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Disassembly: The three lug rear cap tool on the Checkmate multitool can be used for removal of the

rear cap, but should not be used for re-assembly. Installing with torque, using the tool can result in stuck components or damage to components upon disassembly at a later time. The three lugs engage recesses on the rear cap for disassembly. The front cap has grip enhancing features for disassembly. Thankyou for your purchase and support of Hearing Protection LLC! Description Checkmate Multi-Tool features:

Sound Suppressor

Additional 3-lug barrel couplers are available in a 4 pack for $105 USPS Priority shipping included. WWW.GRIFFINARMAMENT.COM Page 4


Griffin Armament / Hearing Protection LLC. Page 1

WARNING: Silenced weapons need to be treated according to the safety guidelines of the host weapon instruction manual. Quiet does not mean harmless. Reduction of noise is not reduction of potential lethality, these items do not go hand in hand. Safety Considerations! Unload your weapon in accordance with its manufacturers user manual prior to mounting the sound suppressor. Remove the bolt or bolt carrier group and charging handle from the weapon prior to inspection of the mounting alignment. Confirm Alignment! Visually confirm alignment on every untested weapon prior to first use by placing white paper in the breach, and looking through the suppressor bore, parallel to the walls of the barrel bore on all sides, comparing clearance to elements of the suppressor bore. If alignment does not appear to be right, or if you desire the most minimal POI shift and maximum safety from baffle strikes or other issues, send your barrel to ADCO firearms in Ohio for barrel threading. www.adcofirearms.com Mounting: The stainless rear cap should be tightly threaded by hand to the Checkmate tube when in use, as it puts the assembly into proper alignment. The 3-lug, QD coupler should be tightly threaded to the 1/2x28 UNF host barrel during use. Install the QD coupler finger tight with loctite, or with a small amount of torque. Mounting and dismounting the spring loaded QD silencer to the coupler with a clockwise rotation, will reduce the likelihood of inadvertent loosening of parts. Page 2

Caliber / Barrel length compatibility: This silencer is rated for .22lr in all barrel lengths, however, Aguila 60 grain ammo should not be used unless your barrel is 1/9 twist or faster. Light oil coolant such as [WD-40, CLP, & Rem Oil] can be used, if desired, to temporarily attain higher sound reduction for 25 to 60 rounds, but grease should not be used as it can fill the blast chamber, creating over-pressure situations. This silencer is also rated for .22WMR, and .17HMR in 18 inch or longer barrels. Coolant should not be used with .22WMR.magnum rimfire ammunition. Cleaning: Non allergenic surgical type gloves, a respirator, and a disposable cleaning surface are recommended for basic service. For disassembly instructions, refer to page 4. The entire cleaning procedure should take less than ten minutes. Basic service every 250 rounds is as follows: Spray WD-40 into your suppressor. This will help loosen the baffles and threads. In some cases it may be advantageous to spray WD-40 after use and wait several hours for the WD-40 to penetrate the threads and get between components. Wire brush suppressor bore with 7mm brass brush to remove any deposited lead in the bore; loosen and remove the front cap, push the baffles out the muzzle end of the silencer with a ballpoint pen. The tube and baffles can be cleaned with a brass shotgun bore brush or a pipe cleaning brush. The front threads of tube and front cap threads should be cleaned with a toothbush dedicated to this sole purpose, or with an all purpose nylon brush from a weapons cleaning kit. Remove carbon from parts with a brass brush or cleaning pick. Re-assemble according to schematic on the front page. Page 3