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Jaemy Douglas

When Charles I ruled England, Clover Hous received the kings order and tortured Christians very much. He also killed them. The trials and sufferings were countless. Those days were terrible for children. They lived with a fear because they did not know what would happen the next day. Parents were killed before their children and children were killed before their parents. In these days people who had Bible as their basis of faith, avoided idol worship and as they were afraid of Clover Hous who had the order to torture Christians. They hid in the forests, mountains and caves. The priest Tom Roy guided the Christians and strengthened their faith and helped them to be firm in Christ.He hid in a cave in a mountain due to his fear of Clover Hous . A little boy Jaemy Doulas went carefully and gave the food parcel given by his mother to the priest Tom Roy. He knew well that he would have to meet dangerous situations through Clover Hous. He acted very carefully so he would not be seen by them. One day Jaemy went near the cave where Tom Roy was hiding. At that time Clovers men who were behind the bushes surrounded the little boy. He had hidden the food packet inside his shirt pocket. They said to him, Ah! You are caught. Arent you going to give the food packet to the priest Tom Roy? Where is he hiding? Tell us. They dragged Jaemy to their leader Clover Hous. The leader also asked Jaemy where the priest was hiding. Little Jaemy replied that he would not tell them. The leader jumped in anger saying Unless you tell me , I shall torture you and kill you He held his shoulder tightly and said, Are you talking to me like this? If you wont tell the priests hiding place, see what will happen to you. He dragged Jaemy to a nearby valley. That valley was dark and fulls of rocks.He said, I shall put you inside the valley, you will become the food for the jackals there He lifeted Jaemy and acted as if he would throw him away. Then again he made Jaemy stand on a rock and roared, Tell me where the priest is. Otherwise you will be put inside the valley. Jaemy requested many times. He said, No sir, please dont put me inside the valley. Dont you have children like me in your home? The leader said, If you tell us where the priest is, you will not be punished.

Then Jaemy said boldly, I wont tell you. Then he looked at the sky. He cried bitterly. He remembered the scene of Jesus standing up to welcome Stephen. He believed that the Lord who accepted Stephen would also accept him. This thought encouraged him. On seeing the courage and stubbornness of Jaemy, Clover was very angry. He caught Jaemy and threw him inside the valley. His soul flew towards eternal kingdom before his body reached the bottom of the valley. Priest Tom Roy was waiting for the arrival of Jaemy till the evening. Then darkness surrounded. At night stars were shining brightly in the sky but Jaemy was not seen anywhere. Finally the priest and Jaemys mother comforted themselves in Jesus saying, Kings men would have killed Jaemy. We cannot see him again in this world but we shall meet him in our fathers house Dear little brother and sister, you have known about Jaemy Douglas who sacrificed his life for Jesus. Will you surrender your life to Jesus?