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The Household Leaders Training of the YFC Pastoral Formation Program serves as the initial training program for new household heads. It also serves as an effective addition to the Facilitators Training for Discussion Group Leaders in a camp. Ideally, this training should be given as an overnight activity, preferably in the house of a participant / organizer of the training so as to ensure a more relaxed venue conducive for group discussions and processing. The overnight activity covers the first two talks. The third talk is given in a separate 3-hour session that introduces these new household heads to their monthly service meetings with their Unit Head or Chapter Heads and Chapter Couple Coordinators. The Household Leaders Training is designed to be a low maintenance high result activity. It is to be organized by the Household Head assigned to lead a camp, assisted by the Chapter Head, for his household members who will be serving as facilitators in his camp. Because of the size of the group, there will be no need to rent venues for the training as mentioned, it can be held in a members house or in the room of the Household Head. Also, because of the schedule, there is no need to prepare meals.


1. To allow them to realize why the household is the life blood of the community 2. To share the concept and skills of being a household head 3. To teach them the skills needed in being a household head and in facilitating


(Overnight training is recommended to begin at 8:00pm after dinner and end at 2:00am)

00:00 - 00:30: 00:30 - 00:45 00:45 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:45 01:45 - 02:00 02:00 - 02:30 02:30 - 02:45 02:45 - 03:30 03:30 - 05:30: 05:30 - 05:45 05:45 - 06:00

: : : : : : : :

Registration/Gathering Worship House Rules TALK: The Heart of our Vision Reflection Group Sharing Break / Registration TALK 2: The State of our Hearts Group Sharing / Processing Closing Exhortation Commitment of a Household Head / Pray-over


00:00 00:30 00:30 00:45 00:45 01:00 01:00 01:30 01:30 02:30 : : : : : Registration / Gathering Worship Personal Sharings Talk (for initial meeting: Household Leading 101. Monitoring of members per household

02:30 03:00

: Other Matters (e.g. if the unit is assigned as service team for the prayer meeting, or to lead a project)

Team Leader (Normally the household head assigned to lead the next camp) Registration Team (In charge of making sign up sheets and if need be, name tags for cases of inter-household training) Music Team (may be just one person) 2 Speakers Materials - Guitars / Musical instruments - Song sheets - Household Leading 101 handbook

1. Registration should be done per talk to monitor complete attendance of the household leaders. This is crucial to the unit head because it will help hi know who among his members has not yet gone through the training. 2. The first session should begin with full worship. As new Household Leaders, participants should be encouraged to pray harder, to sing in tongues, and prophecy. As leaders, they should be able to fully experience the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given. 3. House rules will be determined depending on the venue. 4. Participants should always be reminded to take down notes during the whole training. 5. The Team Leader explains the rationale behind the the speakers. activity as well as introduce

6. After the first talk, the participants will be led into a fifteen-minute reflection based on the questions found in the talk outline. During this time, participants may move to their own private corner where it may be easier for them to pray and write down their reflections. 7. The session ends with big group sharing. During this time, the team leader or speaker may call on volunteers to share their reflections regarding the first talk. A response song and prayer may be used to end this session. 8. At the end of the break, the music team may play a few gathering songs to bring participants into the second session. 9. After the second talk, the speaker or team leader brings the group (or for interhousehold training divides the group into smaller discussion groups/their own households) into a group sharing and processing session similar to a household meeting. Participants will be asked to share their own concerns based on the issues mentioned in the talk.

10. After the household type discussion the group / each group ends with a prayover. Each household head leads his group for the Commitment of a Household Leader and Pray-over. (Refer to the talk outline of The State of our hearts) 11. Before the final song, announcements should be made regarding the details and schedule of the camp and the first pastoral meeting. (In case of interhousehold trainings, this should be done before the participants go into their discussion / processing groups).


1. To stress how important and crucial the household is to the mission and vision of YFC 2. To make the participants realize that the household is a system of caring for and loving people 3. To make the participants see that love changes, heals and makes people whole


THE HEART OF OUR VISION In YFC we often hear of visions and dreams.
We envision a world that is safer and more peaceful. We envision a world united in Christ, where there is genuine brotherhood and sisterhood where people genuinely care and look after each other. Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth This vision moves us to go out into the world. It leads us into creative evangelization, trying to evangelize future leaders. It inspires us to organize huge conferences, parties, and evangelization in the malls or through street concerts.

