to the kitchen and take a drink of water. Aaron walks up to Fleas and pets him, telling him that all is alright. Rifca comes down the stairs, into page 47

the living room and talks to Fleas: Fleas Pucci, I'm sorry for yelling at you, I was just scared. I know you didn't hurt Aaron on purpose. She give him a hug. And he walks off, out to the yard. The time is 7:50pm. Miss Gunzalas tells them it's almost time to eat. There just waiting for Kenny to walk threw the door. At 8:00pm, Kenny enters the door. He requests for Aaron and Rifca to sit at the table and start before him. So, that's what they do. At the table, Miss Gunzalas serves the food. And now there eating. Rifca asks Aaron about his head. Aaron tells her: I'm feeling better mom. He keeps eating. Ten minutes later, Kenny sits at the table. As he eats, Rifca tells him about the day. He asks Aaron how he's feeling and Aaron tells him he's fine. Kenny love the fact his sons strong. Then He announces: I have good news for you guys. Rifca asks: What is it honey?' With a smile on his face, Kenny says: Are you ready? Well, Mr. Rothichild, the gallery guy gave me a call today. And he wants to see more of Aaron and Fleas-es art. Aaron, Rifca, and Miss Gunzalas screams out loud with glee. Fleas starts barking. Kenny elaborates: YES. He loves the Fleas and Aaron team work idea. He's going to sell you guys as a genius couple. You guys are going to be big. He told me he need thirty paintings and he'll give you guys a show. They all where happy. Aaron and Fleas has around 10 finished paintings are hung in their art gallery. 20 more paintings and their ready for a show. Fast forward, three mouths. Aaron grades are higher then many, so his parents are OK with him having an art show. Perhaps a launch of a young new career. In his gallery, Aaron and Fleas has 37 paintings finished. Their ready for their first art show. In between these mouths, Kenny and Mr. Rothichild has stayed in touch. The Rothichild gallery is a well known gallery. So when Aaron and Fleas has there show, the public will know about it. Their at the table eating dinner, the father asks Aaron:Are you ready for you big show. There will be news papers and all types of media at your show. Mr Rothichild is labeling you two as geniuses. A kid and his best friend, collaboration. The people loves the idea. So tonight, put on your best suit in the closet and we're going to have fun. Rifca and Aaron agrees. All three of them are ready. Dressed in the finest on their shelves. Miss Gunzalas is also dressed her best. Geebs pulls the Rolls Royce, up to the house. Kenny sits in the front. Aaron sits on his mothers lap. And Miss Gunzalas sits behind the driver. And there on the way.

The gallery is down town. They arrive one hour later. Stepping into the gallery, Mr. Rothichild comes up to the family and shakes their hands, one by one. Then the gallery assistant takes the families coats. The first thing Aaron and Fleas does is, run threw the crowded room, over to their art. Aaron is so happy to see his art on a gallery wall. Fleas is also delighted, barking at the art. Aarons teacher and principal walks over to him and congratulates him. He was smiling so much. Kenny comes and gets him, so he could thank Mr. Rothichild. Aaron and his father catches up to him. Aaron says: Sir, I thank you for believing in my art and giving me this show. They shake hands, as Mr. Rothichild says it's his pleasure. Rifca and Miss Gunzalas is drinking a glass of wine. And Fleas is trailing behind Aaron. People are petting Fleas on his head, telling him how much of a genius animal he is. The gallery assistant brings Aaron and Fleas a plate of cheese, crackers, caviar and a glass and bowl of water. People are taking picture of Fleas and Aaron, as there eating. Rifca and Kenny are walking around together. Miss Gunzalas and Geebs are together and the news people are holding Aaron and Fleas for an interview. There standing in front of their paintings, asking Aaron: So, how did you come up with the idea of painting with your dog

page 48

Fleas? Aaron answers: Well, um, I don't know. We just started painting together. That's how it happened. Another person asked Aaron: Who picks the colors, you or Fleas? Aaron says: Um, I pick the colors and we just paint. The crowd laughs. Then another person asks: And when do you allow Fleas to jump in? Aaron looks at Fleas and answers: He just jumps in when he wants. I can't stop him sometimes. The crowd laughs again. Mr. Rothichild walks over

to the questioning and puts his hands around Aaron. Then he says: I'm Mr. Rothichild, and this is my fresh, new, very young artist. Aaron High and His collaborator and best friend, Fleas. Everyone claps. After a few minutes, the crowd departs. Aaron walks up to the gallery assistant and asks her for more food. She gives him and Fleas another plate. An hour and a half in the show, Fleas takes a wizz in the middle of the floor. Kenny and Rifca runs up and shouts: Bad boy. Bad Fleas! But Mr. Rothichild walks up, laughing, telling The parents: Don't worry. My assistance will clean up the mess. To seconds later, another worker comes and mops up the urine. Kenny apologizes to the people around the area. But the crowd kind of giggles the incident away. Kenny has Geebs take Fleas for a small walk out, in front of the gallery. Time flies by, and the people are slowly leaving for home. At 8:30pm, Mr, Rothichild walks up to Kenny and tells him to expect a call tomorrow. He continued to tell him, 75% of the have sold. This made Kenny happy. The family finally leaves the gallery. In the car, Kenny tells Aaron: The show was a big success. Almost all the paintings sold. Aaron and the rest of them where screaming for joy. Fleas under stood, and barked as well. Kenny says to Aaron: Do you know what this means son?' Aaron asks What. Kenny continues: This means, you and Fleas are new stars. Young stars. Rifca says to Aaron: Congratulations son. I'm so proud of you! She reaches over and gives him a kiss. Aaron asks his father: If they sold my art, then where did the money go? Everyone in the car laughed. Kenny replies: Don't worry son, I'll open as bank account for you. Plus, I will give you an allowance of the money. Is that fine with you, star?' Aaron says yes. And they continue to celebrate. They're home now. In the house, it's business as usual. The family has a small snack. After they eat, they all wash up and head to bed. Before Aarons lights turns off, the parents congratulates him and Fleas one more time, then they lights shouts off.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Page 49


by Ernest E. Murrell
Chapter six

Fleas and Aaron are enjoying there success, at home and in public. They would get attention every where they went. In the park, the other dog keepers would walk up to Miss Gunzalas and congratulate Fleas on his genius. People would just rub him all over. He loved the fame. And the thing is, Fleas and Aaron are so into doing more art for the gallery. The art is selling, and the family is happy for having a famous young son. Aarons parents are glad he's learning about a career at his young age. And every last paper articles and magazine clipping are framed and hung, all threw the house. Aarons gallery, in his house is full of his art, and he has new desk, his own phone and cabinets to store his supplies. Plus, his school grades are still at a high. Kenny and Rifca are proud of there son. And they couldn't ask for any thing more from Fleas. He has been a good dog ever since he stepped out of the car and into the house.

The day is as usual. The father heads off to work first. Aaron and the mother. Miss Gunzalas is home, taking care of the house things. Fleas is walking around the house, trying to find what to get into. He ends up in the back yard. Running around with his ball for one hour, he gets tired. So Fleas takes a rest in the gallery. This is his new rest area. Because Marias home is around three streets apart from Fleases, they can't communicate by barking. So he always needs to wait to see her. It's 9:30am. The television is on. Miss Gunzalas and Fleas are siting right in front of it, flicking threw channels. Her cell phone rings. It's one of her girlfriends. She speaks on the phone until 10:30am. By 11:00am, she takes Fleas out for a walk. Fleas is excited, because now, Kisha and Miss Gunzalas takes to dogs out together, because Maria is pregnant. And the babies are ready to be hatched. All four of them, meet at Fleas and Marias favorite pole. Of course, Fleas and Maria pees on it, communicating with the other dogs in the hood. Then they take a walk to Queen Charlotte park. On the way, Fleas walks in front of Maria. He crosses the street first. And he tends to her every bark. Miss Gunzalas and Kisha loves looking at these too. Their now in the park Oscar, Sammy and Nikki are there to. As well as Marias friends. Fleas trots over to his buddies. Nikki says: Hay bro, hows the wifey? Oscar says: Yes, she looks as if she'll have pups any time now. Fleas barks: She's fine. The kids are coming sooner the expected. Man, I never thought I would make it to be a responsible father. Sammy barks: Yea man, with your shady back round, I'm surprised you made it this far. Over in Marias corner, she's talking to one of her friends name Kim: O my God Kim, I feel them trying to kick there way out now. Honey, there kicking!' Kim barks: Just stay relaxed. Try not to become hyper Maria. But you know girl, your so lucky your owners are OK with you having the babies. Because if it was me, I would be in the pound so fast, I wouldn't have time for one bark. They laugh. The park is loud. Full of different dogs barking and playing ball.

page 50

Maria barks Fleas over. As he's walking away, Oscar and the guys are doing the wipe sound, barking: Look at you Fleas, your wiped. Fleas laughs as he walks to Maria. He says: Yes baby, what is it? She barks: I want to go home now. I feel I might be getting

ready to have them. Fleas slowly walks her over to the gate and Barks At Miss Gunzalas and Kisha. Telling them they need to leave. Kisha looks over and Tells Miss Gunzalas the need to go home, because she feels she dogs are telling them something. They listen. On there way home, Maria is walking very slow. Fleas is along side her. Miss Gunzalas says: Meda, look, I think shes gonna have da babies pronto mommy. Kisha replies: Yea, that's why we're going home. The family is fine with her having kids. That's why we have a nice place for her to have them. Miss Gunzalas asks: What you amigos gonna do with da puppies when da come? Kisha says: Know matter how many she has, we'll keep two of them. Just so she wont be alone. The people I work for, are dog lovers, so... Miss Gunzalas and Kisha stops and gives a good look at Maria, then they proceed. Fleas sees her to her door and gives a good lick on Marias face. Kisha tells Miss Gunzalas, she'll call her when the pups are birthed. Miss Gunzalas says OK, then they reach home. Entering home, Fleas runs into the kitchen and drinks water from out his bowl. Miss Gunzalas pets him, telling him he's going to be a father soon. Fleas wags his tail and barks: I know dummy. I'm the one who got her pregnant!' Then he smiles at her. She walks away smiling at him. 1:30pm shows on the clock. The house is cleaned, but she still dusts the pictures and furniture. 3:00pm is the time. Aaron will be running in the house any time now. Miss Gunzalas sets the table with snacks and two sandwiches. Aaron busts in the door. And greets Fleas first. He gives him a big hug. After running up to his room and throwing his bag on the bed, he comes back down, into the kitchen. He munches on his food. Fleas Humps Aarons leg as he eats. Stop boy, I'm eating! he laughs and waves Fleas away. Fleas goes to another part of the house. Miss Giunzalas asks Aaron about his day. Aaron tells him that his day was normal. She smiles. Then she tells him about how Fleas is about to be a father of many. Aaron gets excited and asks: Will we get a puppy? Wile Miss Gunzalas empties the dish washer, she answers: I don no poppy. I think so Aaron. He says that he hopes so as he heads up stairs to start his home work. The time is 5:00pm. Aaron jogs down the stairs and goes out side to his art studio. Fleas runs behind him, wagging his tail. Lets paint Fleas. Aaron says as he places the drop cloth on the ground and gets the supplies ready. Miss Gunzalas opens the door and asks Aaron did he finish his home work. He says yes. And begins to paint. As their painting, Fleas drags a wet canvas threw the dirt. The paint and dirt makes good texture. Aaron loves the idea and drags another wet canvas threw the dirt. Then they put leaves in the paint before it dries. After letting it dry for an hour, Aaron thought the art looks cool and progressive. 7:00pm, is when they both are done producing art. Aaron calls Miss Gunzalas, to show her there new style. She takes a look and comments: Wow! Ju guys are taking it to another level. Nice. Aaron and Fleas is happy with her response. She has them go up and wash there bodies clean. But warns them: Don't chew too play in da showers again! First you shower Aaron, then you clean Fleas off, OK? Aaron agrees and runs to his room. Aaron walks down the stairs, talking to his friend Mike on his cell phone. Telling him, he could come over his house and spend the week end. The conversation continues into the

living room. Fleas follows. Aaron plops onto the coach, flicking on his favorite cartoon [Proacitrons], page 51

wile talking to his friend Mike on his cell phone. Aaron lounges in the coach, giggling. After every chuckle, Fleas softly barks, joining in on the happiness. 6:30pm arrives. Aaron and Fleas are asleep. Rifca storms in the door at 7:30pm. She kisses Aaron on his for head, with out waking him up. She says hello to Miss Gunzalas, then she bolts to her room. This is how she usually enters the house. Aaron finally wakes up and goes to his room. He washed his face and brushed his teeth. It's time to eat. Aaron is the first one at the table. Fleas is on his side. Rifca comes down and sits in her set. And as Miss Gunzalas serves the food, Kenny enters and runs up the stairs. 15 Minutes later, he sits and eats with the family. Wile there eating, Miss Gunzalas tells Kenny about how Maria is about to have the baby. This sparks the family conversation. With sarcasm, Kenny asks Rifca: So honey, are we going to take a few of the puppies? Because Marias family, the Joneses, already knows Fleas is the culprit. Rifca says: Well, we should take at least one dog, and help pay for Marias food and snacks, for six months. What do you think? Aaron is sitting there with an, I don't know, look on his face. Kenny replies: I don't know, I guess that sounds fine with me. As long as there going to give me the receipts. I mean, Fleas is our responsibility. Granted, he was just acting out his true nature. Rifca says: I know honey. I guess there going to put the rest of the pups in the pound. Rifca looks at Miss Gunzalas and tells her to give her the Joneses, phone number. Miss Gunzalas takes out her cell phone and writes the number down on a peace of paper. Rifca says: I'll give them a call tomorrow, during business hours. Plus, it's Friday, the beginning of the week end. Kenny agrees, and asks Aaron: So you have a new pup on it's way, are you ready to take care of another one? Aaron shrugs his shoulders, then replies: I guess. If not, maybe Mike would want it. He's always trying to be like me. The family has a good laugh. The father looks at Aaron and gives him a thumps up. Rifca continues by saying: Well, at least Fleas is a stud. But honey, when this is said and done, we need to get him fixed. Kenny agreed. Aaron asks both his parents: What does, getting him fixed means?' Kenny looks at Rifca and answers him: It means, so he wont have any babies any more. Then Aaron asks: How

are they going to do that? Now Rifca jumps in: Aaron baby, I'll explain that process to you, later. Aaron shrugs his shoulders and finishes up his food. Fleas is looking at Kenny, telling himself: I'm not letting any one cut my balls. F-that. After a wile, they all where done with there food. Miss Gunzalas starts cleaning the table. As their departing from the table, and went to their rooms, Fleas stayed in the kitchen and eating the scraps, along with his dog food. Miss Gunzalas says to Fleas: Puppy Chullo, I need to feed ju very good now. Ju gotta have energy for ya new kids. Fleas barked: Your right, now give me more!' She feeds him more. Fleas finishes and goes up to the room. After Aaron brushed his teeth, they all went to bed. It's Friday now. And everyone is off to school and work. Miss Gunzalas and Fleas are in the house, doing what they do every day. 10:00am arrives. As Miss Gunzalas and Fleas are watching television, her cell phone rings. It's Kisha. She tells her to come over there house and bring Fleas along. Fleas is sitting at the door already. Miss Gunzalas puts the leash on Fleas and walks him to Marias house. Its about fifteen minutes away. They finally reach there destination. Miss Gunzalas rings the door bell. Kisha opens it and allows they in. Kisha says: Hay honey, come in. don't worry, everyone is at work by now. So, follow me. Miss Gunzalas follows her to the back yard. Maria is sitting on a nice red blanket, hovering over her 13 pups. Fleas walks over and licks Marias face, kissing her. Both their tails are wagging. page 52

Kisha introduces Fleas to his new family. Miss Gunzalas laughs. Fleas barks at Maria, saying: Baby, there so beautiful. Congratulations. I'm so glad we're a family, and the humans are giving us family support to. She barks: Thanks honey. Thank you for coming. I want you to be there for me and the kids, OK. Fleas barks, OK. Kisha brings out a bowl of water for Fleas and a glass of orange juice for Miss Gunzalas. They sit and watch the dogs interact with one another. Fleas tries to sniff his pups. Maria snaps, barking him away. Fleas asks: Maria, I'm just trying to say hello to my kids. She barks back, saying: Not now! You're not aloud to touch our pups this early! They will die if you do. Only I, could do the touching and feeding, OK! Fleas steps back, saying to himself: A few of them don't even look like me anyway. But I know there my kids, so.... He backs up further. Some of the puppies have black paws and thick curly white hair like their Fleas, and there ones have long noses like their mother. Fleas is in love.

Miss Gunzalas says to Kisha: So, Rifca and Kenny is OK wit Fleas having kids. Plus they said, they'll pay for Marias food for like, six months. Kisha replies: Nice. And do you guys want any of the dogs? Miss Gunzalas answers: O yes. We want one puppy to. But not now. They gotta get bigger, den we could take one. But let me pick one so you could save it for us ,OK. Miss Gunzalas picks a beautiful one out and they head to the door, to go for a walk. Fleas and Miss Gunzalas is out for a walk. She take him over to the Queen Charlotte park. Fleas is conversing with the other dogs in the hood, by peeping on the poles. A pit bull walks by and tries to attack Fleas. Fleas doesn't back down. He barks back, telling the dog: You better chill out before I demolish your ass! At the same time, Miss Gunzalas and the pitbull walker, pulls the dogs apart. They apologize to one another and kept moving. In the park, the whole crew is their, waiting for Fleas. They love hanging in the Queen Charlotte park. It's cleaner and there is know troubled dogs there. Oscar greets Fleas: Hay Dad, hows it going with the family? Fleas walks up to the guys and says: O, She just had the kids yesterday. And there all so amazing looking. The look like me. Sammy and Nikki plays with Fleas. Jumping on his back. Sammy says to him: Congratulations bro. I'm happy you had very healthy kids. And they played. Marias friends comes over to the group and says Fleas about Maria. He tells them that she is doing just fine. They all stayed, conversing with the guys. Oscar and one of the bitches takes a walk. But everyone keeps on playing. Miss Gunzalas calls Fleas, so they could go home. Fleas tells his friends he needs to go and he leaves. On the way home, Fleas leaves a love message on Marias pole. Then he goes in the house. It's 1:47pm. Miss Gunzalas is in the house walking threw the halls and the rooms, making sure the house is clean. Fleas is now sitting in the living room, quiet. It looks as if he's thinking about his kids. His dog life is a lot better then what it was. He lives with a beautiful family. His art career is off and running. And he now has a girlfriend and kids. At the age of one and a half years old. At 3:00pm, Aaron storms in the house. School, was the same. He ran up to his room and changed his clothes. From 3:30 until 5:00pm, he stayed in his room and finished his home work. He runs down stairs and asks Miss Gunzalas: Miss Gunzalas, can we go over Miss Kishas house and see the puppies? Fleas is standing behind him saying to him self: Yea, lets go and see Kisha, so I could see how my Maria and kids are doing. Miss Gunzalas says to Aaron: Less jest wait til ya parents come home, OK. Aaron mumbles, OK, and goes back to his room

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Miss Gunzalas looks at her watch and sees it's 7:00pm. She's putting the plates, napkins and the utensils, neatly on the table. Aaron comes down stairs, sits in his chair and waits for his mother. Here she comes. Aaron hears Rifcas pull up, and meets her out side. Rifca and Aaron walks in the house together. She's telling him: Honey, we need to wait until Our neighbors call us over. We'll go, don't worry. She goes up to her room and washes up for dinner. At the table, the conversation is the same. Hows school, blaa, blaa, blaa. This is what Aaron is thinking in his head. Kenny pops in. Ten minutes later, he's at the table with the family. This time, Fleas is eating food out of a big bowl. As if he's eating for too. The house phone rings. Miss Gunzalas answers it. On the other line, is Kisha. They talk. Miss Gunzalas says OK, a few times, then hangs the phone up. She tells the family, that they could come and see the dogs tomorrow. Aaron says YES, very loud. Kenny asks if it's fine with Rifca. She answers: Tomorrow is Saturday, so I'm fine with Aaron and Fleas going over to the neighbors house. Plus, my Pucci needs to see his kids.She Laughs. Kenny asks Aaron: What happened to Mike spending a night tonight? Aaron replies: O, he had to go over his Aunts house. She's getting married soon. They're all done with dinner. Kenny and Rifca heads to there room. Aaron goes to his gallery and Fleas runs to play and do his night time doggy thing. It's a Friday, so Aaron could stay up as late as he wants. He's still in his gallery, doing some cyber surfing. By 10:00pm, Miss Gunzalas is tired. So she calls it a night, and goes to her maidens suite. Fleas is in the back, but he not quiet. He's howling [Singing a Micheal Jackson song]: THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL,YOU REALY TURN ME ON, MY LONELY DAYS ARE GONE! And he's howling this over and over again. Luckily, each neighbor is one street apart from each other. But some how, Marias is out side, and she hears Fleas serenading her. So she sings back: YOU KNOCK ME OFF MY FEET, OYU REALLY TURN ME ON! Miss Gunzalas goes to see if Fleas is OK. And he is, so she tells him to shush, then she re-enters the house. Telling Aaron about Fleas, making loud noises, he brings him in the house. Aarons phone rings as he walks up to his room with Fleas. It's Mike. In his room, resting on his bed, Aaron sees if Mike wants a Puppy: Come on Mike, I have Fleas. And I'm getting one of the pups. You half to get one, so we could be like brothers. Mike seems to be coming around. Aaron looks over and sees Fleas siting in his computer chair, typing on his key board. Aaron walks over and takes a look. He shouts: Fleas, what the hello are you doing? Aaron tells Mike: My dog, really thinks he's human. He just Google dogs humping. And he laughs. Then chases Fleas down from his seat. Fleas jumps to the floor barking: I need to learn new moves. Doggy style is played out. He lies on the bed, and falls asleep. 15 minutes later, Aaron is snoring to. It's 7:00am. Aaron is up. Excited about seeing the pups. He and Fleas walks down to the kitchen and grabs some snacks from out of the refrigerator. And Feeds Fleas dog snacks. As Aarons cleaning the back yard, he's

also playing fetch with Fleas. After the grass is clean, Aaron puts the cloth down and starts his painting. Fleas also is by Aarons side waiting to paint. He talks to Fleas: I can't wait to see your kids Fleas. And we're going to take one home. Or maybe even two. Fleas barks: Good. Cause I would love to know at least a couple of me kids. Now lets paint, so we could sell them. I have kids to feed! The canvases and paints are ready to work. Aaron already knows what to paint. Putting different colors on a plate, then putting the paint brush in all black, he paints the full canvas black. Wile it's trying on the ground, Fleas

