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Square distribution, wide spacing.

lowand medium
mounting heights.
HPS, metalhalide

or mercury.


-l. o)


Qualitytask lighting with

fevrrer luminaires.

Splrc e box or tl'rougnway

wrrng solrce

bo\ fTWB) slides on to ballast assembly

and secures with two screws for simple



Cast alLmrrum l-oJs.n9 wilh polyesler powder parnt t n rsn Closed top optical assembly toins Io baLlasl assembly with keyhole slot and bolts Oor ical assembly- erter or pa.nted white. rnr remental parnt treatment applreo to lhp inrerior and ll'p prope. lens co.'rbine to provide a range of light distribution


Lobay ll combines the effjciency of
HID light sources with special lens

Quadrature-lens {squara d,stribution) and F{elra.lrve Li o lets (low oflght'']essl are engineered to meet a wide variety of

lght ng requirements
Hinged ald. i'd.sired removable door O lrame permrts easY relamprnq

optics to produce a compact luminaire that provides a variety of spacing criteria. This makes Lobay ll an excellent choice, both for installation and operating economy, and for exceptional uniformity at low to medium mounting heights.
Lobay ll achieves wide, "square

the temperature is lowerthan 20'l-. high pressure sodium fixtures can be used effeclively.

Wet location option

Wheae excessive moisture is prevalent, a specially sealed version of Lobay ll, which is UL listed as 'Suitable for Wet Locations", is available as an option. lt

Unique optical system

Ease of installation
The fixture utilizes a detachable splrce box which can be separately threaded onto 3/a" rigid conduit. The ballast assembly simply slides onto the splice box, two screws secure the housing, electrical connections are made, and the optical assembly is attached. A

distribulion" lighting by utilizing a completely new optical assembly

which consists of: 1. Aluminum reflector with high retlectance, white baked enamel applied to the interior in various increments. The combination of specular, anodized alu minu m reflector contour and incremental paint treatment has been precision engineered to provide, with proper lens, spacing criteria of 1.3, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.0. 2. Hiqh heat acrvlic Quadrature." lens. 3. Acivlic Refractive Grici'u lens l. Cleir tempered glass roundel above the lens. The Quadrature lens is injection molded with the visual appearance of four separate quadrants joined together at the center. This unique design provides a wjde, square distribution pattern with excellent horizontal uniformity, resulting in more effective vertical and near vertical illu mination.
The Refractive Grid lens is injection molded with a precisely formed array ol hemispherical refractive elements on both the upper and lower surfaces. These unique optical elements freely

is not recommended tor use where high pressure water spray is used.

Wide range of applications

Because of its combination ot a wide variety of spacing criteria, square distribution and the availability of a low brightness lens, Lobay ll is ideal for

throughway wiring splice box ("-TWB") is available, as an option, where desired.

most low and medium mounting applications.

For instance, in some manufacturing areas, notably machine shops where work is done on specular metal surJaces,the point-source ref lection of open bottom HID luminaires may cause some reflected glare problems. Lobay ll, wh ich is luminous over a large surface area, will minimize this glare

Ease ol maintenance
For relamping, simply unlatch the door and allow it lo hinge downward, or remove as desired. After the lamp has been changed, merely swing the door up and latch into place.

Enclosed and gaskeled optical assembly

The standard luminaire optical assembly is enclosed. The lens is gasketed ln the door frame, with another gasket between the top of the retlector and the ballast assembly. This will allow the fixture to be used where dirt and insects could be a problem.

and produce a more comfortable environment. Another example is the "clean room." where very high light levels are generally needed to accomplish intricate tasks. The large number of fluorescent fixtures needed to achieve these levels creales very high ceiling brightness, causing eye adaptation problems when technicians look up from their work. Lobay ll solves the problem with far tewer, low brighlness
fixtu res. The 400W units are UL listed ior 40'C (104'F) operation, while all other units are listed for55'C (131'F). both assuring


transmit the downward light, while intercepting potential glare rays and redirecting them to useful work areas.

Low temperature suitability

Lobay ll will operate in environments as low as -20"F, making these units ideal for cold storage areas. ln areas where


long ballast liJe.

Some typical applications where Lobay ll
is specially suited include machine shops, clean rooms, food processing areas, swimming pools, paper mills, textile mills, inspection areas, assembly lines and exposition areas.




Cat No.2U]9
250W HPS






400w HPs Test No.31{X4

Uniformity range chart

2.5 -q




.9' 2.0

\ \

Cal No. Spa.rng Relerence


.nlena po.t

2c47 2C]57 2c67








The Quadrature lens luminaires

Coefticients of Utilization, Zonal Cavity Method

Cat. No. 2039

Cat. No.2037 10% s0./. 30% 1O./. 07e 66 .65 .64 .62 .59 .56 59 .56 .54 51 .48 53 .49 .46 .44 .41 .47 43 .4A 38 4237JA324 35 .30 .37 33 29 za 25 .33 .24 .25 .23 .21 .29 24 21 19 .18 26 21 18 .16 14 22 17 14 13 30 .69 .60 .52 .45 .39 34 .29 .25 .22 .18 10 .67 .57 .44 41 .35 .30 25 .21 .18 .14 50 .66 .59 .53 4/ .42 37 .33 29 .26 22 30 64 .56 49 43 .37 .33 28 .24 .21 17 10 .63 .54 .47 .4A 34 29 .25 .21 .18 .14

producing square distribution patterns provide unequalled uniformity from 1.3 to 2.5 spacing to mounting height ratios above the work plane.

pw 1 2 3 4 3 5 !( 6 f 8 L27 10

50% 3070



.71 .63 56 .50 .44 .39 35 31

.69 .59 .52 .45 .39 .34 .29 25 .22 .23 .18

9 10

71 64 57 .50 44 .40 35 31 .27 .23


.45 38 .32

The above composite chart describes the band of uniformily formed by the minjmum to average and the minimum to maximum footcandle ratios. uttlizrng the most suitable spacing criteria fixture. Uniformity index is equal to the

.23 .20 .16 .13

ratio times 100.

