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Events that directly and indirectly impact agricultural development

April 21st to 27th 2013

Tues 23rd Fri 26th 2013 Global Land Forum and Assembly of Members

Every two years, the International Land Coalition (ILC) organizes an international forum to convene its members and other stakeholders on land to advance understanding of the complex and dynamic political, economic, environmental and societal linkages between land governance, food security, poverty and democracy. The central focus of the Global Land Forum 2013 will be on territoriality, which brings together power, society and space. In the context of rapid and profound spatial transformation of the scale being witnessed in Latin America, in emerging economies and even the poorest countries, the complexity of the land question will be examined beyond the preliminary discussions on the tenure rights of individual households of groups of actors to include also management of the modes of production, social relations and living conditions affected by them. ILC's ultimate objective is to mobilize its members and partners to influence land-related policy practice. In pursuit of this objective, the Coalition facilitates multi-stakeholder processes in the search for peoplecentred responses to land governance challenges. The 2013 meeting will consider the theme of "Inclusive and Sustainable Territorial Governance for Food Security," and will focus on: the future of family farming and the geo-political economy of food; land grabbing and land access; indigenous peoples' territory; effective land institutions; environmental aspects of territorial disputes; open data, monitoring and accountability; and learning and strengthening collective action. . For further details contact: ILC Secretariat <info@landcoalition.org> For more info, visit: http://www.landcoalition.org/events/global-land-forum-andassembly-members-2013-inclusive-and-sustainable-territorial-governance-

Fri 26th

Clean Energy Financing Forum for Central America and the Caribbean San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The Clean Energy Financing Forum for Central America and the Caribbean (CEFF-CAC) is sponsored by the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI), a multilateral initiative operating as an implementing agreement under the International Energy Agency (IEA), and the CTI's Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI PFAN), the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT). CCEF-CAC will seek to bring together screened clean technology proposals from the Region that offer environmental and social benefits with potential investors. Agriculture, as one of the major consumers of energy, can benefit a lot from partnering with these initiatives to work out more sustainable and environmentally-friendly options for energy, and ultimately food and nutrition security. One interesting feature of the forum will be a panel of judges, made up of investors, industry specialists and business executives who have a keen interest in enabling cleaner and greener projects will select the best projects for the CTI Central America and the Caribbean Clean Energy Financing Awards. Through this forum, it is hoped that a marriage between entrepreneurs, their ideas and projects and investment will be facilitated. For more info contact: Fernando Alvarado <Fernando.alvarado@flexenergygroup.com> For more info, visit: <http://cti-pfan.net/events_detail.php?eventsid=43>
Whats on the Agenda for Next Week?

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