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attempts to walk on the canvas, but Aaron stops him this time. Aaron paints a white dog and lets it dry. Then he squirts sky blue and whits and red on the surface. Now, he allows Fleas to jump in and stoke his paws all over the painting, giving the art the final touch. Their finished. Packing up, Aaron goes to his room ad waits for his parents to wake up. It's 9:00am, Rifca walked down the stairs and went strait to the kitchen. She eats a container of yogurt, then sits in front of the television. Mommy, is that you? Aaron asks, as he walks down the stairs and in to the living room. Yes honey. I'm in the Living room. Cuddling under his mothers arm, they both enjoy the Saturday morning cartoons together. He asks: Mommy, are we going to go and see the puppies today? She says yes. Miss Gunzalas walks in the house, dressed in her work wear. Good morning Madam Rifca. Miss Gunzalas says to Rifca. O, Good morning Miss Gunzalas. Are you going to cook breakfast? As Miss Gunzalas says yes, she walks in the kitchen. Around 10:00am, Rifca and Aaron, along with Fleas, takes a walk around the neighborhood. Aaron takes the ball, so him and fleas could play fetch. On the walk, Rifca puts her arm

around Aaron. Fleas is on his leash. Pulling Aaron to all the corner garbage's was getting him mad. So he lets Fleas run lose. Fleas is a good dog. He stops at lights and listens to whomever, he knows, calling him. But today, a group of skateboarders road by, and Fleas chased them, all. Aaron and Rifca shouted: Come back here Fleas, right now! Fleas kept running after them. The skaters, pushed faster, Teasing Fleas, at the same time. Aaron and his mother kept chasing Fleas, hoping he wouldn't bite any of them. They got away. Aaron finally grabs Fleases leash ad gives him a spanking on his back side. Rifca gives him a scolding to. And back home they go. Kenny wakings and comes down the stairs. Rifca and Aaron are in the gallery. Fleas is with them. First, Kenny eats snacks. Then seeks them out. In the gallery, Kenny walks in the with his arms open, asking Aaron: So are you ready to see the puppies buddy? Aaron says yes. Then Kenny asks Fleas. Fleas barks, leaping onto him with his tail shaking. He pets Fleas, saying to him: We have something in common Fleas, we're both fathers. Then he puts Fleas down and takes a look at the art on the walls. He complements the work and tells Aaron: I'm proud of you son. At 13 years old, your already finding your niche. And, your bringing in checks. Hard work pays off Aaron. Lets go and have a snack. Aaron and his father hugs one another, then goes into the kitchen. First he gives Fleas doggy snacks. At the same time, Aaron makes himself a peanut butter sandwiches. Kenny makes one for himself to. They sit at the table. Aaron, do you know how animals and humans make babies?' Aaron laughs as he says yes. Kenny asks him how he learned about sex, Aaron tells him, his friends always talks about it. But he thinks it's yucky. The Kenny tells him, if he ever needs to speak about this sort of thing, he'll be there for him. Rifca sits at the table and has a glass of water. She says to Aaron: I just spoke to Kisha. We could go over to there house at anytime after12:00pm. So go an get ready, OK. Aaron kisses his mother and runs up to his room. Fleas follows. As he's getting dressed, Aaron talks to Fleas: You know buddy your going to see your kids. I can't wait to see them. Fleas barks: I can't wait to. I miss my girlfriend and kids. Aaron is dressed. He and Fleas runs down the stairs and sits in the living room. Waiting for his parents. Rifca and Kenny goes up and changes into week end casual wear. There ready. Kenny puts the leash on Fleas and they leave. You could tell, Fleas is happy. On the walk, Fleas stops at his pole and leaves Maria a message, telling her, he's on his way to her house to see her and the kids. Two trees down, he page 55

sniffs and notices Oscar has left him a message: Hay Fleas, this is Oscar. If I don't see you at the park today, that's because I'm with my new girlfriend, around her house. I'll explain later. Good luck. Fleas leaves him a message: Cool. So I guess you'll be a dad soon to. See ya broski. And he keeps walking. A mail man passes by the and Fleas takes a bark at him. The man just passes by, not thinking anything of it. A few streets up, they see the house. Kenny looks at there house and says: Nice house. It's almost as big as ours. And he laughs. They arrive at the house. At the door, welcoming them, was Marias whole family. Kisha, The boss, Miss Celeste, the husband, Tony and the 12 year old son, Bobby. Come in. The family said to Kenny and the rest of them. They all entered the Marias home, including Fleas. Everyone shakes hands. Tony says to the High family: I'm Tony. This is my wife, Celeste. My son Bobby and my butler, Mr. Bill. Then he invites them to have a set in the living room. Mr. Bill brings in a tray of small bottles of sparkling water. Kenny and the family takes one each. And Fleas sits by Aaron. Tony asks: So this is the dog that matted with Maria? Well, at least he's good looking. He laughs. Kenny says: Hay, my apologies if this is an inconvenience. Celeste puts up her hands and says to Kenny and his family: O know, know. Don't worry about it. If we didnt want her to have kids, we would of gotten her fixed a long time ago. Tony looks at his wife, then to Kenny and says: Yea, but we don't believe in mutilating our animals, in any way. Rifca smiles and says: Well, my husband and I, agreed to pay for Marias food and what ever else you guys need, for six months. Celeste turns her offer down: Nope. Don't worry about it. We're family now, in some scientific, string theory, way. They all laugh, as Fleas barks for Maria: Maria, where are you. It's Fleas? Moments later, Maria comes strutting in the living room. Fleas stands up and runs towards her. They bark, sniff, and lick each others face. Both side of the family, at the same time, lets out an Awwhhh sound. Tony stands up and asks: So, do you guys want to see the pups?' Aaron says yes the loudest. Tony has them follow his to the back yard. Now, Maria has a large, walk in dog house. It's Six feet deep, six feet wide and six feet tall. Everyone, including Fleas, loves the house. Before they walk in, Maria stands out side and lets in, two at a time, Tony and Aaron walks in behind Maria. She allows him to stand too feet in front of the pups. Aaron loves what he sees. He's pointing and looking and Ewwing and Ahhhing. He sees too pups he wants. So he points and asks Tony to have them. Tony says: Sure. But it's up to your parents, OK. Aaron says OK, and walks out, back on to the yard. He says to the parents: WOW. You guys need to see! There so cute. Mommy, I saw too puppies in there that I want. Could we take them home? Kenny says: We'll let Maria decide when she wants to depart form her pups. Rifca and Celeste walks in. After looking at the puppies, they come out of the dog house. It's Kennys turn. He see the pups, and exits the dog house. Both sides of the family loves the dogs. So now their done seeing the dogs, and they go back in the house. Tony and Kenny allows Fleas to stay with his family, until they're ready to go home.

Fleas talks to Maria, in the dog house. He's looking at his kids. Their so adorable honey. Maria agrees, as he continues to talk: Maria, I know the out side world, I come from the streets. We're lucky we have a loving family. You know there going to let me take too of our kids. She looks at him and asks: And what are they doing to do with the rest of our kids, throw them In the garbage?' She starts crying. Fleas puts one paw on her shoulder and says: Baby, this is what they do to page 56

the rest of the pups they can't handle. Or maybe they'll give them to a nice dog store. Look, lets be happy they want to save some of them. OK? She cries and says, OK. Then Fleas lays by his kids and Maria. They look go together. As soon as Maria lies next to her kids, the pups runs to her belly and begins feeding off her. One hour later, at 1:15pm, Kenny comes out and shouts for Fleas. Fleas slowly comes out from the dog house. Maria follows behind him, seeing him to the door. There leaving for home now. As Kenny is shaking hands with Tony, ready to leave, Kenny asks: Is It possible we could visit once a week? Tony and Celeste tells them it's fine to pay a visit. He also congratulate Aaron and Fleas on the new art adventure. Rifca also invites them over once a week, for a dinner, as well. All in alliance, the High leaves for home. On the way home, Kenny and the rest, are satisfied with the people they now call family. Thanks to Fleas. They reach home. And the rest of the day is normal as usual. Fleas and Aaron heads to the back yard and prepares to paint. And everyone else in the house, gets ready to do there week end things. And the story goes on.----------------------------------------------------->

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[Fleas now his magical powers]

by Ernest E. Murrell
Chapter seven

The time is 12:00pm. It's a hot summers day. And Aaron already finished his daily chores, and ate his lunch. Fleas has already went for a morning walk. And also seen Maria and his too kids. Their now both in the back yard playing on the diving board. Aarons Friend Mike and his puppy, named Bert, [Fleas son], are playing along. Fleas and Bert are running around the yard, playing with the tennis ball. Mike and Aaron are in and out of the pool. And every twenty minutes, Miss Gunzalas looks out of the back door, checking up on the kids. Kenny is out buying things for the house and Rifca is in the living room, on her lap top computer, wile watching television. Aaron is on the diving board, with the ball In his hands. He had Fleas get on the diving board with him. So could wrestle over the ball. Fleas lost the fight. Aaron throws the ball in the deep end of the pool. And Fleas leaps in after it. After Fleas belly flops in the pool, Aaron jumps in, onto Fleas back. Suddenly Fleas stopped doggy paddling. He seemed to be noncontinuous. Aaron and Mike became nervous, thinking Fleas had died. Aaron is shaking him, calling his name. Then Mike jumps in the pool, trying to wake Fleas up. Fleas is still sleep. His eyes are closed. It seems like his not breathing. Mike and Aaron pulls him out of the pool. Little Bert, Fleas son, is standing at the edge of the pool, barking at his father. They have Fleas on the grass, trying to do CPR, but it's not working.

Miss Gunzalas checks to see if the kids are alright. She notices the problem they're having and runs to help them. Rifca runs behind her. There all standing over Fleas. Rifca runs back in the house and comes out with a mirror, She puts it under Fleas nose to see if he's breathing. And he still is. But slowly. Aaron yells to his mother: CALL THE AMBULANCE! I DON'T WANT HIM TO DIE! FLEAS, WAKE UP! Rifca calls for the ambulance. Ten minutes later, two guys run threw the back yard, holding a bed. They put it down and place Fleas on it. Rifca asks Mike to go home and tells Miss Gunzalas to watch the house. And when Kenny come home, have him call her. The Aaron and Rifca gets in the ambulance with the doctor and Fleas. They ride off. In the truck, there's an oxygen mask over Fleas mouth. The heart rate machine is showing that he's still alive. Aaron is by Fleas crying: Mommy, I didn't mean to hurt him in the pool! Rifca hugs Aaron, telling him, it's going to be alright. The Doctor guy, asks Aaron what happened. And he told him: I, i was playing fetch with him in the pool. And I threw the ball in the water. And he jump to get it, then I jumped on his back. Then he stopped moving!' Aaron kept crying. The doctor told Aaron that its going to be OK. In the animal hospital, Fleas is on a bed, wired to machines. Another doctor comes in and gives Fleas a shot in his back leg. Then he explains to the family that fleas just had a long black out. And he'll be fine in a short wile. The doctors and Rifca exits the room to conduct business.

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Aaron is standing by Fleas telling him to open his eyes. Aaron give Fleas a kiss on his cheek. A few tears later, Fleas begins to blink awake. Aaron shouts: He's alive. My Puppies OK! Rifca runs in and hugs Aaron. The doctor comes in with a smile and tells them, they could take him home in 30 minutes. They're standing over Fleas with a smile. Rifca says: I'm so happy my Pucci is fine. 25minutes later, the doctor gives Rifca a bottle of pills. Aaron and the doctor, stands Fleas back onto his feet. Then they carefully walk out of the door of the hospital. Geebs is waiting in the front. Seeing the family walk towards him, he opens the back door of the truck. After putting Fleas inside, he opens the door for Rifca. Everyone is in the truck. And off they go.

As they pull up to the house, again, Geebs lets Rifca out of the ruck. Then he opens the door for Aaron. By the time he gets to Fleas, the truck door is opened already. Geebs asks Aaron and Fleas: Has any of you open the door, for the dog? Aaron and Rifca looks at one another and shakes their head No. Fleas slowly exits the truck, and they all, but Geeb, walks in the house. Kenny and Miss Gunzalas meets Rifca, Aaron and Fleas at the door. As their walking threw, Kenny bends down and hugs Fleas, asking him: How is my doggy. Are you OK? He stands back up and kisses Rica. Aaron says fesses up to the accident, but Kenny brushes it off. Kenny says: As long as he's OK. We don't want one of our art stars dieing to earl. He's not yet, famous enough. He laughs, as Rifca slaps his arm. Stop it honey, he just came form the hospital! Rifca commands. Aaron takes Fleas to their office. Miss Gunzalas shouts, the 3:30pm snacks are ready, if anyone is hungry. Rifca has a glass of orange juice from out of the refrigerator, then walks up to her room with Kenny. Wile Aaron and Fleas walks threw the door to there office, the door unexpectedly closes. Aaron turns around quickly and says: Why did Miss Gunzalas immediately close the door behind us?' He looks in the hall, but there was know one in site. He says: That's strange Fleas, The door closed by it self. As there in the gallery drawing, Miss Gunzalas walks in to see if the boys are hungry. They said no. Aaron asks her if she closed the door earlier, and she said no, the left. Fleas knew that it was him closing the doors, but he had know control over his magic yet. So he couldn't demonstrate it to Aaron, until he had more understanding of it. It's 4:30pm now. Mike calls Aarons cell phone to see if Fleas is alright. Mike is on the other line, as Fleas and Aaron are going to the back to get ready and paint. Wile the drop cloth is on the grown, Aaron puts the phone to Fleas ear and says: Mike wants to know if your alright. Fleas Fleas wiggles his ears and before you know it, the phone turned up as loud as it could be. Then Fleas barks into the speaker, telling Mike he OK. Aaron takes back the phone and notices it's turned up way to loud. He turns the volume down, with a slight confused look on his face. But he continues talking to Mike and placing the canvases on the ground. He hangs up and asks Fleas if he's ready to paint. Fleas barks: You dame right I'm ready!' Aaron hangs up the phone and gets ready himself. Fleas is standing over the canvas. Aaron has a tub of gold paint in his hands. He opens it and begins squirting it out. In Aarons mind, he's about to squirt, just enough to start the picture, But wile the paints coming out of the tube, as usual, Fleas is staring at the paint, but this time, he wiggles his ears and "Woooow," Aaron can't control the paint coming out. He tries to put the cap on, to stop it, but to much paint is shooting out. All over his hands, legs, the canvases and the floor. He looks at Fleas and screams: CUT IT OUT FLEAS! Fleas stood there barking at Aaron. Aaron yelled, STOP! Fleas kept wiggling his ears, but nothing was happening.

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He wiggled his ears left and right. And up then down. Suddenly, he got it right. He put the left ear up and the right ear backwards and WALLAH, the paint stopped. Aaron still wasn't sire if it was Fleas or not. He says to Fleas: I'm sorry for yelling at you Fleas. I was just scared of getting the paint all over the place. Even though I did. He laughed. I guess we should still us this gold paint, even if it's to much. Fleas wagged his tail, agreeing with Aaron. Then they started painting. 5:30pm has past over to 7:00 in the evening. Aaron and Fleas are up in there room, cleaning, getting ready for dinner. Since they're finish straightening up, the head down to the living room to watch T.V. Aaron is Flicking threw the channels. He stops on the animal channel, then flix forward. As he flicking, the channels go backwards and stops, back on the animal channel. Aaron tries to change, but the remote seem to be malfunctioning. He asks Miss Gunzalas: Miss Gunzalas, an you put new batteries in this? Cause it's not working rite. As Miss Gunzalas walks out of the room, Fleas goes and humps her leg. She and Aaron makes Fleas stop. She put new triple A batteries in, and hands it back to Aaron. It's now, working perfectly fine. So he changes the channel again. Fleas changes it back to the animal channel. They go back and forth. Aaron gets made at Fleas and throws the remote control at him. It hits Fleas in the head. Aaron points and says: I know it's you. Just stop!' As he walks out of the living room, Fleas twirks his ears and the remote flies, hitting Aaron in the back. Aaron turns and gives Fleas the middle finger and storms up to his room. Minutes later, Fleas follows. In the room, Aaron kindly asks Fleas: Is that you doing all these weird things? Fleas is laying on the bed next to him, He gives Aaron the confused dog look. Aaron says: I'm confused to. Fleas barks: How did you know about my confused dog look? Aaron sits up and squeals: I don't know, just hush. Stop barking! Fleas argues back, barking: O, so you don't know! Then how do you know how to speak doglish? Now I'm really confused! Aaron closes the bed room door and plops back on his bed. Fleas gets made and goes in the bath room. He stands on his back legs and looks at himself in the mirror, talking to himself: I better learn to control this new magic I got. Anyway, Aaron is starting to act to much like a dog. Fleas gets down from the sink and plops his front legs on the back toilet. He's standing up, trying to pee in the bowl like a human. He wets all over the place. Then flushes it with his paw. Aaron cools down. The room remains silent. Miss Gunzalas shouts: It's time to eat!' Aaron and Fleas comes running down, into the kitchen. Rifca sits down a bite later. Kenny is still out with his friends. Once in a wile, Kenny would stay out late on the week ends. Rifca never minds. Fleas is also eating his

food. As they're eating, Fleas stairs at the pot full of chicken, on top of the stove. He twirks his ears and the pot falls on the floor. Everyone is startled. Miss Gunzalas jumps down, cleaning the food off the floor. Fleas meets her at the seen his crime. She gives Fleas a couple peaces of wings. And puts the pot back on top of the stove. She says: Fleas, that food is for you, OK! Rifca looks at Fleas and says: Today is your lucky day Pucci. Fleas barks: If you only knew. Aaron looks at Fleas and shaking his head. He can't tell his mother because it might sound a little crazy. Plus, he's not shore of Fleas-es condition. After eating, Aaron heads up to his room, brushes his teeth and takes a rest. Fleas stays down in the kitchen and eats the chicken he dropped on the floor earlier. 9:00pm, Miss Gunzalas need to walk Fleas. Aaron is now in the living room, playing his games, wile talking on the phone with Mike. Rifca is up in her room. Miss Gunzalas puts the leash on Fleas. She asks Aaron if he wants to take a walk with them, but he declines. She says OK, and leaves. Kenny pulls up before she walks off the drive way. He beeps his horn.

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After Miss Gunzalas waves, she carries on. Fleas stops at his pole. He sniffs and reads a new message from Maria. I reads: I just left the house at 8:30pm. So I'm at the park. I can't wait to see you. He talks back: I miss you to. And I'm on my way to the park now. Many other trees he marks. They finally reach the park. Fleas see Nikki playing with a female dog. He's trying to mate with her. Fleas walks threw the gate. Under the tree sprouts Maria. She's so happy to see him: Hay daddy, how are you? I herd the doctors came to your home today. Was it for you? Fleas runs up and licks her face. He says: Hay baby. It was me, But anyway, hows the two kids, Max and Tonya doing? Their walking around the park. She says: There doing just fine. Tonya misses her father. Fleas says: I'll see them tomorrow. Kisha is bringing them here, to the park, rite? She looks at him and says: Rite. We'll be hear at 11:30am. As there talking, the other dogs are running around. A large dog almost runs into Maria, but Fleas-es doggy cents and reflexes, magically flings it two feet away, onto the gate. Without putting a paw on him. The dog loos at Fleas and runs away. Lucky for Fleas, know one really saw what just happened. Maria is shocked. She barks, asking him: I just saw that. You didn't even

touch the brute, so how did you do that? He looks at her: Baby, I don't know yet. I jumped into the pool, chasing a ball, then Aaron jumped on top of me and next thing I know, I was in the hospital. And now, I have this magical power. She asks: Well, do any of the family members know? He answers: Aaron knows. But he's not sure. So he's staying quiet for now. Thirty minutes past. Miss Gunzalas calls fleas. And Kisha calls Maria. The both of them walks over and leaves for home. Fleas says to Maria: And you know, Marla, I think Aaron is learning how to speak dog in school, because 9 out of 10 times, he knows what I'm saying. As their peeing on trees, Maria says to Fleas: I don't know honey, Humans are intelligent, but doglish, is a language they'll never know. Fleas says: I can't figure it out, every time I say something, he answers. If I ask him how was his day, he'll say, I was just fine. It's weird. She kisses him a don't worry kiss. Their Next to her house. So Fleas gives her a kiss for her and a kiss for Max and Tonya, the two kids Tony and Celeste aloud Maria and Bobby keep. Then they depart. It's 10:00pm and everyone is relaxed and in front of the television. The whole family is sitting in the living room, including Fleas. A comedy show is on, Kenny speaks: So Aaron, Mr. Rothichild called earlier. He told me, for you and Fleas to have 30 paintings ready by September. He wants to give you guys another show. Then he explained to me, in the summer, his New York gallery, the one you just had a show in, is closed, but the ones in Miami and Franceare in business. Mr. Rothichild also gave me the rest of the money from your art sales. Aaron asks how much is it all together, and Kenny says: OK, you gave him 30 paintings, 25 of them sold for $3000 each. The gallery takes 50%. So how much did you guys make? Aaron does his calculations and came up with: $37.500 dollars, and some change! He shouts. His moms says: That's right genius. But don't forget the tax you, we need to pay your uncle Sam. Aaron says: How much do we need to give him? Kenny answers: $10 thousand dollars. So you'll be left with, $23.000 dollars. Not bad for your first show! Aaron gives a big smile and says: Well, when will I see this money dad? The father looked over at him with a mile and replies: Good attitude son. Always stay on top of your business. I'll open up an account for you, first thing I the morning. And, I'll give you your bank statements, every month. This is a good time for me to show you how to manage your money. Aaron says: OK. Rifca sits there with a smile, Looking at her little business boy. They continue having family time. After falling asleep in front of the television, Kenny wakes page 61

Aaron up and has him go to bed. Rifca also heads to her room, for bed. Fleas licks Aaron awake at 9:00am. At the same time, his cell phone is buzzing. It's Mike. Aaron answers it: Hay Mike, hows it going dude, what's up? Mike asks him if he could come over later. Aaron says yes and hangs up the phone. Rolling over, pulling the covers back over his head, he hears rumbling in the bath room. So he gets up and checks out what's the problem. He opens the door and sees Fleas standing on his back legs, on the sink, looking in the mirror. Kissing himself. And the funny thing is, a face cloth is sitting under the running hot water. Aaron never thought a dog could do such a human thing, so he stood there in amazement. Then he tells Fleas to get down. Fleas gets down from the sink and walks in the room. Aaron stairs in the mirror, saying to himself: Is it me, or is Fleas acting to much like a human being? And he does magic. I don't know. He takes a walk down to the kitchen and grabs a snack. Fleas is out in the back yard. Aaron is now out in the back with Fleas. As he prepares the paint and a canvas, he pets Fleas, playing with his ears. Then says: Buddy, I don't know what's going on, but your acting kind of strange Fleas. Please, if there's a problem, bark right now. Fleas looked at Aaron and put his head down. He wiggles his ears. Suddenly black paint squirts out of the tube, onto the canvas. Then, by it self, a paint brush dips it's bristles in the paint and Spells out, I love you Aaron, but after the pole accident, I became magical. But I can't understand why your acting so much like a dog. Aaron reads the canvas and says: Me, acting like a dog? You've been acting look a freaking human. Peeing like like a man. Looking in the mirror lie a person. I just don't know what's going on with you. Fleas paints more words on the cloth: Please, hang with me Aaron. Aaron says OK. Then they walk in house. Hours past. Mike is sitting in the living room with Aaron, playing video games. Everything is cool. Fleas is playing with His son Bert, Around the house. Mike asks Aaron: So hows Fleas?' Aaron tells him: Sometimes he acts weird, but he fine. How bout Bert? Mike breaks his focus for the game and answers: My puppy is cool. I'm teaching him how to sit, and us the street as his rest room and other obedient tricks. But he's a fast learner. Miss Gunzalas ask the boys if their hungry. They said yes, requested cookies. As Miss Gunzalas goes to get there snacks, Rifca walks down the stairs, says hello to the boys, then eats her breakfast in the kitchen. Mike and Aaron are having fun playing games and eating oatmeal cookies and milk. At 12:00pm, Miss Gunzalas as tells Aaron she needs to walk Fleas, So she lets her. He stays with Mike, in the house with Bert. On the walk, Fleas sniffs the him and Marias pole. She leaves a message: Hay Fleas, the kids are doing well. We're at the park now. We miss you. Fleas responds to her message: I love you and the kids. And my powers are more controlled now. It's 12:05pm, and I'm out walking. But sometimes, she doesn't take me to the Queens park. So I hope to see you guys soon. Love love. He pees on other trees and poles. Miss Gunzalas feels like taking him, only around the neighborhood, not the park. So, this is what she does.

