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User/Headphones Uphaillifes V-moda Vibes General Listening

EQ Page 1 80 Hz (wide): 5 220 Hz (wide): 1 780 Hz (wide): 5 3.0 kHz(wide): 10 13 kHz (wide): 10 80 Hz (wide): 2 220 Hz (wide): 0 780 Hz (wide): 10 3.0 kHz(wide): 10 13 kHz (wide): 10 80 Hz (normal): 5 300 Hz (wide): 3 780 Hz (wide): 3 3.0 kHz(wide): 3 13 kHz (wide): 5 80 Hz (normal): 12 220 Hz (wide): 6 780 Hz (narrow): 0 3.0 kHz(wide): 6 13 kHz (wide): 12 105 Hz (normal): 1 500 Hz (normal):-1 1.4 kHz (normal): -2 4.1 kHz (normal): 2 11.7 kHz (wide):10 80 Hz (narrow): 2 500 Hz (wide): 3 1.4 kHz (wide): 3 3.0 kHz(wide): 5

EQ Page 2 BBE: 10 Mach3Bass: 5 3D Surround: 1 MP Enhance: ON STE: 6 BBE: 10 Mach3Bass: 1 3D Surround: 1 MP Enhance: ON STE: 6 BBE: 1 Mach3Bass: 2 3D Surround: 3 MP Enhance: OFF STE: 0 BBE: 2 Mach3Bass: 3 3D Surround: 2 MP Enhance: ON STE: 0 BBE: 0 Mach3Bass: 0 3D Surround: 0 MP Enhance: OFF STE: 0 BBE: 4 Mach3Bass: 2 3D Surround: 1 MP Enhance: on

Uphaillifes V-moda Vibes Instrumental Music

NIN2theVoids Shure SE530 Anything from classical to blues to rock to metal XXL-Musics Sennheiser CX200 Bands like Led Zeppelin

Agcas UE Super.Fi 3 pop, rock, classic, soundtracks to sound like his Shure E500 Swcaps7s Sleek Audio SA6's with bass+ and treble++ port combination of everything altrock, classical, film scores, blues, etc

omega215As Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro

11.7 kHz (narrow): 6 80 Hz (wide): 12 220 Hz (normal): 4 780 Hz/ 1.1 kHz (normal/wide): 0 4.1 kHz (normal): 6 13 kHz (normal): 12

STE: 0 BBE: 10 Mach3Bass: 10 3D Surround: unknown MP Enhance: unknown STE: unknown BBE: 10 Mach3Bass: 5 3D Surround: 10 MP Enhance: on STE: 0 BBE: 10 Mach3Bass: 10 3D Surround: 10 MP Enhance: on STE: (5 or 6) BBE: 8 Mach3Bass: 8 3D Surround: 0 MP Enhance: off STE: 0 BBE: 10 Mach3Bass: 7 3D Surround: 3 MP Enhance: on STE: 0 BBE: 10 Mach3Bass: 10 3D Surround: 3 MP Enhance: on

Csgunner17s JVC Marshmallows or Sony MDR EX71SL general listening of rock and indie

80 Hz (wide): 4 220 Hz (wide):3 1.4 kHz (wide): -1 3.0 kHz (wide): 4 13 kHz (wide): 12 Csgunner17s JVC Marshmallows or 80 Hz (wide): 12 Sony MDR EX71SL 220 Hz (wide): 5 hip hop, dance, indie dance 1.4 kHz (wide): -2 3.0 kHz (wide): 8 13 kHz (wide): 12 The_misfits v-moda vibes 80 Hz (wide): 5 melodic death/melodic metal and/or techno 300 Hz (wide): -1 650 Hz (narrow): -8 2.4 kHz (wide): -2 11.7 kHz (wide): 7 Pacifixs Shure SE530 80 Hz (normal): 1 For most music 220 Hz (normal): 1 780 Hz (wide): 1 4.1 kHz (wide): 2 13 kHz (wide): 4 Pacifixs Shure SE530 80 Hz (wide): 2 For Dance music (I assume trance/techno?) 220 Hz (wide): 1 780 Hz (wide): 1 4.1 kHz (wide): 2

