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Power-Up MANGA Techniques for Beginners and Beyond . I Techniques ) THE SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF MANGA TECHNIQUES Aiwa | HOW TO D MANGA Compiling Techniques HOW TO DRAW MANGA Volume 2: Compling Techniques. ‘by The Sociaty forthe Study of Manga Techniques Text and images copyright (© 2000 The Society for the Study of Manga Techniques Design and layout copyright (© 2000 Graphic-sta Publishing Co, Ltd Fepresentatne Members of The Society fr the Study of Manga Techniques: Hideki Matsuoka, Tatsutiro Ozaki, Takehiko Matsumoto, Hioki Ono Planning: Hideaki Matsuoka . Original cover drawing: Ganma Suvi Cover design: Hideyuki Amemura Photography: Yasuo imal English edition layout Shinichi ishioka English translation: Christian Storms Translation management: Lingua frénca, nc. andy-skmt@asai-net. orp) Japanese edition editor: Motofumi Nakanishi (Graphic-sa Publishing Co, Lt.) Foreign language editon project coordinator Kumiko Sakamoto (Graphic-sha Publishing Co.,Ltd) Al rights reserved. No part of tis publication may be reproduced or used in any frm or by ny means, graphic, electronic or mectanical, including photocopying, recording or Information strage and retival systems without writen permission of the publisher. Published by Graphic-sha Pubishing Co,Ltd 1-9-12 Kuan, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0073 Japan Distributor: Japan Publications Trading Co, Ld 1-2-1 Sarugalu-cho, Chiyods-ku, Tokyo, 101-0064 Japan Phone: 81-3-3292-3751 Fax: 81-3-3292-0410 E-maljr@pto.cojp Fist printing sty 2000 ISBN: 4-88996-044.9 Printed and bound ty Everbest Printing Co.,Ltd n China