As their enjoying the walk, Fleas and the mean Pitbull, he had a fight with in his old park. They walk towards one another. The closer they become, the louder they snarl. Five feet before crossing paths, Fleas twirks both ears and the pitbull suddenly sites down, with out being able to move. And mouth clamped shut, stopping him form barking. The male owner is looking at his dog, wondering what's going on with his dog. Telling him to move, but the dog remains still. Miss Gunzalas and Fleas, quickly walks past them. Both the walkers are blind to what had happened, So Miss Gunzalas continues on with no apologies. Fleas knows he could do a lot more harm, but he's not a page 62

violent animal. He just uses his powers to stop his enemies from hurting him. Now, wile he was living on the streets in the big city, he would of used his magic to harm other dogs. Just to protect him and his friends. But for his sake, he's lucky his powers where unknown at that time, or else he would of miss used it and up ended up in real dog jail, or dead. Anyway, he cant help claiming more territory then other dogs. This is what gets other dogs angry. What humans can't figure out is, Why dogs rush to pee on as many trees and poles as possible? And the reason is, the dogs fight for territory. It's a form of graffiti. The more a dog tags the spot, the more the spot is his or hers. Plus, their also conversing between one another. Miss Gunzalas says to Fleas: Puppy Chulo, ju been acing kind of weird lately. Wahappin? Fleas looks up at her and says in his mind: If you could only understand mommy. She takes him around the block, too times. After he fully goes to the bath room, she picks up the mess and back home they go. Around Miss Gunzalas and the family, Fleas tries to control his new found gift. He figures, if the family finds out about the magic he knows, they might consider him a freak and send him to a dog pound. But Fleas feels his powers are getting stronger. This is what Fleas is concerned about. The family and Mike sits at the table to eat dinner. At the table, Kenny opens the conversation by asking Mike hows his new dog is doing. Mike responds: Um, he good Mr. Kenny. My family loves him. Just like us guys love Fleas. Kenny tells him, because of the dogs they're all connected. Mike asks: So does this mean, where family? Aaron says: Yes, we're brothers now! The family laughs and eats. Fleas and his son, are

bonding by eating together. After dinner, the two boys and the dogs, go out to the back and plays for a wile. Then they go play in the gallery. It's 12:20am. Kenny yells down, from his room: Boys, it's time for bed now. It's getting late. Don't forget to wash up!' The guys and the dogs, heads to the room and wash up for the night. In the morning, the boys slowly awakes. Aaron looks over at the bath room and says: O nooo. He knew Fleas was in the bath room acting like a human being. He didn't want Mike to see this weird thing, so he gets up first. As he gets out of bed, Mike asks him where he's going. Aaron tells him that he's just going to brush his teeth. Mike tells him he needs to go to the bath room as well. Aaron huffs and puffs, because he's trying to avoid being shamed. But he invites mike in the bath room with him. The puppy is already in the bath room with Fleas. Aaron goes in the bath room first. He opens the door and noticed Fleas siting on the toilet, going to the bath room like a human. Mike rushes in and see this. And he's shocked. He asks Aaron: What is Fleas doing? Aaron covers Fleas by saying: O, he sometimes thinks he's a human bring. Don't mind him. Mikes dog Bert, is sanding on top of the edge of the bath tub, looking at his father. Aaron can't make Fleas go away yet because Fleas is not finished using the bath room. A half a minute later, Fleas jumps off the toilet and walk back into the bed room, with his son following Mike says: Wow, that was strange. Then he uses the toilet himself. It's 9:00am. Aaron and his friend walks down the stairs and into the kitchen. Miss Gunzalas is already making food for the family. Mike and Aaron are at the table eating breakfast. Fleas and Bert are eating their dog food, in the kitchen as well. Miss Gunzalas says to Aaron and his friend: Oyya, I need to take Fleas on a walk, but after hes done eating. Ju guys could come wit me if ju wanna. Aaron asks Mike if he wants to go on a walk with Miss Gunzalas. Mike says OK. The parents are still asleep. There all finished eating. The boys rush to the room ad brushes their teeth. About the time they're back down the stairs, ready to go, Miss Gunzalas has the leash on Fleas, standing next to the door.

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She asks: Are you too ready to go? They both says yes at the same to. They leave. Bert, the puppy, is in Mikes arms. Aaron is holding Fleas leash. And Miss Gunzalas is right

behind behind them. Fleas is sort of pulling Aaron to the poles, so he could read what's going on with Maria. Plus, Fleas is teaching his son how to lead. Fleas reads Marias message on the pole: Hay baby, I hope to see you today. I miss you. Fleas leaves her a message: It's 9:15am. I'm on a walk with your son. They named him Bert. Where on our way to Queen Charlotte Park. See ya. Because the streets are clear, Mike lets Bert, the puppy, run by his fathers side. As little Bert runs by his fathers legs, he tries to nip at them. After he bites his leg a few times, Fleas turns and gives him a little snarl. After three to four times of feeling Berts nibble, Fleas turns and softly bits him. This is to teach him to not be a hard headed pest. Bert cries. But he also slows down the nipping. Miss Gunzalas calls Kisha: Meda, are you at the park? OK. I'm on my ways. And she puts her cell phone in her pocket. She says: OK guys, we going to da park so Fleas could see Maria. Fleas looks up at her with a big smile. Then pulls Aaron even harder. Aaron shouts: WOW FLAEAS, SLOW DOWN! He yanks Fleas as hard as he could. Slightly pulling him back. There coming up to the cross walk. And they stopped. After standing at the light for to long, Fleas wiggled his ears. Immediately, the busy traffic froze still. Miss Gunzalas stands in shock. Aaron give Fleas a sneaky look, from the corner of his eye. Miss Gunzalas says to the group: Lets cross, before some other weird thing happens. The quickly pass over to the other side. She says out loud: Meda, what was that? I nevea saw that before. Coneyo! Mike gives Aaron a looks as if now had a feeling of what's going on. Aaron looks at Mike and shrugs his shoulders. After the dogs going to the bath room on all the trees and poles, they finally reach the park. The closer they get to the park, the more Fleas pulls on the leash. He see Maria from a distance. Fleas barks: I'm coming! She gives him a welcoming bark. As they get closer to the gate, because he's excited, his ears wiggle, flinging the gate open. Again, this action blows Miss Gunzalas mind. But this time, she pays little attention. The boys notice. In the park, Fleas runs over to his girlfriend and hangs with her. Mike puts Bert down. He follows behind Fleas. Oscar and Nikki are in the park. But Fleas pays less attention to them. Maria smells Fleas. They kiss each other. Then she introduces his to kids to him: This is Max and Tonya. Fleas also brings Bert, there other brother, over, so they could all meet play together. There all one big family. Aaron and Mike are over in the childrens area, playing on the swings. Maria and Kisha are chatting it away, looking over the dogs and pups. As the families getting acquainted, Oscar and Nikki walks over and meets the family. Then the two runs away and allows the family to enjoy one another. The pups are hungry. So Maria lies down, under a tree and lets her pups feed on her breast nipples. She invites Bert to join in. Fleas takes time to go hang with his friends. His buddies welcomes him. Nikki says: So, hows the family life? Fleas answers: It's cool. I love both of my families. What's up with you guys. Has anything been happening?' Oscar barks: Well, I have a girlfriend to. Fleas says: That's cool bro. Where did you met her? Nikki barks: It's one of your girls, friends. They play chase the ball for a wile. Then Miss Gunzalas shouts: Fleas, Aaron, Mike, Bert, come on, it's time to go! Kisha shouts the same. slowly everyone meets at the gate. Kisha puts the two

pups in a basket she's carrying. And she holds Maria. Mike and Aaron comes over. Mike picks up his pup and Fleas is walked my Aaron. Miss Gunzalas,

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again, leads from behind, talking to Kisha. There all on there way home. Aaron hands the leash over to Miss Gunzalas so he could walk fast and play with Mike. Their running with the Bert, playing tag. Mike asks Aaron: Hay, so tell me, is Fleas magical? You could tell me. Come on, I'll keep a secret! Aaron takes a deep breath and tells him: Yes, he knows how to do magic. Mike then asks: WOW, could he make things appear and disappear?' Aaron answers: Not yet. But he does lots of cool things. Mike asks: What else could he do? Aaron replies: O don't know. He's also starting to act like a human being. It's so weird. Maria and Fleas walks with the kids. They look as if they've been together for ever. Kisha puts the two puppies down, to let them strut on side of the parents. Kisha lets Maria walk off the leash. And of course, the too kids follow her. The walk is going good. Fleas is in the back of Maria and the kids. Mike and Aaron are playing with Bert, further ahead. Kisha and Miss Gunzalas, pays attention, but are also enjoying to nice blue day. At the cross walk, Mike, Aaron and the whole clan, stops. But Maria and the kids continue playing, write into on going traffic. Miss Gunzalas, Kisha and Aaron, sees a car is about to hit the dogs. So their screaming loud: MARYA RUN! GET OUT OF THE STREET? Fleas sees this and wiggles his ears. The car quickly stops, Lifting the two back tires five feet off the ground. It almost flips forward. Then it slams down, back on all four tires. Everyone runs to Maria and the pups, making sure their all right. The driver gets out of the car and asks: Are they OK? Miss Gunzalas says yes. The man continues: Did you see how my car lifted up off the ground? That never happened, before! Kisha thanks the man for stopping, but the mans still in shock. Then he just he jumps back in his car and drives off. Kisha and Miss Gunzalas exhales and carefully journeys on. Miss Gunzalas tell Aaron, not to tell the family about what had happened. Aaron agrees. Mike whispers to Aaron: Again, Fleas saves the day. Aaron smiles at him and carries on.

Kisha and Maria is at there home. Fleas gives her and the kids a lick on there face. Miss Gunzalas gives Kisha a hug. Moments later, Mike and Aaron, along with the rest of the gang, walks in their door. It's 2:30pm. The day is still young. Kenny and Rifca are now up and walking around the house. As Kenny jogs down the stairs, he asks Aaron: Hay buddy, how are you doing, form that incident in the shower? Aaron answers: I'm fine dad. I'm a strong boy. Then he asks about Fleas: And hows the Fleaster doing? Aaron reluctantly answers: Um, well, he's doing fine. Sometimes he acts funny, but he's OK. Kenny rubs the top of his head and walks in the kitchen. Mike and Aaron are in the living room, plating games. Mike whisper to Aaron: Tell your dad about Fleas. Aaron loudly whispers back: No way. I'm not telling him! He'll find out sooner or later. Now lets play. Fleas and Bert are in the back yard playing with the ball. Fleas is wrestling with his son, teaching him how to fight for what he wants. There having fun. Mikes cell phone rings. It's his mother. He walks out side in front of the house to speak to her. He comes back and tells Aaron, he needs to go home, do to the fact, he needs to go to one of his relatives house, by 4:00pm. So he grabs hos dog, Bert and says good by to the family. then gets ready to leaves. Aaron asks to walk him to his house and Rifca says yes. So Aaron takes Fleas and the four of them walks out of the door. On the walk home. Mike tries to convince Aaron to tell his dad, before something bad happens. After a few streets, Aaron slowly agrees to tell his father. They arrive at Mikes front door. They say there good byes and Aaron heads back home. Fleas is marking all the trees and poles, to say hello to the neighborhood dogs. Aaron and Fleas reaches home. As they enter the house, page 65

they see Kenny up on a latter, changing a light bulb. He's very high on the latter. So Aaron decides to stand there, in case his father needs help. As Kenny finishes and starts coming down, he misses a step and falls. Everyone gets excited. Aaron screams: NO DAD! Fleas barks and wiggles his ears. Three feet before hitting the ground, Kenny levitates, softly landing on the floor. Aaron looks at Fleas, with fright in his eyes. Because he has no clue, what his fathers going to say. Kenny lies on the floor, in shock, wondering what just happen.

Aaron asks him: Are you OK dad? Kenny studiers: Ye, yes. I'm fine son. Did you see what just happened? Aaron looks at his and replies: Yeaaa dad. Kenny asks another question: Was that the fun you was talking about? Aaron admitted: Yes father. I must tell you, he knows magic. The father sites up and thanks Fleas: Thanks my friend. I'm happy you know magic, because now I could stop work and make money off you. He laughs as he stands up. Kenny tells Aaron: If you told your friend Mike, it's OK. But try not to tell anyone else. I'll discus this with your mother. OK!' Aaron say yes and they continue on with the day. Fleas and Aaron are out in the back yard, painting. Aaron squirts the paint onto the canvas and Paints primitive images. Then he calls Fleas over so he could rub his paws all threw the wet paint. This is their usual technique. But this time, when Aaron allows Fleas to paint, like last time, he levitates the brush, but this time, he has the paint brush create a beautiful portrait of Aaron. Then the brush lands in the cup of water. Aaron loves what Fleas has done, and calls his father to show him. After a few calls, Kenny come down to see whats the noise all about. Kenny looks automatically new Fleas has done the painting. Because he knows the style Aaron paints. So he's stunned. He smiles and says: I can't hold it in. I need to tell your mother. And he calls Rifca. Now She comes down and sees, then falls into disbelief. So Aaron begins a new canvas. Fleas, for the family, makes another painting. This time, its of the mother. She believed what she saw, but it's hard for her to comprehend. Aaron stands silent. Kenny puts his arms around Rifca and says: Do you know what this means? This means, we're going to be rich! Rifca loos at him and says: I don't know honey, we'll talk about this later. And she goes back in the house. Kenny hugs Aaron and Fleas and says: Fleas, I know you probably could do more then what your showing us. Aaron, we're going to be richer then we are now. Aaron smiles at him and Fleas. Fleas stands there, wagging his tail, saying to himself: Cool. I can't wait to be a supper star. He wags his tail, walking behind them, into the house.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

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Ernest E. Murrell
Chapter eight

It's the second week of summer, so Aaron is out of school. Kenny and Rifca decides to take Aaron and Fleas to there summer home in Miami. Plus, Kenny has a very successful brother they could hang out with. It's 9:00am. Kenny tells Aaron to pack his bags and get ready for the trip. Miss Gunzalas will be attending the trip as well. By 11:00am, Geebs is in the front, with the truck. All the bags are down stairs, in front of the door. Kenny has Geebs, Miss Gunzalas and Aaron carry the bags and place them in the trunk. They drive off. On the way to the airport, they drive by Maria and Kishas house. Fleas starts crying. He's going to miss his Maria and the kids. And they'll miss him as well. Kenny and Rifca are on there cell phones. Miss Gunzalas is sleep. And Aaron is on his Ipad and Fleas has his head out of the window. Kenny closes his phone and tells the family, they're going to the mall to pick up a few girts for his brother, Boomers, family. Boomer has a Girlfriend, Mindy and a dog named Candy. Rifca and Aaron loves the idea of going to the mall. Off the highway and into the malls large parking lot, they drive. In search of a parking space, they couldn't find one close enough. So Kenny had Geebs drop them in front of the mall. He'll call Geebs, on there way out. Rifca, Fleas Aaron and Kenny are headed in the mall. The first place they stop, is the food court. Kenny asks: So what do you guys want to eat? Aaron shouts: I want pizza. And so does Fleas! Rifca says: I'll just have a small veggie sandwich and yogurt. Kenny says OK. After ordering, they sit and eat. Aaron and Fleas are quiet, enjoying there pizza. Kenny gives them the plan: Alright, Miss Gunzalas, could you take Fleas to the arcade, wile Rifca and I shop? She says yes. Aaron happily says yes as well. After eating there foods, they implement the plan. Aaron,k Miss Gunzalas and Fleas, heads down stairs, into the gaming area, And the parents walks the mall, in search of gifts. In the arcade, Miss Gunzalas takes a set on a bench, waiting until time is up. Aaron and Fleas see a few school friends and plays with them for a wile. Then the two of them finds there own games to play. Fleas is standing on Aarons side going from one game to another. Aarons playing his favorite motorcycle game. As he plays, one of his school friends, Crystal, walks over, eating a lollypop. Hay Aaron, whats up? Aaron says hay, but his attention is into the game. She asks:

page 67

So, what's your plans for the summer? My family is taking me to the West Indies. Aaron keeps his eyes on the game and says: I don't know, I think we're going to Miami or something. I don't know. She says: Cool. I meant to tell ask you, Um, do you like Sandy?' Aaron looked at her and Shouted: KONW! Who told you that? His motorcycle game crashes. He says: You see what you made me do? Crystal continues: I don't know, I just herd you did. Aaron asks: What else did you hear?' Crystal says: Someone told me you kissed her, in the lips. Aaron get a bit upset: NO I DID NOT! She kissed me! And plus, I like someone else. She asks: Whats her name? Is it me? She smiles. Aaron says: No! But I can't tell you. Anyway, may I play some games now? She says yes as she runs towards her parents. Aaron walks over to another game and puts two quarters in. The game isn't responding. He puts two more quarters in. The machine is taking his money, but not allowing him to play. He kicks the game and jingles the joy stick. Nothing is happening. He tells Fleas to do some magic to get his money back. In Fleas mind, he says OK. So he wiggles the right ear. Next thing they new, All the change in the machine spilled out, right into Aarons hand. Aaron filled all his pockets of change and walked away. Other kids around him ran and picked up the rest of the change on the floor. Wile Aaron walked by one of the managers, he pointed to the game and told him, it's out of order. Then Fleas, he and Miss Gunzalas, went to look for his parents. Aaron says to Fleas: That was a good one boy! Do you want a snack? Fleas barks: Dame right I do! So, off to the candy store they go. Miss Gunzalas lets Aaron careful order some candy. He bought just enough to satisfy he and Fleas cravings. They're now off, looking for there parents. Store after store they looked and wallah, there they where. Kenny and Rifca was walking out of a clothing store, with hands full of bags. Kenny says to Aaron: So did you have fun?' Aaron said yes. Rifca hands Miss Gunzalas a few bags and calls Geebs. To have the truck waiting in front of the mall. Kenny tells Aaron: I got you and Fleas some gifts to. Aaron was happy. One the way out of the mall, The family notices a large group of gang members looking at the truck. Kenny asks Them: Hay whats up guys. You like the truck? One of the gang members replied: Yea nigga, Ya stuff is cool. How much dis shit cost? Kenny tells him the price as Geebs opens the door for Rifcs, Aaron and Miss Gunzalas. Kenny walks threw the crowd, to get into the truck. But one of the gang members shoves him in the truck. Kenny quickly closes the door As they're driving off, one of the guys hits the truck with his fist. Fleas turns runs to the back of the truck and Wiggles his ears. All the gang members pants falls off and onto the ground. Aaron, Miss Gunzalas and Rifca laughs really hard. The car kept moving forward. Kenny says: You see that son? That is why I tell you to do well in school and teach you about business. I don't want you to be like those losers. Aaron says: OK daddy. But was you afraid back there? Kenny say: No. I just didn't want them to hurt you and your