Nirvana1000s M-Audio Studiophile Q40

Endlesss Altec Lansing UHP336 (UE Super.Fi3)

Finalx233s Sennheiser IE8

Hweb21s Cowon stock earbuds

Khusroufs Shure SE210

Renzus Grado SR-325i For neutral sound

13 kHz (wide): 3 80 Hz (wide): -1 220 Hz (wide): -1 780 Hz (wide): -2 4.1 kHz (wide): -1 13 kHz (wide): -1 80 Hz (narrow): 5 385 Hz (wide): 10 1.4 kHz (wide): 10 3.0 kHz (wide): 10 13 kHz (wide):8 80 Hz (wide): 8 300 Hz (normal): 4 780 Hz (narrow): 2 3.0 kHz (normal): 4 13 kHz (wide) 80 Hz (narrow): 8 300 Hz (normal):-2 780 Hz (normal):0 2.4 kHz (normal): -2 9 kHz (wide): 4 80 Hz (wide): 8 385 Hz(wide): 5 780 Hz (wide): 1 4.1 kHz (wide): 4 11.7 kHz (narrow): 11 80 Hz (normal): 3 220 Hz (normal): 0 780 Hz (normal): 0 3.0 kHz (wide): -1 13 kHz (wide): -3

STE: 1 BBE: 10 Mach3Bass: 6 3D Surround: 0 MP Enhance: off STE: 3 BBE: 10 Mach3Bass: 5 3D Surround: 3 MP Enhance: on STE: on BBE: 10 Mach3Bass: 5 3D Surround: 2 MP Enhance: on STE: 2 BBE: 4 Mach3Bass: 8 3D Surround: 2 MP Enhance: off STE: 0 BBE: 10 Mach3Bass: 10 3D Surround: 3 MP Enhance: unknown STE: 6 BBE: 0 Mach3Bass: 0 3D Surround: 0 MP Enhance: 0 STE: 0

Renzus Etymotic ER-4p For neutral sound

80 Hz (wide): 5 220 Hz (normal): 0 780 Hz (normal): 0 3.0 kHz (wide): 0 13 kHz (wide): 0

Special COwon S9 EQ Settings

9/1/5/3/6 80/220/1.1/3.0/11.7 na/w/w/n/w 10/3/3/1/3/0 FLACvest & SemRumos JetEffect 3.0 EQ Collaboration FLACvest ZERO v.2.0 6/-3/4/-2/3 80/220/1.4/4.1/13 w/w/w/n/na 10/1/6/1/6/0 FLACvests HiFlight Adaptation v.2.0 FLACvest 1 8/0/-6/-10/4 80/220/780/3.0/13 w/w/n/na/na 10/4/4/1/4/1 FLACvest 3

2/7/1/-2/8 80/220/1.1/4.1/13 w/w/n/w/w 10/6/6/1/6/1 FLACvests EQ for Mid-range IEMs 5/4/5/6/9 80/220/780/2.4/13 w/w/w/n/no 7/0/0/1/0/0 Ledifni 7/10/4/1/12 80/220/650/1.8/11.7 na/w/w/n/na 10/8/8/1/6/2 Cowon S9 BBE+ The Perfect BASShead EQ Others: Uphailife 10/1/8/7/8 80/220/1.4/2.4/11.7 n/w/na/na/n 10/0/0/on/0/0 uphailife 2 10/1/5/8/10 80/220/1.4/4.1/11.7 n/w/na/na/na 10/10/3/on/6/1 EQ settings created on my J3 using : -AKG K 242 HD : 80Hz : 5 - Normal 300Hz : 2 - Normal

1.1kHz : 2 - Wide 3.0kHz : 0 - Narrow 9kHz : 3 - Wide BBE : 3 M3B : 5 3D Surround : 4 -JVC HA-FX33A : 80hz : 5 220hz : 2 780hz : 3 3.0khz : 3 11.7khz : 4 All wide. BBE : 3 M3B : 6

80hz: 2 (W) 220hz: 2 (W) 1.4khz: -3 (W) 3.0khz: 2 (W) 6.9khz: 4 (W) BBE: 8 Mach3bass: 3 3D Surround: Off MP Enhance: On

