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Standard Accessories :

160 and 200A

Suitable for industries such as vehicle repair, shipbuilding, chemocal, boiler, food, medical, kitchen, environment protection and decoration industry and etc. Applicable material: carbon steel, stainless, copper and other non-ferrous metals

Specification Input Voltage (V / Ph / Hz) Input Current (A) Input Power (kVA) Welding Current (A) Duty Cycle at % Features : PWM control system provides constant current and precise current control Multi-protection functions and highly reliable Adopt soft magnetic ferrite materials for main transformer and IGBT power components for high efficiency and economical energy usage Outstanding HF Arc striking, 100% successful Excellent stability of arc when operating with small current, especially for steel sheet welding No Load Voltage (V) Welding Thickness Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)

KW14-181 13.5 3 10 ~ 160 60 58

KW14-182 220 / 1 / 50 18 4 10 ~ 200 60

>0.8mm thin sheet 450 x 180 x 335 13 14.5

Order No.
KW1400181 KW1400182

KW14-181 KW14-182

IGBT DC Argon ARC Welding 160A IGBT DC Argon ARC Welding 200A


Standard Accessories :



Applicable materials under DC argon arc welding carbon steel, stainless steel, cooper titanium andother non-ferrous metals. Applicable materials under AC argon arc welding alluminum, alloy and etc.
Specification Input Voltage (V / Ph / Hz) Input Power (kVA) Output Current (A) Welding Current (A) Duty Cycle % Maximum no-load Voltage (V) Pulsed Peak/Basic Current (A) Pulsed/Basic Time (Sec) Rising/Decreasing Time (mm) Welding Thickness (mm) Exterior Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) >0.8 steel sheet 5 ~ 180 KW14-147 220 / 1 / 50 7.8 180 5 ~ 180 14 250 5 ~ 250 35 100 5 ~ 250 0.1 ~ 2.5 0.5 >0.8 thin and median plate 840 x 460 x 810 174 5 ~ 350 KW14-148 KW14-149

Features : With DC Argon arc welding, DC pulsed argon arc welding and manual welding, function 3in1 Minimum welding current starts from 5A, with stable arc, suitable for sheet median and thickplate With exterior dropping characteristic, welding current is quick over zero square wave, which are good to stable the welding current and arc By adjusting the pulsed current, pulse peak time, atomization and time of gas lag-cutting these stepless adjustment can satisfy different high professional requirements Welding current slow rise and decrease function to prevent from crater and rack
Order No. KW1400147 KW1400148 KW1400149 Type KW14-147 KW14-148 KW14-149 Description Thyristor AC/DC Square Wave Tig Welding Machine 180A Thyristor AC/DC Square Wave Tig Welding Machine 250A Thyristor AC/DC Square Wave Tig Welding Machine 350A

380 / 3 / 50 16 350 5 ~ 350

740 x 410 x 775 130 150


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