mother. Rifca says: Aaron, your father is a black belt in Karate. He would of kicked all there butts. Kenny looked at her and said: Honey, I was lying about the karate thing. I was just a yellow belt. Geebs and the family laughs. Kenny tells Fleas: And puppy, you did a good job back there. Next time, make them kiss each other, Thatll embarrass them in front of the girls. Aaron says: Yuck dad. That's funny. Then he laughs. One hour later, there pulling into the air port. And up to the families private jet. Geebs opens the door to let the ladies out. Then grabs the bags, putting them on the plain. Miss Gunzalas and Aaron helps with the bags as well. After all the luggage is on the plain, Kenny gives Geebs envelope page 68

full of money and hugs him good by. Miss Gunzalas, Fleas and the High family, are all on the plan. Kenny asks everyone to buckle up. Because the plan is ready to take off. One of the pilots and a blonde flight attendant, stands in the front and greats the family, as there taking a set. Also letting the know, them lunch would be ready in thirty minutes. Aaron is by the window, loving the sights. Miss Gunzalas is reading a book about Mexican lovers. Kenny is on his laptop, doing some office work. Rifca is reading a book as well. And Fleas is in one of the chairs, sleeping. It's 1:30pm. The pilot said they'll arrive at there destination within two hours. 15 minutes in the air, Fleas is at the bathroom door, scratching at it, needing to go pee. Aaron get up and lets him in, but watches him as he goes. Again, Fleas stands on his back legs and pees in the toilet like a human being. After he finishes, he pushes the button to flush, then he drinks the toilet water. Aaron just shakes his head as Fleas passes him. Now Aaron uses the rest room and goes back to his set. Aaron tells his dad: You know pops, Fleas thinks he human. He uses the toilet like a person. Kenny asks: Well, do you record him?' Aaron says no. Kenny suggests: I think you should get every thing he does on camera. We're going to turn him into a star. Aaron agrees and takes out his camera. This is what I have recorded now dad. Kenny reaches over and takes the camera. He looks at the footage and says: Good job son. I like how you captured him doing his paint brush, levitating trick. He's typing on the computer to. He laughs, then hands Aaron the camera. Look son, keep it up. We'll make a movie about Fleas and he'll be big!' Aaron and Rifca smiles. The pilot comes out and tells them, there about to hit a pocket, so hold

on. One minute later, the plain hits a hard bounce. Everyone says, WOW, at the same time. One second later, the fun bump is finished. The flight attendant come and served ten bottles of water. Then she comes back out with a tray of sandwiches. They all take bottles of water, but says know to the food. Kenny says Thanks Tonya. Then she walks to the back. Aaron empties his pocket full of change, onto the table in front of him. After adding it up, he has $15 dollars. Rifca asks him: Honey, where did you get all the change? Aaron tell her: Well, in her arcade, they was one machine I kept putting quarters in, but it was only taking my money, not allowing me to play. So I kicked it and all this change started spilling out, right into my pockets. Kenny curiously asks him: Son, are you sure that's how the story went? Did Fleas have something to do with it? Rifca quietly giggles. Aaron couldn't lie. So he told the truth: Ye, yes. I got mad, Fleas wiggled his ears and wallah, all this change came out. Kenny laughs and says: Aaron, that's called robbing the arcade. Please, you too should stick to art. You guys just sold tons of paintings, so you have money. Your mother and I have lots of money, so what are you doing?' Aaron answers: I don't know. I just got mad. I wasn't thinking. Rifca say: Honey, I don't want you to be in and out of prison. I mean, we're not raising a criminal OK. Aaron puts his head down: Yes mommy. My apologizes mom, dad. It wont happen again. After the warning, Kenny changes the topic: Anyway, Lets enjoy our trip peoples. Two hour later, the plain is coming in for a landing. The pilot has them put on there set belts. It's a smooth landing. Kennys brother Boomer, sent the family his personal driver. So as their exiting for the plan, Tony, the driver helps Miss Gunzalas and the handlers with the luggage. The family is in the Limousine. Aaron has the video camera running as the car rolled on. The driver opened the divided window and asked Kenny where to go. So he gives him directions to their summer home. Aaron and the family, come to Miami every year. This is Miss Gunzalas second time. Fleas is the only

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new guy on the block. The ride was about one hour from the air port, but they're in their neighborhood now. The car drives out of the populated area and into a wooded landscape. It's just trees and forests street on end. With very few street lamps. And the closer the house becomes, the less they see side walks. Each house is so far apart, they all carry there own zip codes. Finally, Tony a right takes a turn, driving down a long, beautiful street, with palms trees and well manicured bushes on every side, including the medium. Some homes have bushes trimmed in shapes of animals. The High families summer home, has an around the clock, full staff. This is why, There bushes are trimmed into geometric shapes. There grass is perfectly cut. And the estate is well cared for. Kenny reminds Miss Gunzalas to be careful walking Fleas. Because the woods have swamps, alligators, crocodiles and many other wild beasts lurking for there next meal. Fleas is barking at other dogs as they drive by. They're now pull up to there home. It's a very large, modern, bricked house, with a circular drive way. In the middle of the circle, is a lite up water fountain with small palm trees surrounding it. The drive way is cobblestone, flown in from Italy. The car stops in front of the house. Immediately, out walks a house butler, ready to attend to the luggage. Tony lets The ladies out of the vehicle first. Then Kenny. Aaron and Fleas lets themselves out. The house doors are opened. Mr. Keyblore the butler, and Tony the driver carries the bags in the house. Miss Gunzalas tries to help, but Rifca tells her to relax, and enjoy the vacation with the family. Kenny did give her the two bed room maidens quarters. Plus, they Have Mr. Keyblore if they need anything. But, Miss Gunzalas decides to help him carry the bags to each and every room. There all in the house now. Aaron asks: Daddy, since I'm an artist, could you transform one of the bottom rooms, into a studio for Fleas and I?' Kenny says: Son, I took care of that three weeks ago. So walk under this stair well, make a right. Go all the way down to the end! And wallah. Your studio is the last door to you right. This way you have all the sun light you need. Aaron hugged his parents and ran to his art studio. Fleas ran behind him. Rifca said to Kenny: Doesn't he and Fleas need to produce around ten more large canvas, by the end of the summer?' Kenny says: Yes. And this is why, we'll rest today. Go see my by brother Boomer tomorrow. And the following day, we head to an art store to so we could buy all the supplies they need. Kenny and Rifca kisses. Right as you walk in the house, you'll see two beautiful marbled stair cases, on both sides of the entrance corridor. Railed with brass banisters, with gold leafing. Right above hangs an 18th century brass chandelier. Rifca walks up the left side of the stair well, makes a left, then all the way to the end of the hall and into their master room. Kenny sees to the baggage men. After the guys place the bags in the correct rooms, Kenny gives Tony the driver/bag man, a good tip and sends him off. As Tony walked away, Kenny was figuring, he may or may not need to hire a new driver. He also gives Mr, Keyblore a small tip. Then heads to up to his bed room to unpack. The time is 4:00pm. Aaron and Fleas are up in there room, unpacking. Miss Gunzalas is in the second guest house, doing what she need to be done. The parents are unpacking as well. Mr, Keyblore taps his bell, telling everyone dinner will be served at 7:00pm. Aaron is now taking a nap. The house is quiet. By 6:30pm, Mr Keyblore rings his bell once more. Telling the family, dinner is ready. Aaron washes up and runs down to the kitchen. Fleas trails behind. Ten minutes later, Kenny, Rifca and Miss Gunzalas are at the table.

Because of the kitchen, dinning room and the main living room, are lofted into one elegant large space, with tall widows acting as the back wall, allows them to see the full back yard. Plus, they could keep an eye on Fleas wile he eats his dinner. In case he page 70

disappear or abuse his magic. Aaron eats his food then runs back up to his room, so finish talking to his friend Mike on Skype. Kenny and Rifca looks at one another and shrugs there shoulders. After their done with dinner, they go back to their room to relax for the rest of the day. Miss Gunzalas finishes last and tries to help Mr. Keyblore, but also has her relax. Mr. Keyblore Is an old man. He's been with the family, on this side of the world, for about six years. When the High families, are back east, He comes and cleans and the house and make sure everything else is alright, twice a week. So he's apart of the family to. Mr Keyblore is in the kitchen getting dinner ready. The time is 7:00pm. Miss Gunzalas has Fleas on a leash, getting ready to walk him. She stops Aaron in the hallway and asks if he wants to come along. He says yes. He runs back up stairs and told his parents where he headed. They said OK. Aaron ran back down stairs and off the three of them went. It's dark out side. So they need to be vigilant for wild animals roaming the streets. On the walk, they pass over a small swamp, on the right of them. Fleas is sniffing and peeing on every tree. Trying to communicate with the locals. At the same time, he's Marking his territory, letting the other dogs know, there's a new sheriff in town. Aaron has a bright light on his camera. It's on as he films. There's know side walk and little street light, so all the light they could get, helps. So it's quiet. Miss Gunzalas asks Aaron: So ju gonna make a movie on Fleas? Aaron answers: Yea. Dad and I are going to market him. And make Fleas very famous. As there talking, in front of them, to the right, is a loud noise coming form the woods. Fleas stands in the direction of the noise and barks. The sound is getting closer. And now it's a hissing they hear. They immediately turn back to the house. Walking faster and faster, but now the hissing is following them. Aaron turns and points the lite camera in that direction. The light lands on a baby alligator. It's five feet long. Aaron shouts: RUN! ITS A BEAST! They both run. Dragging Fleas along. The house is about three more blocks. And the sound seems to be closer. Aaron yells: FLEAS, DO SOMETHING BUDDY! Fleas stops and turns towards the alligator. Miss Gunzalas kept

running. Aaron stopped along with him, pointed his lit camera in Fleas direction. They noticed the alligator is fifteen feet behind them. Fleas barks and wiggles his ears. A bright light hits the alligator, turning it into a tree. They're relieved, but ran to the house. Kenny and Rifca was walking out the door to go and get them, but Aaron and Fleas was already running to the house. Into Rifcas arms, Aaron flew. Are you OK honey? Rifca asks. Aaron is huffing and puffing: Yes mom. The beasts almost got us!' Kenny rubbed Aarons head: Your alright son. Lets go in the house and calm down. Mr. Keyblore open the door to let them in. The walks around the house. Kenny says: Have a set son. Tell me what happened. Miss Gunzalas is sitting in the living room with the family as Aaron explains: Well, the alligator was after us and Fleas turned it into a tree. But the thing was going to eat us alive. Kenny pets Fleas, telling him he did good a job, then asks: I'm glad your OK. Did you get it on film? Rifca hits Kenny arm, telling him to have more compassion. Aaron answers: Yes. I caught it all on camera, you see. He passes over the camera to Kenny. Kenny plugs the camera into the television and they all sit and watch. As there looking at the film, Kenny tells them: I told you guys to be careful. This is Miami. The animals are still wild in the woods. Miss Gunzalas points to the T.V. And says: Meda, that's the thing dat chased us, O my God! She puts her hand over her mouth. Rifca says: I'm so proud of my Pucci. Look at him doing his magic, saving my boy. Kenny: WOW, That thing was close. I'll call the animal police tomorrow. They'll page 71

come out here and get ride of it. Perhaps that will send a message to the others. Miss Gunzalas agrees: Yea, because, I Don't wanna get eating by that thing. I scared. Aaron says: I was bit scared. But my main thing was getting it all on camera. And I did. Kenny says: Son, at the age of 13 your showing lots of talents. Your future is very bright. Just keep it up, OK? Now let shut this off and get ready to eat, then to bed we all go. Aaron undoes the equipment and heads to his room. After washing up, everyone's is at the kitchen table. Miss Gunzalas is eating with the family. Tonight, everyone around the table just has small talk. Kenny's just laying down the rules. And everyone is just agreeing. Aaron quickly finishes dinner then leaves the table. Fleas walks with him. Miss Gunzalas stays down stairs with Mr. Keyblore, helping him clean the kitchen. Then they

retire for the even. Aaron and Fleas are in the room, about to go to bed. Aaron gets on his cell phone and calls Mike. Fleas jumps off the bed and walks over to the light switch and shuts it off with his paw. He jumps back on the bed. Aaron tells Mike that I would be a short time that Fleas would be speaking English. He giggles. Fleas falls a sleep, he has a nightmare. But he leaves Fleas asleep. Aaron and Fleas are awoke. It's 8:00am in the morning. After Aaron brushed his teeth and washed his face, he grabs his camera and takes Fleas down stairs, out into the back yard. As Fleas takes a few laps around the yard, Aaron cleans the grass, like he does at home. Then he takes a rest on a lawn chair by the pool. Kenny sticks his head out of there bed room window to reminds Aaron: By the way son, around 11:30, 12:00Pm, we're going over to your uncles house, OK? Aaron says OK and continues to absorb the sun rays. Fleas is playing with his ball. Throwing it all over the place. And Woops, it flew in the pool. At first, Fleas stood still, looking dumbfounded, thinking the ball will float back to him. But because it wasn't, he barks and flaps his ears, cutting his magic on. The ball popped out of the pool and back into his mouth. His tail wagged as he proceeded to play. Aaron got all that ball action on tap. This is what his father wanted him to do, Record everything Fleas does, so they could us it as a marketing tool. It was time to go in the house. Aaron pets Fleas, asking him if he's alright. Fleas wagged his tail and walking in the house before him. Miss Gunzalas is already in the kitchen with Mr. Keyblore, making breakfast for the family. Aaron follows the aroma. He asks: Hay Miss Gunzalas, what are you guys cooking this morning?' She answers: Eggs, bacon and grits. What, are ju hungry? Aaron sits at the table and says: Yea, very hungry! She says, good, placing an egg sandwich in front of him. She tells him to save more space for later, because there's more where that came from. After eating, he runs to his room. Fleas stays behind bagging Miss Gunzalas for scraps. Since all is done in the dinning area, Mr. Keyblore walks around the house, dusting dirty off pictures and lamps. Miss Gunzalas feed Fleas three slices of bread, on top of his dog food. Then he runs up to the room. Aaron takes a nap. Around 10:00am, Rifca walks down the stairs and into the kitchen. She greets Miss Gunzalas: How are you this morning? Miss Gunzalas Answers: I'm fine Rifca, how ju doing dis morning? Rifca sits at the table and Miss Gunzlas serves her a cup of coffee and a plate of eggs and bagels. Wile she eats, Kenny walks down the stairs. He kisses Rifca and says hello to Miss Gunzalas. He sits and eats as well. After they eat, Kenny takes a walk out side. Rifca goes back to her room. And Miss Gunzalas cleans the kitchen. Mr. Keyblore comes in the kitchen to help. Aaron and Fleas walks down to their Studio. In the studio, Aaron prepares the paint, the canvas and the brushes. Fleas sits by the door nibbling on a bone. The sun is beaming on to page 72

the canvas Aaron placed on the floor. Range is the first color he squirts onto the canvas. Fleas walks over and watches him paint. He then uses white paint. And brown. Then black. After he completes the image, he tells Fleas it's his turn. Fleas levitates a thin paint brush, magically opens a tube of silver and squeezes it onto the canvas. He has the paint brush paint the image from with in his mind. As he paints, the brush is painting faster and faster. Then it starts swirling in a circle, in top speed. Aaron is recording this world wind Fleas is creating. Aaron opens the window because it's getting cold in the room. Out of the world wind, slowly sprouts a large tree. The tree is becoming larger and larger. It knocks Aaron out of the way, springing itself out of the window. Aaron records the tree, growing up into the sky. It never stopped growing. Aaron stuck his head back into the window and shouted: FLEAS STOP! WE'RE GOING TO GET IN TROUBLE! Fleas made the wind stop. He stood up, wagging his tail, as Aaron walked around the room, recorded the tree that branched out of the canvas and all the plants that's suddenly there in the room. Aaron places the camera down and pets Fleas, asking him: What are we going to do Fleas? If dad sees this, we'll both be in trouble. You need to make this stuff disappear! Fleas looks at him, barking. Aaron couldn't take it. He pasted around the room, trying to figure out how to get ride of this forest. He closes the room door, in case Miss Gunzalas walks by. Then he turns to Fleas and demands he to bring back the old studio. In Fleas mind, he's thinking: This looks cool, but I need to do hat Aaron tells me, or else I would be back in the shelter. Fleas walks over to the canvas and wiggles his ears. Then he wags his tail over the canvas, and PUFF. The wind came back. The room became full of smoke. Aaron started sneezing and coughing. And wallah, the tree was hone. After the smoke dissipated, Aaron ran and hugged Fleas. Thanking him for listening. Aaron takes a deep breath and leaves the room. Fleas trails behind. Aaron runs down the long hall, turning to Fleas: Come in buddy, lets see if I could take you for a walk! Fleas starts barking: Yea, lets go for a walk. Aaron goes up to his parents room and asks them could he take Fleas for a walk around the neighborhood, Kenny says: Yes. But Don't take him to far from the house, because around 11:3012:00pm, we're going over your uncles. Rifca interjects: Listen to us, not to far. You seen what happened the other day. I don't need you to be an alligators lunch, OK? Aaron agrees and Heads back down the stairs. Miss Gunzalas puts the leash on Fleas, wile Aaron is on his way down. Thanks Miss Gunzalas. Mommy said I could take him for a walk. See ya! He and Fleas walks out. Fleas is pulling Aaron towards all the street poles and trees. Fleas is marking his territory. And communicating with a female dog he sniffs on, but hasn't seen yet. Aaron says: lets go boy! Lets run around the block! And they run. The street is quite private. Aaron throws the ball, Laughing as Fleas chases it. Their having fun. Aaron takes Fleas to the corner, but makes a left, towards the entrance. There

walking in the street. Behind them is a man getting pulled by a big black fluffy dog. There gaining traction. The bark is getting louder, but Fleas just looks back at it and continues communicating on trees. Aaron pays the animal no attention. The older man is side by side with Aaron. He says good morning, as his dog pulls him closer to Fleas. Aaron says hello and allows the dogs to sniff each other. The man says: So, you guys are in town. Hows your dad? Aaron says: He's fine. Fleas is talking to the dog: Hay, so what's your name? The dog says: My name is Holly, And yours? Fleas tells her his name. She gives him a kiss, by licking his face, then pulls him. Aaron says good by to the man and carries on. For ten minutes, Aaron and Fleas plays in between the palm trees. They're running in and out of them. And up and down the medium. page 73

Aarons cell phone rings, It's Kenny telling him to come home. So Aaron and Fleas heads back. This time, the walk was peaceful. At home, Aaron goes straight to the kitchen. Mr. Keyblore cooked cheese burgers and french fries. Aaron ate the food so fast, he didn't have time to breath. Fleas also had a cheese burger. Kenny and Rifca comes down stairs. Kenny tells Aaron, they're about to leave, so go and get whatever he needs form his room. Aaron runs and grabs his Ipad. He leaves the camera behind, because he could record on the ipad. So he's ready to go. Tony [the driver] parks the Mayback in front of the house. Rifca gives Miss Gunzalas a kiss on the cheek and walks to the car. Tony opens the door and she gets in. Kenny gives Tony money and has him take off for the day. Kenny is now driving. Rifca is in the passenger set and Aaron is in the back with Fleas. Kenny has everyone buckle up, then they take off and on the road. Like always, Rifca is on the phone with her girlfriends. Aaron is playing video games on his ipad and Fleas has his head out of the window, wile Kenny controls the wheel. The drive to Boomers house is long way, which puts Aaron and Fleas to sleep. By the smile on his face, you could see, he's dreaming of something happy. But Fleas is barking, on and off, in his sleep. He's having a nightmare. The barking continues for ten minutes. Which is starting to bother the driver. Kenny finally had enough, and turned and giving a small smack on his butt, waking him up. Rifca is also dozen from reality into dream state.. The car turns off the highway making left and rights, becoming closer to Boomers home. Kenny shakes Aaron awake: Where hear son. Where at Your uncles house. Boomer

lived in a very large mason, with distant neighbors as well High family. As Kenny was driving up to the house, he saw his brother Boomer waiting for them. He parked and let out Rifca. Aaron and Fleas jumped out of the car. Boomer says: Hay, what happened to Tony, my driver? Kenny tells him he gave Tony the day off and walked in the house. The house also has dual stair cases on each sides of the corridor. The place was as elegant as Kennys. He introduced the family to his: This is my girlfriend Mindy. My butler Harry and my dog Candy. They all shook hands and sat in the dinning area. In the dinning area, Boomer has Harry the butler, bring in a tray of bottled waters. They all drank. Fleas and Candy were sniffing each other, wagging there tails. She thought Fleas was hot, Fleas has the same thought as well. Candy barked: So, what's your name? I'm candy. Fleas barks: I'm Fleas, and I'm married, with children. She barked: O, playing hard to get!' Fleas barked: We could be good friends though! Candy says OK. Kenny says; O, it looks like Fleas and Candy are becoming acquainted. Everyone looks and smiles. Boomers says: I'm so happy you guys are hair. After eating, lets walk to the park. Kenny agrees. Harry, the butler comes in the room and tells them it's time to eat. So they all go into the kitchen, and takes a set at the table. Lunch is home made organic pizza. Aaron and Fleas loved it so much, that they ate it quick. Everyone at the table finished eating. After cleaning themselves, and Aaron grabbing a back pack full of Fleas and Candies water, bowls and snacks, they're all ready for a walk threw the park. Candy and Fleas has their leash on. And there leading the pack. Fleas is sniffing and marking every tree he comes upon. Candy is sniffs and marks, every four trees. She not narcissistic like Fleas. He just feels he needs to dominate every neighborhood how walks threw. Kenny and Boomer are talking, catching up on family stuff. Rifca and Mindy are girly talking about life and they lovers. And Aaron is on his cellphone with his buddy Mike, from New York. It's a nice sunny, Miami day. The dogs are out. People are skating. Kids are riding by on their skate boards. Joggers are sprinting page 74

by. Fancy cars are slowly riding rolling, playing hip hop music. Beautiful people are enjoying the

weather. All is well. Fleas and Candy drags the family into the local park. The thing is huge. Tall trees, wide fields, bike tracks and tons of people, they don't know where to start. So Aaron runs to the swings, where the kids are playing. The grown ups rest on the closest bench and the two dogs are off there leashes, playing with a tennis ball close by. A half an hour in their conversation, the ice cream man pushes up. Mindy, Rifca and the rest of them, stops the man so they could order. And here comes bolting, screaming for a chocolate puffy cone. Kenny reaches in his pock to pay for all their ice creams, but Boomer stands up and says: Bro, don't worry. Save your money. And pays for the snacks Aaron is excited. He thanks his uncle and runs back to the park. All the other kids and parents sprint over, smothering the ice cream man with orders and money. The man was over whelmed, but loved the business. He presses on. Kenny and the family sat, licking the cream until it vanished. The children in the park are very happy as well. Fleas and Candy are about eighty feet away, playing with one another. Candy is always jumping on Fleas back. She tells him: You will give in and fall in love with me!' Fleas barks back: I don't know. As they're playing, tall, short haired female poodle, Jumps in the game. She runs up barking her name: My name is Doby, could I play with you guys? Fleas says yes. Candy Barked: Yea, what ever! Now there's three. And three is a party. There running and playing. Aaron walks overt with two bowls and a big bottle of water. He serves Fleas and Candy, then runs off. Fleas shares his water with his new friend, Doby. After lapping up their water, replenishing there systems, they return to there game of ball playing. In the middle of running around, another dog runs up and and tries to jump in the game. It's a large, black rottweiler. He tries chasing the ball as well. But Fleas barks at him. Suddenly, the rottweiler, purposely runs into Fleas. Candy and Doby, stops and looks in shock. Fleas stops as well, and barks: Hay, what's the deal bro? The dog looks at the girls and magically freezes them, along with all the humans in the park. Then he barked back at Fleas: We know who you are. Your Fleas. Our master has chose you to do something very big. This is why you now have magic. Fleas looks at him with anger and confusion. He barks: Who are you? What do you guys want with me? The rottweiler answers, backing: I'm Azazel, The messenger from our Gods. You need to come with me! Fleas growls, and barks: I don't think so! As Fleas attacks, Azazel wags his tail, magically placing them, in a dark world wind tunnel. Their funneling down into a pitch black pit. There suddenly at the bottom, in hell. Fleas sees thousands of dogs burning in flames of fire. Beasts of all types of dogs, with wings on there backs, are running up and down a latter, from earth to hell, with souls in there mouths. Tossing them in the lakes of hell. Fleas is now standing in front of a very large kings chair. Two tall demonic dogs, with blood dripping form there mouths, are standing on the sides of the chair, as if there guards. Azazel turns to Fleas and tells him, the Master will be out in seconds. Fleas couldn't do anything but wait. All of a sudden, hell started shaking, as foot steps came closer. Azazel and the guards fell to their knees. And out of the shadows walks a very big, redish black, muscular Hyena. His ears where tall and pointy. The breath out of his nose was orange fire. He sat in the chair and gave Fleas a long gruesome gruel. Fleas was scared, but had no fear. Fleas barked: WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR ME? The master barked: ENOUGH, so loud, the black ceiling crumbled, making his guards explode and

reappearing. Fleas ears started to bleed. The master spoke: I AM DAJJAL KALI, YOUR MASIAH! YOUR MAGIAL POWERS WILL INCREASE, FOR page 75

