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Honda Click 125i 2012 The new 125-cc sports scooter based on the Thaimanufactured 110-cc Click-i, starting

in January 2012. Click is the latest 125i Honda scooter, which will be release from Thai factories of Japanese manufacturer, as the Honda PCX 125. With its stylish looks, its new engines and their arguments in economic terms, the two-wheeler would have a place in our market. Could it be imported? Honda France we meet!

us. What could be more Thus, the new version of the 125i Click to us.


Present on the markets of Southeast Asia since 2006, Click now enjoys a stylistic overhaul and a new engine. This scooter entry-level sporty look of the most enticing, has a flat floor and is based on 14-inch wheels. The two-wheeler is attractive, certainly possesses that little space under the saddle, but it is the first model of the manufacturer to putting on the new Honda engine. An interview of Honda spokes person, he said; The new 125i is not Click on the program. It is attractive, economical to purchase and use considering the performance of the new Honda engine injected, but its payload capacity is too low for European markets. Too bad! In writing we find the machine very nice. And you, what do you think? Full Press Information Pack is here; The Click 125i is the first model to be equipped with eSP, Hondas newly developed 125-cc global engine for scooters, which boasts improved durability, quietness, and high fuel efficiency. The Click 125i presents a sporty design with aggressive and innovative looks based on the image of the new engine featuring cutting-edge technology and an exhilarating ride, while inheriting the slim & sharp concept of the Click-i. The Click began in 2006 with the debut in Thailand of the Click 110 sports scooter. A new model equipped with the PGM-FI*2 (Programmed Fuel Injection) system was launched in 2008, achieving a high-level balance between riding performance and fuel efficiency. The Click series models have enjoyed widespread popularity in the Thailand sports scooter market. Honda plans to install the eSP global engine for scooters on a wide range of 125-cc scooter models that will be launched in various countries throughout the world starting in 2012. *1 eSP stands for enhanced (reinforced, with greater value), Smart (refined, high-precision and highly sensitive) and Power (motive power, engine). eSP is the general term for liquid-cooled engines for scooters achieving both higher environmental performance and greater dynamic performance through use of advanced technology for higher fuel efficiency and an ACG starter. *2 PGM-FI is a registered trademark of Honda.

In the range of the worlds leading manufacturer of motorcycles, the Honda PCX 125 is on the rise in our market tricolor. A product of Thailand, it demonstrates that a scooter can both meet the needs of so-called emerging countries than in Western countries.

The latest range of Japanese, the Honda Vision 110 cm3, also plays on this table. So now, when a new scooter is presented on the Thai market, but also in other countries consumers of mass such vehicles inexpensive, we ask some questions about a possible presentation to

Honda Click 125i cho th trng Indonesia

y l ln u tin mu xe ga c bit n vi ci tn Vario Techno ng dng cng ngh tng t. "Tri tim" ca Honda Click 125i l khi ng c 124,8 cc, sn sinh cng sut 10,85 m lc ti 8.500 vng/pht v m men xon cc i 9,81 Nm ti 5.000 vng/pht. Nh , Click 125i d dng tng tc t 0-200 mt trong vng 12,8 giy v tiu th lng nhin liu 52,1 km/lt. C th k n mt s tnh nng hp dn khc trn Honda Click 125i nh b m i hn, n pha t ng bt, phanh CBS an ton... c gi vi ci tn Honda Vario Techno ti th trng Indonesia, Click 125i chnh thc trnh lng vi gi bn khi im 15,1 triu Rupiah, tng ng 1.653 USD. Hm qua, ngy 5/3, Honda Click 125i chnh thc c gii thiu n ngi tiu dng Indonesia vi kiu dng v ng c mi.

u im ca Honda Click 125i chnh l cp ng c th tch ln n 18 lt, nh , ngi s dng c th ct c mt chic m bo him trm u. Ch cn nhn nt gn kha, ngi li c th m cp mt cch nh nhng. Ti th trng Indonesia, Honda Click 125i c chia thnh 2 phin bn, bao gm Vario Techno 125 PGM-FI CBS c gi 15,9 triu Rupiah (tng ng 1.741 USD) v loi thng tr gi 15,1 triu Rupiah (1.653 USD). V mt ngoi hnh, Honda Click 125i gy n tng vi thit k sc cnh v "hm h" hn. Ch cn nhn thong qua, ngi tiu dng cng c th nhn ra nt th thao v cun ht trn Honda Click 125i mi. Mt s im nhn trn mu xe ga nh Honda gm c ym un ln v cp n pha vut nhn. "Thit k ca Click 125i ly cm hng t Honda NSX", ng Kenichi Sueda, k s trng ti trung tm R&D ca Honda, pht biu. Ngoi ra, mu xe ga mi cn c trang b ng c phun nhin liu in t PGM-FI. Bn cnh l cng ngh ESP nhm ci thin sc bn, kh nng phn ng v tit kim nhin liu hiu qu ca ng c.

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