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The Pointer Plus is a complete clinic in your hands. Modern, hand held, 6.5" long unit offers sensitive location and stimulation, which are independently adjusted with two separate control dials. The pulse frequency is fixed at 10 Hz. A flashing light and sound indicate when detection is made. The spring activated detection probe allows a uniform pressure when searching. The grounding circuit is made by holding the metal plate on the side of the unit or with the hand grounding pole. Accessories include 2 probe tips (ear 2 mm 0.08" and body 4 mm 0.16"), hand grounding pole with attached wire, 9 volt battery, carrying case, and instructions. Specifications Output channels Frequency Volts & current Pulse width Pulse shape Pulse modes Skin impedance monitoring Freq indicator Power source Size Weight, color 500 ohm test load one 10 Hz (fixed) 0 to 22.5 volts, 0 to 45 milliamps 260 microseconds (mS) asymmetric biphasic square wave continuous sound and light indication flashing green light 9 volt battery 6.5" x 1.3" x 0.9" 0.1 lb (60 grams), beige color

Electro-Therapy Devices
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Pointer Excel II

The latest and most advanced user friendly hand held locator and stimulator. Features a built-in, 0.35" x 1.0" LCD digital meter which displays both frequency and location. The meter reading increases in relative value from 1 to 500 (at max sensitivity setting) due to a lowering of the electrical resistance of the skin at the treatment location. Besides the meter, location is also indicated with sound and a pilot light on top of the unit. Location sensitivity is adjustable. An effective push button adjustable stimulation offers immediate treatment. Based on the setting of the output dial, either normal milli-amp output or micro-amp current output is produced (ie, blue zone on the dial is microamp). This new device also includes more advanced features. The frequency is adjustable (1 to 16 Hz) and is also displayed on the LCD digital display when the stimulation button is pressed. Furthermore, a polarity reversal switch offers the options of tonification (-) or sedation (+) treatment. Unit features two grounding plates on the unit (allowing use with either left or right hands) as well as a hand probe with grounding pole and attached wire. Two probe tips are included with unit: ear 2 mm (0.08") and body 4 mm (0.16"). Other standard accessories include 9 volt battery, carrying case, and instructions. Specifications Output channels Frequency Frequency meter Volts & current Normal dial Blue zone Polarity reversal Pulse width Pulse shape Pulse modes Point detection Power source Size, wt, color 500 ohm test load one 1 to 16 Hz LCD, 0.35" x 1.0" 2 to 45 milliamps 0 to 2 milliamps + / - by switch 260 microseconds (mS) asymmetric biphasic square wave continuous meter, sound, and light indication one 9 volt battery 8.6" x 1.5" x 1", 86 gm, beige

Frequently Asked Question: What is the Milli-Amp and Micro-Amp used for? It depends on what school of thought you come from and the preference of the practitioner. Micro-Amp is a very small wave that can treat and stimulate without being felt by the patient. MilliAmp is similar to TENS units, in which the patient can feel the treatment

Pointmaster plus and akutron 202 are examples of more sophisticated devices for locating points as well as for administering electro-therapy (Messrs. Reimers & Jansen). However, such devices are becoming rare because limited demand for such high-quality products create excessive entrepreneurial risk.

All truly qualified ear acupuncturists need an alternative to needles. Lasers are the best alternatives that I am familiar with. Accordingly, I feel that a suitable laser instrument should be included in all basic equipment inventories. For ear acupuncture therapists generally, the trion mobile laser (655 nm/10mm or 785nm/20mW) of Messrs. Reimers & Jansen is the most appropriate device. Using this instrument, acupuncture points can be both measured (point detector) and treated. This simplifies treatment procedures considerably since NOGIER and BAHR frequencies are automatically saved and thus absolutely easy to apply.

Stimplus can be purchased VAT free for personal use by people suffering relevant chronic problems. VAT exemption declaration can be completed online in our Online Shop.