YOUR ENJOYMENT, IN EXCHAGE FOR DUTIES! I WILL SEND YOU INSTRUCTIONS ON EARTH! NEGLECTING ORDERS HAS CONSEQUENCES! NOWTH BEGONITH! Azazel and Fleas transports back into there positions Candy and the girls remember them in. Then Azazel unfroze everyone into their normal states. They where playing again. Azazel apologized to Fleas for running into him, then walked off. Fleas wind a bit as Candy asked him: What the hell is going on? I just had a daysha-voo. Fleas softly barked: I don't know, but you asked the right question, what the hell, is going on?' Fleas took a break, lying down in the grass. Kenny calls Fleas and Candy. They come running up. Mindy gives Candy and Fleas a snack. But they need to sit when she says sit, then they're allowed a snack. Boomer says to the family: We should head back to the house because I'm getting hungry. Rifca agrees and calls Aaron. He comes running, breathing heavy: Yes mommy? Aaron asks. It's time for us to go home. She says. They all agree and leaves. Boomer has the ball in his hand. He throws it. Fleas and Candy runs after it. Candy retrieves the ball and brings it back to Boomer. On there walk, neighbors jog and wave hello. Cars ride by and beep there horns. It's a tight, close net community. So there home now. It's 5:00pm. There butler, Harry, is in the middle of cooking dinner. He tells Boomer he'll be finished at 6:00pm. In the family room, the grown ups are watching television and talking. Aaron is out in the back with the dogs. He playing on hos ipad. Fleas and Candy are chasing each other in the basket ball court. Kenny is on his laptop. Since Aaron is out in the back yard, Kenny calls him on his cell phone, telling him to email him the films he made on Fleas. With no arguments, Aaron hangs up and sends him an email. After looking at the edited version of the film, Kenny launches it onto Youtube. A half an hour later, Kenny has Aaron go and wash his hands and get ready for dinner. 7:00pm. There all at the table. Fleas and Candy are out in the back eating dinner. And the good thing about Boomers house is, The dinner area is in the in the main dinning room, and the windows are large,

giving clean sight to the back yard. So Kenny has his eye on Fleas, in case he disappears. Fleas is slowly eating his food, still confused about the journey he took in the park. Candy barks: Are you OK honey?' Fleas looks at her and replies: I'm fine. Thanks for your concern. It's just, I miss my family. Candy moves closer and licks his face, telling him, everything's going to be alright. He says he hopes so. At the dinner table, Kenny is telling the family how he just uploaded the film on Youtube. Boomer says: Good! I hope this idea goes viral. Then I, your big brother, will need to come to you for money. He laughs. Candy asks: I mean, would if the government wants to do tests on Fleas, what would you do then? Rifca says: Tests? Over my dead body! Fleas is my Pucci, and I'm not letting anyone hurt him! Kenny jumps in the conversation: Look, Fleas is a one of kind. But we do need to be ready for the government, in case they want to run tests on him. Plus, they could take him and say there doing it for the security of the country. All these scenarios, we need to consider. Boomer adds his too cents: Man! I would never do it. You've clearly putting Fleas on the line. So now get ready for the good and the bad. Kenny says: Yea, I know. But the good thing is, he now had more control over his magic. So when we're in public, he could do his thing, on demand. After eating, Kenny tells Candy and Boomer, it was getting later, so they need to head back home. Boomer agrees and walks them to there car. In he Mayback, Kenny makes sure Aaron and Rifca has there set belt on. Then he drives off. Exiting Boomers drive way, Fleas is barking at Candy. She's barking back. Aaron says: Awww, Fleas is in love with Candy. Rifca adds her cents: Yes, but he has a wife and kids at page 76

home. Aaron said: Moooom, he's a dog. They don't get married, they just do it and have kids. Kenny looks in his rear view mirror at Aaron, and asks: Do what? Aaron put his head down and says: Nothing dad, nothing. Rifca replies: Yes, because you don't need to know what doing it means, right son!' Aaron quietly agrees and puts his head phones on. The parents look at one another and focused back on the road.

At the house, Kenny had Mr. Keyblore put away the dinner he and Miss Gunzalas prepared. It was around 10:00pm, and both parents where tired. Aaron was aloud to stay up and watch television with Fleas, so he played video games and spoke on the phone with Mike and a few other buddies, all night. Aaron and his friends where talking about everything. Mike had told him the Sandy was telling her friends she's in love with him, on her Facebook page. Aaron felt weird about love. He was telling Mike about his father, posting the add of Fleas on Youtube. Aaron was on his Ipad, looking on you tube. He was amazed to see, Fleas and his magic tricks, was already up to 85,000,000 hits, in one day. It's on it way to go viral, Mike told Aaron. Aaron go excited. He asked Mike how he was going to handle school, art and Fleas career. Mike told him, he could partner up with him. Aron told him, he'll let him know tomorrow. Because he had to talk to his dad about it. Mike said it was cool then they hung up. Aaron was fell a sleep on in the television room, so Mr. Keyblore carried him up to his room and placed him in bed. Fleas Followed all along, watching after Aaron. Mr. Keyblore and Miss Gunzalas shut off the bed room light, and went there ways.------------------------------------------->

Page 77


[US Government has Fleas]

by Ernest E. Murrell
Chapter nine

Kenny and the family are one week in on their vacation, at their Miami home. Kenny decide to cut the vacation shore, so they have one week before heading back home. But so far, everyone is having a blast. Fleas magic tricks are posted all over the internet. Which is encourage television, radio stations movie productions and politicians, to call, wanting to get a peace of the action. Aaron and Fleas has finished painting fifteen peaces, and it's all on video. Kenny and Rifca are now handling the phone calls and bookings for all the interviews. Relaxing on vacation, is not apart of their repertoire. But know one seems to complain. Aaron loves the movie star, Hollywood life. He hired Mike to post adds, but Kenny also hired a professional to advertise Fleas all over the internet. Also, the family had bought more equipment for this new adventure there on. Mike, Aarons friend in New York, relaying all the messages the neighborhood kids are talking about, to him. Aaron is very famous now. Because of the art he and Fleas makes, as well as Fleas and his magic. The kids around the neighborhood, and the parents, are calling him the next him the next Mark Zuckerberg. And he's only 13 years old. It's 7:00am, on a bright sunny, Friday morning. Mr, Keblore and Miss Gunzalas are down in the kitchen making breakfast. Kenny is already in the office, next door to Aarons studio, He's on the computer and making phone calls. Two Miami radio stations want Aaron and Fleas to come in for an interview, but Kenny turned them down. They're Already scheduled for a television show on Monday. And it's a main station. And, their booked in a prime time slot. Plus, the stations sending a car. Boomer told Kenny, on the phone, not to over expose Fleas, because it could attract the wrong people. So Fleas has three dates next week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday there flying home. Miss Gunzalas Brings Kenny his food, because he's hard at work. By 8:00am, Aaron and Fleas walks in, to say good morning to Kenny. He has a set on the office coach. Fleas rests next to Aarons feet. Kenny asks: So, how was your rest son? Aaron replies: I slept good dad. I had a dream Fleas was taking away in a space ship, by aliens. Kenny told him not to worry, as he picked up the phone. Aaron walks out and peeps his head in his studio. Then, he and Fleas, goes out to the back. The yard is already cleaned. I guess Mr, Keyblore picked up the mess already, Aaron thunk. So Fleas chased the ball Aaron threw. They where running around, waring themselves out. By 9:00am, Aaron and Fleas come in the house, gasping for air. He cleaned his hands in one of the powder rooms, under the stair case. Then

page 78

they walked in the kitchen and sat at the table. Miss Gunzalas served them there morning breakfast. Rifca comes running down the stairs, fully dressed. First she went to Kennys office, then she sat for a bite to eat. Aaron asked: Mommy, were are you going? She said: Honey, I'm going out on the town with Mindy, Your uncle Boomers Girlfriend. Is that alright you? Aaron laughed and said yes. After finishing her plate of food, she washed up in the powder room and bolts out the door. Aaron takes a look threw the curtains and watched her get into the Mayback. And Tony driving her off. Fleas is munching down on his bowl of food. After eating, Aaron asked Kenny if Him and Fleas could go out for a walk, and he said yes. As long as one of the adults are with him. So Mr. Keyblore went along for the walk. Aaron has Fleas by the leash. As there walking the long way to the park, they see a black SUV is parked before them, right on the corner. As they walked closer to the truck, Fleas starts barking. Suddenly three men jumps out of the truck, taking pictures of Fleas. One of the guys pointed a microphone in Aarons face, shouting: Tell us about the dogs magical powers? How did it happen?' Mr. Keyblore puts Aaron under his arms and has walks faster, passing the paparazzi without saying a word. There now one block away form the park. Fleas is doing his normal dog. Going on trees, marking his territory. As Aaron and Mr. Keyblore talk about life in general. Aaron says: That was strange Mr. Keyblore. I guess Fleas is really famous, Hua? Mr. Keyblore looked at Aaron and answered: Yes sir, that he is. But you need to be careful when it comes to fame. Aaron looked up at him and asked: What do you mean by the Mr. Keyblore? He stopped and told Aaron: Well son, along with fame and riches, follows plenty of responsibility. You need to be level headed, in order to deal with friends and family, who becomes jealous. Because it will happen. Aaron looks up at Mr. Keyblore and says: Really! Well I don't have lots of friends. Other then the ones in my neighborhood. But there privileged like I am. Mr. Keyblore agrees: Yes they are. But your now becoming rich yourself. Threw your art, and famous with Fleas. How many kids do you know have that, art your ages? Aaron picked up a rock and threw it, then answered: Your right Mr. Keyblore I need to become a lot more mature. I mean, I don't want to take on more then I could handle, but do you think these opportunities could teach me a lesson? Mr. Keyblore says yes, wile there waiting for the light. They cross the street, entering the park.

There aren't many people in the park, on this Sunday morning. So Aaron lets Fleas run around with know leash on. They sit on a bench, wile keeping a tight eye on Fleas. He's runs around with one of the dogs from the area. And this is fine with Aaron, as long as know one tries to snatch him. Aarons cell phone rings, it's his friends Mike: Hay buddy. O, Mr. Keyblore and I, are walking Fleas. Cool man. He walks ten feet away from the bench, to have a bit of privacy. Fleas is having the time of his life. He's now playing with two other dogs. And there all off the leash. After Aaron is done with his call, he plays on the slides with the other, few kids. After some time passes over, one of the kids on the monkey bars asks Aaron if he's the kid with the magical doggy. He says yes. Then the rest of the four kids comes bolting, demanding Aaron to make Fleas do tricks. The crowd over whelms Aaron, forcing him to run back over to Mr. Keyblore. The kids try to run after him, but there parents stop them in their tracks, telling them to leave Aaron alone. Mr. Keyblore calls Fleas over so they could go back home. Fleas comes running. On their way out of the park, a parent of one of the kids, a lovely looking mom, stops Aaron and apologizes for the trouble the kids gave him. Aaron kindly tells her it's OK, then continues walking. On the way home, Mr. Keyblore said to Aaron: Do you see page 79

what fame is about? Could you handle that? Aaron says: Yea. I guess I could. I'm 13, going on 14 years old, in November Mr. Keyblore. I'm practically grown. Mr Keyblore laughs really loud as Fleas pulls him towards the woods. On there way home, every five cars toot there horns, as they drove by Aaron, Fleas and Mr. Keyblore. But Aaron doesn't mind, walking with his chest pocked out. Enjoying every moment of being famous. There home. It's 11:00am now. Wile Aaron is watching television, Kenny comes and tells him: Hay son, Guess who wants to interview you and Fleas? Aaron enthusiastically asks: Who dad, Who? Kenny tells him: Well, Oprah Winfrey. She called and scheduled us to come in, in too weeks. Isn't that wile? Aaron jumped up and down on the coach, laughing and clapping his hands. Rifca walks in the house, and immediately jumps in the conversation, saying: I just can't believe it, honey. My Pucci got us on Oprah! Kenny put his hand on his hips and said: Honey, don't you mean, YOUR PUCCI? She laughed and said: You know what I mean. I was the one who suggested we'd get a dog. And bought him home, all the way from the city. But yes,

he's ours. Kenny asks: And what are you doing home? Didn't you just leave to hand out with Mindy?' She replied: Yes, but she had to change. We'll met back a bit later.Aaron looks at his parents like and shook his head. He then goes back to playing his game. As Kenny left the room, he told Aaron to get ready for tomorrow. Monday is Aaron and Fleas first interview. Miss Gunzalas is in the kitchen with Mr. Keyblore, making lunch for the family. At 1:00pm, they all sit at the table. Rifca asks Aaron: So son, do you have an nice outfits for tomorrow? Aaron says to his mother: Yes mother. I have clean clothes for the show. Kenny says: Well, we need to be there by 7:00am. So be ready in the morning, at 4:30am. We need to leave the house at 6:00am. Ok? Aaron looks at his father and says yes. As there finishing there food, Fleas barks at Miss Gunzalas, asking for more food. She gives him another bowl of Alpo. Aaron is done easting, so he goes up to his room and puts on a swim suit, then heads out to the back yard. By the time he reaches the back yard, Fleas is already out there waiting for him. Kenny and Rifca heads to there rooms. In the back yard, Aaron is in the pool. Fleas is running around it, barking for the ball. Aaron teases him, trying to have him jump in the water. Fleas is scared, by after a wile, he leaps in. Baking a big splash, he swims towards Aaron, nipping at him for the ball. Aaron throws it, making Fleas swim for it. The ball is under the diving board. Fleas doggy paddles over and retrieves it. Over here Fleas! Come give it to me! Aaron demands. Fleas swims over and Aaron wrestles the ball out of Fleas mouth. Then throws it out of the pool. Fleas then swims to the stairs and walks out of the pool, to case the ball. Aaron runs behind him. This ball chasing and throwing, goes on for like one hour. Then Aaron gets tired and walks in the house. Fleas follows. It's now 2:00pm. Miss Gunzalas wants to take Fleas out for a walk. She asks Aaron if he wants to come along. He says yes and they leave. Mr. Keyblore is around the house dusting and placing things in order. Rifca changed her clothes and is ready to go out to meat back up with Mindy. Kenny is in his office answering phone calls and doing computer work. He's also psychologically preparing himself for tomorrows big show, by repeatedly telling himself, not to be afraid of the camera. Kenny never was the Hollywood type. But behind the scenes, the business aspect of life, he thrived. So this radio, and television stuff, kind of scares him. Aaron and Miss Gunzalas is out for a walk with Fleas. They decide to take another rout to the park. The long way. Instead of going left, they take a right turn. Then all the way around the

page 80

blocks and into the park. The reason why is to avoid the people and the paparazzi, who might be waiting for them on there normal walk to the park. Aaron also had dressed as if he's very famous. He has his hat pulled down to cover his face and sun glasses on. He also put sun glasses on Fleas. On the walk, Aaron gets thirsty, so they stop at the local Getty gas station. Young people with expensive cars are filling there tanks. Inside the store, Aaron gets two big bottles of water and a few snacks. At the counter, wile Miss Gunzalas is paying for the items, three teens asks Aaron is Fleas was the dog on Youtube. He says no. But the kids continued asking to see a trick. Miss Gunzalas and Aaron dragged Fleas along. Walking faster, away from the kids. They couldn't dodge them. The boys started following. Shouting: Hay you freak, show us some tricks! Aaron stopped, looked back and yelled: Enough! We're not doing any tricks for you guys, so leave us alone! Miss Gunzalas shouted: You boys need to get out of hear before something bad happens! One of the boys shouted: What, your dogs gonna to turns us into stone? Or a frog? The other two boys laughed as they kept trailing behind. Too blocks further ahead, is the park. And the kids are still screaming bad things. But now, Aaron got hit with a a small rock. So he runs towards the boys, attacking one of them. At first, Aaron and one of the boys are scuffling, then the rest jumped in. Miss Gunzalas tries pulling them off Aaron, but fails. Fleas stands there barking at the disturbance, then wiggles his ears. The three boys magically flew off Aaron, into the air, slamming onto a tree. Piling on top of one another. Miss Gunzalas attends to Aaron. Lifting him from the ground. She notices not one visible scratch one him, so they keep walking. The boys jump off of one another, and runs away. One of them is shouting: You freak. This isn't over!' Aaron thanks Fleas as they head into the park. Throws the ball. Watching Fleas chases after it. Miss Gunzalas has a set in the bench. Aaron stands in front of her, waiting for Fleas to retrieve the ball. He takes a drink of bottled water, poring some into Fleas bowl. He plays with Fleas and Miss Gunzalas sits there reading a Spanish magazine. At 2:45pm. The park has some kids, dogs and adults in it having fun. Fleas seems to know the too dogs he's playing with. Aaron is in the kids part of the park, on a swing. The kids are playing with him, not bothering him about Fleas. This is kids of relieving for him and Miss Gunzalas. Wile she reads, a lady sits by her and asks if the dog she's watching is the magic dog. She tells her know. Then they continue on with there conversation. The lady is a maid as well, by the name of is Miss Dinky. And she's looking over over of the children playing in the park. So they both sit there wile Aaron and her kid is in the park. The girl she's watching, comes running over. Aaron is right behind her. The girl Speaks, wile gasping for air: H, h, hay Miss Dinky. I'm Thirsty. Could I have a dirk? Aaron says the same thing to Miss Gunzalas. At the same time, Miss Gunzalas and Miss Dinky, reaches in there bags and serves the kids a drink. After they drink, they run back off, into the kids park. So they sit there for a wile, chatting about life. It's now 3:30pm. Miss Gunzalas stands up and calls Aaron and Fleas. It's time

for them to go home. The too comes running up. Miss Gunzalas says: It's time to head home boys. Aaron agrees and puts the leash on Fleas. Miss Gunzalas says her good by to her new friend and they exit the park. They take the normal way home. One the walk, Behind them, Aaron notices a black car, with the WB, logo on the side door, following them. Aaron kind of feels wired about the car, but he says nothing. Looking back, once in a wile, all the way home, he notices the car stopped as they turned corner to there home. The black car parked on the corner. Aaron figures, they might be security for celebrities. So Miss Gunzalas, Fleas and Aaron, enters there home. page 81