B. The world will only be renewed if individuals are renewed

When you really think about it though, it actually is a battle for the hearts and minds of the youth. That all these visions will only happen if the hearts and minds of young people are won and transformed. The world will only change if individual persons genuinely change from within. There is only one force that is powerful enough to bring about this change. Jesus mentioned it; St Paul mentioned it LOVE.

Its great that we do have vision but we should never forget that at the very core of our vision is the ability to genuinely care for people. At the heart of our vision is Love.


THE POWER OF LOVE A. We must realize that we have no real power. 1. We arent employers of our members
We do not pay our members. want them to do. We cant just tell people what we

2. We are not the government

There is no law that forces our members to listen to our advice.

3. We are not the parents of our members

Members are not obliged to consult us / or ask permission in the same way they do with their parents.

B. But when our members begin to feel that we genuinely care for them that we love them, they themselves give us power 1. How will our members realize we care for them
a. The little things we know their names and nicknames, their birthdays, phone number by heart. b. We know their concerns (family, love life, career etc) c. We genuinely want them to be happy d. We pray for them constantly

2. When people are loved they become teachable

When our members begin to realize we are looking out for them and genuinely want to see them happy they begin to seek our guidance. They put us into the situation where we can help them correct areas of wrongdoing that bring pain, guilt and misery into their lives.

3. Love, healing and transformation

When people feel loved, their defenses come down, they become confident that they will be accepted no matter what may be seen. They begin to reveal their most vulnerable thoughts and innermost hurts In this state and in Gods presence, healing occurs and people are slowly transformed! This is the power of love!

III. OUR VISION IN ACTION A system of caring

In YFC, we are grouped into Households to make sure that everyone is loved (with Christs love) into change. Simply put, the household is a system of caring. 1.

Once a household is able to meet regularly, and

genuine trust and concern is established, members within the

group begin to open up for guidance, healing and complete conversion. 2.

It is more practical to care for a smaller group .

(We can only do so much call people, make sure theyre ok, pray for them, make schedules meet).


The household becomes the most concrete expression of Gods love within the YFC community Here members are encouraged and supported
until they move into SFC.

Note: Members in the household might not join SFC at the same time, sometimes leaving just a few or even just one member in the household. In such cases, members may be regrouped as long as careful consideration is made to find out which group he can more easily adjust to.

The Most Crucial Service

Since the main mission of YFC is to renew and bring change it follows that leading a Household is the most crucial service within YFC.

Most of us are experiencing the blessings of a renewed life in Jesus because someone took the time and effort to care for us. Now the challenge is on us to do the same. All we need to find out is if we are ready to take on a more difficult but more meaningful service. All it takes is a decision to go out of our way to care.

Feed My Sheep (John 21:15-19) 1. Recall how you found the grace and strength to open up to Gods healing grace. 2. Who took the time to care for you and guide you in your walk with the Lord?


1. To instill in the participants the right attitudes of a household leader. 2. To make sure that Household Heads know that their most important goal is to bring their members to JESUS.


A great deal about being a household leader depends not on what you do, but on who you are. A lot of it has to do with the state of the heart. A Household leader should have a heart for God and a heart for His people. Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example of love, faith and purity. 1 Timothy 4:12 We are reminded that it not our age that will determine our response to be household leaders but what is in our hearts and the actions that we do.



Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength Matt.22

A. A household leader should have a deep love for God

1. It must be clear to him how much God has blessed him. 2. He understands that he is serving, not because he has the skill for it, but because he wants to thank God for the love he has received by helping others experience it too. 3. A household leader must be prayerful. (How else can he ask the Lord to teach him how to care for his members.)