Stereo Enhance: 6 Reverb: Off Headphones: Shure SRH240 Here's a setting that should have a lot (A LOT!) of bass: 80hz: 3 220hz: 3 650hz: -2 1.8khz: 1 6.9khz: 3 BBE: 8 Mach3bass: 8 3D sound: off (it might sound better on in a car) MP Enhance: on Stereo Enhance: 6 Reverb: off For less bass, see earlier posts. I think i found the perfect setup for my ears with Earsonics SM3 135 Hz: 3 (normal) 300 Hz: 2 (normal) 1.1 kHz: 0 (normal) 3.0 kHz: 4 (narrow) 13 kHz: 5 (narrow) BBE: off Mach3Bass: off 3D Surround: off

MP Enhance: off SE: off Reverb: off Here's what I've been using with my Ultrasone Pro 2500s: 80 Hz: 2 (wide) 220 Hz: -1 (normal) 1.4 kHz: 3 (narrow) 3.0 kHz: 7 (wide) 11.7 kHz: 4 (wide) BBE: 6 M3B: 6 3dSurround: Off MPE: On SE: 2 Reverb: 1 I use this setting for a wide variety of genres, including classical, jazz, post-rock, metal. This is what I am using with my Audio Technica ATH-M50s: 80 Hz: 4 (wide) 220 Hz: -2 (wide) 1.4 kHz: 4 (wide) 4.1 kHz: 8 (wide) 11.7 kHz: 5 (wide) BBE: 4 Mach3Bass: 10 3D Surround: 3 MP Enhance: On SE: 2 Reverb: 2

I listen to mostly Metal (Death, Black, Tech, Prog). It's a very full sound, so I need to fiddle with it a bit more, probably alter band widths from wide I think... These are my settings for normal listening with Denon AH-D750: 105 Hz: 3 (wide) 385 Hz: 2 (wide) 1.1 kHz: 0 (wide) 3.0 kHz: 3 (wide) 9.0 kHz: 5 (wide) BBE: 5 M3B: 10 3dSurround: Off MPE: On SE: 2 Reverb: 0 Gives clarity and powerful bass. Gives good bite in drums. Listen to all kind of music, mostly rock, hardrock. Have some other userssettings with more treble and bass for material low on those. But frekvenses are the same. Use Utopia Music UI. These are my settings for Sennheiser CX200: 80 Hz - 6 (Wide) 220Hz - 2 (Narrow) 650Hz - 1 (Narrow) 2.4Hz - 5 (Narrow) 13Hz - 7 (Normal) BBE - 10 M3B - 8 3D - 1 MP Enhance - 0

Stereo Enhance - 6 Reverb 1 My settings with Earsonics SM3 80 Hz: 1 (wide) 220 Hz: 1 (normal) 780 Hz: 0 (wide) 3.0 kHz: 1 (wide) 9 kHz: 1 (wide) BBE: 7 Mach3Bass: 7 3D Surround: 1 MP Enhance: on SE: 3 Reverb: off Sennheiser CX95: 80 Hz Normal +6 500 Hz Normal +1 650 Hz Wide +4 2.4 kHz Narrow +1 9 kHz Narrow -1 All other settings/effects should be OFF. Gives a natural sound and works with all kind of music. These are the settings that I use with my Sennheiser IE7 6/80Hz/W 7/220Hz/W 2/650Hz/W

7/3kHz/W 9/13kHz/W BBE 6 Mach3Bass 4 3D Surround Off MP Enhance On Stereo Enhance 2 Reverb Off 80 Hz........Wide..........10 220 Hz.......Narrow.......-1 780 Hz ......Wide ..........2 3 khz ........Wide...........3 13 khz........Wide..........9

BBE:....................3 Mach3Bass:..........8 D Sound:............4 Mp Enhance:......On SE: Stereo Enhance:...4 Reverb: .............Off We have similar settings only that i crank up the BBE to 10. Am using RE0 and DBA-02 which are analytical IEMs. They bring