Stimplus Electro-Acupuncture - acupuncture without the needles with Stimplus micro-current TENS Stimplus stimulates away the pain electronically - Stimplus delivers drug free pain relief Stimplus stimulates acupoints using TENS micro current Stimplus features audio visual acupuncture point detection Stimplus has manually adjustable timer that enables you to stimulate for as long as you wish or for 2 preset periods of time (i.e. 30 or 60 seconds), after which the Stimplus switches off automatically

Stimplus has 12 adjustable intensity levels with LED indicator Stimplus is ergonomically shaped and light

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy art in which specific points on the body are stimulated by the insertion of needles. The points to which the needles are inserted are called the acupuncture points. Each acupuncture point is related to a different organ in the body. When an acupuncture point is stimulated, the organ's function and vitality are improved, leading to reduction in pain and discomfort.

Body Clock Stimplus is a safe and effective high-tech electronic acupuncture TENS micro current device that enables you to deliver non-invasive acupuncture treatment without needles anytime and anywhere. Stimplus allows you to perform your own treatment as you need. Alternatively, you can seek help from your therapist or another person, if you are not able to reach relevant acupoints on your body (i.e. low back or shoulder pain).

Stimplus is a dual function electrobiological device, which detects and stimulates important nerve junctions known as acupuncture points. Acupuncture points have relatively low resistance than other areas on the body. When acupuncture points are stimulated with the Stimplus TENS micro current, various internal organs related to the specific acupuncture points are affected. Stimplus has been clinically tested. The clinical studies showed the Stimplus to be biologically active and its stimulation capable of improving blood flow. Increased blood flow helps to improve vitality, reduce pain and accelerate tissue healing Stimplus operates in two independent modes:

Search Stimulate

In the 'Search' mode, the Stimplus measures the body's resistance to detect acupuncture points. During detection, Stimplus emits high pitch sound. Acupuncture points have low resistance and as the Stimplus detects them, the pitch becomes noticeably higher, alerting you to the found acupuncture point. In the 'Stimulate' mode, the Stimplus stimulates the acupuncture point by pulsed electronic signal. During stimulation, the detection sound is replaced by a green flashing light. There are 3 stimulation rhythms to choose from - continuous, 1 Hz and 4 Hz. 6 adjustable intensity levels and treatment duration timer. After 'stimulate' mode is completed, the Stimplus switches automatically to 'Search' mode. Body Clock Stimplus stimulation signal is bipolar and has a unique waveform found to be highly effective. Stimplus is easy to use and does not require maintenance other than cleaning of the outer casing by wiping with soft moistened cloth. Body Clock Stimplus is battery powered and uses 2 x 3V Lithium batteries CR2032. Battery life is estimated at 3,800 cycles (30 seconds/cycle). Stimplus has a built-in low battery indicator.

Technical Specifications of Stimplus

Operating Voltage: 4.5 - 6.5 V Stimulation Pulse: minimum 25 - 35 seconds / maximum 50 - 69 seconds Stimulation Pulse Rate: 13 - 19 Hz Storage: - 5 C to + 65 C / up to 80% RH

Stimplus Summary of Features & Benefits

Audio & visual acupoints detection indicator

Audio & visual intensity indicator 12 intensity levels indicated by 6 LED lights 3 choices of micro current (TENS) stimulation rhythm (continuous, burst & tapping) Preset times or manually adjustable timer Ear phone jack for silent use Easy, simple and safe to use Ergonomically shaped Compact, light and user friendly Clinically tested to be 'biologically active' Acupuncture points guide Suitable for self treatment Suitable for treatment by a therapist

Stimplus Contraindications 1. Stimplus should not be used around the carotid sinus (neck) region or the orbits of the eyes. 2. Stimplus should not be used by people with a demand-type of cardiac pacemaker. 3. Stimplus should not be used to treat undiagnosed pain. Stimplus Safety and Accreditations

Stimplus is CE marked and complies with Medical Devices Regulations and Electrical and EMC safety regulations