Mr. Keyblore is in the kitchen whipping up some dinner. Aaron sits in the living room, playing video games. Fleas laying on the floor, watching the television screen. He falls into doggy sleep. Time goes by and Aaron looks over and sees Fleas twitching in his sleep. But because he always sees him do that, he doesn't try to wake him up. In Fleas nightmare, He's back in Hell. Standing next to the same black rottweiler named, Azazel, and in front of the same hyena, demon god named, Dajjal Kali. On both sides of master Kali chair, was also the same tall evil guards. Master Dajjal Kali spoke to Fleas: SO AS YOU SEE, YOUR POWERS ARE INCREASING YOUR WEALTH. IN EXCHANGE, I WARNED YOU OF THE DUTIES YOU WILL NEED TO COMPLETE. SO NOW YOU STAND BEFORE ME! [HE BREATHS FIRE]ON TELEVISION, YOU WILL BARK SUBLIMINAL SPELLS AND WIGGLE YOUR EARS, SPONGING ANIMAL SOULS OUT OF EVERY VEIWER. IN FRONT OF THE CAMREA, I WILL SEND A SPELL CASTER TO TAKE CONTROL OVER YOUR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. THEN OFF CAMERA, YOU WILL RETURN BACK TO YOURSELF! RESISTANCE EQUALS FAILURE. DOOO NOOT FAIL! As hell trembled, Azazel looked at Fleas and sent him back to earth. Fleas woke up barking. Aaron looked down and asked him: What's the matter boy? Are you alright? Fleas looked at him and said in his mind: If you only the trouble we're in buddy. And walked off. The time is 5:00pm now. Rifca walks in the door with too hands full of shopping bags. She says to Aaron: mHay honey, I bought you some, really nice clothes. Come up to my room and see! Aaron helps his mother up to her room, so he could take a look at his new things. In the bred room, Kenny asks: What did you buy now? Rifca throws thew bags

on the bed, then spills what's in the bag, onto the bed. She says: I picked up things for Aaron, you and I. That's what's in the bags. Aaron runs over and takes a look. In complete happiness, he thanks his mother: Thanks mom for the clothes. He pulls out from the bag, two pears of paint. Some dress shirts. Under wear, and a tie. Running to his room, with hands full of new clothes, he screams: I can't wait for tomorrow. Thanks mom! And slam, his door closes. Minutes later, Fleas comes scratching at the bed room door, wanting to come in. Aaron lets him in. They plop onto the bed. Are you ready for your big day Fleas? Tomorrow your going to be on television. And we need to look nice. Ant that wright boy? Fleas barked in agreement. After folding his clothes, Aaron and Fleas takes a nap. Three hours past, it's time for dinner. At 8:00pm, everyone comes running into the kitchen, taking there sets. Miss Gunzalas and Mr. Keyblore sets the table. And puts food in Fleas bowl. The whole family is at the dinner table. The food is served, and their eating. Kenny says: So son, you guys have finished the paintings and now your on your ways to super start-um. I checked on the Youtube post, and the kits are up 33,000,000,000 million. Rifca says: And hows the advertisers. Are they calling in? Kenny says: Yes. Today Pepsi called, and wants place adds. Walt Disney offer to by space on our new website. Umm, a couple of Hollywood play writers called, interested in writing Aaron and Fleas story. I mean, I think things are rolling baby. Aaron asks: And the checks are in the mail, right dad? You are going to show me my bank statements, right. They all giggle. Kenny replies: Yes son. I will show you your bank statements. I'm proud your on top of your business kid. Aaron says: Like father like son. After eating, they all to wash up and brush there teethes, getting ready for bed. At 9:00pm, Kenny has Aaron go to bed so he could have his energy for tomorrow. So Aaron lets Fleas out in the back yard, for ten minutes, then they head ti there room. Fleas and Aaron

page 82

are on top of the bed. Aaron is on his Ipad, and Fleas is just looking in the air. Aaron goes on there website and checks Youtube. He sees their post is gaining so much interest. He ass Fleas: Do you miss Maria and the kids? Fleas looked at him and shook his head,

clearly understanding the question. He Howls: Yea, oi miss my family. I think about them all the time. Aaron looked at him and said: I know, I think of them to. Fleas looked at Aaron with a weird look and barked: How do you know how to speak doglish? Stop doing that! Aaron said: Well, they will see you, on T.V., or in person. But they will see you. Then they fell asleep. Aaron wake up about 4:00am, thanks to his alarm clock. Fleas jumped up, and the went down stairs to get fresh air in the back yard. Plus, So Fleas could do his doggy, bathroom thing. After a few minutes of the morning breeze, Aaron and Fleas goes into the refrigerator and grabs a snack. Aaron has a glass of milk and cookies. Wile giving Fleas a loud of nice doggy treats. Aaron figured, since Fleas is doing all these tricks, he deserves fine treats. After treat time, Aaron and Fleas heads back to their room. Kenny walks into Aarons room at 4:45am, and asks him if he's up. Aarons light is already on. And he's also out of the shower, almost ready to go. He just needs to put on our of his fancy outfits. Kenny gives him the thumps up and walks back down the hall, to his bed room. The night before, Kenny asked Mr. Keyblore to wake up early as 4:30am, to have a hardy breakfast waiting for Rifca, Aaron him and Fleas, the star. So that's where the aroma, dancing threw the estate, was coming from. By 5:00am, the whole family was at the table eating their breakfast. Rifca, Kenny and Aaron was in their finest clothes. Miss Gunzalas was still in her quarters. Not knowing if she was going with them or staying at home. Rifca calls Miss Gunzalas on the cell phone, telling her to dress nice, and be over at the house in thirty minutes. It's 5:30am. So they have an half of an hour to leave. The television stations limousine is sitting in front of the house. Tony the driver is also had the truck running, ready to follow them. Kenny had Tony following them, for protection and other surprised moments. There done eating breakfast. They do another wash and are now ready to go. Mr. Keyblore opens the house door and the family walks out to the long black car. The chauffeur of the limo, opens and closes the door for them. At 6:00am on the dot, their on the road. Rolling to there first T.V. Interview. After turning the first corner of there neighborhood, the same black tinted widowed, four door sedan, with the WB sign on the doors, started following them. Know one noticed. So they all carried on as if all was normal. Kenny has his laptop in hos briefcase. Aaron has his ipad. Rifca is on her cell phone, talking to Mindy on one line and another one of her girlfriends on the other end. Fleas is in the middle, laying on the floor. Everyone in the car is kind of nervous. Kenny tries to prepping Aaron by telling him to always look the interviewer in the eyes and don't look at the camera. And if he was going to need to stand, try to stand as still as he could. He also tells him to keep Fleas on the leash, close to his waste. But the station there getting the interview from, they always watch in the mornings, so Kenny has an idea of where there going to be. And usually, they'll be sitting on a long white coach. Miss Gunzalas is in her own mind. Thirty minutes later, they're at the station. The car pulls in the back of the building. Standing at the doors are camera people and fans of the show. The car parks in front of the door, and on the grown is the red carpet. The car stops. All the fans are hovering over the car, trying to see who's in it. The chauffeur/guard, moves the crowd away as he opens the doors for the High family. Rifca and Kenny steps out of the car first. Miss Gunzalas is

second. The last but not least, Aaron and Fleas steps out of the car. The crowd goes crazy. Shouting Fleas name, wile they're walking threw the

page 83

crowd. Aaron waves at the people and cameras. Fleas tail is wagging, barking at his fans. Finally, the reach the door. The guard opens it and a group of people rushes over the the family and has them follow there lead. Follow me, follow me Highs family! A guy in a nice suit commands them. The five of them are getting dragged from one hallway to another. Making a left and rights. And up stairs and down. And Wallah, they walk threw two big double doors. There back stage. Suddenly the High family are in one large dressing room. Make up artist and prep specialists, are in Aarons face, telling him the same thing his father told him, and then some. Kenny is on the phone with his bother Boomer. Telling him all what's going on. As there sitting down, watching all the stars and back stage people, run around, the host of the show [a tall handsome brunet], come to the back and introduces himself. He also give Aaron and the family a prep sheet, so Aaron could know what questions are coming, so he could answer them correctly. Then the host, tells them they have twenty minutes before show time, and speeds off. Everything is going so fast. A set man is standing right in front of the family, letting them know how many minutes they have. And he puts a microphone on Kenny, Rifca and Aaron. Three minutes in counting. Aaron is standing up, a bit tense. Rifca gives him a masaj, to have him relax. Fleas is standing there. He knows what's going on, but the humans don't know he does. So he is relaxed, ready to go on stage. A stage man come to the back: You guys have two minutes! Kenny and Rifca stands up with Aaron. Their walking towards the back stage curtains. As there looking threw the curtains, Aaron spots a celebrity and shouts: Mommy look, Brad Pitt! There goes Brad Pitt Mommy! Rifca turns around to see and losses her breath. Then she bends over to whisper to Aaron: Honey, OK honey. Lets not stair at him OK. Fleas looks aver and barks: That's not a pitbull, that's a human. Aaron convinces Rifca to walk over to Brad Pitt, to get an autograph. They quickly shake his hand. Brad signs a book of Aarons, then leaves him alone. Before going on stage, they spot a few other celebrity, but they have know time to

chat. So back to there positions they stood. Again, the man give them a count down: 10, 8, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Go, go! He guides them out to their set. The crowd go wild. The host is standing, waiting to great them. He says: Have a set, take a set! They all sit. The host speak: So, welcome to the J. Limo Show. As you know, I'm J. Limo, and your the high family. Kenny introduces the family and the crowd claps. J. Limo says: So your dogs Fleas is all over the internet, for his magical abilities, is that true Aaron? Aaron looks J. Limo, in the eyes and answers: Yes sir. He's my dog. His Name is Fleas. And he could do magic. The crowd gestures as the questions continue. Well, when did he discover this talent, or did he have it all along? Aaron said: Um, well, one day, he was fetching the ball in our pool, and I jumped on top of his back. Miss Gunzalas and the rest of us thought he was dead, so we took him to the hospital. The doctor said he was alright. So we took him home. And then, too days later, he started downing weird things. Kenny, Rifca and Miss Gunzalas is looking at Aaron, telling his story. The crowd makes another sound. Mr. J. Limo says: What type of weird things he was demonstrating. Walking threw walls. Speaking like a human, what sort of things? Aaron says: OK, for instance; he would stop traffic. Or disappear and reappear. The crowd gasps. J. Limo says a joke: Yea, every time he went poo poo on the carpet he disappeared. The crowd laughed. The the host had his video tech show clips of Fleas doing magic paint tricks. The crowd made sounds as if they where sort of afraid. J. Limo makes another joke and brings the crowd back to an happy state. page 84

The host asked one of the parents for the history of Fleas. Rifca tells it: Ok, well, we all agreed on a having a dog, so I took the initiative and went into the city. I went form pound to pound, and I just had know luck. I was just about it give up, and Geebs and I, passed by the last pound. I had him turn around, then I went in. I looked and looked, and WALLAH, Fleas and I found one another. I took him home, and like they say, the rest was history. The crowd gave her a standing ovation. She continues: I call him Pucci, because he's my fluffy mess. The crowd laughs. The host asks Kenny: Is he expensive on the pockets? Kenny pets Fleas and says: No! But as yo know, Fleas and Aron are represented by an art gallery, who sells their works. So he brings in money. The crowd claps. After the crowed calms down, J. Limo asks Aaron to have Fleas do a trick. Aaron gets him to do one. Fleas disappears and reappears, right in front of the studio audience.

Some of the people softly screamed and the rest just gasped. After the shock warn off, the crowd gave Fleas a standing ovation. After one hour passed over, the interview was over. Aaron and Kenny plugged the website, many times. The show payed them a good amount of money and back home they went. Tony was just behind, in case the limousine wouldn't take them back home. The car pulled into there drive way and stopped in front of the house. Miss Gunzalas and Mr. Keyblore, were standing out side waiting. The chauffeur let them all out. Fleas ran in the house first. Everyone else followed. On the corner of there street, parks the same black car. But know one payed attention. Everyone headed to their rooms and took a nap. At 1:30pm, Aaron and Fleas awoke, and are going to there art studio. Miss Gunzalas is in the living room, watching the boob tube. She doesn't really need to work, so she takes breaks when she feels. Mr. Keyblore is doing the house chores. And there parents are in there room. The phone rings every one to two hours. And it's only Monday. Aaron on his cell phone, sitting at his desk. It's his friend Mike. He speaks to him for a wile and hangs up. Now, his phone is ringing five times more then usual. He picks it up, almost every call. Sometimes it's his family members and other times it's friends from school, who are not his real friends. He can't figure way these people are suddenly calling him. He guesses because of the live show he done this morning. It still has him wondering, how everyone in his town back east knows about the show. But then he thought, it might of hit the web already. They had lunch at the television studio, so they're now waiting for dinner. Aaron and Fleas are in the studio, working on their art. On breaks he took, Aaron jumps on his computer to post comments, adds, and links on his website. He is also on the phone with Mikes, talking about Fleas. Aaron is learning how to run his life like a business. Fleas is on the floor, chewing on a bone. 2:30pm, Miss Gunzalas comes in the room to check up on the two boys. She asks him if he wants a snack. He tells her know, and continues on. As Aaron paints, his cell phone rings. But on his cell screen, he does notice the name. It calls him back many more times, but know one is on the other line. This confuses him, so he shuts off the phone. The camera is on as he and Fleas paints. Aaron decide to do a realistic type of painting. He has Fleas wait for a wile, then he could jump in. Aaron paints a fun park. With lots of Ferris wheels and roller coasters. He adds lots of bright colors and think black lines. A day scene. The painting came out swell. Now he allows leas to add his talents. Fleas, weirdly picks up the brush with his tail and paints backward. Fleas paints Aaron and him on the roller coasters. As Fleas adds the colors to the characters, in the studio became windy. This already happened before, so Aaron was kind of prepared. He held on to the desk as the wind picked up. A light flashed page 85

and, wallah. Fleas and Aaron where gone. They disappeared. In the studio, the painting lied on the floor, but the difference was, Fleas and Aaron where in the painting, on a miracle-go round. Fleas brought Aaron into his magical world, right in the fun park they painted, They're riding on the miracle-go round. At first, Aaron was sort of scared, but the more the wheel spun, the fun came around. He was on a horse, and Fleas was behind him, sprawled on top of a bull. Fleas slowly turned his head and asked: How do you like it Aaron? Aaron looked at Fleas, with bulging eyes. Fleas continued to said: Yes Aaron I could talk, and you'll get us to it. But in the mean time, welcome to, PUPPY WUPPY LAND! And he laughed. Aaron said: Yea, thanks a lot dude. As time went on, Aaron became comfortable with Fleas-es human voice. Looking around, Aaron noticed, there where know humans. Only different breads of dogs where in the park. The big pitbulls, Great Danes Rottweilers and other husky dogs, worked as security guards. The pretty looking Poodles and Afghan hound dogs, worked at the concession stands. The half breads and regular looking dogs, worked at the all ball throwing, bee bee gun shooting stands. Doberman Pinschers and Brussels Griffons, worked at the money exchange stands. The crowds that were having fun, weren't people, they were all different breads of dogs, walking upright. Acting, talking and walking like humans. And they all were having fun. This blew Aarons mind, but he'd went along for the ride. In Aarons mind and heart, he felt so much time has passed them over, so he looked at his clock on his cell phone, noticing, time only stood still. Even though he was having fun, and sort of nervous, Fleas and he went on jumping From one ride to another. Aaron just loved, that there where know ticket collectors or grown ups telling them what to do. They hoped on what ever ride they wanted to. After the forth ride, it was time for a break. Aaron kind of felt a tad bit queezy inside, knowing there where know humans around, but only dogs, activating the whole park. He asked Fleas: Are we OK here? Fleas looked up at him and said: Yea buddy. We made this our reality. We painted this park and everything in it. So, as long as you weren't thinking about a real person, wile you where painting, they wont be hear. Aaron stopped him and said: What do you mean, as long as I was not thinking of a person? Are you telling me, wile I'm paint, my thoughts could bring the person in? Fleas said: Yup! Our deeper thoughts could bring people into the art. What, how was you thinking about? Right when Fleas asked, Aarons school girl crush, Sandy, came running over, with spread apart, happily yelling Aarons name. She ran into him with a big hug. As she hugged him, He looked at Fleas with a angry grueling face. Aaron asked her: Um, how did you get hear?' She cheerfully said: I don't know, at first I was resting, next thing I knew, I was hear. Aaron asked: So you don't know, this is a dream right? Sandy said: I guess. But I always dream of you Aaron. Aaron kind of cringes, then

introduced her to Fleas. Sandy takes his hand, jumping up and down, shouting: Lets go on the bumper car ride, lets go! Aaron agrees as she pulls him to the ride. In the bumper cars, they where having fun. But every time Aaron bumped Fleas, he told him to get them back home. After the ride, They took a small walk to the duck hunting stand. This is were Sandy tried giving him a kiss on the lips. But Aaron held her, telling her that it not the right place, or the right time. As she asked, When, Fleas did his wiggling act, and wallah, She vanishes and they reappear back in there studio. Coming back, the room was a bit smoky, so Aaron was coughing. Crawling on his knees and into his desk chair, Mr. Keyblore comes in the room and asks if he's alright. Aaron told him that he was OK. Mr. Keyblore left and went back to his house duties. Aaron looked on the computer to check the time, and to his surprise, it was only 3:30pm. They where gone

page 86

for one hour. But to him, it felt like he was gone for a long time. As he's surfing the web, Aaron asks Fleas: So you do understand me, but in my world, you can't talk. Fleas stood up, with his tail wagging, and barked, saying: Now your getting the massage buddy. On the floor, is the painting of the fun park, but now, there not in it. Aaron asks Fleas: So could you paint the words instead of barking them?' Fleas covered his eyes with one paw and whined. You see, in Fleas world he could talk like a human being, but because he never went to school, he can't read or write words. Aaron says to Fleas: Well, lets do that trick, once and a wile. Not all the time. I just don't want to scare ma and dad, if they come and sees us gone. You get what I'm saying buddy? Fleas bards in agreement. Now lets go and see what's cooking. Fleas and he, walks out of there studio and into the kitchen. Mr. Keyblore is making dinner. Aaron goes in the refrigerator and makes a sandwich for the both of them, then sits in front of the television. They fall asleep. At 8:00pm, the families at the table, eating dinner. Including Miss Gunzalas. Kenny says: Son, today was a good one. I loved how you handled yourself in the interview. We were all great. Aaron says thanks. Rifca speaks to Aaron: Yea and son, tomorrow should be the same. We'll get up by 4:00am. They'll sent

a car and by 6:00am, we'll be at the T.V. Studio. Look good. Give good eye contact and don't look at the camera. Aaron shook his head yes and finished his food. Kenny said to Fleas: And you, You did very well buddy. I loved the way you did your thing, on Q. Keep it up Fleas, and I'll have Maria and you living under one roof. Fleas perked his ears up, paying full attention to what Kenny had said. He wagged his tail and kept eating. After Aaron was done eating, he opened the back door so Fleas could go out. Fleas and he, ran around the yard until they were tired. Fleas did his bathroom thing and Aaron got fresh air. So they head up to the room. After waking up, they jump in the bed for nighty night. Aaron is under his covers and Fleas is sleeping next to him, Aaron is playing on his ipod as Fleas snores. At 10;00pm, Kenny and Rifca comes in Aarons room, gives him and Fleas a kiss, shuts off the light and goes to bed themselves. 3:30am, Aaron and Fleas are awake. The first place Aaron takes Fleas, is down stairs and out side. He lets Fleas run around, to us the rest room. Aaron is watching the clock. So after Fleas has used the rest room, they go back up to the room, so he could do his morning wash. After all is done, Aaron jumps on his computer and looks at whats going on with the post and emails. Wile he's doing that, Mr. Keyblore is down in the kitchen, cooking there morning breakfast. Aaron could smells the food from his room. As well as Fleas. This is why Fleas is laying on the floor, but the door, sniffing what's cooking. Aaron looks at Fleas and says: It looks like you smell Mr. Keyblores magic as well. Don't worry, well be down there in know time. Fleas gives Aaron the puppy eyed look, and exhales. At 3:45, Aaron and Fleas heads to the kitchen. There at the tables, waiting for mommy and daddy to come down, so they could eat. Mr. Keyblore is setting the table, as the parents are making there ways down, into the kitchen. Kenny greats everyone: Good morning Aaron, Fleas and Mr. Keyblore. I hope you slept well. Mr. Keyblore turns his heads from pouring coffee, to say good morning. Aaron says good morning with a perky voice. Rifca asks Aaron: You very up this morning son. Did you sleep sound? Aaron shook his head yes and chewed his food. Kenny starts to talk about how the day should unfold: Well, today is another good day for the family, thank God. So again, they sent us there studio car, but we'll also have Tony drive behind us, in case a situation occurs. This show is one of the big ones. So page 87

Aaron, just do the same thing you did yesterday, the eye contact, not looking at the camera, all the things the guy show you, and you'll be fine. Fleas, just listen and be good. You'll get all the snacks in the world, don't worry. Your mother and I, will just do whatever the directors tells us. OK guys? Aaron agrees with all of what his father just said. Rifca agrees, wile speaking her mind: Honey, how do they pay us for these interviews, buy cash or check? Kenny tells her, by check and finishes his food. She says Miss Gunzalas will be staying at home today, so she could get her rest. Aaron and Kenny shrugs there shoulders, and says, that's fine, at the same time. As Aarons running from the table, He says he needs to remember to bring his book of autographs, to get more signatures. Jetting up the stairs, Fleas follows. It's about 4:30am now. The kitchen table is cleared and everyone's on there way down stairs. Kenny is already standing at the front door, waiting for Rifca, Aaron and Fleas. Tony the driver has the truck running, parked in the back of the limousine, ready to follow the family. Kenny shouts: Come on you guys, the car is waiting. Time is money! Aaron and Fleas comes down first. Then Rifca. Mr. Keyblore opens the house door. Then walks them to the car. The driver opens the door for Rifca and Kenny. Then he rushes around the car, to open the door for Aaron and Fleas. There all in now. And on the road again, they roll. Turning the first corner, onto the road, the same black car trails along, with one other black SUV behind it. The family doesn't notice the cars following, but Tony, their driver does. Tony kind if drives fast. Weaving from one lane to another. Knocking them off the Highs families trail. In the limo, the driver see the time is short, so he puts his foot to the peddle, driving a bit faster. Kenny and Aaron are having fun, thinking this is how the chauffeur normally drives, but Rifca get s a bit nervous, telling the guy to slow down. The driver looks at his watch, then slows down, driving the average speed. At 5:45pm, the driver parks in front of a 54 story, all glass, television studio building. Fans of the station are standing there with there cameras, flashing the High family as the step out if the car. A director comes out, asks them for identity, then guides them in the building. Too other guys usher the family to there dressing room. Aaron and Rifca eyes are wide open, in a trance, with the star people passing by them. In the car, Kenny told Aaron to keep his composure when he see a celebrity. So Aaron tries hard to remain calm. Their all in there own Hollywood tall chairs, in the dressing room. Quickly, a Young African American, female make up artist, walks in and begins applying the powders and lip sticks on Rifca and Aaron. Kenny has them put very little make up on his face. Every twenty minutes, the minute man came back there to give them there up date on when to go on. It's 6:30am. They where warned they'll be on stage at 7:00am. Kenny looked nervous. Actually, the all where secretly trembling in there shews. At 5:50 the minute man comes back and tells them, they have 10 minutes, so get ready. Kenny gives Aaron and Fleas a small pep talk, then over to the stage entrance they go. 4, 3, 2, 1, there guided on stage and onto David Alphamans coach. As Kenny leads the way, the crowd is going wile. The host, David Alphaman, stands to great them. He shakes All there hands as He tells them his name. Fleas and the family are seated and the crowd is quiet, ready for the interview.