8/80/w 3/220/w 5/780/w 8/3.0/w 8/13/w 10/10/1/on 6/off I use a pair of RE0. still trying alot the bass is abit too heavy for me but i cant find the perfect spot for the bass while having rest good aswell. I'm liking this setting a lot on my Phonaks. It gets the bass just right on them. Thanks. IEM: Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10 (primary) OEM: Grado SR60 (occasional/casual) I'm just getting warmed up fiddling with settings; it's only Day 3 with my J3. But I'm auditioning some Grateful Dead right now and I'm pretty happy with these on the UE 10s - haven't fiddled with Grado settings yet: 105Hz +5 Normal 220Hz +5 Normal 780Hz +2 Wide 3.0kHz +4 Wide 13kHz +7 Normal BBE Off Mach3 Off 3D Surround Off MP Enhance On

SE Off Reverb Off, of course Still working on the DBA-02 I honestly haven't done much tweaking to it yet as I would have liked because I'm trying to get my music library in order first; trying to find FLAC everything . I'm also waiting on my comply tips.

Basically I just took my settings from my TM5s and tweaked them a little bit in the bass direction and down in the treble a bit. It turned out being pretty even. I'll do a little more later on but this is what I have now. I'ts a little high but I've been too lazy to turn it down. You should be able to gauge it a bit to get an idea. 80Hz: 10 Wide 220Hz: 10 Narrow 650Hz: 9 Wide 4.1KHz: 9 Narrow 13KHz: 10 Wide BBE: 2 Mach3Bass: 7 3D Surround: Off MP Enhance: On Stereo Enhance: 6 Reverb: Off Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 **ROCK** EQ: 4/2/-3/2/8 80/220/1.4/3.0/6.9 n/w/w/w/w BBE: 10/3/off/on

SE: 6/off Here are the settings I've currently adopted, after few tweaks with techno music. What I wanted is clean, but quite thumping bass, and not too "ear piercing" but crystalline high. In other words "discotheque sound" with quality speakers. Despite settings were tweaked with techno music, I found that the presets work still nice with other kind of music. Sennheiser IE7: 175 hz Wide -7 db 220 hz Wide -4 db 1.4 khz Wide +2 db 1.8 khz Narrow -3 db 6.9 khz Narrow +2 db BBE: 2 Mach3Bass: 4 3D Surround: Off MP Enhance: Off Stereo Enhance: 1 Reverb: Off AKG K 317 105 hz Normal -1 db 385 hz Wide +4 db 1.4 khz Wide -2 db 4.1 khz Normal +0 db 6.9 khz Normal -1 db BBE: Off Mach3Bass: 7 3D Surround: Off MP Enhance: Off

Stereo Enhance: 2 Reverb: 1 Remarks: The most powerful setting is I think Mach3Bass, it helps to get "thumping bass" like in a discotheque, especially with the sennheiser IE7. I didn't like MP Enhance. Anyway I've seen it's intended to restore lost frequencies with lossy files, and since I listen mostly to flac, I guess that's unnecessary. I may re-tweak these settings later. But what I've noticed, is that by default the Sennheiser IE7 already have lot of bass, and if you push too much the mach3bass setting , they saturate. So I got to decrease the bass in the EQ , before trying to increase the Mach3Bass setting for something more "thumping". On the contrary I found that the akg k 317, was lacking on bass , and it's not as "thumping" as for the IE7. The high of k 317, are almost "ear piercing", and any BBE setting, just degrade the result.

EDIT 1: Lowered Mach3Bass setting for akg k 317, and eq setting for 105 hz band. EDIT 2: Lowered Mach3Bass setting for IE7 and eq setting for 1.4khz band Cowon J3 w/ Klipsch S4 For the headphones I'm using, I really think this is the best EQ. It's very clear for my classical and jazz music while still delivering crisp bass for my rap and rock albums. Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Klipsch S4: 80 hz Wide +9 db 220 hz Normal +2 db 1.4 khz Wide +6 db 4.1 khz Wide +8 db 13 khz Wide +10 db BBE: 10 Mach3Bass: 8

