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AWR® Design Environment™ 2009 @(=Stas Office Microwave Office Getting Started Guide Gur MWO Getting Started Guide Version 9.0 Edition AWR Corporation 1960 E. Grand Avenue, Suite 430 El Segundo, CA 90245 USA Phone 310.726.3000 Fax 310.726.3005 Website www.awrcorp.com Technical Support Phone 888.349.7610 (©2009 AWR Cosporation AllRights Reserved, Printed in the United States of America. No past of this guide maybe reproduced in any fomorby any mean, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or othenvize, without the express writen pemsizrion of AWR. Corporation Analog Office ©, APLAC @, AWR @, and Microwave Office @ and comesponding logo: are registered trademarks of AWR Corporation. ACE", Advancing the wireless revohtion™, Analyst™, AWR Comected"™, AWR Design Exvworment™, AWR Signal Integrity”, ASIEM™, EMSight™, EM Socket™, Net™, RFA™, RFB™, RFI™, TestWave™, Unified Data Model”, and Visual System Simulator", ‘and cone:ponding logo: are bademarks of AWR Corporation.Allother product and company names mentioned hereinmmay?e the tademarks lorregistered trademarks of their rexpective ornes> ‘The information i this guide is beliaved tobe accurate. However, no responsibility o lability: assumed by AWR Corporation for it use Table of Contents 1. Introducing AWR Design Environment ‘About This Guide Getting Additional Information 2. AWR Design Environment Suite Starting AWR Programs AWR Design Environment State Components Banc Operations Using Online Help 3. MWO: Importing Date Files Importing an S-parameter Data File Plotting « Dete File Directly ‘Adding Data File to the Schematic 4, MWO: Using the Linear Simulator Linear Simulations in Microwave Office Creating a Lumped Element Filter Analyzing the Cixeuat Creating Variebles Adding Optimization Goals Optimizing the Cixeuit 5. MWO: Creating Layouts from Schematics Layouts in Microwave Office Creating Layout from @ Schematic 6. MWO: Using the Nonliness Simulator Harmonic Balance in Microwave Office Creating a Power Amplifier Cixcuit 7. MWO: Using the Electromagnetic Simulator EM Simulation in Microwave Office Creating # Distributed Interdigital Filter Index sooner sencditgeregeres Index-1 AIR Proprietary Getting Started Gutde tit