B. A Household leader knows that his number one role and goal is to bring his members to Jesus
1. Jesus Saves He knows that no amount of his own love, or guidance or processing can heal and change his members He knows only Jesus saves. 2. His mission statement is Before my members leave the Household, they must have felt and seen Jesus! He looks for opportunities to help them be more aware and open to Gods presence Praisefests, prayer meetings, household meetings, fellowship, honoring sessions, mission trips / youth camps, conferences etc Like Martha and Mary, we should have a heart that listens to God in order for us to be like Martha in taking care of other people. We work as hard as Martha but we remained fixed on Jesus like Mary.


and love your neighbor as yourself. Matt. 22

Zeal for Righteousness

Christians can be classified into three groups 1. Those who are Christian by name alone These are people who have been baptized as Christians but have no desire to know Jesus or to follow His teaching 2. Those who are content with their own righteousness This is much better than the first These are the ones who go to prayer meetings, who listen to talks and love the feeling of being in a conference or a Praise-fest. However this still falls short of Gods call. 3. Those who desire righteousness for others as much as for themselves This is the kind of person we want to be as household heads. We should not be content until others feel as well the peace we feel when we worship in Praise-fests. We should not be content that we feel peace and are able to sleep at night. That we experience healing and have a personal relationship with God. We should deeply desire these blessings on others as well especially our members.

Zeal for Righteousness means deciding to care

1. Be a Good Example 2. You should be concerned You should be concerned that your members will need to be regularly encouraged, where they can pour their hearts out. No week should go by without the household meeting either as a group discussion session or a fellowship. 3. You should be especially concerned for the areas that often make or break a person (Family, Love life, Friends, School) 4. Take time out to call your members. Find out how they are doing midweek in between your regular Household meetings. 5. Try to have regular one-to-one sessions with your members just to grow to know and love them more. Note: Sometimes people have the impression that one-to-ones are times for correction This misconception occurs when household leaders are not able to conduct them regularly and end up having to do so on occasions when members have to be reprimanded.

6. Pray for your members and their concerns everyday Are they happy, healthy and holy?

There are three questions a household leader should regularly ask about his members
1. Are they happy? Do each of my members realize his dignity? Hows his love-life, or relationships in school, family? Etc 2. Are they healthy? How are the grades of my member? Is he well? 3. Are they holy? This is probably the most important question Do they know Jesus?


A HEART OF A SERVANT A. As Household Leaders, we must have humble hearts

1. We should be ready to be rejected Some of your members may be difficult. And may avoid you or not take your calls 2. We should seek out your members. We have no right to be mad if our members do not attend our household meetings. We need to realize that they continue to undergo the process of evangelization We need to win them over. Go out of your way to bring them to your meetings 3. We should be teachable We should be open as to how we can better lead our Household meetings. We should regularly ask our leaders (Unit Head, Coordinator, Full Time Mission Worker) for advice. 4. We can learn as much from our members as they from us.


As Household Leaders we must have workers hearts

1. We should expect things to be difficult 2. We should go to our members and not conduct meetings considering our comfort.


Being a Household leader is difficult but the reward for this mission is never ending. Imagine having to put somebody elses concern first before yours. It is only God that can give us the grace to love. We must take on the heart of Christ to be able to fulfill this mission as household leaders. Because the heart of Jesus models thar of a TRUE SERVANT HEART-WILLING TO LIVE AN DIE TO SHOW GREAT LOVE AND SERVICE FOR OTHERS.

1 John 4:8,10 What is the state of your heart? What are the issues in your life that may hinder you from caring for other people?


COMMITMENT ACTIVITY (After, participants will be grouped into households to share their thoughts regarding the talk and reflection).


1. I will care for my household members by communicating with them regularly, informing them of all YFC activities and by making their concerns my own. 2. I will bring my household members to the Lord by teaching them how to apply Christs words in their personal lives their family, friends, schooling and love life, and in praying for them always. 3. I will teach my household members to love their fellow household members. Their brothers and sisters in YFC, their family and friends and all those around them. 4. I will attend all activities of YFC that are applicable to me especially the regular household leaders training. 5. I will be a witness of Jesus Christ by being pure and righteous, faithful to my studies, loyal to my brothers and sisters in YFC, and my family especially to my parents.