3D Surround: 2 MP Enhance: On Stereo Enhance: 2 Reverb: 1 I have Sennheiser CX 300 II buds, just got my J3 and after tweaking XXL-Music's settings on the first page I have these: 80Hz: 8 - Normal 220Hz: 4 - Wide 780Hz: 4 - Narrow 3.0kHz: 8 - Normal 13kHz: 12 - Wide BBE: 6 Mach3Bass: 6 3D Surround: 3 MP Enhance: On Stereo Enhance: 2 Reverb: Off I listen mainly to Alternative Rock, Soft Rock, and Heavy Metal. Though I also tried these settings with some Pop, Electronic, Orchestral, and Celtic music as well. I am very happy with these, would recommend them to anyone else with a set of CX 300 II buds. I have the Klipsch s4 and can't quite adjust to them but,i found this one, warning is kind of bassy but it doesn't have that high pitch sound that makes your ears hurt. 7,-2,4,5,5 80hz,220hz,780hz,3.0hz,13hz narrow,wide,narrow,normal,narrow BBE = 8 M3Bass = 7 or less 3D off

MP on SE =2 I have the Ortofon EQ-7. This setting brings very warm sound, if you like the sound asignature of sony walkmans im sure you will like this eq. settings. -12 -12 -12 -12 -12 175Hz 500Hz 780hz 1.8Khz 6.9Khz Wide Wide Wide Normal Narrow BBE: 0 Mach3Bass: 0 3D Surround: 0 MP Enhance: 0 Stereo Enhance: 0 Reverb: 0 For Sennheiser HD 25-1 II 80Hz: 3 - Wide 220Hz: 3 - Wide 780Hz: 3 - Wide 3.0kHz: 3 - Wide 13kHz: 3 - Wide BBE: 5 Mach3Bass: 3 or 4 3D Surround: 1 MP Enhance: On Stereo Enhance: 2 Reverb: Off With Klipsch S4's

80 Hz:10-narrow 220Hz:5-wide 1.4kHz:2-normal 2.4kHz:8-narrow 6.9kHz:9-narrow BBE:9 M3B:8 3D Surround:0 MP Enhance:on Stereo Enhance:on Reverb:0 Used mainly for post hardcore, and metalcore. Gives good bass I found a new one that im quite happy with my S4's: 10,7,10,4,9 HZ,80,500,1.1,2.4,11.7 w,w,w,w,narrow BBE=10 M3BAS=9 3D=3 MP=ON SE=3 REV=OFF I usually use the volume no more than 24

Updated settings for my DBA-02 EQ 80Hz: Wide - 4dB 22Hz: Normal - 4dB 650Hz: Wide - 4dB 4.1KHz: Narrow - 1dB 13KHz: Normal - 4dB BBE+ BBE: 3 Mach3Bass: 5 3D Surround: 3 MP Enhance: Off STE Stereo Enhance: Off Reverb: Off I love the sound of my DBAs. They're easily the best pair I've ever owned. They're meant for the more analytical listener. The quality of the sound greatly depends on the fit, without a good fit you may find these to be bass light. Although it could just be my ears adjusting to their signature. Regardless, I love the quality and rumble of the bass with these. The treble is seemingly limitless while refraining from being harsh. It's a bright earphone, but it's flat if you get what I mean. There are no humps or peaks in the upper frequencies and the clarity is phenominal. Now I listen to a lot of hip hop. With hip hop you're not gonna be getting the best out of these. They actually made me investigate other genres and man these babies can deliver. Cymbal crashes are lifelike. In cases of harmony you can break apart each instrument or voice contributing to it and know where it is in the soundstage. You hear everything, if its in the recording, you're gonna hear it. You are going to crave FLAC with these! If you listen to any rips below 320 you're wasting your money. Excellence in, excellence out. The same goes for low rips. If you feed it garbage, it'll spit it right back; transparent if you will. I use it with a FiiO E5 with the bass boost on. During the summer I'll probably pick up a Mystify which I heard works wonders with the DBA. So, yes, I love these, and when they break, I'm definitely getting another pair.

Shure se310: this settings are experimental, created to address the shure's lack of bass, while mostly retaining mids and high. Is to be noted that upper high frequencies are almost painful to ear if not toned down a bit. Listening mainly to Metal, Rock, and a tiny bit of Classical Music EQ: 1 2 3 4 5 105 Hz ; Wide ; 2. 300 Hz ; Normal ; 1. 780 Hz ; Wide ; 1. 2.4 KHz ; Normal ; 0. 11.7 KHz ; Normal ; 1.