David Alphaman opens up the conversation with a question: So, welcome to my show. The David Alphaman show. So You guys are a happy family, right? Kenny says thanks, then answers the question: Yes, my wife, the two boys and I, are a happy family. David continues: Good Good. And When did you guys bring Fleas in the family? Kenny looks at Rifca and asks her to

page 88

explain, and she gladly does: Um so, we bought him in about six mouths to one year ago. And we loved him ever since. David asks Aaron: And Aaron, When did you discover Fleas-es magical powers? Aaron looked David in the eyes and said: I, don't know, around two to three mouths ago. David continues with the questions. One after the other. 30 minutes later, to close the show, David asks Aaron to have Fleas demonstrate his Magic. Aaron asks Fleas to levitate the table in front of them. He had to ask him three to four times, Then Kenny asked. After a bit of hassle, Kenny takes out a treat, then asks him. Now Fleas does the trick. Fleas stands up, barks at the table, the wiggles his tail. And WALLAH, the table is floating in the air. After 20 seconds, Fleas gently places it back in it's place. The crowd goes crazy. Shouting they want more. David asks them to have Fleas do one more trick, for the audience members. Fleas performs one more act. He wiggles his ears and makes David Alphamans coffee cup disappear. The crowd is amazed. There raging for more, but the host tells them to clam down, because the guests need to leave. The audience gives a standing ovation as the High family exits the stage. The back stage guides, lead the family to there dressing rooms, to take the make up off, and mentally transform there minds back into reality. There now ready to go. The Limo was waiting for them in the same drop off spot, as well as Tony the driver. The chauffeur opens the doors and allows them in. And on the road they go, again. Entering there home parking lot, the black SUV and car is in front of the house. The four agents dressed in black, wearing sun glasses, are standing by there cars. The limo pulls up, opens the doors to let them out. Everyone cautiously steps out of the car. Kenny tells the family to walk in the house, and tells Tony he could leave now, he'll handle the men behind the black

glasses. Kenny walks up to the guys and asks: Hello fellas, May I help you? The two closes agents pulls out there badges, introducing himself: I'm agent Checkadoor. He points to his partner. And this is agent Voltlock. The other too agents gets back in there SUV, as Kenny asks: well, what could I do for you? Agent Voltlock answers: We're .from the US Government/Walt Disney Petland Security. Your not in trouble, but we need to take You dog in for further investigation. Rifca comes running out, shouting: NO, not my Pucci. Leave him alone! Kenny holds her back as he asks more questions: Why does the government need to investigate my dog? Agent Checkadoor responds: We know he has special powers, like know other human or animal in America. Therefor, we need to see if he could be of any us to his country. Kenny says: I don't think so. He's just a family dog. So if you don't have the proper papers, I'd like to get back to my family. Agent Checkadoor says: OK, I need to check on my cats anyway. But this isn't the last you herd from us, You got that pal?' Kenny smiles as they get into there vehicles. As the too cars drove off, the SUV honks his Mexican horn. It's very loud. Kenny, Rifca and the rest of the clan, walks in the house. The time is 11:00am. The whole family is in the house. Miss Gunzalas and Mr. Keyblore are in and out of the kitchen, making food and cleaning behind them selves. Kenny has a small talk with Aaron, about what just transpired. There by the stair case, before going up to there rooms: Son, Those guys where from Petland security. They think Fleas could be of some help to the country. But they're not going to take him away from us. OK? So don't worry. Aaron looked at His father and asked: Isn't dog napping against the law dad?' Kenny give Aaron a hug and tells him not to worry. They both walk up to the rooms. Fleas is up the stairs looking down at them walking up. As the father heads to his room, Boomer calls him. In Aarons room, he Googles Government and Petland page 89

Security, on his ipad. He;s sitting up in his bed as Fleas is laying next to him. And his phone rings. It's Mike. Aaron tells Mike about how Fleas took him to the dream world of, PUPPY WUPPY LAND. Mike was asked if Aaron could have Fleas take the both of them to the PUPPY WUPPY LAND. Aaron tells him: I wish we could Mike, but it could be very dangerous. You see, where Fleas took me, is another dimension. We don't know what could happen in that world. We could get stuck there. We don't know. Aaron

continues: And you know who was there with me? Sandy. Aaron sounds disgusted, telling him about his encounter. The conversation continues for a wile. Miss Gunzalas shouts up the stairs, letting everyone know, lunch is ready. Aaron comes running down. And f course, Fleas is right behind him. As there at the table eating, Mr. Keyblore takes too trays of food up to parents room. They decided to est in bed. As Aaron and Fleas finishes up, Mr. Keyblore cleans the table. To the living room Aaron goes. Miss Gunzalas walks in the room wile Aaron is playing his video game, and puts the leash on Fleas. Taking him to the bottom of the stair case, she shouts up to Kenny and Rifca, letting them know she's about to take Fleas out for a walk. Kenny appears at the top of the stair case and telling her: Hay, be careful. Don't even turn your back to Fleas, because they might try and dog nap him. Just keep him close to your hip. As a mater of a fact, take him only, for a short period of time, OK? Miss Gunzalas agrees and walks out of the door. The day is sunny and warm. It's around 90 degrees. As they make the turn on the corner, Miss Gunzalas spots a black car and the SUV, sitting there. The guys in the front seats, has black sun glasses on. She walks by and looks in the four door, black Chrysler sedan, and peeps inside. She sees the guys are on there laptops and phones, apparently waiting for something. She keeps moving. Fleas drags her to the woods, so he could go to the bath room. She drags along. He pees on almost every other tree. As they reach the creak, Miss Gunzalas walks Fleas back on to the road. She takes him too streets up, and turns back around. When walking back, Fleas tries pulling her to the park, but she tells him, they need to go back home. Three streets before her turn, back to the house, a man dressed in a black suit, walks up and stops her. He complements Fleas: O, he's a nice looking dog. What bread is he Miss? Miss Gunzalas cautiously stops, giving the man small talk. She answers: O, Um, he's a mixed bread. She takes small forward steps as the man elaborates: There the best types, the loyalest types. He starts reaching in his inside jacket pocket. Fleas starts growling as Miss Gunzalas nervously pulls him along. The man is still looking at the, one block away. Miss Gunzalas says to Fleas: This is getting creepy Puppy Chullo. Reaching home, Miss Gunzalas quickly opens the front door, running in the house. She takes the leash off him and jogs up to Kenny and Rifcas room. She tells them what just happened. Hes excited: O, my God, Meda, Look, They try to take Fleas. They ask me questions. Kenny tells her to relax and speak slower. After she takes a few deep breaths, she explains: Fleas and I, was minding our own business, and poppy just com up to us, axing me questions. Whats ya dogs name. Was his bread? All types of stupido questions he was axing. Meda, we just ran home. Kenny walks over and gives her a big hug. And tells her: I'm glad your OK, Sorry for them scarring you. It all will go away soon, don't worry. OK? Miss Gunzalas whips her tears and walks back down stairs. Kenny and Rifca are in bed. He says to her: Honey, this is getting out of hand. I'm calling our lawyer. Rifca says: Yes. Call Jim and tell him what's been happening. Because we don't need anyone getting hurt. Kenny gets on the phone and tells his lawyer what's been happening. They're on the phone for

page 90

one hour, talking about Fleas, the money and fame, and the art business there also in. Jim, the lawyer, tells Kenny to fax over all the information, first thing in the morning. He agrees and hangs up. It's now 8:00pm. The whole family is in bed, resting up for tomorrow, Wednesday, there last day of interviewing, for the week. Dinner time is now. 7:30pm in the evening. Miss Gunzalas and Mr Keyblore are in the kitchen, setting the table. Aaron and Fleas are already in there sets. By 8:00pm, Rifca and Kenny are at the tables as well. Tonight, Fleas is eating a bit of the same food and his own. He gets treated with royalty, in this family. They truly love one another. At the table, Kenny opens the conversation: Aaron, don't worry about them taking Fleas, OK? And if they do, which they won't, he could disappear and reappear at home. So try not to stress the situation. Rifca says: That's right, if he's hand cuffed, in the back of the truck, he could just vanish, PUFF. And they want know where he went. The parents laugh, wile Aaron eats his food with a sad long face. Aaron says: That's not funny. They could kill him or something. Kenny says: Come on son, Now your sounding outrageous. The government just doesn't go around killing family pets, especially if it's not a threat to the American people. Aaron looked at Kenny and replied: And if we don't hand him over, they just might consider him a threat. Rifca walks over to Aaron, from her set, and kisses his for-head, telling him: We're not going to let it go that far, so don't worry your little head off baby. Aaron looks at Fleas and asks him: Are you alright with this fame stuff Fleas? Fleas wagged his tail, and cries at the same time. Telling Aaron, he's not so sure, but lets see where it would take us. Aaron looked at Fleas and says to his parents: You see, he's not so sure. I think he's confused about the whole thing. Kenny says: Aaron, he's a dog. He doesn't know what in the hell is going on. He's just looking for more table food. Aaron shook his head, disagreeing with his father. Kenny doesnt know, Fleas understands every word. Aaron and Fleas are finished with their food, so they go up to stairs and to wash and get ready for bed. They have a big day tomorrow. The last interview of the in Miami. Then, next week, Fleas and Aaron has an interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show. On Kennys way to his room, he peeps in on Aaron and tells him to sleep well, because they have a big day tomorrow. Aaron says OK, wile brushing his teeth. Before Aaron forgets, he takes Fleas down and out to the back yard, to let him go to the rest room for the last time this evening. Fleas and he, are in the yard. The night lights are on the pool area, but not

on the basketball and tennis court. Fleas is finish, so back up to the room they go. In bed by 11:00pm, Aarons lights are off, but his ipad is on. He's on the web, looking at Fleas-es posts. At the same time. He's on Facebook. Fleas is by his side, on the bed sleeping. At 12:00am, Aaron is snoring. Fleas is dreaming about Porkchop, Tammy, Lewy and the rest of the gang. How they us to run the streets, carelessly, and with know fear. How they would go to different hoods, fighting for food. He was a teen then. A very young mined dog. Fleas is crying in hos sleep. Moving around, all over the bed. His dream is interrupted. He's now slipping down a long dark, hot tunnel. Before he new it, he hit the bottom of the pit, standing, back in front of the dog demon, Dajjal Kali, and his two guards. The master demon speaks to Fleas about not fulfilling his duties: SO YOU WHERE ON TELEVISION DISPLAYING THE TALENTS I GAVE YOU! BUT THIS TIME, YOU DIDN'T CAST THE SPELL ON THE AUDIENCE, NAS WE AGREED. TOMORROW IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! I WANT SOULS! FAILURE TO FOLLOW THREW, WILL BE HARSH CONSEQUENCES! BE GONE! Aaron shakes Fleas awake, back into reality. I guess, Fleas was crying to loud this time. After a minute or too, they went back to sleep.

page 91

Fleas and Aaron had to be woken by Kenny in the morning, because Fleas was having trouble sleeping earlier. It 4:15am. Kenny tells Aaron to go down and let Fleas out, then wash up for breakfast. Aaron gets up and brushes his teeth. After, Fleas leads him down and out to the back yard. Fleas had to go pee really bad. With Aaron taking in the mornings fresh air, and Fleas finishing his restroom stuff, they head back to there room. Showering and dressing, Fleas ans Aaron walks down to the kitchen. First their at the table, then Kenny, but Rifca decided to slay at home today, so she remained lying under her big, white, fluffy blankets. Aaron asked his father: Where is mommy?' Kenny tells his, she's not feeling like a celebrity today, so she's staying at home. Aaron asks: Is it because of the Petland Security, stuff? Kenny looks at him and says: Perhaps that might be the cause of her change of heart. But she also needs her beauty rest. We could handle the media stuff, by ourselves. Your mother would be with us in our thoughts. Aaron smiles at him and eats up. As Aaron completes his food, and runs from the table,

Kenny tells him to make sure ha has all of what he need to take with him, including Fleas-es bag of tricks. At 5:00am, all three, Fleas Aaron and Kenny, are at the door, ready to leave. Kenny goes up stairs and gives Rifca a kiss good by. The Mr. Keyblore opens the door for them and walks them out to the limo. The family waves at Tony, as he sits in the truck, parked in the back of the limo, waiting to follow. The chauffeur open the doors for the family. Their all in the long black car. It pulls off and onto the main street. Tony is right behind them. As Tony turns, in his rear view mirror, he sees the same black car and SUV, tail gating. Kenny gets on his cell phone and calls Tony. He asks him: Hay Tony, I meant to tell you, we have Government dog nappers on our butts. So keep you eyes open. O, And if you have too other guys that needs work, let me know. Tony says: I'm already on the job boss. You and the family are fine. And I'll let you know about extra guys later on. Thanks. As Tony throws his cell phone onto his passengers set, his eyes are focused on the black car in his rear view mirror. He drives slower. Missing the green light, he stops at the red light, for kids school kids walking across the street, forcing the two black vehicles behind him, to stop and beep there horns. The High families limo drives on, With know one following them. On the high way they where. Fleas is on the window side, with his head pocking out, enjoying the warm wind hitting his face. His tongue is hanging from out of his mouth. Aaron is on his ipad. And Kenny is on his laptop. He also is in his phone, with his lawyers and his Brother Boomer. By 6:50am, they pull up to a tall, all cast iron building. It's the studio. Like all the others, fans where standing in front, waiting for the stars to walk by. The driver opens the door for all three of them. As there getting out of the limo, a director runs over and has Kenny, Aaron and Fleas, follow his lead. Famous people are walking by them as there whisked off to there dressing room. Usher, the singer, notices Fleas, and asks to pet him. As Fleas is being petted, Aaron asks Usher for an autograph. Usher is delighted to sign his book of celebrities. Then off to the dressing room they go. In the room, in comes a beautiful female stylist, and make up artist. In front of the mirror, the make up artist works on Aaron first, then the father. Again, he has them put on just enough for the cameras. The styles asks them if they need anything special to wear, Aaron and Kenny says know. Then she asks about Fleas, if he needs a particular outfit, like a cape or a magic hat, they tell her, Fleas is fine. The too ladies leaves the room. Like the other too times, The minute man came in the dressing room, every ten minutes, giving them an up date on how much time they have before there stage appearance. Kenny page 92

asks Aaron is he OK. Is he a bit nervous. Aaron tells him: Yes. Like always, I'm kind of scared of the stage, but, this is Hollywood. Kenny reaches over form his chair, to Aarons and rubs his head, saying: That's my boy. We can't turn back now. Wear in it to deep son. The minute man tells them it's 7:40am, and they'll be on stage at 8:00am. Kenny and Aaron are mentally preparing them selves. Telling one another the interview will be a smash hit. There psyching themselves up. Time goes by. Now the minutes man comes in, giving them there count down: You got 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lets go! The man rushes them to the back stage velvet curtains. The minutes man, with head sets and a clip board in his hand, points to where they need to walk and sit, then counts the seconds away. When he reached the number one, he pushes them out onto the stage. Aaron, Fleas and Kenny are forced under beaming hot spot lights. They take a set. The host, Arsineo Tall, stands up and welcomes them. The crowd is on there feet, cheering. The host introduces his self: Welcome, welcome to the Arsinio Tall show. I'm Arsineo Tall, and Who are you guys?' Kenny introduces them: I'm Kenny High. This is Aaron High And this is our dog, Fleas High. The crowd applauds. As the crowds sheer, slow down, Arsineo Tall, starts off with the questions: So, How long have the High family have Fleas? Kenny tells the: Well, we had him for, I guess about one year now. And we love him to peaces. The host looks at Fleas with a large smile and says: That's good. All puppies need love. So, His magical skills are very impressive, when did he stumble upon his new talents? Aaron answered: I could say, about four mouths ago. Yea, around that time. The host asked: And what types of tricks was he displaying, Walking threw walls, turning water into wine what types of tricks? The crowd's laughing very loud. Arsineo, puts his hand up, then down, controlling the audience. Wile the laughter, from the crowd and from Aaron and Kenny, calmed down, Kenny responded: Well, he started to vanish in thin air. Levitating thing. And so on. Fleas barks and Aaron feeds his some snacks, to behave. Fleas is happily chewing on his bone. So the questions kept coming. Thirty minutes in on the show, The host asks: So I saw all of his Internet posts, and I love it, this is why I invited you guys, so, could you have him do a trick or too? Kenny looks at Aaron, giving him the go-ahead. Aaron agrees and takes a few treats out from out of his pocket. Aaron asks Fleas: Fleas, could you make this shows disappear? At first, Fleas sits down, covering his eyes with his paws. Aaron asks him, three more times. After a snack, Fleas makes Arsineo Talls left shew vanish in thin air. The crowd claps. Fleas makes the other shew go away as well. The crowd gives a standing ovation. Aaron and Kenny stands up and takes a bow. The host stands up with them, and claps. After the crowd calms down, Aaron has Fleas bring back his shews. Fleas wiggles his ears, and Arsineo Talls shew are back on his feet. They all are standing, giving bows to the audience. After a few minutes, the host closes the show with a few jokes. And wallah, there done. The directors and stage handlers, guided Aaron, Kenny and Fleas back to there dressing room. After taking off the make up, Kenny called Tony and has him waiting out in the

back. Kenny decided to dodge the agents, and go home in there own truck. And the boys, walked passed the limo, and hoped in with Tony. On the drive home, Tony explains to Kenny, what had happened, a few hours back. Kenny is in passengers set. Aaron is In the back with Fleas. There both looking out of the window. Tony says to Kenny: Yea, as soon as we all turned your corner, the secret agents jumped on our tales. That's when you called. Since they where behind me, I took the situation into my own hands. I slowed down, made then turn here and there, and next thing I new, I

page 93

lost them. Kenny tells him he did a good job. But as he was thanking him, Tony continued: But see, yesterday, I did the same thing. I saw them trialing you guys so I lost them. Kenny looked over at him and asked: Yesterday. You new about them tailing me yesterday, and you didn't say anything?' Tony nervously said: Yea, but,when I was going to tell you, at the house, I saw you talking to the agents, and you waved to me, telling me to leave. So I figured you had it under control. Kenny ran his fingers threw his hair, exhaled and said: Next time you see a problem, I need for you to call me. OK? I mean, It wasn't your fault, but I do need to stay on top of everything. Tony said OK, and pulled in to there circular drive way. The truck stopped and Tony opened the doors to let them out. Before Kenny walked away, he gives Tony a bundle of money, a tip, for the good work he had done. Then in the house all three went. Rifca comes running down the stairs, asking the guys how did there day go. She then gave Kenny and Aaron a hug. Miss Gunzalas exits the kitchen with a tray of bottled water, offering it to the guys. Aaron takes a bottle and Goes up to his room. Kenny denies the water, also walking up the stairs to his room. Everyone but Miss Gunzalas and Mr. Keyblore, walks up the stars. It's 11:30am. It's nap time for everyone but Fleas. He's wandering around the house, playing with his ball all threw the hallways. The butlers had lunch made, by the family decided to skip it and go straight to dinner. Wile Aaron is asleep, Mr. Keyblore allows Fleas to run around in the back yard. So he's playing with his ball, Then Fleas takes a break, laying down in the beautifully green grass. He break turns into a nap as well. In his sleep, he dreams of Maria and his kids. His body is twitching

and turning, which wakes him out of his sleep. He's now awake, mopping around the yard, thinking of Maria. Fleas misses, how they would walk to the park together. How they would kiss under the tree, making his friends jealous. He especially his three kids; Bert, Tonya and Max. Over the minutes, Fleas is becoming sadder and sadder. He finally says to himself: You 8know, I do all these tricks for these humans, and that's cool, but I need things for myself to. I'm going to see Maria and my kids. I think there at the park, at this time. He walk to the corner of the yard, and wiggles his ears. As he wiggles, he thinks of where he wants to go. And POOF, behind the smoke, there's know Fleas, he's gone. In the same park, but away from the dog area, Fleas magically appears, behind a tall bush. He's lucky know one saw him, or else they would of called the police. So he shakes himself off and walks over to the dog park. It's a nice, slightly over cast, warm day in New York. So the park is full of people and dogs. The birds are pecking on the ground for crumbs, and the parks dancers are performing for music studio money. Fleas walks closer to the and sees the regular snobby dogs, in there typical spot. Even though he doesn't associate with that crowd, he's happy to see familiar faces. His tail starts wagging. As he gets closer, he sees Oscar and Sammy. Now, his tails spinning one hundred miles a minute. Suddenly, he sees Marie sitting with her friends, under the same tree. Fleas starts running towards the park. He barks a few times, and almost all the dogs in the park, stops and looks in his direction. Maria stands up and runs to the gate. He's at the gate, As well as a crowd of dogs. Barking and wagging there tails. Maria stands on her back legs, with her front paws over the gate. Fleas stands the same, kissing her. There licking each others face, non stop. A few of the walkers jogs over to see what's all the commotion about. Kisha comes over and happily shouts: FLEAS, you guys are back! She lets him in and hugs him. After hugging him, Fleas runs over to Maria. They immediately jump on top of one another, Sniffing each others back sides, playing around. There all page 94

barking. Fleas barks at his buddies, telling them he only has but a short time, so he needs to be with Maria. They guys barks back there understanding, and leaves him alone. Maria and Fleas walks over to there favorite tree area, sits down and talks.