The Household Leaders Prayer

Lord you have searched me and You know me. You know everything I do Find out if there is any unrighteousness in me and guide in the everlasting way. (Psalm 139:1-2,24) Lord Jesus, I thank you for choosing me to serve you by caring for Your people. You know me, my guilt, my sin and my pain. I realize that I am most unworthy, yet You call for me, and so I ask for your grace. Forgive my sinfulness and my stubbornness. Take my heart of stone and turn it into flesh. Teach me to love. When I lack patience, genuine concern and courage, let Your love and strength bridge the gap. Let me love with Your Love and Wisdom, and bless those I will care for that they may love. Fill me, teach me, guide me and give me strength. AMEN.


1. to discuss the practical how to-s and tips of household leading 2. to explain and go through the household heads handbook 3. to give a clear understanding of how a household meeting is conducted


ITS EASY A. Household Basics

1. Household is sharing each others joy and carrying each others burdens. 2. A household is composed of approximately 4 brothers and 4 sisters led by a male household leader and his assistant and a female household leader and her assistant 3. The male household leaders task is to pastor / guide the brothers while the female leaders main task is to pastor the sisters. Together they are partners in leading the group. It is the brother however who is referred to as the head of the household. 4. Household meetings are conducted apart from the regular meeting of the Chapter with a schedule depending on the availability of its members. 5. Ideally, a household is finalized right after its membership finishes the Youth Camp

B. Preparing for a Household meeting

1. Pray. Seek Gods word for the meeting. Use the bible. Read the bible. After all, no one can ever go wrong when the Lords word is his guide. We can be really blessed by the bible, we just need to choose to be guided by it more often. [HOW TO BE BLESSED BY THE BIBLE WORKSHOP CAN BE GIVEN IF THE TIME ALLOWS IT] 2. Finalize the venue and time early. As much as possible, try to make the Household a habit for your members. Try to have the household at the same time, date and venue (unless you are able to move from house to house). 3. Make your Household meeting easy to go to. The more it is accessible for everyone, the more that they will be able to go to the household.

4. Make sure you inform everyone regarding the household. Find out if they need help to get to the venue.

C. Leading a Household meeting

1. Be there before your members. 2. Open with a prayer. Worship if you have the opportunity or if the venue allows it. 3. Start with your own comments / set the tone. You can share what the focus of the sharing will be, or, if there will be one, give a preview of the talk. For your first meeting. Set expectations. What do they expect from the household and what is the purpose of the household. [PASTORAL MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP CAN BE GIVEN IF THE TIME ALLOWS IT] 4. The usual focus of sharing should be kamustahan or What has been happening to you this last week? Whats the most significant thing in your life now? or What is God speaking to you? or Bible sharing. 5. You may have to prompt people to share To do this you should have some knowledge/or idea what issues / circumstances your members are in.

D. Sharing and Processing

1. Sharing More often than not, the tone of your meetings will be for sharing, in the same way that a group of friends will just update each other regarding the blessings and challenges faced everyday, or to voice out concerns and seek support and encouragement. 2. Processing There will be times when issues in the lives of particular or all of the members might have to be resolved, where the household leader and the group may help their co-member sift through and process the reasons for the issue and the options to resolve it. To do this however, the household leader must know the situation of this member really well and must have established his / her love for the member. E. The Household Meeting Report 1. After every meeting prepare a report following the format shown in the Household Heads Handbook and give to your unit head.

[The household heads handbook is simply a guide. Its supposed to help you and your members get used to the regularity of a Household meeting. You may change the activity or postpone the activity if there are more pressing matters that come up.] 2. A service meeting will be conducted every month to help you serve your members better.




Being a household head is a call and a gift from God. We need to strengthen some areas is we were to continue to grow in the service and the love of the people God has entrusted to us. 1. Prayer - Our prayer time should be intact if we to care for Gods people listening for the Lords instruction and interceding for our members. 2. Faith in God - Although our faith may falter, we should remember that we have a faithful God, and because of His faithfulness, we too can decide to be faithful by His grace. 3. Humble leadership - We should always be aware of our intentions in service. We should continue to serve inspite our weaknesses, asking God to purify us daily. 4. Accountability - We should always evaluate our service to God, through suggestions of others, humbly seeking Gods will.