BBE+ : BBE = 8-10; Mach3Bass = 4; 3d Off MpEnhance Off SE all OFF Yet more Senn IE8 eq's from me... Ultimate 1: pristine, natural, great compression, high energy, best of the best of the best of the best. -7/-2/0/0/0 105/220/1.1/2.4/13 wide/nar/nor/nor/wide BBE: Off / Mach3Bass: 2 / 3D Surround: 2 MP Enhance: On / Stereo Enhance: Off / Reverb: Off Ultimate 2: fuller sound, more bass

-5/-1/0/0/1 105/220/1.1/2.4/11.7 nor/nar/nar/nar/nor BBE: Off / Mach3Bass: 2 / 3D Surround: 2 MP Enhance: On / Stereo Enhance: Off / Reverb: Off I'd been using the first one for about a month and thought it was perfect. Just recently I made the one below it because I thought there was a bit too much bass missing from the first. Variables: 500+ hours / worn over-ear / sounds best at volume 20 EDIT: oh and bass knob set to 1.5 - This is essential otherwise it sounds crap with my EQ's. EDIT2: tbh, I think my first EQ is best... all it needs a decent amp I reckon to give it more thickness. Made new eq settings for my DBA-02 from scratch to sound more flat. Although the highs don't sound as clear and detailed as my previous settings, they don't carry anymore sibilance or piercing highs. 80Hz (wide): 2 220Hz (wide): 1 1.4kHz (wide): 1 3.0kHz(narrow): 0 13kHz (narrow): 2 BBE: off / 1 M3B: off / 7 3DS: off / 1 MPE: off / 1 STE: off / 1 The 2nd portion is separated as more natural or more colorful, which i found is better with some songs. Something else I found is that I always hear a background hiss (more apparent in quieter songs or plugged into a pc) with these earphones that I previously thought was related to my eq. However even with everything tuned down its quite evident so I am assuming it is related to the high sensitivity and low impedance of these iems.

105Hz (wide): -12 300Hz (wide): -12 780Hz (wide): -11 3.0kHz(wide): -12 9kHz (wide): -12 BBE: off Mach3Bass: 1/off 3D Surround: 2 MP Enhance: off STE: 2 REV: 1 THIS SETTING SOUNS QUITE POWERFUL WIF IE8 Been using the following settings with my DBA-02 for the past week and I think it sounds better than my previous so I thought I share them. 80Hz (wide): 3 220Hz (wide): 1 1.4kHz (wide): 0 4.1kHz(normal): 1 11.7kHz (wide): 3 BBE: off M3B: off 3DS: off MPE: off STE: off I also find sliding the Shure olives no further than the nozzle bump on the DBA-02 gives me the best sound for my ears (wider sound stage or 3D sound).

My EQ settingfor S9 + GradoSR80ias below: EQ: Level 5 - 105Hz - Wide Level 6 - 220Hz - Wide Level 1 - 650Hz - Wide Level 8 - 3.0 kHz - Wide Level 7 - 13kHz Wide BBE+: BBE 5 Mach3Bass 3 3D Surround off MP Enhance on SpecialEffect: Stereo Enhance 6 Reverb off any suggestion? Thanks
Cowon J3 - Brainwavz M2

I've been using these settings for months and months now and I've slightly modified them since then. I am 100% sure of their perfection, but of course to my tastes. I listen to all kind of music so it works as a good balance for pretty much everything. Admittedly though, a little over half my music is Rock and that's what I mainly tested and modified them with, but as I said, it works well with everything else. EQ80 Hz Normal: +6 dB (If your phones are new/not burned in, you can increase it to +7 dB if you'd like) 220 Hz Wide: +3 dB (I've proved to myself many times that any higher on this setting only creates problems) 1.4 kHz Wide: +5 dB (You can try +4 dB if it's to your preference) 3.0 kHz Wide: +5 dB 11.7 kHz Wide: +9 dB