Fleas opens up the conversation: I miss you and the kids baby. She licks his face and asks: I miss you so much to honey. How have you been? He looks at her and says: Besides missing you guys and my friends, I've been good. My magical powers, as you see, has gotten stronger, the food is great. The family is wonderful, but... She looks at her with curiosity and says: But what, what's bothering you baby? He looks at her and says: O, nothing, it's nothing I can't handle. And don't you start worrying either, Promise me, OK? She promises him not to worry, then they took walk around the park for a bit. After saying hi and by to his friends, he tells Maria, he'll see her in one week. They're standing at the front gate talking. Fleas says: Well, before Kisha bets suspicious, I better leave. I love you and the kids, OK. She says OK, and gives him a kiss. After their romantic moments is over, Fleas barks, scratching on the gate, signaling a human to let him out. Kisha walks over. Before opening the gate, she says: I hope you didn't run away from Miss Gunzalas and the family. Anyway, do ya thing. I hope to see you and the family soon. And she lets him out. Fleas figures he wants to hang out for a bit. So that's what he does. As he stoles around the park, he takes a detour deep inside the neighborhood. Peeing on trees, running after skateboarders, Fleas belly starts to growl. He's hungry. Where should I go? He ponders. To the pizza shop, he says to himself. So he walks to the nearest one. He's one block away and his greedy belly already smells the aroma. He gets there and a bunch of kids are standing in the front, chowing down, sipping on soft drinks. Fleas stands by the kids, giving them his famous puppy eyes. There was too boys he approached. One was tall and skinny, and his friends was short and chubby. Fleas stood, begging. The skinny kid gave Fleas a peace of his pizza, but the chubby one didn't. So the skinny kid tried forcing his friend to give Fleas a peace to, but the chubby one stood his ground. Another kid came out with a full peace and gave it to Fleas. Fleas was happy, so he walked away. Fleas didn't know where he was going, but he just walked. Blocks after blocks, he kept strolling. Dogs, with there walkers, was walking by. Too of the walkers thought Fleas was a stray dog, even with his dog collar on. So the dogs on leashes, barked at Fleas, thinking he was homeless. He didn't mind, he was having a time of his life. Some of the people passing by, Others stopped to pet him. After a wile Fleas got hungry, so he stopped at a gas station. Gas stations are a tough gig for stray dogs. Because it's not a place where people dine, are known for lunching out. But, Fleas was starving, so he stood at the door, waking for humans to feed him. One person after the another, kept going in and out of the store, not giving Fleas a drop. After about ten people, every three persons began giving his a hot dog. A sandwich. Bread and so on. In one hour, Fleas was full. Then the store manager came chasing him away. It was like 3:00pm. Still nice out side. So Fleas kept enjoying the freedom. He wasn't thinking of how much Aaron and the family, might miss him. Maria, the kids and food, was occupying his thoughts. In the big city, he always payed attention to his surroundings, but not in his new, nice neighborhood. He has a rich family and rich friends, so he all his worries are gone. This is the life he always wanted, and now he has it. It all seemed unreal to him. He now, kept thinking about his friends in New York as well. His mind was full. He needed this private time away from the family, this is what he's thinking. As soon as he stopped and looked up at the sky, A

page 95

black SUV trucks speeds up to him. Four men jumps out, with black leather gloves on. One of the goofy men, pulled his gun on Fleas telling him to put his paws in the air, but the mans partner turns and tells him to put the gun away, because he's not human. So the funny man says: O, O yea, and puts the gun back in his holster. They grab Fleas, putting him in the back of the first SUV, then the two Vehicle spins there tires, creating trail smoke, zooming off, onto the secret cave. In the SUV, Fleas passes out. One of the men says: Good. The poison in the hot dog he ate, worked. Now I'll call the owners. The agent in the passenger set calls Kenny and the family, telling them: Mr. Kenny High, this is secret agent, Wanky. I'm with the, WB Petland Security. I work for the Government sir. My apologies, but we have your dog. He was wandering around town, so we decided to pick him up. We know your out of town, so when you get back, you could come and get him. In the mean time, we have same questions, we need to ask him. We'll keep you informed. The agent hangs up, and on the highway they ride.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->


[Dog to dog]

by Ernest E. Murrell
[Fleas Point Of View] Chapter 11

The Golden Bone [A dog's point of view], is a book of steps and stories, to teach mt fellow dogs ways to sniff themselves into a prosperous future. The sad news is, there are 6.2 million puppies born in America, each year. And more then 2.4 million of my brothers and sister [dogs], are slaughtered each year. Not including the global holocaust of dogs. So I, Fleas, am a mixed bread long haired dog, from the streets, who became successful. With lots of practice, I hit it big! So you doggies may be asking, how did I do it from the streets? Well I'll tell you all the steps you should follow, so you could obtain the Golden Bone yourself.


1. As a dog, you always need to keep your paws clean. Don't walk the streets with dirty paws. Humans look at the paws first.

2. Try keeping your fur clean of mud. Looking scruffy wont get you the Golden Bone. 3. Don't lick to many butts. Licking your other dog friends butt in the park, gives you the butt breath smell. And the rich people hate that smell. 4. Don't scruff around nice parks with one ear down and one ear up. This look makes you look confused. And rich people, hates confused dogs. 5. If you see a rich couple sitting on a park bench, don't stand in front of them, with your back turn, waiting of them to pet your butt. Because when your tail is wagging, you might be fanning off a bad smell. So walk up to them face first, not ass back wards. 6. If you just got in a fight with one of your dogs around the park, and your all bloody, don't walk up to the rich, asking for pity. The rich hates pitiful losers. 7. If you see a rich guy walking in the park, Don't dig one of your toys out of the garbage, asking him to play with you. The rich hates playing with filthy dogs. 8. If you haven't ran threw a fire hydrant in the last three days, to wash your self, and flies are buzzing around your body, don't go bagging for a home. The rich people don't like flies buzzing around their dogs. 9. Don't eat shit, eat food! 10. Try not to walk up to the rich, with doggy sleep in your eyes. It looks like you just woke up, in mid day. And the rich hate lazy dags. 11. If you lick your butt or another doggy butt, try no to lick the face of the family you want to go home with. Consideration goes a long way.


Here are a few tips on how to carry ones self when your trying to impress a potential rich family. Remember, the first impression is the most important one. So learn for the best.

1. When you see the rich in the park, sitting on the bench, walk up them with a perky chest. Confidence in your self, is what people want in their doggy, Looking defeated is not what the rich wants in their doggies. 2. In the park, if your playing with the other dogs, always be the best. The fastest. The strongest. And the nicest. For an example: If one of the rich persons drops a book, run behind them and pick it up. Then softly hand it to them. And if they try

and offer you a treat, take it and run. This way, they'll look at you as a nice, loveable dog. 3. Always be kind to the girl dogs. Because the rich loves, thoughtful male dogs. 4. In the park, try to always have a ball in your mouth, running around with a smile. This tells the rich people your a happy fun dog. 5. When you are speaking to your other buddies, make sure you have a clear, strong bark. Never give a wimpy bark. 6. Jog with a show dog trot. Walk as if your a fashion dog. This helps you look the best. 7. If you are looking nice this day, and humans want to pet you, you could lift up one ear at a time, to look cute. This is only if your feeling good this day. 8. Around humans and other dogs, wile siting one one spot, sit with perfect posture. Sitting around humped over, will not get you into a nice home. Look healthy, not sick. 9. Talk to as much bitches as possible. This will make you look like a stud. Breeders love studs. 10. If a human is playing ball with you, and their trying to make you jump, jump your highest for the ball. The higher you jump, the more athletic you look. Being your best is the goal.


In order to get hit the lotto and fine a nice looking family to live with, as a dog, you need to hand out in the neighborhood, where you what to live. If you want to keep hanging in the crazy areas where you guys are going to fight over garbage cans, then, that's were you want to live. So far, you need to have good hygiene and carry yourself well. 1. Leave from hanging with your friends for too hours and go to a nice neighborhood to met new buddies. After a wile, if your a clean good dog, someone will take notice of you 2. Try being alone more then being around a group of your dog friends. Individual people usually walk away from packs of dogs. You wont get noticed by being in a click. But people will look at you as a bull. So try being by yourself. 3. Now, if you are hanging in your group, Be the smart, different one. If you act the same as the other doggies, then it will be hard to get noticed. Separate your mind from the group.

4. If your with your boys, and they all pee on the side walk, go to the bath room in the street. This will help others look at you as the good dog. Never mind what your boys say. If they comment on your action, and calls you weird, their just hating. 5. Walking the side walks with your dog clan, and little kids want to walk up to you and pet you, allow them. Don't follow the your friends by walking away, allow to be loved. And give love. Perhaps the parents will look at you as the dog to take home. 6. Dream about what family, in the area you want to live. 7. You need to see yourself there before hand. Change the way you think and the way you think will change your way of being. 8. If your going threw a dumpster in bad neighborhoods, STOP! Go to a cleaner area. Why? Because if your the only dog around, Someone might think your another persons dog. And in this position, some times they'll take you home. And other times they'll call the dog shelter. It's a chance you should take in order to change your situation. 9. In nice areas, try hanging around dog stores. You might have a person come out of the store and see the prettiness in your face and will take you home. Be in the right place at the right time. 10. Pay attention to humans. If you see a human sitting alone, in a park, and there sad, go up to them, with a happy smile and allow them to pet you. This also could create a friendship, which could lead you to bigger things. These are keys for my dogs whom wants to succeed. I was a dog who lived on the street. It took me a long time to learn how to succeed. But I learned. These keys are for the dogs that want to achieve more then what they have at that moment. Some are fine in there current predicament. And those are the ones you say hi and good by to. Try your hardest to hang with like minded dogs. If he wants to eat out of the same garbage, for the rest of his life, leave them alone. Only hang with winners. If you live by these rules, you'll move forward.----------------------------------------->

Fleas To Riches


Secret Paws To Success.............0


From Fleas To Riches............... 1


Fleas Finds Love...................... 15


Fleas, Ice cream And Maria..... 23


Fleas Discovers Art................. 26


Fleas Has Art Show...................36


Fleas, Maria & The Kids.......... 48


Fleas Barks Upon Magic............56


Fleas Masters Magic................. 65


Fleas & Petland Security........... 76

From Fleas To Riches



Ernest E. Murrell

Fleas, is a cross breed dog. His cocktail is of an Afghan hound and collie. Because his Ex-owners had know place for another puppy. By the age of One, Fleas was living on the mean streets of New York City; running wile, living dangerously. So, from one, to almost two years of age [20 years on a human calender], the streets is all he new. Fleas had many friends to keep him company. But he never believed in getting in trouble. The local people in the neighborhoods, loved him because of his waggy tailed, cheerful attitude. Fleas believed he was destined to find good people to live with. That was his primary goal, To find a nice home. After being kicked out of many families, all, because of the lack of moneys, Fleas always went back to the streets, or in animal shelters, better none as, Dog prison. Fleas had know other choice. If he could work as a stock broker, buy a house, and live nice, he would, but because he's a dog, Fleas had to rely on the kindness of human strangers. He stayed away from distressed neighborhoods. So his life on the streets was not as rough as some of the other dogs he met. After living in his final few, dog shelters, his luck changed. A wealthy woman, by the name of Rifca took him from the pound, and

bought him home to first class living Rifca [Mother], Kenny [Father], and Aaron [Son], are his new family members. Months passes over, Fleas and the family are living a happy life. With Fleas-es new stability, this allows him to dig deep and fine his artistic talents, He started painting with his new brother Aaron. Fleas and Aaron, now sells there paintings in art galleries and to private collectors. Fleas also now has a girlfriend, Maria. They have three kids together. Tonya, Max and Robert, Bert for short. Tragically, Fleas got into a swimming pool accident which triggered magical powers. Coincidentally, he later found out, the magic he possesses, is from evil forces. The devil, a big red hyena, in the pits of the earth, bartered doggy souls for his powers. The more spells he puts on dogs, the stronger his magic becomes, and the richer he gets. With this magical abilities, Fleas helps people. But he also subliminally barking spells on other dogs, preparing souls for eternity in hell. Deep in Fleas heart, he doesn't want to do bad works, he love God, but the wealth and happiness he's giving the Highs family, makes him feel valuable for one in his life. So he's in conflicting battles between good and evil. Further more, the U.S. Government

Petland Security, hunts him down, And use his powers on American enemies,
turning Fleas into a top secret spy dog. which stands Fleas in between the Us Government and the High family. At the end, the Government agents wins Fleas over having him fight criminals for the global citizens.


I'm Ernest E. Murrell, I was born is New York City, 4/13/1978. Being raised in the Coast Guard, my family moved all over the USA. At 16 years old I moved to Phoenix Arizona. Not being able to put up with school, I dropped out in the 11th grade. Attending Job Crops I got my G.E.D. Clerical and Electronics Degree. Doing a half a year in community college, I dropped out and came back to New York. Back in the City, I started doing stand up comedy. That wasn't my calling, So I thought about what I loved to do when I was a little kid, and that was art. So started doing my art, as I sold movie scrips on the street. The third week of doing art, I put my art in a Gallery in Soho. "Weird Nassy Gallery. sold my first painting. In this Gallery, i met my first Mentor, Andre Bogoslovski. From that day on, Andre taught me how to sell my art on the streets of Soho. And that's what I did. Wile on the street, my focus was to get into Galleries. And that's what started happening. 1998 was my first year on the street. "Surface to Air Gallery" was my second Gallery. They represented Julian Schnabel, Damien Hurst, Obey, Me and a few others. The next day, after the show, It was cool. Back on the street, i sold my own art, but getting shows in galleries at the same time. My personal collectors range from Isaac Mizrahi, to Jay z. To Big Diamond Dealers. To Owners of chain restaurants. A movie director by the name of Emanuel Difilianchantonio, shot a three hour trilogy titled, A Diamond In A Rough. In 2012, I received my first Solo art show in "El Milano Gallery, In Rovigo Italy. And I'm continuing on having art shows all over the world. When it comes to writing, I've always wrote short and long stories. Showing them to close friends and family, encourages me to continue writhing. My inspiration comes from; The holy bible. JK. Rollings. Alexander Pushkin. Steven King. Donald Goines, and others... Thanks...

From Fleas To Riches

[A street dogs journey]


Ernest E. Murrell

Adventures Of Fleas, The Dog

by Ernest E. Murrell

Synopsis per chapter

Chapter 1

Fleas to Riches]

This is the beginning of Fleas-es life. Hes a white shaggy mixed breed dog, with black paws. Fleas started out on the streets of New York. Sleeping where ever he feels fit, and eating whatever was edible. Even though, because he was a nice dog, the neighborhood people feed him good food. He has two best friends, Porkchop and Bones. All three stuck together, back to back. At the same time, Fleas and Bones was loyal to one girlfriend. But Fleas-es main priority was to find a nice family to live with. After a few street fights, and frequently going in and out of dog pounds, Fleas new this wasn't the only way to live. He keeping his ducks in order and his dream in his pocket. And before he new, his luck changed. The last time he got thrown in the pound, a wealthy lady by the name of Rifca, picked him out of the other desperate K9s and took Fleas home. Upstate New York, in the rich part of town, lived, his new family. The mother Rifca. The father Kenny. The son Aaron and the maid Miss Gunzalas. Fleas is happy his dream came true.

Chapter 2 [Fleas finds loves]

Several months pass over and The bond between Aaron, the 13 ear old son, grew strong. Aaron is an introvert, always in his room, doing homework, playing video games or surfing the web. So having a new friend in the house, helped him become more social. Fifca and Kenny new Fleas was gong to get along. Because, coming form the streets, he was well behaved. A couple of blocks away, lived another dog owner, his girlfriend Maria. She a tall, straight haired Afghan hound.

Chapter 3 {Fleas, Ice-cream and Maria}

On this particular day, Fleas was thinking of his friends Porkchop, Tammy and the rest of the gang. This sort of depresssed him a bit. So in hs back yard, he spotted a whole in the corner fence. He escapted. Running to the park, thinkiing of how he usto have fun in the city, Fighting other dogs with Bones, and Porchop. How they would be treated to the finest foods, because they locals in the nieborhood loved them. How he fell in love with a hot new bitch named Sara. He really misses the day when him and Bones got into a big fight with the 6th Avue boys, then met uo with Porkchops, Tammy and his new girlfreind, Sara. With all of this on his mind, Fleas walks to the park, to look for Maria. He finds her playing with three other bitches. Fleas calls Maria ove to the fence and convinces her to jump over and hang out with him. Maria and Fleas are walking around rhe hood, kissing and playing with each other. In this love moment, Fleas new this ice cream spot were he could get free ice cream, so they run over to the ice cream guy and bags for two cones. After thier romantic ice cream moment, Fleas walks Maria back over to the park, then he walks back to the house, crowls back through the fence and calls it a night.

Chapter four { Fleas, the artist}

Fleas now found love, Maria, and he and the family are getting along well. The son in the family, Aaron, was a visual artist. So Rifca, the mother, went to the mall and bought more supplies for him. I was the week end, so whe Rifca came home with the art supplies, Aaron took them to the back yard and laid the canvases, brushes and paints, on the grownd, He begain to paint. As he made images on the canvases, Fleas was watching and became excited. Aaron saw Fleas wanted to join in on the arts and invited him to jump in. And theats what Fleas did, he leaped, paws first, onto the wet, red canvas. Scratching and swirling all through the canvas, Feas was finished. Aaron Look at what Fleas has made, and saw it was brilliant. After the famther Kenny, the mother Rifca and Miss Gunzalas, the maids stamp of genius, Fleas was now considered an artist. So now Fleas and Aaron was a collabrative team. He now is an artist.

Chapter five

{Fleas and Aaron has an art show} Aaron and Fleas are taking art seriously. Kenny and Rifca, the parents, converted one of the down stairs studies, into a studio for Fleas and Aaron. Aaron feels he had found his talent, Fleas has the same thought. Because Aaron and Fleas are taking the art to the heart,. Kenny figured it was time to profit off thier talents. so the whole family gathered in the truck, and the driver, Geebs, took them to the chelsea art galleries. Fleas came along. Walking to gallery to gallery, kenny was ahong if their looking for young talent, some say yes and others say no. After looking at many galleries, Kenny fines two galleries who shows young artist. Kenny shows them Aaaon and Fleas-es art on his Ipad, and the Rothgchild gallery offers to give the boys a show, in the fall. Three mouths have passed, Aaron and Fleas has enough art for the show, the dealer see the art, and gives it a go. Twenty paintings art up in the gallery, the show was a success, three quarters of the work sold. addvirtisers and news papaers were all over the two. So the gallery has them sign an exclusive contract. Their now in business.

Chapter six {Fleas, Maria and the pups}

In the last chapter, Fleas and Aaron has an art show, Fleas and Maria had sex in the park, and his art career is now paying off. Maria is about ot have the kids. All Fleas-es friends in the park are happy for him. Maria and Fleas-es family are supportive of the kids, so all is good. Weeks in, Maria has a litter of thirteen, but the family only keeps Three pups. Bert, Max and Tanya. But now Fleas has a family.

Chapter seven {Fleas barks upon magic}

In the last chapter, Fleas had his kids and the family has excepted them. He gave one of the dogs to his freind Mike, but Aaron didnt keep any. well, in both families. Fleas and Aaron were playing in there back yard pool. Fleas jumped in the pool to chase the ball. As he was in the pool, Aaron jumped on his back and knocked Fleas out. They rushed his to the dog hospital, but he ws

released with in one hour. Fleas just had a concussion. Three days later, Fleas was opening and colsing doors, with his energy. This confused him, but he got usto it. After confusion and a fw suprises, the family also u=ot usto Fleas levitating objects, disapparing and reappparing, and so on. Aaron was recording Fleas painting and doing his magic, for future ideas. Chapter eight {Fleas masters his magic}

In the previous chapter, Fleas mastered his magic. And at the same time, the High family started profiting off him, as well as making money off Aaron and his art talents. Fleas thought his magic came form the accednet, but in a dream, Satan told Fleas, his magic and the fame, came form him. The television shows and the money the families making off his magic, is all from Dajjal Kali, the dekiv himself, in exchange for sending souls the hell, but barking subliminal messages in frong of mass adiences. The barks hypnotises the dogs into followig the message Fleas is sending. He is now in full control of his maagic, mut hes working for Satan. Aaron records Fleas and the father, Kenny, post Fleas painting and doing his magic tricks, on youtube, It goes viral. The High, family is already rich, but this makes them richer. The internet brings all types of sponsers, and draws attention to PETLAND SECURITY. Petland security are secret agents for the American Government. They dog nap Fleas and take him to a gor=vernment hiden cave in New Jeresy. The family cant fight the government, so they fall back from the idea of fighting for Fleas.

Chapter ten {Fleas and Petland Security}

Petland Security has dog napped Fleas, Under national security reasons, do to Fleas-es magical powers. Kenny, and Rifca, the paernts of Aaron, the owner of Fleas, has gaving up on chasing Fleas. In the last episod, the agents came the thier home and offered Kenny a $1,000,000.000 dollar check, for Fleas, but he denied it. The agents dropped the check ing their house, but because Kenny was arguing with them, he didnt notice the check falling on his floor. Aaron was recording theier whole talk, and saw the check. He picked it up and pocketed it. Aaron didn;t tell his father, or mother about the check, but he told his friend Mike. Mike always listened to Aaron. So one day, Mike was at aarons

house,for the wek end, And he showed him the check, made out to his family, and he told Mike, he wanted to cahs the check and go get Fleas. The check was made out to Aarons family, so it could get cashed. Wile Aaron showed Mike the check, Aaros dad forget his cell phone in the bath room. Before giving it back to his father, he copied the phone number of the agents, who called kenny three times. So now Aaron has The cell number of the agents, and a $1,000,000,000, completly legal check. They GPS the number and now they also have the ware abouts of Fleas and the agents. Mike has an older friend who has a criminal record and a drivers licents. Aaron has an older cousin, who owns a wealthy internet company, who agreed to cash the check and give Aaron money as he goes. Aaron and Mike havent rabfrom home yet, but soon to happen in the nexr volume...

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