Cat. No. m39

Ct. No. 2037 4@W HPS



Ratio = Distance acros/MounllnS heiSht

Bat o = Distance across/ Mo!nlinq heioht


e va ues shown above

lor 14' mounting height.

Specification and ordering data.



203- Wide spread, square distribution;

7900lens:2.0 SC

204- Broad-wide, square distribution;

7900 lensi 1.8 SC

120 208

Options and accessories.

277 480 Cat. no.



ree-conductor. 3' cord and

- Medium-wide, sq uare distribut ion 7900lens; 1.5 SC 206 - Medium, sq uare distribution

twistlock plug. Select hook or loop from following:

-PF-104 -PF,105 -PF-116
-PF-117 -PF-121



1.3 SC

Medium, low brightness;

8223A lenst 1.3 SC

Hook, 3/4" male LooP, s70".u,"

Ballast type 1 - 400W mercury 2 - 250W mercury 4 - 400W metal halide 5- 175W metal halide

-120 - EM
Optlons and

-PF-122 -PF-129 .EG



250W metal halide 400w HPS 150W HPS (B-55 or 8-100) 250W HPS

See catalog

LooP,3/4"lemale Hook, 3/a" female Safety hook, 74" male Satety hook, 74"female Anti-rotational hook, 74" male Completely sealed unit, UL listed. "Suitable for Wet


number suffixes

Example: 2031-12GEM is a Lobay ll industrial luminaire with a wide spread, square dishibution (2.oSC) optical assembly, ballast for a 400W mercury lamp, 120 volt operation, and a 250W tungsten halogen (D.C. bayonet base socket) emergency light system.


Performance specilication.
The optical train shall encompass a 2574" diameter aluminum rellector with 887o
ref lectance, white baked enamel f inish combined with a _ lens and a clear tempered glass roundel above.

250W tungsten halogen (D.C. bayonet base socket), emergency (standby) light system 250W tungsten halogen, D.C. bayonet base socket only Single fuse for'120, 240, 277V Double fuse for 208, 240, 480V
Power-Hook@ cord, unique

The output ol the unit shall be 0'-60'zone and not more

the 60'-90'zone, criteria of unit shall not exceed

than 'o in and produce-% a spacing


in the


configuration plug cap and

PF-105 loop attached; tor use

The overall height of -TWB

with tJPH-35 and UPH-36

Throuqhway wirinq splice box with two 3/4" threaded conduit entries Throughway Power-Hook

The lens and glassshall be silicone sealed at the edges, and held in the hinged door. The reflector shall be attached to the ballast assembly by rotating onto three screws with matching keyhole slots. When the screws are tightened and the reflector door is in place, the optical assembly shall become

The complete luminaire shall be UL listed. When the unit must be suitable for use in wet locations, the following additional paragraph should be added: The complete luminaire shall carry the UL label, "Suitable for Wet Locations," and have all entries gasketed to eliminate entry ot moisture when used in wet environments, The luminalre shall be Holophane Lobay ll UPH-35-120

(requires' -PHCA" above);


totally enclosed.

with -EG" option Pendant Power-Hook (requires -PHCA' above); not available with -EG"
not available

cataloq number


Electrical characteristics
For complete electrical data, see tables of electrical characteristics in the

Holophane Ballast Handbook,

publication HL-301.
'o ro
ds d

The phys ca properl'es ot the folophane Lobay ll Jmiratre represe-t t,p -ar ava aoava rFcoDrrI ed r accordan.e with accepted lest methods and are sublecr

nollce Checkyourlocal Ho oplranesares represenlative lo assure current nlornalion

Holopha.e is



aanLlacrLrinq va alions Tle! d e 'Lppl'"o servi. eald drc :-o e(r ro !l-anao w tloJr
div sion oi JohnsMaovllle Sa es

For inlormation on fixtures lor similar applications, see the Holophane data sheet on industrial luminaires. Contact your local Holophane lighting sales representative for more information, application assistance, computer-aided design and cost studies, and sample units for trial installation. For intormation on other J-lvl products and systems, call the Product lnlormation Center at 303-979-1 000.

Holophane Div.. Johns-Manville Sales Corp., Ken-Cary Ranch Denver, Colo.80217 / The Holophane Company Ltd. Bramalea, Onl., and S1. Hyac nthe, Que , Canada / Ho ophane Europe Limited, Bond Ave., M lion Keynes l\,4KT lJG, England / Ho ophane S.A. de C.V., Apartado Posra 75-415. Mex co 14, D F. lvexico