BBE+BBE: 5 Mach3Bass: 4 (If your phones are new/not burned in, you can increase it to 5, similarly like with the 80 Hz setting) 3D Surround: 1 (Your choice to keep it off or at 1...) MP Enhance: On (Also your choice to keep it on or off. I like the occasional noticeable improvements it makes and it never ruins the sound really...) SEStereo Enhance: 3 (Your choice to keep it 1 through 4) Reverb: Off *Of course everything can be changed to your preference. I was mentioning subtle differences that wouldn't change the essence of my settings. This might work with the Klipsch S4's as well but I'm not sure. I've just heard the sound signature of the two are similar with the Brainwavz M2's just doing certain things better. Using CX880 earphones. They have quite a lot of sibilence. These settings rectify most of it however. EQ: 175 Normal -1 300 Wide -3 650 Normal -4 1.8k Narrow -1 6.9K Narrow 0 BBE+ BBE 4 Mach3Bass 8 3D Surround Off MP Enhance Off SE

Stereo Enhance Off Reverb Off Brainwavz ProAlpha. EQ: 80HZ (Wide) 5 (5 being the level of the frequency) 300HZ (Normal) 3 780HZ (Narrow) -2 2.4kHz (Normal) -1 11.7kHz (Narrow) 2 BBE: 10 Mach3Bass: 9 3D Surround: Off (Using this may result in a displaced, muddy sound IMO) MP Enhance: On (Important if listening to music in MP3 format) SE (Stereo Enhance): 1 (IMO, notching it higher makes this EQ's bass and overall sound muddy. 1 Gives it impact.) Reverb: Off Brainwavz ProAlpha.

M-50 EQ80 Hz Normal: +7 dB (If your phones are new/not burned in, you can increase it to +8 dB if you'd like) 220 Hz Wide: +5 dB 1.4 kHz Wide: +6 dB 3.0 kHz Wide: +6 dB (You can try +5 dB if you'd like; for some things, 6 may be a little much) 11.7 kHz Wide: +5 dB BBE+BBE: 4

Mach3Bass: 8 3D Surround: 1 (Your choice to keep it off or at 1 really...) MP Enhance: On (I think this is more so important with these headphones) SEStereo Enhance: 3 (Your choice to keep it 1 through 4) Reverb: Off Enzyme UE10> 105hz +4 normal, 220hz +3 normal, 780hz +3 wide, 3.0khz +3 wide, 11.7khz +4 narrow, BBE 6, Mach 6, 3D 5, MP on, Stereo 2 portapro Flat Response, Optional Surround Recommended Listening Volume Level: 8-15 80 @ 10 wide 500 @ -2 wide 1.1k @ 0 wide 3k @ 0 wide 9k @ 4 wide BBE: BBE 1 Mach3Bass 5 3D Surround 2 MP Enhance ON STE: Stereo Enhance 3 Reverb Off I have a J3 and AudioTechnica ATH-M50......S. Heh. These are Monitor phones and they respond great to the J3 equalizer possibilities. I've figured these settings work best for my listening habits (Punkrock, Hardcore, 90s Emo, Indiepop, Folkpop, Screamo): 80Hz (wide): 6

220Hz (normal): 0 650Hz (normal): 4 3.0kHz(wide): 7 9kHz (normal): 6 BBE: 8 M3Bass: 6 MPE: On

GEAR 1: [NORMAL] 80HZ- 1 [NORMAL] 220HZ - 2 [NARROW] 650HZ - 1 [NORMAL] 2.4KHZ - 2 [NORMAL] 11.7KHZ -3 +ADDITIONAL SETTINGS Pitch Correction - OPTIONAL [can be accessed in Settings - Music] BBE: 8 (or 7) M3B: 2 3D Surrounds 0 (Or 1. To me, it only seems to take effect on (full-size headphones) MP Enhance: ON (otherwise, if you listen to plenty of FLACs, can be off) SE: 0 (I feel like it adds some of that airy noise if you turn it on) REVERB: 0 NOTE: I listen to lots of FLACs and 320KBPS mp3s now and to me, anything below 192KBPS is unacceptable. Oh well. The types of music+artists I listen to a lot are: Electro - (Daft Punk, Pendulum, The Prodigy, Justice, Modjo, Alice Deejay, Chemical Bros.) House/Dance - (Groove Armada, Fedde Le Grand, Jamiroquai, Basement Jaxx, Bob Sinclair, Roger Sanchez) Rock/Alt. Rock - (Linkin Park, Gorillaz, Creed, Incubus, Evancesence) R&B and Hip-Hop (R Kelly, P Diddy, Wu-Tang Clan, Nelly, J-Lo/Ashanti w Ja Rule, Eminem, Dr. Dre, 2Pac)

