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Name : Kartika Sandi Utami Class : 1EA18 NPM : 14212035 Susan barners is a clerck-typist at Reliant Insurance and she

is a excellent worker, this morning she want to see mr harris, the officer manager and handed him a letter saying that she was giving up her job. mr harris did not want susan to change her mind. Mr. Harris : Mrs. Barners please can I form an insurance policy and also create my recap of the data of our company's stakeholders. I am waiting on my desk until lunchtime. Mrs. Barners : Ok, Sir will as soon as possible. I'll also want to discuss something with you. Mr. Harris : Well I wait at my room, Mrs. Barners. Mrs. Barners : Good afternoon Sir, these files as well as forms that you are asking this morning. I also want to give it to you. Mr. Harris : What is this Mrs. Barners? Mrs. Barner s: This is my resignation letter from this company. Mr. Harris : What is the reason you wanted to resign, Mrs. Barners? Mrs. Barners : Because I was disappointed with some of the things that exist in the company. Mr. Harris : You are disappointed because what, Mrs. Barners? Mrs. Barners : First, I was disappointed because I didn't get a raise in the last few months. But my performance in the company can be taken into account. Mr. Harris : Yes, indeed you are the employees who are professional, have a lot of knowledge, have a great ability and has the attitude and behaviour. Mrs. Barners : Then why do I not get a raise in the last few months Sir? Mr. Harris : Because we are in a time of crisis yesterday. But you don't have to worry because in the next few months our insurance company will increase like it used to anymore. Mrs. Barners : Is it true Sir?

Mr. Harris : Yeah I said right Mrs. Barners, therefore I tell you, make a new form of insurance policy which I will share with our stakeholders to the candidate. Are you so resigned Mrs. Barners? Mrs. Barners : Yes, if there is no increase in my salary I will remain retired from this company. Mr. Harris : Please Mrs. Barners don't come out of this company. How much salary increases you ask? Mrs. Barners : I have 2 x folding my paycheck yesterday. Can it be? Mr. Harris : Ok, I'll try. Then disappointment what else you feel Mrs. Barners? Mrs. Barners : I feel blessed too my parnerts sir, Anggi. Mr. Harris : Oh, is it true that you feel? Mrs. Barners : Yeah I really feel it. You told her to do the easy things, while I'm not really against. Mr. Harris : I'll explain it for this one. Anggi is a new employee and is subordinate to you. I am doing so because you have more experience than her. Mrs. Barners : Is it true that Sir? Mr. Harris : Yeah right, Mrs. Barners. I can't possibly favoritism with my employees. Because I'm always trying to do justice to all of my employees. Mrs. Barners : Oh, if so I apologize with the attitude that I have to do Sir. Mr. Harris : And are there any other concerns that you'd like to tell Mrs. Barners? Mrs. Barners : What could I not placed one job with Anggi Sir? Mr. Harris : It's why about Anggi, Mrs. Barners? Mrs. Barners : Anggi was always a long time in doing the work. You know why? Mr. Harris : No, I don't know. You try to tell them in a concise yet clear.

Mrs. Barners : Anggi always calling and chatting with her friends. She always put off the work that sir gave to her. Instead she uses my work if she didn't finish doing the work that sir commands her. Mr. Harris : Oh, so? So true that other employees said to me? Mrs. Barners : Sir already knows? Mr. Harris : Yes, I already know but I do not believe it because she is subordinate to you. I want you to talk directly about her to me. Mrs. Barners : Yeah I no longer work with her. Mr. Harris : Ok, today I'll call Anggi and moved her to another division that he is not working with you again. Mrs. Barners : Thank you very much for everything which sir gave to me. Mr. Harris : Yes,youre wellcome. Improve your performance in another company, Mrs. Barners. Mrs. Barners : Yes Sir I will try to make my performance in this company.