+ Indie (Ametsub, Birds and The Bees, Imogen Heap, Bjork, Vampire Weekend, Nero) Pop is obvious. Comments for this EQ are welcome! Note that this EQ is not my best. That's yet to come. S9 + denon ahd2000 135Hz Normal minus 2 11.7kHz Wide plus 2 other at zero BBE off Mach3Bass plus 6 3D off MP on SE all off beyerdynamic)))) dt880 (32ohm) [W.I.P.] EQ: 80hz wide +2 385hz norm +3 780hz norm +2 2.4khz norm +2 13khz norm -2 BBE+ \ SE: BBE= 6 Mach3Bass= 5 3D surround= 1 MP Enhance= Off Stereo Enhance= 2 Reverb= Off

anyways, enjoy! [EQ-NRG]: NORMAL 135 HZ > 2 NORMAL 385 HZ > 3 NORMAL 650 HZ > 1 NORMAL 2.4KHZ > 3 NORMAL 13 KHZ > 4 Note that I never go past 4 because it only adds noise or distortion to the sound (unless you can't notice it) and that I don't tweak with any of that NORMAL, NARROW OR WIDE stuff. To me, it only makes that frequency and the instruments affected by it sound weak or cheaply done. And ADDITIONAL settings: Pitch Correction (found in Settings - Music): OFF It sounds cheap and reduces the impact and quality of the instruments. BBE: THE MAXIMUM SHOULD BE 8. Any more, and it'll sound cheap. Mach3Bass: 3. THAT'S IT. Or the bass will reduce the quality of music. MP Enhance: YES BUT NO will add more detail. The reason it's ON is cause it strengthens the impact of the instruments and sound. UNLESS you were listening to the in-built speakers AND OR FLAC's, go ahead and turn it off. Stereo Enhance: 0 = NO. Sounds cheap and adds white noise/that air sound when you turn it on. Plus instruments start blending in to each other and feel displaced. 3D SURROUND: NO. Why would you need this? That's what the EQing's for. Same reason as above. Reverb: 0 Unless you like that stuff. Meh. I listen to (variable bitrate mp3s from 192- 318KBPS) to 320KBPS MP3's and FLACs and I can tell when a song/music has bad

sound engineering. I am VERY picky and sensitive to this crap and I SHOULD BE cause I'm producing my own animation and short films. The music genres I listen to would be: Electro, Post-Rock, Alt. Rock, Classic, Pop, Indie, R&B, Chiptune PLUS video game/film/cartoon/stock BGMS and scores. Go ahead and ask me why. Sorry for the troll-like sensibilities while describing my EQ (I guess)! And please give it a shot. I betcha it'll be good! And don't forget to give your opinions about it! I need to see if this/I could get any better! Oddly though, I feel like this uses more battery and releases more power than the other EQs I've done (which is kinda cool IMO). SRH940's. Frequencies: --------------80hz - wide - 3 220hz - normal - 1 1.4Khz - narrow - 1 3Khz - normal - 3 11.7khz - wide - 2 BBE+: --------BBE - 8 Mach3Bass - 4 3D Surround - 2 MP Enhance - OFF SE: -------Stereo enhance - 2 Reverb OFF

SRH940 headphones (music all FLAC, volume set at 36-40). This is much flatter and more neutral and precise, matching the wonderfully "accurate" sound of the SRH940. Beautiful treble, warm midrange, and non-resonant bass. ================================================ EQ: --------------------WIDE 135HZ: 3 NORMAL 385: 0 NORMAL 650HZ: 1 NORMAL 2.4KHZ: 2 WIDE 13KHZ: 3 BBE+: ----------------------BBE: 8 MACH3BASS: 3 3D SURROUND: OFF MP ENHANCE: OFF SE: -------------------------STEREO ENHANCE: OFF REVERB: OFF Bright 135 wide -1 220 narrow +2 780 norm +3 1.8 wide +2 13 narrow +0

bbe10 machbass 4 3d off mpe on stereo 2 reverb off